The Coconino Sun from Flagstaff, Arizona on December 15, 1916 · Page 7
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The Coconino Sun from Flagstaff, Arizona · Page 7

Flagstaff, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1916
Page 7
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Friday; December 15, '1916 THE COCONINO SUN PAGB SEVEN ,r id ! rf. M. FLEMING LAWYER II BABBITT BLDG. NOTICE Change of Phones . Office Phone 34 For Dr. Fronske or Dr. Schermann Residence Phones Dr. Fronske 1SS Dr Schermann 288 or Milton Hospital 4 PHONE 119 iTIm Squirrels Verdict is for open winter and there will be lots of good motoring weather. An inspection of your car now by a competent mechanic may save you a long cold walk this winter. Bring it in now and don't be caught napping. JACKSON AUTO SHOP Wo have a cost system. Our charges are cost plus a fair profit no more, no less. Ilupmobile Service The Instrument of Quality Sonera Clear as a Bell There is no doubt In your mind as to whether you should own a phonograph. The question is "Which instrument shall we buy?" The only jury which ' heard and tested the various phonographs at the Panama-Pacific Exposition awarded the highest score for tono quality to the Sonora. When you see the Sonora trademark you know that it stands i for the very finest of materials, the most expert workmanship, the most advanced designs, and the most improved methods and inventions. Each machine la guaranteed for one year. The Sonora plays all disc records; It is designed for ' this. Its tone is superbly mellow, full and rcsconant, with a beautiful naturalness that is unique. Hear it and you will agree that the "Sonora is "The Highest Class Talking Machine in the World." Each machine is guaranteed for ono year. Ten superb models $45 ?C0 $75 $100 $150 $175 $190 $225, $350 $1000 The owner of a Sonora has the finest phonograph which it is possible to make an instrument unrivalled because of. the .many exclusive features which are embodied in it and which give it a beauty that is magnificent. News Stand O. B. RAUDEBAUGH, Agent HHhh Secretary of Agriculture The Secretary of agriculture, in his annual report to the president, beaV-ing on the national forests, has recommended that the Grand Canyon be made a national pork, on the same basis as Yellowstone and Yosemite parks, and be transferred from the supervision of the forest service to that of the national park service. Upon recommendation of the forest service in January, 1908, tho Grand Canyon was made a national monument by the proclamation of President Roosevelt. This is as far as the forest "service has been able to go. The creation of n national park, MM CHANGES TO BE E IN CAPITOL FORCE Now that the state election is over, and the democrats were what might bo called semi-victorious, there is a mad scramble going on in, about and around the state House. A casual observer would not notice anything of unusual importance going on. around the big building, but at the same time, a strained look here and there, and a word or two, testify that there is something doing. It all has to do with who is going to have a job after the first of tho year and who isn't. The "who is" faction seems to predominate, but the "who isht's are rather numerous too, according to the other side. There is going to be a new secretary of tho tax commission to succeed Jesse L. Boyce,' who become state auditor, a new rate expert for the corporation commission to succeed A. A. Betts, who becomes a commissioner for the next six' years, a new deputy .treasurer to succeed George Erhardt, who has held that position under Mit Simms, and a new- deputy auditor to succeed Jack Ormond who has been in that position under Auditor Calla-ghan. It is understood that Don Henderson, at present a clerk in the office of the tax commission will be the new secretary, when Boyce lays down the job. Henderson is thoroughly capable of holding down the place having had a world of experience in that' line, and having been in the employ of the commission for some time. ,, As to that rate expert's job which has been so capably handled by Harvey Betts, W .A. Sahgstcr, present secretary of the commission, and one of the best informed men in the rate line in the country is said to be after it, with a good chance to land. It has not been settled, but it is the concensus of opinion that ho will bo the next rate expert. That will leave an other vacancy in the corporation commission offices. George Erhardt present deputy state treasurer, is after the job" along with Jack Ormond present deputy state auditor, and a half dozen' others. Erhardt seems to have tho inside position in the race and by last accounts was nearing the home stretch with a world of reserve power. Nothing definite has been settled with regard to the corporation commission; but information given out seemed to point to the above changes. A. L. Terry of Clifton, at present clerk of the board of supervisors of Greenlee county, is slated to be the new deputy state treasurer under D. F. Johnson, recently elected. Although Jesse L. Boyce, the next auditor has not announced his choice for .deputy auditor, it is believed that Hugh Cassidy of Phoenix will be awarded the place. Cassidy is at present working in tho auditors office, having prior to that time been connected with the state fair commission . Jack Ormond who has been de puty will lose out by the change and is therefore making the race for secretary of the corporation commission. Could Help Her Fussy Lady Pntient-I was suffering so much, doctor, that I wanted to die. Doctor You did right to call me in, dear lady. England's Army Rifle The English rifle, the Lee-Enfield, fires thirty-one shots a minute. It is made in ninety-four vparts, involving over a thousand operations. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of John Flynn, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Executrix of the estate of John Flynn, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice to the said Executrix at Flagstaff, Arizona, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate, in said County of Coconino. ' MOLLIEvAGNES FLTNN, Executrix of the Estate of John Flynn, deceased. Dated this 5th day of December, A. D. 1916. . Dec 8-29. Wants Canyon for National Park giving this scenic spot tho proper protection and care, must be done by (an act of congress. The present re- , commendation is in the nature of) a suggestion that President Wilson in- i corporate it in his program of legislation for the national law-makers. Tho importance of this move is shown by the fact that tho number of visitors carried to the Grand Canyon by the railroads has increased from 800 in 1900 to 100,000 in 1915. ! There are no records to show how I many have, gone to the canyon by auto except for the last season, in which jmore than 1000 persons came to the canyon by that means. NUMEROUS ELECTION CONTESTS OVER STATE George Hilzinger, county attorney ' of Pima county, will be the republican j inspector in the look-sec at the bal-J lots, to begin in Maricopa county. Mr. llliltziriger arrived from Tucson in company with Judge John B. Campbell, one of the attorney fqr Thomas E. Campbell in the contest over the governorship. Because he is Campbell's attorney in the independent contest brought in Navajo county by Sam Proctor, a Hunt booster, Hon. E. S. Clark of Prcscott will be here to collaborate with the other Campbell attorneys in the main contest. As nil the state ballots are to be brought here, the Navajo county case will be settled in the local court. There are three sheriff contests involved in the ballots that are to be brought here. One in Navajo lies between R. L. Newman, republican, who was elected, and Joe Woods, democrat, who was not satisfied with the count. In Mohave county, there is a precinct called Ce.dar Glade, where ono man acted as judge, inspector, clerk and janitor of the polls, and cast the only vote. It was a straight democratic ballot The one vote was cast out, and this caused one Cohcnour, a. Republican, to receive one more vote than his democratic opponent for sheriff. So, an other contest was started. The J. G. Cash-Frank Hayncs clash in Greenlee county, will also be interfered with by the bringing of ballots to Phoenix, but the most terrible result, will be the ball-up in tho contest over the con-stablcship at Ajo. Phoenix Republican. Lawyer You say you want this damage suit pushed through with the utmost speed? Client Exactly. I have a child six weeks end and I want the money to pay his college expenses. In the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in and for the County of Coconino Notice of Sale pf Personal Property In the matter of the estate of Anna B. Hawks, deceased. Notice is hereb given that in pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of the County of Coconino, State of Arizona, made on the 2nd day of December A. D. 191C, in the matter of the estate of Anna B. Hawks, deceased, the undersigned administrator of the said deceased, will sell -at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, on Monday, the 18th day of December, A. D. 1916 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the front door of the Court House in Flagstaff, County of Coconino, State of Arizona, the following personal property, certificate No. 19 covering 346 shares of the capital stock of the Flagstaff Sewer Company. GERARD T. WALL, Administrator of the estate of Anna B.. Hawk, deceased. Dated this 2nd day of December, 1916. Dec. 815 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that A. J. Goyctte andMjam Diamond, doing business in the Town of Flagstaff, County of Coconino, State of Arizona, under the name and style of the Go-yette-Diamond Overland Company, will sell, transfer, assign and dispose of their entire stock and equipment in that certain Garage situate on Railroad Avenue, in said Town of Flagstaff, on or about the 22nd, day of December, 1916. This notice is given in conformity with far. 6249, Chap. 7, Title 51, Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1913, Civil Code as amended: Goyette Diamond Overland Co. (Seal) ' SAM DIAMOND. STATE OF ARIZONA, 1 ss-County of Coconino, J This instrument was acknowledged before me this 5 day of December, A. D. 1916. GERARD T. WALL, Notary Public. My comission expires March t27; 1920. Dec 8-15-22.,. ,. . --.- ... BETTY'S LIFE SAVED BY REOJROSS SEALS "She was real pretty, and so full of fun that the dimples were always showing in her round, red checks." The visiting nurse of the Anti-Tuberculosis Society was talking. "Her eyes were big and brown and nut-colored hair curled naturally in little ringlets over her forehead and ears. She was just eighteen when we first met her and so neat and attractive that one would think she belonged to the well-to-do class of working people, but when we followed her to her home one day we confronted startling facts. "The red in her checks was the flush of unnatural inward fever, the high spirits were a pitiful antidote to pitiless conditions, and the big brown eyes saw only squalor when they were not fixed upon a 'typewriting machine or closed persistently to any view but an imaginary bright one. "The room we entered was the main living space, used also as an eating, cooking and sleeping apartment. There was but one bed, and Betty had to sleep in it with her mother, who was too weak to sit up. An open cuspidor sat where it would be conveniently near the bed, which placed it by the stove, where their food was cooked. The mother who was suffering in an advanced stage of tuberculosis, did not like cold air, and her querulous demands caused Betty to keep the door and windows closed. "Well," said cheerful Betty, with a laugh, "that isn't so bad as not having any windows or doors to close, is it? Things might be worse." "Infinitely worse," said I. "You might even take a notion to stuff the windows' and doors with rags to cut out what oxygen comes in through the cracks." "Red Cross Christmas Seals, with their cheery message of hope, gave Betty a chance to get well after her mother died. Is it worth while to save the Bettys? Buy your share today." Reform Needed Francis "You say you are going to marry a man to reform him. That's fine. May I ask who he is?" Flora "It's young Bond." Frances "Why, I didn't know he had any bad habits." Flora "Well, his friends are saying that he has become quite miserly." The Only Ready Made That Fitted A three-hundred-pound man stood gazing longingly atthe nice things displayed in a haberdasher's window for a marked-down sale. A friend stopped to inquire if he was thinking of buying shirts or pajamas. "Gosh, no!" replied the fat man wistfully. "The only thing that fits me ready-made is a handkerchief." Time is 'Money "Time is money" yet lots of people with plenty of time on hand try to borrow money. Slip a few Prince Albert smokes into smoke your fill mKJj& AVM it proves out every hour of the day. Prince Albert has always been sold without coupons or premiums. Wb JEw prefer to give quality I Mia mSM There's sport smoking a pipe or rolling your own, but you know that you've got to have the right tobacco 1 We tell you Prince Albert will bang the doors wide open for you to come in on a good time firine ud every little so often, without a ft lit V AMENDMENTS PASSED NOW EFFECTIVE LAW A proclamation making effective the constitutional amendments adopted at the November election was issued by Governor Hunt last Friday afternoon. This includes the prohibition law, under which every drop of liquor within the state becomes contraband; the amendment substituting life imprisonment for hanging and an amendment revising the fish and game laws. Express an,d railroad companies suspend liquor deliveries as soon as officially notified of the proclamation, and all wet goods on hand will be sent back to the consignors. Abe Martin, he says: Th' ole fashioned girl that had a bottle o' violet ink an' a pearl handled gold pen, now has a daughter who uses th' corner drug store 'phone. Why don't th' feller who says he's no speech maker let it go at that? Abe Martin, he says: Good roads lead t' good towns. What's become of th' ole time family doctor that amassed a fortune dolin' out flour and sody? Reason for Change Sportsman (wishing for fresh fields to conquer) "I should like to try my hand at big game." Fair Ignoramus "Yes, I suppose you find it very hard to hit these little birds?" Perfection For Sale by '' '' BABBITT BROTHERS vour system! You've heard many an earful about the patented process that cuts out bite and parch and lets you without a comebackl Stake your bank roll that the regret! You'll feel has been wasted and will be sorry you cannot back up for a fresh start. You swing on this say-so like it was a tip to a thousand-dollar bill 1 It's worth that in happiness and contentment to you, to every man -sxmifm who knows what can be gotten jimmy K. J. RETXOLDS TOBACCO CO. Thli U tide si redan So as to Make Sore ' ' - "I heard, my dear, by accident,, today," said the young husband, "that you gave a very generous Christmas contribution to the Baby Fund. That's very nice to do it so quietly." "Yes," she answered. "You know I don't believe, Harry, in parading one's benefactions. And, to be sure I would not be found out, I signed a fictitious name to the check." Shoe Repairing Between Postofficc and .Finley's Store Remember first class repairing at very low prices. Bring your shoes in to have them repaired. Open from 8 to 12 a. m. and 1 to 6 p. m. J. LUKUS Brr-r ! Chilly, changeable weather? A good oil heater will keep you warm andcosy. A gallon ot Pearl Oilgives 9 hours of smokeless, odorless, cheerful heat Prices: $3.75 to $7.75 ;l Oil Heater & Prince Albert m prMl uce your Dante roil mat i ftUNGE Albert national joy smoke like your smoke past out of a chummy pipe or a makins cigarette with Prince Albert for "packing"! TKK PrinM X Albirt llir red tin. end la wiMKMMita. n. i fact, every Prince Albert package, hat the reveree a raal mtaaage-ioy ou on Ita ravcrta (Ida. YouU Ik Mr read: "Proceet Patented JulrSOth. 1007." That mean that the United Statu Oovern ment hat granted patent on the procete by which Prince Albert la made. And by which fonua bit ana! throtpnh ero cot out Every- where tobacco la tola you u nn Prince Albert awaiting yoa In toppy red bagt, )c: tidy .rea tint, loct nanaeoa pound ana nau-pouno tin humldore and la that clever cryeul- gleee humidor, with tponge moititner. top.tnatteepatna tobacco In auck Ana conditio elwarel S J 'ckV a- . -4 - . ' .V '

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