Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 13, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 28
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r Galesbur ister Gatesbur Wednesday, June 13 I .f } Vf H r t I it )» 1 SNOOTY — A seal fur coat even makes a seal a bit snooty, it seems. This one is a resident of (he Soviet's Komanctorskiye Islands. NEA New Models e- May Require Exotic Fuels By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) to a recent According to a recent dispatch from England, a British inventor has developed a device that enables a car to methane car to run on distilled from gas barnyard manure. The Lighter Side Such news is hardly surprising. All over the world, automakers are vying with each other to produce the car best adapted to changing environment and fuel conditions. if Plans and highly here secret, blueprints of are but course, are some of the experiments rumored to be on the drawing boards of various auto companies: Japan — Taking inspiration from the first big Japanese industrial breakthrough — the imitation Zippo lighter—Datsun is said to be working on a new auto engine that is even more revolutionary than the Wankel. Fueled by Soy Sauce Instead of having a conventional combustion chamber, with sparkplugs, cylinders, pistons, etc., this engine achieves ignition by means of a rimmed metal disc striking piece of flint. It is fueled by a wick dipped in -soy sauce. Italy—Fiat engineers, trying to increase gas mileage by reducing the weight of cars, have been experimenting with new types of body materials. The latest tests involve an auto body made out of pizza dough. Although the present recipe tends to produce a flaky crust, it is understood that Fiat already has added a huge oven to its main assembly plant. Meanwhile, Ferrari has placed a big order for anchovies, but that may be a different project. Sweden—Volvo is believed testing a car that gets its power from the radiator rather than the engine. It's Highly Technical The process is highly technical but basically involves the principle that water expands as it freezes and that expansion releases energy. Putting freezer coils in radiator thus provides power for propulsion. West Germany—As cabbage ferments, as in the process of making sauerkraut, it releases certain gases that have energy potential. This may explain reports that Volkswagen has been quietly buying up land in major :aMage producing regions. Jt also may explain reports that the familiar "beetle" design is undergoing changes that give it a barrel shape in the rear where the engine presently is located. France—Observers who have access to the Renault proving ground. report seeing test cars with large glass tanks under the iio<xhi. Frenrh coastal waters abound with electric eels. An electric vol vm generate a charge of 65B volts. Draw your own conclusions. the V •i f „ T STORES t • • 818 EAST MAIM >~ M» W> MAIM 8T. FREMONT aild SfiMMAJtY A ^SUGAR fVSRYDAY LOW MtOVHT WWW GERBER BABY FOOD i CRATED fVfBYDAY LOW Oncovinpmts Plus Deposit Powdered Sugar lb. 204 t % Dad's Root Beer Vigal Flavors Strained 40*. Carnation Evaporated Milk 13 ot. VAN CAMP TUNA V an C amp 'S TUNA TOP BUY <H5> MACARONI J. TOP BUY I. E>>. r 7.25 Oft Salmon Honey Boy 16 ok .996 I Noodles Castade Inn 13 0tiMiiMtMMi^iS.MiMiM .33( qiant LOW PRICES ON CERTIFIED MEATS '* P GIANT'S 1- * I i\ A" •1 P PORK CUT CHOPS I t " r 4 LEAN MEATV Enrlcted With Vela- table protein & vitatnihs. _H - - t -v. LEAIV JUICY tOlIV END ORK ROAST. COUNTRY STYLE SPARE RIBS Family favorite GIANTS NEW IEA1V PORK PRODUCT 4 » tlMlltllMiniMMtMlllttMIIMttltlttttxtlllOl Enriched with Vegetable Protein and Vitamins T R • MIMIflltltlltlllOIMUlvill .iM > • LiLN CERTIFiED QUALITY - f. * LEAN MEATV CERTIFIED QUALITY STEAK ROAST fll«l|(lllOtMM»l*ttlMM<i*t'<tlf 11*11111. Ill Grill T p llll II il «t*IM 111 II LD# 1 PERFECT FOR THE CHILL ORK SIRLOIN STEAK Itttltttt1lttl»l>t»> »t III mum milium IIII mil LB. \ BONELESS PORK MINUTE STEAKS ##MHt***i*i#*#lt#*i***#il *#n **#io#tttllliLBt Waste BROIL-BAKE-FHY COD FILLETS. DELICIOUS FLAKY HAODOCIv ULLliiS 5th thru 7th RIBS I + 4 Mi .lu *^ GUARANTEED SWEET & RIPE 18-22 LB. AVG. WATERMELON qiant FARM FRESH PRODUCE! antfFRESH BAKED PASTRY 10 D CALIFORNIA TREE RIPENED PEACHES i VINE RIPENED J UMBO POWDERED SUGAR ' F ONUTS Dor. CALIFORNIA POTATOES LONG WHITE CALIFORNIA SWEET DARK RED PLUMS DELICIOUS HEALTHFUL IGED DATE ROLLS BIC VALUE Hamburger or Coney Buns *1 s Day AT ONLY GIANT DARES TO LIST SO MANY ITEMS FOR YOU TO COMPARE! SAVINGS DUE TO JjLPPMFRS TEMPOR ARV REDLCTIO.VSOK SPECIAL PURCHASES wmmmmmmmmm EVERYDAY LOW PRICES EVERYDAY LOW PRICES i t EVFRYDAY LOW PRICE:3:^ ; • .\ 1''.. CANNED VEGETABLES BAKING SUPPLIES Belly Crocker Layer Cakes 18 or. »»»35t Betty Crocker Canned Frosting 16 oz. _56c Lawry Seaion Salt S oz 62c TO* CHsco Oil 38 oi $1.03 Camp TOP BUY A ro0 70* BUY Conutock Mixed lean Salad 15 oi»»37t Whole Kernel Corn C.L 16 oi .....21< Contadina Tomato ^aile 12 oi.,.,««««30( lig Johns Beans & FJxIns 20 Hunts Tomato Sauce 15 ox. .......22( Del Monte Sweet Peas 17 ox 23c Creen Beans Cut Cascade Inn 15 ox, 17< Fluffo3# $1.04 Jiffy Honey Date Muffin Mix 8 ox„M 12( 48c car- Fiour Cascade Inn 5# MMMOt BEVERAGES KooNAId .23 or ...M..,.....;,..... 6< Renuzit Aerosol 8 oz Deodrant 42c Joy Liquid 12 ox 32< Formula 409 Cleaner 64 ox ...1.27 Clorox Bleach gallon .53t Book Matches 50 books 19c Bo Peep Ammonia 1/2 gal 38< Raid House & Garden 16 ox. 1.65 Splc N Span Clant Site 54 ox* • ..».97< Ivory Snow 32 ox..... 92c Dux 70 ox „»„,.„1,58 Tide Giant 49 ox 79c TRU-PRICE CAN SAVE LOOK FOR THE TRUE-PRICE TAG ON OUR SHELVES — IT WILL SAVE YOU CASHI TOP BUY ¥ Carnation Hot Cocoa Mix 12 OZe nun Folgors Coffee 3// 2.42 Maxw.K Moui. Inst. Coffee 10 oi. ...1.41 CANNED SOUP-FJSH-MEAT 4 ro*> ivy ¥ Llpton Tea Bags 48 ct. 3 ox.., »..58C HUC Orange Drink 46 oi 27c Showboat Spaghetti 14 oz 15c Wlldwood Pop 12 ox .....•„„ 9( TOP PAPER PRODUCTS Soft Weve 2 roll _____7_r_T26c Sf.ft.gis White Plates 100 ct 56( Viva Napkins 140 ct 31c Broil Best Charcoal 10'/ ...61( CHECK CASHING POLICY / • 4 * 1. We,gladly cash payroll,chicles,;with,;$iant*J check cashing card or local driver licence. 2. Please presentyoiir Giant check cashing card * when writing a personal check .(personal checks may be written for $25 oveif amount "of purchase). 3. Sorry, no two-party checks cashed. EVCRY DAY I.QW PRICES Red Owl Cream Mushroom Soup 10 oz, 16c Hawaiian Red Punch 46 ox .„ „„33t Biltmor Luncheon Loaf 1? <>*»• 41( Campbell Tomato Soup 10 ox 11( Hormel Soam 12 or • 64( Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk 6 oz. -41c Van Camp Crated Tuna 6 ox...........35c Dinty Moore Beef Slew 24 oi .«u»«m7U Kotex 40U 1.58 Charmln 4 roll.... „. „ # „41( CONDIMENTS A-l Steak Sauce 10 os 68< Kraft French Deluxe 16 ox. „ «»,511 Hunti Catsup 14 oi. 27( Cole Slaw Drig. Kraft 8 bx ..32< Mlraclf Whip 32 os* «*•*•..**..... 44< Meadow Gold Butter 1# Solid *M .69t Parkay Soft 2-8 ox ..45< Kellogg Corn Flakes 18 oi.. 37< ,Car|i«tlon Instant Breakfast 12 oz..,99( Post Crape Nuts 18 ot.. 56( Vanllly Captain Crunch 10 oi 48( Welch Crape Jelly 10 Of MtMMMtl MMfttffi 33( Pills. Butter Tastln Blsc. 9 ox. Newly yVed Eng. Muffin 6 ct 32c TOP BUY Beechnut Strained 4 ox. 8c Pampers Dayllme 30 ct. •••• * $ 1 -46 Enfamil Liquid 13 oz. 34c Beechnut Junior 7 oz...*. ..14< Instant Milk Farmdale 20 Qt 3.80 DESSERT & TOPPINGS ssssSi^^ssss^B*^*B^s^B^^*^^^^^^^^^^^B*^*^*^*^^^^^^^*^*^^*^*^ Hunts Snack Packs 4*5 58c Jello Gelatin 6 oi........ 21C Royal C.latin 3 oi 10c Boyol Clot In 6 oi , lot Dream Whip 4 43* Hunts Skillet Lasagna 17 os M .„. 77< RUe-A-Ronl Beef 8 os....................34t TOP Brad,, Bla Ben Jellies 16 Vista Pak Saltln«» 1 // 27< Kraft Mln. Marshmallows 16 os... 29c /.(Kraft Teex Dips 8 ox.*.**.***-...^.......... 45( f Chiffon Soft Margarine Tub......39< Velveeta2# 1.09 Grade A Skim Milk 1/2 flal.•»«»*»•.»»»»•»•»».».«»•».. ».»»»»47( Grade A large Eggs 66c JO0 CREAM FROZEN FOODS Belly Crocker Potato Buds 16 os 701 Creametle Macaroni 7 os.. 14c TOP TOP BUY Jeno Plisa w/Sausage 16 os 67C Macaroni & Cheese Red Owl 7 oz 20c Nabisco Rllx Crackers 16 oi. eeeiiiieiee 49( Potato Chios Cascade Inn 9 ox. 47< Nabisco Chlpslers 5 0 X M,M...,......„M .45{ HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS Cascade Inn Ice Milk gal 1.09 f Betty Crocker Tuna Helpers 8 oi 55( 4g. Kraft Noodle Chs. Dinner 6 os 27t Navy Beans Brown Best 16 oz. 26c 47< Bayer Chlldrens Aspirin 36 33< YOfk ASplfln 100 Cf # •#t*#i*t##ft*if»tttefiete»iitee**fiMit#Ml9C Stovetop Chicken Stuffing 6 TOP BUY ¥ Dial Anflperspi»'?nt 6 OX. if*..i. 83( Sea Pak Bd. Rd. Shrimp 9 01* ...iftu* Banquet Chicken Din. 11 oz 37c Zero Twin Pops 12 ct. »Mi*M »»n »»*#.#.»»#»»»#.»»#»#i##.i #fu55{ Snow Crop Orange Juice 12 oz 49c Red Owl Orange Juice 6 os........... 21c Green Giant Corn 4 ears ,M,,.*.tHHM <M61< Llsferlne Antiseptic 7 os 63( TOP BUT Ore-Ida Hoih Brawns 2* MM«t«o«M»* -3J< BANQUET * P MEAT PIES 8 0z. tVEHYDAY LOW V/SCOWWdi PARKAY SOFT OLEO TOP BUY PAHHAV 2/8 Ox. Tubs HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! |DclMonlc Last Chance To Complete Yogr-Set-of-Stoneweqr All Pieces Available This Week FRUIT COCKTAU 17 Oz. CASCADE INN VANILLA ICE CREAM tVCRYPAY LOW OlSCOVKrWiCti Fremont Seminary I- v. + DAYS A WEEK NIGHT DAYS A WEEK MONEY BACK qUARANTEK: •uy Your WtMik'* Oro^rivt at Clam. It /uu tuit %hm tumu uni»/ fur !**» ut ui,y wtliwr ty^vr yeut maiimy LmU. AND YOU KU H l.ti oMOClKlI^I (l^clwdlny purlfhublnt tiuw lo diMwr*.u -i I K ^ouil UuJ^iwk A iwtMurk vt M.I.C., ( S )Cv H ,WuJ-' lV/Ot^* T C In.. - * V • w r - 4 - 4>* . + I 4 1 4. - 4 4 , '4 •• 4 1 I I ^

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