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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 4

The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 4

The Daily Reviewi
Decatur, Illinois
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PAGE POUR A I mm w. EMERY I DODJII FRANCE Austin Township Boy Vic- Hm of Pneumonia. CHAPLAIN'S LETTERS Lift DMatur With Drafted Men in April. Charles w. Linery, sjj, who his entire life in Austin town Ship.

Macon county. Is dead In Void to this effect was received by kin parents In Maroa, Tuesday. In letter from the hospital chaplain. Kmerjr died of pneumonia on Deo. 31.

Aa odd coincidence Is that Just a year ago tomorrow, word was received of tha death of his brother. Walter Emery, at camp Cody. Dem New Mexico. WAf WIDELY KSOW.V Charles Xmery was widely known rWMaroa and Austin township. He wat a member of the Second army Artlltery Corps, headquarters troop.

went with the contingent of men from Macon county in first went to Fort Md. He returned In the atn of July and spent a furlough la Maroa. Later he sailed for foreign and reached England on the Saturday before the signing of Uio Then went across ttie ohannel Into Frars). FROM CHAriAl.v In the last letter received from him stated that was In the hospital with an attack of bronchitis. Th-it latter was written Dec.

3. On Tuesday morning two letters from aa chaplain received. One staled that lie was sick with pneumonia but was doing nicely. That letter was written am Deo. 2J.

Tli other lotior was written en Dee. 3 an stated that the boy had Just died Emery was burled at a point 121 miles from Paris. mm EMK 1GED If yoa want plenty of thick, beaotifal. ffeasr. silky hair.

Jo fcjr all ncani get JM of dandruff, for it will starve your and ruin it if you don't. It doesn't do much good to try to or wash it out The only sure to get rid of dandruff is to dissolve i you destroy it entirely. To do about four ounces ot ordinary larvon; apply it at night when re- jt; we enough to moisten the scalp I rub it in gently with the finger morning, most if not all, of your Jutl will he gone, and three or four applications will Completely dis- Mtvt and entirely destroy every single and trace of it ion win find, too, that all itching and dkging of the scalp will stop, and your Mir will took and feel a hundred times tetter. Yon can get liquid arvon at any drag (tore It is inexpensive and four Cfjoees it au you will need, no matter bow much dandruff you have. Archie D.

Black Victim of Pneumonia. Archlt V. Black died at o'clock Monday nlaht at bis 1245 East street. He thirty years old. Ilia death was caused ty pneumonia, following in iluenza.

He bad been tick for about ten days, but his condition was not regarded as nerlous until a few days before Ms death, it was known for two days that he could not recover. Mr. Black wan born Blue Mound, but hud In Decstur for the past twelve years and wan employed as a machinist at the Wabaeh locomotive shops. Mr. Black la sun lied by wife and sen.

He also leaves his Mr and Mrs A. Black of Det a and ft brother ami sister also ot Decattir. OCEAN FREIGHT RATES DECREASE --And it is being rolled to the dump from the plant of the National Capital Brewery, in Washigton, D. which is toeing transformed into an ice cream factory for statesmen and other This beer vat would make a swell garage or a first rate swimming pool. Who wants a beer vat? Help staler Maavfaetsntac Co, other The dropping of ocean freight rates on starch from 13.50 per hundred pounds to Jl was a piece of good lews for A.

n. fctaley, Monday night. The v. 8. shipping board announced lie Me reduction on all ocean freight order to allow the U.

S. inanufac- a chance to meet competition. The new ruling will help a number of Decatur concerns which have elgn- trade. With a new and much more reasonable ciuotatlon now possible on the product of the local plant. President Unify believes that within a few foreign brokers and representn- Uos of the ompany will commence lending In many new orders.

The ocal plant still plans to close down bout Feb. 1 but the length of time or remaining closed will now probably be much shorter than first nected Tn fact It will be only until ho greater Jtnrt of the congestion enstorn of United IH cleared tip. Two Decatur Firms Are Authorized to Sell. Two Decatur firms were yesterday uuthorlzed by Secretary et State L. L.

Hmmerson, to sell IJO.OOO worth of their common stock ID Illinois under the "Blue Sky" law. The Standard Manufacturing com puny, of which P. Sullivan Is president, was one of the firms ao au- thoilzed. Tills company manufac- i a selH lighting plants. The Safety Corporation East Cerro Qordo street.

Is the other. This firm manufactures safety motor appliances. 8. BHUr Is the presldtut. ENVELOPE CHEMISE HAS CHARM FIRE CALL ON NORTH WATER Tin 11 tin.

polled to I itreot nt I' Tuesday ni.irnliifr. -moke conilnjr throticti A lint nlr pipe fioni was tha 1 of th nlnin 1 i fi.itn-1 afaph remedy never This Hill fur IMvnrcr Von ton I Lritoh filed a bill for from Clara t. Latch. Thev were n-srrled Marih 4, WO, and lived together nntl! Atigr. fO, He charges her with Infidelity and asks for the custody of their three ehll- dren, Flossie F.

Latch, aged teen. Harry H. Latch, aged fourteen, and Zone Latch, aged twelve years. END ARGUMENTS IN DEBS' BEHALF concluded lit tha supreme court today In CIM of V. Dtfcs.

SacUlut who Is Mtklnx to (M- rnurt iKclelonn (tadlnc him fumy of vlelatlng the clonlns sddriu nas by John T.ora Hinilttiir attorney The taktn undir Kdvuwmout no Indication was when a dedilon Jonah emerged. my sea service was only three I'll never be able to wear a nice ntr'pi he mourned FUNERALS. KRNEST LARRICK. The funeral of Ernest Uirrlck was held at ::30 o'clock Monday afternoon nt Moran's chapel. ssrv.

li-cii wtro conducted by J. L. Mcfllffln. pastor of the Sartent Metliotllst chtirth Tho music fuinUlied by Mrs. Charles Ivittor, Mrs.

Tiny Williams ami VIM Vevno MuCiltfln. flowcri in charge of Mrs I'. Thornell, WT W. virs. 1'lorcnce BaU-s and Miss Ulllan L'lih'tr.

Tha nallbearns were n. R. Bat- linser, John Murphy and Paul Koch- of the lioyal Order of Moose, and William Bain, George La Erasli and Albert May, at tlie Mueller factory. The Interment was In Green- FOUREfiT W. tUX The funeral of Forrest (Jim- mle) win bs held at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the of Ms wife's mother.

Mrs. Marraret Jennlnci, 1013 Weet Deeatur street The services will be conducted by Edgar Smith, pastor of the Bethlehem church. The Interment will tie In the Pftlcm cemetery. ASHIiSQTOeV The funeral of Washlncton C. Rice i be held at 1:30 o'clock Wednes- afternoon at the residence, 899 West Marietta street.

The Inter- nifnt will be In Grwnwood. now on, as Decatur has not yet had her ehaie of it. I STOVE Romans and count me your --Shakespeare "Lend Us Your Ears" For 10 Minutes ask iNOTHING except an OPPOR- TtJNITY to fully DEMONSTRATE Latona that YOU may be enabled to JUDGE its su- for YOURSELF. Appreciation of Music comes through hearing alone. Appreciation of LATONA.

comes through comparison of its TRUE TONE REPRODUCTION of a given record in comparison with the original rendition or with reproduction by some other instrument. When You Play Soft Music When you play soft music the advantage of the LATONA patented Sound Chamber and Amplifier becomes doubly apparent. Ordinarily, the tone control of a phonograph merely stops up (he horn and MUFFLES the sound. But in Latona the volume of sound is reduced BEFORE it reaches the eleven vibrators in the LATONA Amplifier, and the tones, which are lost in the ordinary talking machine, are strengthened and issue from LATONA-soft and low, yet clear and LATONA MUSIC CO. tti i in BY BETTY For very formal occasions and very formal gowns the well-groomed woman chooses lovely bits ot satin for undergarments.

Tlilr model Is of palest plnlc satin, with pink and pale blue silk embroideries pink ribbons, and more touches of creamy lace at neck, arm-hole and hem. The high-cut, rounded arm hole is a touch. NEXT SUNDAY IS GROUNDHOG DAY are Playing Tboagb gprlBg Were Here, One of the most certain signs of spring Is the playing of marbles by Decatur boys. The lads are out every diiy now with their "taws' and "glassies," playing both "for and "for keeps." Another evidence of the approach of spring Is the fact that next Sunday, Feb. 2, Is sroundhoe day.

According to the legend. If he sees his shadow on that day there will be six more neeks of winter weather. ManueU Boy Got Bullet Through Leg. The fourteen year old son of Mr, and Mrs. D.

Manuels, 1375 South Maffltt street Is confined to his home with a bullet almost through his leg as the result of a peculiar accident Monday. Young Manuels bud been In the habit of carrying No. 23 cnrl- rldffes and occasionally throwing one In a stove for excitement. Monday he went over to the roller skating rink where the old city filter plant used to be. He threw one In the stove and it exploded before he could get the door shut.

tore across the fleshy part of his hand and entered hU leg, going nearly all the way through. "Yvonne" Write, to Ralph Lookabaugh. Rtlph Lookabtuch rtturni from will find letter him from a tittle Preach tlrl, acquaintance bit made our thitt. Evidently Tvosae, for her thlalt that li She thtt lorry did not to Him bl but bid 111. "I tlilnk you happy to nick In for your faintly," Prench maiden.

vou to to ifttn. It bt glad you not your mil. from "Ptrhapi you not my Itlttr. Pnrrton (or I don't know. think you I In Franeli It mint.

You to In to you a plctura art flnUh." Tn a fiom Mr. hutiih hy bin mother, he rinea not to bniria In Junn, men- hulns Chapiala Jenasr. idler (ollovi: MAT SEE DR. CAWELL. "I don't knon ere (alas le L-.

I in tiylng to (-t a four er five day pus in Dr. CiMtl! It li uliout IW rioin I ChtpUIn Jraaey la i had Rood CIirUtnUR I mi ilk In rlnc that made by a I fionch rnlill'r In a howltal. It of aluminum with bcarl ahipe i i rarvtns of Ilinrna and thlttln 1 on Hit and at top with R. L. In of hwt.

I am It i ao I will and It. I thlnU I I I I (In- flrit to thru airlpra. nttlns ttio third I don't nM hnnir hpfore uay to ei of Germany Shoes That Is A Rea H-U-M-D-I-N-G-E-R FARMER CITY MAN HELD FOR THEFT Clinton, Jan. 29--W. Howard Alexander of Farmer City, was, arrested Monday In Bloomlngton by special detectives on ft charge of theft of jewelry from the window of the Will Ciould Jewelry store In Farmer City, Jan.

23. He IK Raid to have confessed to taking tha jewelry. Alexander is a youns married man with a wife and child and Is of wealthy parents, who formerly lived In Farmer Cits'. K. OP C.

RLCEPTION'. The local Knights of Columbus gave K- reception Monday nleht for the Catholic boys wlio have leturncd from the sen Ice, SMITH FUNERAL. The funeral of D. Wiley Smith, who at Tenn. was held Tuesday noon nt the Presbyterian church In Rev.

T. T. Holton of Bloomlngton, officiating. Burial was In Evergreen cemetery. Announcement has been received of the engagement of Miss Mercedes Itoyee and Lieut.

John H. Maher. The wedding will take place In June In ChattnnooKn, Tenn The bride-to- be formerly llvcff Tier parents moved to Lansing. Mich from Bloom- Ington, about a year ago. The verdict In the case of Lulu Reid versus Smith Puller, read Saturday, found the defendant not guilty.

Officers of the DeWitt county Farmere' institute have arranged the program for the two days of the Institute, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 11-13. Among the speakers Is J. a. Imboden of Peeatur.

Dr. C. W. Chopin formerly of Wel- dnn. who reontly received dls- Special Baby Shoes Mcl patent lip, to 8, humdinger at No other store in Decatur could stage such a price slashing, value-giving, money-saving sale as this.

Economy in buying, economy in low rent location, economy in selling methods, all these enable us to live up to our name in the offerings we make you. We sell for cash therefore no bad debts. Our "overhead" expense is low and is re- fleeted in our prices. Sale starts tomorrow at 8 A. M.

Be here early. Red Top Baby Shoes 3 to 8, humdinger at AH sizes, $2.85 values Girls' English Walkers Black Cloth Tops $1.98 Boys' Button Shoes Gun Metal--Heavy Soles Sizes 10 to $1.79 Girls' Brown English All leather guaranteed. All sizes, $4.00 value Boys' Hi-Outs Black or Buckle Tops Humdinger FLYER! Ladies' and Girls' Shoes AO (id Every pair solid leather, all sizes Some Humdinger 1 FOR MEN I Men very seldom get a bargain but I here is a real one. $2.50 KIMkin work shoes tlic kind that I most satiif.ution -dark i Hut I on, p.itcnt and plain cloth tops, sizes 3Hi 4, 44 and 5. Buy a pair of these now Ladies' one strap house slipper, low all sizes $2.29 Hurry Men--Only (H pslrs at this price.

Brown Military Boots Children Shoes of all kinds $1.29 All at Cut Trices Come lo us now and we'll piovc we do cut the price. Save from SQe to $2.10 on pair. Button and Iscc -and we will save ou money on ctcry pair --our regular relf- shoes at cut prices. Humdinger Flyer Ladies' Sample Shoes $2-95 firty with Itoi'ls, with nnry cloth tops, sizes and 4. These and (6jOO shoes.

Girls'English Walkers Light Gun Metal, all solid leather, all 93 to 220 E. Eldorado St. 1 1 1 1 I if I 1 1 Watch for the Opening Announcement of our New Millinery Department Ask to see our Spring Garments Arriving Daily Here is a Coat Sale for Women and Misses at HALF-PRICE Including All Winter Coats Except Pile Fabrics Coata of the better kind, such as you'd naturally expect here. Coats of excellent materials, well tailored--coats in the new models, fur-trimmed and plain tailored coats, with or without belts. A good range of fashionable fabrics--the most wanted colors.

There are about one hundred coats--not a small group. When you consider the values, when you reflect that there an many women looking for the finer types of coats at such radical reductions--which means less than wholesale cost --you'll understand why we urge immediate choosing. You may select any cloth coat in stock, refer to the original price tickets and pay only one-half the marked price. Regular Prices $20.00 and on up to $87.50 Sale Prices $10.00 and on up to $43.75 KWSPAPLRl.

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