The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1955 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1955
Page 2
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ft~At|«na (la.) tfiurittiy, Auguit II, 1955 Tidbits From Evelyn Did you M*f Wak* uj» in Ih* morning and listen to the different noises and wonder how we sleep at all? Well I did and here is what was "on the air" — The fire siren and it's warning whistle before the engine gets out, trucks in the Post alley, the ambulance whizzing past, the whistle of the spray truck, a doe barking, the slamming of a door, a distant bird when the other noise had died down, the striking of two o'clock, and the squeak ;>f my springs as I turned over for another forty winks. Mf and Mrs Obrccht have moved into the house they purchased at Nebraska and Williams streets formerly occupied by Mr.s Bilsborough and daughter Ila. 1 had quite a chat with Mrs Ob- rccht the other day and she has some very good ideas on house- furnishing and re-decorating. She invited me to corne sec it when completed and I shall be very happy to do so. Of first interest is the kitchen which is to be an old fashioned one, even to a pump ;it the sink. Oh don't get alarmeo and pity her for the work you think she is going to have — there will be hot and cold running water in the sink — the pump is just for "atmosphere". • • • I hare a birthday this month and the other day a package was delivered by "Jud" St. John. It was. a Sunbeam electric frying pan and was given me by my cousin and his wife, Mr and Mrs Melvin Henderson. It will be very handy for me on Sundays for I .get my own meals on Esther's day off. » • « Mr and Mrs Louis Me Enroe were recently visited by Mr and Mrs Jerry Giebel of Tomahawk, Wis. Mrs Giebel was maid of honor at Mrs Me Enroe's wedding a few years ago and the women have not seen each other since. Her visit was greatly enjoyed. is one of the cutest things I've heard on the heat wave. A friend wrote a letter in which she said, "I sat around in three garments, two of which were shoes, and when I sat down, the shoes came off." • * * i When I called Mrs Don Christensen for news she replied, "We arc so busy hfro getting the ' house fixed, we, don't have time to go anywhere or have company." They are adding a couple of rooms and doing other remodeling, most of the work being done by themselves — quite a large order. • • • Poor Bonnie Cook — a rose among five "thorns", otherwise brothers. The newsct addition is a boy born July 31 to her parents, Mr and Mrs Chct, Cook. • * * Mrs Leroy Mathison and family came from Palisades, Calif., last week, and with them were Mrs Herman Moore and children (if Manhattan Beach, Calif. Mr.* Mathison is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Kuchynka :ind Mrs Moore is with her parents, Mr and Mrs Claude Dearchs. Lcroy flew to Washington, D. C. on a business niission but will come here to join his family and will drive the car back. Mr.-Moore will return with them Ls- roy is with a religious organization and continues his art, much of it illustrating magazines in connection with his church work. • * • Mrs Lois Caidwell fell a few wreks ago and broke her arm above the wrist. The injured member was bound to an aluminum gadget shaped to fit thy hand but Mrs Caidwell finds it sort of an invention of the devil Well, I think it could be a very tiresome thing to wear, so let's hope she was able- to have it ro- muvod one day last week as anticipated. « * • I am sorry )o report my cousin. Krlwin Cudy and his wife Mayme. aren't goiim t<> get hen.- on vacation after all. They decided it v.-as a very long trip and since they wanted to see their little grandson Jo.-hua at State College, PH., they decided to fly from Houston to State College. Thes could have a longer visit thep.: by not having the Iowa trip in mind, and with the heat rind a promise of return of it, 1 ;hmk they were wise. 1 .saw them unly last May and June, ami Edwin hasn't seen his grandson. <<> 1 agreed with them the eastern trip was the more important. Leonard is a professor of Knfjlish ir.'l Journalism at the college and it is he who wrote 'The Battle Done" which Win off the press about a year ayo. The book is beinsi pub iishf-d in England too. ¥ fr k Mabel Livingston look me to Jiurl Thursday afternoon to see Mnrgyret Hnfniastcr who i.- at tin. Fairbanks K<.'.-l Home. Marian". look.- wonderful and we had such a nice visit. I think we eovered the years very well. MurgarH and I were clas.-iuates and we have kept up quite a regular correspondence but letters are not as satisfactory as visiting. Esther was with us and while 1 visited with Margaret. She and Mabel called on Mrs Cfcbkin who lives but o couple of blocks fron. Mrs Fairbanks. Mr* Gebkin i- mother of Mrs Dick Allen. Dick !s a Mcpluw of Either. * * » A ride Jbe longest way home. Uicnce to a way.side plaee to rat after which we decided to ex- jjJure northwest JCu.-tfuih. We hau expected tu land in the John Hicli yard. Instead, there was Marguerite Mouie Gardner tu ure<.l ys. It -.v;i.- n.v -|-r. )•, ii -i i vlu.->sinatc.-, I<M' .-in 1 , ton. i.; i.jii.. Given proper directions, we drove on to the Rich fnrm but found no one at home but there along side the alfalfa field we saw them inspecting a pile of bales set at a precarious angle. John told us there was 2000 bales in the pile. I wouldn't have been surprised to see all 2000 of them falling in a heap anfi burying John. He was puzzled as to how best keep them in place. * «. • Won't it be fine if the County fair week is as pleasant as this? If it runs true to form, we'll have rain, and plenty of it. I've been looking over the premium book and plan to send some "fancy work". Bernadine Allen is going to help Lizzie Post this year in tile textiles department. Hazel Lusby was her assistant last year and had planned to be this year, but when her grandson David Hutchins, came down with polio, she decided she'd better not try the fair job. She may be heeded at her daughter Irene's, when he is brought home. He is making good recovery but the final results will not be known till a few days more. * • • Well, this is all for this week. See you at the fair. Ukena Clan Has First Reunion In 15 Years, Sunday Lakoia — A reunion of the Ukena family, all descendants of Mr and Mr.s Juren E. Ukena. early settlers of the Ramsey and Gcrmania communities was held at Call State Park, Algona, 'Sunday, Aug. 14. This was the first, reunion of the group for about 15 years, Of. the original family of five daughters and two sons, only two are still living, William Ukena o.- Lakota and Mrs Ed Wiese of Elmnrc, but only Mr Ukena was present Sunday. Also present were Mrs Jerry E. Ukena, Mr and Mrs John Ukena and two children, Jerry W. Ukena, Hannah Heetland, ' Mr and Mrs Jerry Heetland, the Vernon Smith, Elmer Paulson, Glenn Mabus, Ar- lowc Blomc and Wayne Heetland families of Lakota, Rev. and Mrs Gerald W. Ukena, Sharla and Julie, West Union, Dr. and Mrs Maynard Ukena, Tom and Dick of Ames. Mr Heyo Boekehnan, Mr and Mrs George Boekelman, Mr and Mrs Hcygo Boekelman of Titonka, Mr and Mrs John Tjai'Ks and -son, Garner; Mr and Mrs John Meyer and family of Britt, Mrs Minnie Schutter, Mr and Mrs Cliff Munson and Phillip of West Bend, Mr and Mrs Abel Behrends, Mr Tom Dailey, Dr. and Mrs John Schutter and family of Algona. Mr and Mrs Raymond Ellman, Mr 'and Mrs Harold Ellman and family, Mr and Mrs Merlyn Ellman and son of Buffalo Center. Mr and Mrs Ralph Dewey, Renee and Johnny of Sac City. Picnic Dinner Hosts Mr and Mrs Alvin Rippenlrop entertained at a picnic dinner Sunday at their farm home neat Titonka in honor of Rev. and Mrs Otto H. Frerking of Twin Lake.? Other guests included Mr and Mr.s Marcus Rippcntrop and Byron of Des Moines; the George Enncn. family of Elmore, Minn.; O. J. and Joe Rippentrop, Mrs J. E. Telkamp, the Ronald Heetland and Curt Rippcntrop families. Phillip and Prise-ilia Paulson of DIAMOND'S SURPLUS Pre-Season Special! At the "Jacket Store" HOLDS ON UY-AWAY BOYS PARKA 9-9*. genuine Mountain cloth. Wsrmly quilt lined. Sj«rm wmlleU. Mouton )rvnmc4 hood, $n nn Elastic back. 6-20 OiQQ IH.\tio\irs SURPLUS Nora Springs visited the past week with their aunt, Mrs Burdette Hoeppner and family. Mr ahd Mrs VerA Lewis ami children of Brooking, So. Dak. visited several days last week with the Frank, Laurence a-nd Hugh Lewis families and Mr iind Mrs Wilson Brack'. Mr and Mrs Charles Ashman and Jimmy of Elkader visited Aug. 6 and 7th with Mr and Mrs Hugh Lewis. The ladies nre sisters and the Ashmans are well known here as they lived here for several years. Sunday dinner guests of Mr iind Mrs John Smith were Mi- John Graff, Mr and Mrs-Walter Graff and son and Mrs Mabel Clapp of Riceville; Mr and Mrs DeVerc Smith and family of Elmore and Mr and Mrs James Smith. John Graff, an uncle of James and John Smith, is past 90 years. Vicky Thilgcs visited the past week with her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Charles Lingle in Des Moines. Mrs Orville Ruby accompanied her sister, Mr.s Fred Ploegcr 01 Lcclyarcl to Minneapolis and spent the past week at Mission NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE TO WHOM If MAY CONCEftN: Noiicc is hereby given that pursuant to the Order of the District Court of Ko^nth County, low* efttered on the 30tii day 6f July, 1955 In the matter of the estate! 6f Beft DonSvafi, , the undersigned will off^ for sale at public auction te the highest bidder on the 16th day of September, A. D.. 1955 at 1 :30 P.M. on said date, the following. described real estate situated • in Kossiith County, Iowa, to-wll: Tiie vjoutliwest Quarter (SW'i) of Section Twelve (12) and the Northwest Quarter (NVV-, ) of Section Thirteen (13l. all in Township 100 North. Range 20, West of the 5th P. M. Notice is further given that pursuant to said Order said Administrator will also offer fbr sale at public auction to the highest bidder on the 16th day of September, A. D., 1955 at four (4) o'clock P. M. on said day the following described real estate situated in Emmet County. Iowa, to-wit: Lot Five (51 in Block Fifteen (15), Original Plat. Armstrong, Iowa. The terms of each sale are 20% cash at date of sale and the balance to be paid in cash on the 1st day of March. A. D., 1!)56 at which time possession will be given; seller to retain the IflSS rentals; abstract and clear title will be furnished to the purchaser. F.nch of said sales will take place upon the premises. Each of said sales will be subject to the approval of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa. /s/ A. F. Weyer A. F. Weyer Ancillary Administrator for the State of Iowa of the Estate of Bert Donovan, Deceased. (Published in the Algona (Iowa) Upper DCS Moines August 11 and 18, ' NOTICE OF EXECUTOR'S SALE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the Order of the District Court of Kossuth County. Iowa entered on the 1st. clay of August, 1055 in the matter of Ihe estate of .folm ft. Farrell, deceased, the undersigned will offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder on the 9th day of September, A D., 1955 at 2 o'clock P. M. of Said day. the following described real estate situated in Kossuth County, Iowa, to-\vit; The Southeast Quarter (SE'/ 4 ) of Sprtioti Six «i), Township Ninety- five (!»5) North. Range Thirty (303, West of the 5th P. M. The terms are 2tr> cash at date of s;ile and balance March 1, 1956 at which time possession will be given, seller to retain the 1055 rentals; abstract and clear title will be furnished to the purchaser. Said snle will take place upon the premises. Said sale will be subject to the approval of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, /s/ LeRoy Farrell LeRoy Farrell Executor of the Estate of John E. Fan-ell. Deceased, Whlttcmore, Iowa. (Published in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines August 11 and IB. IP55.1 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOHN A. NELSON. Deceased IN PROBATE Notice of Appointment of Executrix IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has Justified as executrix of the estate of ohn A. Nelson late of Kossuth County. Iowa. Deceased. All persons in any manner Indebted to said Deceased or his estate will make payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against said deceased or his estate will present them in like manner and form as by law required, for allowance and payment. Dated this 8th clay of August A. D.. 1055. /s/ Emma B. Nelson Executrix of said Estate. Garficld. Baker & Miller. Attorney. Save Yourself Hundreds of Dollars with this Amazing 1955 CAR X-RAY! DARING! 4 40 PAGtS 4 AUTHORITATIVE! 4 What's (he truth about car values today? Now for the first time you can got all the data on all the cars—all 16 leading makes. Shows you how they arc built. The weak points. The strong points. Hidden details never revealed before. It's the book that only Nash dared to print! Your Nash dealer will be happy to give you your copy, without any obligation whatsoever. Get yours today. It may save you hundreds of dollars on your next new car. Yours Free At RUSS & KY'S NASH SALES & SERVICE 1023 N. MAIN, ALGONA, TELEPHONE 249 • Hey Folks! Tune in Disneyland on ABC-TV. See TV listings for Time and Channel IWUft (LIMIT I SAG PLEASE) TCN-JEL on SURE-JELL CANNING SUPPLIES f m/cts mt AUG. QUANTITY RIGHTS 100% FRESH, PURE GROUND BEEF W'. LBS. FRESH-FROZEN BABY BEEF SALE! STEAKS LB. SHOULDER ROASTS BABY BEEF RIB BOIL LBS. ORANGE CONCENTRATE CANS CAN MAKES SWOT'S PREMIUM CRY-OVAO WEAF OAf* FULLY-COOKED. SMOKED PICNICS LB 09 BIG BOLOGNA - 29c SWIFT'S PREMIUM * BRAUNSCHWEIGER 49c BABY BEEF QUARTERS — FRONTS 35c - HINDS 39c CUT AND WRAPPED FREE PET MILK TALL CAN SWEET, LUSCIOUS RED MALAGA GRAPES < CRISP, GREEN. * «»# iji* •*•.. CABBAGE SUNKIST EXTRA-JUICY VALENCIA ORANGES LARGE SIZE, POZ. 29C U. S. NO, 1 WASHED RED PONTIAC POTATOES IBS, CHEK ICE CREAM 69c ~ Vfe Gal. FANCY CHOCOLATE COOKIES, Ib. 29c •- f pecial wee 6000 THWAU&, 2? tn $ &T** STAKtXHD £ W/SOW5//V « sieve OF &t» P5PFEST WHITE LILY CHEESE, 2 Ib. box 59c PUR? C/OG& VINE6AR Quart Bottle WNiST Pork I BtotfJt* council. OAK COFFEE

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