The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1955 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1955
Page 38
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Tidbits From Evelyn What a nice surprise it was lo j have a phone call and hear my cousin, Edwin Cady. say he was back from the airplane trip to State College, Pa., and would leave Houston Wednesday for Al- iiona. Oh, if it would RAIN and cool off before he gels here. He hns so much heat to contend with in Texas, he always looks io Iowa for a cooling off period. * * * Remember thai old song which goes this way—when a lover was trying to win favor with his beloved? He sings, "I'll buy you a second hand piano that you play with both your feet." Well, I don't suppose John Dreesman was wheedeling his wife, but they do have a player piano in the basement recreation room Mrs Dreesman says she's not sure she's happy about the whole thing. 1 told her I wished I was a neighbor. I'd like to hear it. I wish Lizzie Post would get their piano fixed. It is a player- -the piano, is in good shape except that mechanical part—and she lives close by where I could slip over and hear all the good old tunes I heard on it years ago. « * * Imelda Engesser has been at Lansing visiting relatives and friends. She says they have the largest variety of mosquitoes she ever had the bad luck to meet up with. I've noticed the ones around here are a vigorous type too. What they may lack in size, they make up in bite. I thought MORE the spraying would do away with all siu:h pests. There's just no justice- -llie heat by day and mosquitoes by evening when one wants so sit in the cool of the back poreh. 4 * " * Added to the Sunbeam frying pan I mentioned last week as a birthday gift, let me add my thanks lo Vehria llagg for a beautiful cake and the ice cream to go with it. "treats" by Mabel Livingston, a box of greetings cards, the cleverest I've seen, from Becky and Janet Jcrgenson, and many birthday greetings. Thanks to each of you for remembering. * * * When Esther Helberg entertained the "Eight Specs" card club--a 2 tables membership, she invited three guests, who with Lela Stewart, a former member were to make the third table. Faie, in the- shape of a troublesome tooth stepped in, and instead of having fun, Lela landed in Mason City where she had oral surgery. She went to But- afol Center to convalesce at the home of her daughter, Mrs Charles Reekers. Mrs C. H. Casey and children, former residents here till a couple of years ago. came up from ( Phoenix, Ariz., recently. While; i here they were house guests of Mr and Mrs Ernest Kearney. The family is completely sold on Phoenix. In fact Mr Casey didn't even care to come up with the family. Didir't want to le.'.vo Phoenix that long. Mrs Jake Hoibauer. mother of Mrs Casey of Buffalo Center, went back with tile family and after a rosonable length of time there. i| she likes it, she will move there feed Egg production up! 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If they'd tell the truth, I'll bet they like to play too. * * * Ann Fcchner and her niece, Mrs Robert Carr and two daughters recently were at Minneapolis. Ann \Vas on a buying trip and took the rest (or companionship, The little girls were thrilled with hotel life and were especially intrigued by the bell-hops. So much so they wanted their daddy to carry the suit cases like the hotel boys did. Mr ahd Mrs Wafte* Boekholf have returned from a wonderful vacation at Mackinac, Can., north of Winnipeg. They visited Mr and Mrs Eiso Brink who farm in what is called the Bush country. One area in the mountains was called the play-land of Canada, with beautiful lakes, a Wishing well fed by mountains springs, Clear Lake and Lake Dauphin, and ont tiling of particular interest was an old-time farm sale. It was only 51 degrees at Winnipeg. Think of the delight of a temperature like that—against our 95 lo 99. • * « Mrs Don Biersiedt has been having troubles but the end is Hearing now.' She was on vacation at Rapids City, S. D. visiting relatives. At a lodge they hired horses for a trail ride. The rule is that the horses be kept the length of an animal apart on the trail but a ten year old lad did not obey. His horse got UHJ close to Mrs Bierstedt's mount and the animal kicked back at the offender, throwing Mrs Bierstedt The arm was given first aid and was thought not lo be broken Later examination and x-ray proved the contrary. Luckily it was her left arm. * • • Later —My cousin has come and gone and I'm in the "dog house" with several friends who asked me with an edge to their voices. "Why wasn't he at the organ in our church Sunday morning." I think we have become spoiled. For several years when he visits me he has been guest organist at the Methodist or Congregational churches. His music is so greatly enjoyed his visits have been looked forward to. This year I resolved he was not going to have his vacation broken into by doing a "postmans holiday." Then I weakend to a great extent, for I gel so much pleasure hearing his music. I!' it hadn't been that he could visit our cousin Harry Goddard at Wichita if he left on the Sunday morning bus. spend Monday with his brother, Dr. Cady at Mason City, thence to Wichita to see his cousin whom he has not seen in 35 years and who has wanted so much to see him, I'd have weakened and been selfish enough lo coax him to stay here Sunday and play at the church. As it is, I'm lonesome with him gone, wistful for his music, bul pleased that he will at long last be seeing Harry. I suppose like I, many ol you didn't get to the fair. I had planned to but the heat was too much for me. Edwin (the Houston cousin is always hopeful of cool weather here, but he was certainly disappointed this time, lie had planned on attending the fair too. Instead we went to see "The Lady and the Tramp." It was ;i cute picture but I remark 1 ed, "Can you imagine us, two old people being amused by such a juvenile picture?" • • • Whew! I wonder how much air conditioners cost. t almost forgot id do my bragg- ng. I sent some fancy' work lo .ho fair, won a couple of firsts, a second and a third. One fifst also received a blue ribbon from the National Crochet contest which makes me eligible for the 'big money" (My chest measures 100 inches.) LONE ROCK NEWS Beat Heat With Basement Party For Bride-To-Be St. Benedict — A shower in honor of Jane Mayer was enjoyed last week by over 20 ladies in the comfortably cool basement of Mrs Bob Eischen. A recipe was given by each guest, also a bit of advice for future use. Bingi; was the entertainment and some very useful gifts were won. As the bride-to-be will be journeying to California for her 'future home, a coin or linen, shower was held. A tasty lunch Was served. The wedding date Aug. 30 has been chosen by Bob Cooper and Jane Mayer. Visitors Aug. 14 at the home of Mr and Mrs Isadore Mayer were Mr and Mrs Lawrence Mayer and Mr and Mrs Norbert May er and son of St. Cloud, Minn. Lawrence and Norbert are nephews of Isadore. Aug. '21 another nephew of Is<v dore Mayer visited at the Mayei home. He was John Mayer whose wife also was here. Mi and Mrs Eich were also there Aug. 21. They were all from St. Joseph, Minn. Mr and Mrs George Kunkel will be gone two days this week visiting sisters of the latter, at Dubuque, Milledgeville, 111. ana Rockford, 111. Sister Mary Luke and Sister Mary Carmelita of Chicago visi 1 - ecl at the home of Mr and Mrs G. Kunkel Aug. 18. Sister Mary Luke is an aunt of Mrs Kunkel. She visited also at the home ol Mr and Mrs Leo Hanig of Wesley. She and Leo are brother an;i sister. Mr and Mrs Bernard Pfeifer of Iowa Falls came Aug. 17 to the George Kunkel home. They are cousins to Mrs Kunkel. Mrs Pfeifer is a nurse and does private duty at Iowa Falls and Mason City. They also visited at the Leo Hanig residence of Wesley. Friday evening dinner gussts at the Philip Arndorfer residence were Mr and Mrs Melvin Abramson of Eau Claire, Wis. Melyir. and Mrs Arndorfer are cousin*. Mr and Mrs M. H. McEnroe were here. too. Mrs McEnroe is an aun' of Melvin. The Abramsons were on their way home from the Black Hills. On the afternoon of Aug. 1U, .Mrs Ben Capesius and daughter. Mrs Dean Hoffman and the latter's two daughter's, Pan) and Debbie were afternoon callers at the Philip Arndorfer home. William Joseph and Barbara Sue are the names chosen for the twins of Mr and Mrs Bob Mayer. 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Sunday the Genrichs attended open house at the Hugh Walsh home in honor of Sister Marmion who is visiting here. Janice Kissner spent last week at the Albert Schmidt home in Cylinder. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrocl, Cheryl and Terry spent Monday evening at the Clarence Kraft home. Mrs Donald Blanchard, Susan, Mrs Jess Blanchard Jr., Mollie, Jili. Cynthia, Mrs Alfred Schullz, Tim and Debra spent Wednesday in Mason City where the children were guests on a T. V. program. George Nyman of Swea City visited Thursday at the C. E. Householder home. Mr and Mrs Clarence Martin and family spent over the weekend in Minneapolis, Minn. Mr and Mrs Hugh Marl'v.v, Mr and Mrs Geo. Kissner, Lannv and Jane, Mrs Wm. Marlow and Mrs Marian Marlow attended the wedding of a nephew, Daneli Lecper and Darlene Hentjics Thursday, Aug. 11, at St. Cecelia's church in Algona. Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Henry Schroeclcr home were Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder and Susan. Mrs lone Lease of Sioux City was an afternoon caller. Mrs Louise Peter of Algona, Mr and Mrs Carl Peter and family of Humboldt. Mr and Mrs Edwin Luedtke spent Sunday evening at the Art Zumach home Mrs H. A. Holmgren visited with an aunt in Rutland Thursday afternoon. Mrs Eva Thompson of West Des Moines was a Saturday afternooi: visitor and supper guest at the Fred Genrich home. She has also visited at the Lawrence Newbrough home, D. An^us home. Eel Blanchard home, Alex Krucger home, and with the Roy Zunkels. Sunday dinner guests at the Ronald Christenson home were Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger and family, Mr and Mrs E. A. Lee and family and Mrs Lorctta Gappa. ' Mr and Mrs Earl Farris, Mr and Mrs'Ed Farris of Estherville were guests Sunday at the Jack Quinn home. Mr and Mrs Jack Johnson and family of Gowri'e spent over the weekend at the parental, Charles Morris home. Mr and Mrs E. A. Leo entertained dinner guests. Friday. Mrs Lorella Gappa, Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger and family. Mr and Mrs W. G. Flaig spent Sunday in Belmont, at the Fiect Iverson home. Mr and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family. Mrs Maude Blanchard spent over the weekend in Minnesota sightseeing. Mr and Mrs John Newbrough Oval Shaped WASTE BASKET Fri.,Sat., and Monday Handy sue sturdy Wailc Basket with metal top rim anc bottom Goy lithographed (loral decoration. Choice of assorted colors A real bargain at this special low price. DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE i * ' • • ' 2-AI0ana (la.) Upper P^s MojnM thufidoy, Augu»» M, If IS and family of Phoenix, Ariz, are visiting friends and relatives here. __ Lawrence Newbrough took Judy to Iowa Gity for an eye check up Friday. IOWA STATE FAIR* LABOR DAY Mr and Mrs Bill Amon DES MOINES AUTO RACES " AfttMttM, *»J. JI-Hi NifklJ, Sept. !•> <*. Ro.irin«, pukp-[>-iundin(! ^poed. America'* grf*t- ~^. csl drivers baltlinR on Nation's lislest ilirl traik. HORSE RACES *?•,?• Bitfut turnm «nd-runnirn nc« mwt of tr>« )fjr. Off 230 fait entri«. Blf pun*. 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