The Hickman Courier from Hickman, Kentucky on June 24, 1909 · Page 9
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The Hickman Courier from Hickman, Kentucky · Page 9

Hickman, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1909
Page 9
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June juin. t... tnih hai IUIIC ' . i. .an. ' I V.. linn jjiation HI A'Ullwi. ei t rhirlwind cam r I lie tnt nrorjle 1 - .1 In d1iir9 Ttf me "...nUnf an -" i . . " . . . .....iv. luoerintend- LV.r.Miy School., and 3011, u .preildent , Vice of the Uanvuie, day, and rill make - ...I Tivrilir i t l .;! r-,:aker .. .c- "iw. ail ministers In the . .-I hn aSKC'J 10 noiu ici' of Popular Hickman siiph iar. IK i ICIl .,.i.riarearr-('B those in attend these ... IMI P. CI v It.. - - are re ne zt Hi V f our basket, and td"i5L,, ,, the Court House IWl -III (.irn. .: ti ,-j,er " BSI.. ' ... rii have contrib- irir.ati I. - - i.- -4 7? ss uora amiui. n Mil--' . I.- lU. km wOflf. 10 mac me J tn iv y I." Hum). 1T".' . 't lr J. W.Oowglll. Kamsey. Central Ilf mr A T A M Tyl.r - i lluui l.aii. t-y . Utnr V. . alive-rlent, r.H. ait& Urtr. f , Ml' awldy. lelniton tact ilrtw . - ' v lorney-eieei. J ft The Sttamtr Liberty. i k .( ,1.1.1 I. . r . ...I M!.it the teat u veil known to the 1 t ,i i..ii are in ujeny mi uouuwch i rc'm inp irom new Maunu ,t. i t t r u: wrupr nau inc pleasure ui zp. Miss Mariame Ciiiidv. (he .i. rniriii ' r l it s nrt vurin. o ... . t t - , 0 j 4 Rewal at Mt. Hcrmon. kA, on the first Sun- D o m Aur-n mo, uaker comes thicocgrgat:;n highly recom j . . i i r r" ------- be tpecul rr.Jiic Intcrpersctl at ..." - - ... tip til f irrViTf Yam nr vrt iUUV 1"-. T 1 IA lllnf lhiA - . - tv uvikMi; tin ccagreeation. Remember BilC. ice rtl Mmr1.iv In Aitmict H o'clock Tjltr Dtlightj Old Friends. i 4. jtti ui jut a - ... usiauw wai Uiivcu kcn, k-bert Tvler. whoie &fim Ifl 4 rAM .... - .1.1 c.-ue ot ttie West Ken- , -.nun. lUUIIKiUI. vi iiucr Jmnnn th -b ... l uuuu oi iuiv ceie- rn man. MuyneiU lir Floattr Caught. -..vj ai vYicicime Monday Tuesday M caueht one mile .IP I Li. . - . -u uin aiiernoon hv n,n . . u luiiuci ana i . . r- vn icvcdiE i ; -r ii-m me first n.i nm tutden v mcn e,tabH!h H( Sl 5l ..i in wcii in an Utm.r TV,. - -it in. inrow nr h m 9n,l nisi . uoin nf vhinh .r. w Boa was taken in char ;e by ".om th. f.i - . ID hIJ --..v., unit ffls odd is illTM waning advice from returned from she has cintr k xl 1 7m 'PCI :nd the Farls Rally wy FrtED&co A Splendid Ankle Strap Pump ...For Women... At $3 These arc our rcgulnr $3.50 Tnn Cnlf Pumps, with or without nnklc strap, plain and cap toes. Sold under value because the sizes are broken. Nothing more stylish or better shown this season. You'll Have to Hurry to Get Yotir Size SMITH & A MIS ERG. In Police Court. Tn Tnrl0r Ronev's court this week r.trtv" Hardin was lined S100 and costs on a charge of bootlegging. Hardin made bond for the amount and may take the case to the Circuit Court. r N (Ml. of Martin. Tenn.. was (n nuicdv Saturday bv offic ers S. Hamby and John Wright, and was found guilty of selling liquor. He was fined $60 and cost hlch he paid. Tesse Routen was fined $5 for breach of the peace. VA Tnlten. a. nenro. was alio niv- en a S10 fine for using his fist on an other dusky citizen. Card of Thanks. WitpftKAS our white friendrdid so lthrmllv remond to our appeal on the day of corner stone laying, and especially Uen. M. a. lyier, wayor Ditlnn anil Mr. S. L. Dodds. who gave respectively as follows : Gen. Tyler S100, Mayor Dillon $25 and Mr. S. L. Dodds 55. Mhereiore oe PircrifTrn that we return them our hearty thanks for their liberality. Resolved, further that we thank all who helped us on the occasion. Total collection from all sources on corner stone laying day S3S4.S4. Done by order of the Pleasant Hill HantUt church in the retrular busi ness session this June the 18th, 1909. Rev. O. Durrett, Pastor, Hehrt Griggs, Clerk. Hickman Lodge 761 F. & A. M. Hickman Lodge No. 761, F. & A. M.. will meet in recular commu nication next Monday night at 7 :30. Visiting brothers cordially invited. H. C. Helm, Master. D. Owens, Sec'y-Work in M. M. Degree Hickman Wins. Hickman won Wednesday's base ball Rame from Dyer, by a score of 6 to 5. The game, was slow but Interest ing.. Nelchbors and DeBow were on the firlnc line for Hicicman, wnue uon ners pitched for Dyer. The crame was won by John I'yle in the last Inning on a two-base bit which scored the two men. Rcadenour-Donnell. Vertle Donnell. of this citv. and Miss Grace Readenour. of near Hamby Pond, stole a march on their trlends, June iun, oy gums io Union City and being quietly married. The ceremonv was performed V... ?icn In ihi nreience of Uf H UUUIU J" . Henry Pollock and wire, miss waren Drown, Joe Terrett, Porter Ray and Vernon Brown, who accompanied the contracting parties, The bride is the dauchter of G. W. Readenour, a prominent planter of this county, and a charming younclady. Mr. Donnell Is a son of the late J. R. Donnell, of West Hickman, and a promising young man. He holds a position ou the S. L. Dodds plantation below town. The couple will make their home Here's a Chance to Save Money by Spending It! At the Lyric. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Sixty Enjoy Stag Dinner. D. B. Wilson entertained about sixty of his friends at a stag dinner, Tuesday at the noon hour, at his home on Troy Avenue. The dinner was spread in the dense shade around the famous ' S u 1 p h e r Spring," and consisted of barbecued meats, and dozens of other good things which appeal to the appetite. A good dinner has never been adequately described can't be done and this was one ot that kind, it was a regular "love-feast." After dinner, a number of short talks were made by prominent men, and the host generously toasted. The time spent as Mr. Wilson's euest was "short, but sweet," and the crowd departed reluctantly. A large number of friends arrived today . to attend the house party given by Capt. H. A. Tyler. The guests are Mrs. Mayme Goodbar Overton, of Memphis, chaperon. Miss Allleen Caldwell, of Memphis, Miss Cornelia Wallace, of Coma, Miss., Miss Francis Harris, of Tack son, Miss., Miss uiarue acott, oi Rosedale, Miss , Miss Louise Mount castle, Knoxville, Tenn., and Miss Marie Brevard; Messrs. J. Calvin Graves, Capt. S. R. Corbltt, Dr Max Henning, Marion hvans, inos B. Collier. Will Keyser, of Mem- nhls. Frank Smith and Uagelt Mar tin. of Martin, Will Worthlngton, Wayside, Miss., and Mr. Norvllle, of Richmond, va. On Tuesday mornlntr. Mrs. A. A. Farls entertained a number of friends at "S00" in honor of her sisters, Mrs. J. N, Conran and Miss Lucile Rnhhlns. of New Madrid. Punch was served as the guests arrived, and later refreshments ot cream ana cake. In the afternoon from three tn Ave. Mrs. Faris entertained in honor ot her sisters at Rook. There were five tables, and much Interest put in the games. Punch, icecream and cake were served. Mt Loto Cavltt returned Wed nesday on the Stacker Lee from a visit to Mrs. Kuoye lavut in at. Louis. Cayce. MIm Kvn Hopfr la rltltlnif friend, il Hnt!irfori!, Tunn. MUi JpmI Willi nttrndml the Imtltuts nt llleknmn Init wk. Mr, June Albrlttnn, of Jnekaon, Tenn, l TUItlnfrtemU hero. Mr. Tom Whit anil famltr nf -lilllno friend In Dnrenn, Mo. Mn. Minnie Hcearre. of Pulton, ti vlilllni, reltlirea here till, week. Mn. (leoriln Allen vlillr.l her innthar nmr Union Olty liut week. Mr. Tommy Mllnar. If ami tfrantlilmifflt. tervliltnl Mm. I.lnle Joluiwm Krldr and Hnturtlnr. Mn. Hallannla f trnaoli liaa raturnad In liap hoinsln HnllTllle.Oklii-lifter vliltlnir her mother, Mn. M. K. Mnjri. Clinton rnino over Hnlnnlny ami hiul another name of Imlt with u. Tim core, Bio Iflaml Unrce rnrrled off the luinner. Mm. (Ilara Nitilfir ami lialiv ami llaa Nwfin Nnvlnr ami Mnta .Tnli niftn ralilriia.1 homo Turxlur from n vUlt to relntlvea In iwviniioii. Trnii, Dorena. Onrmen tlranrfnrd ttni In Hlclimnn Mon day. Tliurman Ilckelt weiittollnrouvlllefluii- ilar. Horn to the wlfn of Ham In.n ty. Inut week. Mr. IHmi Km In lllekmnn Hatiinlny hopping. Al McDntle had tiuilnem In Kant l'ralrle MU week. Lenlle Hlokrr ipent Saturday night In Illekman. IryeTnnkertley la homo on n -vliilt from lllytlinvllle, Ark. MlutJ t'lrlTownenil and Nno Oliver went to Hickman Hnturday. Iter Mylti. of Martin, fllled till appoint ment at Locuat drove laal week. Mamie lMckett.of Hickman, came Mon day to vlalt relative here thla week. Mn. Illai-lna and chlldrenapent but week with Mra. J II. Itckett, of Hickman. May Drowning, of Hickman, la vUltlng- Allle and (irarxla Illgnlna, tlila week. Mr. Watton, of Hickman, wna the gueat of Mr,. I'olhamua Saturday and Hunday. Mra. Itoblnaon and Mule Pickett apent Saturday night and Hunday wlth.the former' alitera, Mra. Smith, Iter. Clark, the Trcaldlng Klder, came over Saturday to attend to tho bualneaa of the church at Locaat Grove. Willie, llurlla and Nannie May Tlckett pent Saturday night and Sunday with the family of Mr. J. II. tlckett, of Hickman. Absolutely Free. Two IvulIiVor Oentleman'a beautiful flold. Filled Watchea will la) given to the two peraona tending the ncareat correct solution of tlila problem. Kvery pernon aemllng In a correct solution will tn given a aong lawk containing fifty old favorlto onga with word! and mualc, and In addition all correct solutions will chance to share In Cash Purchasing I'rlies amounting to (.(). as follow : 10 at tn, a) at tou, tn at W and 10 at Oan70U solve lit IMrectlons I'laco numbera ranging from 4 to 14 In the nine squares on thla or a aopcarale sheet of paper In such a w ay that the horizontal linos, vertical columns and the dlrngonul lines will each make Z7. No number to be used more than once. Allanawers mutt be In our store not later than June . luw. Contest open to all, regardless of nge or aex. Winners will bo notllled by mall. Send your solution and name and address, plainly written to K. K. K0H11KS CO, IMS. Main St. Memphis, Tenn. Brownsville. Miss Nellie Foraytue Is visiting relatives In Slkeston, Mo. Mrs, Fannie Jonea was In Hickman, Tueaday. shopping. A. O. Klmbro was In llrownivllle, Wednesday, on business. We hear tlin faint tinkle of wedding liells In this vicinity. Wonder who It will but Claud Hrownaiul wife, of Oklahoma, liavo been visiting relatives In thla community, Sam llrown, formerly of thla place, but now of Holmrt, Okla Is visiting relatives here this week, Itev. Turklngtou preached an excellent sermon nt the llrownavllle llaptlat church, Snturdny night. Messrs. Montgomery. MoMurrny and Johnson, of Hickman, passed tbrougli llrownavllle, Monday. Hev. V. Ii. Sullivan preachixl Sunday at 11 o'clock. Ills sermon was much enjoyed by those fortunate enough to bear htm. Rush Creek. lion Puvla and family, ot Hickman, visited Ida parents, this week, Mra. Harry Sublett, of Clinton, visited her parunta, thla week. Drew I.uten, ot Union City, visited bis sister. Miss Nannie, Monday. Mra. Tom 1 toper, of Hickman, took dinner with M ra. May Treaa, Sunday, Joe Flatt and wife, of Oriltchlleld neighborhood, attended church hero last Sun day. Mlis Virginia Davis visited Mis Alia Ferguson, of Moscow, several days this week, Miss Hue Davis ltamsey, of Clinton, visit-her grandparents, Henry Davis and wife, this week, Mlsaea llesale Koper and Mae Henry, ot Poplar drove, were the gueataof the Misses Atwlll, Hunday, Mra. Klla Nooiiou Scott, of Fulton, visited Squire Meneeaaud Mrs. Price Henry, Sat urday and Sunday, Tom lloperand fniully.of Hickman, came out last Friday from Hickman, to visit relu ttvesaud friends. IjiuI I.unaford and family, of Hickman, attended eburcb, Sunday, and visited his brother, Met Luuaford, Cairo, Columbus, Hickman, New Madrid. Tri-Wetskly Packet. SIDEWHEEL STEM rito-li f.KAVKH OA I HO 10:(il a. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. AllIlIVKH Hickman about tun on above daya. Connects at Hickman every day Painted nud furnished with Pullman T. F. BENTON. Local Agent. Dates Back to The SO's. Commenting on The Courier's 50th anniversary, The Union City Commercial, one of the best weeklies in the United States, prints the following: "The Hickman Courier has instated a new typesetting machine the Junior Linotype. The Hickman paper is one of the oldest established in this section of the United States and one of the best weeklies published. It is no conducted by Speer & Sexton, who have made many improvements in the office. The latest is the linotype machine, the greatest invention of modern newspaperdom. The Courier dates way back to the fifties along with the State Gazette at Dyersburg and Editors George Warren and Tom Neal were two of the best known newspaper men, not only in the local field, but in their respective States. Col. Neal is retired at his home in Dyersburg, living as an honor to his profession and citizenship. Editor Warren has long ago passed over the Great Divide, revered and esteemed also as a man of parts. Contemporaneous newspaper publishers have felt the weight of their pens and their influence has left, its impress on the profession of to-day. Young men have taken their places, and among them none are making better structures than the editors of the Courier." Creson-Harky Marriage. The Courier failed to learn last week of the marriage of Julius M. Harky and Mrs. Dora Creson, which occurred June 13th. The wedding took place at the home of J. S. Maddox, below town, Esq. Wm. Shanklin officiating. The groom is well known to the people of this city, having been em ployed for a number of years as cotton buyer lor J. f. at t. i. Dodds. He was born in North Carolina in 1840, but has resided in Hickman since 1897. Mrs. Harky is a native of Tennes see, and is a neice of the late County Surveyor Holmes. She came to this city about 4 years ago and has resided here since that tune, ino one in West Hickman is held in higher esteem than Mr. and Mrs. Harky, and the Courier joins their friends in wishing them all the good things in life. They will reside in West Hickman. Were Boys Together, We clin the following from the Alamo (Tenn.) Signal, of last week : "A Hickman, Ky., special of the 14th, to the Nashville American, reports the death in Hickman last Saturday of Mrs. Mollle Warren. Mrs. Warren was said to be the relict of George Warren, deceased several years ago. The special recites that "George Warren was the founder of the HlcUman Courier, the first news paper published in Fulton county, now over fiftv years old." The editor of this paper knew George Warren well, and also Knew nis brother, Ed, an older brother. Both vere newspaper men. Georee at one time while in his teens, lived in this community with his steptatner, Pleas Ford. When he first came here he was just out of school at Andrew College, Trenton, lenn. ne was finely educated, and at that lime was undecided whether to take up the law as a profession or enter upon newspaper woric. tie decided on the latter after remaining here a year or so. He was a most genial, pleasant gentleman and made many mends. Alter ne commenced the publication of the Hickman Courier he paid this community one or two visits." The monthly rally and Ice cream social of the Christian Church will be held this evening at the church. Good reports from all departments are expected and good Ice cream and cake especially will be served by the ladies from 8 to 10:00 p. m. The popular song,"The New Kentucky," is expected to be rendered by the Sunbeam Chorus. Entire program and Ice Cream and Cake only 10c. E. C. Carter returned from Marvel, Ark., Monday. He was accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Annie Turner, and naby, who will spend two weeks with her parents. LIBERTY I.KAVKH NKW MAIIKtli Trsi a, m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. AllIlIVKH Hickman aliout lU)on aliove daya. with N, C. A Ht. U.SiS) train. Newly llertha. APPiy to ageni ror information. FRANK CASSIDY, Master. Local J5 m LOST Black handbag reward if returned to this office. 2c Miss Hazel Adams has returned from Memphis, where she has been for several months. Sheriff T. T. Seat returned this morning from Dawson Springs where he has been several days. Mrs. B. T. Davis, Miss Ellen Young and Miss Powell, left Tuesday night on Fred Herold for St. Louis. Mrs. Ida Lassiler and baby, of Metropolis, 111., are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Adams. Mr. Holtford, of Menglewood. Tenn., spent a few days here this week inspecting lumber for the Men- gel Box Co. Delays are daneerous have vour children Dhotorrarjhed while thev o I J are in good health and you have a rare opportunity. Bring them as early as 7 a. m.. while it is cool and they are fresh and bright. Henderson. Jorln Ellis, the little eight months old bariy of Bob Ellis and wife, died at their home on the Ellison farm west of town Friday, after a two weeks' illness of summer complaint. Interment was had Saturday at the Brownsville Cemetery. The Ladies Embroidery Club enjoyed a day's outing at a picnic Wednesday, at the Hubbard Farm. Dancing, cards, music, lemonade and everything imaginable good to eat was enjoyed. They had so many good things to eat that they remained for supper. On Thursday morning of last week, Mrs. B. T. Davis entertained a number of friends in honor of her guests. Miss Ellen Young, of Hopkinsville, and Miss Powell, of Corydon, Ky. Progressive rook was played, of which there were three tables. A two course menu, consisting of Salads, ice tea and cream and cake were served. COURT HOUSE. iCIRCUIT COURT. The following suits have been filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk since our last report : Mary Williams vs Joe C. Williams, divorce. H. L. Puckett et al vs Mrs. Polly Green et al. Suit on note and mortgage- , " Saran Jones vs Bill Jones. Divorce. J. W. White vs Eunice White. Divorce. Naylor Merc. Co. vs Till Harrison. Suit on account. S. M. Naifeh and Mose Barkett vs I. C. R. R. Co. Suit for lost goods. Chambers and Shuck vs E. K. Evans. Suit on account. REAL ESTATE. Mrs. Alice Murphey to S. E. Wit-more, lots in Fulton, $250 and other consideration. Mrs. Bell Baltzer to Allen Bright, residence on Baltzer Hill, $2500. B. T. Davis et al to J. G. Keys, lot In old Hickman, $500. S. Lovelace to J. D. Alexander, lots in Norman Addition to Fulton, $1500. M. L. Whitesides vs V. B. Irby, lots in Fulton, $2000. J. T Smlthwick to Mrs. Ida Griffin, land below Mengel Veneer Mill, $500. W. T. Carrto W. H. Spradlin, small strip of land near Fulton Cemetery, $85. . The Thirtieth Annual Meeting of Women's Foreign Missionary Society of Memphis Conference, met in New-bern, Tenn., June 15-18. About one hundred delegates and visitors attended. The opening sermon was preached by Rev. A. J. Meaders. The lecture of Rev. C. A. Hounsel, a missionary to Korea, was enteresl-Ing. The meeting of the Society will be held In Clinton next year. in this city.

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