Springfield Daily Republic from Springfield, Ohio on April 18, 1888 · Page 3
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Springfield Daily Republic from Springfield, Ohio · Page 3

Springfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1888
Page 3
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jHK2iisHHBi8PaiSaaEKa - rr.sKEpUBIj0WEDyESDAY EVENING APRIL" 18 1888. -s -J BE" " Sfl. -J-f " J-T-P Jf-faal m nr PV W A SEW COUNCIL. 1 Total It Comes in 'With a Big Grist of Bnsi aess for the First Session, but Will Soon Tin of It. The Standing Committee Announced Bit; Lot of Petitions aDd Hi-solutions All tbe Members Oet In Their Preliminary Work. The first regular Hireling ot the new council was held last (Tuesday) evening, when seventeen members answered to their names as follows: Berlew, Wee, Burnett, Freid, UoppcsT XMen, Little. Mast, Mc-Kenna, Jfetto, IVrsell, Slack, Smith, Tlbbetts, E. T. Thomas, T.J. Thomas, Tuttle and President Dtcus. Mr.N'etts arrived during rollcall.and this completed a full council. The same rou'lne work and plenty of It then began. The city clerk read the tnin u tes of the last meeting, which were approved and signed In tbe usual manner. The president then read his list of standing committees for the ensuing year, which are found In other column. REPORTS Or CITT OFFICE1W. By city clerk: To the llcnorable tbe City Council: Gentlemen 1 have the honor to herewith submit a report of tbe result of tbe vote of the people at the election held on the 2d day of April, 18S8, on the varion questions submitted at said election, as follows: Apvancement of class and grade ot the city Tntal vote east in tbe city . 6.629 Vote lor advancement Z.47S Vote aealnst advancement rian of government proposed- Plan of irovernment. Tes riao ot government. No Majority atalnst plan Water works bonds . Jl.lli ,1.8S -3.422 -1JM Water works bonds, Tes. n ater works bonds, Ao. Majority for bonds- Street Improvement bonds Street Improvement bonds, Tes 2.902 Street improvement bonds, Xo.2.212 Majority for bonds- 750 Bespectf nlly submitted. J. S. SaEWALTEB, City Clerk. By city clerk Report of police conn clerk for the month ot march, showing collection of floes J547.S0, less amount ot 529. paid to witnesses, leaving a balance ol 518.80. Placed on file. By city tleik Report of Mayor Kelly, showing S13, collected on licenses. Placed on file, Bv city clerk Report of Mayor Kelly of the S50 he had In possession for police pur poses. Amount paid out as per voucher. S43, and balance ST. Placed on tile. By city clerk A resolution that the contract made with tbe E, B. Preston Co. for the purchase of the new reel be signed by tbe president and city clerk. Carried. By city clerk Showing the contracts of the Central Union Telephone showing that tbe Instruments in the fire department and cliy clerk's office are free and tbe others at per contract signed by thepresldent on behalf of the city. nrnnosa. BvMr. Burnett and signed by several First warders declaring Bretney'a tan van was a nuisance and that it be returned IWerred to committee on streets and highways. i; Mr. Thomas, of the Second ward, from the property owners of north Martet street, asking that said street be ordered curbed and guttered. Referred to committee on street Improvements. By city clerk, the petition of the saloon men to be allowed to keep open until 12 o'clock. Kef em d to committee on law ana ordinances. ., By Mr. Thomas, of theTjVurth ward, to accept quit claim deed .for property In said ward. Referred to' committee on streets and highways. By Mr. Mast, asking for a change ot grade on High street, west ot Isabella. Referred to committee on streets and high-ways. By Mr. Hast, asking for extension of city water mains on south Yellow Springs atreeL By city clerk, the bond of Wm. R Cal-boon In the sum ef 5500. as assessor with C. M. Nichols and C. E. Folger as suie ties. Accepted. By city clerk, the resolution that thr amount ot 3100 set aside In 1SS2 for tin Lsgonda hose house, be returned tbe fire department fund not being used or lie ded t I ere It Is. Ca lied. By Mr Matt, asking for a pavemnt on Yellow Springs street, as far as a curbing and guttering is mide. Referred to com mittee on city Improvements. By Mr. Fried, asking that Market street from Troupe's drug store be opened fot tew t purposes. Referred to committee on city improvements. Bj Mr. Fried, presenting names for s'a-tton-house keeper. Referred to commute on police. By Mr. Tlbbetts, asking permission for several persons In his ward to ly sewer pipe from their premises to Rice's ditch. By Mr. McKenny, asking that Rlre street be graded. Referred to committee on streets and highways. By Mr. Berlew, recommondlng that Henry C. Moore be appointed station-house keeper. Referred to committee on police. MISCELLANEOUS. By Mr. Fried Presentation of the bond of City Clerk Showalter in the sum of 85,000, with Charles H. Shaeffer and R Q King. Accepted. By Mr. Fried A petition asking the appointment of Wm. H. Moore as station bouse keeper. Carried. OltnlXAXCES. The second reading was bad of the ordinance to repeal the whistle ordinance. IAT OB.DIXAXCES. By Mr. , of committee on streets and highways To pay E. A Williams, graveling $118 53 E. A. Williams, pay of street hands 426 50 John Woods, cleaning catch-basin 18 25 u. w. Keller, nrooms G II. Brers, dressing tools- . 4 45 .. 2I1 23 Mills Bros J: Co bmken stone-. James Nelson, dressing tools - E.A UllUams, payot hands on market space 9 SO 15 35 Total- .-$95103 Adopted. By Mr. Burnett, of the committee on improvements Pay of James Olds, work on bridges 1 11 00 J. 11. &mlth. work on sidewalks 10 00 Patrick Doolan, work on gutters 259 3S Total. 530 35 Adopted. By Mr. Thomas, of the committee on fire department To pay Champion Coal and Ice Co , tes $ 19 50 F. A. Walgand. coal- 6 50 .Moores & son, time K. W.Simpson. salary of employes- 90 1.113 33 650 14 SS 7 IN ISO l ra 765 10 Frank umnns. coai Ad. Bakhaus A Co , supplies- llumnhrevs & Katmond. repairing- Jannev & Pelrce, hardware R, P. W lllls bon, pipe and labor- C Corner, plastering- E. B. Preston Jt Co.. hose reel- Total -J1.975 7 Adopted. By Mr. Fried, of the committee on policeTo pay Julius Grabs, meat 130 6 J Charlesworth. veterinary services 25 00 Central Union Telephone Co , messages- 3 CO O. H. Byers, dressing tools 1 90 C. C. Fried, repairing 75 Carey Bennett slo 00 Total- ITS 71 Adopted. By Mr. JlcKenna, of the committee on gu and lighting To pay Champion Electric Light Co -S5t5 00 Adopted. By Mr. Thomas, from the committee on rales and printing- To pay cion cities co - tut 61 Adopted. By ilr. Wee, from the committee on public buildings To pay R H. Clark 111 73 llartman, Morgan Jt Co.- 1 -'t Total Jit w Adopted. Uy Mr. Little, from the committee on cemeteries and parks To pay Dalle Jk Stipes, out-house In cemetery $25 00 Adopted. Ily Mr. Tlbbetts, from the committee on health and hospital To pay Williamson A Wallace, groceries t 67 33 Andrews, Ise A Putnam, merchadlse 2 to Mnnane, w ten jic to . slippers. 4 110 tt ra. ifrani s aons.me&t. 21 IS Id Bukh&us &Co.. drura 171 W. II. Wilson, sa'ary and help. 97 50 6"2S 150 w. u Lnnenr. vrocenes. .. . prtngfleld Peed Co .water-closet paper. I.Leuty's Sons, meat. Tbe J 0. Stewart Co , apples ill. Ilere A Co., blank boots, etc . C W Wadwrtn. stencils J. Ludlow 1c Co., drugs , , ,, - 1(34 3 25 3 S3 20 81 123 50 Total , S471 73 Adopted. ItKSOI.UTION'i. By Mr. Burn tt To allow Ruben Copen-hafer to lay a drain pipe from his property tt Slurray and Section streets. Adopted. By Mr. Thomas-To appoint John Wear i breman and a f sisn him to the Southern engine house. Adopted. By Mr. Thomas That the sanitary mar-thai be Instructed to have removed the hack landing In front of Erter's livery stable Adopted. By Mr. Hoppe t That the city engineer be directed to set grade in first west if Yellow Spring street, from Mulberry to Pleasant. Adopted. By Mr. Mast That chairman on rtreet committee 'and chairman on city Improvement committee be asked to report all unfinished work. Adopted. By Mr. Mast To have water mains ex tended on High street west ;of Pleasant Adopted. By Mr. Mast That all committees hav ing bills to present will attach written reports when they are to be referred to other committees. Adopted. By Mr. Fried, that water mains be ex tended on south Limestone street to Rice treet. Referred. By Mr. McKenny, that the property or Taj lor street, between Pat ton p and Rice -ttvets. be ordered curbed and guttered Referred. By Mr. Little, that committee on street tnd highways, set a grade on Cecil street, from Limestone to Market streets. Re ferred. By Mr. McKenny, that committee on street Improvements be ordered to have curbing and guttering put down In front of properly of Mr. Serves, on west Columbia .treet. Referred. By Mr. Netts, that Ellsworth Baker be ranted permission to move earth from Jefferson street Referred. By the president, that the committee on itreets and highways report for adoption a grade on Sheridan avenue. Referred. Council adjourned. OHIO NEWS. It ef Interest Gathered From Backer Towns. TnuBsrojr, April 18. Gas was struck here again in a small quantity at a depth of over 2,000 feet The drilling will continue. Grosvenor ltenomlnated. MaaiETTA, O., April 18. The Republicans of the Fifteenth District In convention here yesterday renominated lion. C. H. Grosvenor for Congress, and elected W. W. Merrick ant O. II. Kurtz delegates to Chicago. A Lady Seriously Injured. Fbkxost, April 18. Mrs. Anna Parks, of this city, while walking on the railroad track near the L. S. Depot, was struck by west bound train So. 21, throwing her on hex face and seriously but not fatally injuring her. VeAth of a Prominent Divine. Tolkdo, April 18. Word has been received of the death at Gloucester, Mass., of ju3t. juancs, jioiti, me uisunguoueu xap-tist Minister. He was for sixteen years pastor in this citv, and is well known all over uio state, ue was lorty-eignt years oi age. lTour Store Sherman Delegates. Ciscwsati April 18. Four more Sher man delegates were selected in irus city yesterday, to attend the Republican Na tional Convention at Chicago. The First District elected Dr. T. W. Graydon and Howard Ferris, and in the Second District Mayor Amor Smith and Frank Tucker, ex- memuer ot tbe isoanJ or rubiic Works. All are understood to be in favor of Senator Sherman for the Presidency. Supposed to Have Ileen klllea. Fihdlat, O., April IS. The friends of Elnathan Cory, a prominent citizen of tl.is place, are alarmed for fear he met his death it the railroad accident at New Hampton, Iowa. He left here to go to Oregon, and the last news beard from him was a telegram stating he was delayed by a washout on the railroad. Tin same train a few hours later went through the bridge at New Hampton and a number of persons were drowned. It is feared that Mr. Cory was one of the unfortunates. Important Decision of the Supreme Court. Colvmbcs, April 18. The Supreme Court handed down a decision relating to the constitutionality of an act which makes the sentence of a criminal convicted the third time, imprisonment for life. It was in tho case of Robert Patterson, a Miami prisoner in the Penitentiary, sent up on a five year sentence for burglary, which sentence will expire in 1SD0. This being Patterson's third or fourth term, he was marked for retention as a life prisoner. The court holds that third term prisoners can not be retained in the penitentiary for life, and the law is therefore void. G. A. It Encampment at Toledo. Toledo, April 18. Commencing on tbe 25th inst, and continuing fer three davs, the Department of Ohio G. A. R. will hold its twenty-second annual encampment in this city. The encampment will open Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock in Memorial Hall. The city will be illuminated with natural gas in tbe evening for the benefit of the visitors. A public reception and formal welcome to tne ir. A. K. will take nlaee ft ednesday evening. Welcoming addresses will be made by the mayor and others, and a response by Department Commander Putnam. Short addresses will be iniade by Commander-in-Chief Rea. Junior Vice Com- rnander Linehan, ex-President Hayes and other distinguished men. A meeting of the encampment will be held Thursday morning, and a camp fire by . mV.r. f f, n t fi .ni. t .v.. ' ing. Friday, the" la.tday of' the encamn- mtnt, a meeting will be held for the installation of officers and closing up the business of tbe encampment A Family Gathering. Have you a father? Have you a mother? Ilave you a son or daughter, sister or brother who has not yet taken Kemp's Balsam for tbe Throat and Lungs, the guaranteed remedy for the cure of Coughs. Colds, Asthma, Croup and all Throat and Lung troubles? If so, why? when a sample bot- tie Is gladly given to you free hy T. J. Cas per, druggist, 41 east Main street, and the large size costs only 50c and 1.00. Delegate C. S. Voorhees. son of Senator Vorhees. has written a letter declining nomination to congress from Washington Territory. "I was troubled with an eruption on my face, which was a source of constant annoyance when I wished to appear In company. After using ten bottles of Ayer"s Sarsaparllla. the humor entirely disap peared." Mary ii. wood, 40 Adams street Lowell. Mass. Omaha proposes to build a corn palace this year. Housekeepers, get your lace curtains laundrled at Marshall's Home Laundry. Kos. 10 and 13, west High street 75 ' THE " EMPEROR BETTER.' EVERY NIGHT I SCRATCHED THE PHYSICIANS THINK THAT THERE IS NO IMMEDIATE DANGER, He Transact Considerable Business Tes. terdny, Involving Mach TTrltlne Mr. Dillon Perfects Plans for Continuing the Irish Campaign and Submits to Arrest. T.nT kit Anriln All r.r ti,n ,i;.r,ot,-i. Lotooj, April 18. All of the dispatches received from Berlin up to midnight con- mm .uc uiciiuui icutu mat x.iujrerur witnoui aiu. AiicrKi.iuK up mi uupea oi re-Frederick's condition Is improving. His coverv. 1 happened to see an advertisement temperature Is much loner than it was in Uio morning, nls respirations slower and the symptoms of bronchitis are abating. The doctors nowsscrt that there is no fear of pneumonia and express confidence in their ability to remove the bronchial irritation opon which the fear of inllam-mation of the lungs lias been founded. After making his appearance at the window yesterday the Kmperor transacted a quantity of state business involving considerable writing. The friends of tho government are severely criticising its delay in arresting Mr. Dillon, who was really taken into custody at his own convenience. While the detectives were loitering about Mr. Dillon's house until he should see fit to come out and put himself into their hands, that gentleman was arranging the transfer of certain papers affecting the management of the plan of campaign so that his arrest and probable prolonged confinement should not interfere with the progress of the schemes of the National League. Apart from any criticism or condemnation of tho Government dilatoriness in arresting Mr. Dillon by Conservatives and Unionists, it really does seem as though Sir. Balfour's officials were completelv outwitted in that while they finally arrested Mr. Dillon, they did not do so until after he had under their very noes perfected his plans for uninter rupted contenance ot ms nam, leaving the arrest a matter of very little importance to the fiovernment and of no great moment to the Nationalists. The lillihood of a Russian campaicn on tho Gallcan frontier at an early date is becoming more apparent daily. The Russian government has advanced a division of infantry to the frontier, and orders have been i-aued from Vienna to prepare immediately to oppose its further movements on the border. The sudden disposition of Russian troops on the Austrian frontier, taken in connection with the uprising of the Roumanian peasantry, and tho increasing discontent of the inhabitants of Bulgaria argues ill for the peace of tho Danu-bian slopes during the coming summer, and leads the Globe, editorially to say: If there is to be war this year the season for its beginning is close at hand, Russian traditions showing a preference for the festival of Saint Georee. the natron of armies. as the time for taking tho first plunge into the vortex of war." How well prepared Austria may be to meet a Russian advance is not revealed but it is certain that Russia is not acting bos-tily, since she has been preparing unccas-' ingly for precisely such a movement for more than a year. Arraignment of Mr. Dillon, Dcbux, April 13. Mr. John Dillon, M. P., wa arraigned before a magistrate at Drogheda yesterday afternoon, upon a charge of inciting tenants to non-payment of rent He was remanded and released on bail pending his trial, which will take place on May 9. Mr. Dillon was greeted with enthusiastic cheers by a tremendous crowd as he emerg ed irom we court room, in response to the calls of his admirers for a sneech. he delivered a brief address in nhich he de clared that If Mr. Balfour was satisfied with having arrested him he also was delighted. He assured his hearers that his arrest would not increase rent paying in Ireland in the least Shortly after his release Mr. Dillon returned to Dublin. They Have mbexzlers in Europe. Atokts, April 18. The Chief Clerk of the Treasury has been arrested for embez zling the public funds, his accounts showing a deficit of five millions franca. IMC Burglary In City of Mexico. f.,V AW V.Ttun A nnl III A t..t.n burglary was committed here. An Italian, long a resident of this country who was known to keep large sums in his house. n .Lie viwuui. Mure iwiu v(iAAm uoies was abstracted from the safe in the apartment adjoining his bed chamber, $5,000 in silver being left untouched. The porter of the house gave the alarm and search was immediately made, hut without result The porter had a slight cut on his hand, which he claimed to hae received in the scuffle with the burglars, butas his account was rather mixed he was arrested on suspicion. It is believed the burglars were foreigners and that the porter was their accomplice. Brewers Sticking Together. CrxcixxATi, O., April 18. The conditions are favorable for a general lock-out here of brewers. Moerlien having refused to reinstate a man at the request of his fellow-workmen, they struck, and their action was ratihed last night by the Brewers Union, which immediately declared a boy cott on Moerlien brewery. Tho boss brew ers, in anticipation of this some days ago, resolved to stand together in case any one was boycotted. In obedience to this reso-lution.one of Mocrlien's customers, who yesterday moraine stonned takim? Mocrlien's beer and tried to buy elsewhere, was re- iusco. iiotn sites are committed to a contest Arrest of Ewlng Watterson on a Sensa tional Charge. WAsnnraTON, April 18. Ewinc Watter- son, son of Henry Watterson, proprietor of uio mo wjuncr-joumai, was arrested last night, charged with assault with with intent to kill a Mrs. tinker a widow who boarded at his boarding house. Watterson asked her to break an engagement she had made, and when refused he drew a pen- jkuuo nii'i tub uciu tuu wrist, jealousy was the cuse Tbere will probably be no prosecution. Floods In Minnesota. Lake Cut, Mim., April 18. There is the highest water here ever nown in ApriL Some damage was done last night to the warehouses of the Diamond Joe's steamboat line and to Gillct's foundry. Spragne'a stable was badly damaged by ice. The Diamond Joe warehouse in Peppm, Wis., full of grain, ir threatened. The water is still rising slightly and a general break of the ice is expected soon. JL ..n' striur Vntnii. thnt. Aceoba, III., April 18. F. G. Perry.one of the new Burlington engineers, was set npon by a crowd of rougho, He drew his revolver and fired, seriously wounding rh.; ir.t.- nr f .i,. .-!.. r Z was arrested. The Burlington company claims sufficient police protection is not given its men here. v . in .t.. in....i tost la the Blizzard. . P".".CTn Ma6?-' APr.U 1 Major Eras Emerson, formerly State Librarian of South Carolina, then a New York journalist and lately a resident here, disappeared March 11th, and it is feared that he perished in the blizzard. Fund for Mrs. Yfalte. Washisotos, April 18 Among the contributions so far received toward the fund far the widow of Chief Justice Waite are two of $1,000 each from Justices Blatch- ford &nd M lller. find nne nf SLVY) frnm H... retary Whitney. Don't hawk, and blow, and spit, but use Dr. Sage's Catarrh lluiedy. Many who expect to live on their records must be content with thin picking. The Queen and Crescent Route to the South challenges attention as having the best appointed service of trains and the fastest schedules of the day. The track Is in faultless condition, sleepers and coaches are of elegant pattern, and few stops being maae oy tne timited .Express train after leaving Cincinnati, no difficulty Is experi enced in ootaining accommodation of the highest standard. The line penetrates the richest mineral and cotton sections, and en- route to New Orleans and Shreveport the phenomenal cities of Chattanooga, Gads den, uirmingnam and Tuscaloosa are passed. A Journey south, via Quean and Crescent lwnie, it recommended. m 1 - 3 B J ip aisSKf0iM4lBtt-uistssssasm QiMi'lf fiT'rlf irMfT tsV'i i I'W yyfcsiBiis m1 fci s v H'mf's'ti l,Wh""WWT?r&SE& :aressiS!SfykmjsfmfisB3Sfgr,,fTg' Until the Skin Was Raw. Body Cow orod with Scalii Uka Spot of Mortar. Cured by tha Cutlcura Remedies. I am KdnE to tell you ot the extraordinary change your Cutlcura Remedies performed on me. About tbe 1st oi April last I noticed some red pimples lUe coming out all over my body, but thought nothing o( It until same time later on, when It began to look like spots of moitur spotted on, tnd wblch came oil In layers, accompanied with Itching. I would cratch even nlzbt until I was raw. then the next nig t the scales, being formed mean- me, were scratched off again. In vain did i cousult all the doctors In the country, but in tne newspaper aooui your iuncura neme- dies, and purchased them lrom my druggist. and obtained almost Immediate relief. I be- canto nonce mm ukucjh eruuuun graa-i cnatr wnen Hawley wakintr ud drew a ually dropped off and dlsappearedone by one, hUmI from lnVi? .1.7 , !ii5 p,3.i and have been fully cured. I had the disease fi .,,ro,m,'ne,at',' ."!e . I",1'0" .nd "T1 thirteen months before I began tsklng the i ST9 snof' '7 of which took effect, one in Cutlcura Ueraertles, and In four or five weeks' JUarnnms forehead and one in his side, was entirely cured. .My disease was eczema The victim is 45 years old and a leading and psoarisls. I recommended the Cutlcura Methodist church member Hawlcvissov Remedies to all In my vicinity, and I know ot eral years ,, ,,i . , , " a great many who have taken them, nd '.nVJ.'onnEeIr'a"da?on.of a promt-thank me f. r the knowledge of them, espec-1 nenj mission conductor. He is one of tue tally mothers who have babes with scaly erup- wealthiest men in the State. Public sym-tions on their heads and bodies. I cannot ex-1 pathy seems to be on his side as it appears 8ress In words the thanks to you for what the he acted wholly in selfe defen v utlcura Kemedles have been to me. My body LATiE-It trin,n!i tlf 7t?wi. .!. was covered with scales, and I was an awful ' tniTS M. .i?n P . Hawley is also spectacle to behold Now my skin is as nice InJ"rea, ms skull having been fractured by and clear as a baby's. , blow or kick. He is not expected to live. UK0. COTET. Merrill, Wis He accuses Barnum of beginning the affray September 21. 18ST. I as abovo related. t&''iiYSlEZg itself since my cure. OEO. COTEY. j I Weeannntdojustlreto theesteemln which Cntlcura, the great Skin Cure, and Cutlcura Sjap. an exquisite Skin Beauttfler. prepared from It. and Cutlcura Resolvent, the inew. UlaodPrniner.arebeldbythetbousandsuponl mousanas wnose lives naTe Deen maae nappy by the cure of agonizing, humiliating Itching, scaly and pimply diseases of tbe skin, scalp and blood, with lost of balr. Sold everywhere. Price. Cutlcura. 50c: Soap. 25c; Uesoivent.fi. Prepared by tbe Potter Drug and Chemical Co .Boston. Mass -Send for "How to Cure 'kin Diseases." 61 pages 50 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. PJ UPLVS. blaek heads. red. rough, chapped and oily skin prevented by Cutlcura So.ip. Catarrhal Dangers. To be freed from the dangers of suffocation while ljing down; to breathe freely, to sleep soundly and undisturbed; to rise refreshed, bead clear, brain active and free from pain or ache; to know that no poisonous, putrid matter den'es the breath and rots away the dell catemachlneryot smell, taste and hearing; to feel that the system does not, through its veins and arteries, suck np the poison that Is sure to undermine and destroy. Is Indeed a blessing beyond all other human enjoyments To jmrchase immunity from such a fate should, day night He has been tendered a pri-be the object of all afflicted. But fhrtn ah. . .? ..-:k i. d i ; t..m . be the object of all afflicted. But those who have .tiled many remedies and physicians despair of relief or cure. Sanf ord's Radical Cure meets every phase ot Catarrh, from a simple head cold to the most loathsome ad destructive stages -It Is local and constitutional Instant In relieving, per-narent In curing, safe, economical and never- tailing. anford's Radical Core consists of one bot- cieatine ttaaicai uar-. one box ol Catarrhal Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, all wrapped In one package, with treatise and directlcna. and sold be all druggists for SI. Potter Drug Chemical Co . Boston. No Rhemnatiz About Me. IN ONE MINUTE The rntlcnra Ant I.Paln riaater relieves Rheumatic. Sciatic. Kudden. Sharp and .Nervous Pains Strains and Weaknesses. Toe V Drstandoulypaln killing plaster New. original. Instantaneous. In- fal Hole. sate. A marvelous Antidote to Pain. Innimmatlunand Weakness Utterly uullk and vastly superior tallolu;r plasters. At all druggists. 25c; five for tl; or, postage free, of Potter Drogand Chemical Co, Boston. Mast. THE MARKETS. I cent higher this mominir. nn th .nn,t f At j..i m v . . -- the death of Emnnrar Pmt.nVV ufflll. , the advanoe of W in the Liverpool market and to the favorable condition of things and the bullish temperament of speculators here at home, boon after the opening heavy realizing sales carried prices down Jic, but it speedily recovered and May sold upto825ic Before the close of the morning -session heavy realizing sales forced prices back to 82c for May. Other futures followed May in the advance and decline. 2.30 p. m. closing Wheat: April 81c, May 81&C, June 82Kc, July 83'c Corn-April 55KC May 56Wa6lrc Jnne SSUr July535ic Oats: May 32Jc, June 32Hc, July 32Jfc. Pork: April and May, $14 17K, June tU i5,July$ftHi Lard: April and May $7 70 June J7 75, July$7 80. Short nbs: April and May $7 20, June $7 2TA. July IT 35. ' tt :.--' Cincinnati. ClKCIHXATI. April 18. Pork: Regular $11 25M 37Jj. family $14 7515 00. Lard: kettle-dried 8Ji&8c Bacon: short clear sides 8Ji8Kc. Hogs dull and lower. Receipts 81S head, shinmenu 317- mm- mon$4 005 00, fair to good light $5 30 5 GO, do packing $5 455 75, select butchers' $5 705 85. Cattle steady and quiet. Re ceipts ai neaa, snipments iiss: common $2 U03 00. medium $J 153 80, fair to good shipping $4 10 1 50. Whisky, bales of 1,003 bbls of finished goods on the basis of $1 08 ter gallon for high wines. Fltt.burg Live Stock Market. East Liberty, April 1. Cattle dull. 3 to 10c lower than yesterday's prices. Hew active; Philadelphlas $5 056 15, mixed $5 950 00, Yorkers $5 855 90: common to fair $5 655 75. Pigs $5 S!55 5a Sheep 10 to 15c higher than yesterday's prices. Receipts: cattle 203 head, hop 600, sheep 2,200; shipments: cattle 1T1 head, hogs 400, sheep 1,800. LOCAL NOTICES. Their Duslnee. Booming, Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival of trade at Chas. Ludlow & Co.'s drug store as their giving away to their customers of ra many free trial bottles of Ur. King's New Discovery for con-sum) ti in. Their trade Is simply enormous In this ery valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Couxhs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before bujinr by gi tting a trial bottle free, large size $1' Eery bottle warranted. Ilrace Cp. You are feeling depressed, your appetite is poor, you are bothered with Headache, sou are fidgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to fcrtice up. Brace up. out not with stimulants, spring medicines. or bitters, which have for their basts very cheap, bad whisky, and which stimulate you for an hour and then leave you In worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Lher and Kidneys, restore your vitality, and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will find In Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at Chas. Lndlow A Co.'s drug store. Bucklen's Arnica alve. Tue Best Saxye in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no payment required. It Is guaranteed to give penect satisfaction. or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Charles Ludlow Jfc Co. There are 200 men In Cincinnati who carry an aggregate life Insurance of $10,-000,000. lee l.lne Excursion. On account of the republican state convention at Dayton, April 17, 18 and 19, the Bee Line will sell excursion tickets at seventy cents round trip. Tickets good going on all trains April 18th and 19th, and good returning until April 20th inclusive. G. H. KsiQirr, Ticket Agent Force of Habit Barber (shaving deceased customer) Does the razor hart yon, gjrf A SAD affair; vTlsUBlnent Business Man of Danbury, Conn., Shocts and Kills His Brother. tn-Xaw. DAJttCRr, Co.v., April 18. Virgil Bar-num was shot by his brother-inJaw. William H,Hawlcy. yesterday, and Is dying. Both men are prominent citizens, Hawjey being a leading drnmnst The trnubla grew out of a long standing family quarrel. Hawley and hLs wife. Rarnnm'a ?itir limn not lived happily, and there have been fre- Suoni Disputes over Hie proprietorship o! i drug business, which Mrs. Hawley owned before the marriage. Yesterday. Barnum, on visiting Hawley's house, heard from his sister that there had been another quarreJ. It is said that Barnum proceeded X the bedroom, where Hawley was yet asleep, and was about to brain him with a I Mj-, nawley waS the only witness of the smuggle, ono endorses Uarnum's story, given in his ante mortem statement to the effect that while he was talkingwith her about Uawlev'sahusinir her Ihi,lp nni.r ed theroom , ??J ,?' , J ,J e, Sf.fi , ?' reTolTcr "J hand, and saying ,M. ii h y?u n0.w'i began firing, and ue men men cunciieu and fell, after nmiu mhquhi rcmemDcr Homing. Barnum nas a wealthy contractor. To be Treated by Dr. Fatteur. Tixabkasa, Abk., April 18. Informs-Hon has been received hero that B. F. As-Kew, of Magnolia, Ark., was bitten by a mad dog at his home, Saturday, and tembly lacerated about the face and arms. The animal created consternation about the town, and was killed while making an attack on a group of school children. Mr. Askew is a candidate on the Republican ticket He left for Paris, France, immediately after the occurence, for the purpose of being treated by Dr. Pasteur. Cardinal Gibbons to Aid Immigration to Sonthrru States. Baltimore. April IS. Cardinal Gibbons, accompanied by Kev. Dr. John S. Foley, will leave Baltimore on Monday for Asht-vilie, S. C where he will attend by inyi- tation, the convention to be held for the promotion of immigration to the Southera states. Tho Parl.rtal .tll .... r-T .A.WIA. uj ,ud i cuuaiToum uaitnua. CONOENSED TELEGRAMS. M. B. Eeber. editor of a newspaper at Charleston, W. Va , seriously injured in a uguw Mrs. Dr. Bums, of Anderson, Ind.. dies from starvation and ill-trestment by her UU.UKUU. Public meeting at Chicago to discuss ways and means of preserving the sanctity of the Sabbath. Wm. Metx, a wealthy convert to Mor-monlsm in West Virginia, is made en outcast by his neighbors. Collase of the firm of Curtiss & Dun ton, oldest paper heuse inMrand Kanids. Mich.. announced. Assets and liabilities are un known. Work has ben resumed at the Empire State Glass Works, Brooklyn. N. Y. The establishment is ene of the largest factories fn the East. The Edgar Thompson Steel Works, at Braddock, Pa., will remain closed for an indefinite period, owing to the action of striking employes. Litigation will resnltfrom the dissolution of Sharps & Mlddleton, the large retail dry goods firm at Louisville, Ky. Sensational developments are expected. W. A. Overmire, of Templeton, la. leading citizen, who has been feeline de- Tlrt 1 (i n t near ruimniuii .. UL- iill tpondent OVC1 ' hJeU In the presence of bis wife, brother ----,- w. w-Mutu Muuuir-s -aiiCU and two friends. The St Louis Post-Dispatch has issued its first paper.from its new building, con-strncted for the publishing of a daily newspaper, and equipped with all the latest improvements, Including new presses. Engine No. 517, of the Baltimore and w o road, exploded at Rockwood, Pa.. auu was completely wrecked. Engineer vuuaugu, urcmaa uayion and two otuers were slighly injured, but no one was killed. Cobaugh and Dayton were blown into the river. ' - Maude, the seven-year-old daughter of Lizzie Bangs, of spiritualistic Bangs sisters, now out on bail in Chicago ou the charge of fraud, died Friday and was buried Sunday with Spiritualistic services. Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond going into a trance state and delivering a discourse. Near Fort Supply a cowboy named Bill Harding cleaned out a farmer named Sain Fem at poker. At daylight Fern awakened Harding and demanded his money back. Being laughed at Fern dicharged both barrels of his shotgun into Harding, blowing his head oK Cowboys are on the murderer's traiL a "I'erfect lu all Its Appointments" Is what an old traveler said recently of the Sturtevant House, Broadway, cor. 29th street, N. Y. Then It Is so central. American and European plans. Rooms SI pei day and upward, with board S3 to S4 per day. Matthews fc Plerson. Handsomely Cleaned. Now is the time to save money. The Springfield Steam De Works is now prepared to clean, dye and repair ladles' and gents' clothing, without ripping. Ladles' black silk and white wool dresses are cleaned as good as new. "You cannot tell them from new goods," Is what one ot our patrons says of the lace curtains laundried by Marshall's Home Laundry. Telephone 13$. Peculiar Peculiar in combination, proportion, and preparation of Ingredients, Hood's Sarsaparllla possesses the curative value of the best known rerae- BJrt le . dle ct tha vegetable sTIOOQ S kingdom. Pecnllarln Its strength and economy. Hood's Sarssparilla Is the only medicine of wblch can truly be said, " One Hundred Doses One Dollar." Peculiar In Its medicinal merits. Hood's SarsaparlUa accomplishes cures hitherto un- SrSarsaparillaeTf the title of "The greatest blood purifier ever discovered." recullar In Its "good name at home," there is more of Hood's Sarsaparllla sold In Lowell than ot all other blood purifiers. Teculiar In Its phenomenal record of D-iilioi,:lIesa,jroad no other r 6CU II cal preparation ever attained so rapidly nor held so steadfastly the confidence ot all classes of people. Peculiar In tbe brain-work which It represents. Hood's Sarsaparllla combines all the knowledge which modern rescarcha .sal? ,n medical science has I O 11S6II developed, with many years practical experience In preparing medicines. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. fl;llxforfJ. Prepared only by a I. HOOD ft CO., .Apothecaries, Lowell, 3Isu. IOO Doses One Dollar H1NDERCORNS. Th only ran Cure for Oonu. Stops fcUpftln. Ensnrm coiuforttoUM.feue.Uc un wgtata IuscoxsOo.M.T. nb-ra713stl.,Y.IksU'Ji MTillyWikg tJBlMg -i"l ijgOrCni.4rM Psrv-iitls.in sMirtsilI' erf UibcoatcasUMliJowelJL Wo WEAK MEN WOMEN miHj CUM flam lJ f H Mt Ux Vltidit j. Lt Mm. look on all prorata Jimuci Mat fr , (" rfj nfttllr reliable. OO Jeajsj, experleiic t. POWDER Absolutely Pure, This powder never varies. A marvel of Ba oomleal than the , ordinary kind, and cannot rt ty, strength ana wholesomeness. More eco- low test, short weight, alum or phosphate ixjwaers. ooia only in cans, kovil 1UZISO l'owDiaCo.,10 Wall Street. New York. You Carry A whole medicine chest in your pocket, with one box of Ayer's Pills. As they operate directly on the stomach and bowels, they Indirectly affect every other organ of the body. When the stomach is out of order, the head is affected, digestion fails, the blood becomes impo erished, and you fall an easy victim to any prevalent disease. Miss 31. E. Boyle, of Wilkesbarre, Pa., puts tho whole truth in a nutshell, when she says: " I use no other medicine than Ayer's nils. They are all that any one needs, and jnst splendid to save money in doctors' bills." Here is an instance of A Physician who lost his medicine chest, but, having at hand a bottle of Ayer'a Pills, found himself fully equipped. J. Arrison, M. D., of San Jose, Cal., writes: " Somo three years ago, by the merest accident, I was forced, so to speak, to prescribe Ayer's Cathartic Pilla for several sick men among a party of engineers In the Sierra Nevada mountains, my medicine chest having been lost in crossing a mountain torrent I was surprised and delighted at the action of the Pills, so much so, indeed, that I was led to a further trial of them, as well as of your Cherry Pectoral and Sarsapa-rilla. I havo nothing but praise to offer in their favor." John W. Brown, 31. D., of Oceana, W.Va., writes: " I prescribe Ayer's PiUs in my practice, and find them excellent I urgo their general use In families." T. E. Hastings, 3f. D., of Baltimore, Md., writes: "That Ayer's Pills do control and cure the complaints for which they are designed, Is as conclusively proven to mo as anything possibly can be. They are the best cathartic and aperient within the reach of the profession." Ayer's Pills, pexfarxd ar Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists. OU'HS' Sick Headache 1 bt trsnra tee annnss 3?. C. Melane's LIVES PILLS PRICE, 25 CENTS. (ssssssssssflsssssslScnd OJ the outside wrapper from a box of the genuine Ds. C. iicLANE'S Celebrated Litee Ptlls, with your address, plainly writ-ten, and we will send you, by return maiLa magnificent package of Chromatic and Oleographic Cards. Issssssssssssssssi FLEMING BROS. PITTSBURGH, PA. rWm I I'l Al f I I I I I CHEAP IIU-UK nud Ttltr lnrliniDla In titm Hoath. 4,0 0 0 Choice Fftrtn.MlllK- Prt nri And Itninrtx Ooixirt a n I ties. i 2.n.000 Acre of Timber J i nun Mineral lad da. write ' for Fr DvwlctiTe Pamphlet to . X M ..a--X2Ul-iCI V -1. usn9wm Jto. " MARLIN REPEATING RIFLE Otr anteed BEST IN THK It accurate and WORLD I lately tile. Uado size fer I -tj er ntuUt p-mo. BALLAR ti.llcry. II.Mtl.s- Md 1art fl... ! r.r llla.tr.tr4 Catalca. Marlln fire Ca., Sw1Utu,CI PL.J L, J Th Cliff! School ol Phono. 9non-nandi?.hrtaiiL,sf. UAND and TYPE-WMTIMI. roup wonwo or ronoff m?n thoroughly trained for positions la baii-dni noam. b otUcei, etc. Dt snd nlsht Kuioni. SITUATIONS Procured aj soon as comi tect. iWAaarew ior irmi , -ic aSKSTYPe-wfiting ITS' 1 1 m STOPPED FREE Insana Persons Restsred Dr.KLIKE'3 GREAT NERVEKESTO&En A yBJiin&2rravK Discuss. On&ri turt fa ATf-t- jtTteUna. FttM EMIrtn. tte. lCTAX.-1-Latif ukta as directed- A FUm ftr it sty mti. Treatua ana s mil Dome m to patients, ther piTinr erprcnch-ivci oabox vftc- rrcetrtd. Send fiames. P. O aad express, addrn ef 4trtfMten Kt-INrLrntArehSt PbfUdelsrHa Fa. DrucKUTft. SEtTAKS Of IMITATiQ FJUVAl LADIES 1 CURL OR FRIZl "TH- Hair Curler, and avoid all danger ol . Horning- or o!llnc the "vr tfv"ijy"-'- " Hand.. Monet reiuoaeuu Dot MUBiAciur ronsALK By Minus. MATCH flnmole. &0. Pmtnald. a.ITIIOMJ"SOX. Mir, "lftH Av CB"iao.- BRIGHTINE A.IKW II KM ED Y, POSITIVE CURE FOB Correspondence sollcted, v.lnAble laform&tjoa free. DIABETES, Csual discount to BUIGHTS trade. Disease and kindred aUsenU WM. T. UXDLXT fc CO., 8 I Salle Street, Cklassj, IB For sale by Lord, Owen A Co., Wholesale DrviCKlsta, Chlcafo peneoi asap)i KhA. 4l- iiuvm--tw Ds-fe ( iUIL'ROAD TIME CARD. Plttsbnrs;, Cincinnati and 3c. Louis EM J. way Company Pan Handle Route. Under schedule In effect November 13 1S87, trains leave Springfield, central stand aru time, for Xi-nia, Dayton, Richmond, St Louis, Chicago, and all points west and northwest, Cincinnati, Columbus and eastward a0 a. m., for Xenia, Dayton, Richmond and Indianapolis flu:2u a. m., fer Xenla, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis St. Louis and Chicago 3:S0 p. m., for Xenia, Darton and Cincinnati 5:09 p. m. , Trains arrive in Springdeld at t7.-35 and 10.-20 a. m., f3:05 p. m. and 5:30 Q. m. Dally. l)My except Sunday. Sam Doods Ticket Ajent Cleveland, Colnmbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis aallway. OOLS9 IAST. 8 NiKht Express nm 12 New York A Boston Extrress.,3.S0am a uieTeis.ua x eastern f.rpr.. 3.43 pa Sow York Limited Express -t.avm scisa SUUTB, t Nlsht Rmri. W0aia -sunaa i7bpg;.Cln.JkVes.Ex J. un. flying Bnckeje 7s am 13 Cincinnati Jc ladlanjpolls Expresi-ILOO am 3 Cleveland Cincinnati xpress IjJOdb South Jt W est Express 4.D0 pa a vinii..ina. at. luis i. Kan. kt ,4rm AEBITS VEOK IAST. s Klsh t Express aB 1 v.iu riyioz uucKeye . 3 Clevelan Cincinnati Express 1.30 pm a.cw ui& jusiuoiEuincionaii tkX-ri-apm Aaaiva raov south. 8 Night Kxpress .'US am H gsit.i'DrlniffleWAccoin.lr't Sj6aa IS New York A Boston Limited 9J0am SI Cincinnati 4 sprlaKDelrt Accom l.n pa i Clevelanil Jc Eistern Express 3.15 oss Cincinnati 4 Springfield Accom sjisdm New York Limited Express noOS ma No. 13 has thmnst. .leepers to New Yorkaaa Boston without chanje. No. Is tne l&wo limited express, COQ-jOsed entirely 01 sleepers, east ot Vlevaiand rhrouzn sleepers from Sprlngfleld. Make 'ow York in loH hours and Boston in 2tit fiours. O.U.KNIQHT. O.B. MARTIN. Areade Depot, j. r. A. SprlnzflelO. 0 Krle Railway. All trains run on Central tine 25 mlnstea slowertnan city time. TKAUS LXAVX G0I50 XAST. So. 4. New York Limited, dally 10.30 a. m. " 2. Kent Accom., daily-, 33 D. jg. No. 8. N. Y. A Boston Ex., dally 9:iS K . TKAMBLXAVKOOIXS WIST. No. 3. Cln.i St. Louis Ex, dally 20 a.m. " 1. Cincinnati Express, dally ld:lua.o. " 5. Clm St. Louis Ex.. dally-. 3.17 p. ml No. 5 has through sleepers to ot. Loals. No. I runs through to New York solid. No chanefl ot cars for any class of passengers. Free back to trains to all points east of. and Including north Lewlsburg. For tlexets to all points and further information, calloa J.D.Phuois. - . .. .. . Ageut.72 Arcade. Telephone callJlO. R.H.SO0LE. Oeneral Manager, Cleveland. 0. LP. FARMER. General .Passencer Agent. New York. W. a BINE ARSON. Asst.Oen. Pass. Art.. Cincinnati. 0. Indiana, Illoumlntitou and Weetem Rall.n way. arkive ratiit sfltTv. 1 Cincinnati tipreii- .100am . 925am . izoom .ntssa . 640am .1035am . S05pm . 220am .35am . 425pm 5 Sacdnsky and Springfield Ex. 3 Columbus Mall Aturi raox xast. 1 ixignt express- 5 Cblcago, St. L. A Kan. City Ilm sanansxyjiau 3 Cblcago, St. h. A Kan. City Ex ASRIVX VXOM WIST. 1 Eastern Express 1 Atlantic jiau- t New York Limited- dspast ooua xotra. 2 Lakeside ExDress .245 .1055 . 605 .235 am am a am 4 Put-In-Bay Express. 5 Springfield and Sandusky Ex DIPAIT 601.10 XAST. 2 Columbus Express. , 1 Atlantic aiaii . "355 i Columbus Accommodation. 8 New York Limited am . 640 am . 435 pm DtrAXT 00150 WIST. 1 aigntcxpress- 205 am 5 Cblcazo. St. L. A Kan. Cltv Hi 645 am 1 Chicago, Jt. L. A Ran. City Ex 515 pm Oblo Soutnern Railroad. ASKIVE rtOH EOCTZ. i Balnbrldge Accommodation - . . 940am . 415pm . lOJSam 1 Mall and Express. DZFART GOIXQ KOCTff. x .vail and express. I Balnbrldse Accommodation 5 20 m All trains marked run dally;all others dally except Sunday. Standard time, wblch Is a minutes slower than Sprnsfleld city time. C.L-UILLEARY. D. H. ROCHE. Ticket Agsnt. Qneral Agent. $100.00 REWARD WHAT FOR? THE PERSON GIYISG CORRECT MEXNIRG Of Epf-liUa The TRADE MARK of The 6REAT REMEDY for DYSPEPSIA! A PURE VEO ETA TILE C03I POUND, and not acoj , heaJthfal tonic bat plrm-saiit ukI palatable to tha Cair. Itialn Ticoratlns in it- artton tnd tuui proTed a wondertnT protector and rrstorrr of farallh. Ask roar Dniffzirt for tt and If ha doeake?pttiTudrtnpovTim SACHS-PRUDEN & CO. DAYTON. OHIO. aicns-FKtrDEjrs gcjger axe Baa a World-wide Itepntatlon. a. aj 111 mi 11 ! JtWI I WANT ACfSHTS sl?t TUB MISSOURI STEAFrl WASHER. To men and vamennt n. erjqr and ability. acktitt rontablo en.iJojmentJiI ill tiriIB Wilt l- filML ThW a"herwork on a now pri cclple which sar-slaboe imid clothing ex-ormoo-lr. y SztiriDln sent on two Weeks trial, on Itberal terms, to be returned at myMMfiee if not satisfactorr $600to$2.000S Intrintio rrit ma tins Jt a phnominat roooaaa every wtW UZ-stratad cirrn'ara and trrma frea. iI.WORTH.SCLEfJ'ra.moF'huiHAvE.sr.tous.Mx (W4rf4lnT-IMlOUtsfJrtWIl'Wlawl4? Cures Remove Tan, Sunburnf Bee Etlnsst Mosquito and All Insect Cites, TCXT1X3. BLOTarrS. Homers, Blrtll.msrx. and erery fbra oxalda blemishes, posltlTely cured on o aost dffllfata aUa wlOioat lTg a scar, tj Oljo-tm PIT! t. PrlcaZSe, SOet.sadtl. At dxuzziMim or tar mall. The HooJPmilsnTl Co., He lanilm. Conn. Little nepPUls ror Sci-h"jAcie. djneivla, rffiipniemdconitlaAtloiiliaTenaeqnAl. aso. JTor.alebyalt SprlngneM Ifrnical.ta. MARK TWAIN'S SEW HOOK LIBRARY OF HUMOR now ready for as-ents. 200 lllutratIon?. All want It. A mine of un and Goldmine for worker.. The ncstlera are taking bold. AGENTS WANTED. Clrcnlart and terms free. H. 6. Hamilton & Co.. 347 Superior St, CleidancJ. 0. RUPTURE a-a-a-a- k R-DiCallycubcdbv Dr. Ham'a dreat Uttrnnrr. .hoiuanda oi pMtiaaa MadATTHZnHoviNovtriataaUItdoaathavon BiafcPMMr-3 nvk ut. Vi.Lccta.a r.xH"" & ESN- SSSBI w&$&thi rnrn Wiummim 3 sLsss NjWfcs i M -t- aj "I

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