Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 13, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 32
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in 5 * tt ft ft 9 ft It * » » • * t ft ft % t 4 f f t 1 r t i Michael Eh ens William Pfuctt Two Valley FFA Members State Degrees r FAIRVIEW—Michael Ehens, London Mills, and William Priiett, Maquon, will receive Future Farmers of America State Farmer degrees Thursday at the Illinois State FFA Convention in Urbania. Ehen is the son of Mr. end Mrs. Louis Ehens and Pruett is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pruett. Only-two per cent of more than 17,000 FFA members in the state may receive awards. Ehen's terming program has included raising and feeding beef cattle, farrowing and feeding swine and sheep, corn and soybean production. Last year he was Valley, FFA Chap- ten president, a Student Council member and was in the top 10 of his graduating class. Pruett's farming program is raising and selling feeder pigs. Last year he marketed 687 feeder pigs, and grew the corn and oats used for feed. Awards he has won include the chapter swine production award and the Section 12 swine production plaque. He plans to increase production to more than 1,000 head per year and will make farming and hog raising his occupation. fa your tnoufi tj- Dear Penny, I am a responsible taxpaying citizen of a town near Galesburg. My neighbor has a few cats. She lets them run all over the neighborhood and they go in other people's yards and inconvenience everyone. The other day one of her cats was run over. She got ad and told the police people were going too fast down her street. This isn't the truth. I have two dogs and two cats which are kept in a large fenced-in area. They never get in anyone's way. As far as I am concerned, this woman has no right to be ad. It's okay for her to go too fast when she's in a hurry, but when someone else does it, it's wrong. Say something, Penny, to these people who don't keep their pets tied up and then complain when it gets run over. Everyone has a right to drive like they want to, so if you want to keep your pet alive, keep him in a safe place. Everyone Has a Right Deiar Everyone, Somewhere in your argument there has to be a middle ground that is right. I do agree with you that pet owners should keep their animals in their own yard and out of traffic. Although there are the bleeding hearts who argue that that is cruel to animals, that's really the kindest treatment. A pet which is restricted to its own yard, provided with shelter, food and water is certainly not mistreated. On the other hand, I can't agree with your statement that everyone has a right to drive as he chooses. First of all, you have an obligation to drive within the laws of the state and city, and you also have an obligation to exercise caution even beyond that. Just because you're going the speed limit doesn't give you a right to hit an animal simply because he's on your turf. As with so many other things that we talk about, there must be reason and consideration applied to the situation. Dear Penny, While driving around town, I see so many people holding babies on their laps in the FRONT seat. I also have a small baby, and in the past, I too, was guilty of holding her on my lap while by husband drove. But a recent experience has opened our eyes, and we hope this story can prevent future tragedies. My husband and I were driving down the street when a driver turned in front of us and we crashed. We were only going 35 miles an hour, but my husband was badly cut, and I went through the windshield and was in the hospital for some tune. Thank heavens our baby wasn't with us. She would have been on my lap and would have been thrown against the dash or through the windshield. We hope you will print this story and perhaps open some parents' eyes. Concerned Parents Dear Concerned, In the very same mail as your letter c^me an admonition from the U. S. Department of Transportation that motorists should use seat belts because they oan save lives. Babies should be placed in an approved seat with a harness- type fastener to hold them securely in place. Any parent who has ever seen his child get a skinned knee knows why you want to prevent any hurt—big or small. Thanks for writing and sharing your experience. Dear Penny, Ahead of me in line tonight as I checked out at the super- arket was a young woman who was using food stamps for nuts and candy* Not one item of plain, ordinary food was on this order, Some people may say that it's none of my business how recipients of food stamps use them, but it is certainly a concern of mine. We work bard and have to budget our income to make ends meet. It burns me up when our tax dollars go to meet the needs of these people who do not need meat and vegetables. Are not food stores required to accept food stamps for certain kinds of food? If not, why not? Burned Up Dear Burned, I have seen food stores separate items which qualify for food stomps from those which do not and ring two separate orders. Co£ld it be that the staple items which qualify under food stamps have already been processed and the candy and nuts were yet to be done? I certainly hope so, because food stamps are Supposed to be used only for the necessary items to feed a family... not luxuries. Thinking of you m • Penny TOULON - Mary tagela valedictorian, end Mmi WifId: Seniors Honor Prizes , sahttatofjari, addfe ed graduating mim of Tou- Jon High 8mk& fit commencement exercises Jfafte i. Other student speakers were James Peiarean tand Michael HGMte- berry. Eugene Mussetman, school bciard j awarded! Marvin Mason, principal, presented awards. Madelyn Price and James Pearson were glvefl AmeiiefiB Legion awards, and music awards went to Kimbeftey Reed ami Alan Kittettnan. Other recipients and tlnelr (awards were Christine Oman* Son, UAR; Mary Ingels, Read* er's Digest; Bruce Grtatm, science; Robert Wilkinson and Mary Lehman, Lions Club, and Gerald Stapel, psrfect tendance. i 1 Glesettogen, RfueQ Omm, Michael Henffebetry, Joyce Ifockett, Lynn Huber, Russell ifftekisesii, Mary Lefo man, Crystal Mtffck, McNeal, James Madetyn Price, tfimberley Reed, Robert Gitsta'fson, Dorothy fileter, Sue Iftieto, Randy Rumfcotd, t*ebbte Seekmatt, Sharoni mv Wilson Smith Schroeder, Wilkihisom, Patricia Williams and Cynthia Watson. Recognised for consistently Grfetchoi. Currier, Barbara being on Hie honor roll were* were recopilzed lor scholastic achievement during 'eighth grade promotion ceremonies May 31 at La Fayette Junior High School. Other awards went to Steve Storey, band; Denise Jacobsen, chorus; Sue Ingels, DAR, and Debbie Seckman and John Williams, American Legtan. was elected prudent ol American Legion Auxiliary tot the doming year at a recent meeting. Other ottlaers elected Were Jeian Olmstoad, first Vice president; Nicholson second vice president; Prances Durbln, treasurer; Theo Esther Doden, chaplain; seirgeianfrat-arms Bort, historian, and Genevieve Pyle, secretary. FfcMto' WhW Sat jp ||£E !l 3 ANY UBIIS GET TWO ANN CERtlFIED-LAND'S BIG BASEBALL BONANZA • LAN C£Jl TIFIE Invito! r.» U Sn the Fightn' CHICAGO WHITE 5 RESERVED SEATS TO CMICA60 WHIH SOX with any delicious Ragatdy Anh Product, Sflvf labtli from any Roggddy Ann Product—Mall ft tobttl ht #ach 2 IkktU with your nom« and ad4r*u to* Harm 4006 S. CMlrel AVMMM CM \tt$% Mllf.MOHtMIMMMHIlMlHM^ 4AAN M1 T F ru»** • * i h i J U 1 c f 1' C«rtificafti for Tichtti wtN bt tmilial to yvtf. N* • U limit—Al ctrtifieo+ti «cbar»g»d lot 13.00 mmnd m d MaN. ALL lAtil* MUST BE MAILED W BY MY 13, 1973. •tati. 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