Henryetta Daily Free-Lance from Henryetta, Oklahoma on July 10, 1957 · 2
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Henryetta Daily Free-Lance from Henryetta, Oklahoma · 2

Henryetta, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1957
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rvw-t-i ?' nr' Vv v v . . . , ... '..' V.-, .t - "." ':--v.: '. ' - ; 3,-. WW jbwUqf-tf 'jy FACE two go iv in "VM rn " a owwo A- HENRYETTA DAILY FREE-LANCE WEDNESDAY JULY 10, 1957 , yyyyyf-yTy1 ynnfv " .- yyT- t T ? r r- ?irw v v-. Happened in Drake Hofei in Chicago in 195 1 Utterly Unbelievable--! ut True By DKLOS SMITH united Frew Science Editor (Cwrl(W 1157 By United Mill NEW VOHE TUP) -What happened In the Drake Hotel la Chicago on March Zt, 1RU,-Is utterly uabelievable yet R happened. Prom that day until this on life has been anythin? but the sane hr the man of science, Andrew C. fry, and far the whole of organised cancer research. On that day at the Drake, Dr. Ivy held a privatfc meeting to which he invited . scientific colleagues, some' wealthy laymen who were benefactors of science. lag la cancer research, far they were in the country on visitor visas which were soon to expire. If this meeting had been really private, there probably would have been no Krebtosen controversy, la Ivy's opinion. Another Mooting Held In the same hotel at the. same time, there was another meeting s press conference called by the business man who had been Dr. Durovic's interpreter and guide in this country, and a psrt- You may wen be killing a man Is sound. That take-off point Is I find out was the specific aatl- ff you tell him there is an easy cure tor his cancer and divert him from the tried treatments which - might save him. Morally and ethically, whether from the medical viewpoint or any other, R is outrageious. ' Ivy agrees wholeheartedly .with this, and he has proven conclusively that he was in no way the author of the "cure report - - . . Eut the storm was unleashed. Cancer patients and their relatives and doctors were roused Id that the body ' seems to have chemistry of the hone had prochemical defenses against easeer duced far protective purposes. ner. Their interest wss legitimate if commercial. They thought Dur-j veritable frenzy they thought ovie had a miracle drug and the cure news was backed by and office-bolding politicians. The were pmruring the Durovics for the eminent Dr. -Ivy. There Is no 85-yvar-old scientist wanted to tell the commercial rights. 'question that the tnediral and them privately. about what he felt he had found out concerning Krebiosen'a biological activity against cancer In man. Somehow Ivy's meeting and this j scientific atmosphere had been other meeting got mrrged. AO was made hostile because there was confusion which resolved into fits-not .the slightest evidence that eo. The net result was that news ' Krebiozen wss a ''cure' the evl-The colleagues he wished to ln-!went out from Chicago that day j denee . was that It seemed to be terest in joining the research. The that the famoua Dr. Ivy had biologically active. . rich lavmen were to aee a promising scientific outlet for benefactors. The politicians were to be Impressed with the important role the Durov ic brothers were play- found a CURE for cancer. That word, cure, In relation to cancer, does to anyone who know anything about cancer, what a red flag does to a bun. Ivy hadnt yet published anything.-I wasnt ready for publication,' he said. He was Investigating from a theoretic take - off point which, his opponents 'agree. whatever they are. How else can you explain such well-documented phenomena as far - advanced malignancies disappearing on their own without any treatment? That ' happens In ' one la every 50,000 to 100,000 cases, and ao is quite rare. But less rarely,' cancers will grow for a while and then stand still for period ranging from months to many years. Ivy had always maintained . that the answer to cancer. If ft were ever found, would be found In the natural chemical -defenses when they were discovered' and understood. ' Believing that, Durovic's' thesis had made sense. Durovlc said be had stimulated'' the anti-tumor chemistry of the horse by Injecting a microorganism which causes . tumor-like growths in cattle. Dur-J Fortune From Publicity Journal, la September, 1951. daro-fully and scientifically detailed, it Is an Impressive document and most cancer specialists that Krt But the facto which stood out bkneu la worthless. But rather after the "cure publicity, was that Ivy's - Investigative methods methods had been unorthodox (as they had beea frequently la the past), and two persona tho Durovics owned both the only existing supply of the substance and the secret of how to make it and so stood to make a fortune from the publicity. The council of . pharmacy, and chemistry of the American Medical Asan. moved into answer the prime question: Was Krebtosen active against cancer? Dr. than ending the controversy. It really began ft. What had happened waa nothing . to . what was going to happen. Much-Traveled Do6 Dies While at Sea NEW YORK (UP) The death of Chota Peg, probably the moat traveled dog in the American Merchant Marine, was., reported Tuesday on the arrival hero of tho Paul auperliner United States. L. Wermer. then secretary of the The 14tt year old cocker span-couneU's committee on rerearch.ici, who logged more the two assembled the records of 100 can- million nautical, miles aboard four eer patients who had received Krebiozen from seven cancer specialists. These' specialists reported that ovic had isolated from fee Mood In M of the 100 Krebiozen had of 2,000 horses ho stimulated, a shown no effect whatever. The re- of the United States. Hie dog had white powder which he wanted to port waa pbllshed in the AMA'not been ashore since 29SL linen, died at sea July 1 and waa given a sailor's funeral. . ' Chota Peg , Hindustani tor Small Drink waa the pet of Cm dr. John W. Anderson, master Evacuating By Boat in Kansas TOPEKA. Kan., UPl-r-. . Rescue workers evacuated famlUMs by boat and carried some children through waist-deep waters today aa they battled flash flood waters from a lace-work of swiftly rising creeks la the capital city. : j Shawueo-Topeka UvQ Defease Director Robert Jones said then were ao casualties listed so far, hut ooo elderly couple waa still missing ' aear a flooded lumber yard la east Topeka. Weary police and civilian die-hater rescue workers had been battling since 2 a.m. - Deluge Hits Topeka Rains of up to aa official 1.70 Inches hit Topeka daring tho night. Many, of the creeks such as . fat Shunganunda, Butcher, Ward and Soldier creeks had crested and some were falling, although' rains eoneinued to faU. . At Richland, about 20 miles Teapot Tharmomtter I Voluol accurate and dependable room thermometer and aa attractive, smart wall decoration. Choice of colon. (SMta-t) 9 - New lightweight fiberglas. Acid sad salt resistant, Rust jAcofkaa. 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Choice of attrac- HR live colors. Ww (SO-I47-S ihre9) g 51.69 "lay- Drain FlaoHc 29 Olskpon. Re movable, pluf. (M-IM-2) . . 794 largo FlmBc (At food Calendar. 97 (JO-IM) . $ 1.1 9 Olcis Mix-5 tog Bowl Sat. 4 1 891 (Horn Boi'sr Bond. Easy grip handle. Large pour spout. (m-ih-V) 6914 Gloss Range Sot. 4 pc. Ivory white with red Iks dots. (M-127-2) B SL19BoMfara tor Sot. C pc. Green gloss bowls. Crystal lids. (10-127-4) g 51.69 Poor Old Mime Slots Condy Jam. Urn as canisters etc. (M.127-1) . J : -.j ' ) - f WMl I MW . 50-ft. Koroseal Imperial Hose Roil. OutriBi! Plica $11.95 ;; 4 faio . '' fa" '' Mg 214odi 4-cycfa long Ufa Mower, gprisof lam you 20 minutes every time you BMW your lawn. Inset wheels let you All trim oa either side. Free leaf mulcncr. AV Compare at 589.95. (ts-lio-i) SMo Trinonor, Mo bhavst iidtrs Lift Mods picks up I Cutting Heights I Wheels for dosor 1 & Our finest plastic hose. Do livers 10 M gallons of water .. a. minute. Light ia weight, y.95Vllltl adectidn. (4J-I0M)1 ft Oeed OeuBty FlosHe Hos IS It: ; . . new 51-19 17 DoA GmonHosNi Hate... A 5191 VUuol 54.10 'I'ltll M-t M'.-M at . -f .TMUf-.UM t'x m VI v 4 ji Metat fklif I0 Ott Dedgned and both to give low coat dependable service m your car. This powerful 100 ampi banary hat the capacity to give you quick luv rum every dote plus plenty of catra power tar qperalieo pour car radio and other aeeomorim. 45 tempered plates mh plaau-glaai , separalon. Durable Planok leak-proof case. Fin moat popular can. HOfil OF BITTKK VAUIU 402 W. MAIN PHONE 120 southeast of Topeka, the ramgag-iag Wakaruaa River spilled over banks, sending all 2S0 rerldcute of the small Kanaaa community out of their homes, the weather bureau said.' Flash flooding ' waa reported throughout tho counties of Miami and Franklin aa creeks there rushed out of banks after, .oversight downpour of up to an unofficial aix inches. - Caught By Stirprise . - k - The weather bureau said the Wakaruaa was expected to crest south of Lawrence at 6 p.m. , at a state of 30-20 feet where serious flooding comes at about 28 feet. . , . . . In Topeka, two National Guard ducks, amphibious vehicles, - four trucks and a half-dozen boats brought Into town from Shawnee Lake were thrown Into the scramble to evacuate families caught by the surprise flooding of creeks. Civil Defense Director Jones said 20 to 25 trucks and 10 more boats with motors would by through Into the battle, - although waters appeared to be reccedlng In many areas. Bride, 63, Mate, 19, Hard Up for Cash . NASHVILLE, (UP)-Plans far a honeymoon have been delayed by a 19-year-old Nashvillian and his O-y ear-old bride because the new lyweds have only seven cents for setting up house-keeping. Thomas Henderson, and unemployed Bean Shelter, said be would take his wife Flroeaeo to his former home at Dickson, Tenn., to visit "kinfolks aa soon at he musters enough cash far the trip. The couple were married hero Monday after exhausting , their combined assets of 85.50 earned from, aliening - beans. The money went for a marriage llcenae. Henderson said, he met hla wife a couple of weeks ago and 'it was love at first sight. The young bean she ller said he wasnt too worried about supporting hla new wife, would probably keep (Hi shelling beans for a while. Henderson said he had to marry sometime and he waa Just tint! of being single. A BODY;, IN THE BLANKET? - Is endow Mrs Raleigh watch kig o mwebrer trying to cover up hit traduT Or wt the early morning wanderings of oa acconlric neighbor? Did Owfuriaw fight At hoard next door and in the death of beautiful Yvonne Walk? Can private eye Donald lam dear up dm myOary? YttfM find the answers In a nniil BOMOl man UVvW By ADRIiwB 8 myriory writer-. 1 mmm rmw IBRHA COQL DONALD UM mystery byA.A.FAIR (o pen name far - ERIE STANLEY GARDNER Starts Today In Daily Free-Lance On Page 8 s

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