Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 14, 1973 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1973
Page 27
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GALESBURG ORDER BWISIl8|»tt^L^!! l ^L!PTOJS!!ti ,l, !.M t ' BuHlnRton Northern Stockyard* I ^hSaT' m " Market; fully 50c lower, No. 1-2: 200-230 $37.75-$38.00 Quotations: NO. 1-3: 200-230 $37.50-$37.75 NO. 1-3: 230-260 $36.50-$37.50 No. 2*3: 260-300 $34.75-$36.50 Packing Sows: $31.50-$33.00 VIOLA AUCTION REPORT Juno 13, 1979 Rseelpli Cattle Calve* Hog* Sheap Tills Week 137 3 303 111 Lnst Week 303 7 110 223 LnHt Yenr 500 2 200 203 CATTLE: Receipts 00% slaughter MOVING SALE 1370 BROWN AVE, FRIDAY, Juno 15 8 A.M. lo 11 Coleman camp stove, Konmore self-cleaning gna range (like new), toys, bowling ball & bag, bunk beds, clothing, desk, shelves & many misc. Items. GARAGE SALE 1533 Meadow Dr. FRIDAY, JUNE IS 9 Mil. lo ? SATURDAY, JUNE II 9 a.m. to ? A bit of everything 3 FAMILY YARD SALE 311 HOLTON Betwean South at Monmouth Blvd. ALL DAY FRIDAY, JUNE 15 In Caia at Rain Saturday Clothes, men'a, women and good chlldrens baby furniture, breakfast set, rug, electric rug sham- pooer, curtains, drapes, misc. items. • Not Responsible for Accidents YARD SALE 759-761 DAY ST. Thurs., June 14 4 16 9 Fri., June 15 9 to a 30 Volume set of encyclopedia, youth bed with new mattress, parakeet cage, Early American couch & rocker, clothing all sizes 4 thru large adult, toys, games and other misc. YARD SALE 862 E. Fourth FRIDAY, June ISih 8 A.M. - 4 P.M. 2 Baby beds, infant seat, baby bath tub, maternity clothes, baby. clothes, men's and women's clothing. 1 lawn mower, copper boiler, nlc nacs, dishes, etc. 1.00-1.80 higher, atead^ _ ep. Cowi Feeder cattle SLAUGHTER. STEERS tt HEIFERS: Choice 660-1180 lb, atecro 48.75-47.28; Choice and Prim* 000000 lb. heifer* 40.00-47.00; Choice 800-1000 lb. 44.78-48.28. COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 31.28-36.50; Canner and Cutter 27.78-38.00. FEEDER CATTLE: mixed Good and Choice 700-980 lb. steeta 48.2848.00; Good and Choice bred replacement, cows 280.00-400.00 per head. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices steady. SLAUGHTER BOARS: 400-680 lb. 36.00-36.26. FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 30-40 lb. 17.75-20.00; 40-50 lb. 19.75-26.50; 8060 lb. 26.28-33.00; all sold by the head; bred sows 125.00-157.50 per head. SHEEP: Choice and Prime 90100 lb. slaughlor lambs 30.50-38.00; Choice 00-1U) lb. 34,75-30.75. | Market Reports Today | Companies Help Employes To Stretch Their Dollars Golesburg Register -Moll, Golesburq, St, Louis Llvfcitoek St. LOOtS (UPD -Llvestock: Hogs 4,500; few; early sales 1.50, instances 2.00, lower; No J03 200-230 lb 30.00-38.50; few early sales 49.00-40.50. Thursdoy, June 14, 1973 At By DEAN C, MILLER UPI Business Editor NEW YORK (UP!) - Yankee ingenuity has been the touchstone of America's success in the business worid. Now businessmen are even turning a worrisome thing like inflation into A source of increased productivity and higher em­ ploye morale and helping workers save a dollar or two in the process, Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - In terior hogs: 12,000; extremely uneven, 501.00 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 38.00-38.25; No 1-3 200-235 lb 37.50-38.00; No 1-3 230-250 lb 37.00-37.75; No 2-3 250-270 lb 37.00-38.00; No 34 280-300 lb HUGE CLUB BACKYARD SALE 696 Arnold Street FRIDAY—5 lo 9 SATURDAY—8 to 7 LOTS OF EVERYTHING BACKYARD SALE 858 DUDLEY ST. SAT., June 16 -8 • 2 Exerciser. Masonic ring, white dropleaf table & 2 chairs, white Formica top dinette, 6 chairs, driftwood, books & mlsc, BACKYARD SALE 840 E. 4ih ST. FRIDAY, JUNE 15 - 9-4 Nothing Before 9 a .m. 18" rug shampooer, battery charger, Kodak camera, lawn mower, furniture, car air conditioner, sewing machine, clothes of all kinds, linens and material. BASEMENT SALE 785 S. Academy THURS., Juiw 14—Evening FRIDAY, June 15ih 9 A.M. lo 1 P.M. Antique jewelry & watches, and a lot of trash. BACKYARD SALE 1482 N. Cedar FRI., JUNE 15 9 AM to ?? Clothes of all sizes, toys, air conditioner. GUILDS A NEW .»B ^:v .y^7TRjM 3-BEDR00M HOME ZS* INCLUDING PLUMBING, WIRING A BIRCH CABINETS Every Nordaas Home includes full-weight conventional construction, NOT PREFAB or PRE-CUTI Your new home completely Itamed, rool shingled, fully enclosed, 70% ol the carpenter work is done for you. or we will finish carpentry for a little extra. All finishing materials lurnlshed — blanket insulation, hardwood cabinets all ready-made, inside doors ready-hung with trim installed. Western dry dimension lumber. All materials direct from mill and factory to you saves hundreds ot dollars 1 FREE planning service — build lo yoilf owit plans or choose from over 500 Moor plans. FREE PLAN SERVICE*FREE DELIVERY 1200 MILES One ol Amerlct's Lirrjcsl Builders ol Homes Writs lor tut Floor Plan it Ho Obligation NORDAAS AMERICAN HOMES Dept. O.H. , Minnesota Lake, Minnesota 56068 PHONE: (507) 462-3331 BUILT BY EXPERTS NAM Available throughout tho entire (VJidyvest in Fffillp America s Great Farming Stntes ^SaJrpUhiS' Ad for Future Discount p '' '. i'•:'<': :>'.'$',,' ANOTHER OPEN HOUSE By Nordaas American Homos SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1973 10:00 am to 5:00 pm At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rothzen. Kirkwood, III. DIRECTIONS: Go Vk miles North of KMcWood to 1st cross' roads. Then go leffit Dor 2 miles. House is on the right side, roaime on nuadilibox. Follow open house signs. NORDAAS AMERICAN HOMES Minnesota Lake, Minnesota Phone 507-462-3331 Business Today More than 100 companies have launched programs that give employes advice on how to stretch salary dollars. In return, they are getting operational sayings worth up to 80 times the cost of the program, plus more employe loyalty and togetherness. The "Ruck A Day" (BAD) program was the brainchild of P. B. Crosby, a vice president at International Telephone & Telegraph, and is Implemented by Industrial Motivation, Inc. of New York. The consulting organization handles the promo tional .literature and weekly newsletters which tell employes how to save a dollar per day for each of the some 250 days worked each year. Employes Return Favor Employes return the favor by telling companies their jobs can be operated more efficiently. ITT estimates it has saved $73 for every $1 it has spent on the program, and that figure goes to 80-to-l in some companies, according to George J Schmidt, president of IMI. Some recent tips on how to beat the inflation the companies have passed on to employes: —If the price of large size eggs is more than seven cents greater than the next smaller size it's more economical to buy the smaller size. —Use a three-minute egg timer to time your long distance calls. —Go - easy on convenience foods. For instance, you pay about 30 per cent more for pre- sweetened cereals than for those you sugar yourself. —Purchase during sales periods. August and February are best for furniture, bedding, rugs; September or January, for housewares; March for air conditioners and June for washers and dryers; July for refrigerators, and TV sets in May and June. Suggestions Passed Along Some suggestions employes have passed along to employers in the BAD program: —One employe suggested the elimination of inter -office phones not being used. PATIO SALE 671 Lawrence Ave. Fri., June 15 — 9-5 Hoihlntr Sold before Friday Not retponalble for accident! or injuries. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE GOODIES •36 W. GROVE Friday, June IS — 8 a.m. - ? Children furniture and games, clothing for everyone, homemade rugs, paint, antique piano rolls and misc. A FAMILY GARAGE.SALE SO MAPLE COURT In Weiipbrt Galesburf FRIDAY, JUNE IS 9 a.m. to S p.m. Childrens & adults dldthea coats, a lot of everything. FOR SALE 1 Clark Field Sprayer 1 18' Harogator 358-1574 YATES CITY —Another worker in the company motor pool checked and learned that the company cars ran just as well on regular gas as on high test fuel. —One pointed out that mobile telephones in service trucks were effective for only 36 miles. Removing them and using regular tel/sphone service saves a lot of money. —To reduce "down time" one employe designed a simple signal light system to let fork lift drivers know when parts were needed. —Another employe combined two computer processing jobs to save four hours a week in processing time. Cattle 700; not enough slaughter steers and heifers for test; choice vealers 58.00-65.00; good 53.00-58.00. Sheep 150. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 50-61, medium 45-57, small 3648; B large 44-58. BUYING DIAMONDS BUYING - OLD COINS — GOLD — JEWELRY Silver Coins 55% Over Face Also Silver Dollars $ 3°° Each R « S COIN SHOP Weinberg Arcade Bldg. Ground Floor OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS TILL 9 Hours 10 to 5 Phone 343-3905 Patio Sale 1796 E MAIN Fri., June 15 — 9-3 Mostly boys clothes plus Misc. items. BUDWEISER 12 Pk Cans $2,38 FALSTAFF 12 Pl< Cans $2.09 WINDSOR CANADIAN 5th $3.99 GIN' VODKA 5th $2.99 SEAGRAM'S 5th $4.29 KY. GENTLEMAN 5th $3.09 GIN Vz Gallon $8.29 ANTIQUE 5th $3.79 BEEFEATER GIN 5th $5.39 Ad Good thru Saturday Juno 16, 1973 Optn Sunday 1 p.m. • 6 p.m. HAMMS 6 Cans $1.19 SCHLITZ 12 Pk Cans $2.38 MILLERS •• BUSH 12 Pk Cans $2.19 TEN HIGH IMPERIAL 5th $3,49 BARTONS QT 5th $3.69 POU'tJONES Qt. $4.29 BARCLAYS Qt. $4,29 COLD DUCK $1.89 CANADIAN MIST Qt. $4.89 BLUE RIBBON OLD MILWAUKEE 12 Pk Cans $2.19 DREWRY'S STAG 6 Cans $1.05 HOUSE of STUART SCOTCH 5th $3.99 100 PIPERS SCOTCH 5th $6.29 CANADIAN CLUB 5th $5.79 OLD TAYLOR 5th $4.50 JIM BEAM 5th $4.09 LANCERS WINE 5th $2.99 CROWN ROYAL 5th $8.50 MAIN LIQUOR MART *»*»4 612 W.-Main se^i Furnace Closeout Sale! Discontinued Models • All Styles Included • White Quantities Last SAVE '85 - *95 EXAMPLE: SEARS BEST "600" GAS SPACE-SAVER FURNACE , 75,000 BTU Regular $254.95 $ 169 Sectional heat exchanger of life-clad steel. Larger blowers and motors have the capacity needed for future air conditioning- Most sizes still, available in space-saver, basement, horizontal gas and oil furnaces. For limited time only — PHONE SEARS FOR FREE HOME ESTIMATE 10x20-Ft. Elameled Aluminum Patio Covers 20 PSF 129 99 Tough baked - on en::mel Pnisli plus slide - together roof panels and an adjustable awning hinge for easy installation. 10 PSF $169.99 SEARS ALUMINUM GUTTERING Regular *J 15 $3.99 3 Has tough vinyl-acrylic white finish. Easy to install yourself. In 10-ft. lengths. SAVE $30.07 GARAGE DOOR OPENER/CLOSER Regular |OOS8 $169.95 l£7 Open your garage door with the press of a button, 1/3 HP motor with Safety Reverse System. 11-Gauge Chain Link Fence Fabric With Complete Order 42 or 48-in. High ON SALE! New Weatherly Cabinetry For Today's Efficient Kitchen NOW 2^Q% Give your kitchen the furniture look of the hand-wiped pecan stain on hardwood veneers. Then add the accent of antique - lots of finish hardware, and Inside roomy storage. Save $35 Portable DISHWASHER Regular | AA95 $234.99 1 77 Four cycles include 150 Roto -Rack. Twin deter- d • g r • e wash action, gent cups. In white with melanine worktop. Cop- pertone or avocado at $5 extra. H.HP OARBAGE DISPOSER Regular A<J88 49.95 Continuous feed model with stainless steel grinding chamber. Use Sears Easy Payment Plan Shop at Sears and Save l Sitif fectUm Guaranteed or Your Money Back SCOTS Sears, Roebuck aod Co. STORE HOURS: MornUy and Fr:«Uy I Tuoi., W«q\, Thyr*., Stt. 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. I 9 A.M. to 5:09 P.M.

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