Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 18, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1947
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EEPOR1 THE WEATHER t Massachusetts. Rhode Island and Conncciicut -• ' in- ••rally fair with some high cloudiness. Tnc.°ea«ln£ cloudiness and somewhat colder "nDx-ni and jsui:«!i.v followed by light snow or rain Lite Sunday. "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" ESTABLISHED 1885 SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 1947 Leased Wire Service, of the United Press Price Four Cent* Prepare For Election Uprising Press) (l!y M'AUT.MKXT D IH.fs.iri, linvi- been injured, 0111; i-rit!< i :ill. v ' '" " "'''' '""' «M'I<"1»» n-|ili-li I'lriiniilHlii'd a" ii|<iirtmrilt hnii-tr i"i Clevrlaml's Kust Sitln ihN iiiiiriiliii;. 1'iiliri' xii.v tin- II nrr^oiK .'lie In hospitals :in<l Ihnt liii-l-i- is a|i ii-sllillily that there .-m In- "in 1 »r Uvu lifidli-N ill tin• I'KK C \V:i!.liini:ii"i '\n increase in Llic ,/-i-tiiil (irii-i- nl' sugar KUOM Into .^'iM't M>H:iy. Thf f;ost to Lilt; ctm- illlHT. v.|;i':l 111" li'mrit is fi'il in -iKil niitl'-t-i. v/ill !><• one cent (,:!. fur i::n:li five pounds, Voted Prettiest, Handsomest .1ACXJUKKVN SCIIMITZ J'reltlcst .TAJIKS VANASSE llandMomest •riir'iiiflyii SrlimitK. dau^hliT nf Jnhn Sclmiit-/., 10S Meadow street, ivus i-li-ctcil the prettiest Kiel) In tl lass of I!U7 lit senior <'IasH olee- tluiiN held at 111.- NaiiKatuek IliKli Kulioul. .lames Vallnsse, son of Mr. mid Mrs. diiliii Vaiuisse, \r>\! M:iy street, was voted handsomest hoy. Wii»lilnKliin — Korini'V Dcinocnit- ic C'itai;»ui^n 1.1'iidt'? James Fiic- |,.y pri-dii'ts il!.:t I'n -.idrnl 'I'ru- ni'un run "i" f'"' «»<• Whltf llnnsc In liMH if hi' chuiist's ID. l'':irli'.v s,lV> (!t:il (lllVt'l'IH,! 1 'J'hulllllH I)»'*V- rj nf \i-\i 1 Y<itl\ is uhr.i;! Ill (lie rin'f Kir tin 1 Ki'piililican prcsl(l"ii- iiiiiiilr.iitinii. i>Oo ------- V,'.-.x!i;i:;rt":i Tdf I'ltuil pence :i-;i r .ii'.i wiih Hiiiy, Hurr.imln. hiii ; 'ari ( L. i flint. 1 ..'! i-y and l''inlatui :r, i' !,'•;::;• nvidij puhlil- today. Hur :ii" '-al..'' 1 '''xt o! thr> tix'/it- !••.-• hH'l lici'i) i!'\-";ilc'd curlier diir- in-.' i!"X"'iii'.i"n.-i in 1'arLi and New Yi.i-k. ..... nOo CKGKS TKST .Vi'i- v»rl>— »lnlin Fnsiirr Dillli'S, Id IHllillrun fnri'ljrn affair* cx|irrl, luis nr^'i il uii i ..... iin:!.'lc fi'ilrrn- tlon uf \vrsd'rn I'ln'ope. 'i'hls pro- |IOi:il Is NITM IIS It'lltlill^ tk> LI ll'St l:c/ifr/-M Jl>'()Ul.'llrjiT)»; ami l)rnt<>- i ruts IIVIT present Anicrk'Un f»r- plijn pnlicv. iiOi. ------- NKW nKVKf.OI'MKXT ,\'.-v, :,„•',: A I'. S, public health ,'U'rvicf ciootol rnports a new cli'- '..'[upini'nr in the fi>,'hl aj;j'inTU iuli-.-riili.:.:-;. Tin- iluctur miyn i'.v- Red Cross War Report Shows Over 365 Millon Dollars Expended For Armed Forces iiii a 1 nc pi 1 : ;r.n'nt:i ! ilaii-rl fidin Cnlll'iirnia ri.-n h.-n I'.hfiv/n that the me- i-t.-irdM T-R in ox- ariiairi Is. i.On furl nt Spuiii, Trlnldtid—A scr- '•s nf u-.ysti'i'iou*. uets uf snlinln.;;'e ic- pn ntpli'd tin- Ti-ifiUltid li-tfi.'i- idin- In JIIP'S u hill uivliiK uii- isli-ii-ti il I'.-neruom-.v power* I" 111' ItiiVlTllill 1 . 'fill- M-.lllUlllgl' — fhii'li I- (M-i-plo.Nim; iiullinrhli-N -Ini-liiili's •ii-Mlng fires l'i nil •'•IN ili';iinliii: public rescr- More Than Four Million Unpaid Volunteer Workers i Served In 3,750 Chapters! . ..„.....,.! ..„..,•,., ];-v i..-i\v thf 1 urner--' ican ' Red Cross roso to j •,r;i: erm-rfronriiOK pr'.'.'iti'd throughout j !>/•' world during the- \var years < ..i-..., :-,-•(•—n'.ly r 'Icrised in Washing- i ton. Thr report (--overs tin; years ' from July, 1939. to July, 19-lG. | Hfifi! u'Ciirinoi-. niitional chair- , :\:±r\. in n foreword, said that the > ied Crciw* v.'ns able to expand its ' .-r.-!fi. pnrtiam bclh ovoiscas and | it li'ir.u- riV-cause Che r"' n P^' of : \mrrira "n-vf>nr:di'd magnificently i .o i!ii< ni.-rxis of humanity." NJW- war tiTivi^formfd the Am-- .'rie'in Na',!:-. :!<:! liftl Cross into ;<. hty u'ni.-.n:iry to carry comfort. I' «nil ehOT'i' to American servicemen • j :i:i: w-u-l-i :ivr is told in the si-ven- ' ! vcfir r-p.jrl, cnvi't-ing the war i vc us. ! i U'.:ile this report covers the : m.i.'t signinc.'int period in Lho or;' ganli'.iitior.'s hi-iiary. Mr. O'Connor. ; fi.inu-i'l i-ut Red Cro.-:s rospon- j .siliility in rnililary nnd veterans ; si-i-vic'i s i; still large-scale and; I r.iuiii MO continue; for r.evt-ral years.: Likewise, i" 1 .^aiil. tliu lumpo of 1 ! i-h .j.:<-r (•.•o.'iimunity services in! hi-:i!lh. sriU-ty. and disaster rulin Heads Delegation : niig I;.'" <l • .hini'lm .Mon; lhnn !"',- f'V<iit,i| lit ;i/,;i:;ns ;ire rxpeCt'-d to ','.u lii tin- |in||.-: tniliiy to l.'luinse fi'ili-riil r.iatiM. Thi- election l'i;l- l'iv.-M mi'- iif th-' hntl-'Ht political I Women Receive Gifts At Cooking Demonstration ;!i' !-n:'il wutnon Attend-! in;; srho >1 demonstration .•ifti'rn-i'Hi ill the audit"!-'• C'luini-otieiit Light »Sr ; I 1 '"'.-;- di. im Maple street, c.m-' ilii<-t'-,i i.y .\;|SM Miu-thfi Logan, llfiii" K.-unniiiist I'm' Swift & Co., ?•«':•>: ••! I,;,- Mi.-* .vr-irgiirut Chagrin!. ''•'-. it I 1 , C'n.,. [economist. i'i:r:n^ tho tu-i.-hmir .-n-sslon MNs '•"Kin |n-,-[i-,red im apricot upsidi:-1 'l"Wn cjilt--, c'i nui butterscotch | Mi-. Swvdi,:;! nii-at ring, pectin ten, j 'l"ii!:i:mits. yeast rolls und cup, '"lliiv. •'' nuiR-trating the correct deep '"'• I'I-.VI:IL; t.'chTiif|U.' she French- lr i''il onion ri:itr.i prior to frying il''iiih:n;t-i. showing no truce nf •'"inn i.-'. tho liter fried dough- : "hop |.,-.p.,..,,,! (doiij, were (uvnrci-i tu tlie filKisvlng: Mrs. Milton' :! . ii|)L'i'lo-iluwn tvike: Catherine "it'll.'i .'I. rolls; Mrs. William •I' 1 '"- nii-at ring; Mr.<. Klmoi Pi--: Mis. Mvli's Keating, r "P c-ikos. ''•ij;ht tiii-oe-cnn sets of houso- K'j<! (-IciiiiMi.f wi'n- presentocl: Airs. t j.»'n H.-uiinnif.r, Mrs. Charles ' ri1 '''. Mr*. .;,,,•,« O'Donnel!. Airs. •l^i'k'.-irot l-i. MeAv.iy. Mrs. John ''""'"-t. Mr*. Kito'n Abrnmson, ;"'*• J'-iinio Kohetlo, Mrs. Alartin "• c ' : u-iick, Jr. ',.,r ! '' ^"''-("Hind conttilncrs nf ro givon to: Mrs, Loo Mr.-i. Anna Molllco. Mu'ir- Churchill and Mrs. Ralph i.-- iricri-jBii-!'.:. ; | I ill." I'eak i Over .'if;/. If).000 pfrsons conlribut-' i , (! In Mi- .Uiierinii.-i Ki.-d C.'ross in ' ! its peak w:tr yenr, l!M. r ), holslering] i ;I.M re.-'uiirc-"< so ti-.iit nuvr-r bL'f'jre j 1 wi-iH it- s-". vic-e.-i --.\tendod so far to j . -:n in-iiy. la- n-port disclosed. I The report shou's U::it wh<-n tho ' 1 cU'iurls "f war began to mass, sor-; I vk'-s : :: l.'i" millMry wore stepped! | up riir'tiniied to expand. Sur] vie 1 - i'Xpvntlituie-1 exclusively for I :h.- armed force-: -m-I suhsequcnt- 'ly for veter.m:t tot'ildd $.".(15.Sl.t;,S!S ,- ,c t'le .Mcvcn-.v-ar fieriocl. Tutal American Ui:d Cross ox- p-ndlturei for I!i39-Ui (Juno ISO) An avorago of -l,2-l';,000 unpaid' vjiluntoer workers in S.TTiO chtip-j t-:-s rtorvr-d the organix.mion each | of the seven ye irs. In this total, an I iivt-rnge -.if 2..138,000 members of the | iruine-.l voluntc--r corps nlor.u gave! ni-iirly :i hillici.i hours i>f .-torvice. i In the lO.Vp-ig-.- report, illustrated ; with graphs and eh-irts, cither out- p .<t:inil:ng facts include: ! In tho l.iloocl donor prosixim for the Army and .Vnvy. fi.fJH.1.121 Americans contributed 13,.1^li.OOO pints of hlooil. More than $70,000.000 was loaned ' hy the Amerienn Rorl Cross at' crimps ;itid hospitals to servicemen nnd women in the four yours from I!i-l2 to trio jirosetit. More thnn riS.nCO cnmniunity orgnn- WIM.IAM G. liOIRS A delegation (if 20 mm and Wdinen from th(^ NaujjuUlch \. M. C. A. Ifd hy William Holes, prt-siiltMit, are alt.omling tile With annual convention of the Connecticut Slate V. M, C, A. ill Hartford today. Kdward Me- (iriiili, it mi'.-nher of'the Mtiuga- tuek I'uo1\vi-ar I'iiblic Relatiims st:iff will he a speaker on the griitil) mei'tiiig on Industry. through American Rod Cross over- sons emergency relief activities to- tilled 7,v,053,320. Overseas relief in- i.-Uid.-H distribution of Red Cross chapter-produced garments; milk- i'-odin;; jirogrnrns; furnishing drug, food, medical, rind educational supplies; nnd rourganii'.ntion of com- i.iuinty huiilth and welfare services •n WMi--:iff(.'Cted eilic.",. Attendance at club facilities, in- r.-luclhig loavr- clubs, cantouns, rc- C'ri':»tion (.'t.-nt<;ii;, sr.acl\ bars, and reul homw totalod more than S2,- OuO.C-DO in a single month during tho pciik opeiation of clubs with the American military throughout the .In its educational, health, and geiionil wolfVu-e aoiivit.ios for the pdi'idd. 'ho Amercan Red Cross ' doubled Junior Red Cross enroll- . linn-it (in si single year and n half, ending June 19-lfi Junior Red Cross , piovided 7.000 medical chests to i care for 8.000,000 children overseas! for 3 months); spent S5.778,632 in! educ.-iting tho nation in first aid, , \vat-r sat'oty.' .-'nd accident prevention: trained LCDS.050 men and women in homo nursing'; and made, j through its public health nurses, C,- inC'.-IC-i visits. During tho seven year period , 119..WO nut.scs were recruited by! I - K.E.Johnson Heads Boy Scout Council Naugatuck Resident Elected At Annual Meeting Last Night In Waterbury Kenneth K, Johnson, Naugatuck was elected president of the Mat tatuck Council of Boy Scouts last night at the annual meeting ot Council officers held at the Hole: Elton, Waterbury. William R. Moody, Nnugatuck was elected for a two year term to the Executive Board as a mem b'or-at-largn. David V. Babson, Boy Scout executive, reported at the meeting that membership in the Muttatuck Council this year had increased to a new high. Mr. Bubson complimented the Naugatuck Boy Scouts saying; that they set an excellent example for the rest of the troops. Mr. Babson said that a total of i 3.H29 Cubs, Scouts, senior Scout leaders and registered adults wore added to the rolls during 19-iC. a gain of more than 100 over J945. Muttatuck Council Scouts re sponded to 12 major appeals made by civic and naiionn! agencies in addilion to an unrecorded number of minor ones, ii was reported. Troops of Naug;ituck look honors at the Council meeting with the announcement thtU of the 1-1 troops to be awarded special acl- I'ancemonl plaques for having at- tainod satisfactory records of advancement during tho past yenr. four are from Nnugatuck. The Naugatuck troops arc: Troop 2, sponsored by tho Congregational church; Troop 7. sponsored by St. .Michael's church; Troop IS. sponsored by the West Side Communi ty club'; und Troop 1 of Beacon Kails. Francis Clark, chairman of the Naugatuck district'; _said-- the- awards will bo presentee! to the troops at the Father and Son ban- (Uict to be held Fob. 33 at St. Mi- chfio'.'s church, Kounii-Up A round-up -it tho S'late Armory in which more than 2,000 Scouts, Seniors and Cubs took part was ono of the highlights of the year . Report. 5 : on cimpir.g activities, leadership ti-.-'inin'j,', organization, and finance wore niso given at the Attending- from Naugatuck were: , Francis Clark, district chairman; i OlilTo'.cl Ti-cple, district commissioner; William R. Moody, chair- mar, for training of personnel: and Mr. Johnson. Mr. CV-u-k attended a mooting of district chairman held before the Council mooting. Tho chairman discussed .0 proposal that tho Pom- porciug district of Boy Scouts be divided into two districts. Tho question is to be settled at a later West Side Community Club Officers Claim Terrorists Plan Attacks On Polling Places Naugy Beats New Britain I'AUI, O'BJilKN I'rcsldent -M1JS. MATTHKW HOUSTON Secretiiry i WII.FREI> WKBST X'icc-rrcsideiit K AI.HERT I.AWI.OK Kinaiiciiil fiecrftiiry 1'iiul O'Brien ai.-tl associate officers of the West Side Community eSnli will he installed at exereises ti'iiiKlit in the American Brass association country club at S o'clock. Other officers to assume duties t! :VVilfrcd Webster, vice-president; Mrs. Miitthew Houston, rocord- -swcTffnr.v^" Albert -Iiawlor,. fiiuincial • -HccwtBry; GcoxKe-Aspell. trnasnrcr; ilosi-pli DeJ.i:oa, retiring; president, Mrs. Edward WllUum Canlfield, Mrs. Fred I*ray. Malcolm Wilson, Robert William Moody, William Gerard, Mrs. Lawrence Monroe, Robert Kinitc, Mrs. IJussel Avers, .John .McCtillons'li, directors. Folloirinp the ceremonies danclnp will he held from !l ;.o I o'clock, with music liy Abel's orcliestra. Council officers elected wore: President, Mr. Johnson, Naugatuck: vice-presidents, Louis A. Walsh, Paul B. Ear-ton, New Milford; G. Horace Baldwin nnd Waller H. Doacon, both ot Wuterbury. Also, treasurer, Edward S. Wot- kyn?; assistant treasurer. Frank J. Kenney; county commissioner, -J. Miltsr. Burrall, Jr.. and National C.iuncil representative's, Mr. Walsh. Mr. Burrall and Mr. Johnson. Success Favors Sierakowski After Third Effort To Make Skating Rink At Hop Brook Joe Healy Bottles Up Visitors Scoring Ace In Second Half Of Rough Game By TO.M KG AN Mr. Joseph Healy of the Freeman lane Healys is a very handy man to have on a basketball team. Joseph demonstrated this fact be| '.'ore a crowd of 1,000 spectators [ at the Watcrbury armory ! night. Incidental to his dumonstra- i tion, Naui r atuc!t beat New Britain | High school, rifi-45. The game 1 marked the ninth win in 11 con; tests for the Garnet and the sixth I loss in ten contests for New Brit- j ain Before Joe got around to giving ; evidence of his extreme utility, i :' New Britain was well on the way j I to providing, what would have bee;i j out of the biggest upsets of the | current basketball season. j Capl. Wajt Slrar.oski, New Brit- ;' ain forward,, was the man whose : sparkling performance came near ' to turning 'over tlfc wpplc cart. In the first half. St'nceski by himself scored only five less points ! than (he entire Naugsuuck learn, j In the second half he was intro- I duced lo Mr. Joseph Hewly. ' That move made it a different ; i ball game. Joseph-was on top of ; j Mr. S'.raocski every minute. Those ' I who have studied fractions aro | aware that three on top of six : i equals H halt', and number three. ] ! the said Mr. He.'Oy. on top of num- , bf-r six, the said Mr. Stracoski. i cnuHiled .1 half of sheer futility as :' [.it- ns Mr. S. was concerned. Walter racked up a total of 19 ! points in the firsi naif, but under i tho handicap of the energetic Jo! soph's close attention, Klraceski's < second half scoring effort was cnn- - fined to two fo\jj shots and two Nation Tomorrow Hold's i First Election Since September, 1939; Wave Of Electric Tension Spreading (Uy 1,'nited Press) Polish security police claim this morning that civil -war looms abend in central Poland. The authorities say they hnvo seined "battle orders" for a great pre-election uprising. As the nation's voters prepare to go to the polls for lh,-> first time: since September, 1939—a wave of electric tension i.s .spreading 'la'si ' lnrou K' 1 the land. Huge have broken out. on government buildings. Soldiers are on p«iradi\ youths .ire marching—and minor street skirmishes and shootings ore reported.. The electorate will ballot tomorrow in electing -H-l members of pariinnicni. The opposition to the . government slate is limited in Sinnislaw Mikolajczyk's peasant party. Police aro combing the towns and cities today for terrorists. They say they found—at one terrorist headquarters—a revolutionary order. And 17icy~add that iho directive called for the "liquidation of the most dangerous mom- bet- of t'nel oca! electoral commissions, destruction of voters' lists, nnd attacks on polling places on ek-o- lion dav. 500 Chinese Drown When Ship Sinks After Hitting Tug (By Cnlti-d Press) Between four and five hundred persons are believed to have been drowned in thn sinkinp of a wooden Chinese ship nt the mcftilh of ir.e Whnnp;vi?o river. 20 miles from Union City Resident Reports ( Cold Weather Will Com-i" 004 ' iKlenti °» s - Bul Job He Started Cruslow Sierakowski, S Crown :t.rocl. Union Citv. reports that here will be sk.'HintT today, if the emperatiiro is cnM er.O'.ir.'h. .it the he did not give up. Single handed he -tackled the problem again this week. So blades will flash at Hop Brook school today, thanks 10 Mr. Sierakowski. who .believes -that his third try will be a success if the tcm- b:iskets. Mr. S. got away from 1 Joseph on two occasions and cut ' Shanghai. '. under the basket for suckers which i T11 -> ship—loaded with more lh«n ho blew. H is quite probable that. : one thousand passengers— wont to ' he was so upset at finding himself free, ever) momentarily, from ihe annoying Healy presence thai j he couldn't shoot properly. ; Cy way of making it a full evo- , Master Joseph gave *i .sub- Hoc Brook sc'iool p.'nyp-roumi. i pcratur',' stays down. Mr. Sierakow- Two other nltompts to make an i ski built the rink, not for any per- one Mrs. Mary Sundas Succumbs After Lingering Illness Mrs. Mary Margaret (Stasonis) F-unclsis, wife of Michael P. Sundas, died yoyterclay afternoon at her homo, ij'l Lounsbury street, follow- i.ig fi lingering illness, Bor.i in Lithuania, she had been a resident of the isorougii for 40 years. A communicant of St. Mnry's church, sho wa* a member o!' the Daughters of Lithuania so- ice rink, ono New Year's Day and one a week ago. ended in failure when the water seeped into tho ground before it had a chance to ''reei:','. Mr. Siurakowski worked un- uidod on tho rink tho firsl two '.rics. 1C Mr. Sierakowski had giv- on up after two attempts ho al le.'ist would h.-tvo deserved thanks for sain, but so that all his neif?h- may enjoy hoi-?, young and old, gliding over the ice. Ho has ti lew requests to- i 11 H ugninsi The Greyhounds outscorod Now of those using iho rink. He asks i Britain from the foul- line by 33 :ha: children do not damage school j points, making 20 free throws to property and that the adults keep an eye on the children to see that the bottom today after with a IUR-. ' The. vcssol !s Identified ns the | Chiknng—i.-imod ,->fter the 14ih army air forces base in Western Hunan province. The vessel was itantia! offensive contribution of: hound for North KiarsRshi, and 32 points toward the 'Garnet win. i mil:l . v ° r '•«<? passengers were re- Tnis offering was matched by Joe's' turning 10 their homes in areas rerunning mate. Big Bobby ' Jones, ; <^» l! .v ry-onrupJcd by Nationalist who likewise threw an ever dozen ! points into the Naugatuck kitty. ! The Rjmo was-a rough conies;which threatened on "at least two ; occ.-jsions to break out ir a free-' for-all. The offcials called a total of : , .3-) for Is, 20 against New Britain they keep out of mischief. Rooenbach Presented 33d Degree Masonic Jewel At Testimonial Dinner tre jsuror. Besides her husband she loaves a son. Wallace J. Sundas of Naugsr- ttiok; two daughters. Mrs. Vincent Dau-i. Ni-.tigRtuck, and Mrs. Wil- distributccl to American < l:-atn Farley, Now Haven; a sister, j j u dge Harry Bc:irdsley, Water m durim: tl-.e wur years, | the Red Cross, of whom 10-t,-l!)6 on- ivic KiPispn f.-ir in Iho "load. ' I -"red niiiitary service. Tuns of Supplies ' About two-thirds of 5108,000.000 Ov,-nin:r no ships of its own, using : worth of supplies shipped to Euron'.v what coin.T.orcial and mi.'itnry OP*- 1 worn • I'lipfiir,^ space was avaihihlo, tho • and Allied prisoners in German pris- j Mis. Kathrrinc Kathcwich, Lon- Aiiieric'un Ivod Crow nevertheless "» cn.iips. Tho rem.ilndnr wns used i Inn. England. anO a brother, Peter sent SOO.-ir.n tor.s of sr.pplios ovor-i 1'°'' post-war relief in Europe. I Stasonis, Lithuania, ii-as pft"-e--n I9.".r> and 1P-IG. di.'i- | American and Allied soldiers who i Funeral services will be held tributing the .supplies io military wore prisoners (if war -were sent i Monday morning at 8:15 o'clock poisGiuu-l throiii;li its services to 27,S7?..6BS packages nnd 19S.SG1 tons i f,-om the Fitzgerald Funeral Home, the ar.'iiod forces, to prisoners of | °f food, clothing and other urticlos. 1330 North Main street, to St, war throuch fhe [ | Rod | The Rod Cross peacetime projec-t j M-.iry's church, where a solemn ("roMs Oommlttco. and to civilians I for education, health and general '• ^nuiom Mass will bo celebrated at Charlos P. Roclonbach, president jf tho Naugatuck Manut'jcturing company and chairman of tho Republican Town Committee, was .'lonorod by members of Shepherd Lodge No. 7S. A. F. and A. M. at n. testimoni-ii bunquot ku;t night in St. Michael's church house. A jewel, signifying his rank a» 33d degree Mason was presented Mr. -Rodonbach by tho iodge, of which ho has boon a member since .191-1. Nearly IM attended the dinner which was prepared by members >( the C-iurch Helpers. The Invocation was delivered by ; the Rev. Winfrcd B. Langhorst. i Happy. ; ln C Quinn. ' "Hl,l..|,;,|,,. r . Ill II, fl,.1,|. '"'J 1 * .\lllu ) tull. Inn iihui Illr IMII-I I SIM. ir tit Niiii 'n let-, — v\ilv. il iln> Illflll through overseas emergency relief j :u-. iv, ties. In tho 7-ycar period, servicemen <uvl their fnmilies wore assisted in 17,PSO,2!10 cam's by American Rod Cross Home Service departments. Forty-two millifin eommuni'jnfions for servicemen, veterans, and their fninilios have boon handled by Rod Cross since Pearl Harbor. Tile number of JIOI-KOII= as-ii^led cl fore aotivitifs includes a civil-; 9 O ' C | OC ) C Burial wili be •.! blnod tlonor project. More thanj jnm( , s . ct . mcte ry. FH ,, nds may ca n closes of immune scrum glob- . C, r ,7 •' ulin in children v.-oro furnished during lo prevent or modify measles Indicative of the swing to a postwar program was the S10.313.1-IO scent for overseas emergency relief in iru."-|f. compared with ?ti,- JMT.Tifi in .1D-IO--I.1, the previous hiith. niry, to:i::tma.stcr. was introduced ly Henry Zwick, chairman of the committee'in ch:irgo. Warren D. A!>M. Paft Master, q-avo the Masonic history of Mr. Rodonbach and Han-is-Whittcmor". Jr., outlined the guest of honor's • •ivi.c and church history. ; | Chaimcey H. Clements. 33d Do- '. gree Active, Now Haven, spoke or ! the origin and objects of Scottish i ."lifo Masonry. I ccrs of Scottish Rite Bodies wore present, rind gavo testimonials Jto Mr, Rodenbach; Tangos ' A. C. Both, M. W. Master of Pequon- noo.k chapter Rose Croix, Bridgeport: Harry W. Knickerbocker, Sovereign Prince, Ionic Council, Princes of Jerusalem. Watcrbury; William Duffcs, T. P. Master Do Witt Clinton Lodge of Perfection, Bridgeport. Also: Harvey Rce,d. Master of Salem Lodge, Naugoliick; Harry Screen, elected to tile 33d Degree. Torrington; Lewis Dibble, Shephord Lodge; and Idris Aldcrson. Illustrious Potentate of Shhinx Temple Shrine, Hart Nlo\v Britain's seven. This 33-point edge was two points greater thai-, the margin by which Naugatuck won the game. A relief squad of J. Charles Aquavia and Labriola, forwards. Tamsey. center, and Rambunctious Richie Roland and Rapid Robert Mariano, guards went into the game in the second period, and again in ihe closing moments. On .„ .....,,..„., the first occasion, they played New , t e i- the meeting. Centennial Lodge To Install Pope As Noble Grand Leonard Pope will b" installed as new Noble Grand al n moeiing- of Centennial Lodge, No. 100, T. O. O. F., Monday evening at S o'clock. Other officers to be installed are: Selh Booth, Vice Grand: Joshua, Fairbanks, recording secretary; Ol- nev T'-nsk, tronsuror; Albert Miller, financial secretary, l-lov.'.-.i-il Wilson Is the retiring Noble Gr.-ind. Refroshmo.its will he servud af- -..„... - -- ,. , Roso Croix of Waterbury. tit the funeral -> Jfr , Ma-sonry. I Mr. Kodonbach was elected to home tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock' other guest speakers were: Al- tho degree'by. tho Supremo Conn- uncl tomorrow afternoon and eve- bert s Anderson, Bridgeport; Cal-icil at Pittsburgh last ycni-. Mo is ning from 2 to 10 o'clock. vin T Hughes, Waterbury; Charles ! chairman of the Knights Templar , ' ' ~~- W. Tremper, New Haven; John ! Edii^al .Foundation of Cori-1 —Fur oiuillir i.lqiiorn. Wlnm. HI-PI-I. S. Castle, and Robert: S. Walker, j necticut. He has held important j V.7\^* 1 V,'' I ii(i'i'tH^,.'I'lr,-,'"' r'r'T !i".Vi'~ Past Master, both of W.itovbn"'. i offices in tho local chapter, nmong j i'iv«y.' l ''a'iiywliiT«' l |ii' *i'iiiVii.' •j'd'""V«ic;i 1 The following presiding offi-' thorn worshipful master in 1021. i Britain even, after the Hardware boys had outclassed the Naugatuck j regulars. On., the second occasion, Naugy's relief had jusi a shade the I better of ihe fracas. j Tho game got under way at n. j terrific pace with New Britain ! outse..-.ring N.iugatuck 18-15 in the i first quarter. Now Britain con-1 tinned to apply pressure and at the j half were loading 32-2-1. i In the third period, with Joe i Healy on Straccski's neck like a I carbuncle, the Greyhounds held' New Britain to four points while j { scoring 3f>, to take the lend, 41-3<i. : j In tho last period 'the Greyhounds! j racked up 15 points to New Britford, and Past. Master of Corin- I -'lir-'s seven. The Garnet relief took j thian Chapter Rose Croix; and ° VC1 ' in the closing minutes, and | Labriola with a foul shot and Rapid Robert Mariano with a two- pointer took care of all the scoring for either side during that time. The Greyhound reserves squeezed j out a 33-32 win over the Hardware j Jayvccs by way of making the eve- j ning consistently successful, Tho | "Groypups" had possession in the I closing second, and obeying fran-l tic cries or "hold it" from the Naugatuck stands passed the ball around until the timer. Old Gabriel Stiber, himself, blew his horn. Past -Commander of Clark COTH- mnndery, Waterbury. • • Judge Beardsley, who: acted as toastmaster, is a past. Illustrious Potentate of Sphinx .Temple Shrin- ors; Hartford and also a Past P. W. Master, o* Corinthian Chapter COSTLY! When last summer's polio oul- brcaks ndded name uflor name to the Hut of Infantile p.trulyttlK victims, fund* from the National Fonn- itallnn for Infantile 1'aralyslM' March of D I ni e » were on hiiinl to piiy for the best of medical care and (rentment, So coiitly was th!x vltjil Hervlce that licxld*>N . mlllioiiH Kpent by National Found»tion chii|tteni, Nutlonul Heu(iqnurt«rK Kent more than $5,00(1.000 In supplementary March of Dimes money to replenish depleted chapter trcim- lirleN. Your dimes and dollars Riven to the March of Dime* »re the sole Kource nf National FoundiKion revenue. What you give today will be on hand for tomorrow's x battle—when polio strike*. (Box Sco.-e on Page -Six) —A cnod tlilnK in ilo \vlth ynnr \inn» n«vnr.\-—<;rt :i ptilr of IIICKM niinlllv •.IllM'v nnd ri-iiii-nilii'r yullr elver III! yrnr riiuuil. UickK. 14^ Hunk SI.. «!!».—Adv.

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