The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1955 · Page 47
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 47

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1955
Page 47
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St. Benedict Picnic Is Huge Success Sunday St. Benedict—The parish picnic turned out lo be quite L\ success. The coolness of the d;iy helped piny a great part. The church ground proved to be an ideal place for the occasion. Many parish members brought friends and relatives and from all appearances it seems that a good time Was had by all. Free coffee was served. The following ladies were responsible for this fine deed: Mrs Nick Arndorfer, Mrs Raymond Marig and Mrs Otto Youngwirth were heads, and assisting were Mrs Marry Thilges, Mrs Matt Bormann. Mrs Art Rosenmeyer and Mrs Lawrence Cink. There was also a re- freshment stand which'seemed to give those serving the public a busy time. A thank you to all these giving thjei.r time. Mrs Joseph Namer, Mrs George Dur- weiler and Mrs Albert Borniann made up the committee in (his stand. Lucille Kutschara helped, Mrs Martin Seller and Joseph Namer. Mr and Mrs John Hartin of Sioux City visited at the John Ludwig's, Ben Dorr's and Dan Froehlich's last Monday. The weekly card party was held Tuesday at the home of Mrs AI Rosenmeyer. HUh was won by Mrs Philip Arnriorfer. The next party will be at Mrs Ben Dorr's. On August 1 Henry Arndorfer wa.s operated upon at- Rochester. He had been having very severe headaches and pressure from some source was almost unbearable. He was on the table five hours. He is home now after having been (here five days. We are all hoping for a rapid recovery. IF IT'S NEWS WE WAtfT IT I^MVEYlS FRIDAY And SATURDAY 5<3 o A u TY i AUGUST Shop Penney's And Save \ \ STORE HOURS: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday till 9:30 p.m. Sat. till 6:00 p.m. PENNEY'S SHEER NYLONS \ \ Dollar Day Special! pair 60 Gauge 15 Denier New Fall Shades Sizes: 8'2-H Ladies' Stretchable Nylons 98c DOLLAR DAY VALUE! Boys' Big-Mac Jeans 1... 1.49 Jr. Boys' Ranchcraft Jeans 1.29 Girls 7 Ranchcraft Jeans 1.98 Misses' Ranchcraft Jeans 2.29 Men's Big-Mac Jeans 1.98 Men's Big-Mac Overalls 2.29 DOLLAR DAY VALUE! ^^^•^^••••^^^••MHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^MBMBMMHM^M^Vi^^^^^^HBi^^H^ Boys' Plisse Sport Shirts 1.00 Men's Short Sleeve Sport Shirts 1.49 Men's Colored Dress Shirts 1.50 Jr. Boys' Flannel Sport Shirts ... 1.00 Boys' Toddler Coats 4.88 Men's All Wool Topcoats 20.00 DOLLAR DAY VALUE! Men's Summer Pants 3.88 Men's Sport Jackets 10.00 Men's Straw Hats 1.00 Men's Work Hose 4 Pr. 1.00 Men's Durene Cotton Briefs 79c Men's Cotton Polo Shirts 98c DOLLAR DAY VALUE! Ladies' Nylon Fish-Net Slips --- 2.00 Ladies' Cotton & Nylon Anklets Sizes: 816 to 11 3 Pr, 1.00 Ladies' Nylon Tricot Slips 2.44 Ladies' Purses, plus tax 1,88 Ladies' and Girls Panties 39c Ladies' Jewelry Buys ! ! .. 2 for 1,00 DOLLAR DAY VALUE! Ladies' Better Dresses 6.66 Ladies' Summer Suits 5,00 Ladies' Maternity Dresses 3.88 Oirls' Gingham Dresses 3,00 Ladies' Dresses Reduced 3.00 Ladies' & Children;' Shoes .... 2.00 LADIES' 100'. WOOL FLEECE COATS Sizes: 8-16 MILIUM LINED 'For all weather Comfort "And Economy" NEW FALL SHADES!! GIRL'S FALL COATS 8 'Buy Today On Lay-A-Way" EXTRA SAVINGS! New Fall Selection! SANFORIZED DOLLAR DAY SPECIAL Ladies' Cotton And Gingham Blouses Machine Washable ASSORTED STYLES AND COLORS Girls' Blouses Sizes 30-38 NYION-DACRON SELVAGES CANNON TOWEL SPECIALS ! I BATH TOWEL FACE TOWEL WASH CLOTH 77c 45c 19c "Stock up Now" during this SPECIAL! ! Cfje aigonn tipper Xtes Jtlomes? ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1955 VOL. 92 - NO. 32 Municipal Band ln"50th Year , --"— - ~ •• . .^...ding: Lawrcnrp Gillespie. rrariK CM rum. Rudy Guderian. Tony Guhel, Jack Slebbviis, left to right: Mrs C. H. Cret/mevc-i . an uniden' Joe Auner. Mrs Ray NoUon. and Mis N. C. Pure. 5. W. Bullock Rites Held Al Mt. Ayr, Aug. 5 j Swea City—S. Wilbur Bullock. ! W. ''.i(-fi at his home Wednesday \ Au:: 3 at 2 a.m. Death wa i can-eel by a heart attack. Sur v:v-;:.-- include his wife and fou ehiidrtn. The body was taken hr wa.s held Friday. Aug. 5. M Bullock had been employed <.<n (he Kenneth Patterson farm miles north «( Swea Citv. - I Girl Scout Program A training program for Girl Scout leaders will be held in Al- Son^i for four days Septemher 7 and 9. 13 and 15.' There will be a two-hour session each day, but the site lias nut been chosen yet. There will also be an all-day session at Call State Park fu'i out-d«or training. Anyone interested in Girl Scout leadership will benefit from this training under the leadership of Mrs Helm Kellt-y and Mrs Helen Mikes. Cuitis Ambulance to Mt. Ayr. | Mrs Opal Ankenbauer is leader- Thursday where the funeral ship chairman. :8 Oi O O , O IS ' O , O O PIANO SALE! Save $ $ $ on New Spinet and Console Pianos SPECIAL DISCOUNT on all new band instruments during month of August Ask About Our Instrument Rental Plan! LORAINE'S MUSIC SHOP In this photo a section of the band, dressed in clown outfits for a local celebration, is shown. Fiom 1> ft to rinht are: Marry Spuni.'- berg, Frank O.-tmm. Ri)dy Gudtiu.n. Bay Donahue, Al Snon-bciy. Elmer Kelly, and Lou Gudi.-rian. Farm Council Undertakes Rat Eradication M;I. c \ '• h.i' j h:i- spon.-or-.-..i .1 i Ali ^'ii'-.a Municipal bano'. ini' 'lit' ji'pnys v.'-iv blowing iiv.-h' i n< i many year- before that. Ae'-nrd- • in.u t'. Lir.yi.ence GiUt'sp!---, who I played ,i mruoor ivl' ye;\r-' in U"' I band, it would Vie -at'i- to say that £ I A piMgram for the eradication j Aluonan-; h;,v- he-en lis'.enm:; lo p 1 |"f fats is underway Cor Swea | a Sown-oeonh.c! Inind '•.<:• ix-ttt-r 0i Citv ;.nrt coniMiumtv. At th» i th-m fift'y y'ir- J">y matins ;':'thv fann cnun'.-.'!!''';^ i^.,}'.^ musicians th,< under the leadership.)! vocational ; ,,,. A ,. nhv -d ;„ .-„ AI,,,,,, . \,.. r , agncultural in>tni,t,,r V,rlie Ni,- ! *>• 'V" . ' 'V. 101 W. Slate St. Algona 1/iMTCH Our Windows For Some Spectacular DOLLAR DAYS SPECIALS! *m^ : >>> \x- *.*JM^«M^ /'S nifjht. Any. 3, n committee n-,,with the City council present .:u: ' ',\[\.\ the proposition, and the C-OUIK- ! ! '' .', voted to e..i alop.i; with the fanr. - ( , c'-unc.l with their plans for .yet- ln tin? rid of the pe-t-. The July ; ^';' IS meeting was the first meeting "''i o M .' ; the nduli farmers for trie com- i j,. 1 '''" ing year and member- for tin'j " : " council were named as follows: ' '' :l ^ j President. Wayne Thompson: Se-j'" i cretary. Cecil Thcirt—.n: din et >rs 1 '"" I include Harvey Lar.-eii, Ear! I Kvamsdale. Riciiard I. Anderson. I Reuben Holeomb. Glenn O!-o." Albeit Anderson. D.irrel Xewhn. ' '' '"''' ! .' Walter O'Gleen. Walter Peter-on i ' A •' ' and Win. PiielDs. , ',' v " ! v t»st are namt.-> that .-till i-xist in .ivt "'•' :r,( .-limy in the (-i.invcr.--u- ^s was biu bu.-ini-s^ : - r - ir< - ind Ak'.ma having ,,t ;!„:> in ,' h|i •"'''''•• F -"»; '" ! -' r to-t-i.;,..- ,,n ! ' J -' wn ! " r nuisi.-jl in S. ana marc!u-s pular U'aitXi'-. I'va- tin- cornet of LOI.I And QCGISTEPOI JCWEUff AMEBICAN GEM Socicn ALGONA, IOWA Th.f Goodwill truck will be in Swea City Monday. Aiu 1 :> : " : Friends are a.-hed to hrin^ u.-'-J , •'• articles to the Method:-! c!;u: rh : -'••- wiii-i.' tl'.t'y will he picked up ! n 1 : ''the Goodwii! industries. In hi' -• appeal for di'iiatifins. Rev H.,-r.- G 1 mer says. "Don't thr,.\v it aw.,v-— - ); th.row it in the Goodwill ha.; " Mr and Mr- Ralph Friebe"an ! their srar.d.-on Lowr-11 Dooey. left j for Austin. Minn. V- :d.,\- :,M!T j visiting sevt-r.d da\> a! the ioii:,' of .-i.-ti-r. M. and M:s Aumi-t X. Peterson. Th, I'ri.. b, •.- ue-.-ntly : lor m ,nv !oi sold their tarm h .;i;e near Au-'tin. : :;-i:a!i-.' i'U-- and are K-isurly <iri\':ii-; 0:1 a , the counlv :' siiihit-sei-in^ tour we-t. \\\t!i a hand eon-i-t- nt'W location in mind. Mrs j La.-t Ti.ii:- Priche was honor ijiu-st a! a party ] h.aid phi•.•-.• Tuesday p.m. at the Peter-on i bu'.i.- t" the home. i played i..v Mr and Mrs Albert E^sers and ! band-. H. _,inning \\'.''.: a dauyh.H'i'.-. Mary Maude and Mar-j t ; on written hv Ciii-''-; t-. garet Ann. Ankeny, were dinner i Centennial, '.vv.-h !ie ,-ali, ' guests Saturday of the Selmer j h-y liillli-l!M n". IJM- hand p Uhrs. They were on their way i -on.;- tha 1 .\Uon.i to Minn to visit n\^\ from the pa-! ?.. pre.-ont mother One tune Swea City j i.ilayeci '•!.•' -'and-h-.' m.i resident^, they have since lived; ".Slecpv I.:..,""!:". ,.nd .h at Es'h.ervilh- and Ankenv. Thi-y i Kern'- "Si- -. h.. ;i " An i will move so,,n to Kaiwell. Tex -alute an •:_:,,ni/.,u .11 ' where Mrs Erfiieis h.i.- i«-en e:i- • he( n .< o.n' o! Aij-nii ':.e Sailed to tt arh in the .-.-h. ..•.;. Mr Ethers al-o will be employed. Mary Maude \va- u-c-ently xrad- : uated from Bob Jones univer.-ity ' in Greenfield. S. C. and will i teach this fall. j Mr and Mis Cecil Thoreson. i Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker and ! Mi's A. M Youn_;qu'.--t drove to j Okoboii Fi iday night tu hear u| An .iiin program of uiu-ie presenh d by u . fi-n: tro chorus ot youn^ people who are; Mueller. !.> attending 'Bible Can ; p at \V ;.•!-• il:o>.-e-e •: l.eajitie C'ainp. T'ne Rev. -;av' tin t Ynunsquist ha- heen ti-ere the The Kt past week with ,; yr iup of y. .inv.'. . S.-'. ..i !'e-. folk- from Iniinanue! I.ut'K-ran H'-'iiai..! Ai Changes In Catholic Priests Ljneeii'.ent i e M, -t R t -v. J ;-:• ip of the Sioux Ci'v t:.e Ca'iiol-c eh'.n.ri '11. .-.v::!^ appointment.. Rev M ii/r. Fi'a'i; -,s vie'.- :eelor of Mt S'. .--:. :iia:y at l)ial)iH|.u-, church. ', .'-'.M i'e, :.,;iie |j.<-t-.r of St. IMe;- Tlu- WCTU will meet Tuesday i and I'aiil's Catholic -h U afternoon at the home of Mis j tt'e.-t Bend. Jennie McCrary. Mrs Fred Sey- ; Tno Rev. Walti?r Brueh. a.-.-i .t- Jar wilt be program leadi'r, Th.e j ..n 1 . pastor at Our I.-jdy of ! ',••. -.d meeting begin.-, at 1'.30 p.m. Counsel in Fonda, to be a. >.-!'.'!•,'. MI-J Edna M. Smith and her : at St. Peter and Paul 3 111 V.'..- : brother. Paul Black, both of Al- Bend. gona, were guests Tuesday of Mr The Rev. Louis, Greving, ad- aiid Mrs Walter G. Smith. jninisti aior at Si. Peter and Paul :-. - church at West Bend, to St. Admiral Farrigut enteied the Mary's parish al Pomeroy and St. -Navy at the age of nine. Joseph's uiii-iuii al Painici.

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