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Washington, District of Columbia
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T- rrrrr-7 yrf.r-r -TT- THE NATIONAL REPUBUCAN, SATURDAY MOENING. JUNE 3, 1876. GERERALNEWSOFTHECITY PROCEEDINGS OFTKE HEALTH BOARD CELEBRATION OF MOTHERS' DAY MRUL PJRIDE OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT 10DEE tF SCRRCW. THIRTY-THIRD DEGREE A TTcican's Elrngglc Willi an Assailant Miscellaneous Paragraph of Interest Weather prooaMlltleB, ettlmated itlL m. 'r Saturday, til tho South Atlantic State, higher pressure, eool, partly cloudy weather, fiulh and west winds and lucal storint will pre-Tail.

In the Middle and Eastern states, southwest winds, warmer, partly cloudy weather, and local rains, possibly followed by cooler westerly winds and rising: barometer. Thermometrlc reading taken Jane 2, 1879, at toe Signal Office: 7 a. to0; 7:34 a. 13 KL, 2 p. mM 8S; 435 p.

EL, 80; p. mn 77; 11 p. to, 11. MtTiiMim, 90: minimum, ol. For court proceedings sec third page.

Behrend'a Patent Catarrh clear sure cure. Attend Hemplers (optician) auction to-night, Saturday, June 3. Haircloth bats, -(2 and 2.50, at Stinemetx's, 1S37 PenEtjlTanla avenue. Knox's white beaver hats now ready at Stlne-DtU't, agent for this city. Silk umbrellas, for gentlemen and ladles, at Stlnemeti'r, 127 Pennsylvania aveuue.

Left-ofT elothlcf, watches, pistols, te bought at Hertcg't, 917 street. Orders attended t. E. B. Ferguson, pharmacist, corner.Second street and Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol III1I.

Mackinaw straw hits and boys' and children's straw tats at Slismetx's, 137 Pennsylvania avenue. Trusses, 11; also all the homoeopathic medicines at HeUer'i drag ttcre, under the National feoUL All kinds of trunks made to order, repaired and cvercd at McMurrays' Pennsylvania arenno Market Space. A man en Seventh street, who was nourishing a pistol recklessly and threatening to shoot himself, was arrested by Officer Kecse. These In want of floor matting can save money by calling at Clark's, No 123 l'cnnylranla are-Due. lie Is selling very low for cash.

Window lars against (lies and movjuiloc a Etw article, best in the market, fifty cents apiece. To be had only at Clark's, 12 Pennsylvania avenue Two hundred and nfty new books have arrived ffr the PcabcJy Library, Georgetown, and six hundred more arc soon expected, which will then u.ake fourteen hundred books. Marriage licenses were Issued to tho following parties Kdward Williams and Catharine Kay; John F. Audriek and lHltabeth Stcincr; William llofman and Maggie P. Slash.

The 148 building permits Issued during the month of May represent an outlay or 4.8l4U, making a total value or new buildintrs since the last report, -ovcmbcr tu, oi sui Dr Hartley's office and residence removed to Ninth street, near II street. Catarrh, discharges from the head, nervous and chronic diseases specially and succesally treated. J. II. Squier A Co bankers, 1418 Pennsylvania avenue, pay 6 per cent.

Interest on deposits, payable en demand. Special rates on time deposits. Interest paid January and July, or credited. The weather of yesterday and last night superinduced vivid dreams of Ice King refrigerators. Benny French inhabited a large one most of the tkne, and was enabled to keep perfectly cool.

Conveyances for Arlington to-day will leave the corner of Ninth street and Pennsylvania avenue at ith30 a. in. Contributions of flowers will be received at the Board of Trade rooms until 10 a. in. The Columbian University will give their annual excursion to O.ymont on the 7th of June.

These excursions are noted for the immense satisfaction they give to all who take advantage of Item. A new-born Infant was found yesterday morn-leg In an alley between 11 and I streets and Ninth and Tenth streets northwest. Officer I). M. Young conveyed the foundling to St- Ann's Infant Asylum.

II ev. C. W. Andrews will preach In the Calvary Baptist church, on Sunday night, by invitation. This gentleman Is one of the most eloquent of puipu iraiors, ana win uenvcr an interesting ana Instructive discourse.

The Natiovax. Rextblicaw book and job printing office Is one of the largest and best appointed Job offices south of New York. All kinds job work are promptly executed there on the most advantageous terms. A ooal-oll lamp exploded In the upper story of the Webster law building, on Zjouislaua avenue, last evening, but a conflagration was prevented by the timely arrival of Detective McDevitt from police headqurrtcrs, who extinguished the names. At the Grand Council In this city or the U.

V. O. of S. D. all the subordinate lodges of the District of Columbia and Virginta were ordered to elect delegates to the Grand -Lodges of the District and of Virginia, to be organlxedthe third Monday In this month.

Iiev. S. Kramer conducted the noon revival meeting at Lincoln hall yesterday, Messrs. Nye, Franklin, House. Bell and several pastors participated.

A great many requests for prayer were made, and reports were received from the gentlemen who are working In different sections if the city. At the regular session or liberty Council No. Sons ot Jonadab, Thursday evening. Brother Martin Abrens, one of the early members of the Order, who leaves Washington to go Into buInes In Dansvllle, Pa- was presented with a beautiful gold badge, suitably inscribed. PastUrand Chief wm.

Phlpps made the presentation. A moonlight excursion, under the direction of the young people of the Fourth Pre-bytenan church, will take place on Monday evening. The elegant steamer Jane Moseley Las been engaged for the purpose, and will leave th.c Jjntli-street wharf at 5 o'clock p. m. Donch's orchestra will lend merry music to the trip.

It will be one of the best of be seasons M- C. Farnhain, a driver attached to the Ebbltt house, was severely Injured last evening by being thrown from a carriage which he was driving from the hotel to the stibles. The horses became frightened and ran away. Farnham was thrown violently to the ground. Several of his ribs were broken, and he was biidly injured about the head.

lie was picked up and kindly attended. An entertainment, which promises to be oi more than ordinary merit and Interest, takes place at Ford's opera-house on the evening of the th Instant under the auspices and in aid of the Centennial fund of the Order or Knights of Pythias. A number of amateurs of ability have kindly offered their service, and an eieningof fun is anticipated. The farce of "Box and Cox" and the laughable burlesque of "Pocahontas" are to be (riven, together with other exercises of an Inter-e'ting character. Further Seduction in Fares-There has been a further reduction or rates upon the Great Pennsylvania route to the West, which IS announced to-day, and which will continue from to-day until further notice is given.

The prices to different points in the West have been reduced to the lowest rates. The route Is furnished with every facility for comfort and rapid traveling. An Established Institution. The New York Limited Express, now run by the Baltimore and Ohio road, has already become an established institution. The new route, via Locust Point and Canton, attracts much attention, and the superior equipments, rapid speed and prompt time give entire satisfaction The run irom Washington to Bay View Junction was made yesterday in one hour and seven minutes, which Is equal to the best time made by Jarrett ft.

Palmer's trans-continental train. Moonlight Excursion. There Is a large class of our cltiiens who would enjoy a moonlight ride upon the Potomac, without being subjected to many of those annoyances aul dissipations which are often incident to occasions. or this kind. All such will be glad to know that the young people of the Fourth Presbyterian church will give a moonlight excursion on Monday evening next.

As will be seen from their advertisement In another column, they have secured the services of Donch's orchestra, and have made ample preparatlor 'n the refreshment line. The bar will be closed, a-id every precaution taken to insure perfect order and comfort upon the ex- Uutos and Dusters at ElflKMAX BS03. District Government. Inspector Plowman has addressed a communication to Engineer lloxle, calling his attention to the trespass by storekeepers of Washington and Georgetown upon the sidewalks by projecting signs, show-cases, awning frames and canvas hanging so low as to seriously Interfere with the passage of podestrians. He recommends that the police be directed to enforce the law in this regard.

FREE HIOHWAVTO ROCKVILLE. The District Commissioners hare referred to them by the House District Committee IL H. bill 2,851, to authorize the establishment of a certain free public highway, (over that part of the Georgetown and Kockvllle turnpike from the lioundary of Georgetown to the boundary of the District,) and giving the Commissioner! authority to maintain it at inch. The subject was referred, through the engineer, to the "nrveyor of the District for a plat. If the bill becomes a law the new railroad company will probably lay their track while the Improvement Is being made.

The road now Is In a very bad condition, and ir, under this bill, the Commissioners acquire title thereto, they will put it in complete order. Paezsts, bear In mind that we make a specialty of youths', boys and children's clothing. Our stock comprises the latest designs In every Tarfety of fabric and texture. B. Robinson ft, Co, the Boys' Clothiers, 909 Pennsylvania avenue, next to M.

WllUan'f, the only eitalllihment in the District devoted txcluiicely to boys' and OB Un' clotting- BOARD OFHEALTH. Vital Statistics Garbage Collectors and the Public. The regular meeting of the Board or Health was held last evening. Present, Dr. Verdi, (to the chair.) Dr.

Bliss, Mr. Marbury and Professor Lasgstcn. Proressor Langstcn, rioiu the committee on ordinances, reported a. scries of regulations governing the collection and removal or garbage in Washington and Georgetown. Professor Langslon, from theordinaneo committee, submitted a circular, addressed to the housekeepers, requesting then to eo-operate with the garbage collector In placing at accessible points alj garbageHo be removed, and otherwise to aid In carrying cut the ordinances of the board in this respect.

VITAL STATISTICS. The report of the registrar or vital statistics was submitted: The mortality of the District or Columbia for the week ending May 27, 1878, was to, (io more than last at the rate of S2.7KJ per per annum: decrease of the population by deaths over births (reported) was 1, or at the rate or per 1,00) per annum; 14.29 per cent, or the deaths were from zymotic diseases, H.U lrom constitutional, 51.43 from local, i.72 rrom developmcntalrand 5.71 from violence; rate of mortality or the white population was 14.017 per cr annum, whilo tho mortality of the colored population was 4MW8 per 1,000 for the same period: number of births reported during the week was to white, 35; colored, S3: rate of increase or the white pojiulation by births over deaths, 2.101 per 1,001 per annum, while the decrease or the colored population by deaths over births was 0.033 per 1,000 per annum; deaths corresponding week 1875 white, 31; colored, 41; total, 72; or at the rate or 23.400 per LOJO per annum. There were 0 marriages during the week. Dr. Bliss, the registrar, called attention to tho Increase in cymotlediscases.

The lay-roll of the physicians and druggists to the poor was submitted and approved. THE GAKnAGE COLLECTORS. A communication was read front H. F. Turner A Co.

stating that they had received a communication from the health officer ordering them to Iilace upon the garbage service two extra wagons. le referred the board to the health officer for a reply to this communication. They had also received from the secretary of the board a demand that the arm strictly adhere to the terms of their contract. They emphatically say that they have and are willing to do so in each and every particular, and they asked that the board, according to the prot Isions of the contract, take the necessary action to compel the public to place the garbage In a place accessible by one man. The communication recited at length the experience ofMr.

N. G. C. Turner, who, by request of the health officer, had taken minutes or the manner In which the wagons had been received. Many houses had been visited where the people would not let the collectors have the garbage, and In somo instances the collectors seemed to have been very thoroughly snubbed.

Two hundred and thirty-rour houses were visited during the two days the inflection continued. On motion, the secretary was Instructed to Inquire as to the cost of priuting ten or twenty thousand of the garbage circulars. Adjourned. BATTLED ATTEMPT AT OUTRAGE. A Woman's Struggle "With an Assailant Arrest of the Offender.

A dastardly attempt at outrage upon a German woman, living as a domestic In a fashionable quarter of the city, was made early yesterday morning, by a colored servant In the house. The woman, with great courage and with desperate strength, prevented the accomplishment of the purpose for which the villain assaulted her. The facts connected with the caso are as follows: About220o'clockyestcrday morning, the woman, who was asleep with her child, awoke, and became conscious of a hand upon her breast. She at hrst thought that it was her child, but quickly perceived her mistake, and following tho hand up she felt a man's features, pushed back his hat and rclt a woolly head. She sprang from the bed and looked for matches in the place where they were usually kept, but tho cunning ncgru had rc- moveu mem.

She attempted to scream, but he threatened to cut her throat. She sprang back in the bed and began a most desperate struggle with her assailant. During the great effort which she made to free herself from the grasp or the man, she toro trom THE BOSOM 07 BIS SI1IRT a piece of the material of which It was made. Her persistent assailant finally tired or the effort, orelsc became afraid that he would be discovered, and made his escape from, thepartment- It was afterwards discovered that he had entered the lnutc through the coal hole In the pavement and crept to the room. 1 lie woman at the time became very certain, although It-was too dark In the room to distinguish ieatures.

that the man was the servant in house, named Theodore Watklns. She communicated her suspicions when she told of the assault that had been made upon her. List evening, when Watkins went up stairs to one of the rooms In answer to the bell, he found Detectives McDevltt and McElfresh. He was known to them, and showed signs of weakening when he saw them. The officers made him show them his undershirt, and found that a piece or vrsttx corresponding to the piece torn out by his intended victim had been sewn into the bosam of his woolen shirt.

He was taken into custody and locked up for his appearance to-day. Watkins was found concealed in the house once before, under very suspicious circumstances, after having pretended to (ro away for some time. On the 30th of May he obtained a leave of absence, and has been away from the house ever since until yesterday morning, when he entered It by of the coal hole. His reputation for honesty is not good. He was arrested some time ago by Detective McElfresh, for stealing a sum of money from his employer, and be has stolen since he has been employed In his present position.

He Is a large, full-blooded negro, with skin as black as coal. WASHINGTON'S MONUMENT. Address to the People of the United States. The following address Is presented to the public. In the hope that the enterprise may be completed this year.

Newspapers everywhere are requested to copy: TO THE rEOrLE OF THE C51TED STATE3. Washixotos National Mosd- I mejt OrncE, The approach or the one hundredth anniversary of the nation's birth vividly brings before the mind or all true lovers or the country the memory of him who was "first In war, first In peace, and first In the hearts of his countrymen." The monument to commemorate a people's gratitude to George Washington has remained in an unfinished condition for more than twenty year, under the shadow of the National Capital. It is now 174 feet, and when completed will be 485 feet high. The obelisk is plain and simple, surrounded at the base with a stone terrace 17 feet high and 200 feet In diameter. The cost to finish It IS estimated at In the name or gratitude, patriotism and national pride the Monument Society renews Its earnest appeal for a id tu discharge a duty our to the brightest name la human history.

What mere fitting time for the people the length and breadth of our land to make their grateful offerings to this noble work.toshow their reverence for the Father of his Country, than this Centennial jubilee of universal rejoicing ror the ossesiou of our glorious free institution, and amazing progress in all that makes and constitutes an enlightened, powerful and great nation! We appeal to the ministers or the Gospel and superintendent; ot Sabbath schools to take up a collection on frexnav, the second or jclt sext. Above all. we appeal to the sovereign people, the Impregnable bulwark of the nation's safety, for the means of completing the monument. We respectfully request that all contributions for the Washington ISatlonal Monument may be sent direct to J. B.

H. Smith, esq, treasurer or the Washington National Monument Society, Washington. D. C. We ask of the liberal and patriotic press or tho country to give this appeal at least one Insertion, if not more, during the Interval between the present time and the 4th of July ensuing.

By order or the society: Jons B. Blake, Secretary. Comparison. Quality or goods, trimmings and workman'hip in our $25 suits to order equals garment furnished elsewhere at HO. Eiseuax Corner Seventh and streets.

The Work of the Central Ditpinsarj. That popular charity, the Central Dispensary, corner of Tenth and streets northwest, reports a noble work performed for the year ending May Eurlng the year sick hare received ad. vice and medicines free, and 8.443 prescriptions have been dispensed. The institution has been open but five years, and during that time has treated 4,913 patients, furnishing them 13,833 prescriptions upon a fund of but 11,902.97, of It supplied by appropriations and the balance by private donations. As the Central is the only general dispensary in the city it is to be hope that Congress will not overlook Its merits and the charitable among our citizens fall to aid at this season of depression, when hard times make such institutions a greater necessity to the poor.

The attending start fs now formed of the following medical gentlemen II. II. Barker, M. diseases of women; W. H.

Boss, LI. diseases oi heart and nervous tvttem; W. C. Briscoe, M. I sur-irenr: Balnh Walsh.

M. D- diseases of ear. throat and lungs: G. L. Magruder.

M. diseases of cmiaren; jonn alter, iu. general uif cases. How to Heat jvai House. Any furnace requires the evaporation or water to moisten the air has destroyed the most vital quality of the air, and rendered It unat to breathe.

Hot water or low-pressure steam heat Is wholesome, but the cost Is beyond the reach or any but the wealthy. The only known apparatus that produces the quality or steam heat fur the cost or a hot-air furnace Is that of Gold's Heater Company, or New York, made and put up in this city by Smith, Blrge fc 1011 Pennsylvania avenue. The largest stock of finale-breasted notch-collar White Duck Vests In the city. Eisevax Corner Seventh and streets. Southern Memorial Ceremonies.

The Southern Memorial Association will decorate the graves of soldiers who fell in the Confederate service at Arlington to-day. The services will be simple, and no orations will be delivered. A numbererMusachusettseoldlers will assist In the decoration. Forced Sale. Still telling Plaid Suits at reduced rates.

Eibemax Bros-, Corner Seventh and streets. Wedavejcbt received a large and carefully selected stock of children's, boys'' and youths' clothing, of which we make a specialty; ours being the only establishment In the District devoted exclusively to boys' and youth's clothing. B. Robinson A the Boys' Clothiers. 909 Fenn-'vivanja avenue, next t9 TVUUaB'f.

LOCAL' POLITICS. Republican Club of the District ot Columbia. A large number of tlia most respectable of the old radical Republicans of this District mc, at Lo Droit building last evening. The meeting was very harmonious and enthusiastic Its ott jectwasthe organization of a permanent eluH of the leading men of the old to be known as the "Republican Club of the District of for the purpose ot sustaining the nominations at Cincinnati on tho ltth Instant. A permanent organization was effected by the election of the following officers: President, Wm.

A. Cook, vice presidents, Samuel Gedney. Fred. Douglass, F. II.

Smith, John F. Cook and Wm- H. Ite; secretary, Wm. E. Nott; corresponding secretary, Wm.

L. Tompkins, and treasurer, William L. Cowan. An executive committee was also appointed, one from each council district, as follows: First district, Joseph Brooks; Second district, II. O.

Crier; Third district, J. Booth; Fourth district, J. Jackson; Fifth district, Theo. Gatehell; Sixth district, Charles H. Hurdle; Seventh district, Arthur Shepherd; Eighth district, Thos.

Ellwood; Ninth district, Thos. Klrby; Tenth district, W. Perry Ryder; Eleventh district, Jos. Venable, and four from the Territory at large, to wit: Messrs. Lewis Clephane, Dr.

D. W. Bliss, Gen. Gerhardt and Lester A. Bartlett.

It was purely a business meeting for the permanent organization of the club. After a free and full Interchange of opinion. In which ex-Governor Alex. R. Shepherd, Simon Wolf, Timothy Lubcy, Joseph Jackson, J.

V. Johnson and others participated, all the gentlemen present signed the roll, and the meeting adjourned. MXTKEKTH DISTRICT RErUBUCAHg. A large, enthusiastic and orderly meeting of the Republicans of the former Sixteenth legislative district was held last night at 473 Pennsylvania, avenue. The meeting was called to order by Mr.

C. W. Swagtrart, on whose motion Mr. H. M.

Williams was called to the chair. Mr. C. W. Swaggart was chosen secretary.

After a brier address, an election for delegates was proceeded with, resulting as follows: O. W. Swaggart, F. P. Closs, H.

M. Williams, Joseph H.Taii.lLs.Preuss. The followfsi. resolutions were offered by Mr. Ntelson, and alter discussion were unanimously adopted, and th 3 meeting adjourned.

Rttolrtd, That we, as- Republicans, citizens of the Sixteenth Initiative district, earnestly and heartily Indorse the movement looking to the holding or a convention to select delegates to the Republican nominating convention at Cincinnati, as presented In the late call or prominent Republican citizens, believing, as we do, that the action of the gathering at Lincoln hall, under the name of a Republican convention, was of such a charac-ter as to render the party justified In meeting In mass convention to denounce It and select saeh delegates to represent It as will reflect credit upon it In point of uignlty, probity, gentility and decency. XeiolreJ, That it Is the sense of the Republicans of tho Sixteenth district that the proposed District convention should adopt measures to present to the Cincinnati convention with the credentials of the delegates selected by It a statement showing the status, both personal and political, ol tho delegates named by the mob recently gathered at Lincoln hall, in this city. Ketolted, That the chairman of the delegation from this district present these resolutions to the mass convention. TWEXTY-TIRST DISTRICT RErCBLICAXS. At a mass meeting of the Republicans or the Twenty-first district, held last evening, the following delegates were chosen to represent the district In the convention on the 7th Instant: Messrs.

Michael Shiner, Henry Better, Wm. II. Brown and Charles Lanzlcv. together with Walter Mld- dleton, who completes the delegation. George Melieynolds and Joseph Johnson were selected as alternates.

Resolutions were adopted severely criticising and repudiating tho A. M.Green convention on the or March; after which the meeting adjourned. TU EXTV-SECOXD DISTRICT RErUDLICAXS. A mass meeting of the Republicans of the Twenty.second district was held last evening. Mr.

John A. Clark called tho meeting to order, and read the call for a Repnblican convention on the 7th instant, to elect delegates to Cincinnati. Mr. Jas. Jones was elected secretary.

The chairman stated the object or the meeting, to elect three delegates to the convention, two holding over. On motion of Mr. Isaac Shiner, the following 5entlemen wero elected, viz: Messrs. Wm.Cowan, oseph Hodgson and Joslah Venable. These gentlemen, with Messrs.

Isaac Shiner and John A. Clark, complete the delegation. Resolutions repudiating the A. M. Green convention on the 27th of March, Indorsing the administration of President Grant and the Republican party, were unanimously adopted.

Alter speeches by Messrs. Clark, Shiner and others the meeting adjourned with cheers for Governor Shepherd, Frederick Douglass and the Republican party. THE TIEE DEPARTMENT. Annual Parade and Inspection. The annual Inspection and parade of the fire department was held yesterday afternoon at 'the Scott statue, and was witnessed by a large number of people.

Tho Inspection proved creditable to the department, which, though small. Is managed with great skill. At o'clock the department formed In line at No. 1 engine house, on street, near Twentieth, and proceeded by the way of Connecticut avenuo to the rendezvous, approaching the statue In solid battalion line, the engines belnR in front and the reels In the rear. There were various manoeuvres about the statue, which showed to great advantage the points or excellence of the department.

Franklin, No. 2, was under the charge of Foreman Wm. Shedd; Columbia, No. 3, was foremaned by James Lowe; Sayles J. Bowen, No.

4, by Wm. Sorrel; Henry Addison, No. by Lewis Lowe and Thomas P. Morgan; No. 0, by Joseph Paris.

The extra cart was under the charge of Henry French, and the truck of Its foreman, Thomas Robinson. Unfortunately engine No. 1, which has been In the shop for several weeks, was not in condition to appear. Ihe department was nnder the command or Chief Martin Cronin, aided by Assistant Engineer W.O. Drew.

Commissioners Ketcham and Phelps took part In the Inspection along with Fire Commissioners Morgan, Reed, Collins, Hume and Bacon. After a number or evolutions, in which the skill of the drivers was shown, the Inspection was made. Every detail was examined, from the harness to the different parts of the engines. The result or the Inspection was entirely credltableto the department. Though there are few departments in cities of the size of Washington as small as ours, there ll none which excells our department in fjiiematlctmansirement.

The horses were fine and In excellent condition, the apparatus were In perfect order and the fine body of men were under perfect command. When the Inspection was over and the companies were dismissed the horses were urged to their full speed and darted out trom the circle by different streets. An opportunity was also given to see the workings or the fire-alarm telegraph. Mr. Miles, the superintendent of the telegraph, had an alarm-gong temporarily placed at the circle, upon which was received the regular six-o'clock signal from the main rffice, and box 3s, which was turned In as a test alarm 'to show the wonderful rapidity with which an alarm of fire Is spread.

LODGE 0F60ES0W. Mourning the Loss of Deceased Brethrosi The Lodge of Sorrow of tho Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freo and Accepted Masons was held last evening at Tallmadge hall, under the auspices of Supreme Council, 33 ror the Southern jurisdiction of the Unite 1 States, In memory or the following deceased brethren: Alfred E. Ames, Benjamin R. Campbell, Ebe-nezer II. Shaw, Herman Doan, James BruceScot, Joseph Santlna.John M.

S. McCorklo, Wm. M. Perkins, John C. Breckinridge and Sterling Y.

McMasters. A beautiful rosewood coffin stood at the front ot the stage, surrounded by flowers and evergreens, and upon the back of tho stage were arranged white shields, bordered with black, bearing the names of the deceased brethren over whom the plons offices were about to be performed. A large and Intelligent audience filled the hall to witness the ceremonies. Present upon the stage were Gen. Albert Pike.

Albert O. J. O. Bachelor, Geo. W.

Caswell, Joseph T. Brown, W. T. Mitchell, R. JO.

Smith, H. ft. Hubbard. O. S.

Long, C. W. Bennett and R-F. Bower, all or the 3, while among the audience were seated a number ot distinguished personages. After prayer the beautllul and Impressive ceremonies of the Lodge of Sorrow wereperformed, with General Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander, as orator of the evening; Henry Buist, acting as master of the Lodge or Sorrow: J.

D. DeSessure, senior warden; A. E. Frankland, junior warden: Wm. M.

Ireland, senior expert; J. Morrell, Junior expert, and E. B. Macgrotty, grand master of ceremonies. General Pike followed the ceremonies In a poetic and beautiful eulogy upon the lives ana characters or the brethren who had died since the last meeting of the Lodge or Sorrow, two years ago, alter which the exercises were concluded.

A MAGNIFICENT JEWEL Presentation to Gen. Albert Pike. A pleasant episode occurred at the Sanctuary of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Right of Free and Accepted Masons on Wednesday night. This was the presentation of a magnificent jewel to Gen. Albert Pike, the Sovereign Commander.

The presentation was made by Robert Toombs, of Georgia, In an eloquent and touching address, to which Gen. Pike feelingly responded. The jewel is composed of a gold double-headed eagle, studded with two hundred and sixty diamonds. In the centre ol the eagle's herrt Is a large am-ethvst In the form or a triangle. In which is Inserted the figures "31," In gold.

Orer the head ol the eaglets a crown composed entlrelyormbles and diamonds. In its talons the eagle holds a flaming sword of gold, from which is suspended a scroll bearing the inscription, "Dent neum que The cost or the Jewel was 900, and In design and woikmanshlp fs beautiful and artistic. The presentation was made In the presence of orer nfty members of the Scottish Rite from all Jiarts of the United States. A grand banquet ollowed, during which the greatest Jollity and good humor prevailed, and a most enjoyable evening ensued. Mother's Day.

The International peace festival "Mother's Day" was observed last night by a meeting at 512 Tenth street. Mrs. Belva A. Loekwood, vice president of the American branch of the Universal Peace Union, presided, and opened the proceedings by reading the circular from Julia ward Howe published In yesterday's Betcbli-caw. She also stated that the Parliaments of hair a dozen countries had passed resolutions favoring arbitration in place of war, and read a long list of points gained by the peace movement since its organization In 1807.

Remarks were made by Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Dr. Wlnslow, Mrs. Parsons, Mrs.

H. IL 8towell and other ladles, and by Zebulon P. White, (another vice president of the Peace Union, or Rhode Island; Colonel Edward Daniels, of Virginia; Dr. (Loekwood and J. K.

H- Wilcox. The following resolution was passed: Reiolted, That the time has come when the barbarous method of settling difficulties between nations should be abandoned, and that steps should be at once taken to substitute arbitration lor war. The proceedings were Interspersed with singing by Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. to well, mainly from the "Peace Songs" published by members of the Connecticut Peace Socletv.

A beautiful poem, -written by Madame Le I Barvs, ws read. 1 i i i.i i i BUHAMAH'S SKETCHES. Scenes in Horticultural and Agricultural Halls. PniLADn-rniA, June 1, 1E70. The charmlnj weather of Tuesday was repeated yesterday, and as a consequence the grounds were well filled all day.

An annex to Horticultural Hall has been opened within the last few days, containing rhododendrons exhibited by an English florist. These shmbsareso seldom In perfection In our dry climate that the beauty and profusion or this collection astonishes every one. The whole place echoes with oh's and ah's and admiring gasps from the fair sex, while the men assumethat Olympian air, natural to them when regarding flowers. Every tint Is seen from the palest flu'h or dame to deep rose and carmine that fairly Intoxicate the senses with their perfect coloring. The bashes seem ono mass of blossom, and their profusion Is as wonderful as thelrjierfectlon.

These rhododendrons are the best part of the Horticultural exhibit, and I understand are to be purchased either by Central Park or Falrmount Park for ornamental purposes. The ravine between Horticultural and Agricultural halls Is bridged by an elevated railway track, and the ear is always filled with people anxious tu understand the latest method of locomotion. A fine display of Bermuda vegetables and Jamaica fruits can be seen In Agricultural hall. The air Is redolent with the perfume of oranges, lemons, plantains, bananas, pine apples, mangoes, shaddocks, citrons, manee apples and sugar cane. The size of this year's Bermnda potatoes and onions astonishes our horny-handed almost as much as some wheat from regon, that was In the sack ninety days after 11 was planted.

This building is always filled with sun-browned men, consciously happy in their Sunday clothes and now boots, and their buxom wires carrying a basket or satchel or lunch. Their delight at the things exhibited here Is hardly equaled by the Joy of the demonstrative visitors to the art gallery. a siw ntuiT JAR Is exhibited In mammoth sizes, each ono contain ing a hundred pounds or beautirnl.looklng fruits. Crosso and Suickwell have a great stand filled with most delicious pickles and choice apples from Mlcblgan.and Australia to tantalize the appetites of those who see and smell them. A syren, a variety of fog horn, belonging to the lighthouse board.

Is used to give the slgnajs for Opening and closing the Exhibition, and thnughout the day sample strains are blown rrom it to satisfy the curious loiterers. Nothing-more hortible In the way orsounds was ever heard, combining, as It does, the worst qualities of the steam calliope and ungreased wheels. Jn the French galleries of the annex no changes bad been effected over night, and It does seem as though the Oauls supposed the exhibition would not really open ror a month yet. The most comical picture in their part of the annex Is ono entitled the "Friends of the House." One ridiculous little monkey on a table has been showering down plutcs and vases at his grimacing companion on the floor, and now alms a beautiful dish at the cat that, with Its waving tail and arched back, comes upon the scene. The vindictive energy or the monkey on the table and his poor crouching companion on the floor are periect pictures of monkey Hie.

A-plctnre called THE "RAILROADTRAIX" 'Shows two horses frightened by the engine, who rear and kick in a dreadful way, atmost unseating the hatless rider, who Is trying to control bot or them. A "Fellah Woman," by Landrelle, turns her wonderrul brown eyes upon the gazer, and fascinates one with tbetr beauty. An "Inquisition Scene" makes ones flesh creep. The poor heretic lies on the floor with an agonized countenance. Over him stand the holy brethren, one with extended crucifix, another with pen and paper to take down the confession wrung from him by torture, other spiritual advisers bind him to the rack and hold a brazier ot live coals to bis feet.

All of these cheerrul little Incentives to re ligion are admirably expressed by the brush or the artist. The daughter of Herod, with the head or John the Baptist, Is another picture or Novdocs. "The Prodigal Son," with his herd of swine, presents another Bible story In moving style. An allegorical picture represents "Cresar" on abeau-tllui charger, trampling on the prostrate bodies of men and women. At his side are two skeleton figures, with their destroying scythes; above htm a lury with lighted torch, and behind him bis miserable captives, his victorious army and the burning walls or a city.

The Italian exhibits In the annex consist or pictures, statues and mosaic tables and pictures. Among the marble pieces three or the finest are "Phreyne," "Berenice" and Free Italy." The "Phreyne naked" Is the most exquisitely beautllul made piece In the collection, and the only fault In It Is the too sensuous expression or the face. BERENICE, WITH EXTESDED ARUS, holds her beautiful hair, and Is represented in the act of vowing: "Venus, to thee and other God's I sacrifice these tresses, Should'st thou return to me from war, my The magnificent pose of the whole figure and tha spirited countenance make the Berenice an Impressive work or art. "Free Italy," In the guise or a Roman conta-dlna, stands proudly erect and casts off tho broken chains of bondage. Appropriately enough, just behind herstands a fine bust of Garibaldi, in the shirt and knotted handkerchief of the Carbonari.

A magnificent "Lucirer" represents the noble and god-like arch-fiend of Milton and Byron. A bronie bust, with the head and shoulders draped In snowy marble, shows a decidedly African Othello, sorrowfully gazing at Desdcmona's kerchief, which he holds in his swarthy hands. In this same room are two large paintings the one representing "Galileo Before the Inquisition," and the other "Columbus a Prisoner." The greater part of the Italian paintings are copies from the old artists, and wholo walls are lined with madonnas, saints and crucifixions. One of their pictures caused a little surprise to Protestsnt visitors, and would seem to be slgnlfl-eantof the name or religious authority In Italy. Two choir boys.

In their lace and silk rubes, sit In a retired part of CHCRCH, PLATISO CARDS. On the bench between them stands the communion wine, and the censer, with its dying embers. Is cast upon the floor. Some or the cards hare slipped to their feet, and from the listening look of the faces the padre is evidently coming that way. The Italian artists seem to have Imbibed, the spirit of classical art so popular among the modern painters of England.

There are four or Are pictures from ancient life oneaPompellan scene, where the beautiful women are making wreaths of flowers to wind around the pillars and the arches of the fluvlum; a beautiful rompcllsn woman, In CTeamy chllalnys and scarlet pcplam, languidly caresses a greyhound and watches the others, who bury themselves with the flowers. In two companion pieces a man Is dancing along blowing the rustle pipe of reeds, and a woman Is wreathing the bust of Pan (n flowers and vine leaves. A cunning little statuette called the Forced Prayer," shows a little child with tears and pouts, angrily sobbing, "Now I lay me down to sleep," In sort Tuscan. In the "Birth of Love," a comical little cupId Is climbing out of a large eggshell of marble, and smiling up In the face of the gazer. Another antique, scene shows the studio or "Laja, a noble Roman woman." who Is "making a portrait or Julius Cssar as Apollo." Ciesar, In scanty attire, stands before the beautiful artist, who Is sketching the outlines on her canvas under the surveillance of her pater familias.

It Is lo be hoped that the Roman woman was inoro successful In making a godlike portrait of the conqueror than the modem Italian artist who executed this one. A "GKEIX-ROOir SCEXE" represents a tearful young debutante, who has cast herself upon the floor, being Jeered at-for her disappointment at her failure by the other members of the company, A theatrical-looking picture was labeled In almost Illegible type something about King Manfred, of Sweden, dying of starvation at the door of a convent. The gaunt figure of the king, in red hose and black cloak, lies In the snow on the steps of the convent. The races or the well-red monks, who stand In the doorway, present a sharp contrast to the pallid and emaciated features of tho dead king. The "Decollation of St, John" lost all Its sacred meaning to me from the fact that my companion read off the title as the "Collation of St.

John," and then fell to naively wondering at the sense or such a name when the saint had his head on the block. Her chagrin on discovering her error was as amusing as the blunder. The -Doves of St. Marc" Is the title of a Venltlan scene, where a party of tourists are feeding these cherished birds with papers of corn, bought for the purpose. The doves are whirling down In scores tu partake of the feast.

Passing through the corridor or Memorial Hall I saw wnat supposcu to oe lac coninuuuous oi tuc Pope. A full size corr or RArnxzL "head buna della Segglola." Jn the finest ol mosaic work, and three other large pictures of an. dent ruins In the same work. Story's "Medea" Is still In IU wooden case, but even the unsatisfactory view of It now to be had affords more pleasure than any other statue yet shown. Its beauty grows upon one and every succeeding visit to It, but deepens the first impression.

The hands are magnificent In their expressive model-ling, and are only surpassed by the hands ot Michael Angelo's "Prisoners or Slaves." The firm pose and noble draperies are both the perfection of art, and it only remains for It to be once properly placed to eclipse any other exhibit In the way of sculpture. The leviathan soldier In front of the main building looks much better upon a cool day when In the shade' than It did on the hot afternoon when I first saw it with the sun glaring on Us white surface almost hot enough to calcine it. The large fountain between the Main and Machinery Hall is at last finished. It Is entirely or Iron, and painted green, touched with gold. At the base are spouting dolphins, above them three females In breezy draperies, support the inevitable saucer on the tips ot their fingers, and above the saucer some nondescript beings of aquatic mythology are prepared to spout streams of water to fabulous heights.

In about a month or so more the Exhibition will be completed, but some of the nations, notably France, Russia and Turkey, will only have their sections completed In time to take a few weeks' rest before Christmas. Bchauah. Maryland Association. At the regular monthly-meeting of the Maryland Republican Association last night, In Clarke's hall, Pennsylvania avenue, the follow, lng gentlemen were selected to represent the association at the Cincinnati Joseph Tralnor, Shipley Brasbears and T. N.

Young; also, the following alternates were elected Capt. Wlddecome and Messrs. J. C. Wlldman and O.

F. Mattlogly. Mr. George W. O.

Roarer, former corresponding secretary of the association, having left -the clt. Mr. Joseph Tralnor was elected to that office In his stead. Other business of the association being through, after considera- ble debate. It was decided, on account olthe warm weather, to adjourn the association orer till the I first of September.

Auction Sales To-4aT. By Edwin J. Sweet: At 4-SOo'eloek, valuable unlmcumbered property on Eleventh street west, between and streets south. At 430 o'clock, valuable Improved property, consisting of a two-story frame dwelling on Eleventh west, between and streets sonth. By Wash.

B-'Wllllamf At 1030, 230 and 103 o'clock, at No. 481 Pennsylvania avenue, a large assortment of fine cigars. At 6 o'clock, valuable Improved property at the intersection of Thirteenth and streets northwest, At (o'clock, valuable improved property fronting on Delaware avenue, near street northeast. At 10 o'clock, a large assortment of household furniture. By Thos.

Bowling: At io o'clock, a lot of household effects. At 12 o'clock, one coupe rockaway. By Birch fcRobey: At V) o'clock, forty head of horses ana mules. AMUfeSFTTV. HNT8.

Summer Theatre Comlque, On Monday night next the new play of "Gar-gantua, the" Nation's Guest," founded upon the proceedings In the Hallet Kilbourn case, will bo presented in fine style, with the author, Mr. Ernest Harold, in the title rolrj the charming actress. Miss Emma Waltc, as the Lady Jlmmr-netta, and Miss Nettle Walte as Kokernut Kaik; Miss May Hamilton as Sboekar Kizz; Mr. Park-burst as Hon. Jlmmtny Crymlny, chairman of the ecrcmlttecof Investigation.

The attraction offered by Manager Rogers Is extraordinary, and bespeaks for this new play a lang run. mt The Flower Queen. The cantata, "The Flower Queen," to be given at Ford's opera house on Monday evening next. Is one of the most beautiful performances ever presented In our city. The solos embrace the finest gems of song, redolent with harmonious effect and artistic feeling.

The participants upon the present occasion give high expectation of pleasure to every lover or music Miss Goodall's reputation as a vocalist stands very high Indeed; while as a flutist Mr. Schutter has no superior In our city. Miss Marion Gcodall and Mr. Beale will play tne accompaniments. The soloists will be supported bv a selected chorus of flftv cultured voices.

We can projnlse a rare treat Indeed to those who attend. OUB EOTAL VISTTOB. Don Pedro and the Deaf ana Dun. A little after 7 o'clock yesterday morning Dom Pedro d'AIcantara, Emperor of Brazil, accompanied by le Vlcomto do Bom Retlro, chamberlain to his Majesty, and Scnor A. F.

de Carralllo Bor-ges, Brazilian Minister, visited the National College for Deaf Mutes, on Kendall Green, In the northeastern suburbs, where they were received by General John Eaton, the Commissioner of Education, by whom the officers of the Institution were presented to thedlstingul8bed visitors. President Gallaudet briefly explained the scope of the Institution In answer to the Emperor's pertinent Inquiries, while pupils from the primary department trnoTs: orioikal exxbcises, which the Emperor read and commended. Words of welcome were then written by representatives of the college classes. We can give only a few extracts. A freshman wrote We welcome you.

not merely as a formality, nor because It Is the first time a foreigner or so honorable and responsible a position as yourself has thus honored our Institution, but because we deslro that yonr visit shall be one ofpleasure, Interest and profit. Our only regret Is that we have not the honor and pleasure or extending our welcome to her Majesty, the Empress. As you hare come early, -we kindly ask you to stay late." A sophomore it rote "we ADUtnx Tom roncr, activity, and the pleasure you are taking In your visit to our country, it would give us great pleasure to entertain you, and to makeyou adeaf mute for awhile. If thereby the mutes of Brazil might be benefited." Anotherstndent wrote: "Tho silent manifestations on every side speak louder than my works can or the cordial greeting extended to you, sire, and of the pleasure felt at your visit. Recognized as a strong and zealous advocate of learning, an eager participant In whatever tends toward the advancement or civilization whose manifold blessings aro already blooming In the sunny land of Brazil we trust that this institution, OXE OF CIVILIZATION'S FAIREST FRUITS, will disclose to yon the Importance of Its work: act as a plea for the deaf mutes of your empire." A senior wrote "It is a great privilege to be allowed to study, to learn, to be educated.

Happiness requires it, beauty of character demands It, and pureness of spirit needs It." Another senior gave some entertaining examples of pantomime, after which the Emperor personally tested the attainments of some of the classes by ei ercL'es ot on impromptu character in Latin, algebra, chemistry and astronomy, and took for luture Inspection specimens of papers written by the students at the regulsr examinations. Just before his departure tho Emperor performed a beautllul act In a very graceful manner THE PLASTIXO OF AX IVT. He received the vine from tho hands of the vcn. erable widow of the lounder or the first dearmute Institution in America the voiceless mother or President Gallaudet planted It skillfully, and plucked rrom It some leaves as a tourcnirofhls visit. The Emperor seemed to be highly interested In all that ho saw, and certainly bis Intelligence, appreciation, kindness and suavity won the hearts of all he met on Kendall Green.

Dom Pedro's Visit to tha Kindergarten. The kindergarten oi Misses Nocrr and Pollock received a visit yesterday from his Imperial Majesty Dom Pedro. He fonnd the children Just alter they had finished their gymnastic plays, seated, ready, with sleeves stripped up, to begin their modeling in clay. Miss Pollock first asked tho children a few questions as to the various uses that are made of clay, how many different kinds there arc. and where It Is found.

Then they were requested to make a perfect sphere, which they did with eager delight. After that they had to flatten two sides to change It Into the geometrical figure called a spheroid. Alter this was done each child was left tree to make anything It liked with the c'ay. His Majesty was shown various specimens of different kinds or work done by the children In the kindergarten, and expressed himself very much gratified by what he saw. At 430 o'clock, tho Emperor accompanied by the Empress and suite.

Sir Edward Thornton, Chief Justice Walte. the Rnsslan Minister to the United States and wire, the Austrian Minister, Gen- Sherman, Mrs. Secretary Tart, John Davis, of the State Department, and wire. Miss Frellnghuysen, Admiral Porter and members of the various legations visited Mt. Vernon on the steamer Arrow' Cant.

Frank Uolllngshead. They were the guests of Madame Berghxaann, who entertained them at the mansion. While at the green-bouse. Westford, the gardener, a grandson or Washington's old body servant, presented the Empress with a beautiful bouquet, which her Imperial majesty graciously accepted. The Emperor, Empress and entire suite leara Washington this morning at 11:50 o'clock ror Niagara Falls, soon alter sailing for Oermany, where the Empress is ordered; by her physicians to a celebrated water-cure.

Ncte and Letter Headings Printed frcm new type, for forty-five cents per ream, at the Natioxal Refublicax Book axd Job Pbistixo Office, southwest comer of Pennsylvania avecne and Thirteenth street, (second floor.) Opening of the Piney Point Hotel-That well-known and popular summer resort, Fluey Point, will be opened for the reception of grejts on the 20th of this month. It will be managed by an experienced hotel-keeper, who proposes to give better accommodations for less cost than ever before. The Interior or the buildings will be thoroughly refitted by one of our oldest and most respected merchants. Everything, from kitchen utensils to beds and bedding, will be entirely new aad comfortable. A large number ofpromlnent citizens or Washington have already engaged rummer quarters there.

Piney Point Is on the Maryland shore of the Potomac, ninety-six miles from Washington and ten miles from Point Lookout. The climate, gunning, fishing and bathing are excellent- Steamers will make regular trips on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3 clock p. arriving at Piney Point at 1020 o'clock p. m. Excursion boats will go thcre-durlngthe summer, and the regular Baltimore and Norfolk beats will also touch there.

The place looks beautiful this year. Medicinal Wines. Genn'ne Raspberry and Blackberry Wines now supersede numerous drugs or preparations ror efficiency as a preventive or cure for summer complaints. To obtain a pure article, call at Chris. Xander's, No.911 Seventh street will also be round choleo brands of Sonoma and Catawba wines, Maryland and Virginia claret, He is also making a specialty ot a 10-year-old Mount Summit Whisky.

Xander's Dyspeptic Bitters are highly Indorsed by physicians as a sure cure for that malady. Church Printing. The TTatioxal Refublicax Book axd Jon Pbistixo Office is prepared to do all kinds of church printing at prices that defy competition. Type and machinery all new. Office, southwest comer or Pennsylvania avenuo and Thirteenth street, (second floor.) Catarrh, Discharges Iron the Head and all chronlo diseases successfully treated.

That the timid and disappointed may reel the utmost assurance and confidence in the good faith ot Dr. Hattley, he generously proposes to attend all persons, rich or poor, free of charge, nntll the best evidence and most convincing proofs of his success have been realized from his treatment. Office and residence 80J Ninth street northwest. (CcrtlCcate from Mr. J.

Henry Carroll. Washixotox. D. Feb. 25, 1875.

My attention having been attracted to a testimonial from Rev. Dr. Domer, the distinguished pastor of the English Lutheran church. Eleventh and streets, this city, certifying to the remarkable cure of an affection of the ear by Dr. Hartley, I concluded to try the doctor's skill In a case of catarrh of very aggravated form, from which I had suffered many years past, which had seriously Impaired my hearing and developed every symptom of consumption.

I am happy to state that Dr. Hartley has effected a complete and radical cure, removing every vestige of catarrh deafness and affection of the lungs, and I am now' as healthy and can hear as perfectly as at any former period In my lire. Dr. Hartley's remarkable success In my case justifies this testimonial, and he has my best thanks, with a more substantial evidence of my appreciation. J.

Hexrt Carroll. From the Rev. Cyras 11. Fay, MIS Eighth street northwest, Washington, D. C.l I have pleasure in adding another testimonial to the many already given to the skill ol Dr.

Hartley In the treatment or deafness. Benefits received in the line of his profession by myself and members of my family prompt me to make this unsolicited acknowledgment. Crnus H. Fa v. Office and residence of Dr.

Hartley 809 Ninth street, near II street northwest, Washington, D.C. Envelopes Printed from new type, in large or small quantities, at the rate of eighty-live cents per thousand, at the Natioxal RxrunucAX Book axd Job Prixtixo Office, southwest comer of Pennsylvania avenue and Thirteenth street, (second floor.) NICHOLS' WEOUGHT-IBON FDENAOE. I have been appointed agent ror the sale of the above celebrated furnace, patented by Dr. James It. Nichols, the well-known chemist and editor of the Boston Journal ot Chemistry.

1 Call and get a circular. IT. I. GREGORY. ap58-m S34 Pennsylvania avenae.

93 per Hundred or 35 eta. per Doaen, AT VnxOlTS, 438 Ninth street, ioyn-tf enrr ITEMS. DTsrxraiA. Americans are particularly subject to this disease and its effects, such as soar stomach, sick headache, habitual eostlveness, heart burn, water brash, coming up of the food, coated tongue, disagreeable taste in the mouth, palpitation of the heart and all diseases of the stomach and liver. Two doses of Greex'b ACQiTsr Flower will re-Ueve yon at once, and there positively is not a ease In the United States it will not cure.

If you doubt this go to any druggist In Washington and get a sample bottle for 10 cents and try it. Regular size 75 cents. Charles Stott St wholesale TJra TmragTow'B Ivobt Pearl Toots Pow-sxs. A perfect dentifrice. Its action on the teeth is specific removes tartar and discoloration, arrests decay, and keeps them sound, clean and white.

It hardens the gums, sweetens the breath, and, containing no add, canoot injure the enamel. Its constant use is recommended to all. but specially to those who, having good teeth, wish to preserve them. Twenty-five and fifty cents per bottle. Tnoirrsox'a Pokadi Orrm, for dressing the hair.

This fine pomade merits special mention. Purely vegetable, its effect is to soften and refine coarse dry hair, imparting to it gloss and beauty. Unlike many preparations for the hair. It cannot Injure, but Is highly beneficial, equally so to the rich, golden-nued tresses of youth, tne darker shades of middle lire, or the silver-streaked locks or age. Twentysuve and fifty cents per bottle.

Practice Ecoxokt. Renovate your; soiled gloves thoroughly and quickly with Jovens Inodorous Kid Glove Cleaner. Twenty-five cents per bottle. JTEGETINK VEGETTNE, THE GBEAT HEALTH BX8T0BEB, Kade Prom BARKS, ROOTS AND HERBS. GENERAL DEBILITY.

In thlscompUIntthcKOOilerTt-ctaofthe are realized Immediately mtTtcr commencing touke it; a debility denotes dcoclency or the blood, and Vegetisk acts directly npon the blood. There lc no remedy that will restore the health from debility like the Vcqktix-e. Xtlsnonruhlmcandstrenijtisen-lnfr, purifies the blood, regulates the bowels, qateU the ncrrous system, acts directly upon the accretions, and arouses the whole sTstcm to action. It lias never failed In this, complaint. WHAT 18 XEX.DE!.

BOSTON, Feb. 13, ISn. n. Ii, Stntnt. Esq: UeahSui: About one year stneel fonnd myself In a feeble condition from general debility.

Veuetine waiitroBjtly recommended tome by a friend who had been much beneSted by Its use. I procured the article, and, after using several bottles, was restored to health, and ttlsconUnned Its use. 1 feel quite confident that there Is no medicine superior to It for those complaints for which It Is especially pre pared; and would cheerfully recommend It to tho-e who fetl that they need something- to restore them to perfect lit kith. Kespcctrully yours, U. L.

rETTINGILI. Firm orb. M. l'ettlnKM Jt No 10 state street. ALL DISEASES OF THE BLOOD.

If VEfJETiXEwillrclIcvepiIn, cleanse, purify and cure (men diseases, restoring the patient to perfect health alter trying different physicians, many remedies, mi Serin for years, is It not concloslTe proof. If you are a bufferer, yon can be cured. Why is this medicine performing such grcUcurts? It works In the blood, in the circulating fluid. It can truly be callid the Great Blood Pitriter. The great source of disease originates in the blood, and no medicine that does not act directly upon it, to purify and rtuovatc, has any just claim upon public attention.

Nercosls, Scrofula, Dyspepsia, General Debility, Canker, Humor, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism, Consumption ol tne Bowels. Ciiarlestowx. March, zs, 1353. Jfr. M.

R. Merent: Deak bin: The following Is a statement of my er- with the great Blood Kemedy, Vecietxxe. have been keeping a boarding house here for many years, and have had the misfortune to have a great dealof slcknesslnmy family. In one case In particular I noticed the wonderful effect of, About the year 1M7, a young man, then sixteen 'ears old, who was a distant relative of mine, came ion.e from sea. lie had injured his left leg on beard the (hip some mouths before, and when the ship came into this port became to my house, being fetblc that he could not go to hU home In Lowell.

Ills leg was swollen aboc the knee more titan twice Its naturaL size, and he was obliged to drag it along afterhlm, bavlngnouseof ltwuAteTer. The effect of this had htm to a mere skeleton. Ills father came down and employed Dr. George Hay-ward, of Boston, toattenu him, who then occupied a pomlnent position In the Massachusetts ircneral Hospital, lie pronounced It a bad case of Necrosis; said lie must be removed to the hospital, have Ids leg opened and the bone bored, to allow the discharge of maiter there collected; otherwise the leg must be amputated. 2ot thinking It advisable to pursue tfcls course, and having used Vlgetxne, the Ureal Blood Kcin-edy.

In the past with so good effect, concluded to try It In this case. After taking It regularly for six weeks, his leg was bnt little swollen, and his general health so much Improved that he did not Took like the tame person. At the end of Ave months he went home toXowell perfectly cured. He remained In Lowell nntll the commencement of the war; then Joined the army and was pronounced a sound and well man. The above Is but one caso out of many where I have seen this Blood Kemedy used with, unparalleled success.

1 have taken it myself for twenty years, more or less, for dyspepsia and general debility, and It always appeared to give me new life and vigor. One lady boarder was completely cured from canker humor, after she had suffered for years, and tried almostevcrythtng else without receiving any benefit. Another lady was cured from, liver coin flalnt, which was a bad case, and so considered by he many physicians who had attended her from time to time. I have known Its use "by other boarders for rheumatism, with extraordinary good effect. A lady took it for consumption of the bowels, and found more relief than in anything else she could procure, I do not want to overestimate its usefulness: but I do want those suffering from sickness to know what this good medicine has done, and is still doing, for I know what It is to be imposed noon when dick, and 1 think It is wrong for any one to overestimate a remedy at the expense of the helpless sick; and for one, will not do It under any circumstances whatever.

MRS, ALIVA S. MONROE, 161 Chelsea sU VrOETiXK Is sold by all Druggists. Jc3-S Wtf LADIES HAVING AN UNNATURAL growth of hair on face, Anns or Keck can have It permanently removed In two dava, without Injury to the tkln; also, wonderful method for removing Pits, Freckles and Moles. A enre or no pay. 813 rennivlvaula avenue northwest.

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rel7-ThSTu3m DBESSMAKINO. MKS. MESSER HAS removed from 719 Market space to HIS Pennsylvania avenue. B. T.

Taylor's system of cuttlnr. Patterns and Journals for sale. Cutting and fitting a specialty. Alto, Knife and Box Pleatlnfc by machine. aas-lny WARNER'S 8ANITART CORSET, WITH SKIRT SUPPORTER AND BELJ'-AD- JUST1NO PADS.

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They can be regulated by two small screws to exactly lit the uose without any pain or unpleasant feeling. They are made of Bra-Ulan pebble and the newlr-dlscovered Russia ruby glass. For neatness and Lightness they cannot be surpassed, ateasure taken and order nllea la llfteen minutes. ISAAC ALEXANDER, 129 Pennsylvania avenue. Inventor, Patentee and Manufacturer.

ap3-tf Brazilian Pebblo Spectacles, FRANKLIN CO.S, 1ST PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, deS-ly OPTICIANS. "PRESERVE TOUR HEALTH. To do this it Is necessary that you should Inhale FliESH and PURE AIR la the rooms yoo dally and This can only be done iueceasfSlly and without danger of contracting coughs, colds and their prpb-arilr attendant purchasing and ualna; the NIW PATENT Transparent Ventilators. These VENTILATORS maybe applied to windows of aU descriptions, and are stationary. They are Invaluable for uie In school-rooms, public nalia, hospitals.

Invalid chambers, tleeplna; apartments "TheTENTflfATbRS are on exhibition and fbr sale at 1302 street, near corner of Thirteenth northwest. Washington, 1. C. and may also be wn In opVratloiTttfie Billiard Rooms Miller Jones, over National Theatre. ja-Call and examine them.

GEO. WAGNER, Inventor and Patentee. marl-lr Washington. P. TO.

AND AFTER i'JSBRUAKY. A Ur ductlon of twenty-live per cent, below the regular retail priees on all brands of Havana and Key West and Domestic Clgars.and all kinds otsmoklag aad Chewing Tobacco aad Smokers articles, at M. UOL.DSTEIN'3 California Cigar Store. (11 Pennsylvania arcane, fejo-tr Under MatropoUtan Hotel. HENRY SEARLB, ARCHITECT, 710 Street, opposite Pest Ol paulaest.

lee Be LOTOTJG. JiliMAmOFEiDHADECWMG We hare made Preparations fox large SPRING AND SUMMER TRADE. OUR STOCK EMBRACES Suits for Men, Suits for Youths, Suits for Boys, Suits for Ohilclren. IU: EM Clam rrocl Cc-als ttui $12 la $30, PUS EESllSll SlogOIllIFrOCjtS ail TtS, $18 to $35. lis.

Itel Diaioiil Sacls aii Vests, $12 to $25. Easiness Eaits in Prince Albert Frocks. Business Suits in Double-Breast Sacks. Business Suits in Single-Breast Sacks. Business Baits in Single-Breast Cutaways.

PRICES RANGE FROM $12 TO S30. Pantaloons from all the 5cw and 5orel Designs of Cassimeres and Worsteds WHITE BUCK TESTS, Witl or Witlont Collars, Ootid! or Sim. BraM EPBIHG 0VEEHAGKS, Made Prom Diagonals, Meltons, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Bepellents, Have scorea of actually new and surpiislngtv-heau- tlful designs la CHILDREN'S SUITS, and the very latest Ideas Ma BOYS' JACKET SUITS. KTTiT SUITS AND SAILOR SUITS. CrTTTiTlRHCrS SHIRT BODIES.

BOYS' SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. Gentlemen's Sblrts made to Order at JLow Priees or 820, 821, 830, and 836 Per Dozen. GENTS' trrTDERWEAE 07 AIL GBADE3, Adapted for the present season. Ties, Collars, CuBs, Scarfs, Bilk, Ulae, Eld and Driving Gloves. PRICES iS LOW IS THE LOWEST ELSEWHEEE.

Tor tte above Goods go to Noah Walker 625 Pennsylvania Avenne. ap27-U GENTLEMEN'S GOODS. SPRING OPENING, NEW STYItES, LARGE ASSORTMENT AT DBVIIIf 1106 STREET. SAlXLX3le SvULts vr Ready-Made Goods AT ANTE-WAR PRICES. aha jarajAVMG pOIXMBIA BANK NOTE COMPANY.

Bo. 90S Pennaylvnla Avenae, WASHINGTON, -D. O. are prepared with everr acuity for JCXGaUTKB 1ST) PaUXTDiG, BANK NOTES, BONDS AND OOHMEROIAI WOEK OF EVEHY KIND, fco. W.

H. PHTL1P. Fresident. 8EO. T.

JON'ES, Vice ITealdent. JOHN W. WATERS. Secretary. JOUN U.

TAN iJUakiliii. Treasurer, JySMVFJI BRADY'S National Portrait Gallery, Jfo. 825 Pennsylvania Avenne, Bet. l.ith and Seventh Street. Mr.

Brady has the pleasure or announcing Ms (Heads and the public that he has returned to Wash-lnaton and reopened hla (rallery. He will be aided by a corps of the best artlw, and will avail hlmseir or all the recent Improvements in the photographic art. Mr. Brady will alve bis personal attention to his patrons dally from a. m.

till 5 p. xa. declS-aTuThtf XXIBIG'S LIQUID KEEF EXTRACT OF AND TOXIC IXTIOOBATOB, Recommended by the best physlelans tj England and America for Consumption, Debility, Loaa of Appetite, Fever, Asrue. Dyspepsia, Indlfestloo, Female and Children Maladies. OFINION OF DR.

R. 8. STEUART, President Maryland Insane Hospital, Baltimore, "I can recommend Lelblga Liquid Extract of Beef as the moat efficient preparation I nav; ever met with. It combines the virtues of rood aad tonle in a remarkable war." OPINION OP DR. 'Wil.

II. STOKES. Physician to Mount Hope Retreat, near Baltimore. iharerreatpleasurelnaddturmytestl-monyto the virtues of telblar's Uquld attract of Beefand Tonic Invltoratoraa the very beat preparation used, and therefore confidently recommend It to tha medicinal profpaslon." AND MANY OTHER TESTIMONIALS. 1TJT OT iSplNT BOTTLE-aj.

JCACH-TAB3C NO OTHER. BOLD BT DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS. Wholesale Agents, 8CIIELXER PIXKAKB, deSS-TuThSly C7 Pennsylvania avenae. CABPPSTEB.aSD BlUDKB, Xaasachnaetta Bet- Thirteenth and Fourteenth Sta. (Residence ITU Fourteenth street northwest.) AU work executed promptly and falthlally.

Terms moderate, soli-U AMUSEMENTS, SUMMER THEATRE COHTQITK MONDAY, June 3, ilOHTET. AND MATI-NEIS 'WEDNESDAY AND SAT DUD AT. Enrsgemen: Sr one week only of Mr. ERNEST? HAROLD, the pioneer California Actor and Dramatist, his first appearance in Washington, and Iiz hla own new local and original Urand Uomle Fairy Extravaganza. In one act.

entitled "tiAKUAN. TUA. the Nation's founded unon the Incarceration of Hallet Kilbourn by the House oC Representatives. Gargantua (Oarganu) Is a Spanish name, meaning gullet or gourmand. Friday nlgbt.

June complimentary benefit ot our seenls arl-t: Mr- HARRY HIINTEU Jca-lw "POKDS OPEBA HOUSE. THE FLOWER Ql'EN, A CANTATA, WILL BX rxSTOSMKO MONDAY, JUNE AT 8 P. Ueneral admission. 80 cents. royZ4-t Tuxnaatax II.I.IABDS.

COLISEUM BIXXJABD ROOM. CORNER SIXTH AND STREETS NORTHWEST, SCASLOX GEARY, Proprietors. Billiards reduced to IS cents per game until October 1,187. Twenty new Collender Tables, and tha finest stock of Liquors and Cigars In mylt-tf OLD No.) ON EXHIBITION CNxwNo. 48S I and Sale I 439 7th St.

at 7th St. HARKBITIR1, No. 439 Seventh street, between and streets, eight doors above Odd Fellows1 hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engraving. Chromna, Ac.

AlaO- larrest ttjwb nr Wnprh.n.lnn. Cln.lnitf Shades. Pictures. Frames. Picture Cords and Ta.

acijniors, flsus, in me aJistrxet. -TJliil CASH. Please remember name and number. J2S-tr CJJESJONS ScCNDArEXUBsYoNsT' The Steamboat JIAEY WASHINGTON will make TWO EXCURSION! HEREAFTER ON SUNDAYS, Leaving her wharf, foot of Seventh street, 9 o'clock a- m. and 5 p.

Instead of 2:30 p. ss heretofore, commencing; SUNDAY. JUNE 4.1878. Jel-3t T7IXCURSIOXS. THE STEAMBOAT make lilT Excursions to Mt.

Ver non fcpiinps, Martha Hall and til y-mont, niciudlnir Sunday, stopplniral at idc Tinous lauainz. -viz: CoiUnrwvodj, tii ivrta, him: iioums uonaioa ana criCK xaru, commenclDjr SUNDAY. June leaTio; the Com pany'sn-barf. foot of tSTenth street, at 9 o'clock and Alexandria, 9:30 a. returning atom 4ocloc p.

m. Fare fortbe round trip, so cw. stnrle tleket; club of Are to ten persons. 40 cents each; eiob of teov or more, 70 cents each. Families can tae a ant day's trip down the rlrer aid enjoy the bealthv fmh liTer air at reasonable rale.

Intoxicating drtnlvs sold on board the boat. The Mary Washlnz ton can be ebarterted for Evening Excursions or to return for any parties that may wish to remain a any of the above-named reoru until nlrht, JCor anoer iniormaiioa apply xo w. x. SeTentb street, or on boari ira. Jel-lf rooxi.iGirr excursion.

-LT-a. MONDAY EVENING, 1 BV THE YOUXO PEOPLE ilfeA Ol ine TOrRTTT i Magnificent Klde of Fifty Miles down the Potomac and return without landing. The steamer "Jane Miely' has been engaged for the occasion, and will lnrs the Sixth-street waat at 5 p.m., returning at 11 o'clock. Cars will be In. waiting at the wharf to convey excursionists to all Farts of the city.

Music by Donch's orchestra. ISe-rethmeutswlli be served on the boat. Tickets, admitting a (ientleman. ft; lady, SO For sale by Ellis, vhltatrr. Solomons A OianmaB, (Salt, J.

1. Free, Brad. Adams, Bailantyne, Win. My lie, or at the boat. iny3-6t, VfOUXT TEBXOX, TOMB OF WASH The Steamer ARROW, CaDt.

FUANK HOLLINGSHEAD. weaves aevenui-street woariBSBSSanaaK jjAiLi, (sunaay excepted,) at io rttumlnkc about A p. m. Round trip 1, including admission to an ton an2 Grounds. oclS-tf ATTORNEYS AND AGENTS B.

H. "WARNER, Comer Seventh and Streets, REAL ESTATE BROKER. MONET EOAJJED On Good Seal Estate Security In Sums to Sulk rBOPEETT BOUGHT AND SOLD. Eirinixcis: Any Banking House In Wash lngton. feb7-tf ASDBEW O.

BRADLEN, ATTOKN EY-AT. I.AWV Office removed to Webster Law Building. Ja3-6m SOS street northwest. E. W.

WiUTAKER, General Claim and Collection Agent, No. 715 Fifteenth street, opposite RIggs A Co. DISTRICT CLAIMS A SPECIALTY. noi2-tf WM. A.

COOK, ATTORinEY-AT-laA'W, No. 211 Four-and-a-half street. Two doors north of Pennsylvania Will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States. Court or Claims. Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

Committees of Congress andDe partments of the United States Uovernmtnt. JvO-tf Woodbury YV Heeler. Attorney-at-Eair, 336 Tour-and-a-half street, Washington, D. Practices In the Courts of the Dlatrlct aad Prince George's county. Md.

deltf H. IIE Bit NOTARY PUBLIC. CLAIM AGENT AXD CONVEYANCEB, SS8 street southwest-Deeds. Affidavits and other Legal Papers prepared and acknowledged. Notes protested.

Office hours. from 7 to 9 a. and from 1 to 9 p. m. Jyia.

OYSTERS. HARVEY'S Old-Established Ladies' aad Gentlemen's 0TSTEB SALOON AXD BESTAUKA5T, 1018 Pennsylvania avenae and Elev enin sircci. 0 a.5fc WASHINGTON, D. C. be ia rarest Oyster House In the United States.

All rands of the finest ovsterstbat the brinvdeeD can produce are served with every imagiiuble uJaa Uu on Kd tixl tVit The Ladles' Saloon Is one of the handsomest In all Its appointments, and is conducted especially for them. Open from a. m. nntll midnight. M-Oytters, Terrapin and Game a specialty.

HAEYET H0LDE1T, Proprietors. "Harvey," the Inventor of Steamed Oysters, decs-tf STEAMSHIP LINES. PEOPLES' LINE FOK MATTOX UREEK and Intermediate landings. Tne aide-wheel steamer E. MORRIS, CAPTAIN T.

E. BALDWIN. Will leave wasninston every aiviA-II AY and THURSDAY, at 7a.m.. from Sixth-street Hnnriir. MinhL Rpturnln? will leave Nomlnl TUEsDAlS, maalngthe above landings.

feS-tf N. K.T1TZHUSH. AgenC American Line MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Only Line fhnjhg the American ITag. Sailing everr THURSDAY from PHIXADELPHIA.

For Qneenatown and Liverpool. Cabin, Intermediate and Steerage ACCOMMODATIONS UNSURPASSED. EateaaaJowaabyanrotherilrst-clMsIlnc. av 'jETER WRIGHT A MJS3, Ueneral Agents. Philadelphia.

H. D. COOKE A auI9-ly 1C9 street. Washington, D. C.

ATlATUNE. STEAM BETWEEN BALTIMORE, LIVERPOOL AND Q.UEKN3TOWN. The snlendld Screw Steamers of the above Lino wll Km antx rmn "-foUowjrrom Liverpool. Trom Baltimore. Caspian.

April 13, May 10, 9 a.m. Novascotlan, May 2, May 9 a.m. Hibernian. May 18, Juna 7, Caspian. May SO, June a.

9 aoa. Aid henceforth everr fortnight, taxing pasaengew a and freight to and from I.tverpooL PASSAGE: Baltimore to Liverpool or Qneenatown Cabin gold. Steerage 23 currency. Liverpool or Queenstown to Baltimore Cabfn JOjd. Intermediate 25 gold.

-a 00 currency. At which prices parties desiring to send for their friends can obtain tickets. These Steamers nave very best accommodations for passengers. Jorpg.pplytothealenits.cHEB ft No. South Charles street, Baltimore.

In Washington, CHAS. WALTER, or to D. A. BROSNAN, aeX-lv- 8 street, between Ninth and Tenth, J. BICHABD BIGULES, DXALzsnt FAINTS, OILS AMD window mhlUm 714 street ITortaiwDaf? STAG'S HEAD HEATING RAM OB SAXZ OXLT AT THX TUBNACE AND STOVE WAREEO0M3 OT HOST THOMAS, No.

9D Tennsvlvanla avenae northwest. Also Refrigerators, Water-coolera aad Stands, Clothe Wringers, Ice Cream Treeaers. and a full assortment of House Eurntsningtioods. Roonnr and Spouting, at lowest flgurea, promptly DELTVERED TO ALL PARTS OF THE CITY AT TUX SAME BATE. Hew achedules Eull load or 10 buahelsf or t3.

mailer loads 7 cents per bushel; cartage OQ cents. ArrtTTO Office of Washington Gaslight Company, 4U i Tenth street northwest. 7U Tlrrt street north west, or to U9 Bridie street, Qeorgttowa. sel.

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