Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 3
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Fiia.- songer firemen—W. B. Kt>Uoy ?G.C5, E, E. Sehrock ?5.45, W. B. Hlgtoy $5.35, A, E. SJiaafer $4.30, G. II.' Moliart $3,05, F. C. liunmiell !?3.CO and Joe Mlu- ncina-a $3.00. The rest of the premiums for the' otlior nremou awl engineer.* range fvoin'$l up. A CONDUCTOR ASSAULTED. Hu'utiivgtodi 1-lcinvHl; The'town of Andrews ds getting qutte a reputation, for sensational episodes. Tuesday n'ght another blot was placed on Its fair nnme by the sandbagging of Conductor Albert Driver. Ho was standing by bis caboose In the yards, getting ready to .take out 'his run, when somebody struck- him on the head fi'om behind. Ouff'In- formant stated that tbe blow rendered tbe man unconscious, and be was not found u-ntH sometime afterward, when lie was removed to his home. He regained consciousness . after being worked with for some time, and is now able to be around again. . The motive could not liiive been any- -tfoflng but personal malice, as nothing was diiistarbed 'about Ms clothing. Extra effort should be mode to stop tbils bind of lawlessness. RAILROAD NOTES. Owen Courtney IB Kick. Pick Hazel of Due bolder shops Is off durty on account of sickness. Joseph Zimmerman of the car shops •will return 'to work Monday after a ttaee weeks' illness. Charles Fox, a former employe at the shops lias returned -from, a'trip west after an. absence of four months. Mike MonylianT has again resumed work ait tlie round house after a week's absence on account of a slight tojury. John. M. Faittoirsoji of ttiie repair track gang wont linuine front work yesterday cm account of a severe pate ia Ws back. Charles Keppor, an ex-employe of tbfl shops has -rotimwd 'to Ms -home in tbe Basiteod after spending a year in Missouri. : tVMara Faster cut iiife tand yesterday (mBirnlimg wliiile working lin the plan- lug <lepaittim'ent of the car shops. He was able to conamue at Ms work. Will Close, tlie fireman, dJl of typhoid fever, 'who was removed from Manlojn to li-IS !h'onne to tliis city Wodneisdoy is resfttng very-«asy and Is Sin a fair way to .reicovciy. He suffered but liittle' from the effect of Ms tiUp. . Ohaita Rwmmell of this city, but'who' operates-'a swiitt'b.engtoc at ElWood, was pnosltmted yesterday shoiiUy after diiraner by Ulio healt amd is.to a ciitical .coridijtUna :Tho .news .of his : slckmeas came in the fonm of a telegram to his sou, F. Butnlmdlil, wJH>_ Wicin't. to Elwood y.estei'd'ay aftemooni amd will-probably briing his father home'.with' Mta today.'. Tlie blacltsmlUi'. stoop ,te, to, have four voatUators in.a short ttoe-which will be a great iimprovomcint over tlie present way they are arranged. The ven- lUators'are of • galvaolzctd' Iroiu; and are now meartng coinpletlori In, tic tin shop. Ttey wlQ piOve to be of great valuie next wlnitor when .the windows .and doors are closed, aB heretofore the smoke 'amd dust hug-had no way of escaping. Lima bea,ns.—Eotbermel. ,. Tomntocs l^f per bushcj.—McOnffi-ey & Co. ........ " Guess on the Wcycle "today.—Bee • Hive. l :: £ ,::'. '"''• ' : ./r '•''.. See our ladles' ,toe low lace Oxfords -at $1.40.—Walker & Batten^ , : ; M-nsUns, piilnts, gtogh'nms,'new dress goode; all. at barga.!m: priced.—Trade Pal- ..acie. .. '' •' '''..'' Specltol taw prices on -men's tan shoes. —Aaron Greensfdderi'Third and Mar- ket streets. ; ••-.'• /• •';•"• . '••;•••, There la more Catarrh ' In' this .section of the country than all other diseases put together, and', until the last few years It was • supposed to be Incurable. For a great many years -doctors .pronounced It a local disease, -trad '; prescribed local remedies, and by Constantly.. falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced It 'incurable. Science has proven'catarrh to be a.consHtutlonal disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,' manufactured'by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,.Is the only constitutional! cure on the market. It Is taken Internally ta doses from 10. drops to a teaspoonful.. It,acts directly.on the-blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They, offer one '.hundred doUnra for any case It falls to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address . ' ''.'..' F. J. CHENEY &.CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ..••',. ,TIIE HAY HARVEST.-. '. : NortiU' Judson Xews: 'The odinditlon ot the weather as regards'thte : 'hay'harvest has a serious aspect All mareh. tend is coyened with .waiter to a deptbi alrnpst su'bmetriglnig tlie grass and there fa -no jx*slble way to save It uffltli tlie water goes dowa. Otherwise our "couratry w-. . in 'tUo projcliiofloid o« fine.willd' hay and ptouty of It. 'la/most portions of the .ooun-tiiT tile orop its' not yet sufflerlug, lnowever, n'md.dif diy weather preseuts. IteeJlf w4thiin a week or torn/days tlie loss will be -coanparafclivoly Mghit. . ' EXTREMELY HOT Is tflie Kind of Weather.That Brings Oppression and Ncrmnanes?. So far- the s«isoe ias been very hot. and sultry. The. result Is a great mnny eases of prostration,' especially among tholse who.a.ve'.,not .well. Womcu ivho aw siifferiing frbih any. disease peculiar to tlie sex.find hot w«ath»r especially luartl to bear. Too tired to perform daJity work, too nervous to sleep, tiliey wander about'dilsciomrnged amd iioi»leise. There is inotMng tni.this wMe world that so q'uicklj 1 dJspcls' all tb'Iis sort of thing us Pe-ni-nn. Relief is 'ilm«nodia,te, ami the perstetoiuit use of die medicine leads -to peranfi-unut cu.ro. Mi«. O. C. Fuller, laoVj S. Fourth street, Columbus, OWo, says: "My uerves were teruMy d'cblii- tsiteil': I wiis suffering wJUi what is culled .wrvous pnoStiwHon; istomieh bloiit-od, weiik aiiul ti-eiublimg—l>h3'«I-' elans no gocnl'-I 'haul 0n-en .«p m despair. I fooiiul re-ni-iiii »n 'tomedlato it-]tot: raiised me night up a,nd gave me siii-e.n-j,-tli, n.ii:d iwalths .so Hurt I can do my. own work." i •'•.'' ' ' ' • 'A l>ook, written expressly for wonwyn 1 by Dr. Hnitanan, wiill be seat fi'ee by The re-ru-oia Drug MirawfacSurlng Co., Colimntos, Oli'lo. HE DIDN'T TARRY I.ONO. Mjic-Jiligan City News: Cn.l Amwtiwig, .sou of Jfls. K. Amisti'oug, UK; defnult- i'uir ti'easiiror of Tiiptoii eou.ii.tj'. who was tlie cintse of lufe fiiaior- .*errtin.g a term in the prison BOrrD, nml -who' created such. Bnirprise seveiul weeks after lie had hlnnself escaped the 'offlc- ere lu safety by telegrapWng tiie sH'Oriff of 'lite own towai that if 'tthc ofBceiis waiuted Mm they «mM meet 'him at tbe rainier House, Chicago, where the rlier- iff by appototanent, afterward mat aoid arrested Mm* Is again a free mau, Arm- sfcrong's father seiTed one''year and weint to Tenme5see. 1'ouiiig Amistnon'g got three yeare for getting away with about ?43,000 of Uie people's money and was i-oleased last Monday, He was taken quietly to Kokomio and released from custody ,from wli'it'h: place h'e-nt once, departed for Tenaieasee. without even stoppjmg to recognize Iris former f rtcoids or- to say good-byo. THE POPULIST NOMINEE. Marlon Chronicle: Joshua Strange has not yet accepted the 'Bomina.tion of tine Populist, part}". thrust 'upon., him. last week a P«ru. ; Wlion Josh went to Peru he was presumably in favor, of indorsing Larimer. Just tow It came that he was named by thte comimlttee no one Inns told. To a Chronicle .repoclxa--yes- terday Jolm KeHey stated : th'a/t. there, was a possibll'iitj- of Strange:not accept- jaiB'nmd resi-giitog to fa.y.or of Larimer. Oomaspondence fe now being had over the district ,to see Just Iww.'iito reslgjia- Uon, would be talcen and whether It w.ould be possible for hilim to Mnd the piopuilst vote over -to Lai-imer. Josh knows lie camBot to. Grant coipty, as many of tliem,' would vote for Major Stoele, as they.did two years ago: A CLEVER SWINDLE. A well dwesed niian, amd good talker, of course; sa'ys'the.Alblan' Nmv Era, is doling a thriving 'trade'in the Wabasli vallej-,' 'and hie..may. be there wJiea. the Xrost 18 on the piimpfciiri, and 'Uie fodder is in the'shock. He seQa blacksmith' supplies or rather gives tltani away. He takes your oi-der at lialf pi^ce and pays the fret-girt,'biic belng.geserous, he d-tecounts fen 1 .per csnit:. thie already half .price bill.' Mr. .Wilson, bit' for ?4.40, dtecoimted and' 'paiid tlie cash, $3,OG. Nathnm Kick « for ?8.00 and Hie smart: .man had a basket full of orders, all discounted, some as 'hilig,h T as $GO. The .goods never came, nor 'can tlte flrm be ; Hocaited, only dn your nithd. He Just coined money.' HOT WEATHER. Tlie hot weather has olused the- "oldest tohajbitant" to grow remMsceiit When askod Af It .was hot enough! for Into (herefllited: 'Th,!s weather aia't liilt ' Why, In the summer, oif '35 our hoi •weather began -along.to July and kepi getting hotter "road hotter amd hotter until farm work had to be abandoined Water Just (pumped from a well had ' to be 1 boJiled to make:dit cool enougih to '.drink; hams were 'fried on Mve' hogs and wo had to keep up .roaring fires to cool the atmosphere we TO CLEANSE TH-B SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, whwcosUye or ^bilious, or when the blood is Imppre or filugglah, to, permanently overcome'ha- bitual constipation, to awaK(> the kld : neye and liver to a healthy activity; without irrltsti'ng or' weakening' them : to dlsp'el : headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs. y . "..'.,",, EXOtrBS'ION' ' TO'•"'OMAHA, •'•.''VIA ..:•-: 'PENNSYLVA'NIA ; L'INES."."-- ' " Aiiguk"l'7'tJi' and 18th excurefoni Bick- ete to Omaha wilfbe sold via 1 Peniifeyl 1 yamia Ltees, fwrneettog of T. P. C. ! U. of United •Pfesbyjtarlnn"'Church.; return coupons valid August 25th; .Inclusive. "Subscribe for Ttfe Journal. .'. ' Olidcago intcri Oceaii : :'There -is r etiMI a ^.jslbiffiity of"speeches.nwny from his lioaiie to Canto-n. - It' lias not been the' custom few.- 'PreslstleJitia:! candidates to take the stump ito'tlielr own behalf, but there IB no good reason why tfliey should not- ID 1S84 Ma-. Blaiioe.mnde a trip to tine' west, a,iiid spoke at nuimy places. It wosituena.rgued that as M.r. BlHiime was tbe most fou-cibte amd most popular pul>- llc sipcakcir' in thie couratiy Ms P^t?' could 'not nffoixl to lase life tafliiaaoo as a speakcir simply beciniiso custom had nidt sa:nWlojiiedi itlie'oi.iidlMat'.e's m-afebiK a. .stoiiimptaE'CflayiinJiiliScn.' Gane.ra.1 Ha.rii- „._ j dJkl not leave trultairuipolis 'dining' the caimp:v.ligii of 1SS8, biit Jie made ibont-speiodies'to vlsttiiag deWsa.ti!ons'Of Republicans ailnnost evorj- day. Tlie RepublitieaTw have finis year' to olioose bdfewecm itilre motiliiods of Bitiilnc und. Harrison, Tlie' sltiMOioo is more Jke-tlmt in 1SS4 wttien Bivine was the eamliklaite, McKLuley Is roOay and Iws' been for several y-rei.TS tdie iiikiiSt popnlixr •spanker j-n the eaimi^T. Mr. Elaine, wlbli ailJ life popularJIty in. all his cnim- gniliOg, never spoke to so many p-eopk- is has Major McKinley. The campaign of 1S94 \va* nn llhistrn- .'Mi of Hie popi*.rlty of McKliiiley as a .nmiiiwilign sponJcer, There wos not a csiity In tlw 'Conmitiy, thnit did not Invite W(m to sp'ealv. He ngiwsd to- make forty-sfcx speocJws 111 tlie erjinpaCCT, nnd itblc .nftittonnl connnii'tite.o lad iiiuch'diffi- culty in sa-ltefyiiig tine aemnmls upm it. •Ivi'niliey was fiiM-lly assignwl to forty- six plncos hi about half tlwt number of SfenteiS, fljid 'tiie arra.iiKeinicaiits turneil over to ulie State comniiLttecs. Tliase Staite coiMiiiijt'tjecs si»cnred special trains •rod can-ied tute Major Mirosi-sh. iis st-ito.v where lie -not only kept life .ii>poln>t- incults, Tiia'ki.i'Lg foi-t-y-'six f<& speeches, but ,Tdd.i:np to tlwt numbftr 325 sliorter ., secliics to crowd* varyijig from 1.000- to 10,000 people. It lias been- said without exassoraitlom tluit. McK.imley a.d- dre^ed in,onc people in tilic nx-e weeks- he devoted to-the cain-iwign of 1S94 than were ever addressed' by a,ny otli« - man hi the saane lojigtih of ti.me. Should MoICtoley decide to come wesrt to speak IK would not only lua.ve ttie aaltcst ovation ever given to a public man, but he would have earnest hl'arers by the thoussinds. wlio nro.wnvcrliu^r.as to tlielr dntij-, and would like to hear 'kim, believing i'ii Ms lnio\v:cdge and j-iwlgniont im tlie great question of pvo- . ;Hon a.nd hiavlng full coa=Jence in his sincerity. This confidence In Wliicli ileKWoy is hold by'tlie wasrc-earniers,' who look to him as the great exponent of the doctrine ' of projection, ''Is tlie sbrottgesit iufluejioe a man can have.in discussing public questJoiis. They admit tuwt .Mclvlnlej' knows wlnat he talks about, and ffiuit h.e is honest and sincere.iu what lie. says. A BOOM FOE FREE COPPER. ^Chicago SpooM to New York-Sum: Hooray far. free .copper! It is ' being boomed out here as' a substitute for h sHlver aiud gold as mowey metals. A cBwniJair was clltciiLiUxl all arouud the city today An its interest., : • . . "It is tire poor mini's money," the cir- citlar .says. '.''^Thc..fawner aiud the la- barfing nwin siiaiM 'not. be fooled by, tiiit)lwr : tilie goM bugs or the. free-silver •bugs, as nieiith'ei 1 gold nor silver can. be called -the poor..mia(a's money. If free silver ^ill be a good tiling for the working people, free copper will 1 be better. There ,1s 110 argument that can be advanced for free.sllyer but appilfos- wltii greater foi-ce to free copper. ."Copper 'has.boea used.for money the watld oveir -for .thoiiflainds .oif years. The wldom-'s uilte was copper, and the widows auid.childiKMi of the-poor today .bavc copper only for use, for thetr nccessl- ittes. ; M 53 conte' wortih or sttvor can be made toto n govennmepit doHnr and the .action bring great ia;ospenilty and plenty of moBiey for all, then 3 conlts* wm-ffli of copper.can a!L»;be made Jinito a govern- ni€rait)doi];ir and .biing sreater prosperity, and more money for all "Dunriing, the. civil .war ini tills coiiniti-y copper', was, the only one . of tlie metals TV-Met remaiinod to active ciireullatiloni,. autt It supplied'- ;the only money wliiic3i the ; .poor.mam could use to buy Oils diaily bread. Let us meet ,tho tosue 1xfldV.'a | n i d: to9tx * lld of glivtog 53 ceinltB' worth of ailvor for a dollar use copper and give only/3-'coats. Let the iprablic save 07 cerate on tac debts which thley 'have to-pay ; iratbxir than only 47 '.cento." ; .' . ; . ,"'; • / •. ' • . ' The naime of itihe map wlio is boomtog 'free copper te.soot-town: at present, biit <te prograimi Js such an. aittractl-ve .'aoB'.toa/i the niaones. of boojnfira by tomorrow 1 . momilng wMl probably , bo legion. ••.:..-. •• My little boy, when two years of age, 'was tnUen very 111 with bloody flux. ,1 was adyteed to use Chamberlain's Colic, Cholerai !«nd ; ,Diarrhoea Remedy, anfl liickily .procured: part .of a bottle. .1 .carefully r(sad.,the l directions and gave .It"accordingly.,.He wasryery,low,.but dowly and surely he.began to toproye, 'gradually recovered, and Is now as stout and strong as .ever.,; I feel sure'It saved hl^ilrt. I.never,,can praise the Remedy ialif' Itsvworth. .i.iun eorry, every -one Intlie'world,does .not know.-how. good It It Is as I do.—MrsVLina S..Hlntoni : Gra- .hameviile,. Marlon., -Co., Florida. For sile.bj'.B,.F.'lveesUng,,.drugg<st.. . .• , Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a mohtti. • •'. ' ' '..' '• comes first, in washing. What is the use of making the work easy, as long as it's risky or dangerous? What does it matter how little a thing costs, cr how many prizes you get with it, if it rots and ruins the clothes ? It can't fce that you want to take any chances. Use Pearline. Nothing that has ever been used for washing or cleaning is more absolutely harmless than Pearline. It gives, you the easiest, the quickest, : thoroughly economical work. Drawings of AH Kinds Made by BYR0NB. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney i bpiyBlock Logansport ALL RAIL.ROUTE,TO THE SEA. TO Atlantic City Without Transfer via Pennsylvania Lines. By the opening: of the . Delaware Rlrer Bridge the Pennsylvania 'Lines have:become the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia, via. Market street Ferry and Camden Is avoided, as seashore trains of Parlor Care and Coaches depart from Broad street station; at which passengers form the west over the Pennsylvania Route arrive to. .that; dry. Through trains from Chicago, Indiana-' polls, ColumbUB, .Cincinnati;, Pittsburgh .and ImtermeWate points on.the Pennsylvania Lines, make convenient connection with the seashore trains. For de: tails apply, tor nearest Pennsylvania- Line Ticket Agent. . ' ; HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the National convention of Republican League'Clubs, August 23, 24 and : 25, The North-Western .(Chicago & North-Westem Railway) will aell excursion tickets from Chicago to Milwaukee ami" return at 'rate of one fare for the round trip. For tickets' and full information' apply to; ticket agent* of connecting lines, or address W. B. -Knlskern, G. P..& T. A., Chicago, 111., HALF RATES TO OMAHA. .Via the Nortli-Westero 'Line (Chicago & Northwestern R'y) August 15, 16 and 17,. 1898. one: fare ..for ; the round trip. Oa August. 24 excursion. ticket* at veory low rates wffl aWbe sold from Omoha to Denver, and the famous Hot Springs of South Dakota.. For full Information-apply 'to ticket agents of. connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern G. :P.i& T. A., Chicago",' I1L EXCURSION TO MILWAUKEE, WI'S., VIA PENNSYLVANIA ..LINES... .. August 23d 'and 24th, excursion tickets to ifflwaukee,' Wls., will be soW via PcranftylTania' Limes, .for : Republican League NaHpniali Coiiventioii; return .coupojnb valid ' Saturday..: August 29th, ' Those who- enjoy 'a : day's outing •hould not fail to take advantage of the exceedingly low, rate to 8t : Joseph- via i the Vandalla' Line. Train leaves the Motion every 'Sunday -at 7 ; a. m. Fare tor the round trip, ?2. .' Vha» Baby *.a» lick,, wo pro b ! When §b»wiu.n Child, the crind 'orCamorU... .. Vheo *e became'jifci, nh« clmut to.Owtorto, Flnr «lM»hi«l I'ihlklmci. •** TOURS- . VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE flOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES • Solid Vestlbnled Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars ' ' : '" "' .' l *' .! " ' '•,''. : New York and Boston , ifrom St, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, . " via ., • , CLEVELAND AND BUFFAtO. "The . Knickerbocker Special." -, , "The Southwestern Limited." .. Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. Chicago, Beatba Harbor, Toledo Detroit, .Sandusky, Clevelan*. Tourist Rates In all Directions. ' E. 0. McCormlck, Pass. Traffic Manager. , D.B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Agent SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, a6th, and August and, . pth, i6th, • Fare for the round trip, f LOO.. Train leave* Vandalla station at 9:C6 a. m. PLAN YOUB SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUB MACKINAO TIA TH» COAST ' ' . ... ." ,: •• .-LINE.. - - '•••' •• It : only cost* ?18.50 from Detroit, IIRGO froin Toledo, 918.00 frorn'Olere: land for 'the round trip,, Including meatei and berths. One thonMUdf miles of lake ride on new modern «t«l rieainerg for the above rates.' Se»d 2e .for illustrated pamphlet.; AddreM •;• A. A. SCHANTZ, Q.iP. A. : Detroit Mich. : Suhocribe for The Journal

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