The Morris News from Morris, Oklahoma on November 19, 1992 · 1
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The Morris News from Morris, Oklahoma · 1

Morris, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1992
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I HLT by Herman Lewi Thompson I HMM I IearEdltos Former sheriff doing community service here by Steven B. Gey Iff Jim Hart put of hk hn been doing a the telephone for the Morris Police Department on Sunday after- Morris News Love Them Morris Eagles, Win Lose, or Draw! 35P) I had chicken for lunch at Gene's Restaurant one day laat week. Placing Shay! share in my coat pocket, I walked to the pickup pulled out hia share which be quickly gobbled up. Then he tuck hia long noae inaide the pocket that once contained the chicken, folks, he inhaled. HLT A teenager wai being scolded by mom for coming in late. The teenager replied mom, haven't you heard Mrs. Walker's ad, due by two! HIT Some extend the terrible two's into their teen years. HIT Sometimes working for the FBI isn't all it's cracked-up to be, ask Corporation Commuwioner Bob Anthony. HIT A federal judge in Florida has ruled that Emamuel Noriega is a prisoner of war. HIT - Could be, attempting to supress or controll the flow of drugs has been declared 'a war on drugs' by VS. officials. HIT For years only they knew, now the whole world wUl aee what Arkansas in BUI Clinton. HIT ' Mrs. Hillary Clinton accepted everything said about her but the truth. The press called her middle-aged. Now that hurts. HIT Who is the most thankful after Thanksgiving - a live turkey! " HIT - Word has it that Falwell may re-cave hia so called moral majority - revive it, okay, just dont force it. HIT The U.S. Congress will smell a little better now that several women wiU be serving. I, being a young female enlisted Marine, enjoyed the "John it Grace Gray Veterans United". Looking at the photo of Mrs. Grace Gray gives me a good feeling of pride for the woman in the history of military. I also enjoyed Mr. John Gray words on hia personal history of the WWII. I would like to take this apportunity to any thank you to Mr. le Mrs. John Gray for their fine services. Without the assistance of such dedicated veterans the American Flag would not carry the PRIDE, GLORY, SACRIFICES and DEDICATION that the waving Flag represents TODAY! Thank Ycm Fellow Veterans Thompson, leak D. IcpIUSMC According to Bui Wallace, county parole officer, the job has been okayed on both eaoVwith hia office as wdl as the dty. Wallace remarked that he himself aaw noth- ing wrong with Hart doing Sunday afternoon dispatching, going on to state that with a felony on hia record, Hart has no chance of ever getting back into law V: 14. NO. tf t PAGES, NOVEMBER It, Ml One year later, hunter killer of baby Jane Doe continues by Pith Swab a da, Wallace added that Hart released with around 80 hours of community servks work to do. The former sheriff apparently splits his work between the Morris dispatching job on Sunday afternoons and a church in Okmulgee. Hart resigned hia office and pled no contest to a nunrtr of criminal charges earlier this year. Sentenced to a total of three years in prison, Hart nerved time at minimum security facilities in Oklahoma City before being released on a pre-parole program this slimmer. Wallace told the Newa that if any romplaints arc registered with his office about Harts' dispatching and phone answering job for the MPD, it will be discontinued. v The weather waa brisk, that day, a year ago now, wham a 23-year-old Stigler man found hia way to a ridge over looking Jake's Lake when his search for a hunter bond waa interrupted by a woman acream. Across the lake, Joe Barnes up to aee a man and and he understood the screamt.the sounds of birth locked He fied. The waa surprised, then horri- the it cave birth, and only after the baby was bora struck the child, killing United Fund falling short, needs your help Since that day, Thursday, Nov. 12, 1991, the Baby Jane Doe murder case has remained as much of a mystery today as it was then. Mcintosh County Sheriff Bobby Gray and hia staff, agents from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI tracked hundreds of tips paved road, took t path through a nearby area to the place where it all began and ended. "Why would they come down this way to this spotr he asked. The sheriff has no answer to his Question, aa he once again snrveye the terrain. "She lost a lot of bkod here, but weVe checked around and no one sought help that day," he said. Gray looks across the lake to when Barnes waa standing that November day, and says, "You can see the distance; it would be hard for him to really aee the people." Barnes told law rafhrrtmwit officers about the murder and he said the couple certainty have seen him. Tin pretty sure he aaw Bamea told officers. The young Stigler hunter rushed around the lake to where he had seen the couple, and moved the baby to a high spot to "keep it away from animals" and then matter where the mother and hat companion might be today, they knew about Jakels Lake aad how to get there. Tt not an easy place to Ism,' and them than la the pathway down to the lake," ha saya. "Why go all the way down than unlsas they intended to ton the body into the laker Gray has as many psstiosia today about the murder aa he did a year ago. So do worked off aad on on the 1 atffl believe the either Mve in this area, or did aad knew where they w he said. "Of course, I could be The Okmulgee County United Fund drive is 99,000 abort of its goal and only has a few days left to reach it, according to Campaign Chairman, Lee Wagner. "At present we're at $113,000," Wagner said on Thursday. "That 92 percent of our goal of 1122,000. We simply cant let down the eight United Fund agencies that depend on that money to help Okmulgee young, elderly and needy," he said. Wagner pointed out that every penny is vitally important to the United Fund agencies: the American Red Cross, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, Salvation Army, Anne Moroney Youth Shelter, Okmulgee County Famir'Re-aource Center and CAS A. "Each of the 8 member agencies of the Okmulgee County United Fund are dependent on the generous donations of Okmulgee County dtisens," Wagner said. "If you haven t given yet, it not to late to donate," he said. "Simply mail your check, or drop your cash donation by to Rusty Milroy at First National Bank and Trust Company of Okmulgee, 110 East 8th Street The site of your donation is not so important as the fact you took the time to care about your fellow Okmulgee County dtisens," Wagner said. Wagner added that if you've been holding off so you could be one of those people who puts the United Fund 'over the top' is the time! "We're so don to full-funding for our county United Fend agencies, please dig a little deeper, and help us reach our $122,000 goal," Wagner concluded. Checks should be made payable to the Okmulgee County United Fund. "Unsolved Mysteries," a television network show, has aired two Bfgmrnta about the murder and plan to air another one aoon. Soil, aa Sheriff Gray says, "We chart have any suspects." The can worries the sheriff. He can't understand a motive behind the brutal beginning and sudden end of Baby Jane Doe. 1 mean we have all the evidence we need, but we dont have a suspect or a motive for the slaying," he said. "UanaDy, it is the other way around." The sheriff discussed the can with a reporter from the Mcintosh County Piihhahing Co. aa the pak went to the scene of the crime. Driving west from C?ttt Stats Junior College near Warner, the sheriff parked his car off the Corning back up the trail, the sheriff pointed to a spot. "That where he moved the baby too." To Sheriff Gray this is the wont crime he ever heard about, and not to be able to solve it obviously upsets him. "Yon would think by now that someone would come foreword," he said. "That all we needjust After the death of Baby Jane, the sheriff said, tips and leads in from everywhere, and this waa expended when "Unsolved Mysteries" aired two n its weekly TV time "We've had leads from n far s Hawaii and from places She Green Bay, Wisconsin," he is convinced that no The senselen murder of Baby Jane Doe keeps cropping up b the sheriff conversation. "Why? Why did they do itr The sheriff hopes that on thia first anniversary of the murder, someone wiU step foreword with that one chnthe one that wffl break the case wide open. The hunter told lawmen thai day a year ago that the man white, with dark hair and either b his late teens or carry twenties, about 51" and he described the woman aa being in her late teens or early tninlke, about SV ten and about ISO pounds. "But, you have to remember, he crass the lake," the sheriff "So, we really dont detailed descriptions of them." Meanwhile, a year later - - Jake Lake aha quietly, nestled in the fall foliage, and then is no trace of the violent crime that took place along its shwiUmi V Near the murder scene, than is a broken bottle and what looks like the remsins of a dead battery. The Space struggle saga goes on by ftevwa B. Gay Seniors elect officers, by Melissa Bin ask for food donations high school years and now we ask for your support again. The Mor-ris High School wiU be competing with Beggs High School for the annual Thanlugivbg "Hanger-Free" Day. We ask for your donations of any non- perishable food for the needy. Thia helps many fsmilfr b our community have The Senior Class has started the year off with a bang. Elections were held for class officers and the results wen as follows: Pres. - Daman Browning; Vice Pres. - Randy Mathews; Sec. - Tkh Flanary; Tree. - Aimee Jacobs; food for Thanksgiving. Your do- will be greatly appreci- If you would Eke to food, either drop it by the High School Library, or call Sue Casey at 733-2228 and well pick it up for you. THANK TOUt states! that bank closures wont hurt the economy - nunc or yours, chief? HIS I think that Oklahoma voters wen fooled concerning bingo tabs, they didn't realise that a yes vote waa legalising a form of gambling. HLT Redistributing tax money is a scream when there is no more tax money. HLT When will our county commissioners assume leadership by calling for an election to abolish personal property taxes now that we voters said lets do it! HLT Who will get Walters first -State Attorney Susan Loving, or President elect Bfll Clinton? HLT . He who laughs last laughs the best, ask Arkansas. HLT Bush is no fool, he is buying a house in the year-round warm south. HLT 'Our worn fears may come true, Congress is about to resume business. HLT The school board at Brookvn Center, Minnesota voted to keep Neighborhood W8tCh the Biblein the school system. Oiief-ctPotice Jim Melton announces that those interested b HLT forming a Neighborhood Watch should be at the Morris Cbnumuity S k L's are looking for better Center, Friday, November 20th at 7:00 pan.. An officer from the days, arent we all? Okmulgee Police Dept. will be b charge. Assessor requests replacement be appointed by Steve B. Qmy by gtevwnB. en had their say Monday morning b the oogobg dkagreemeat with Ebxtion Board Secretary Kathy Lee George over storage space in the Courthouse. . The Board was oftViattyre- to a letter from Mrs. attorney b the matter, James H. Hist - Kellie Counts: Rep. - Melissa Peeler; St. Council Rep. - Dana Lee. Many seniors worked hard on the clan float entitled "C-Ya, Wouldnt Wanna Be Ya!" The work paid off and the Seniors were winners of the 1992-93 Homecoming Float The seniors have greatly appreciated the support that the community has given them over our Dear Morris News The Morris High School is in the process of competbg with Beggs High School b a can food drive. We are accepting donations at the High School office It the middle school office. All of the food stays b the Morris district 'If you drop any donations off, please mention the freshman clan. MORRIS FRESHMAN CLASS Class cancelled John Williams, Horticulture instructor at MHS states that the scheduled evening adult class for Thursday, November 19th has been of the flap. Chairman and District 2 Com- rtoaer aid of the talking. He began by stating that he and attorney Abrams visited at the Courthouse last week, and that Abrams viewed the vacant office space involved b the controversy. Ballanger remarked that the first letter sent by the Board to Mrs. George stated that the space then used to store Election Board equipment needed to be used for the Assessors' mapping program, mr that the HtftioQ Board be moved to storegerocen directly acron the hall from her office. "Then is a difference b the amount of aquare footage b that storage room compared to the of-fltft apace that is being need for storage now, and we are providing excess overflow storage across the street upstairs. The article b the paper yesterday (Sunday) that Mrs. George was being vacated from the courthouse alto-gether aad that the pubbc might be beonvekneed, and that not what we're asking to do at alL" "AD we're asking to do is to that staff out of that to a atorage room the haU. Anything that might not fit in then can be stand acron the street, upstairs, b storage apace provided by the Gonmnecioucrs. Every oflce is utilising that apace over then." flslhiign rmphasiir d that -Georgn' pi eat nt office spars is not Ballanger added that the offer of labor and movtaj still stands. "Tins is It a i out of slums. It been given more attention than it lesDy is due, but that not oar choke. I Just hope that we can represent the issue aa It natty Is to the pubbc so that theyVs not The second letter extended the date of vacation to November 30 and reversed the use of the room b question the Assessor and the The latter would now an the nam for the DARE program and for interrogations, while the old School Superintendent space would go to the Assessor. The DARE program starts up January 1st "Thia baa never, never been a political action of any kind. It strictly a management problem from the Boards' steiidpoint, and the best of Bwittii office span b the Courthouse. We have offered to make everything to make the transition. The other two asked to District 3 Charlie remarked, I'd Eke to repeat that then was nothing poKtkal about it." District IConmisekem Richard Find declared, "The respnaaibfl ity faOs on the shoulders of the . Board of County GocumissksBan. and I befag a member of thia Board, I fed hn weVe using common hone sense to take can of our situation here m the Court- : house as the people put us here to do so, aad the soace is more vU the DARE program, which would ': benefit the ny' more so that . storage for the com Board bones, which can be across the street 1 "If that playing politics, tben rm playing pontics." . r;,' "Whatever the recourw she has, Amkm thai iilit...i UL J- - . u . . . put Officials ask summary be denied bygtevwnB,Ony earning the particulars of the ac- that the idgement filed by Board secretary Kathy Ln George in the can of the misappropriated S20SjOOO-plns b read sake tax money be county i - At the end of Monday's regular County Commbuoner meeting, Chairman and District 2 Comminioner Roger ffsH'tgw requested that the matter of appointing a new County Assessor be placed on next week agenda. It wfll be recalled that on October 19th, current ' Assessor Naunye Taltoa submitted her reaiguation from that position effective December 31st, 1992. At that time she informed the News that she was not stepping down due to health reasons (having undergone open heart surgery in 1991), adding that she felt fine. 1 fed that it k the right time to retire." she rrplainad. Talton hn been County Assessor for twelve years, aad has been associated with the office for a total of 22 years. In her resignation letter, Mrs. Talton recoomiended that her current first deputy, Edna "Edna has , Barnett, succeed her. worked b the County Office for seventeen yean, the first five years aa all around deputy, eleven years aa aecond deputy, and one year as first deputy." "Edna k famttar with all of the duties pertaining to the County Ananon Office. She k aa accredited deputy, having passed al five of the courses offered to date, needed for the accreditations." Mrs. Taltons' letter went on to The lespeene was filed in District Court on behalf of the Board of Commkskswn by Assistant District Attorney Patrick Moore, acting n thstr attorney. The Board admha coBrtrovcrsy b the accounting nacthods aad preventing ounty toad tax, proper aathority nt the tanof the saks taxi Controversy ako exists aa to whether or not it k legal for the sain tax account to have a judgement against the county general fund, as well aa the ability to use current fiscd year funds to offset or replace expeadttuns of county road sain tax money not spent oa the county roads. The Board maintains that fact finding and investkatioa k quired for the Court to i what b fact happened and who knew or should have knowa about re- or eraployee had knowledge the sake tax "The Board deekat to all questions about the One Cent Saks Tax and If evidence brings to bxuopci action, maHrnance or nance by 'any County or employees then so be It" The Board ako points out that aa independent pubbc accountant to pest aodit,,: fairness to . the Okmulgee County Taxpayers nqnka belay b the Court any thk "The intervener b not entitled to a summary Judgment nor, dkmkaa! of any part of . the; Boards' pstition n all Hght nqueets that Interveners Motion! "r be denied." ?r

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