The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1955 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1955
Page 10
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'•a^'&ffiWm^Mf* v' lliitlt', fti r i } I'fil M f ! if •* ; * i • * * ' !• ? f thuttttqy, &pf. 1> I9SS Ll»V|ws* —'Mrs Else Steussy surgical patient .in Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, /etttmed to her horrfe SaturaaJL *Mfif Theresa Assing, yfljl 'care for Mrs Steussy as she convalesces. Her son and wife, Mr and' Mr Everett Steussy jefl SundSjT'ior their home .in Richmond. Calif., after being with their mother as she was hospitalized. '.,,'•"• Mrs T. V. "Williams came to her home Friday''after she was a patient in Miller hospital, St. Paul, the past seven weeks. Dr T. L'. Williams and son and Mr and Mrs Cecil Williams went to bring her home. Lloyd Smith was taken to the Lutheran hospital, . Fort Jtodge. Saturday for observation and medical treatment > • Birthday Parlies Darlene Goetsch was given a party Monday evening in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Goetsch in honor of her 8th birthday. Guests included her grandmothers, Mrs Anna Goetsch, Mrs Clara Baumgartner, uncles, Arlie Goetsch, Mr and' Mrs William Goetsch, Sonja and Sheryl, LuVerne, her aunts, Mr and Mrs Ernest Behhkendorf, Bancroft; Mr and 'Mrs Andrew Nielsen, Ventura. Mr and Mrs George Kraft, Georgianne and Richard, Kanawha, uncle, .Mr and -Mrs Carl Goetsch, cousins, Mr and Mrs Duane 'Riley and David of Algona;. Jerry Jones, Fontana, Cal., Jimmie Bowers,' Waterloo, and her uncle, Mr and--Mrs.Delmer GoeUcti add Sandra from Sao Francisco."-. Gretchen" Sue. Zcntner celebrated her sixth birthday":Thursday frtid Legler was held in the Legion'Club Mouse in Hampton Sunday with 31 in attendance. From this area were Mr and Mr^ Arthur Legler. their daughter, Mr and Mrs Clayton Sloner, David and Stanley, Fort Dodge, Mr and Mrs Phil C. Lichty, "LuVeme: tHeir daughter, Mrs Laurel Benteley: and Dawn of Kansas City, Mo".; Mr ana Mrs Wilson Legler, sons, Mr #nd Mrs W. Raymond Legler, sons, Dennis. Johnny and Charles, Lu Verne: Mr and Mrs Earl Legler. Ruth Ann and Bobby, Algona. Mr and Mrs Wilson Legler are in charge "of- arrangements for the reunion in 1956. at the home of her''parents, Mr and Mrs Dale -;Zentner/.Sharing the courtesy" ."were "^hine little friends, Eugene and Connie Hefty, Lenard and Coleerv Johns, Kathy'"-™.and . Sfevie,, ; ! Kessinger, Michele and 'Kathy 'Andre and Michael Stripling. •'*.-•• Legler Reunion -, .. . The. -annual'' reunion 1 of the children,of the J£te--M£.and Mrs MOTOR REPAIRS Large Stock of V r-*. »• \ - ». • PARTS. S^ryice At All Times' v «, Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Jhone 170 Algona, lo. STATE FARM Cor INSURES Yevr Homo AU THREE yovr <('i unart in ooc bailet Kibra it'« yoiw io»ur- ance protection. You'll enjoy the convenience ol .having all >our person*! iBtur|f|ce in the handi of one pfncD who knows your individual jKt^M-' C 1 *') me anytime. Harold fi. Phone 841 300 E. itm St. Algona Visitors in the home of {heir parents, Sir and Mrs Ralph Dimler Saturday and attending the funeral of their aunt. Mrs Theodore Johnson, were Mr and Mrs William Gray, M/Sgt and Mrs Gordon Dimler. Eagle Grove; Mrs George Goodner and David of Des Moines; Mr and Mrs Morris Espeland. Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs James Neville and Diane of Ames were weekend visitors in the parental. Mr and Mrs Arthur Dimler home. Mr and Mrs Jack Lewarno, John and Jane of Fort Dodge were Sunday viators with her mother. Mrs Clara Roger. Dr. and Mrs Car] D. Lang and children of LeMars visited he: i sister. Huida Fritzemeier, Friday and Saturday.' Mr and Mrs Elmer Kubly visited their aunt. Mrs Emma Kubly in Eagle Grove Friday, Linda and Connie Schnelzer were over night guests Thursday in the home of their uncie and aunt, Mr and 'Mrs Edward Blumer in Algona. Visitors Sundav in the home of Mr and Mrs Albert A. Schi- puU were his brother, Mr and Mrs John Schipull of 'GoldfieJd and former neighbors, Mr and Mrs LeRoy Crandall and family of Knake. Mrs Vera Andrews and son, Mark of Cedar Rapids visited he: parents, Mr and Mrs-Arthur.Diir,- ler Sunday. Mr and Mrs Arthur Ramus, grandson, Kerry Luchsinger, Mr Deluge Winners Will Share The •Creek's contest. The category is Piddles and we'd love to have fdtfa jfavdrtie ; ' ^—'-* - " • .Presides* l^ler • saw/' himseli burned in effigy before the House. -: *:• ' ,.<•' •; Kit*-.-, Farewell M Bancroft * • >*'••* \ % '•. Bancroft —iMiss i .„..,.., and Mrs Nellie Lirpin entertain*' ed the and Mrs William Ramus and Kay of Des Moines spent the weekend visiting their mother, Mrs Dors Ramus and other relatives. Mrs Evan Wilhite and son Ted Corwith visited Sunday in the home of her uncle, Mr and Mri Lloyd F. Smith. Mr and Mrs George Hood ol Fredericksburg visited her sister, Mrs Marie Stoddard Saturday. They came to attend funeral of their niece, Mrs Theodore Johnson. Mr and Mrs Robert Griffitt and children of Marysville, Ind. arrived Sunday to visit his grandmother, Mrs"-Clara Roger. A/1C Gail and Mrs Stoddard The sweet tooth of Kossuth bounty and surrounding territory is being amply; satisfied as in- licated by the fourth Upper Dej Moines—Aigona Merchants' recipe contest. The dessert entries were 'really sumptious", according to he board of judges. Although it was hoped that there would be one entry so much better than the rest" that we could award just one prize this week, they were all so good we had a hard time getting it down to eight "extra specials". And a_fter long deliberation it was decided to split the money between Mrs Henry Guderian with her Lemon, Lime Surprise and Mrs M. P. Haggard with her Peach Kuchen. Mrs Guderian's recipe is the j sort of concoction any hostess would love. to serve to company and Mrs Haggard's, while just' as special, would be a delightful way to end a family dinner. • Mrs W. G. Flaig of Lone Rock sent a Ruby Torte that was almost a winner and Mrs Waller Boeckholt's Cream Peach Pie re* ceived a lot of votgs. Mrs C. H. Simpson's Vanilla Wafer Dessert was another runner-up as was Mrs John J. Duiien's Banana Sponge Delight. Mrs Walter Kiamp of Dakota City sent her Pesch Ice Box Dessert and nearly won a prize and the judges were also tempted by-the recipe for Surprise Sour Cream Pudding sen* by Mrs Margaret Fraser of Cylinder. Club meetings and fancy desserts go together and if you ars looking for something for tat girl? at such an affair you might consider Mrs George Wildin's Pineapple Dream or either of th-entries sent by Mrs Sylvestes Arndorfer — Marshmallow Dessert or Chocolate Refrigerator- Dessert. Then there's Mrs Eppoi K. Johnson of Swea City who has a Pineapple Salad and a Sugarless Dessert. Don't let the tk:e of that ]ast one fool you weight-watchers. There's no sugar in it but there are marshmallow, nut meats and whipped cream. Our Moulh Waters Dfclicious Dessert is the the recipe sent by Mrs Lauren Thompson of Lakota and tr,eres Guild at ihe Baptist; Church Parlor Thdfsday after* noon with a large crowd present to hear, the MkSonary's»Mr and Mrt'iDacken i Bf T phicfli<f»5pfeak. ikrs j Alice Aftders^i M? wlii leave Sebl. 1 arid Mr* Fraflcis and Jessie Carrtteat* wh(h ftf<? also with giftsffrom . 'I I j-_it to En!** oiii ' -y' , t c A farewell party honoring Irene Hellman was .held at, tft6?ft0n*e, 6f her 1 parlrils* Mortday fVffll«|. Miss HelMan, dslughter of;M and Mrs Beo Hellman, left lor Dubuque Aiday where -she Mrs L6nway for a vlsU with. George Dooey V Mr find M^ parent* of a «6 Estheryille. of Si. Patil ii'fters . Be* daughter, Mrs and family. are in and A/1C Donald and Mrs Bar- . -_..-,Kery of-Orfutt Air "Base, OfnaKa, I Lemon Cream Dessert from < visited in LuVerne Saturday and j of last week's winners, Mrs attended the funeral of their sis- Georgia Thaves. It's Pineapple ter and aunt, Mrs Theodore John-! Bakeiess Cake from Mrs James son. John Putzstuck of Camp Chaffee. Ark. arrived Saturday tc visit his parents. Mr and Mrs Bert Putzstuck. He reports to Ft. Bliss, Texas for Anti-Aircrafi schooling. Mr Henry Markman, his daughter, Mr and Mrs Arthur Phiscator and two daughters of Rouna Lake, Minn, visited Sunday in the Frank "Heeding, Sr., and William Moeding homes. Carroll Marty attended the wedding of college friends in Pipestone, Minn., Saturday, evening. Mr and Mrs Wayne Dornberger of Sioux Falls were guests Thursday in the Mr and Mrs John Ramus homo. Mr and Mrs Donald Porter and Miss Margaret Ellifritz of Fort Dodge visited Saturday in the home of the ladie.s. parents, Mi and Mrs Bonnie Eliifritz and also attended the funeral services for their aunt, Mrs Theodore John- i son. , Mr and Mr.- Wayne Soren.-en. sons, Bruce and Mark movta Sunday to Cedar Rapids when? they wil- make their home. Way- r.fc :• a 3«ie>. representative to: C'stsii Sc:v:c-e products there. HONEY KrioJl, Burl, and Angel t-'ooa Cake Dessert from Mrs George Gengk-r, Whitternore. Mrs Ben Reid's Lirr.e Whip sounds re- fresh:ng as does Mrs Margaret Frast:'s Orange Custard. Pineapple is used in the Cne-ese Cake- recipe sent by .Mrs George Bau. man of Lakota and it's pineapple again in the Ice Box Dessert Horn Mrs G. B. Johnson of Fenton. It's a good apple year and this was takc-n mu» considc-ratson in recipes sent by Mrs Morton BiU- inger and Mrs Fred Wegensr, Algona, Mrs Margaret Fraser, Cylinder, .Mrs Gladys Barker, Cedar Rapids, Mrs J&n:es Knoll, Burl, Charlotte Wichtendahl, Lone- Rock and Mrs George Lden. Bancroft. v.'t-r.v in both recipes sf-nt by Mrs Allan Bollinger ot Fenton and excellent pt-acr. pie iecip r --5 came from Mrs George Genglc-r, Vi'hitt'.more ai;'.i Mis La'ATt-nue Mueller, Frozen d"i.-:-erts were popula: with Mr.- Bc-n U-.-id sending ;. r'l-t-h Peach Parfait recipe- ana Miv G-_-'j!'^:a Thavc-s a Fruzen Pint-applv forte. Mrs Cibir Ro- rjin.-'on »' 'iVf--ic-y u'-m h .n-''y in uoth hc-r ico creams and there'.:•. Grahb:i'; G'racker It,t- Creiiir. ii-'irn Mr., Mai-ga/et Fi'aier. Mr.-. Allan B-.ji'iri,;-.-. rr-jkes t:,e uni- '.'antllu ice crt-arri • r > •-• t.- t> i: t: T .> <-. Clarabelle Goes Wild Alter 20 years of service Ihe old Dodge delivery car of Ray's Market thought ils days were over and headed for ihe dump l.ast week. la the excitement three women motorists had the scare of their Hie. Joe Mishak was driving "Clarabelle" on North Jones SI. with a delivery. At the iop of the hill at the corner of Jones and Oak streets the motor burst into flames. Joe jumped outpf the car and ran to John Dreesman's house to call Ihe fire department. When he returned the car was gone. Joe passed three cars as he ran down the hill to find "Clarabelle". The car had traveled alone down the hill in a zig-zag fashion, under the railroad trestle and turned onto the dump road. apparently sensing "the end". While "Clarabelle" cavorted down the highway, three women motorists driving up the hill from the north took careful aim as they pondered whether to pass the car on ihe right or left side. "ClarabelU" was not to be buried yel. The Algona fire department gave her a good soaking, and with a few minoT repairs, she's back in service. ro.-r. LuVc-i-n-.- J'<-;:;r. Puad:ny ; Cobbler Recipes .hubarb -J.o; leako. Baked ','.•;:;•; Lf-r/:'/n S=ucx- ci.iit- fro Glu'jy.-. Bai'Ktr of Cf:da:- i.r.i n.'s Glazed Pears A!a m M.. ; Rapia.T .\ina< F. "!'. Th i Gc Kit-.- fi .'v.-lcry; | \---n ; .Mr.- ;-n'.i Mui G. ii. J . II. Oj! we've la c-e aidi tlfcgoli'ly lh bctii s., bu.--y it. ta/x i v.-itfi i special j On ; al~u find G; ;ci tas-j. i.ll .U OL; i ii.-c.pc GiKit-i ntt.-l pu - t--.iit<ril thf -ja i; i.'r Si,;- it 'ian'.s i.e. page y >i- ciif- i.uvc ! .a ?i!..- ; ,.,!., r.'{, Tr.u 3 Power-Packed Days & Nites at leaving -Sept. 1 Hver^fncfiforedt at l^H v,ui^ *jirprvt » •- »• ».- ff i -•-"' — -, • * a idreWell party and, presented .t- i__i \ 1. - _ ..I-n-i ••-iMiAi-rrritnf 1 --t>-y*'i' ' ' 'i;;' FOUR DOOR $ 1 - ,: .'''•'•'"•> t . * " ' Chevrolet Bel-Air FOUR DOOR $1325 * . .'-,-.;'•' 3 Plymouth Deluxe FOUR DOOR $ 1150 Chieftain 8 FOUR DOQR Ultramatic FOUR DOOR $995 O.K. i' i v-\r Open Ddy§ & Nites THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SAJMRDAY THIS WEEK For Your Inspection Of Thsse Top Bargains Chevrolet Spt. Coupe Model $375 Chevrolet Deluxe TWO DOOR $695 / . . 1 Plymouth Cranbrook FOUR POOR $675 ' • *"'* r - • •- j? * ' Eord V-8 Deluxe TWO DOOR «495 New 1955 Chevrolets We are giving iop irade-in iiflov/ance for your present cat on the remaining 1955 Chevrolets we have on hand . . . and offering you a wide color selection in various model types. Get ihe lop dollar for your present car, and be all set in a sparkling, brilljenl new 1955 model! Ask us about il! PI M 5 Generous Oroyp of 1946 «nd 1947 Model, in P^ fl Hudson/Chevrolet, Nash and Other Makes ^ Prltetl From $|QQ to S150. Ask For QARB - CHUCK - Bill- WARREN ! SW OF COURfHOUSE SQUARE "

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