The Litchfield Monitor from Litchfield, Nebraska on September 25, 1952 · 4
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The Litchfield Monitor from Litchfield, Nebraska · 4

Litchfield, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1952
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HU Dlsetferies In remote wildernesses af the Peruvian- Andes two ezplorera ought to pinpoint the true sourc of the Amazon River A 8000-squere-mile desert of frozen sand was discovered on the Arctic Ocean coast of Alaska In the North Sea' a German clergyman renewed the centuries-old search for the legendary sunken empire Atlantis Water Currents Friction is produced along the banks id a river due to irregularities and causes the water there to flow more flowly than' it does in the middle of the stream This tends to crasteoyrrenUr which will work from the banks toward the center where the water is moving more rapidly Bleeding Cedar If you are working with eedaa wood you may be concerned with the "bleeding” trait of cedar wood Two thin coats of fresh shellac will prevent the “bleeding” and then you can apply any finish desired Fresh white shellac serves as a fine finish Smart Soreheads If you suffer from headaches yon I may find some consolation in the fact that you’re In distinguished company An Investigation has turned up the information that headaches are far commoner among educated people than among their dull-1 er-wltted brothers Petticoat Fever You'll have to have several full and Intricately detailed petticoat! In the wardrobe to bo fashionable Those full-skirted dresses require them if they’re going to have that pretty girl or storybook costume look Smooths Garden FUmttare Garden furniture of tha sort with i the bark still on It should bo coated with spar'varniah to make It Just ss smooth as possible In this way you can minimize tha danger of nagging sheer hose and filmy fabrics Falsa Toteraaee "The worst counterfeit of tolerance 1 tha sheer self-interest which I argues that ws want others to hsvs a good time when in reality our real motive is that others may think wall ef us"— Ralph Sockman Paging Fatter Teacher was giving a lesson on the I weather Idiosyncrasies of March "What ia It" she asked "that comas tallkeillon and goes out like a lamb?" And little Julia In tha back row replied "Father1 Understanding -"Tolersncs Is the positive and cordial effort tor understand anotiv arte beliefs practices and habits I ' without necessarily sharing or accepting them”— Joshua Loth Leib- Ky Aiomls Plant Tha ntw power plant that will provide electricity for tho atomic energy project in Kentucky win bum seven to eight thousand tons of coal a day whan It is operating under full load t -7 Lang Bangs Prediction Batter knowledge of tho moods of weather may one day lead to seasonal yearly and parhapa even forecasts a decade ahead the weather adentlats believe WMtaHata White hate are very popular for tha season and they’re especially "attractive with a dark veiling or oven tho bright contrasting of tha - rad vailing Milk Is Bond 4 I Although milk la only IS par Cant solids It contains all tha constituents of a aolld food Including anaroua amounts of calcium ribo- genaro flavin phosphorus and protein 1 ' Heady for Ironing You can get a blouse or slip ready I for Ironing fare' hurry If you roll ’ tha garment In a turklsh towel that : haa bam wrung otit ht warm water V - - - - 8hiny Windows To make window panes extra ’ shiny add a liberal pinch of bluing and -a-couple-of drops-of 'kerosene to a pail of hot loapsuds ’ Bushman's Diet Australian bushmen enjoy a diet which Includes ants caterpflteis cicadas and other Insects as well as make meat Ladles Like Ike - ’ General Elsenhower Is tha women’s first choice for Presidential candidate according to a Woman’s Home Companion poll of Its raiders How To Sour Milk Two tablespoons of vinegar added I to cm cup of sweet milk will turn it Into sour milk let stand for three ' minutes before using - Pleeaillly Lights - Tbs lights of fand Piccadilly & ' cue have barn dimmed because of England’s coal shortage Tampered Glass Certain types of tampered glass withstand temperatures up to 490 do-gross - Flvo Paydays This year February had fiva Fri-' days The next time this will happen wUDe is 1800 a d Oilli'iiMy May B Hasdlil Bait la Klsdargartis Tears There are now two hundred and seventy thousand Juvenile delinquents In thp United States and more children are being added to tbd list dally states an article In a recent Issue of Woman's Home Com- y—lll rr To try to cure delinquency doesn't seam to work It must bo pro vented But how? " Phoebe itaddlffa la her artlclr TMmlnal la this Kindergarten” taUs of a revolutionary new method for discovering the delinquent when ha first enters school -so that be might - be treated than instead “of catching up with him Inter when he may be beyond help The method has ban developed by a mamand-wife team at eminent criminologists Professor Sheldor Gbedr’and Dr Eleanor Touroff Ghiook whose pioneering research at Harvard Law School has been under the title "Unravsl-JuveaDe Delinquency” how the Ghwck plan would be used la practice: Suppose there are fifty to sixty childrea coming Into the first grade where the study Is to be made During the first few weeks the teacher allows the childrea a good deal of freedom la their choice of activitiei Msan- while She watches then end gradually sorts out possibly four- troublesome ones They are given the Ghieck tests Vint a shllted aoeial worker viaita tilt beyi home to look Into hla tm-1 Date a environment and hla relations with Ms parents Second a 1 psychologist trained in tha Rorschach technique (analyzing interpretations of what a person sots In an Ink-blot) administers the Ink-Mot test to determine ths boy's baste aharacter traits end itepuitid notional drives Third a psychiatrist who knows and llkeg children tatenrlaws Mm tit find out how ho habitually reacts to everyday sit- ffnllia a Matter at Eaitlsn lit Hiasai Prafitsir Says Fashion Is on trial with a retired UMvvrsity at Ctacbmatt professor I at sociology as prosecuting sttor-F Exhibits A B and C ia ths pr fssaeris ease against fashion arette heavy wool sports coats of man ’for summer the frail winter shoes of and ths queer hats of From these illogical articles Dr Xrnast L Talbert professor emeritus draws ths conclusion that j "taahloa operates mostly within ths sphsro of tmotiaa not of purs Dr Talbert's biting analysis of fashion appears in Ms book of essays and reviews "In the Spirit of Jef-tenon" Just published If man wars a creature of reason tta professor Taels human clothing might bo expected to ha va grown through tto years progressively mare useful comfortable durable gad beautiful 'Instead of that "Whan dross la at tha peak of popular acceptance It Is considered beautiftd" Dr Talbert writes "Later decades taken up with a fresh style may condemn it as f" Dr Talbert has a brisk retort for tto faction wMch maintains the "mental hygiene" value of changing styles “It may also become a threat to sanity" ha warns “Following tho mode may become a erase and an obsession "In times of social disorganisation especially whan bewilderment and fear are widespread fashion offers a remedy for sick minds a futile method of alleviating anxieties and bidding for security" There are always a few ?who do not cart for external trappings of any kind” approved Dr Talbert who long ago rellnoulalied the standard professorial briefcase for - a utilitarian shopping bag — though I students testify to tha nattiness of Ms corduroy sports coats J!'Plexlflas”Iig— Newborn babies should have a greater chance of survival If -the newly Invented oxygen "air lock" machine is on hand when they first make their appearance in tha world Invented by Dr Alim Blossom of Houston Texas thq machine la now fat int end is said to bo credited with a 29 par cent reduction In Infant mortality Tho dovica works on tha principle of tho Iran lung except that fa this mechanism ths entire body at tho patient is Sliced within tho "Plexiglas" tube It la equipped wltt a positive-pressure sir lock I supplying extra oxygen warmth and humidity that It said to aid habits in thslr first breathing They find the machine especially useful I for saving prematura lnfaata Heraei' Josh Rabbits Recording to tta VS Fish' and WBdUfo service there is no true- lamed Jack rabbit Occasionally there te a diseased condition both of lack rabbits and cottontails la which horny skin growths appear an I various parts at ths body Thais may attain a length of as much as an Inch and ff they appear on the head they win resemble stubby antlers Sometimes taxidermists I have indulged In practical Jokes far sreparlng a mounted specimen ol Jack rabbit to which they have fastened the small slender sntlera of tta Bonoraa white-tailed deer Such antlers art small enough to look C'to reasonably proportioned tel size of tho rabbit Milk It OnsilWsrlfi OMut Known Fiids Milk la oaa of the oldest known foods Records exist of cows being milked la 9000 BC The Bible cm-1 table many references to milk 'one of the best remembered from Ex-odus 2:8— "mlUr end honey" Sanskrit writings 1000 years old ten how milk is one of the most essential of ell foods Hippocrates recommended mint as a medicine five can-1 turles before Christ In Ur of the I Ghaldcea frieze depicts a dairy aceoc la 2600 BC allowing milk containers ' 'WhenChrlstopiter Coliupbus came to America there were no cows but on hie second voyage In 1499 La brought cattle and other farm animals to tho Islands oNhe West Indies The first UA epws wars brought over to the Jamestown Colony in 1611 Tha few cowa that arrived at tha Plymouth Colony in 16X4 really marked the beginning of the American dairy Industry Tha Pilgrims mad tha mistake at not bringing cows and lack of milk was said to have had a bearing on tha high death rata particularly of children Cows were required to bo brought on later ships Whan tha frontier moved westward tha covered wagons were accompanied by cows Marfirlii Prediction Daabtei la Tib Yian American production of margarine hae doubled in the poet 10 years according to 1991 census reports From fsweg than hslf-biULon pounds used in 1940 margarine consumption has now zoomed to more than one-billion pounds in 1991 closing the gap between butter and margarine consumption to an almost even figure This is taken from the report uf tho chemicals section industry division Bureau of the Census Butter consumption in 1940 was Xtt billion pounds In 1991 it had dropped down to 1 billion pounds white 1039341000 pounds- of mar- Klne ware consumed in the United t tee Stadeat Drivers Although teenage automobile driven figure in more than their hare of automobile accidents three southern states are proving that it doesn’t have to be that way In North and South Carolina aid Alabama students past the age of 19 act driving school buses with better safety records than adult drivers have been able to show High achool boys and girls who wish to become drivers must uam a count taught by high school driver training teachers and state hih srmr patrolman which equips them to handle the-heavy buses and also to make minor repairs - In South fiina tha - student drivers ai r 6H a month in North Cantlin-j Thl economy ooup!ed will tha safety record haa led thclattei State to put students on 09 to 90 par cant of tta achool bus Jobs Jam aid ‘Jelly H your cupboard shelf is full-of lam and Jelly glasses it is goivi bet that each member of your fom fly In eating tha four pounds of fruit proade alloted to them according to the latest compilation of production figures That’s 'about twice as much as was available to each person during tiie pre-war years There were 62400000 pounds of standard fruit aproada made fa I960 which te about 16 per cent greater than the figure recorded for 1943 and 1949 The estimates were baaed on reports from companies wMch manufacture 72 per 'cent' of the fa dustqr'a vqtume Exterior Caters Color iroasultants Insist that exterior colon for homes should be weighed carefully so that a clashing affoct tor the neighborhood does not result" They claim that not only should eaoh home ba looked on from tha odor standpoint as an opportunity to co-ordinate colors Inside and out but also complete neighborhood! should bo designed tb ha mooize One consultant hasjiet jip -odor spedfleationafor more ' than" 94000 homes for 100 builders fa 29 states Tho explanation: "It’s the ensemble that counts— whether it ba a woman’s outfit a house or a whda community” Gfa Tho Churka cotton gin from India is believed to be one of tha oldest gtna fa existence This gin pre-dates 131 WMtney’a Invention by several centurtea The small Roller or "Chiirka” was the first gin recorded It waa used by tta ancient India Hindus as early as 3000 years ago Marco Polo Mentioned this gin fa tho report of his travels fa Asia and India during the 13th century It if Min used to a limited extent te China and India " First Electric TMIa The first electric train te operate in the US wee a battery job built I by Prof Charles Grafton Page of the Smithsonian Institution It made Its first trial run on April 29 1891 1 between Washington DC and I Bladsnaburg Md The contraption attained a 19-mlle an hour speed This latter fact spelled its doom People were afraid to ride on such j fearthHy fast train Air Like Outdoor Afar Sufferers from asthma chronic I colds hay fever and other Hla may now find acme relief by using near ion controllers which manufacture I era claim make indoor air like outdoor air at its best Devices known as Ionix and Wexon units are knJ emitters which wen Introduced by the weslx Electric Heater Company of San' Francisco Arranged to filter out positive ions while negative irons are carried Into tho room by air currents passing through the units the negatively-charged grid is made of nickel doth and surrounds the heating elements made of a nickel-chromium alloy - Early Shaei Enterprising ahoemakrs first got the Idea of making ready-to-wear hoes during tha American Revolu- tion Righto and lefts ware identical and there were only two widths: dim and broadl Shoes were put UP In grocery and tobacco stores the forerunners of today’s specialty shoe stores that sell shoes in many styles and with pliant leather soles that conform to hundreds at fitting combinations NATO Europe in contrast to Asia witnessed little political violence in 1961 despite its welter of problems Tha North Atlantic treaty organization in its third year moved slowly toward its basic goal el building security against Communist aggression for the free tlons of the North Atlantic and Western European area Progress of tto 11-nation group appeared largely dsepndent on United States support' in money materials and equipment Air Comtttonlng Air conditioning was invented 10 years ago by Dr Willis H Canter to aolvo a problem in temperature and humidity control In a colorprinting plant Today American's Mi-lion dollar candy and textile Indue-tries tobacco optical chemical and pharmaceuticals era among tta industries which depend on tana a trail for their modern production techniques Medan Free 1 What ia tiie Union of Modern Free I Churchmen? A group founded In I London England fa 19S5 to "present the Christian faith fa the light of contemporary thought and expert- j once with an emphasis on tha need for reality fa Christian worship teaching and conduct" Tha Union sponsors lectures and issues publico- tlohs Including n quarterly Danger From Plante Plante probably era tha common cause of allergic contact dermatitis a frequently encountered skin inflammation but plasties insecticleds drugs and dyes era responsible fa many chats ae cording to Dr Ralph Luikart H dermatologist of Santa Bazhan CaL Baking a smoked baaeloai pork shoulder butt? About half an hour before it's finished mix a table- spoon of prepared mustard with three tablespoons of brown sugar and a couple of tablespoons of orange Juice and spread tta ham with this mixture Old Memsetrape An old mousetrap can ba pul to good use Mount It on the wall of your garage or in your basement and it becomef a good holder for cteantag rags work clothes or other such garments Remove the halt holder so that all you have left Is the spring to hold ths clothes " Trying to Steal Hems? In Providence after ha was arrested for speeding Motorist George Haloof explained that ha mas mem ally disturbed at tbs time: Ms ear radio had Just reported that tto Rax Sox ware taking a boating from the White Sox : The Rev C W McLood brides missionary who Uvea near a I volcano: -"Volcanoes are all right ao long as they keep erupting Whan they stop and begin to build 19 proa-sure that’s when it’s beet to gat out" Woman for Preridaad — b 1884 Mrs' Belva Lockwood' a woman lawyer ran for President on aa Equal Rights ticket Men of Rahway N J tried to ridicule her by pending In Mother Hubberde and atriped stockings' Barioyeom Tho length of a grain of bailey— called a "bsrlsy corn”— still used aa a measure for shoes sizes’ starting at four inches and increasing "barleycorn" (one-third inch) ach additional atea Patriarshi Who wan tho Patriarchs? This I waa tha designation given tc tho I great ancestors of tha Israelites pecially to Abraham tta sons of I Jacob and to David Goodwin "Goodwill ia no easy symbol of I good wishes It la an Immaasurabla and tremendous onargy tha atomic energy of tha spirit"— Eleanor B Stock ' Bee Feats - In the bee family tha worker hae 2000 to 4000 lenses fa its aye tha drone 7000 to 8000 a queen about 8000 Honey beee- weight about U00 individuals to the pound Rural Glizens EAST DALLAS Pa - Rafales-maddened foxes hnvi attacked housewives hanging out their laundry children end formers fat fields In - parts of - eastern' Pennsylvania' authorities say Rabies haa killed one woman made many m and felled hundreds of domestic Mrs Ruby Dixon SS East Dallas died after being bitten by a rabid fox which she choked to death to free herself from its grip AH other persons bitten have recovered Some of the boldest attacks took place in Cheater county near Philadelphia Housewives were bitten ns they hung laundry outdoon to dry A former was attacked on his trae-tor and a child was bitten In a heavily populated district Raymond Hagss 9 and his couo-In Richard Thomas 12 were attacked by a rabid fox aa they explored a stream near their home fa Baton Pa Richard kilted tho animal with one blow with the butt at aa unloaded SS-ealiber rifle In tha back mountain region of Luxeme County many housewives wart carrying chibs and rifles The state agriculture department aid II persons wen bitten by animals impacted of having rabies hi ths last six months of 1991 and "many persons" have been bitten this year The department Said 37 eases of rabies SO at them in foxes were reported during tho first seven weeks of this year b Chester and Luzerne counties foxhunting parties wpre organized to boat the bush and wood lands Montgomery county residents told to trap tha animals be-‘most of them are gray foxes which won’t run fa front of hounds They hit the first hole they State officials and sportsmen’s duba placed poisoned crows throughout infested areas exploit lag that dogs and cats won't cat them white foxes consider them Gov John S Fine announced a campaign by the state health and agriculture departments and tha nme commission to control rabies tescribing It aa a "serious menace to tho health of Pennsylvanians” Tha gams commission said tho current outbreak began fa Chester eounty several yean ago and spread to Bucks Montgomery and Dataware counties Tha tiiaeaaa has also flared fa Susquehanna and Lucerne counties and cases were reported in IS ether counties Link if BarfaapBaa Jail Ditralt Wama DETROIT— A 42-year-old mother who had been fa a police station only to buy a dog license charged that bar Ufarear-pid son wee taken and he was locked up in Jail overnight for not owning a gsrbege can Mrs Hfldegarde Walgrsevs said a policeman gave her a ticket for falling to provide a garbage caa at her borne although she burns tho garbsgs fa an incinerator "I bought a garbage can the naxt demand thought that was that" aha But aha said two officers went to her house with a warrant on a charge of falling to meat city garbage regulations Mrs Walgraava who te separated from her husband laid aha had to taka her eon with her be cease there was no ona to laava Mm with" "At tha Polica Station I bnly had 71 canto" aha said "Whan I couldn’t post n $10 bond tha polica said rd nave to go to Jail" - Tha boy who was under treatment -for a nervous condition spent three Mis -at- tha - Juvenile - Detention Home Mrs Walgr save said aha spent the night -fa- a cell with a dope addict Mlslstir Fills fsr filsry Of till UN sal Faith BIRMINGHAM-Ths Rev M J "Pop” Rockett ia on a 21-day fast "for the glory of tho Lord” He hae takes only water and fruit Juices Mr Rockett te pastor of a small Independent church the True Methodist at nearly Brighton Ha also operates a hardware store Ho haa lost 20 pounds and now weighs 110 Ha says ha Is "still able to do my work and I feel strong inside'’ The minister prove “my that He win fill all our needs" Tins Blrl It Rivlvii Thru TImoi Ii Oporatlii BROOKLYN— A tyaar-old girl's heart stopped beating three times in 90 minutes during a minor eys ope atka a Brooklyn hospital reported and each time she waa brought back to Ufo by maasaging - Several hours later' the Brooklyn eye and ear hospital said tha young patient seemed to be all right and for her hope waa covary The child was not identified ror win tta surgeons expressed wm Especial Reason HARLEY ALBRIGHT pHARLlE SANTRELL scowled at '''the letter which one of the engineers had brought Mm from Black raver He wee still scowling when Sim Morgan gang foreman entered the rough board building that served as field office for the construction crew that waa penetrating tha forest land with a pur-line railroad Slim was Charlie’s best friend They had been cdBege roommates "Why the happy countenance my fran?” He glanced more closely at Ms friend’s face "Why what’s wrong?” Without looking up or changing his expression Charlie said: “Myra’s coming up Says she wants to be with me Arriving this afternoon” “What’s wrong with that? She-can stay down fa Black River Joe Purcell’s wife le there So’s Tom Harvey The three of them can keep each other company" Charlie took a long breath "It isn’t that” Ha glanced at hie friend miserably "aim I'm going to open up I’ve been keeping this thing to myself too long I know I can trust you Myra isn’t coming up to this rough and tumble engineering camp because she craves my company She doesn’t trust me She’s afraid I’m carrying on an affair with Tom Harvey’s wife” "You’re cuckoo You’ve got Myra wrong” “Then why is aha coming?” Charlie cried “Good Lord what is there up here for her?" "You you sap You're her husband" "You yen hasband" sap Yaa'ro bar But Charlie couldn't conceive (ff such a possibility No woman used to tiie comforts of civilization would ba fool enough to give them up in favor of a rough engineering camp —unless she had some especial rea- The especial reason waa still rankling in Charlie's mind when he met the combination with ita'bingle passenger car that afternoon at Black River Myra looking cod and lovely fa a white linen eporta suit rushed into his' arms with an cage ness that almost dispelled the doubt fa Mi mind If it hadn’t been for Bees Harvey standing nearby whom Myra greeted a moment later with what Charlie decided wee suspicious coolness he might have forgotten an about Me grief — But that night after a long evening alond with his wife he returned to the camp more convinced than ever that she waa auspicious of him Her ardor had been faintly tinged with constraint Thinking about it Charlie lay awake until almost dawn- brooding and nursing the wound inflicted by her lack of faith Myra caver once mentioned the krai motive behind her coining end Charlie was too stubborn and disgusted to do 10 After a weak ha waa more than aver convinced despite SUm Morgan’s deprecations that he was correct fa his Judgment The thing ws wearing him down On Saturday of tha second week Charlie knocked off work an hour early and set out for Black River grimly determined to thrash the thing out It was dark when he reached the aettiementyitiL-COf-loot- on flia- poxch of the bungalow he hid hired for hie wife he stopped dead atiU A man's voice had come to him from inside Scarcely aware of what ha waa about Charlie dieted the house and crouched beneath a lighted window Ho heard Myra’s voice plainly "Please go Bob' Charlie will be here any minute and ha mustn't find you" -"Why not? What’s Charlie got that I haven’t? You weren’t 0 worried about Mm when we were alone back fa New York Charlie's lips set grimly He heard hla wife's sigh of exasperation "Do be sensible Bob I merely want out with you white Charlie was away because I was lonesome— lonesome for Charlie You’re considered one of Ms best friends I never dreamed you'd interpret my— my willingness to attend a show with you fa anything but a purely friendly fashion" There was n pause The men’s voice said: "By George I think you're serious You do love the man That’s why you come up here" "Of couise Please go Bob" "O K" He laughed shortly' "Guess I’ve been somewhat the fool' I made the mistake of think ini-well never mind That's why 1 followed you Charlie’s a lucky egg: (By George I envy him"

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