Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 18, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1947
Page 2
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j:\GK 2—NAUOATrCK NEWS (CONK,), SATURDAY, JAN. 18, 1947 Trumans Aid 'March Of Dimes' DREW PEARSON r^ ON .-.-; °lhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: New Senate Judiciary Committee Far From Dignified; FDR Jr. Blasts Handling Of Housing For Vets; Church Leaders Study Labor Picture \Vasliiir^'ton—^yiiun the iivera,yo Ainc-rioan thinks ol' tin- Somite •Jurliciary (,'ommittec, lie thinks, of ti digni- I'irtl Lcrou|> of 1 oj;-is I a tors solemnly pondoring important ic^'.'il problems. "\Vlien (In; new Judiciary Committee met in c.vcciilivc session tli<.> other morning, that, however, \vns non I In 1 pivviiiling jitmospliero. Nor is it likely to be (Iunng the iiii.vt two years, in view of the strong porson- ••ilitif's sinin.y on opposite sides of. tho table. N'ew cliairman is pontifical Sc-nator Alexandor Wiley (if Wisconsin. Republican, \vlto never did get along with j poinpoiis Senator Fat MeO\rran of Nevada. McCarran is' iinw rniiking Democrat, on the Committee, while the ranJ\- ing KYpiiblic'Hii hehind Wiley is fearless, mipmlictahlo Seinitor Kill hanger of Xorth Dakota.. Cummittee mem- lu-rs ,'ii'e Ioo7<ing t'np some houutii'iil scraps. A forerunner c'.ime this week. McO.irran wn« arguing for an early decision regarding committee per- .•lonni-l— how many clerks and sec- would be assigned to th<; Pi-mocraf.i. find which members of tho st;,|T. Testily, Chairman Wiley advised: "Hold your horses." "I nm holding my horses, but I can't hold them forever while you nmke up your mind," shot back McCamin. "I xi'es.-i I should have said 'hold your j^ckussu-s,;'• replied Wiley, lii:: t':icc» liffhtinx up in appreciation <,!' his own svit. •'vVhon f think of jacka.HSOs." roi-nttrod the Democratic Senator lYurn iN'i'Vitda, "1 think of you." '•you'd b t- 11 o r lie Ciireful." FDK Jr., Blasts Mousing The ortlce of new housinf; expediter Frank Creedon Is still re- verberatinjr from a tongue-lash- inp administered by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., over veterans housing, F, D. R. Jr., won out but before •some un-parlorlike language singeti the lonK-distance wires between Washington and New York. The son of the late President had earned of «in order on veterans' rental housing, sent confidentially to regional housing officials, by which the American Legion would iavc dominated nationwide meet- on veterans' rental problems. The order instructed field officials i n g, The "March of Dimes" drive for funds to'coinhnt. hifandlu .;j)aru.lysU Is officially opoiKMl by Mrs. Hurry S. Trinmtn (right) and her di'iugli- tur, Margaret, UK thi'.v drop contributions Into a 1 milk buttle at a booth In downtown \V:ishiMf, r ton. In center In John K. Yotingr> FreNl- dcnt of the District of Columbia Board of Conunissionerii. • (International) What's Doing InNaugatuck A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day .Ian. 1M West Side Community Club, installation of officers ;md dance. Eeucon Falis fire dupttrtmenl dan.ce. .Tun. 19 Basketball, St. Francis St. Lucy's at Columbus Hall. Health^ Talks "Wise Handling Of B'nhv's rCarly Fears Holds Laws Won't g End Hotel Fires HarlBburf? Pa. (UP)—Laws aimed at tho p'reventiph<-of -hotel fires are •silly.", injfthe ..opinion of Franklin Moore, pro'eident- of 1 the Intcr-Amer lean Hotels' Association.. ,He sava you can declare It Illegal t'o- emoke In . bed,. but "that won't keep people from being negligent.' Moore said adherence to this pattern Is more likely to do the trick: •. ' .'•••'•'' • ' ' ' ' 'Education, through effective publicity'rnoB.ti* of hotel guests not to smoke-'in'-bed and'-'not to leave their-.'rooms -. unless' Instructed,r"in case of fire. ' 2. f -.<|)t well^ruii •\Vhtchmnn systeni to patrol every ball ucveral lime's an.h'iur, lWTi properly trained hotel staff to prevent -fires, hoop them from spreading- when discovered, and to instruct guosla to check loss of life by avoiding panic Salem Next 2 Days Scientist Soothes iQuarry-Jittery Town • .Lyons, III. (UP>-—An atomic scientist has reassured this community that It will not be shaken to pieces by dynamite blasts in the local quarry. ' A town meeting was held for discussion of the problem of the explosions that shook the ground two or three times every -week. ~ then sought,,, advice Don Leet, associate Residents from Dr. L,. — '• - ', professor of geology • at Harvard It is the most natural thing in 'University in charge of the^ seis- the world for children 10 *e afruiU. | -niogrupli stution. Dr. Leet designed In fact, two fears, the fear of loud j the instruments which tented the noises and the- fear of falling, | explosion of the atomic" bomb in seem to be inborn and every tiny New Mexico. Leet .sent an engineer to Lyons with the same instruments. The town is safe, he reported. Metdodist Youth Fellowship, mect- (;n.-;jpccl Wiloy. "This la a jackass ; to contact Legion and Chamber ofj Congregational Youth Fellowship, that, will kick." Commerce representatives to assist ' meeting. "I'm ;iot worried," said McCnr- in sponsoring- the meetings. ran. 'Tvr alwuysi been able to step h'lnk out of the way in time." PIEftPONT'S Ki>;;iKt(!r«d Jewelers, Alncrli-uii Gi'm Socluty J.j.'f JiAXK STICKUT It so happens that both the Legion and the Chamber of Commerce vigorously opposed the Wyatt housing program, yet no nlthcr organizations were men tioned by name in the otlicial order. When F. D. R., Jr., national housing chairman of the American Veteran.-! Committee, was shown a copy of the confidential order, he grabbed a telephone and put in a call to new housing expediter i; Creedon, Creedon had iett for the ;; day, so the call svas taken by a special assistant, .Willlflm E. O'Brien, "I'm new on the job here," O'Brien pleaded when young Roosevelt began to protest about the ordor. "I'll check and call you back tomorrow morning." "Well, you'd better make damn sure thnt memorandum is changed," declared Roosevelt. Koosevt'lt Oppose.* 7.,fijrion O'Brien called Hack next day to explain that the order had been j issued by Federal Housing Admin- jlistrator Raymond Foley. Creedon I? | had nothing to do with it, O'Brien n lie 51 "I don't care who is responsible; changed," demanded ... , 'All flvev of the major ; - v -ui,-aU 1 cK. ui Nautfatuck Jan.[veterans groups should be asked to SUMI-VS. <ista "VS. Mrs. Mary Margaret jj wan t it >-oni.i) nC !>4 L,oun.sbury stret -., | Roosevelt. ". meeting. Beacon Valley Grange dance. Basketball, Morticians against Hot Wires at Y. M. C. A. Jan. 20 Membership dessert-bridKe, Nau- gdtuck Woman's club, St. Michael's Guild meeting. . . Jan. 21 Y's Men's club, meeting. Nnugatuck Young Republican club dinner meeting. Salem Lutheran church annual meeting. St. Francis branch (if Connecticut Catholic. Women, meeting in St. Cecelia's hall. Executive Voard meeting, Naugatuck Teachers League. Friendship Circle, Imirmnuel Lutheran church. Illustrated luc-lure, Mrs. Winifred Walker, sponsored by Men's Fellowship, Hillside Congregational church. Jan. 22 Annual mer.-ting, Valley Teachers League in Ansonia. Playmakers, St. Michael's church, monthly meeting. Women's Society of Christian Service, Methodist church meeting. iliin. 2.S Church council meeting, St, Pau'.V. Lutheran church. biiby will display them. A : s*time goes on, these fears will be less marked and others wili take their places. Th'is each age has its own particular fea>-s and parents s.'iould recognize them for what they are, stages in growth, For instance, tho fact that.a five against ( ol , s j x months old baby cries when a strange. person comes near him bimply shows thut he has already learned to tell -the difference between the accustomed and the new, between friends :ind strangers. Deal Wisely Of course, a'.l this docs notmua-n that porents should ignore or dis- rug-ard a taby's fears. On the other hand, they should learn to deal wkh them wisely so that they H ooded Terror at Boston will not become set or ingrnncd, but will vanish as the baby's growing knowledge and experience gradually teach him their groundlessness. Now, a baby's knowledge is largely made up of halt-truths. By the time he is n. yeur old. he has learned that his parents, particularly his mother, are the source gf. all comfort :ind all safely. If goes away, even for a few mo- mt'ntjj, -he is to feel insecure, forlorn, and 'helpless. Ho has not yet developed the ..ability to look ahead, and :-.o he does not realize that she will soor, return. He only knows that she is gone and th-at wi--.h her nil liijht and .warmth a-nd 1 comfort havf> vanished from his world. This is the reason why babies of about this age to cry. every time their mothers leave the room. Some m-ofhui-s" fee! ttot, .'at this As-ah;>atl'olcHcont high school girl, beautiful- Jeanno Craln;J*. thrilled when liandHome French teacher Glenn Lnngim offer* to help clean her dreg* after they are cmhroilcd in an cnibarrawalnK lunch room accident.In "Marjrlc," which opens Sunday for 2 day* at the Salem Playhouse.,. L'ynn Bur) and comedian A/an Voting are featured In ', the gay and nostalgic film.> Crusher Casey's Mat Career May Be Ended Boston, Jan. 18-—(UP)—The en'l of a long mat career apparently has come for Steve "Crusher" Casey. The one-time fisherman 'from Snecm, Eire, is hospitalized j somc nlne hundred and (lf-ty, and with a paralyzed right leg and his ' a ca repus studded with twpical personal''physician says he irmy " p " ni " i " «'•"-">"»-'• »-.,;. JS __ _. ( .never enter the ring again. Casey's condition stems from a :hack ir.jury suffered in the Army. The injury was aggravated last week when Casey wrestled the "IS SALEM PLAYHOUSE LEAD SUNDAY, MONDAY Memories of high school usually tn» gayest, mcst no'stalgic and pleasaatest, especially if th.-i time was during the dazzling, dizzy, hectic and romantic twenties, BO Darry) F. iSanuck determined to film a translation of the "era of wonderful nonsense," The .lappy, hilarious result is Twen tieth Century-Fox's "Technicolor comedy-drama, "Margie," which opens Sunday for two days at the detri Playhouse. Concerning tten-.igers in a small high school, the .-tilery, in | sprightly f.j-shion, depicts the up- I roarlous antics and .rollicking goings-on in which every film fan can^soe himself participating. As a fflfckground for the high school sequences, the University of Nevada, one of the .smallest in- the country, with a registration oJ ISSUE* CHAI.T.KNGK The St. Michael-B Whiz Kids of Beacon Falls would' like to pla-y (james wth teams their age .17, IM7. Funeral Monday morn-1 participate ;n tho rent i.-::,- at S: 15 o'clock from Kjtz- Furthermore, labor, cons ;:--rald Funeral Home, 320 North clvic Croups should be r. if. Mtrrstit to St. Mary's church o't-luck. Burinl in St. <:i'inf:tery. Friends may call meetings, nsumer and represented in addition to business leaders." (I ho,V, t . tonight from 7 I'll do at Q'Erien my best," promised 'J to JO m. .Ian. ^5 Valley Player;! party. Ladies' auxiliary, V. F. W. party lune,-,. nom... tomgnt from 7j ,, T won . t bc Katisflcd wilh an l " . J0 .. ClClt>Ck und bundt 'y f'-om thing less than a complete changr |of the order," said Roosevelt, i "Otherwise, I intend to blast this lining \vidc open in the newspapers." A Hhort time later, Roosevelt's Mew York telephone began buzzing Ofruin. This time Sam Riddiok, O!!!cia!s of the National Catholi, Ci-ecdor.'s expert on veterans' af- I'-Volfarc conference, who took r fairs, was on the line. I loading part in the Eallimoremect "What's the trouble, Frank?" he in S' rllso wl " be invited to the STILL AVAILABLE! ! A liuiil.'d number of C'nthollc niul .!'r< rrlitcli.iis ciili-n- <l:irs. rii' ti'lopliiiin: If you «li-sir«' nut!. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home S3 I 'A UK I Tcli-phnnii Woman's auxiliary, Hillside Congregational church,' Jan, 24 Pond Hill Community club part> Congregational church Youth Fol lowship dance. Theater party, Twenty Plua clul of Methodist church. the 1 baby should kept in u thics" tor management -1 a b o FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur All OroiHloim 1TOWEKS TELEGRAPHED MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO BCBDER AVENTTK Telephone C220 ................... rr<fr Ttl j inquired. "You've tossed a bombshell into the agency down here." "I'm going to begin tossing somo real bombshells unless that order ia withdrawn and amended," replied Roosevelt. "What are you trying to do—turn the housing program over 'to the Chamber of Commerce and Paul Griffith of tho American Legion?" Eidclick assured Rooievelt that the A. V. C. and all other vevt groups would be cqualy represented at thi rental meetings. He also promised to see that local housing expediters set up advisory committees of the five veterans' groups to meet with business, labor and civic, leaders in different communities. "Veterans who have the consumer, not the producer, viewpoint should bo named to the committees," said Roosevelt. I mean \vjr veterans v.-ho have had housing problems of .their own. Church and Labor It hnsn't been announced offlclal- ', but prominent church leaders iire beginning an important be- ,h:nd-the-.3cone.s study in connection with the Government's efforts to maintain Industrial 'peace. There have been several private meetings recently at which both. Protestant and Catholic clergymen sat down and traded ideas with industrial and labor spokesmen, on the question of labor relations. | Already one important meeting ! has been held at the McCoi-mick ; Spice Company plant in Baltimore, i one of the pioneers in profit-sharing and enlightened labor relations. The study will roach full-dress proportions at a meeting In Pittsburgh, February 18 to 20. to be sponsored by the Federal Council of the Churches of Chcist. Churchmen and lay leaders, representing industry and labor, will be brought together to draft a "code ot moral Pittsburgh Protestant conference. While the .churchmen deny that that they are endeavoring to make religion .1 "bargaining factor" in tha of labor disputes they feel 'that the church should p!ay a tlcftnile part in improving ,vork and pay standards. They also 'JCliove .it is the. duty of the church .o inject a "greater sense of moral responsibility, and 'understanding" In bargaining between employer.", and employes. (Capyright, 1047, by The Bell Syndicate. Inc. Now At Strand piny pen, out of harm's way, wnllc they co about their v/ci-k. This rmij bo a very bad idea, because R fends only to increase the baby's feeling of anxiety and insecurity and thus to make hini m-oro and more dependent on • his mother. Bah.v on Floor According to Dr. Bcn.iamir. Spock of New York, il may be a r-niich belter plan to let tho baby out on the floor. Then, if ho wants' '.o be his mother hi? cnn creep or walk to her. After ho is with her for a while, he will be satisfied anc! then will probably" movn nw.iy into another room. Slowly but surely hu will increase his independence and will no longer cry when his mother is not around. The mother may hesitate to allow the bn-by to bc cut of the- -play pfrn for fear that he will damage tha furniture or break the vases around (-he room, But, of course. things can be so aminfrcd that bronknbio objects ;u-o not within his rcncli. As I -have solcl. when the bibJj> s between six months r--.nd a. year of age, he may beg-in- to develop -n feiir of strangers. If this is il- on-ed to continue, it no: only wil! cnusc trouble wben he begins '.to nir.jrlo with other children, but may oven curry over into -adult ife. The best cure U to give the bjby plenty of opportunity to get ised to outsiders, particularly oth- " children. Of course, children not begin .to play with other Children very well -until they art wo or three years. of agr. ivv . Tho mother should try : to be with her baby ciurkiff the first -two years .-of lift? as much'- as" 'pbssfble, ospeohilly when there'"t!fe strang-- ers present. But, of course, It is equally important not to" be over- prc-tcctivc. ... Attention (o these 'few simple matters may do ;much to avoid tears and anxieties that can b.> ruinous in adult Jife. ' " Ki-oupj up to 13 years of age or up to eighth grade in school. They will playjgithcr away or at home. In-ter- estcul teams may contact George Mitchell. Tel. Niiug. -1579. DOG SHOW Dog-s will have their day Feb. 15. The eightieth annual all-brood dog show will be staged at Hartford by the First Company, Governor's Foot Guard Athletic association. ON The Shade Tobacco Growers' Agricultural association have gone on record as favoring legislation regulating yptith labor in agriculture. The action followed a recent attack by the State Labor depart men-t upon tobacco growers' alleged mishandling of young employes. More than 25,000 different polt- age stamps have been issued- b^ i the various world governments. "" • +***rf •••••*•,** f*^r*,~+ r ^rf+ ELECTRIC IRONS ' $2.95 WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 153 CHURCH STREET HUNDBEUS OF VALUES! January Clearance SALE at BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP 130 SOUTH'MAIN ST. Wuterbury Pi-aide State" brick buildings, was | used. Lovely Jeanne" Cr.ain is starred ;n the title role with Glenn Lan«-an. Lynn Bari and cracker-jack Comedian Alan Young in key - featured roies. Jea.-i'ne gives an authentic portrayal of a high nchooi girl with ;t crush on the new French teacher, played by PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery I CAfl DAMAGKI) A car parked on Church street near Park place was slightly dani- last night when it was hit by a car operated by Aibert Brewer, AJIerton road. Mr. Brewer reported the accident to the Police station., saying- the sudden failure of the brakes on his car caused the accident.. He estimated damage to his car as less than S25. CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 St. Francis CYO * o f A-fc^. •V.i.OL * " Meets St Lucy', At Columbus HaO St. Kroncis CYO lean, w i,i St. Lucy'a of Waurbury afternoon at 2 o'clock «• Hall in a rceularly contest. St. HedwisX th« boroun,.. wiiiy in the loo, w ' Peter and Pauls Tuexdtv et 7 o'clock at the V Park Community Hou«e bury. R&P METAL 9» SO. MAIN STREET Kxpnrt W,:ldln* of 1 oncinur, sheet M Ornamental Steel Sh« et and Bar Metal for V. Telephone 6.W7 FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS! ! NAT'S 410 North Main 8t Colon TEL. I1M PHILCO Complete Line of CARMOTE PAINTS for Interior and exterior us<>» SLEDS — $5.75 up Union City Hardware 8W X. MAIN' ST. Union City M. Ratkiewich, Prop. W. .1. Stokes, Mgr. TeLfitfl 413 Xo. Main St. Union CW| Store Open Friday CnUI 9 O'clock Davis Beauty Shoppe 74 CHURCH STREET INTRODUCING ITS NEW STAFF OF HAIR STYLISTS... MEN'S and WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including white Shoe Skates for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL! 6162 Nnupntuok, Conn. JANE Victor Mature is tho reckless, gun-tiho.itinc terror of Tombstone, Ariiona, In John Ford's "My Darling Clementine." Presented by Darryl F. Zunuck, the 20th Century-Fox film is now at the Loew's Strand theater, Wa. '..''' terbury. WELL -• DOG-GONE Don't be a dunce, learn the true economy and 'convenience .of our modern laundry service . . . Here your lauadry is given .exacting.'care—returned to you .fresh, beaulifuHydqno . . . and our charges are mod- crate. AMERICAN '* "*• iY }. A t' N.ll'tt 1 -. ; • ~ Waterbury - FOR RANGE Oil TEL: 56is Bill's Fuel Oil. Service D9 Woodland Street "Bill" Marlnelll, Prop. MARY EXPERIENCED IX ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE LATEST IN HAIR STYLES — FRENCH BRAIDS- HIGH WAVY POMPADOURS- UP-DOS and PAGE BOYS- MANICURES — FACIALS — DYES BLEACHES — ETC. BRECK SCALP TREATMENTS FOR DANDRUFF Mjiy We Conlinno to Servo You As AVc Have For Tho P;»st 7 Years CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IX NEW QUARTERS : ' ' AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. 3319 ,-7 .RADIOS, —v — PHONOGRAPHS — . Radio .- .Phono Combinations RADIO- REPAIR •SERVICE SHOPPE HOURS MONDAY THRU FRIDAY,'S» TO <i SATURDAY, 9 TO 1 TELEPHONE 0104 Owner-Mjinnger— MARION (DAVIS) SHIMER MADGE

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