The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1955 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1955
Page 23
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The summer vacation is 'drawing to" a close and Monday,the schools are opening. I haven't got' all the hems on the school dresses* taken up or let down, I haven't- yet bought the new blue jeans and additional supplies of socks and . underwear, nor are wo stocked up on pencils and notebooks. Just'the same, I'm plenty ready'for school to open. + .* * • • Toward the end of summer, the kids get restless. The projects that fascinated them so much last June no longer hold much charm. They .fight more, help. ,ab.out the. house Jess, and .just generally get into Mamma's hair. Until you are a parent yourself, it's dif-' ficult to realize how you can love your youngsters so much and still have times when^you could gladly knock their heads together. ... * * * So, dear teachers, here are our little darlings and you are very welcome to them. We hope you can sift some learning into their little skulls and that you can keep your sanity in the process. They are all quite remarkable youngsters and we hope you will find your association with them interesting. We hope that together, the teachers and the parents, we can develop a whole new crop ..of worthwhile citizens. But if all • thiEL.can't be^ accomplished right off the bat,..we mothers meanwhile will de extremely gratefjuhto you-for taking the small fry off our .hands. 1 ' «..>•••* * * .-;•.•'• In all fairness 16 the' youngsters, it isn't entirely their fault that the closing weeks of school vacation are not all sweetness and lights Mojthersi are human, top, and we are? very apt to get just-plain crabby wherf the 1 thermometer hovers around ninety, the laundry hamper keeps overflowing and when the canning •season is in lull swing. And when' some kid spills chocolate •milk-all-over the kitchen floor just after it has been care'fully Scrubbed, it's pretty hard for Mamma to be sweetly reas6riable. • * • , The other day it was brought to.,me quite forcibly how awful I sound when I'm nagging at the youngsters. My sister and 1 were sitting in the kitchen trying lo get a little gossiping done before starting supper. My youngsters were all three milling around, scuffling and rudely interrupting. Finally I blew my top, chased them from the kitchen and I shouted at them in a voice which was neither soft nor gentle. -Three year old, Jackie, who had been sitting in a chaJr, good as gold, rolled his eyes, looked at his mother and summed up the whole fracas in just one word—"Wow!" f* * » One Algona couple found a way of renewing their youth this summer. When one of their sons, a Boy Scout, went on a camping trip the parents took a tent, and a'couple of cots and set them up across-the road the Scouts. They-atterided the evening activities of the-' camp and then after Taps were sounded, slipped from their torit and went to a dance. REP0GRT CARD Subject Grade Remarks ittCffcfpwq ftO&4 dW, (W^OM*Utrt4 Send your son or daughter back fo school with a new Smith-Corona for as little as s l" a week. Five models Smith-Corona ihe World's first and fastest portable typewriter Come in and see it demonstrated See this and other makes portable typewriters demonstrated here. REMINGTON UNDERWOOD ROYAL Portable Typewriters On Display At Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. PHONE 1100 ALGONA Prices starting at W 5 TitonkaGirlTo Wed Sept. 18 Mr and Mrs. Jerry Bdekelman of Tit<>nka are announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Lavonne, pictured above, td Keith Pries, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Pries of Waterloo. The wedding will take place at Titonka in the Good Hope Lutheran chu/ch at 2 p.m., Sept. 18. Miss jJoekelman attended Wart' burg -college and is now employed at the Rath Packing Co., where her fiancee is also employed. The next morning they went for a pre-breakfast dip, cooked bacon and eggs over an open fire and drove back to Algona in time for Father to go to the office. It was such fun that they repeated th& outing several times during the summer. The only exception was that they never again slipped out to go dancing. * * * .Mr,:'and Mrs Gail Towne have had^company recently but there were at least 12 guests they hadn'i planned on. Their son-in-law and daughter, Glenn and Burdene Ludlow and their children, Christine and Brandt came from Ann Arbor, Mich. The youngsters had a pair of white rats, Oscar and Ann, which couldn't possibly be. left behind at home as they were packed into a cage and taken along. On the very morning the trip began, Ann presented Oscar with twelve fine offspring. So they were brought to Algona to visit the grandparents. Incident- ly, the mother rat, Ann is named for Brandt's favorite girl friend. Burdene reports that the original Ann was quite flattered at the gesture, but I couldn't help wondering if she might have been less jntrigued with the idea if she had' been more than seven years old. * * * Another seven year old has been visiting his grandmother here. He and his family are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new baby. During the visit, his grandmother has been giving the boy money to buy treats and toys for himself but each time he bought something for the new baby. He spent the money wisely—at various times he bought baby powder, a rattle, a card of safety pins and a receiving blanket. " Finally his grandmother said, as she gave him some more money, "Now this time, Johnny, WIHIY PAY FOR RECKIESS DRIVING? My company aims lo insure only careful drivers. As a result, claims costs arc lower and the savings are passed along to policyholders in the form of lower cost insurance. Find out today if you can qualify for State Farm Insurance as a careful driver. Just phone me. (I pays fo know yovr STATE FARM Afloat Harold C. Sundet don't buy anything for the babx.V Me didn't; He bought a pyrex dish,fof his" mother! •• * ••: t .« One local woman get h good buy on some roasting ears recently but she ended, up with less' than she purchased. The corn was delivered lh the vicinity of the back fence and'the sons and 2 neighbors boys Who were playing nearby were enlisted to help carry it into the kitchen. She loaded the ears into the" out- streched arms of the workers and they all four rn&rched through the kitchen door. But the two neighbor kids didn't stop at the refrigerator. They kept right on through the dining room, down the hall, out the front door, across the street to their own .ho'me where : they deposited the "ddrm in'v their, .own refrigerator. Th£ 'lady who bought the corn was more amused than annoyed for she had half-way planned to give some of it to the heighbors, anyway. But the kids weren't taking any chances. .They like corn-on-the-cob and thfey figured there was no use waiting aroUn'd for anyone to make a.; generous gesture. • *.*»• >. 1 hadn'i planned to use recipes until the Upper Des 'Moines Algona Merchants' recipe contest was over but I have here some recipes that should be shared with you during this canning season. They were near-winners and several of you have asked for them The first is from Mary Ann Dittmer of Lone Rock and it's for Grape Fudge: 7 Ibs. grapes 7 Ibs. sugar 1 Ib. raisins 1 Ib. walnuts Slip the skins from the rirje, purple grapes and set aside while you cook the pulp and remove the seeds by use of a colander or food mill. Next combine the skins, pulp, sugar ancl raisins ana cook over low heat until quite thick. Just before it is finished add the English walnut meats, broken in pieces. Seal in hot jars. Be sure to stir and watch for burning. Mrs Bertha 'Uhlenhake of Whittemore sent this Cherry Relish Jam: 2 cups pitted cherries 1 cup seedless raisins 1 teasp. cinnamon % cup brown sugar ' V4 teasp. cloves ' V4 cup honey Vi cup vinegar, 1 clip broken pecan meats Combine first seven ingredients 'and cook slowly, 1 hour. Then add nut meats ahd 'cook 3 minutes longer. " Pour into sterilized jars and seal. The recipe contest is really going full [blast. There are sure a lot of good' cooks around here. It's dessert dishes next time and that should really be something.: Be sure lo send in your reciiftt.' —GHACE. ••;; mained until J Thu[rsday. Frlddy* evening visitors at the 1af BrUvik home-were Mr Sftd Mrs Harold Toms and Mrs Doro:hey Malkmus :&nd Kathryn of Uvermore and Mr- and Mrs Albert Bergum. Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik and Curtis visited Svlrtday evening at the horrid of her parents, Mr and Mrs John MarMfl at Humboldt. Monday evening visitors at the Mike Coyle home were Mr and Mrs John Coyle of Eagle Grove and Harold Johnsort and daugh* lers of Thor. La koto Soldier Serves Overseas Slh Div., Germany — Pvt, Thursday, August 25, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Das Molnef-5 Dwayne Di Rippentrofl, 20, son of Mr and Mrs Everett O. Rippentrop, Swea City, Iowa, is a tnomber of the 5th Infantry Division in Germany. Private Rippentrop, a construction specialist in Headquarters Compariy of the division's 2d Battalion, entered the Army in December 1954. He completed basic training at Cafnp Chaffee, Ark., and arrived in Germany last May. Private Rippentrop is a 1953 graduate of Lakota high school. Martin Van Buren was the first President born in the USA. THIS IS THE CAR TO TRY FOR SURE! Great Features back up Chevrolet Performance: Anti-Dive Braking — Ball-Race Steering — Outrigger Rear Springs — Body by Fisher—12-Volt Electrical System—Nine Engine-Drive Choices. This Is the Chevrolet that's making all the other low-priced cars eat its dust . . . and most of the high-priced cars, too! Be sure to try this new champ before you buy anything. Standing Start. Chevrolet captured the four top positions in its class—and beat every high-price car but one! Come in—the weather's so nice these days that we love to get out in it too! And giving you a demonstration drive is all the excuse we need! 'National Auoc/ali'on for Stock Car Aulo figc/ng When we say that Chevrolet's the car to drive, the official record books of stock car competition back us up all the way. > Listen to this-as just one example: Daytona Beach — NASCAR* Acceleration Tests Over Measured Mile From America's hottest performer because it's got America's most modern V81 Drive with care EVERYWHERE! •OTTOSEN By Mrs, Knut Oppedoh) 3QO E. Elm Si. Phone 841 Algona BABY BANTER By BROWN'S DAIRY How come you got the promotion instead of me? I promised to marry the boss' daughter ... That's only half of it — the boss' daughter promised to serve CARNATION rriilk frorri NOW OT>I! You will like it too! Phone 190. Rachael Holt, daughter of Mr and Mrs, Merle Holt, visited Friday and Saturday at the Floyd Holt home in Algona. Betty Holt, daughter of Mr and Mrs Floyd Holt is now visiting at the Merle Holt home. Mrs Merle Holt and daughter Priscilla called at the John Mullins home at Corwith Tuesday. Mrs Clara Solberg and Oliver Christiansen and Billy attended services at the Gospel Tabernacle conducted by Rev. R. R. Brown at Arnolds Park Sunday, rhoy met relatives from Omahu and enjoyed a picnic dinner and supper with them. They are Mr und Mrs Art Westerfield and Mr and Mrs Paul Frew. The Wes- terfields' 15 year old daughter, Judy, is a pianist at the Tabernacle and Mrs Frew a soloist. Mr and Mrs Earl Long and daughter Marilyn, visited Sunday afternoon at the H. H. Long home at Fairmont, Minn. Friday, Mrs Long had charge of the grandchildren Kathy and Kenneth Bratland, of Bode while their parents, Mr and Mrs Arnold BratUmd, attended funeral .services for Mr Bratland's grandfather, Andrew Gravelund, at Emmetsburg. Mr and Mrs Hans Kampon and Johnnie and Virginia of Laurens visited at the Fred Kampen home Wednesday evening. Virginia stayed for a few days visit. Saturday and Sunday visitors at the Kampen home were Mrs Henry Kampen and son Vincent Cunningham, of Cedar Falls. Mr and Mrs Harold Dale and daughter Debbie of Humbuldt and Mrs Mina Wehrspann were Sunday evening supper guests at the Magnus Bratland home. Mr and Mrs Hollis Cooper ;ind family visited Saturday evening at the MaDcan Ludwig home-at West Bend. Mary Jo, daughter of Mr and Mrs Lowell Shelgren of Gilmore City spent from Monday till Thursday with her grandparents while her parents were in Minneapolis. They to')k Helmar Shelgren to Minneapolis where he left by plane for Anchorage, Alaska, to visit a daughter. Thursday evening callers ut (lie Earl Olson home were Hilda Viggo and Freeman Nielsen of Holfe and Mr and Mrs Fred Benjamin of Bradgate. Mr and Mrs James McLuen of Dubuque visited at the parental K. R. McLuen home Sunday. The young man left Monday afternoon from DCS Moines to enter the service. He is a registered pharmicist and has been emloy,- ed by Holcher's Opothocary sf. Dubuque, Mr and Mrs Don Blanchard anas family and Mrs Maude Blanchurd of Lone Rock visited Wednes- Uay evening ;it tin- Aifrtil Sdi- ulU home. Craig Blunt-Jiyid re- KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. V SOUTHWEST OF COURTHOUSE SQUARE PHONE 200 No Question About What Quality You Get In Felco Feed Miracle Ingredients? Sure, FELCO has them, too. But FELCO has no secrets. Research from the nation's top nutritionists go into the formulas for FELCO. Only the best ingredients go into FELCO. When miracle ingredients are recommended, you'll find them in FELCO . . . in the proper ratio. Want proof? Stop in. 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