Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 17, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1963
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 ^J^ujtt;.Refliijtgr'Mo|| # Ggjesburg, JH,.,, Tuesdoy, Sept-. 1 7, 1963 1H6Y REPRESENT A 1 L0T0FM0N6Y, INGftMSfAX. 'CANT VOU MST1H6M ASOPlTAU^AlNS? OKALj A ROOM CHAl OACWOOO ^ n .WHAT ARE r YOU DOING? ) r p DONT VOU EVER LIKE TO STAND VJITH YOUR FOOT IN **Kti'JL V THE AIR 9 GET ABOARD, ELMER! I'VE A SCHEDULE J' KEEP.' 10 I'M SO INTEWESTED IN THIS ARTICLE, I'M WEADINIG, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOINJGj ^ A MMAMO / MO ENOUjSH WITH HE -\ COURT? J OUT YOU GUYS ^ THEIR PLANE 5MASHEP/ BUZ ANP JENSEN ARP . FLOWN BACKTOTHG'MW* IN A BRITISH HELICOPTER. L> IT TAS1 K GOOD fkliifM, Inc. ^ ft,. y,s, r,., 9«, X LIKE" THE" OLD WAY BETTER, LIVERA/ORE/ CRUMPET Hur WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RUTTlNe WHIPPED CREAM ON WITH ASPOQM/ y- 0 g TMOU6M iA^ 4 SUR.E- TME" SPRAY-CAM KiND B EASIER? . ONCE I <3Er. FT —if" 8 W *3 ty NEA, Inc. m ttg. U.l fat. OK. Radio and Television TUESDAY, SEPT. 17 WHBF-Channel 4 5:00 San Francisco Beat. "Winner Take Nothing." 5:30 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite 6:00 Local News, Weather & Sports. 6:30 Hennesey: "Baby Sitter." 7:00 The Playhouse. 7:30 Talent Scouts. 8:30 Picture This. 9:00 The Keefe Brasselle Show. 10DO Jim Koc- News 10:10 Weathar Show. 10:15 Sports Final. 10:30 M-Squad: "Bad Apples." 11:00 Thriller. WOC-Channel 6 5:30 Huntley-Brinkley Report. 6:00 Report to Area 6. •6:30 Laramie •7:30 -Cmpirc 8:30 Dick Powell Theater 9:30 Chet Huntley: "Mobilization for Youth." 10:00 "Report to Area-6" (News— Weather—Sports- Comment) •10:30 Tonight Starring Johnny Carson. 12:00 Midnight Headlines. 12:02 Sea Hunt. WQAD-Channel 8 5:00 Maverick "The Marquesa." 6.00 W«ather 6:05 Local News/Sports. 6:15 News— National. 6:30 Combat. 7:30 McHale's Navy. 8:00 Greatest Show on Earth. 9:00 The Fugitive. 10:U(. Weather 10 05 News—Local. 10:15 News—National. 10:25 Sport*. 10:30 Steve ' Hen. 12:00 News Final. 12:30 Sign Off. WTVH-Channcl 19 5:00 Cheyenne. 6:00 Ron Cochran and the News. 6:30 Combat: "The Bridge at Chalons." 7:30 McHale's Navy: "The Day The War Stood Still." 8:00 Greatest Show on Earth. 9:00 The Fugitive. 10:00 Murphy Martin News. 10:10 Local New. 10:15 Holly woods Finest: "Story of Will Rogers." 12:05 Evening Inspirational. WMBD-Clmnnel 31 5:30 CBS News. 6:00 WMBD News, Weather, Sports. 6:30 Marshal Dillon. 7:00 The Unlighted Road. 7:30 Talent Scouts. 8:30 Picture This 9:00 Keefe Brasselle Show. 10:IHJ WMBD News. 10:15 Weatherscope. 10:20 Starr on Sports. 10:30 The Late Show? "Secret Garden." 12:15 At Day's End. WEEK-Channel 43 5:00 Quick Draw McGraw. 5:30 Huntley-Brinkley. 6:00 Local News. 6:10 Weather 6:15 Sports. 1:25 NBC News. •6:30 Laramie. "The Fugitives." •7:30 Empire "The Convention." 8:30 Dick Powell Theater: "Thunder in a Forgotten Town." 9:30 Chct Huntley Reporting: "A Chance to Achieve." 10:00 Harrison and the News. 10:15 Weather. 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sports. •10:30 Tonight Show. 12:00 EveningMeditatlon. •—Denotes Colorcast. OUF BOARDING HOUSE-With IVPr. Boopl- Station WAIK, Radio 1590 Kilocycle* 6:30 6:31 6:32 6:50 6:55 7:10 7:25 7:35 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:25 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:55 10:00 10:10 10:45 WEDNESDAY Sign On. News Headlines. Farm Report. Weather-Watch. News Aroun 1 the World. Local News. Speaking of Sports. Astroguider. Paul Harvey News. Local News. Weather Watch. Hospital Notes. Viewpoint. ABC News. Breakfast Club. ABC News. Local News. Mil Rice Health Studio. Town Crier. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH TONIGHT ON CHANNEL 8 8.00 P M WQjfn .Ty IT'S GREAT ON 8 f LM fW 1 f Moult : lliiimic ILLUOIS 60OD MORNl IMS,YOUMG LADY", X'M. FROM THE PDLL-A-DAY FOUNDATION!/ COULD x \6PEAK TO SOUR- MOTHER?, MY WORD, HOW UN- IMAG1NATIVE/TH& DOLT 15 USING A LIMB THAT WAS STALE 0ACK1M ' HARDING^ ADMINISTRATION X'VE GOT TO GETAWAY FROM H/A-rW-««-THAT 6LEEPIHG DOS IS »M A DIRECT • UWE virrH TOM AND ME! I WOMDERVWAT WOULD HAPPENS IFX IMITATED AN ANGRY CAT I- 60ME DOGS HIM BEFORE. HE DRNES ME $ BECOME <2lHTe INCENSED WHEN! THEIR SL.UM-5EK 15' "DISTURBED J JO DISTRACTIOM/J \ssssm A A THAT'^ BEE:NJ KNOWN! TO RAPPSd=- 10:55 ABC News. 11:00 Local News. 11:05 Tradio. 11:30 Viewpoint. 11:55 ABC News. 12:00 Om-nicast-News. 12:20 Farm Markets. 12:30 Paul Harvey News. 12:55 ABC News. 1:00 Local News. 1:15 Obituary Report. 1:25 Flair Reports. 1:55 ABC News. 2:00 Local News. 2:05 Show Time on Broadway. 2:30 Viewpoint. 2:45 Town Crier, 2:55 ABC News. 3.00 Local News. 3:15 Civic Newcomer 3:25 Flair Reports. 3:30 Inside Books. 3:55 ABC News. 4:00 Local News. 4:30 Viewpoint. 4:45 Local Sports. 4:55 ABC News. 5:00.Local News. 5:15 Sports Round Up. 5:40 Tom Harmon Sports. 5:55 ABC News. 6:00 Local News. 6:25 Flair Reports. 6:30 Viewpoint. 6.55 ABC News. 7:00 Sign Off. Station WGIL, Radio HOC Kilocycles TUESDAY 6 00 News. 6:05 Public Service Show. 6:35 Coach's Show. , 6:45 Music. 7:05 World Today. 7:40 White Sox vs. Red Sox. 10:00 Nightcap News 10:15 Music Till Midnight. New* on the Hal* Hour. WEDNESDAY 4 55 Wake Up Show 6:05 News. 6.05 Wake Up Show 6:15 Farm Fare Program. 6.35 Wake Up Show 6:55 Robert St. Johr Reporting. 7:00 News. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 7.10 Sports Scoreboard. 7:15 Wake Up Show 7:30 Local News. 7:45 Morning Show 8:00 New3. 8:05 Morning Mtlodles. 8:50 Notes on Modern Living. 8:55 What's New in Pink & Blue. 9:05 Bulletin Board 9:25 Uncle Harry. 9:35 Morning Melodies. 10:00 News. 10.05 Market Reports. 10:10 Music 10:35 Problems and Solutions. 11:00 News. 11:05 Morning Melodic*. 11:35 Trading Post. 11:50 Farm Adviser Program. 11:56 Noon Day Devotions. 12:00 Noontime Farm Markets and News. 12:15 U.S. Weather Forecast. 12:20 Local News. 12:40 Music. 5:00 News. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr. 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:40 White Sox vs. Red Sox (2 games). 10:00 Nightcap News 10:15 Music Till Midnight. News on tha Halt Hour. Immigrants During the year ended June 30, 1962, 28(5,763 aliens were admitted to the United States as immigrants for permanent residence, according to the Britannica Book of the Year, THAT DIDN'r<50UNP ANYTHING LUB A GAT/ 9-/7 IF I WA6 ANY GOOD AT IMITATIONS WOULD I 6B DOING THI5 A LIVING? P-PIP VOU FORGET THAT WAS OUR LA5T PORT OP CALL .CAPTAIM PAW50N? THW6*»»rfea ENOUGH COAL AB0ARP tfSJ, ^TO GET" U5H0ME- mvi vou No*y LITTLB SCUPPER. RAT, I'VE HAD ME" FILL OF VER MEDPUM!.^ (JO WADIN 1 POOL SAILOR TELL-9 J MATEY. PUT OLE BULL PAWSOU HOW ToLsTWS FILGO RUN HIS SHIPl T"^SWAB |M IRONS FOR TWENTY! FOUR HOURS] ^^^^^ ^.yr ^^^^ T baseball WHITE SOX VS. RED SOX tonight at 7:40 2 games tomorrow at 5:40 THE SOUND CITIZEN im ON YOUR DIAL QUITE IRRELEVANT. PEAR EFRAMi yOU SEE, I HAVE I EXPENSIVE TASTES//* ANP PREFER THE COMPANY OF GENTLEMEN WHO CAN CATER TO THEMi WE-LL„EVEN THAT IS NOT INSURMOUNTABLE! WHO KNOWS — X MISHT COME INTO SUPPEN WEALTHi A LONS-LOST RICH UNCLE mm „.H0W / WELL, BV LOOK1N' ryvou ( AT YOU FOR KNOW V ONE THINS.., THAT?". ATOAST...TO SWITZERLAND FOR SEMDIWS ITS LOVELIEST NEW ^DOCTOR TO IN TERM HERE/ Q^' n •-dJJt^W-^-^-^^--/—" LET'S PRIWK P , <lfe ^^^S TO yoUR FATHER'S spcEpy RECOVERy. I

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