Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 13, 1973 · Page 42
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 42

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 42
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42 .gglesbuffl.,Refli$te.r >M <ail> Galesburg, HI, Wednesday, June 13, 1973 Market Reports Today Interior Hog Prices SPRftfGFIBLD (UPI) - Interior hogS: 20,000;' uneven, steady to mostly 25 higher; No 1-2 200-230 lb 38.76-39.20; No 1-3 200-235 lb 38.25-38.75; No 1-3 230-250 lb 37.75-38.50; No 2-3 250-270 lb 37.00-38.00. Save money, time and motion. Shop and use the classified ads. Call 343-7181! Time To Paint . 5.98 Value Latex House Point' " OUTSIDE ' Gal. 5.98 Value Latex W ALL PAINT Oal. [98 Brushes, Sand Paper Nails, Rollers, Ect. MED. SIZE ONIONS Lb. 15c NEW CROP HEAD LETTUCE Ea. 29c CLOSE OUT PRICES ON FLOWERS OSCAR MAYER BEEF or REGULAR WIENERS Lb. 95c Ktwv Wilson Thrift BACON Lb. 69e Re Joyce Frozen Orange Juice 5 6 oz. $100 Tins I CLOSE OUT PRICES ON FLOWERS BLOOMING ROSE BUSHES 1.98 PETUNIA-MARIGOLDS SNAPS ASTER PLANTS 3 Packs $1.00 - -COUPON- JELL-O GELATIN 59c 6 3 oz. Pkg. With This Coupon Without Coupon 13c Ea. TRADING POST Exp. 6-16-73 I - -COUPON- - NESTEA INSTANT TEA 3 oz. Jar With This Coupon Without Coupon 1.19 TRADING POST Exp. 6-16-73 .» -COUPON- CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE 3 lb. Can $2* 9 : With This Coupon Without Coupon $3.89 TRADING POST Exp. 6-16-73 u r I %% 0* I -COUPON- LUX Liquid Defgr, 39c With This Coupon Without Coupon 59c TRADING POST Exp. 6-16-73 Trading Post Super Mkt. 1515 E MAIN ST. GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS Burlington Northern Stockyards Market: 25c lower. No. 1-2: 200-230 $38.25-$38.50 Quotations: No. 1-3: 200-230 $38.00-$38.25 No. 1-3: 230-260 $37.00-$38.00 No. 2-3: 260-300 $35.25-$37.00 Packing Sows: steady. $32.00-$33.50 Jollet Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 2,000; steers and heifers steady; high choice and prime steers 48.25-48.75; choice 46.5048.25; good and choice 45.5046.50; choice heifers 45.75-46.50; good and choice 44.50-45.75; cutter cows 29.50-33.75; canners 26.00-29.00. Hogs 700; steady to mostly 25 higher; No 1-2 200-225 lb 39.7540.00, few 40.25; No 1-3 200-260 lb 39.00-39.75; No 2-3 260-280 lb 38.25-39.00. few 40 .26; No 1-3 200-260 lb 39.00-39.50; No 2-3 250-270 lb 38.25-39.00, 270-290 lb 37.00-38.25; No 2-4 290-340 lb 36.00-37.00, few 35.50 Devaluation Of Dollar Helping V. S, NEW YORK (UPI) •— The says scattered reports Indicate Thursday estimated receipts: cattle 25, hogs 700. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 1,600; steady to 25 higher; No 1-2 200-235 lb largely 40.25; 45 head 40.50; No 1-3 200250 lb 39.50-40.25; No 2-3 240-270 lb 38.50-39.50; No 2-4 260-290 lb 37.50-38.50; No 2-4 290-300 lb 37.00-37.50; few 300-350 lb 35.5037.00. Cattle and calves 150; not enough steers or heifers for test. Sheep 100; steady; choice spring lambs 39.50-40.00. St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Uvestock: Hogs 3,000; fully steady; 75 head No 1 220 lb 40.75; No 1-3 200-230 lb 40.00-40.50, 230-250 lb 39.25-40.25; No 2-3 240-260 lb 38.75-39.50. Cattle 150; not enough slaughter steers or heifers for test; choice vealers 58.00-64.00; good 53.00-58.00. Sheep 75. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 60-61, medium 45-57, small 36-48; B large 44-56. Hens ice-packed broilers and fryers 41.75-43.50 for this week's delivery. St. Louis produce: Eggs wholesale Grade A large 38-40, standard 30-35, medium 39-35, unclassified 16-20. devaluation of the dollar and upward valuations of other currencies are working to correct the U.S. payments deficit, says Chemical Bank. In addition to the April announce ment of the first surplus in U.S trade accounts since 1971, the bank says there has been "a notable absence of complaints about loss of competitive position" that in earlier years were almost daily occurrences in the steel and textile industries. Chemical Bank also New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 1,000; steers and heifers unevenly steady to 25 higher; high choice and prime steers 48.0048.75; choice 46.7548.00; good and choice 45.5046.75; good 43.5045.50; choice and few prime heifers 46.5047.00; choice 45.0046.50; good and choice 43.25 - 45.00; good 41.00-43.25. Hogs 3,300; steady to 25 low- MACOMB AUCTION REPORT June 12, 1973 Receipts Cattle Calves Hogi Sheep This Week 359 1 150 5 Last Week 476 11 864 78 Last Year 574 5 441 55 CATTLE: Becelpts 20% slaughter classes; balance mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Slaughter steers and heifers scarce. Cows 1.00 higher. Feeder cattle .50-1.00 lower. SLAUGHTER STEERS & HEIFERS: Few Prime 05O lb. heifers 46.70; mixed Good and Choice 8501000 lb. 43.75-44.50. COWS AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 31.50-36.10; Canner and Cutter 25.50-34.00; Commercial bulls 39.65-42.20. FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 350-550 lb. steers 54.00-57.50; 550-750 lb. 50.50-54.25; mixed Good and Choice 550-850 lb. 47.00-50.75; Choice 300550 lb. heifers 49.00-55.50: mixed Good and Choice 350-550 lb. 46.7549.25. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices steady. SLAUGHTER BOARS: 300-500 lb. 33.25-36.00. FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 40-50 lb. 21.00-23.00: some 75 lb. 37.00; all sold by the head. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)—Cheese: Processed loaf 72.25 - 80.50; single daisies 79 - 83; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 8992.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Steady; unchanged; extra large 63; large 62; medium 57; pullets 48; standard 52; checks 42. Have minor repairs to be done? Read today's classified er; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.5040.00,ads for the help you need! Admiral 10 AlldChem 35Va Alld Strs 26 Allis Chal 8tt Alcoa 61Vfe Am Air 13 Am Can 3414 Am Cyan 25% Am Dist 19V4 AmElPwr 27 Am Mtrs 7% Am T&T 51% Anaconda 20Vs Ashl Oil 28% Atl Rich 86% Avco 10% Bea Fds 24% Bendix 35^ Beth Stl 29 7 /s Boeing 17 Borden 24 Catplr 57% Celanese 32% Cessna 21 Chrysler 26% Cities Svc 47 IBM 330 Int Harv 28% Int Nick 29 Int Paper 35% Int T&T 33% Iowa P&L 22% Johns-Mn 22% Kennecott 25% Kresge 38 Kroger 17 Lib McN 4% Litton 9V4 Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 30 Vt Maytag 29 Merck 94% Minn Min 84% Mobil Oil 69 Monsanto 53% Nat Bis 45% Olin Corp 14% Outbd M 34 Owens-Ill 33% Penn Cen 1% Penney Wi Pepsi Cola 84% Coca-Cola 144% Pfizer 44% Cohan Gas 29% Phil Pet 53 Comm El 33 Comsat 44% Cons Ed 23 ] /i Cont Can 27% Cont Oil 31% Dana 30% Deere 40% Du Pont 168% Eastman 135% Exxon 99% Falstaff 3% Firestone 20 Procter G 107% Quak Oat 37 1 /! RCA 26 Rep Stl 25% Revlon 63% Safeway 33 St. Regis 39% SanFelnd 25% Sears 99% Shell Oil 52% Simmons 19% So Pac 32% GRAND OPENING "NORTH FORTY" Alexis, III. Flag Day, Thursday, June 14 FREE DOOR PRIZES — FOOD Whole Hog Barbaque Hog Donated Courtesy Stock Yard Feed Store at Alexis Elevator Gary Simkins, Galesburg Order Buyers Blue Ribbon & Andecker on tap Ford Mtrs 58% Sperry 41 Fruehauf 27% Std Bds 55% Gam Sko 26V4 Gen Dyna 18V4 Gen El 6iy 4 Gen Fds 26% Gen Mtrs 68% Gen Tel 29% Gen Tire 18% Goodrich 23% Goodyear 24% Greyhnd 14% ! Gulf Oil 23% 111 Cent 18% 111 Pwr 2S% Inland Stl 31V4 SO Ind 9D Stvns JP 28 Stude 35% Texaco 36% Tex Inst 99% Un Carb 37V4 Un El 17 Utd Corp 8Vi US Gyps 22 ft US Stl 31% West Un 21% Wstghs El 35'/ 4 Weyerh 60% Woolwrth 24% father's day Fother's Day Weekend Thurs., Fri. Sot Men's Nylon Jackets A Perfect Father's Day Gift Reg. to $Q88 14.98 O Swimming Trunks Sizes 28 to 38 Thurs. Fri., Sat. 10% off Bermuda Shorts Sizes 28 to 38 for a hot summer 10% off Shop MALES for Fathers Day We Welcome Your American Express, Master Charge, BankAmericard CIOTKINIF^ wwimmy the fines'- for men dowr /mvii gale-bung CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 1,400. Butcher Trend: steady with vesterday's close. No. 1-2: 200-225 .. .. $40 .00-$40.50 No. 2 -4: 1 90-240 $39.50-S40.00 240-270 $38.25-$39.50 2-0-300 $36.25-$37.50 Sow Trend: steady 300-500 $34.00-$35.50 Boars: 350 lbs. up .. $34.00-$34.50 Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through June 8: Withdrawals $258,940,384,472.85 Danosits 229,101,969.983.90 "-.1., v> P ' n -. 0 4.154.4^5.061.31 Public debt 454.640,274,523.94 Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks mixed in active trading. Bonds slightly higher. U.S. government bonds slightly lower in quiet trading. American stocks mixed in active trading. Cotton futures lower. Chicago grain futures lower. Cattle steady; top 48.75. firms are redirecting expansion plans from abroad to domestic facilities while foreign companies are exploring possibilities of opening American subsidiaries. B. C ZIEGLER «nd COMPANY First National Bank Bids. Peoria 61602 I'o lii'e inlormatiori on hospital bcx.o i ,fu«t yielding up lo 8Vi%. Nami Addiets Slate Shearson Investment Policy Letter says it "views the market cautiously because of a preponderance of uncertainties that becloud the outlook for the economy and market for the period Immediately ahead." While a technical rally may be in the offings the letter says a conclusive improvement in the market will not occur until the inflated 100 glamor stocks and blue chip stocks favored by institutions seek a more realistic level. The market then will "reacquire a breadth of activity needed to regain the attention of individual investors," it adds. The pattern of consumer spending over the next six to nine months will be a major determinant of economic activi ty In the United States in th; next two years, according to a Bank of America forecast. "The longer the current boom in consumer durables con tinues, the more severe will be the correction in 1974," says the San Francisco-headquartered bank. You don't have to be an ad writer to get results with a classified ad. We will help you word your ad! READ THE WANT ADS! Notice -- Wataga Residents By action ibaken June 4, 1973 iby itihe Village Boand of Watega, 111. No new driveway culvemte wiilil be furnished by t)he Village of Watega wiibhomt a charge ifco new users. Effective June 4,1973. John W. Robbins, President Of The Wataga Village Board Francis W. Wynkoop, Village Clerk Of Wataga, 111. Notice -- Wataga Residents By action taken June 4,1973 by the Village Board of Wataga, Illinois. All new sanitary sewer system users in the Village of Wataga, Illinois musit pay a $100.00 tap on fee when tapping on to itlhie Wailiaga Sanitary sewer system effective June 4, 1973 under rules of the Wataga Sanitary sewer system use ordinance #1966-12-2 section #4. John W. Robbins, President of Wataga Village Board, 111. FRANCIS W. WYNKOOP, Village Clerk of Wataga, 111. (SEAL) PUBLIC AUCTION OF HOME AND PERSONAL PROPERTY The owner, moving out of abate, will sell ithe following ait PubMe AudSon alt itftie premises, located 'alt iihe corner of Somitih Oairr and West ILoousIt in KMowod, Illinois on Saturday, June 23, 1973 STARTING AT 12:30 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedroom home, living room all newly paneled, dining room, kitchen and closed in porch, w/bath, large single car garage. This home has new Alen storm windows and new siding. Legal description will be read day of sale. i PERSONAL PROPERTY Bed, dresser, oak dresser, record cabinet, rocking chair, davenport and chair, new recliner, antique table, oak round table top, trunks, old pictures, china closet, collection of dolls, collection of Avon bottles, lamp collection, several pieces of glassware, lawn chairs, 2 lawnmowers, garden tools, many, many more items too numerous to mention. TEHMS: Cash on Personal Property. Real Property: 20% down clay of sale, balance on or before 30 days. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS IVA M. GIPSON, Owner LANE R. HYETT—Auctioneer, Aledo. Phone 582-7016 — 582-7087 PUBLIC AUCTION OF 12 ACRES AND 2 HOMES The undersigned, moving to a new home, will cell the following at public auction at the farm located South of Joy, Illinois, to T In road, East to first corner. South 2V 2 miles to T in road, then East to first road and North Vt mile. Northwest side of road on SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1973 STARTING AT 10:30 A.M. AT THE FARM 12 acres with about 8 acres farm ground; 16x32 barn; machine shed; chicken house; several walnut trees. There are two nice homes on this property. One has 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bath, closed In porch, basement finished in 5 rooms plus bath with hot water heat and air conditioning. This home has carpet and aluminum storm windows and lifetime siding with a 3-car garage. Second home has 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath with full basement, gas heat, alum, storm windows and single car gar. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Description of a tract of land in the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) of Section Five (5) Township Thirteen (13) North, Range Four (4) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian, County of Mercer, State of Illinois; commencing at the Northeast (NE) Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SEft) of Section Five (5), Township Thirteen (13) North, Range Four (4) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian which last mentioned point is the point of beginning. Thence West 774 feet; Ihence South 677 feet; thence East 771.5 feet; thence North 6B2 feet to the point of beginning. A strip on the East side of this tract 21.5 feet wide on the South end and 22 (eel wide on the North Is described as a pu'W '.: road. All distances are in feet and decimal of feet. TP' '2 .IO. TERMS: 15% down day of sale and balance nn or before 30 f|a>h. .....iKr will leave some money in property if arrangement is mnrie before the day of sale. Possession of property will be given by 15 of July, 1073. Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeKreyrel PHONE 8M-4123 Auctioneer: L«nt R. Hyatt, 582-7087—582-7016 ESTATE AUCTION TOOLS, GUNS, BOAT and MOTOR AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS Saturday, June 16, 1:00 P.M. 1555 Bateman St., Galesburg, III. To settle the estate of, Earl Knesi, iha following will be sold IQ the highest bidder: 14 cu. ft. Admiral 2 door front-free refrigerator; white (J .E. olci'lrlc range; 5 JH \ red dinette set; pots, nans and dishns: 15' Admiral upright deep freeze in good condition; Honwt exhaust fan; Admiral dehwmldifler; Sears humidifier, not very old; Cosco step stool, table mdio; gold with wood trim Luxury J. iinn Hldabed, H man. old; maple platform rocker: Setchell Carlson 23' console color TV in good condition; 17" Admiral portable color TV, works good; Gold club chair; blond occasional table; walnut knee hold desk: beige club chair: brass table lamp: mahogany lump table; Klectrolux tank type sweeper; 2 brass wall plaques; floor lamps: sofa bed; s -veral pictures; 5 pc. blond bedroom suite, com- pleie with like new box apriny and mattress; burnt; bedding; 5 drawer maple chest. POWER TOOLS AND TOOLS: Small electric welding outfit; JJormtiyer skill saw; small spray paint outfit; 10" Craftsman tsbls saw with 220 motor; some extra blades and equipment for table saw to be sold separate; E-*-( flomellta chain saw. not very old; .Saber saw; several electric drill 1 ; disk sandcr, like new; 50' heavy duty drop cord: carpenter tool*: mechanics tools; sump pump; screws, nuts and bolts of «ll kinds; C-elampa; saw horses; rubber tired wheelbarrow; good martin bint house. BOAT, MOTOR AND TRAILER: 12 horse Buccaneer outboard motor, gond ifii )dlt)c;n; some rods and itels and flublng equipment; 11' wnorj Jon buat, like new; heavy duty f.ietory built boat trailer: good home made two wheel trailer; lots of firewood; No. 77 pot belly heating stove. GUNS: Late model 12 ga. liammerlcss shotgun; Westcrufleld 22 bolt action rifle with vopr; Seam ;i shot bolt action 410 g|. .shotgun; vine hardwoi'd 2x4 's and lots in<m» misc. iiierchiiiidlse too numerous, to mention. LAVERE KNEGS. Administrator for Esiet* PEEL. HENNINQ, MATHERS and BELL. Attorneys Auctioneers OALC and RALPH COJT.EY Pi.. 343-83H or 341-I5U ROBERT STEWAHT, Cl »rk LORRAINE LYNN, Cashier Auctioneer's comment: Thj< Js a good .-.ale with lot:* of jjood tools and h 'iii(i «"hol'l good,-. Don'l nil ».4 It, PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS ef fha laU Ebba App§\\ Antl§mt\ 60\ N,W. Pint St., Oalva, III, SATURDAY, JUNE 16 Tim* 12 O'Cloelt Noon ^,.H^ H Ji r i l iSPJ f6frl *e /At °r; 24 in, gas stove, apartment size; 40 in. £?„ u .1? . d iW n * r J? om t*^* * 2 chairs: wood cupboard; ovfll china £i th , c o*»t«' , f; 2 door metal Cabinet; small matfll cabinet; step « oal; maple drop leaf tabic, l extra leaf, 2 chairs; cower cupboard Si 1 }! 1 !* Sl os .* t! n . oi * h « lf i corner cupboard; O.E. color T>,; recliner chair; extra chair; rocking chair; small stand with margarine wmmmsm heads; numerous others Items. ANTIQUES •- FURNITURE Conservators Auction 979 WASHINGTON AVE. Saturday, June 16th 10 AM The Bank of Galesburg as Conservator of the Estate of Augusta C Johnson, Incompetent, will sell the following chattels. ANTIQUES: Oak hall seat with hat rack, Sectional bookcase, books, albums, 3-pc. mahogany parlor set consisting ol settee, rocker and straight chair, mantle clock, Victrola, drop front ladles datk, stere-o-scope and pictures, fern stand, clover leaf oak lamp stand, wood arm davenport, 3 pc. oak bedroom suite, large Gold frame, oval mirror, barrel top ladles trunk, monitor trunk, old Swedish leather bound suit case, Seth Thomas mantle clock, several Gold •trim & oval pictures, rocker, large oak cabinet, bookshelves, large Hawkaye kitchen cabinet made In Burlington, Iowa, oak bedside table, square oak table and chairs, drop leaf oak table, china pot, oak ice box, wash bench, laundry stove, crocks and jars. Some Antique dishes including Sterling pieces. FURNITURE: 2 matching floral pattern rugs, bedding and Iln- — Singer sewing machine, occ. chair, lamp table and lamp, table radio, metal beds, luggage, mirrors and pictures, refrigera- s range, laundry equipment, pot?, pans, dishes. Garden and model tor, gas D . . yard tools and other miscellaneous CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE 343-9033. COOK & WOODS, Auctioneers DELENE COOK, Clerk BANK OF GALESBURG, Conservator ol the Estate of Augusta C. Johnson, incompetent merchandise. NELSON, GUSTAFSON and BLAKE, Attorneys for the Bank of Galesburg, conservator of the Estate. Phone 3433155 PLASTIC SHEETING 4 Mil, 10 # x25 # , 250 Sq. Ft. For the HOME For the GARDEN For the AUTOMOBILE BLACK or CLEAR Appliance covers, bedspread tors, log covers, storage box rug protector, drop cloth. protec- linens, bar-b- Frost protection, weed control, que grill cover, wading' pool cover. Equipment cover. Fender cover, car trunk liner, upholstery cover, floor drain protector, tool Cover . PACKAGED IN $ CONVENIENT 15" ROLLS-Only 2.95 GALESBURG iuilders Supply Co 600 E. MAIN STREET BUFFALO All-Flex Rear Mounted Cultivators with individual row flex rolling coulter guage wheels adjustable dirt shields heavy duty disk hillers You haven't seen the best in cultivators until you've seen this one. See it today at John Fayhee Sons Prairie City (309) 775-3317 BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway/ Basement, Front Room, Private Household Sales and all other sales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad Is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAII. DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 3437181 Head the Want Acls 1 i

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