Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 15, 1973 · Page 11
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 11

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 11
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(jfajgitogjtefllstejr^^ Ff iday A June 15,1973,, 1,1 Iceland Planning To End Lease, Expel U.S. Troops OOPBWUaffiN (UP!) - foffign Minister Elnar Agusta- son of Iceland /aaid Thursday ho plans to take fltops later this month to e^l U.S. troops from Iceland. Agustsaon told foreign ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meeting in Copenhagen that Iceland would begin the expulsion process by ending the American lease on the Keflavlk Air Bise. Secretary of State William.P, Rogers told an Iceland television audience that he hoped to reverse the decision. •• Talks, between the two men were considered possible sometime today, U.S. soufces said. A map* elemerti In the dispute centers on NATO refusal to become involved In the long-simmering "cod war* 1 between Iceland tfrtd- Britain, both members of the alliance. Iceland Extends Limit Iceland unilaterally extended Its territorial fishing limit to &o miles, but Britain refused to observe - It and later - sent gunboats into the area to protect British trawlers. Iceland demanded NATO force Britain to remove the gunboats. Britain and Iceland took their argument before the*minister! Thursday without rAulf. Both restated their case, with Iceland demanding that Britain withdraw its warships and Britain saying It would do so only if Iceland promises not to harass British trawlers fishing In the area. Iceland joined NATO in 1M0 OPEN TONITE TILL * Jvit Wdtl of S«or* Annual Carpet Every Carper on Sale Over 15,000 Sq. Yds. in Stock All Ready to Install INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET S<f. Yd, Reg. $3.95 $|88 EMBOSSED and VINYL REMNANT Reg. $4 to $6 Sq. Yd. FINE WOVEN NYLON TWEED With rubber backing. Ideal for base- YOUR ment room, bath or family rooms. Available in a large selection of colors CHOICE ... a real bargain. 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American and NATO officials call Keflavlk strategically vital, it holds a key location in the North Atlantic and' is used to keep an eye on Soviet Nearing Close movements, submarines. particularly by Article 1 of the 1951 treaty says either Iceland cr the United States may ask the NATO council to review the necessity for the base. If no decision is reached within six months, then either side may terminate the agreement. Dear fenny, t have just been to the city dog pound fo take a beautiful white German shepherd dog. She is a half -grown female— ftmAjrt, too— that Someone obviously didn't want, I already had a dog. What I would like (0.know is why people don't go over to the pound to look for animals that have strayed away? Relieve me, if I lost a net, I'd ante go see about It. But then, all people don't love dogs and eats like f do. I sure hate to see people take their animals over there almply because they don't want them anymore. The look on their faces Is pitiful. Two different people brought In dogs While We were there. It Is realty too bad. A Dog Lover DearDiL., ; If persons Would understand the work that goes with oaring for a pet before they take it in, there wouldn't be so many animals,end up at the animal shelter. : While it does seem cruel tp take w Unwanted animal to the shelter, it really kinder than just turning the animal out to shift for itself ahd maybe : Starye. And^if everybody who was in the market for a new pejt would j)ay a visit to the animal shelter, lots of the animals there would find homes.. Dear Penny, Do you know that the nicest people in town are employed at the Social Security office? Never have I walked into an office and encountered a nicer group, VVflile they are busy and efficient, they are also helpful. Hats off to a great bunch. " Love Ya Dear Lpve Ya, This column is' always glad to pass on a compliment sand* Wiched iA among the gripes. Dear Penny, : , My letter Is meant for all automobile drivers who should know that a motorcycle has Just as much right on the road as a car. •• A motorcycle owner nays tiftes, buys a license, and also takes a test and pays for a license other than a drivers license. There arc so many of them out on the road this year, please pay attention to them and don't ignore them as So many drivers do. Motorcycles oan go just as fast as a car, but they can't stop as fast because they have only two wheels under them instead of four. As I was driving down Henderson Street yesterday, I saw four cars either pull out or cut in front of a motorcycle. The driver of the car was wrong in all instances. I'm sure no one wants to go through life knowing they killed or crippled someone simply because they didn't pay attention. Please give a motorcycle the same courtesy you give a car. . . Sonieone Who Cares Dear Someone, Motorcycle riders are, sq vulnerable and unprotected that it behooves cyclist and motorist alike to exercise extreme caution. Motorists should give a cyclist.the same right of way as any other vehicle — and" maybe a little more. Cyclists SHOULDN'T zip in and (Wt Of traffic and take chances that are downright foolish as I have seen them do. Even a minor accidet involving a motorcyclist can result in major injuries, and you're right—nobody wants to experience that. Thinking of you . . . Penny Sq. Yd. SPECIAL Tight Wovon Rubber Back KITCHEN CARPET Reg. $9.95 Sq. Yd. Reg. 10.95 99 $6 Sq. Yd, SPECIAL ARCYLICS Reg. $9.95 $ 5.99 s <- Yd - Beautiful and Long Wearing In A Tip Sheared Scroll. 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District Attorney Joseph Busch said Krogh would probably be the last witness and indictments, If any are returned, would be handed down;,a few days after his appearance. Youlig, former National Security Council official, ducked newsmen after his brief appearance, and his lawyer would not answer questions asking whether Young invoked his constitutional " protection against self-incrimination. Unlike all previous witnesses before the grand jury, including former top presidential aide John Ehrlidhman, Young did not .appear voluntarily, but was subpoenaed. BUsch said it would be ^-inappropriate" for him to say whether Young refused to answer questions, but added that "the ease is in about the same posture as it was. "He was asked some questions and answered some questions." Like his name and home address?" a reporter asked. attorney replied. Krogh earlier took public responsibility for the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsbfifg 'l psychiatrist. In a deposition to the Pentagon Paper* trial judge, Krogh said he and Young get up the special Whit* House "plumbers squad" that rifled the doctor's files. Most of the same men were subsequently arrested and Convicted in the Watergate break* in. Krogh had originally agreed to appear voluntarily before the grand jury, but as the date of his testimony neared he backed out .of the agreement, the district attorney said. Stark County's Revenue Funds Go for Landfill tOULON—Henry J. Wmans, chairman of the Stark County Board, has reported the county plaiTS to spend its revenue shading allocation for the 6• month entitlement period beginning Jan. 1, 1973, for opr eratlng and maintenance expenditures in the development of a landfill. He estimated that approximately |#2,000, or all of lihe entitlement funds for the period, will be spent on the project. Une landfitll is a new service for the county which the board has been planning. READ THE WANT ADS! 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