Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 14, 1973 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1973
Page 16
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J .I?- .^^gsJburg^Rggfster *Mail ,JMg§burg, 111. Thursday, June 14, 1973 Tasty Weeds Keep Gourmet in Tune With Nature ••; By MARK JONES - LONG BEACH, Calif. (UPI) • — Down where the trolley tracks are torn up and the tall weeds bury their burrs in your ;. socks, you'll find botanis Charlotte Clarke, who finds living off the land exciting •' inexpensive and a great way to v! keep in tune with nature. A gourmet cook, she knows how to appreciate some of the ;, common but tasty weeds that grow abundantly in the dusty, vacant lots around her home But, as she points out, one doesn't have to be a gourmet , cook to hunt for wild artichokes and wild radishes, nor to • appreciate delicate mustard stems or the juicy licorice taste ; of anise root stems. .:: Arid one sip of homemade dandelion or elderberry wine "You see? They look like ttoes more to promote natural cheeses, and my students and I foods than all the lectures and just love them. They're great Don't Scratch That Itchl USE ITCH-ME-NOT— IN JUST 15 MINUTES, if the itch needs scratching, your 5Jto back at any drug counter. Quick - drying ITCH-ME-NOT quiets itch in minutes: kills germs to speed healing. Fine for eczema, insect bites, foot itch, other surface rashes. NOW at osco rmuc library books. The Orange Coast College instructor, an avid Sierra backpacker with her husband, took a short stroll recently through some thorny back lots to prove how supermarket habits had-blinded housewives to some of nature's little known specials. Indian Lore Many of her dinner specialties, such as tasty acorn bread, come from closely studying California Indian lore. The attractive young botanist began her stroll through a wide, weedy lot where once the city trolley ran, and smiled as she approached a clump of bright green, ordinary looking stems. "This is what I call cheese weed," she said, scooping her hand down into the bush and pulling up a fistful of tiny pods, ossing them into her mouth ike peanuts. put down for RAM): your brand of mm Don't shoutl Tel! It your way with Rand: The Fand Shoe for man. Rand speaks your language... tells It straight. Every step of the way. Show 'em how you stand. Put your toot down for Rand. gLflOMETHING XPECIALb, ^ for that EXTRA SPECIAL GUY! W BLOOM lALC8SU*«. ILLINOIS 228 E. MAIN ST QUAWT M »AM»Y UIST PHONE 342-2013 for natural snacks or in salads," Mrs. Clarke .said. Picking her way through a big patch of wild alfalfa and barley, snagging their burrs in her shoes, Mrs. Clarke explained that the wild oats were cousins to wheat and perfect for grinding up into flour She grinds them up in her blender, throws in a few capfuls of wild cattail flour and bakes delicious, dark sweet breads. Later, she hopped in her car for a short drive to a vacant lot by Pacific Coast Highway. "This is my 'supermarket lot," she grinned, collecting wild artichokes, baby tomatoes and tender wild beet leaves. Weed Cookbook Mrs. Clark, who got her master's in botany at UCLA and now teaches part time at two community colleges, is gathering notes and recipes fer a forthcoming "weed cookbook." * "Foraging for food gets people curious all the time, and occasionally they stop and ask what I'm doing. "When I tell them—wow— they're all eyes and ears and suddenly they want to know alt there is about wild, edible plants. I like that. Women especially get turned on when they see how much food money they can save," she says, "Of course, not everyone's interested," shrugged Mrs. Clarke. "One man's meat is another man's poison, and I've gotten to the point where don't try to crusade. But they are missing so.much, and 1 do feel sorry for, them." She recalled one woman who was about to^ have her big vacant lot bulldozed clear of its wild barley patch. "When I asked if 1 could pick some of it," said Mrs. Clarke, "the woman said, 'Oh, my goodness, what on earth for?' When I told her I could make cereal and bread from the Wley kernels, the woman just' laughed and said, 'take what you want, this lot is just such a mess.'" "Can you imagine?" chuckled Mrs. Clarke, "here was all this free food and she just thought it Was a 'mess.'" Just before efiding her unusual shopping trip, Mrs. Clarke helped herself to a snip] of anise root stem and chewed heartily, smiling at the strong licorice taste. i "That's good, and people pay 50 cents for a little bunch at the store, when it grows all around us." [and sows, fluttervflte, ftW. t spent Che Juno 8-10 weekend with hiis parentis, Mr. mi Mm. Clifford Anderson, a«l otar retoUves here. Berwick Couples Hosts to Visitors (BtfitRAVBlCSK - Mt t flwd Mrs. | (Mr. and Ml«. Jetty Andeftson Floyd Stegall, Janesville, Wis., viaied Mr. iamd Mm. Rddlwd Sbegalt land Mr. and Mrs, Ctalrc WAor here June 8-10. Mr. iamd Mrs. Lenoy Hull wore guests June 8-10 of heir brother, Don Lowiry, md his ifaiwily a ! t |Maiyfiiaird, Iowa. Mr. md Mrs. Bent Sbocfowdl spent June 10 with Mr. and Mrs. Donald iStockwell, iL»dkridge,| Jowia. Harry S Truman was believed to be the first U.S. president to ride in a submarine. He made a short cruise and a dive in a captured German U-boat, in November, 194(1. READ THE WANT ADS1 O.T. Johnson Co., Gatesburg's Greatest Store Since 1862! NEW AT O.T.'s! BALCONY Nixon Estate Remodel Bill Up 10 Tunes SANTA ANA, Calif. (UPI) More than $414,000 in government money has been spent on President Nixon's Pacific Coast estate — more than 10 times what the White House originally said—the Santa Ana Register reported Wednesday. On May 26, the White House, in response to questions generated by Register stories, about the estate, told The New York Times that government-paid improvements to the Western White House cost $39,525. The Register said building permits on file at San Clemente, where the 10-room villa overlooking the Pacific is "ocated, indicate the President paid $10,950 out of his own pocket for home improvements. The White House has said previously that work billed to the government had been ordered by the Secret Service to protect the President. That included the $184,174 worth of. electrical work, which the White House said was needed to power security devices, and $76,000 for landscaping work, to plant shrubs blocking lines of vision from outside the estate. The Register said other projects billed to the govern ment included: $9,000 for a 272-foot sewer connection; —$2,400 for septic tank repairs; —$3,990 for work on the roof; —$10,612 for .roadways, driveways and a parking area; —$2,800 for work on the swimming pool; —$3,360 for work on a storage shed. Deputy White House Press Secretary Gerald L. 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