The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1955 · Page 40
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 40

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1955
Page 40
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Nearly 100 Recipes Algona Women Tie So Divide $10 In Cash Nearly one hundred separate casserole recipes were entered in the third Upper DCS Moines - Algona Merchants recipe contest! thoy were all so good the board of judges neary tore their hail- out making a decision. It was finally derided to just split the ten dollars again this week so Mrs Edna Teeter and Mrs Georgia Tliaves. both of Algona each receive five dollars. Mrs Teeter's recipe is for Shrimp Spaghetti witli a special mushroom sauce and Mrs Thaves' concoction is of chicken, macaroni and /vegetables. Mrs M. K Haggards Tuna Casserole, a combination of fish, mushroom soup, chop suey vegetables and nuts came very close to bringing her the money and Mrs Ben Reid's Busy Day Casserole is both practical and delicious. Mrs Walter Boeckholt's Vitamin Hot Dish was very tempting and Mrs Margaret Frascr of Cylinder sent such a good recipe for Car- rcitt Dressing. "It's Slill Fun" The judges hope all the contestants feel as Mrs Allan Bollinger of Fenlon does. She writes, "I realize the decision is hard to make with so many good recipes to judge and if mine isn't a prize winner it is still fun to enter." She sent three recipes, Shrimp Casserole, Tuna Potato Casserole and another Tuna dish which was a kind of Souffle. Mrs Donna Lichty writes, "In reading the contest rules they do not state that out-of-stalers cannot submit entries, so I am senci- 4-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, August 25, 1955 ing my favorite, a Ham Gasser* olc." Mrs Liehly, the former Donna Jean Waldron of Al,mma, now lives in Elmluirst, Illinois. Her entry was most welcome — tin; more the merrier, we always say. There were two other entries from out-of-state readers which we were happy to receive — Mrs Albert Gould of Jacobson. Minn, with a Tuna Casserole and a Carrot t Relish and Ada Uhr of Minneapolis with an Oven Chow Mein. Ground Beef Popular Ground Beef or plain hamburger, whichever you choose to call it. was by far the most popular of the main ingredients. It's no wonder, too. for what cook could exist without the endless variety of ways t" fix hamburger. Some of these variations were sent by Mrs Henry Kueck, Mrs W. G. Flaig and Mrs W. F. Schrader of Lone Hock; Mrs Albert Mitchell. Fenton: and Faye Hutchison. Mrs Vernell Ludw'ig. Mrs Charles Rc- demske, Mrs Walter Boeckholt, Hose Scanlon and Mrs Ben Heid of Algona. Good chicken recipes, both for left-over and freshly cooked fowl, came from Mrs Charles Redcm- skc. Edna Teeter. Algonu: Mrs Lawrence Dittmcr. Lone Rock and Mrs Phillip Inman, Bancroft. Dried beef recipes, with good I changes from the on-toast way of ' fixing it came from Mrs G. B. Johnson' and Mrs Albert Mitchell of FOnton and Mrs Sylvester Arndorfer 'of Algona. Recipes from Mrs Georgia Thaves and Mrs Margaret Fraser of Cylinder featured pork chops. Non-Meat Dishes There arc lots of recipes for Fridays and Lenten Fast Days.. — in fact they are so good the absence of meat on the menu would not even be noticed. Audrey Frye's Bacalou Casserole is es- HEINE'S BAYSIDE RESORT ON AGENCY BAY OF LEECH LAKE Modern Hskpg Cottages with gas heat apt. size ranges, refrig., deep freeze service. Dock and fish cleaning service. Safe Swimming Beach. Lakeside Recreation Building. Excellent road all the way from Algona. Phone 3074 or write: Heinle & Eloise Fisher, Walker, Minn. CONVERT YQUJR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" MINERAL MEAL Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can MI! first class RESULTS witli your hogs on Sargent-Min- ial Moal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 0 bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50, you can save up, to S!) ca>h per JOO pounds of gams. On a 200 pound hog^ that adds up lo S1H. ,^ari'. nt Minral Meal gets such big corn savings HE,SUI.,TS. becau.-;e it lias the genuine pork building m- &.'edit-nix. Blends these into a great money-saving hog f.i;|)p!.-nifnt. Sainent Mmial Meal has vitamin.-, proteins aiul mimuis plus extra far-tors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable linish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" penally interesting. It calls for salt, dried cod fish and sliced potatoes. Mrs Clair Robinson of Wesley sent a Rice Wellington re-. cipc using ! tuna fisrj'und 'other, tuna Mripes came [tdm Mildred Kurristi and' : lfors Ethel FaircM of Whittemiire; Mrs '• £4v- Goccke, and Shirley Arnd6rtdr» of Aljjxina while Mrs G.- B. Johnson of Fenton and Mrs fed Johnson of Al- ponn hail salmon rebipes. Shrimp recipes came from Mrs M. P. Haggard and Mrs Allan Bollinger. There were, several large quantity recipes 'serving rfnfrn 10 to 30 people and these were most welcome for so many of us find ourselves stumped when it comes lo cooking for iflorc'than six people. These came from Mrs Charles Redemske. Edna Teeter, Algona and Mis Henry Kucck and Mrs Lawrence Dittmer of Lone Rock. Casserole recipes with a Chow Mein theme came from Mrs Francis Sullivan. Armstrong; Mrs Edw. Goecke. Algona; and Mrs George Bauman, Lakota. Mrs Claire Robinson, Wesley and Audrey Frye had recipes for bean bakes; Ida L. Peterson one for Golden Rice. Mildred Kuecker makes a dish of tomatoes and lima beans and Mrs Ernest Meyer of LuVerne had an excellent vegetable and dumpling casserole. Intriguing Names Shipwreck, a concoction of sausages, rice and tomatoes was sent by Mary Ann Dittmer, Lone Rock and Gypsy Dinner by Mrs Charles Redemsko. Another recipe with an intriguing name is Sunny Jim —rice, cheese celery and bread crumbs—sent by Mrs Frank Sterling. There just doesn't seem to be any way of properly rewarding all the fine cooks who sent casserole recipes. All of them deserve special mention and wo want to thank you for them. We hope you will try again next week when our category is Dessert Recipes. The winning recipes for this week are being published on our special contest page together with I messages from the Algona merchants who are sponsoring the event.' They are interested in helping you with your homemaking and they have ten more dollars in prize money for next week's contest. Grace. Lone Rock Sailor To Try Out For Navy Band Spot [ LbAe 'Rctck—Sflaman apprentice Max Flaig, feon of Mr. and M?s W. G.'Flaig, arrived* home Thursday for .two! wealds Leave. A picnic dinner.' ahd 'supier was held in his honor Sunday at the home of his parents. Those attending were Mrs Mary Flaig 4 and family, Mr and Mrs, Frank. Flaig, Mr and Mrs Roger 'Jensen tihd family all of Lone Rock; Mr ahd' Mrs Dean Jergensen and family of Algona; Mr and Mrs Glenn Hurt of Armstrong; Mr andiMrs Clarence Anderson of Estherville; Mr and Mrs Jim Ackerman of Garner; Mr and Mrs Donald Ackerman of Ventura ane 1 Marlyn Meyer of Algona. Max will leave for Washington, .p.. C. next Tuesday where he will audition for entrance into the navy music School, ; • : Honor Ex-Residenis •> > Mr and Mrs John Newbrdtfgh and family, former residents of Lone Rock who are now living at Phoenix, Ariz, were honored at a picnic dinner at the Fenton park Sunday. Those attending were Mrs Naomie Marlow, Mr and Mrs A. D. Newbrough, Lawrence Newbrough and family, Mr and Mrs Fred Schmidt, Mr aha Mrs Fritz Newbrough and Stevic, Mr and Mrs Gene Blanchard and family, Mr and Mrs Delbert Blanchard and family, Mr and Mrs Ed Blanchard, and Jess Marlow and Mr and Mrs Eldon Marlow. Bond Sales Behind Average of Kossuth County and three live surrounding counties fallen behind the state' averagGrw. sales of savings bonds, according to county chairman Herman Stu- rlcr. Iowa ha.s now attained 70 percent u f its entire 1955 quota in sales of K ;md H bonds, while Kossuth County's figure at present is , r )6 percent. A total of $1,007,152 in bonds have been wold during the first sever: months of the year. Only Humboldt and Palo Alto counties in tiiis area have surpassed the slate average so far. Purchases of E and H bonds in surrounding counties during the first seven months: Emmet, $665,'29<>, «:! percent; Hancock, $706,- 7G5, (Ki percent; Humboldt, $768,130, 7P, percent; Palo Alto, $756,384, 70 percent; and Winnebago, S(i32,7(i7. til percent. ••) . Q. O ,O O o i ) >Do You NEED AREHOUSE -...,,,.. .PitlCES! .» >FoRT DODGE IRON & METAL PHONE 2-2941 n 0 FORT DODGE; IOWA r» o •'<"»". o o 'o o a o >> RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window ! RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly lo the beauty of your homeJ Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display 4i 116 So. Dodge, Algona proof t S»f» t Duit- prool Watch /or THE GREEN-AND-GQIP BJUSTROM FURNITURE VANI Appendicitis Operation Janell Newbrough, daughter .of the Lawrence Newbroughs was taken to St. Ann hospital in Algona Sunday where she was operated on for appendicitis. Seegebarth Reunion A Seegebarth reunion was held Sunday at the Victor Dreyei home. Those attending were Mr and Mrs Wm. Hartwig and Helen, Mrs Marian Kaiser and sons, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Zwiefel, Mrs Glenn Sabin and family, Mr and Mrs W. O. Dreyer, Mr and Mrs Robert Hanna and family, Ber Seegebarth of Kokomo, Ind. and Mr and Mrs Erich Seegebarth, Mr and Mrs Geo. Kissner and family called Sunday at the Albert Schmidt home in Cylinder. Lanny and Janice are spending the week there. Thursday evening dinner guests -frl-Uhe Lawrence Zwiefel home were Ben Seegebarth of Kokomo, Ind. and Mr and Mrs Robert Hanna and family. Evening callers were Mr and Mrs W. O. Dreyer, Mr and Mrs Glenn Sabin and family and Mr and Mrs Erich See- gebarth. L Mr and Mrs R. G. Borchardl and family of East Chain, Minn.; Mr and Mrs Clarence Kraft were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the James Walker home in Algona. Sunday Mr and Mrs Frederick Sc-hultz and Dawn, Mrs Rose Kraft and Judy enjoyed a picnic dinner at Fairmont park and spent the afternoon at the fair. Enroute home they stopped at Iowa lake where they enjoyed a picnic supper. Mrs James Long visited last week in Joliet, 111. with the Hobert Benxin family and Mrs Verna Lampe. Carolyn and Janet Johnson of Cowrie are spending the week at the home of their grandparents; the Charles Morris. Mr and Mrs Laverne Schroeder' and family of Movillc, la. have been visiting at the Henry Sr,h- roeder h-jine. Laverne has been in charge of the summer vacation and baseball program in Moville. Mr Henry Weiner of Burl; Mrs Roy Chribt-hilles, Mrs Ronald Chri.schille.s and Eugene of Fenton; Mrs Glen Mino and daughters of Swea City all spent Thursday afternoon at the Henry Schroeder home. Mr and Mrs James Rath and Ann of Swea City called Sunda\ afternoon at the Maurice Weisbrods. Mrs Wm. Baird of California, sister of Mrs Dplwur Fi:che: pent Sunday night and Monday at the Fischer home. Mrs Joe Koryn, daughters, Barbara and Patricia, of New York visited Sunday at the Walter Dacken home. She is a sister of Mrs Dacken, Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Louise Brot-sper liome were Donnu Mae Hansen and Derwoocl Walker, Mr and Mrs George Broesder and Eveiett ol Algona were afternoon callers. Mr and Mrs'Roger Jensen spent Monday and Tuesday in Minneapolis. . ' Mr and Mrs Emil Person spent Friday with their daughter and family, the Carlos Engelbys,, at Lodyard. Mrs Djonald Nelson and family of West Union came Sun- clay for a visit at the Person home. Mr Liiul Mrs Laverne Ha.'nmer- strotn and family of Ware visited Tuesday at the Ralph Hamrn^r- stroni. Mrs Selma Hammei >trom who has been visiting the Lavernes returned home and Eileen Humnierstrom who has been visiting at the Ralph Hainmer- slrorn home returned home with her parents. Mi.- Pauline McGuire of Algona and Mr aial Mrs Clarence Darnel! ot Ehnore Minn, were uuestS Sunday at the E. A. Lt-e Inline. Jan and Joy Forestom ul Albert CiU are visiting at the Hev. C. L N'.|.|ii M - liome. -M: and Mi* Glenn JI.JU--L holder and family-returned ; honie Thursday after spending the summer at (heir cottage at' ' Hackens&Ck, Minn. - : t .» Mr Ben Seegebarth, Kokomo, Ind. returned to his home Wednesday after visiting here for several weeks. Rudolph Fischer is a patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Schenck ot Burt called Tuesday evening at the Everett Hennas and Saturday evening the Howard Seelys of Algona visited there. Jack Qufnn and Harley Hutchinson left Sunday for Maryville. Mo. on business, Mr and Mrs Alfred SchipuII were dinner guests Sunday at the Gerald Wiggans home in Fort Dodge. Mrs Minnie Sorenson, Beach, North Dakota, spent Sunday and Monday at the Herman Kramer home. She is a sister of Mrs Kramers. Mr and Mrs Eugene Pruitt and David called Thursday evening at the Bernard Miller home. Mr and Mrs Ira Dutton of Algona spent Saturday evening at the Wallace McArthur home. Mr and Mrs Fred Genrich called Monday evening at the Owen Berhow home. Saturday Mr and Mrs John Miller and Mr* S. L. Powers and daughter, Margaret, all of Elmore visited at the Berhow home. Mr and Mrs Russell Rentz anci family, Mr and Mrs Fred Wegener. all of Algona, spent Wednesday evening at the Dale Wegener liome. Mrs Kate Schroeder and Art ol Fenton, Mr and Mrs Laverne Sen roeder and family of Moville. la.. Mr and Mrs Ervin Klatt of Fenton and Mr and Mrs Henry Schroeder spent Wednesday nvenm at the Dale Schroeder home. Tuesday evening dinner guest.-at the Eldon Marlow home we: 2 Mrs Naomie Marlow and Mr an-.) Mi's John Newbrough and family of Phoenix, Ariz. Sunday evening Mr and Mrs R. Simpson of Burt called at the Marlow home. Mr and Mrs Ornie Bern-ends. Mr and Mrs Eugene Pruiti and David were dinner guests Friday evening at the Dale Schreeder home. Mr and Mrs LcRoy Klcpper and sons returned home Sunday evening after spending a week vacation at Lake Okoboji. Mr and Mrs Peter YeJick and Karen of Kalamazoo, Mich, aio visiting at the parental Milfreei Mitchell home. Mr and Mrs Emil Person, Mrs Donald Nelson and family were supper guests Sunday at trie Carlos Engelby home in Ledyard Mr and Mrs Ronald Christenson and family met the Dale Peterson family at West Bend, Sunday, where they all enjoyed a picnic dinner. Dale Schroeder, Lawrence Rath and John, Owen Berhow anu Clair-Bollinger attended the State plowing match at Cherokee. Thursday. Sunday dinner guests at the Frank Dreyer home in honor of their son David, who was confirmed at St. John's Lutheran church in Fenton were Rev. and Mrs Friedrich and Robert, Mrs Minnie Dreyer, Mr and Mrs Henry Tieman, Mr and Mrs Larry Alt and family all of Fenton; Mr and Mrs Martin Friedrich and family of Texas; Mr and Mrs Art Tiet/ of Lakota; Mr and Mrs Jack Tieman and Terry of Burt; Mr and Mrs Richard Hengel and Karin of Amboy, Minn.; Mr and Mrs Alfred Schmidt arid family of Corwith; Mr and Mrs Dwane Dreyer of Algona; Mr and Mrs Darrell Dreyer and family, Mr and Mrs Everett Dreyer and Roger, Bonnie Peril and Dennis Schmidt. Mr and Mrs Wayne Lynch returned homo after spending a week visiting at Campus, 111. and Burlington, la. Pf'c. Jerry Foley of 'Cherry Point, North Carolina returned home with them for a visit. Georgia Ann Marlow and Norma Bicrle returned home last Wednesday after spending two weeks vacation in Washington, D. C. and Castluton. New York. Mr and Mrs Fred Genrich went to Mason City Saturday where Mrs Genrich left by train I'm Texas to visit their son and family, the Bernard Genriehs. Mr and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family attended a Olson family reunion at Pilot Knob State Park near Forest City Sunday. Tuesday evening dinner guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs C. E. Nordine were Rev. and Mrs Lindsay of Emery. South IJakota and Mrs Marian Peterson of Greeley, Colo. Muriel and Marlene Nordine an- spending the week in Albert City with their cousins. Mr and Mrs John Newbrough and family ol Phoenix. Arix. were supper guests Wednesday at tht Gene Blanchard home. Mrs Ralph Reidel and Curtis of Ringhted and Jimmie Underwood of Sioux City were callers Thursday afternoon at the Harlan Blanchard home. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod, Cheryl and Terry, Mr and Mrs Clarence Kraft and Judy enjoyed a picnic supper Friday evening at Call Park in Algona. Mr and Mrs Clarence Ackerson of Wesley, M,> Matt Em.iyiers ol Waterloo were gjests Wednesday afternoon at the George B. Long home. j *IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT Swen Girls Lea ve To Resume Teaching Posts Swfea CHfr — Joy Ditsworth, daughter of Mr find Mrs Archie Ditsworth, will begin another school year as a grade school instructor in the Clear Lake schools. Leaving Sunday night for Charles City is Esther Charlotte Smith, supervisor of vocal music in the Charles City elementary schools, who has spent the summer With her parents, Mr and Mrs Walter G. Smith. Scdell Hammer, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs S. H. Hammer spent the weekend with her parents. Also spending the weekend at the Hammer home was Soclell's friend, Karen Verhoef of Archer who was guest soloist at the Methodist church on Sunday morning. Miss Hammer, Miss Verhoef and two other girls have been employed at Camp Methodji at Lake Okoboji during the summer. Sedell returns to Iowa State Teachers college on Sept. 6. Mr and Mrs Ray Lord of Mesa. Ariz, are spending this week with the George K. Nelsons and other Swea City friends. The Lords were Swea City residents some 25 years ago. Mr and Mrs Jack Nyman are spending a vacation in Chicago. The John Nymans are caring tor the children and attending to chores at the farm. Mr and Mrs Wm. Boland have as guests this week their grandsons, sons of the Wm. Bolands Jr. of Fort Dodge. The boys' parents are acting as counsellors at a Boy Scout camp. Mr and Mrs Roy Valvick and E. C. Peterson were Sunday guests at the Ormond Otterson home in Winnebago, Minn. The Rev. and Mrs A. M. Young- qiiist and family were weekend visitors in Minneapolis. Returning with them for a short visit was the Rev. Youngquist's sister. Airs Ruth Matson of St. Peter. Minn. Lt. Col. C. C. Anderson, officer at Fort Leonard Woo'!, Mo., has returned to his dulic:. after coining home for the funeral services for his father, tin. 1 late J. J. Anderson. Mr and Mrs Joe Wie.-e and children of Appleton. Minn, .spent the weekend with the Clarence Uhrs here an.:! with relatives at Buffalo Center and in Fairmont. Minn. Mrs Wiese is the former Nettie Marie Osterman. who was reared in this community by her aunts. Mrs Clarence Uhr and Mrs Marvin Uhr. GRUEN the Precision Watch LUVERNENEWS Mrs Marie Hunt and her niece, Miss Meredith Engel spent wie pasl week on vacation and visited in Clear Lake. Mr and Mrs Wiyiam Schroeder of Spencer were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr and Mrs Fred Merkle. Kalhryn Backes celebrated her sixteenth birthday Saturday with guests for dinner that evening in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs John Backes. Guests were ins, •Dean her aunt, Mrs Nettie Jensen, cous- John Jensen, Mr and Mrs Seeser, Diane and Larry of City and her sister, Mr and Mrs Stanley Genrich, Lu- Verne. Mr and Mrs Clarence Niclson her mother Mrs Johanna Hansen of Algeria and a niece Mrs Robert Carslensen, El Monte, Calif., visiting here spent the weekend Genie Potter is at the Percy Brink home with his mother, Mrs Josephine Brink as Percy and Mrs Brink are on a vacation trip into VACATION WITH US? We inviie you—and ih* odds «f« 70 le 30 you'll b4 back year a£l« yeaf. Outs-It tha perfect location to Mtjoy complete relaxation in out modern hou«eke«ptaf $*"*?!!* among huge pine* away from all traffic *nd huatle. World s greatest variety fishing in 6 beautiful lake*. May W« send you our complete story? SUMMERS'PINE POINT Park Rapids, Minn. r (21 in Well Drilling and Jeep-Ditching Contact CLETUS F. ELBERT PHONE 1313 1403 E. Lueats St. Alflono, la. For An Unfailing Supply of Low-cost, High-efficiency Gas, Install This... LP-Gas Storage System by Rapid Thermogas Co. The wonderful convenience of Ll'-das for cooU- ing. water healing and house healing can be yours to enjoy, with a bulk storage system like this. Why not investigate? Its low cost may surprise you. Gas,, the most efficient fuel, is also comparatively low cost. We provide the finest type of LIMJas available, together with the best-quality, Underwriter's Laboratories approved storage systems, to give you trouble-free heating and unfailing service. Drop in and have conveniences! Have ligaiion. a look at these modern new your dream.s come true! No ob- "Top quality materials and know- how go into our ENGINEERED INSTALLATIONS to assure maximum efficiency; lower operating costs; safe, dependable service." Rapid Thermogas Co. I'hone 16 Algonit THE MAN WE WANT Is between 26 encj 40, preferably married, qnd needs an income of at least $6,000. He has some experience, in business or in teaching. He is successful in his present work, but feels it does not offer him the opportunity to make the most of his ability. He is willing to go through an arduous trqining program tp achieve the position he wants, because of its unlimited opportunity. Such a man will make a favorable impression at first interview; and to such a man the .position will have such attraction as to make him put forth his best efforts to get it. If you believe you can qualify, write a letter giving pertinent facts, and three references, interview will be arranged. Write BLC Bo* 69, Algona, la. 32-33-34

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