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The Sedalia Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri • Page 10

Sedalia, Missouri
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Page Ten The Sedalia Missouri Democrat, Wednesday Evening, October 9, 1940 I Kelly is employed in the supply I Wednesday afternoon. Members GOP Meeting At Georgetown were: Mrs. G. D. Ra jator spoke before a crowd of 200 persons at a Pettis county Republican eetmg night at the Georget.

use. E. L. Zoellig, director of the Shops and Rails I Mrs. WT.

A. Porter, wife of Mrs. E. II. Mrs.

W. F. Hulen given first aid treatment at the police station this morning by Dr. E. C.

Snavely for a laceration over his left eye. Todd told the officers he had fallen off a train Tuesday night. springmaker was a visitor in Kan Kendrick, Mrs. John Proctor, Mrs i sos City Wednesday. H.

Ren Mrs a Whur Missouri has no cc in 'he Xatioi or Agriculture. Mr. ana Mrs. formal Eirls were ton. Guests of the club were St.

Lot 5 introduced Refreshments Pay daj Mrs. S. M. Dov local for employes of the eek end where Mrs. Eirls en Hv He K.

Dowdy and Five Americans Lost When Ship Sinks ROME, Oct. 9 (P) Five Americans yesterday reported lost when the 1,858 ton Italian steamer Franca Fassio was torpedoed by a submarine in the western Mediterranean were identified by shipping circles today as Joseph iRusso, Paul Covolo and his wife, Maria, and Salvatore Piazza and his wife, Anna. Their home addresses were not! available. on a 11 ri ay' tered the Missouri Pacific ho? Mrs Pfeiffer. who rntw to medical atten Mm Edgar the community hall with Probate completed his apprenticeship jn the recfaim plant end that benefic ms inane irated jacoo amnn to be the pnn maenme snop has left for Mr.

and Mn STUFFINESSES GothrighT cipal speak been called to ork in the gov meeting will be at Fristoe school in Longwood township and Friday night at Stokley. spent the week end visiting rela tives in Kansas City. He is an axle K. W. Christy, general freight hip yards as a machin Claims Right To Give Assistance by the democratic party shall be continued those United States." "Since when has it been wrong in Missouri or in any state for the farmer to organize and participate! in a campaign to protect his own F.

R. Hosack, mechanical si neu ioreman, was a husiness vis Youne Sedalian Is i St. Lou vwv Hulen asked. "How for the Missouri Pa cific with headquarters in Louis is in the city on business. George Foster, marhinict JEFFERSON CITY, Oct.

C. Hulen, democratic rhairman, declared today state nrVTnT' Taking Flying Course bm, tkrccy li9Kt. Louis A. Keuker, son of Mr. and F.

E. Cheshire, general car inspector for the Missouri Pacific with headquarters in St. Louis the that the power trust and the ba 'ed th the Union Parifir 'in rons of wealth and privilege are Missouri farmer has as much right participate in election cam business visitor at the shops laha spent the 'eek end visit 1 Mrs. L. H.

Kueker of 915 West Fourth street, Sedalia, has recently begun the course in Civilian Flint Trunin ffor orl nf ir; Mtion.lly ew pri. 7 WAY REFLECTOR LAMP ing Birth of a Son Mr. and Mrs. Harry Light, 1304 East Fourth street, announce the birth of a son born at the Both well hospital about 8:30 o'clock this morning. Both mother and son are getting along nicely.

Mr. Light is a well known baseball player being a member of the Sedalia Merchants club, and is also employed at the Missouri Pacific shops. Sedal the St. Louis capitalists Wiilkie" now financing the Re and Mrs. H.

W. Dewitt and who ai Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hood of I chile Memphis, have publica L. have returned retui late campaign with rec earned under demo ome after spending a ord pr Centenarian Dies MOBERLY, Oct.

9. (IP) diier spending a few days visiting in Sedali Reopened for Business THURSDAY, OCT. 14th Mrs. Fall Bailey INN Fish Sandwich IflC and Drink 1U Everyone's Patronage Appreciated souri Sch0Ql of Mines and Metai lurgy, where he is a senior in electrical engineering. Same Lamp as After spending a minimum of pictured without eight hours in the air with an in Ceiling and base structor, Kueker will then be al Shew, 100 years old, died followed a today.

He had been ill two months. Hulen's statement charge by Republic His wife died in 1934 after they Ferguson that the Ne "lug" 1 anniversary. J.5 lowed t0 sol' After whh thl machmjst employed H. J. Fisher of Palestine anoNor yards! Texas, are spending a few day's ticeshinT hlS aPPren iV1Siting Mn and Mrs Oliver ticeship at the Sedalia shops.

of this city. Mr. Drennon is eml taken a leave 'of IZ th the cific and thirty five hours of flying time CIMUTI VI Tl SILK SMAII ana seventy two nours of ground school instruction, he will receive his private flying license. is his first visit to Sedalia for Portsmouth, where he will 30 THE GREATEST BARGAIN EVENT OF THEM ALL! be employed as a boilermaker I mm mi ittwzc vow Now I STORE HOURS Green Ridge SATURDAY I. Ship yards at that Point.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bruce were visitors in Kansas City Saturday.

Mr. Bruce is a sheet metal worker. S. O. Taylor, master car builder for the Missouri Pacific with PENNEYS STORE HOURS WEEK DAYS a.

m. to 5:30 p. m. 1 a. m.

to 9:00 p. m. P. T. A.

at Sunny Side School The Parent Teacher Association meeting was held Wednesday night at Sunny Side school Mrs. Gumm gave a very interesting talk on health. Betty and Freda Lee Mittenburg sang "Playmates." After refreshments of cookies and cocoa was served, a social hour was enjoyed by a large Mrs. E. C.

Vogelbaugh Ed Spickert who has hPPn uwuquariers in St. Louis, was a business visitor in Sedalia Mon ously ill. the nact fmr Our Lamp Dept. shows a complete line of new styles, suitable for very room priced from not been so well the nast 59c to $2.95 RED LETTER ra. Ks.

jett, car inspector for the jVAa ya Missouri Pacific at Mount Vernon, Mrs Fred Bills is improvinj crowd. v.uv t.ic weeK eua visiting major operation a Democrat Capital Class ads get iainiiy 111 eaana. DUUlwe" nospitai. in Sedf and Mrs. Charles Smith pnH T.nthAr week, 80c SOn.

Richard TVT nr Ut; "db.Deen 8 THURSDAY James Smith' have hosPita Omaha, after spending the summer, was able to return to his week end visiting relatives in Se home WPrlnpCHav DOORS OPEN AT 8:30 FRIDAY and SATURDAY DAYS dalia. Mr. Smith is emnloved a a Mr? T. xa cul machinist for the Union Pacific at town Sunday to attend the funeral ThlTlri service of her aunt, Mrs. Lee been painted and is now complet Carl Johnson of Kansas City v.

cm duumon in me of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. John SPECIAL PURCHASES UNUSUAL BUYS WIDE SELECTIONS MAKE THESE 3 DAYS A PECTACULAR SAVINGS EVENT! rri i nas been seriously ill illc "Jw criD ls 10 is improving though cated at the south side of the not yet able to leave the hosmjfl.

Ellis' Present Scores of Fashion Successes in Lovely Fur Trimmed COATS WORK CLOTHES VALUES! iUdl me machme I Mr and Mrs. Johnson visited their SWEATERS 5FO "cavJ wiic sun over me week end. Thev netting and heavv imn Tho 1 ilv vv unipdinea oy Mrs. w. S.

Button Front styles in black or xciciitijr duangea cen, wno visited relatives in the The Nation's No. Overall Value! Sanforized "SUPER OXHIDE" 7 ir Tth I Eiy 01 Hannibal is the Double Thumb Napout Husking Gloves 25c Men Chambray or Covert Work Shirts 39c rp, 7 U1 "er parents, Mr. and Mrs ie crib was formerly located T. J. Pace, this week.

Warm Blanket Lined me too room but with its re Mrs. E. C. Vogelbaugh visited cd several new machines have the first of the week with her installed in the tool room, brother, E. P.

Wirth and sister icn also gives machinists more Mrs. Louisa Adkins at the Wirth RED LETTER SPECIAL! Extra Heavy! Super Absorbent! TERRY TOWELS Big! Thirsty! Beautiful blocked Plaids WASH CLOTHS 3c 1.1 Q'A11 Jackets tp ir im ai crownington, Mo. Mi and Mrs. F. L.

Johnsan and Mr. and Mrs. George Paul u7 au l' Jefferson City, visited Monday hav returned home after spend with Mrs. Paul's parents, Mr and ing several days visiting relatives Mrs. W.

Bell An Unusually Attractive Croup Is Featured at OVERALLS 79c 8 oz. finished weight Denim. Full cut sizes! Super Pay Day O'Alls T. $1.29 Super Big Mac O'Alls 98c ana menas in fccdaha. Mr.

John Mr. and Mrs Mae Hardin of Men's Rockford Style "Work Socks 3 25c Men's Sanforized Covert Work Pants 98c Men's All WoolTalon Front "Cossack Jackets s2.98 cd with thpAf TsnH TTci V1Slted Wednesday a evening wim Mrs. Hardin' Mrs A Dann. RED LETTER SPECIAL! Odd Lot Cleanup! CHILDREN'S OXFORDS 7 5f Genuine leather uppers Long wearing Compo soles! i then Mis. K.

W. Christy and daugh Mr. and Mrs. Will Lynn and sor Sanforized Cotton Whipcord 'Uniform Sets 49c a.ji, iiiiie win Clarence and grandson, Billv eave Thursday morning for St. Lynn of Greeley Colorado, have Lou.s where Miss Carolyn will been the guests of Mrs.

Lynn's ZtZTerZn JE Cumiingad .75 29 UNDERWEAR VALUES! RED LETTER SPECIAL! Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gouge of Mrs oni uu Jefferson City and Mrs B. Jones 'cne. 39" New Colorful PRINTED end visiting Mr.

and Mrs. T. jT. iiWednefday with their Men Balbriggan Weight Cotton Unions 33 CREPES 49c Bright, rich Fall colors and patterns! Men's Fast Color, Warm Sew and Save! riio.u Mr i 7 uwnomotner, Mrs. Julia Durrill is clerk jrD war KydT son" KnneEr espKeenlr'a PJTiSS.

S3 I Rev. S. J. Stonger, who for the 98c "Outing Paj A Rare Opportunity to Save! Men's Medium Weight COTTON UNIONS 67c RED LETTER SPECIAL! Full or Twin Size MATTRESS $1 .00 PADS J. 100 felted cotton linter filled Firmly stitched! YOU SAVE WITH THE 1 OTHERS PRICED FROM $19.75 to $69.75 Black and the popular colors for winter all trimmed with gorgeous furs every one individually styled.

All Sixes t0 1712 to 20 38 to 4f Ladies Fine Quality TUCKST1TCH UNDIES 25c Ladies Sanforized Broadlcoth Slips 49c Girls Fast Color Tlannel Pajamas 79c Ladies Printed "Flannel Pajamas 98c Ladies Fast Color Flannel Gowns 79c ESTATE HEATROLA: Fine combed cotton. Ribbed Knit! RED LETTER SPECIAL! 66x76 Colorful PLAID QTf BLANKETS You Save Fut Short or long sleeve You Save Upkeep; Fine quality cotton. Firmly stitched ends! BEDDING VALUES! Basement Store 1 Expense jgi You Save Work sum. two years was in charge of the Green Ridge circuit of the Methodist church, left with Mr. Stonger and their daughter, Miss Frances Stonger for their new home at Monett, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eckhoff had as guests Monday, Mrs. Eck jhoff's brother, Selsus Iman and and daughter Joan of Oma ha, Mrs. W.

S. Iman and Mrs. Martha Skinner of Slater, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs.

R. E. Floyd had as guests Sunday evening Mr. and R. N.

Potter, Mr. and Mrs i Morris Potter and baby, Mr and Mrs. Logan Phillips, all of Wind sor. Forrest Pittman and his grandmother, Mrs. F.

W. Pittman left I Thursday for Denver, Colorado, where they will make their home! Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ward have received word that their son, Dr. Sterling Ward of Eolia, has been transferred to the First Methodist church in Chillicothe, Mo.

Dr. and Mrs. Ward will move to their new home next week. Mr. and Mrs.

J. H. Woods attended a reunion of relatives on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walton Edmundson of Windsor.

Others present were: Mr. and Mrs. Charley Mason of Clinton Mrs. Carry Sharp and daughter, Miss Luella Sharp and Mr. and Mrs.

True Hall, all of Nevada; Mr. and Mrs. Ira Pace and daughter, Miss Ruth, of Green Ridge. Mr. and Mrs.

Orval Hicks of Kansas City and Miss Masie Hicks RED LETTER SPECIAL! Special Purchase! 37 only Ladies FALL $1 00 DRESSES A From top to bottom, in4o and out the genuine Estate Heatrola is a real money saver. Dollar for dollar, it gives you I Beautiful Fall styles in cotton and rayon show you why! 209 S. Ohio taDncs Hurry: Basement Store Phone 271 70x99 White Cotton i Sheet Blankets 89c Attention! 70x80 Cotton Plaid Don't Misg The Double Blankets 1 .00 penney contesti 72x84 Cotton Linter Filled VUV'Vl 'Comforters f.98 No Strings! 80x105 Beautiful Rayon vW ca No Red Tape! Bed Spreads $1.00 Ask any our 36 inch Coiored Stripe IKE TZTln OUIlItCf lanital our window. Contest closes VUUJ IUtinCI ydW Saturday nisht at 9 oVlock. 81x99 Fine Quality The.

winner will be announc vvv M. ed in next Sunday's Demo Wizard Sheets 50c c.piui. Have You Been to HBHtet Lately PR RED LETTER SPECIAL! Special Purchase! Full Fashioned! PURE SILK hosiery miw Beautiful 3 Thread Crepe in newest Fall shades! AUGHLIN BROS mneudbAofid 519 S.Ohio St. Phone 8 RED LETTER SPECIAL! Special Purchase! Large Assortment RAYON I Mfi MARQUISETTES v. M.9W a student at the Teachers College a i warrensourg, were guests of their sister, Mrs.

Elvin Anderson Generations of McLaudhlins I Short lengths All originally priced much and Mr. Anderson, over the week Hoffman Hdw. Go. PHONE 433 have served the people of Sedalia. higher: Basement Store rs.

George Murphy was host to the members and guests of the Triple club at her home RESERVE THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 21st to 26th FOR THE Sedalia's Food Show and Cooking School LIBERTY PARK CONVENTION HALL SPONSORED AND MANAGED BY SEDALIA INDEPENDENT RETAIL GROCERS..

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