The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1955 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1955
Page 24
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8~A!§6fta (la.) Upper 5e* Mdift«* Thursday, Au§ust 18, 19SS When we sleep, our bodies relax and we are ;)t rest, but the mind almost never stops working entirely. Our subconscious keep*, digging up things for us to dream about, bume people claim tho> never dream: ethers say tliej dream but they never remembei the next day what the dream W aoout. It seems to me that I do an awful lot of ureai/im,-,, u,, when I'm asleep and when I am awHxe. £>on it.- in uic-m ait pleasant and some of them are terrifying. So, after a particularly luiv.1 nightmare recently, I decided to do a little resetirci: on the subject of dreaming. Remember To Get Your CARNATION Cottage Cheese THIS WEEK-END At Your Grocer's I found that since the dawn of history, Man has tried to understand his dreams and there-s lots of room left for more understanding. In Old Testament dilys. u real good dreamer was in big demand and Joseph made a gooo living out of interpreting his own dnd those of others. Centuries later Sigmund Freud came alomi and he said dreams were caused by suppressed desires. Th" subconsious. according to Freud has a kind of censor in our minds whose function it is to disguise ihe real ideas underlying dreams. Some people claim thai dreams mean nothing more than that you ate too many pickles and knickknacks before retiring. I have always half-way subscribed to this theory but now I find scientists say that indigestion cold, heat or loud noises are merely occasions lo the dream The character and content of the- fantasy still comes from the old subconscious. An article in the August issue of Coronet says that in the past 50 years scientists have at last cracked the code ano 'ound that the language of dreams s as concrete., and meaningful -is the language of waking life. They've even got standard mean- ngs to our ten more common dreams! I looked up three or 'our of my -own most frequent Jreams ancll found that if I'm to relieve the listed meaning. I'm suppressing u lot more desires than I thought I was. * * * The first one is the dream ol nudity. Haven't you dreamed that one too? You're out irt public some place and you discover that you haven't got a stitch on You try to hide but there are lots of people around and you hope they don't notice you,' This dream, says the article, has two possible interpretations. The first is that the dreamer is trying to escape back into the blissful experience of infancy, a period characterized by not having to wear clothes. The other is that the dreamer feels he has something shameful to hide. Neither theory seems to fit my case. I always wore clothes when I was a baby, and though I'm still searching my subsconscious, I don't think I'm hiding anything any more shameful than the next person. t * * More often than I dream of nudity, I dream I'm caught out in public cl«d in just long winter underwear. In this case I'll have to admit the scientists may know what they are talking about. 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PRICiS ARE NO HIGHER THAN A REGULAR GAS RANGE I RAPID THERMOGAS CO. Phone 16—Algona So. Philips know blnmed well ! don't wnnl 1 to escape back into that, "blissful experience" I certainly was ashamed of my longies when I had to wear them. They were donned with considerable parental persuasion, designed to prevent my frequent sore throats and I rolled them up and hid them from sight at every possible opportunity. I fly a lot in my sleep. I jusl tuck my legs up and go gliding along about three feet from the ground. It's a delightful experience and you should see how quickly 1 get from one place to another this way and my movements are all so smooth and well co-ordinated. Well, I always thought I was a fairly imaginative person but it seems that this, too, is jusl an ordinary run-or- the-mill dream experience. It has a standard meaning, too. It ex presses a magical solution to the feeling of powerlessness in real life. "Flying is an expression of omnipotence which allows us tc triumph in fantasy over those difficulties which beset us ir. reality", the article states. I'rr a little disappointed in this rnun dane interpretation but I wa jven more alarmed over anotht possible meaning to the same dream. It could be that Tm n.i. sure my old man really loves me! » • » Dreaming of falling is another of my recurring ones and I don' axe it much because of that aw ful jerk that wakes me when land. "This dream", says the art. cle, "invades the sleep of peopl who are in a terrible conflic. The conflict very often concern a temptation which their wakin, minds have decided to reject. This could be true in my case The last lime I dreamed this om was the day I was templed lo le Ihe apricot canning go and spen the time just loafing. My walking mind decided to stop being laz; and although I did can Ihe ap ricots I sure was tempted. Therefore, the dream. The article said another possible interprelalion ol dreaming of falling was lhal 1 was "lernpled to fall from the accepted moral standard.", If I get any yens like that, I'm certainly not going to tell about them in this column. • * * Ever since I was little I've been dreaming off and on that rm teeth . were falling out. Hereto fore I've thought it was a reminder to see my dentist every si> months or else, to pay the man what I already owed him. But according to the standard h means that I have self-destructive mpulse. This is not true. The ast thing I'd ever do would pi :o kill myself. • * * Dreaming about money really is dreaming of love, say the ten standard interpretations. Dream- in? of an explosion means feat of blushing. If you dream 01 ferocious animals it means you have a fear of death and driving a car—another Ihing I do well Jr. my sleep—means a sense of adequacy. Sometimes Father does the most repulsive things to me in my dreams and when I wak-. up the next morning, I'm mad a k nim. He never apologizes for the things he does in my dreams, but I do think Ihe leasl he could do is send me flowers afler a parli- cularly bad one! • • • These nocturnal fantasies can gel pretty complicated. I've just about made up my mind to stop dreaming at nighl altogether and confine myself to daydreaming. 1 can control them. And the\ have only one meaning: Stop goldbricking and get to heck put to the kitchen and get supper! • * • Tonight there are five little characters around here that I wish would settle down and do some dreaming. Bill and his friend, David McDonald, Mary Ann, Jean and Marcia Angle are sleeping in two homemade tents in tne back yard. The boys arc scaring the girls with remarks about bugs and ghosts from their tent and the girls, between shrieks of fright and spasms of Biggjes are coming into the house for more refreshments. Father and I are keeping our weathei eyes peeled for signs of rain. It it. comes there'll be a general and frantic exodus to the house. There's something about summer that makes the kids forsake their comfortable beds and go to sleep on the hard ground. I used to love to do so, myself but now I'm at the stuge where a comfortable mattress takes priority over riotous living in the great-out-oi- cloors. • » • I'm enjoying the U.D.M.'s recipe contest and I already havu quite a collection of good ones. The only way I can do my part of the judging is to wait until I'm full of supper so my appetite won't intluence me and to cover up the names of the senders so that friendship won't interfere with justice, either. Keep sending them in. If you haven't been lucky yet, there's always another category coming up. —GRACE. Simmons-Lynch Nuptials Mr and Mrs Waller fracken and I Fergus Falls, Minfi. arrived here family, Mr and Mrs Herschel Hartman and family enjoyed a picnic dinner at Iowa Lake Sunday, Aug. 7. Mrs Frank Dreyer and girls visited Friday evening in Lakota at the Art Tietz home. Jo Ann and Jane stayed for a visit at the Tietz home and came home Sunday evening, Richard Meyer, Fred Meyer and Phyllis Elsbecker of Bancroft returned home Friday evening after a vacation at Yellowstone National Park. They were gone five days. Mr and Mrs Hurlburt and girls, Mrs- Dale Schroeder and Susan visited Sunday afternoon in Algona at the Roberts Nursing Home with Mrs Orrie Hurl hurt. While there they also called at the Harvey Rath home. Mr and Mrs Joseph Lynch of Lone Rock, who were married Aug. 1 in St. John's Catholic Church at Bancroft, are shown in the above photo. Rev. Adams performed the double ring ceremony at 3:30 a.m. Mrs Lynch is the former June Simmons of Seneca. Following a wedding trip they will be at home on a farm near Lone Rock. (Photo by Nels Isaacson) LONE ROCK NEWS By Mrs Clarence Kraft ADVERTISING in me AJgoni Upper Des Moines reaches more families to Kossuth county than lay other publication Mr and Mrs Jim Walker of Al- ,'ona were supper guests Sunday it the Rose Krafl home. Mr and Mrs Led Ramus and family were guests for supper Sunday evening at the Perry Lo\yman home. ' 'Frank Flaig attended a business meeting for John Deere dealers in Molirie, III. from' Tuesday till Friday. Mrs Naomie Marlow ,\yas a. ner and supper guest Sunday at the Jess Marlow home in Bancroft, Friday evening Mr and Mrs Marlin Bausman, Shirley Jean and Donnie Arris, Mr and Mrs Jim Marlow visited in the Cad Bonstead home in Graettinger. Susan Bonstead returned home with the Bausmans for the nighr. Mr and Mrs Bob Benzin called Friday evening al Ihe Geo. B. Long home. Sunday evening Ihe Longs visiled in Emmetsburg a! the Tony Nemmers home. Mr and Mrs Raymond Bierle and family called Sunday on the Harry Newton family at Britt and also the John Hill family at Kanawha. Mr and Mrs Bernard Miller and family visited Salurday evening al Ihe Roger Anderson home Sunday Ihey visited at the parental Wayne Miller home in West Bend. Mr and Mrs Ray Kramer of Minneapolis, Minn, spent the weekend at the Herman Kramer home. The Kramers' four grandchildren who had been visiting there relurned home wilh their parenls. Saturday afternoon Mr and Mrs Harry Christenson of Eagle Grove called at the Kramei home. Mr and Mrs Ralph Bierstedt RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF. STORING COMBINATION givM you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window I RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to the beauty of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display at U6 So. Dodge. Algon* Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Findi Healing Substance That Doe« Both- D -"~•— P«w-Shrink» Hemorrhoid, astonishing statements like M.W Tprk, N. V. <S,,,,UII -For the first time science hus found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain-without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (thrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all - result* wera to thorough that nuffereri n>»d« "Piiei have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new hcaline substance (Bio-Dync.»)-di:;covery of a world-famous research institute This substance is now available in »uppo»ttorv or ointment farm under the name Preparation //.» At your dru$(fi|t. Money back guarantee. and family visited Sunday afternoon in Algona at the Roger Palmer home. Mrs Ronald Christenson and girls, Mrs E. A. Lee, Michael and Susan spent Friday and Saturday in Salem, S. D. where they visited with Mrs Iioretta Gapp. Mr and Mrs Glenn Dotty and Barbara of Mason City visited Sunday at the Andrew Thompson home. Saturday evening callers at the Maurice Weisbrod home were Mrs Tyre Lively of Spring, Tex., Mrs Jess Newel and Mrs Freelove Weisbrod of Fenton. Mr arid.; Mrs Lawrence Newbrough,' Janell and David spent Sundtiy afternoon in Humboldl at the Bill Blanchard home. Whittemore News Voigt Family Visits Mr and Mrs Raymond Voigt and son David and daughter Patricia, spent from Tuesday until Saturday with Mr and Mrs Jerome Hartl at Beaver Dam, Wis The Hartls attended Mr and Mr= Voigt when they were married at Camp Hood, Texas. While in Wisconsin, Mr Voigl took in the ball game of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Milwaukee* Braves. Mr and Mrs George Hypes of Engelwood, Calif, are visiting with relatives here. Monday evening they were dinner guests at the Rosa Schumacher home Mr and Mrs Lawrence Schumacher and family of Armstrong were also guests at the parental home of Mrs Rosa Schumacher. '•Mr and Mrs Elmer Ostwald are vacationing at Merril and Wausau, Wis. with'relatives a week. Mr and Mrs William Maahs ot last week Monday for a visit. Ralph Sebers, accompanied by Ronnie Hedin and Ray Dean Harms, left Tuesday morning for Aurora, 111., where the former two will be employed. Ray Dean will go to Chicago, where he will visit with relatives for a week. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Walker and family of Albert Lea, Minn., Mr and Mrs Henry Kueck of Lone Rock and Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and son Lyle, of here were Sunday evening visitors with Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith. Garry and Helen Lynette Walker stayed for a week's visit with their grandparents. Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer and son Eldon Ray and Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz and sons David and Dean, visited with Mrs Stella Meyer at the home of her daughter, Mr and Mrs Herman Gerties at Pomeroy, Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Scott DeSart and family of Fenton visited with Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer Sunday afternoon. Scholarships To Simpson Two youths from this area were Do You NEED WAREHOUSE PRICES! >FoRT DODGE IRON & METAL PHONE 2-2941 ' FORT DODGE. IOWA nwnrded scholarships to Simpson College at Indianola, it was announced this week, by Dr. William E. Kerstetler, president of the college. They are Alan Helland of Fenton and Kay Schao- fer of Buffalo Center. These grants are worth $200 each per year and are renewable, providing scholarship standards are met Superintendents and ministers of the 14 Iowa Methodist districts nominate students for the scholarships. Tune In! TO THE BEST ON THE AIR WAVES KSMN 1010 On Your Dial MASON CITY - ALGONA HAMPTON Studio In Algona Your Listening Schedule (Daily Except Sunday) 8:00 to 8:15 A.M.—Algona Area News. 10:00 lo 10:15 A.M.—Algona Area News plus National, International and Iowa News. 10:15 to 11:00 A.M.—-The Algona Hour. 12:00 to 12:30 Noon — News Round-up and Farm Markets. 3:30 to 4:00 P.M.—The Jack Buis Show. THE MAN WE WANT Is between 26 and 40, preferably married, and needs an income of at least $6,000. He has some experience, in business or in teaching. He is successful in his present work, but feels it does not offer him the opportunity to make the most of his ability. He is willing to go through an arduous training program to achieve the position he wants, because of its unlimited opportunity. Such a man will make a favorable impression at first interview; and to such a man the position will have such attraction as to make him put forth his best efforts to get it. If you believe you can qualify, write a letter giving pertinent facts, and three references. Interview will be arranged. Write BLC Box 69, Algona, la. 32-33-34 You don't have to dig down Supw "••" H«JU«y wftk 4 up II Let's forget the low price for a minute. Let's forget our generous appraisal policy. Just think of the pure pleasure of driving an Oldsmobile! In action, there's nothing to surpass the "Rocket"! You/ee/ the extra safety of iu ready reserve of power! And for distinction, the "Co-Ahead" look is in a class by itself. That's why this is the fastest-selling Oldsmobile of all time . . . that's vhy Olds is outgaining all others in popularity! Coiue in today! Remember: there'* a "Rocket" for every pocket! IOCAI DIIIVIRID "M" •i lew a Sto " loxti Your prlc* d«p«ndi upon choice of mod*! and body ilyls, optional •quipmcnt and acc*uori«i. may vary tligbrly in adjoining commvnititi. VWI IVI O B I L. At V9UI DAD'S GARAGE- -125 So. Dodge St. --- - 60 AHEAD! DtlVf IT PH. 165 - "TH| <SQINQ'$ ©IIAT, IO«KfT I" ~-

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