Okmulgee Daily Times from Okmulgee, Oklahoma on January 24, 1993 · 7
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Okmulgee Daily Times from Okmulgee, Oklahoma · 7

Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 24, 1993
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After hiu Opening Day seoring run al San Diego on Sept. S, Carter, a first round draft pick (2Dlh overall) oul of Ihe University of Tennessee, added Iwo more tnuehdownu during his Ini lial season as a pro. The newcomer, a steady alhhle with a flair fur Hie dramatic, scored on a punt return of 6A yards vs. Scuttle on Nov 22; he scored on an inlem'idlon return of 32 yards vs. ivnvcr on Dec. 27. The llell award is presented to Curler on behalf of The World Almunae; da publisher. Pharos flunks; and its eo sponsoring newspapers The choice was made by a sports panel, and Ihe result was announced by NewsituiMT Knlrrprise Association lo mon1 than 91)0 U S dailies Carter, who la 6 foot I and weighs 191 Niunds, became Kansas City's left eornerhsck on a full lime basis alter Albert la-wls was injured in (lame 7. NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR CAREER? HEAD FOR OUR CAREER SEMINAR. II you've always draamad about going Into buaintM tor youriulf, woddngforTha Irudantial could bring you much closer to your drmm. Coma to Prudential's Ires caroor seminar. Find oul how becoming a Prudontlnl nopresentallve often ootf-inrters money making potentiui, sound (raining, solid support, a oomprahen-aive compensation package and unlimited opportunity lor earnings growth. Reserve today! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: CAROLYNN (BIB) 493-1114 Do 0 par! of Tho flock An nqual opportunity omployor a lm Til mintn kUMf rt CwMV d iM ThcPrudoftlfol 'i' 4444 kwa. 936 ama, 100 Ifcrmcfi mm mi powdv, 9650 bm 950 am, 100 pwcanl Mvawi 04b 0 mm, padwd powdw, 2932 baM, 99 pwtanL Ftowdwtoil 0 im powfcvfRcfcsd poo-dw. 9974 bwa; 300 am Aignwy 0 mm, padwd powdw powdw, 7671 bm 002 ama, ikwr, Ilk acre county SAwomIi 2 nwt poivdv pvted powdtf, 2730 bm 201 am SbCoopw - 0 mm, poadwpodud powdw, 2630 bm 300 am 9k 9401 Oiaatpoadwpadad powdw, 4992 bak 300 mm 30k crau oounty SnBMHttflS mm 1 RMM BArkhd SOtdOt RBMdS MawaiiMrta i irtW pwi ana pcvraar yWMMi 4640 tm 2379 9370 tooo; 2539 omo, doudy, csta TdUndo 0 mm, powdw podwd powdw, 9091 bio 1000 acm. tad 1 now; powdw podad powdw, 4097 MnarPak-4 bm 1270 WUCmk 110111 bm 900 mm dw Nm Mm bo Angd Fra 1 now; powdw padwd powdw, 9679 tm 92 tab, Paw U 0 now, powdw padwd powdw, 7090 bww; 34 tab, Art Raw 1 iwm, powdw padwd powdw, 9979 tooo; 91 tab, Banka Pick 0 now; powdw padwd paw-dw, 9092 bm 29 M, 9artcFi 0 nw pacM powdvpmdv, 106120 both 37 tab, Apapu 0 now; powdwpodwd powdw, 3031 Pom; 10 tab, 100 pwoonl fiU Aeachn mm 0 mmi aandu eetktd DOMfdV wm rMM m w iivW awnm yMawa pinwM 9696 boat; 750 ama, 100 pwoonl Snow Canyon -0 now. powdw padwd powdw, 1616 bm 20 tab, Taw 0 mm, podad powdw powdw, 7007 bm 72 lab, dw r,9764 Am a I Mtf Bbtlb MbAf Ortp wm w iW bmwmw pnwta 4450 bww; 100 ponart ngfe (now Bond 9 4 flow, powdtf pM dw, 3166 booh 100 pwcart Dacmwy now, powdw padwd powdw, 3390 bww; 29 tab, mowvg OfMl DmR 3 nm, pmrif ptcimd po-dw, 1230 law; 700 omo; onoarg Lori Tied - 6 now, padwd powdw graomadl, 9693 bom 90 parewt Mwcnck 4 now, padwd powdw groonod, 2640 law; 16 tab, Rrt Lodgo M 0 now, podad powdw-graonrwd, 209 Iom; 350 omo, Rxly M H0i I now, padwd powdor-3345 bMO, 25 tab, 930i4p 2 now. powdw padwd powdw, 3630 law; 900 amw, mmi Bad mm 4 Mv oodtf4 oowdsf iwariy irirtw a iaw yMnawr (wmwm gmonwd, 3650 baM, 1500 0004 030a4p ihs Be 14 m 4 mmv oom4m fltdiid oowdv IIM IM MM W IIWW WWWWM IMMV 4391 bM; 100 ponart, nghl dung Utah Alb 1 mm, powdwpachod powdw, 113113 boo4 60 pwowt Bhmw Ml 0 now; padwd powdw, 0003 bOM, 100 BnonHwd S6110 bww, 100 pwcart 10k raw oounty Bnghm m 0 mnv, podkt, 114114 Iim; 100 ptnwrt Door Ay 0 mm, powdwpodwd powdw, 5601 boi4 100 ponwrt 90 iuno Eh Mtwduwo 0 now, powdw padwd powdw, 122 122 bM4 WO pwcart 1 4 Norte VV 0 now; podwd powdw, 7474 bww; 100 pwcart Rak CRr 0 now, powdwpodwd powdw, 9393 bam 100 pwcart nghl dung tatopo Ana - 1 now, podwd powtw-gmonwd, 1044 booh 6 tab, mowing (band Taghrt - 4 iww, padwd poMhr gmonwd, 990 bM4 2500 mm Jhdwon Hob iww, powdwgromed, 3672 baM; 3000 mm wowing Snow Ktg - 6 now powdw podwd powdw, 4261 bum 19 lart not ifcmg Snowy Range -2 now, powdw packud pm dw, 4041 bww, 150 mm Alberto BonlU Loum 1 mm, padwd powdw, 1747 bM4 5000 the best As a starter in the remaining nine games, Ihe rookie confirmed his flashy debut lie led Ihe 10 6 Chiefs, who earned an AFC playoff berth, with a total of seven interceptions - Just one fewer Ilian Ihe NKL co leaders this season In furl, three of Carter's interceptions ended games. Ilis pky help'd Kansas City's defense finish the year with NKL rankings of second in Inlerrepthma and oftfwssitum pass ing yards per game; third in average gain per opMMltion pass pluy and quur terburk suck percentage; fimrth in average gain t defensive play; and flllh in oipoHition yards (sir game. The previous winners of Ihe liert llell Trophy, awarded by The World Almanac (0 the NKL's outstanding rookie: 1970: Otlis Anderson, St. laiuis. I9S0: Hilly Sims, Detroit. 1991: Lawrcnre Taylor, N.Y. Dianls. I9A2: Marcus Allen, L.A Haiders. I9R3: Knc Dickerson, L.A. Hams. 1994: Louis IJpps, Pittsburgh. PJIIS1 Kaldie llrown, Cincinnati. 1996: Ituelnm Mayes, New Orleans. 1997: llo Jackson, L A. Haiders. 1999: John Stephens, New Knglund 1999. Ilany Sanders, Detroit. 1990: Krie (Jreen, Pittsburgh. 1991: Mike Croel, IHmver. CIWO NKWSI'Alt:K HNTt:iU1U.SK ASSN Steve Young By lluward Miner NEW YORK NEA) - Steve Young of the San Kraneisco -.Hers la the greet greet -great grandson of llrigham Young, Ihe 19th century Mtirmon trailblszer. Obviously, leadership runs in the family. So dues perseverance. As the quarterback who directed the 49era lo the best record in pro football in 1992, Young, a veteran bench warmer, is finally a big alar. lie is the first winner of the Tom l.andry Award, which ia being originated and sponsored by Newspaper Enterprise Association and The World Almanac. Il ia lo be presented annually lo the beat offensive player in the NKL Now the top rated passer in the league. Young emerged from the shadow of future Hall of Kamer Joe Montana lo lead San Francisco back into the playoffs. The Niners went M 2 this season on their way to the NFC West title. Young, compiling numbers comparable to Montana at his best, led the NKL in key passing categories. He was No. I in percentage of completions (66.7), average yards per attempt (9.62) and touchdown passes (29). Young also had the lowest interception percentage (17). The Landiy Award is named for the Hall of Fame coach who led the Dallas Cowboys (I960 69) to a total of 270 victories. His record includes 20 straight winning seasons, five NFC championships and two Super Howl titles. One of the great innovators in the history of the game, Landry designed many of the multiple sets used by today's offenses. The riew award is presented to Young on behalf of The World Almanac; its publisher, Iharo Hooks; snd its co-sponsoring newspapers. The selection was made by a sports panel and Ihe result was announced by NEA to more than 600 U.S. daily newspapers. Young, 31, who is foot-2 and weighs 200 pounds, became an effective quarterback this season after learning lo mold his talents to San Francisco's offensive scheme. He is a Junior Seau NEW YORK (NEA) - Tiaina Seau Jr. isn't exactly a household name. Hut Junior Seau of the San Diego Chargers is quickly becoming known far and wide ns the best all around defensive player in the NFL. Seau (pronounced SAY-aw) is the winner of The World Almanac's George llalas Trophy, which is award ed to pro football's lop star on defense. The versatile linebacker, a third year NFL star, has made good as a local hero. Born in San Diego, Seau moved with his family lo American Samoa at an early age before returning to grow up in California. Seau, who is called the Tasmanian Devil" by teammates, is an emotional leader who relies on a brutal combination of size (6 fool 3, 259 pounds) and speed 14 61 sminds over 40 yards). He ran bench press 449 pounds. lie led the 1 1 S Chargers, the AFC West champion, with 199 tackles despite missing Game 9 due to a groin injury He also had 4 5 sarks, two interceptions, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and 10. passes defensed. The llalus award is presented lo Back To HealtJj By Dr. James A. Ziegler UNDERSTANDING THE DISC A healthy disc acta as e shock-absorbing cushion end space mointainer in Iho areas between Ihe bones (vertebrae) of tho opine. Each hee a tough, elastic outer ehell which encapeulalee a gel-like inner nuclouo. Unlike oftier Usauesot the body which receive oxy gen end nutrients from Ihe blood, the discs must roly on Ihe squeezing action al joint movement to absorb nutri ents from ttio body fluids that bathe ihem. Without thia free movement of the spinal joints, ttie discs' health may be compromised. Alter e prdongec period ol impaired spinal mobikly, decs lend to beoomo dry end brittle, end a minor twist can lead lo rupture (commonly referred to aa a "dipped disc). While (lie final ovont may be suddon, I is process leading up to a ruptured disc la a gradual, degenerative one. Regular ctiiropraclic care may help lo prevent some problems from occurring, II you work at a strenuous or sedentary jub or are involved In sports or exercise, col ua at OKMULGEE CHIROPRACTIC CUNIC, 756-6595, Mon, Tue, Wed. Fri. 8:30-5:00; Thur. 9:3012; evening and Sal. appointments ere available. Our 24 hour emergency number is 756-6121. We offer treatment for injuries such es leader, pinched nenre, etc. Our office Is located at 406 E. 7th SL S. Chiropractic helps maintain d sc health by aiding free spinel movement. tops NFL on strong-armed passer and a fine runner. During the regular season, Young completed 268 of 402 passes for a total of 3,465 yards with only seven Interceptions. lie was also the teams second best rusher: 537 yards (7.1 yards per cany). Montana, who spent all of 1991 on The Tom Landry Award Is presented to the best offensive player In pro football . the aidelinea after elbow surgery, didnt return to action until the second half of Game 16 this season against Detroit. He had led the 49ers to four Super Bowl victories. In his sixth year with the team, Young became the first San Francisco quarterback since Montana in 1983 to start every game. It was a big turnaround for the ex-aubstitue. Young led the Niners to only a 9-5 mark in the games he started in 1991. He was sidelined for six games last season with a knee injury. The team finished 10 6, but missed the playoffs for the first time in nine years. Despite trade rumors going into this season, Young has survived a quarterback controversy that featured a strong challenge from rival sub Steve Bono, the coolness of Montana and the skepticism of various other 49ers. Blame had been directed at Young for being too quick to run as an individual at Ihe expense of completing passes to his teammates. Steve is on a big push for himself, Montana told The Washington Post at one point. And any time you have a competition, there is always that certain amount of animosity toward each other. I can say we have only a working relationship. That's all it ia. After tops NFL on Seau on behalf of The World Almanac; its publisher, Pharos Books; and ill co-sponsoring newspapers. The selection was made by a sports panel and the result was announced by Newspaper En;crprise Association to more than 600 U.S. dailies. Seau uses his bulk and quickness to rush the quarterback or pursue the ball all over the field. Hia ability to begin at inside or outside linebacker, or on the defensive line, helps the Killer Holts to confuse offenses. Junior is awesome, says San Diego comerttack Gil Byrd. His physical ability is just unbelievable. He just loves to play the game. He's enthusiastic and that enthusiasm is contagkxiii " The defense sparked the Chargers lo their first AFC playoff berth in 10 years. It ranked fourth in the NFL this season in points allowed and in oppo Youre invited to try something NEW at LUNCH BUFFET 11 A.M.-4 P.M. MONDAY-SATURDAY DINNER BUFFET ALL DAT SUNDAY 4 P.M.-8 P.M. WEEKDAYS & SATURDAY Original Recipe Chicken Extra Tasty Crispy Chicken Country Fried Steak Coleslaw ' ; Potato Salad Kernel Corn Fried Okra Baked Beans Green Beans Yams -Pudding BUFFET GOOD FOR DINE-IN ONLY Nobodys Cookin Like Todays KFC. 6th & Wood Drive Okmulgee 756-6262 nr Okmulg Dally Tknaa, Sunday, January 24, 1993, Paga 7 7-. offense that, he'a on my team, but as far aa I'm concerned, he's part of the opposition. He wants what 1 have. Head coach George SeUert says the key to San Francisco's success this season was Young's growing confidence under pressure and the quarterback's ability to get the Job done within the team'n offensive framework. Young improved his ability to read defenaei, sharpened hia timing on passes and learned not to run from the pocket abruptly. He also brought the Niners from behind three time in the fourth quarter, something he didnt do in 1991. According to Football News, Young admits: Probably the one thing that sticks out In close ball games, Don't try to over play It.' In other words, just stay within the confines of the offense. Don't try to think that you have to make it happen either on your own or too Iasi" For his efforts, the 49er players recently voted to give Young the teams annual award for inspirational leadership Young, who has had a 10-year pro career, was acquired by San Francisco from Tampa Bay on draft day in 1997 in return for second- and fourth-round picks. He entered the NFL with the Bucs in 1965 and become their starter in 1986. As the nation's beat college quarter back, Young turned his record numbers with Brigham Young University into a 640 million pro deal in 1984. He signed with the Los Angeles Express of the short-lived U.S. Football League. He was coming off the beat single passing (canon in NCAA history. But Young had to run for hia life in the shaky USFL. He threw 22 interceptions in 25 games during hia two seasons with Los Angeles in the upstart circuit. At this point, with free agency on the horizon in the NFL Young could be in line for another big payoff. Young earned all of his 62.5 million in San Francisco in 1992. But he could be worth a lot more from now on. C ISU NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. defense sition yards per game. San Diego was first in the AFC against rushing, giving up only 97.2 yards a game on the ground. The previous winners of The World Almanac'a George Halaa Trophy, which ia awarded to the NFL's top defensive player 1980: Lester Hayes, Oakland. 1981: Joe Klecko, N.Y. Jets. 1982: Mark Gastineau, N.Y. Jets. 1983: Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh. 1984: Mike Haynes, L.A. Raiders. 1985 (tie): Howie Long, L.A. Raiders; Andre Tippett, New England. 1986: Lawrence Taylor, N.Y. Giants. 1987: Reggie White, Philadelphia. 1988: Mike Singletary, Chicago. 1989: Tim Harris, Green Bay. 1990: Bruce Smith, Buffalo. 1991: Pat Swilling, New Orleans. Cl M3 NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. FEATURING: -'h rSSf-S&r ' ft f m r 52x1 Steve Young Junior Scan Dale Carter jprrji !TTV 0 o Macaroni Salad Mixed Greens . Rice Livers & Gizzards Potatoes & Gravy Cream Gravy Biscuits Rolls Full Size Salad Bar Fruit Cobbler k toy

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