Vermont Watchman and State Journal from Montpelier, Vermont on February 3, 1892 · Page 1
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Vermont Watchman and State Journal from Montpelier, Vermont · Page 1

Montpelier, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1892
Page 1
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Vermont v VOL. 87.-4477. MONTPELIER, VT., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 1892. NUMBER 5. fcbcrttscmcnts. L. P. THE VERMONT WATCHMAN. rrni ikmmii BVRRT WinNWDAT BY Tbe Watchman PobUsblng Compeny At Montpelier, Vt. GLEASON &C0. I ARTIICK ROI'M MntHar, Vt. Oetierai Editor. T. H. HOSKIN8, M. D Ngwport, Tl. Aorieultural EMior. Will continue thcir 4M CLEARANCE SALE ThisWeek! Fifty cent Merino Underwear, now 37 1-2 cents. Thirty-five and fbrty cent Wool Hosiery, now 25 cents. Sixty-five cent Dress Goods, 45 cents. Forty-five cent Dress Goods. now 25 cents. Best Prints 4 1-2 Cents. Standard Ginghams G 1-2 Cents. GOOD BROWN GOTTON 5 Cents. TWENTY PER CENT DISCODNT On all Table Damask, Napkins. Towels, Crashes, White Goods and Hamburgs. Twcnty-Fiye Per Cent Discount On all Wool Blankets. TWENTY PER CENT DISCOUNT On all White and Colored Flannels. All Cloaks and Shawls At greatly reduced prices, All Remnants Will be sold regardless of cost. Special Bargains in Bleached and Brown Cottons. It, P. GLEASON & CO., Corner M ain and East State Street, Montpelier, VI. 40 ON DEPOSITS REMAINING 0 Six Months or Longer. 30 ON DEPOSITS REMAINING 0 Less than Six Months. Aii the ratea of intereat pald in the SAVINGS DEPARTMENT OF THI First National Bank MONTPELIER, VT. Capital pald ln $2G0,O00 Hurplug fiO.OOO Addltional llablllty of Stock- holders 250,000 Making a total 6uarantee Fund of $550,000 For the facnrlty of depfiiurn. DinUOTORS: DBWSY, PrMldtnti FHKI l SMITH, Vii-e l-acaldellt, J. 0. BOUQBTOB, W. K. ADAMS, F. A. DWINKLX, llaukiuK hourt from nlne A. H. to three P. H. All bualueaa coufldeutlal. B L. Eaton, CaNhier. Tkrms 82.00 year; $1.00 for gix . fifty -ontH for three months. Roster of Vermont Troops. The roster of the men of Vermont engaged in the army and iiavy during the War of the Rebellion iH nearing comple-tion. This work is being done by the un-dersigned company uinier the ausplccg of the state. It will be a volume of about 1 ,000 pages, lltC about 0x11 incheB, and will contain an accurate list and brief record of servlce of every oflicer and en-ligted man in the service from Vermont, arranged by regiments and companies, with an ably-writton history of each regimeut, battery and coinpany of Hbarp-shooterH, and a careftilly prepared index. Every surviv-ing Vermont soldier will want a copy. The priee eannot now be fnlly determined, but will probably not exceed 84 00 a volume. OrderB may be left with the WATCHMAN Pl'BLISHING CO., MONTPELIER. Vt. Clubbinp; List. The following offerH are for the beuefit only of subscribers to this paper who pay all arrearages and a year'H subscription in advance. One or more of the publicalions may be ordered, but the money for each, at the club rate, must invariably accotnpany the order. The " club-rate " la always $2.00 less than the ainount given in tbe second column of tigureg. PttMtheri' With Priee. thit Paper Amerlcan Arrn nltnri--t M 3.10 Amerlcan Kconomllt 2.00 3.10 Arena, The SO 6.M Atlanta Conatltution I.W 3.B6 Atlantlc M. 4.00 6.25 Rabyland M 2.30 Bolton Advertiaer l.M 1.45 Roaton .Journal 1.00 2.49 Iloaton Uecord, dallj I.M 4.66 Hoaton N'ewa, dully 3.(4 4.00 Hreeder'a (luide M 2.26 tlentury MaKazine 4.00 6.00 ChrtatiHn Unlon 3.00 4.60 CoimopolllAn 2.90 3.00 Cottage llearth IM 2.30 Demoreat'a MaKazlne 2.M 3.60 Farm I'onltry M 2.36 r"orum, The 5.00 6.10 Frank Leslle'a llluatratedWeekly, iM 6.30 Hrank Lealle'a I'opular Monthly.. 3.00 4.90 KrankT,elie's 8uuday MaKazlne, iM 4.10 Good HoOMkMptDg IM 4.00 Qodty'l I-aUy'a llook 2.00 3.00 Harner's M ,r ,yni. 4.00 6.10 Barperi weekiy 4.00 5.30 lUrper'a llaaar 4.W 6.30 Murpor'i YomiK I'eople 2.00 3.60 Hoine MaKHsinp (Mra. Lotran) 60 2.29 II ..... Market liulletln 90 2.26 Houaehuld 1.10 2.86 Inileuendent. New York 3.00 4.00 Kate FU-hl'A WaahiliKton. 2,00 3.60 Mlrrnrand Kjirmer 1.00 2.46 Lipplncott'a MaKaalne iM 4.10 National Trlbune, WHhlngton.. . 1.00 X90 New KuKland v , . -,i . 3.00 4.50 New York Merald 1.00 2.H5 New York Mall and Kipreaa l.H 2.75 New York Trlbune 1.00 2.45 New York I'rt-BB, dully 3.00 4.00 North Amerlean Kerlew 6.00 6 10 Our little Men and Women 1.00 2.60 Our Little ne and Nuraery I.M 3.30 Hanay l.M 2.00 Heterson'a MaKazlne 2.00 3.65 Fopular Kclenee Mouthly m. (.10 I'ratrie Karmer 2.00 3.60 Rurul New-Yorker 2,01 3.00 Scientitlc Auieriean 3.00 4.70 Hcrlbuer'a MaKazlne 3.00 4.56 8t. Nlcholaa MaKazlne LO 4.IB The Home-Maker 2.00 3.60 Troy Tlinea IM 179 WtdeAwake 2J0 3.60 Liinlted iiy the publisben to Vermont aBbaartb-ara to thla paper. The Bolton Joumal will 1 aent to aubaorihera.old or new, at prlce alated, 45 enta. pnrticnlarly recoinmend Chainborlain'H be-i Hiine I have found It to be Hafe aml reli-able." Twenty-dve and llflj-cent bottlfll for Hale by V. Hlakely, Montpelier, Vt. Thk date of the eotiilion party at Villau-ball, Kast Montpelier, lian been ohUgatl to Wedtiesday - ;, Febrnary Ball tirkclo, M centc; horHO kee)ln(j, ir centn. Music, Montpelier orcheBtra, four pieees. All are (-onlially invited. I WA8 ho lame with ilieiimatiHm that I OOtlld hardly walk, when my phyHician ad-viBed me to use Chamberlain'B l'ain Halin. It IOOO i-ured me, aays II. Mense, a black-Btnith at SiRcl, IliinoiB. Kor Bale by V,. Hlakely, drtiKKiHt. In addition to hlfl heavy triickinK bBi-ness, Clark B. KobertH has put on the road a llnglfl tntn, iiasfiage to and from all traiiid. Cure, promptneBd and iliapali-h at live-and-loMive priccH. Oftice in rear of BxohaOgfl hotel. Telephone eonneetion. Thk loallt told by the l'ierre, S. D., 8av-ings Hank thrnugh ita Eaatern offlce, No. 00 Main Htrri-t, Montpelier, bear aix anl Beven per cent Bemi-aniiual intereHt, and are K'mr. anteed and colleeted wlthout expeiiBB to parohasan, For full parlicularB addresB an above. Thk Barnard, Sumner ,t I'utnam com-pany iB the Btyle of the corporation that auceeeds the old lirm of Barnard, Sumner & Co., at WTorce8ter, Mass., whose advertise-ments have so long appeared on the fifth pae of thil paper. Read the announ e-ment of the new tirm. It Ib eoneeded that most of the injudi-cloiiB investments in the WeBtern States were made by coinpanies or baukB orlicered by persons laeking honeBty and intejjritv, ability and experienee. ABcertain the man-agement before purehasing of any coinpany or bank. The l'ierre Savings Bank invitea such scnitiny. Oi.itb Balbi is the name of a remedy for la Krippe, aBthma and similar diseases that is said to be u sure cure. It haa been uaed with (jood effect aml its merits proved dur- ing the past few weeka. A tirm is prepar-ing in a neigliboring town to put the remedy on the market, and it will be sold by travel- Ing agentB only. Town ToFlOt, published at New York, is an exceedingiy brlght periodical. It is a society journal, whose chief aim is to laugh at and point ont the frailties that exist in New York's "400." Itssketchea glow with literary beauty and brilliancy, and it aeems too badthatso much talentahould behidden under nommts ile plume. Town Tupics is published at 21 West Tweuty-third street, New York, for $2 a year. Followino thk Orip. Many who have recovered from la grippe are now troub-leil with a persistent cough. Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy will promptly loosen this cough and relieve the lungs, effecting a per-manent cure in a very short time. Twenty-flve and tifty-cent bottles for aale by C. Blakely, druggist, Montpelier, Vt. Thkkk are many veterans who have claims for pensiotiB pending that would do well to consult James E. Curran, Montpelier, Vt., who has had over Bix years' experienee as a sp -cial examiuer and is thor-oughly familiar with al! thelawsaud rulings of the departuieut. He makes increase and rejected claims a Bpecialty. Advice free. Chahbkklain's Ktk and Skin Ointmbkt. A certaiu cure for chronic sore eyeB, tet-ter, saltrheum, acald heatl. old chronic soreB, fever sores, eczema, itc.h, prairie scratches, Bore nipples and piles. It is cool-ing and soothing. Huudreds of cases hav been cured by it afttr all other treatment had failed. It is put up in tweuty-live anr fifty cent boxeB. For aale by C. Blakely. For Salk. No. 1 pine lath, No. 1 eight-eeu-inch spruce shingles, mouldiiigs all kindg and niaile to order house finilb Bpruee, basB, butternut, asli, oak, eherry, white yoodi Alabuma hard pine, Mioblgao pine, flooring of all kindg. Bought at the milla, will be sold cheap for cash. Turulng done to order. All kindg of job work in the wood-working line. Telephone on-nections. United StateB Clotheg Pin Coinpany, Montpelier, Vt. Buginess Mere Menlien. I BigH & Ghptil have a few sleighs left that they will aell at cogt. Obdbbb by mail for job printiag promptly tllled at tbe Watchman rili Fklt Hatb warked down, at the MiBseg Fisk, 27 State street. Kkkf out the eold by uging Dodge'g weather stripg. E. E. Oodge, Montpelier. Thk Misses Fisk are Belling childreu's plush bonnets ala discount. Dubino the rest of the seaaou felt hals will be gold at great reduction at C. A. Begt'g, Langdon Block. Wantko. A good draughtgmau to make gcaled aml full-aize plans for mouumental work, by Charleg H. More & Co., Bolater Block, Barre, Vt. Soldik&b, soldiers' widowgaud depemleut relativeg, entitled to penaioiiB under tbe new peusion law, should send to T. J. Deavitt, Montpelier, Vt., for a circular contaiuing the law in full. Wkston & Smith, No. 22 Main street, Montpelier, have a large stock of imported and native marble and granite, wbich they will seil at aa low prices as are cougigteiit with good work. Wantkd. A good capable glrl to do gen-eral housework in a family of two persona, Oood wages and steady employiueut. Write at once, enclosing refereuces. Horace C. I'eaae, Hartford, Vt. Wantkd.A middle-aged woiuan as housekeeiier for a small family of two chil-dreu, one six and the other teu yeara. Huita-ble pergou would tiud a good home. Apiily at 4,'( Main street, Montpelier. Safk ani Kki.iaiu.k " In buylnga cough mediciue for chililren," gayg H. A. Walker, a prominent ilruggist of Ogdeu, Utah, "never be afraiil to buy Chamherlalu'g ' ""! Kemedy. There is no dauger from it, and relief ig alwayg gure to follow. I Montpelier and Vlcluity. " COMRADKS! " " Whkn I was with Orant ." J. J. Donklly of Vergennes is in town. William I.kwis ia steadily improving in health. Thk boys in blue owned Montpelier yea-tenlay. Hokacb O. Mabvin roturned last Sunday morning from the West. Thk Bethan; Toplo Club raeeta with 0. II. Shipmau next Tuesday. Jamks Adams of the Kelleher stone-sheds ia out after a moiith's illuegs. H. A. Clay, traveling agent of the Santa Fe rHilway system, is at the Bavillon. Mks. t:. A. Lano has been conlined to the house by illness for the past few days. Thk secoud band coucert will be held next 8aturday eveniug at Capital ball. IlB. Lanck is putting in the fouudationa for auother teuemeut on the Berlin aide. Thk upper grado of the Berlin school i loses Friday eveulng with an exhibitiou. F. M. SHACKr-oBD of the Manchegter nlon ia in town dunng the eucampment. Whkn the new rooms are entirely iitted up, the Apollo Club is to hold a receptiou. Thk anuual diatrlct meeting of the MasoiiB will probably be held here this month. Thk Bethany Reading Club will meet at Mra II. R. Bixby's next Tuesday afteruoon at two o'olock. Mns. (iKoitdK E. TATUN and Master Harrv Tajiliu were in Burlington a few days last week. Gkobiik W. Thobnton last Wednesday fell dnwii the steps at the CrosB bakery aud was serioiisiy iuiured. E. F. Hutchins has moved into his recently-erected house 011 the lauil pur-chased of the Heath egtate. What are the Montpelier republii-ans going to do about delegateg to the League meeting at Burlington next weekV Hknrv Fibhkr is to open the store on FrgDklin street formerly run by Barnard McKeuna. Tlie latter ll in Boston. 0, .0. Hkaou, nearly half a century ago a resident of Montpelier, died at Rockford, III. , last week aged aeventy-Hve yearg. J. Q. AiiAMgand his big " Monitor" sleigh took a uierry party of ten coupleg to Waterbury, lagt Friday eveuing. The party was later flupplemented by three more eonpltl, and all eiijoyed a aupper at Wateibury hotel. Thk next (ortnightlf talk It the UulOH cbool is tu b Kriday afternoon by Ai tuary Jotepb A. DcHoer; lObJOOt, " insurance buainesB." A spkcial train will leave here at 1:10 thla afternoon, north over theCentral Ver mont railroad, to accommodate comradea going Rutland way. W. A. STOWILt attended the funeral of Jameg T. Furber, general manager of the BottOD it Maine railroad at liawreinc, Mass., last Monday. Rkv. J, K. Wrioht ig to preach in the Union church in Middlesex ni xi Sunday afternoon at l.ltO o'clock. Subject: " l.ook the Fata in the Face." Frank Okrakd wbb tried last week Tuesday for intoxication, and Hned the uaual sum. His diadoaure wbb altogether too thin aml he was returned to jail. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Britain wiah to thank their friemla and neighbors for their kiiidnesg during the sickneas and at the death and burial of their little sou. Mks. Hkmrv LiOWI and her two aona, who wentto New York recently, intending to reaide, returned last Saturday Dlgbt Wilbur has resumed work for C. H. Ferrin. Thk mllitar; band proruenade concert in Capital hall, last Satunlay night, was wi II attended. Sat urdav night is, however, not. tbe best night in the week to draw a crowd Thk t'nitarian choir always sings well, but Fred W. Bancrofl.'s solo last Sunday, " Light, in Ilarknesa," was eapecially eiijoyed, and has called forth many rlattering i omments. Misa Mary I,. Frkkman goes toSt. Cloul, Minn., as assiatant teacher in the high school where her couain Miss Oora Wells ia employed, All good wishes will go with Miss Freeman. Anothkr party of Bome twentv young ladies aud geiitletuen went to Waterbury by the " Monitor " last evening, Adams holding the reins. aml were hoapitably en-tertaineil by Landlord Barrett. Orion A. 1'KARCK died January 2fi at Lincoln, Neb., of Boftening of the brain, aged fifty two years. His body was brought here last Saturday night, and taken to Plainfield, bll former home, for iutermeut. Lkwis Goodnaturk waa tried yeaterday afteruoon 011 a charge of fumiahing litjuur to " Heenan " Bowerg. The jury diaa-greed. The cases against Cleinenl Mitchell and "Limburger" Cayhue were continued. Thk wedding gifts received bv Mr. and Mra. Henry Buttertly, after their marriage last Wednesday, wero uumerous aud many of them costly. Tlie young couplo atart on their hfe journey with abuudaut good wisheg. Willik, tive-year-old aon of F. T. Keeler, waa ruu ovet Saturday, while OTOMlng Eaat State street, at its junction with Main. Fortuuately 110 bones were brok. n. thntio-h the little fellow was seriously bruised aud it is feared one ahoulder is permaueutly injured. The Apollo Club is raoving into its new qtlarteri this week. The carpets were laid Monday by J. R. Story,fiom Jordan, Marsh J Co., Boaton, aud B. H. Fogg, represeut-Ing J. E. Came Xi Co., of Boston, set up the billiard and pool tables. The new rooms are luxurious. Thk following deeds were tiled at tbe town clerk's oriice yeaterday: George H. Wilder to D. A. Guptil, lot of land on East State street, for 8000 ; Eliza V. Guernsey to I). A. Guptil, land deeded her by Mary I). Wilder aud George H Wilder, fl,U60j un- uiviuou oaii oi tue aoove two to i. B. Cross from D. A. Guptil, $1,225. The marriage is announced of Clara Bur-ton Ilewey to Stauley B. Hildreth, at Cambridge, Mass., January 27. The brlde is the daughter of Mrs. Mary W. Oewey and niece of the late E. I. Waltou, and was formerly well aml favorably kuown at Montpelier. After an extended tour of the coutinent, Mr. aud Mrs. Hildreth are to re-side iu Brooklyn, N. Y. Hkkukht Lawrknce, the Montpelier & Wells River railroad couductor, injured last week at Ricker's, is improving, altbough unaiile to move about. When thrown frouj the car he atruck 011 his head aud right shoulder, aud had a narrow escape from a brokeu neck. Ilr. Chandler said that only once in a hundred times could a iuan fall like that, aml not break his neck. Thk tifiieth anniversary of the marriage of Judge Warreu and wlfe, of whieh we made mention last week, was the occasion of a very bappy family reunion, the euiire family being present, ini-luding the bride and groom of half a century ago, aud also Mr. F. II . Warren of Chicago, Mr. aml Mrs. Fred A. Warren of Kanaas City, Mr. and Mrs. T. I). Hohart and little Warren Hobart(tbe only srandoblld) ofMempbla, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. (1. W. Dustiu and Misa Alice M. Warreu of Berlin. Thk Standard Light and Power company has purchased the plaut. of the Montpelier Gas Light company; eonsideratiou, $1. The otlicials of the cousolidated concern state that it ia not deaigned as a mouopoly, and that the meter ratea of iras will lie 1111- changeil. It is auspected that some people who have been getling their gas fur little or nothing will soon have to pay the regular rates. His also surmised that an attempt will be made to improve the gas. There is plenty of room for improvemeut. " Hkknan " Bowkks arrived from the house of correction last Friday noou. At three o'clock he was in a fair way to bo-come iutoxicated, at four he toax intoxi-cated; at Hve he was intensely intuxicated j at six he waa in jail. He was tried before Justice Smilie on Saturday, aud sentenced to the house of correction for the seven-teeuth time siuce he Urst wooed the demon drink. He disclosed on Clemeut Mitchell aud Johu, alias " Cheose," Cayhue. Their caaes were continued to Monday, W. A. iAjrd furnishiug $200 bail in each case. Clark B. Robkkts hag been appointed road coinmiasiouer for Montpelier. If Mr. Robertg doea hia duty well and faitlifully as a good citizen and aa an ofBolal, he will merit, and ghould have, the support and approhatiou of all good citizeng. He has an opportuuity to ahow what stulT he Is made of. He was endorsed for the oftice by many who believe iu giving a man, williug and ambitious to rise, a chauce, aud they are confidout that this appolutuieut of the trtistees will vindicale their judgmaut aud justify the actiouof the board. Thk fourth lecture of the Iadies' Library Guild course, by Rev. l)r. Willltta of Day-ton, Ohio, was highly enjoyed. " Suushiue" was his subject and the revereud geutleman was the iucaruation of " the cheeriug, the enhveuiug ray." Iu miud, manuer and voice Ur. Willitts shed a tlood of the mer-riest suushiue on big audieuce. There were dashes of real eloquence, touches of pathoa, flashes of wit, passages of exquisite huinor, l,tughable stories aud incidents, woveu into and through a sermon that ought to traus-form the hardeat reprohate into an augel of light. Come agaiu, Uoctor. Hiram Atkins arrired home last Wednesday from Washington, where he had been to atteud a meeting of the democraiic na-tloual cominittee. Mr. Atkins was lilled to overtlowing with ntbuilaam, aud invited a number of the leadlng uuterrified of the DOUnty tO hig residence on Thuradav evening. Every one had an excelleut tuiie, and as the love feast progressed the prospi-cts of democratio succesg next fall grew rosler aml rosier, until it really seeuied ahsiud that the repiiblicans ghould noiniuate any candidate at all. Mr. Aiking admitted, however, that it waa possible that the ro-publicaug might put a mau in the tleld, aud that if that mau were Blaiue, the demucrats would run Clerelaud; but ii any other than the man from Mln wgre nominated. tlie unterriried would whoop'er up for Gorman. Mr. Atkina went to Burlington 011 Saturday, presuuiably (0 See 11 Brad." " Nioiie," the lachrymose qQMO of Am-pblon, king of Theboa, Upped down from her pedeatal after a Delsartian poseof about -1,000 years, and dellgbted the large andlencc that asseuibled in the opera-houae, last Wednearfay evening. It was one COntinn-ous laugh, from curtain to cnrtaiii, aml the play was voted the most eininentlv salis-fai tory affair that has visited Montpelier iu many days. Eleanor Carey aa " Ninbe " ia poeeeeeed of botn bUtrionfo abiiitv and at- traotlve mrves: W. T. Melville as Peter Dutin would alono have gaved the play; while Merrie Osborne as Hattie Qriffln was bewltchingand rinnl to a degree l.hatcaiised a Hutter among the susceptible OOOOpantl of the front rows. Thk otBoe of Gountjr Clerk Smilie was crowded last Monday; the attiaction was the trlal of Heury Brassaw, charged with the larceny of an overcoat from George A. White, a hlai ksmith living on the Berlin side. The defeni-e hinged 011 a phantom trade between Brassaw and an imaginary man, Brassaw alleged that. he swapped a hlack mare, worth about 810, for the coat, 8-( in money, and an opened-faced silver watch. Joseiihai d Jobn Braaaaw, brotb-erg of the aeonged, Bloo teatilied: likewiae Peter and Lewis Dudley, Charles Laforrest, and Wiil Jondro. The date of the imaginary trade was "after the Northfield fair," aml that they located the 18th, 19th, and 20th, but most of them couhln't tell what month. The jury returned an iinmediate venliot of guilty. Case appMled. T. R Gordun for Brassaw; T. J. Boyuton for prosecution. TitElocal eolatnm of the Watchman recently called attention to the fact that " green goods " men had attempted to work this sectiou of the conntry, and we have in this oftice circulars aent out by operators in New York who have attempt -d to beguile the nnwary rustic. An instauce of the bitor being hitten has just come to light. Several weeks ago Deputy Sheriff Camp of Barre gent, word to Chief of Police McQulrk of New Kochelle, N. Y., that green goods circ ulars were beiug received by many resi-dents of thia county. Allen Cady, a Barre atouecutter, was one of the recipienta, aml Camp indiiced him to anawer the geductive circular. In reply Cady was directed to go to the Huguenot hotel and register from New Haven. On the way he was to tele-graph to F. Travia, 1,924 Third Avenue, New York, and notify hiiu wheu he would arrive in New Rochelle. Chlel MoGuire then concocted a plot. Cady telegraphed that he would reach New Rochelle at nine o'clock p. m. last week Monday. Special offloer O'Connor of New Rochelle pergon-ated Cady, aud registered at the proper time as Cady. The green goods man waa on band. Ile said he presumed everything was all right, aud they could proceeil with their business. Travis then lighted a inatch, and attempted to burn the circulars. A ...cj DuiiR,D tinsiicu iraiwonu me uieo ior the possession of the circulars. Travis waa Hnally overpowered, and taken to police heaihjuartera. He was arraigned the next day, aml held for further examiuation. Unless the people give some evidence that they appreciate good muaic, they are likely to be given the go-by by every musi-cal organization that is worthy of the name. Good music is one of the luxuries of civiliza-tion, and ean he luaiutained only by the patronage of people who love music for the art's sake. or by the iudulgeiice of the rloh. The capacity for appreciating good music is not vouclisafed to every mortal. In the city the poorest lover of the art can Indnlge his ilesires, but in a town the size of Mont- Celier the opportunities are few aud far etween, and wheu a first-clasa miisical organization does condescend to visit ns it should be patronized. That there has been a good deal of sickneas, or that last week Tuesday night was stoimy, is not an ade-quateexcuse for the piiifully small audieuce that gathered iu the opera-house to listen to the Germania orcheatra of Boston. Mrs. J. Duulop Smith of Barre, who was to have assisted with two reading, was pre-vented by illness from appearing. She would have found inspiratiou rather ditll-oult had she faced the vast expanse of einpty seats. Tbe orobeatra plaved rnagnifloantly, under the masterly direction of Emil Mol-lenhauer. Tlie Ingtrumentatlon was admir-ahle. The best numb ?ra were the overturea to " Semiramide " aud " Oheron," and the IntermeSBO from the pppular "Cavalleria Ruslicana.'' George W. Stewart's trom-bone playing was distinuished by au ah-aeuce of grace in execution aud a magnifi-cent tone, while the piccolo playiiig by Paul Kox was the best ever heard in Montpelier, A rkmarkablk confereiice was held in the private oftice of R C. Bowera last week. Three persona were engaged iu earnest but suhdued conversation. Tliey were Mr. Bowers, his broflier-in-law, Mr. Remple, aml Lawyer George E Holden. " The way it is, Mr. Holden," said Mr. Bowera, coming right to the poiut, "I have decideil that money can be made more rapidly than in the granite business, and 1 want a coufed-orate. Are you williug to euter into the plan?" Holden rau his fingers through hi Hinhrimial loekH uinl .l.-l. .....I wi,l,in 1,1..,. I aelf. " I dou't kuow why you should have seiecteii me ior sucli a plan, he fiually re-marked; " I have never, I am sure, sh'own any iuclinalion towanl making money." " I selected you," replied Mr. Bowers, " on accouut of your natural reticence aml shrewdness. My plan is to make money mauufacture it, iu short." Aa he dnished the seutence he produced a mysterloug looking machiue, made up priucipally of two cloth covered rollg and a crauk. Se-lectiug from a pigeouhole in his desk a piece of blank paper, he fed it in between the rolls, and out came a crisp Hve-dollar bill. Juat about then you could have hung your hat 011 Holden'a bulging optica. yiiy, tiiat s couuteleiting! he gasped. "Nothiug more nor leaa," otiaerved Mr. Bowers, calmly. "Now I want a eonfed-erate to 'shove the queer.' I'll turu out three or four thousand dollars ol this stufT, and we'll pass it around hore and theu gkip." Holdeu took the bill aud examined it closely. It was simply porfect. The most noted expert would accept it as gen-uiue. " l'll give you an anawer this afternoon," be aaid in a dar.ed way. Seated in his law offlce, he ponderod. Before him rolled a tempting sea of AtHuence, aud danc-ing on the waves was the bark Opportuuity. Should he take a seal in the cushioned prow, take the tide at Itg tlood, aml follow on to fortuueT Ah! how weak we mortals are! He atarted at his iuiuost thoughts. "Nay! nay! Better a brietless lot, btttter a life of toil aml pain to such a moral deg-radalion." Half au huur later Holden appeared at Mr. Bowers' ollice. "I have de-cided to have nothing to do wiih tbe scheme," he said. " Very well," replied Mr. Bowers, Indlfferentl, " However, I shall expect that you will say nothing of this matter." Aud now, gentle reader, liav-lng exc.ited your curiosity, it is well 10 tell you that the wonderful money-umking ma-chine waa simply the latest addition to tbe uovelly market. The cloth arouud the rolls was in a continuous strip. Hldden in one roll was a boua-flde bill, and it rolled out wheu the hlauk paper rolled iu out of siglit. Mr. Bowers took the IngeniOOI machiue into the Montpelier National hank and ground out a Hve.iiollar bill, one of the bank's owu issue, for tlie beuefit of one of the directors. The oflicer thought. tlu- m.i Oblna Iu the haud of a ilishonest man would beadangerous allalr. He scrntinized tbe bill, aud remarked that, with tbe exoeptlon of a dlscrepaucy in wt-ight, the bill waa a closeimitation. S II O Bosworth ciiti.-ised the giguature of the vlc.e-preMident. Ii waa aot well dotie, he thought. Iiuagiuation ig a great thing. 1 If 1 I , . . . , r,,,-., vneu appouuuil poal-magter al Stratton. Hon. George Howes. Bon. Oeorge Howea, another of Montpelier s dlatingnlahed oitleen, jiassed awav on Saturday evening last, at. half-past seveii oclock. Mr. Howeg had been gralual)v faihng for two years. He was attwiked bv the prevailing epidemic. whic-h developeil into pneiimonii, and after an illness of three weeks he died. A kind ProTi.lence spared him aml his friends much pain bj permitting him to remain iinconsclou'a throngh most of his sufTeringa. His sisters Mra. Elmira Camp of Derby and Mrs.' M.iriha II. Pease of Burlington, mother of Mra. (i. (k Benedlot of tbal olty, aar-ive him. Mr Howes waa of I'urit'an stock His grandfalher, .loseph llowes, was a lol-ilier of the Revolution from tbe hlstoti, lown of Lebanon, Conn., where Governor .lonathan Trumbiill, the " Brother Jona-tbaa of Washington, kopt "the old war ofllce as a depot of supplieg for the con-tinental army. The fatfier of Mr. George llowes, named also Joseph Howes, aattled In Montpelier in 1808 and died in 1863 at. the age of eighty years, a resnected and honore.l citfzon of Montpelier. Hon. George llowes waa horn on November 14, 1814 in Montpelier, (luly ()n ottler peraon born in Montpelier at so early a date reinairs-Hon. Jatnea R. Langdon. Tn 18.14, Mr. Howea bepame a partner in huainess with the Montpelier, now the Montpelier National, bank as cashler, and lilled that poai-Uon till 1808. Mr. Howes was state treas-urer from 1817 to 1888, discharged the duties of that offlaa with satisfaction to all, and reaignad the POaltlon hecause not nongenial o his tastes. Mr. Howes next went West in 1888 , set ling ,n st. Paul, Minn., where he rmidad for ten years, highly esteemed bv all who knew Imn. There he engaged ili real eatate buaineaa and won himaelf many friends by bla integrity and tidelity. He returned to Montpelier in 18ii8, and haa since spent his time here in caring for hia own property and for that wbich he held for others. Mr. Howes was married to Mrs. Helen Holmes Anderson, a daughter of the IMe E. C. Holmes, Eaq., 011 March 20, 1871. rheir married life has been one of mutual joy and happiness. She remains to mourn lus loas. Mr. Howes was a gentleman of refined tastes, retiringin hiadiapoaiiion an.l ahrink-lng from public offloe. He waa fond of hia books and delighteil in the society of culti-vate.I people. Ho had rare juilgment in tmancial matters, waa scrupulousTy honest, and tbe soul of honor. Of a domestic, affec-Uonate and home-loving nature, he never impressed himself on 'he by virtue of his abilities he might have done; but, a man of marked iudividuality, he would always be found on the right side whenevei the battle was to ho fought between light nd wrong. From hig strong personallty, Mr. Howes was eaaily misumlerstood; but those who knew him best aaw that the outer garment of care was aoon laid aside for the inner robe of peaceful repose. ' llowe'er It be. It aeems to me, Tla only noble to be Kood. Kind hearta aro more than i-oroneta, And siinple faith than Noranan blood." The funeral was held at his residence 011 luesday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. G. W. Gallagher otliciating, an abstract of whose remarks is appeniled. James W. Brock, Eaq., acted as couductor of the funeral. The pall-bearers were Rev. C. S Smith, Hon. Joseph Poland, Mr. S. L. Howe and Mr. H. II. Deming. The bear-era were George L. Nicbolg, T. J. Deav-itt, Eaq., Mr. W. H. Cowell and L. P. Qleaaon, In his remarks Mr. Gallagher, referring to Mr. Howes' life, a brief sketch of whieh has been given above, said: The still form before us is snggestive of solemn rerlection. The old ipjestious, What are we? Whence are we going? Is there a hereafter? will ever recur at moments like this. The de-narttire of a friend on iliutunt u a subject that interests us. How much more the departure of a soul into a world of eternal life. Di-guise it we cannot that there are good and evil in the world. Some are living for the good, some for the evil. Some are living for the lower, some for the bigher, and some for, the highest forms of good. Some are living for the low, some for the lower, and some for the lowest forms of evil, Life is largely aquestion of grada-tions. We put ourselves in one grade or take ourselves out of another grade hy our desires, our motives, our purposes, our love for God, or our disobedience to him. Tlie Indivldual can never lose his responsibility to the world around him. He ig a poweV for good or for evil. Such a quiet, unas-suiuing hfe as that of Mr. Howes has ita deatiny. The orbit of the amallest star ig aa perfect as that of the mightiest planet in the stellar uuiverse. Mr. Howes' splure was in the home. Here his excellent traita of character were known. The qnlat ripple of mlrtb, whieh the world aaw not, sparkled withfresh beauty every bour within these walls. He was loved by his own and they knew and prized his steady- tlowing current ofiudividual life. I close' with the thought of our Savior to tbe weeping sisters of Ltz-arus, " I am the resurrectiou and the life." The mystery of life has no mystery when seen through Jesus Christ. Life in him was with God. If our liveg in their sileuce aud obscurity, in their public words aud public deeds, are pure and undefiled before God, we kuow it is well with the soul. Obituary. Clark. Died, in Woodbury, January 1, 1899, at the residence of Martin Lyford, Sarah, widow of the late Noh A. Clark, aged seveuty-one years, Hve months aud tweuty-seveu days. The subject of this notice was boru in Wheelock, Vt., and, soon after, her parenta, Jobn and Sar.ih White, moved to Calaia, where she lived for many years. Iu 1840 she married Noah A. Clark. For many years she had been in leelile health, aml during tbe last two years au almost conatani sufTerer. AJthougn she louged to be at rest, she bore her sufferiuga with patience, williug to subiuit all to the Lord's will. She was a devout Christiau, a kind aml afTectionate wife and mother, and was loved hy all who kuew her. She leavea two aona aud one daughter to niouru her loss. And now. dear mother, fare thee well, We leave thee with the Lord, And trust thou d.ixt In heavea ilwoll, With dear oues Kone butore. What tboaftj this life ahoiild aeem ao drear, I tru.t 'twill be or, And we Hhall ineel our friend ao dear, Where we ahall purt no more. Kki.ton. The unexpecte l death of Mra. Aila Kelton of North Montpelier, wbich oc-ourred January 15, has very muob saddeued aml ilepresseil her many friends, both at bome and at a distance, and the question, " What shall we do without her?" ig heard on every haud. Mra. Ki-lton, horn July 13. 1853, waa tbe oldeat daughter of Jacob and Roxana Rich, and at their death waa left. witli a younger aistor aud aged auut, the only repreaeutatives of an old aud respecteil family. Reoelvlng the old hoiueatea.l u her inheritance, it gave her great pleaaure lo reatore and renair It Wltboilt destrovm any of its old eharactei isi ics. She was a graduate of Qoddard Bemlnary, baving baan a merabai of the olaaa of 1874. in 187H she married George EeltOO, who nOW, wlib her ilaterand aunt. have tbe ajrmpatby of all neighbors aud lriends in their great affllotion. " At home I ait without you, Aud tind that ' hoine la you." Tbongh nolel and domestic. iu her waya, she will be greally mlaaed iu sociely and thechiiich where she waa alwavs an etli- olant workar, Vaa, erary wbera and by all she will be iniaaed and inourned. Azito Adams was stnick by a train while he waastandingoiithe Irack near the West Randolph gtatiou last Wednesday eveniug His face was cut one arm bruiaed, aud oue bip badly lujured.

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