The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1955 · Page 41
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 41

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1955
Page 41
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Garage Destroyed Livermore — Livermore's firc- mim answeiKl a call Monday afternoon when a bla/e was dis- rovred in 1lv> garage at the Tom McKenna reside, u . ( .. ']-| 1( , |, uilfi niK buiTied to the ground. Cause nl the fire i,, not known. Thr McKennas plan to rebuild in the- future. Insurance covered imu-h cl (lie loss. Budget Hearings Two major budget hearings will be heard this wc'ek when the City of Algona presents its budget Thur;--day night, Aug. 11 at 7::iO p.m. in the City Hull; and the K'l-sulh eounty board of supervisors presents its budget Friday eve., Aug. 12 at 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Algona. Both hearings are open to the public. DRIVE-IN THEATRE SATURDAY ONLY! "J-U-M-B-0" SIZE SHOW 4 Great Attractions On One Great Show — See One Or All ! Rites Held For Livermore Woman Tuesday Livermore—Mrs Eva Schwon- demann, mother of Bert Seluven- fieniann, who had boon a puller.; at Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodtfo. passed away Friday evening. Funeral services were heH Tuesday afternoon at Burnside Mr and Mrs Charles Ilohn and son, who have been visiting at the home of Mrs. Holm's parents. Or and Mrs R. VV. Beardsley. lefl Friday for Sioux Falls, S. D.. where they will visit Mr Holm's, mother. Father P. M. Sturm is attendinf? the Retreat in Sioux City thi? week. Mr and Mrs Julius Becker and ihree daughter? visited Thursday at the Joe Krieps honv in Wesley. } ,, Mr and Mis James Lernpke no- | ill'., aUend'-d a KM•;>• i.-iMiily i":companied Ins parent.', -.vho live i uni'>:i Sun lav. Julv .M. ai tK 1 at Vincent, to Ottawa. 111. Satm - Doiv.i;!!. r .yun (in.. ;,t \Ve-l day. where they went to attend BerH. O':!":- ;,f, -ri'im w.-rr: M: the wedding of Mareia Yocum and Mis Ji.ii-.n R• ••I-- an-:l their Sunday. While there Mrs Lemp- j children and !,,:7ijii'.- . Otto Char- It (• became ill and was ho.piUil- I ley and Willie I'.odi oi Alrrrv TTn-p!!al !n Mn^on City. Si>l'ji Mac-iina and Mrs Lawrence wero form'.-:- clas-mates at St. Ju.-eph's Mercy Hf.-.pjtal in Fort Dod,'.e. Mrs Nick Hla:--en «f \Vhitc Lake. South D;>k"!;i anrl i;f.- -.on-;n-l.:i\v aiirl rlauuii'er. Air i-n-l Mr-; D'vair. Slaiimhou:;h. and family 'if (Jedat Rapids. •.-,•(•!-(• Tiie-:d;!.v vi. ituis ;H (lie Ceiir.'"- f,ene,-i;' '[M:):" ;\f'> FJlasf-n i:- Mr i • ii> i t,-' mnth'T. A .-(in \va.- b-)rn ']''.:• - 1 >>' t Mr and M: > John H».:| >:-d -i the I.utlici'ciii ifo-pit.-ii in Fu, i Iji fli" 1 The Hn.-fiini:- hi",-" an <•}<[••:• rjii'i- i^'.ter. Mrs Hosfurd ;.; the .'<•; m- er licit n Mae Smhh. ;l IUL., '•.:! of Mr.-' A! if" Smith <•! I.'vr- more and Mr li"-'i:>i cl i- She i--n pon of Wilbur Bee.-s "f L.ver- motr. Mr aivi Mi.-- H:n-"ld 'J'iiul re- fcivi'd v.'or.l that 'iii'-ii --in H >b- !-it. who i.; st;it;i .;]<'d i:'i (;>•: ::i;iny, has been proni'iii -1 t" Mrs HaVi ('iiTi-r .< vi-ited Mundav v i 1 , :; Mr- Jes...!;ie Miller. Katlilc'-n No--:, «,f .-pr-riding a !'.'.'.' (i; : y> ! niU b'-r s!.-»- r. A;: -' .I;.' k". '.'.•:!h h' r >..,;!-> '".i- Mr arid Mr- !i< . bach and t.a i.- c'.,ildr Thursday, Augu?t IT, 195S Algona (lo.) Upper De$ Moine«—3 of Humb'.'ldt. Afli'inoun visitors a! the F.r-linan lioir.r- we;-" Mr and Mr- And;,- Andei-sen of Humhuldt: ,iiui Mr arid Mrs \?adi; Cunnnmha;i, .uid Pat of Remvick. Ronald Ojan left Tuesday for a vacaMuri v. i!!i relative-- ;it Oi - rbard. N-h. f.u;s Wil-i.n. -.'.-ho is employed in Wa-!.:rr.:Vin. 1), C. is here visit- in:' •••• n •: • :it-. M: anrl Mi's Rav \V :!.-••. n J'''m i!ara ; • builr':;;:. para::- i: Mi - 'i i.':.ral. H, ii'vk'k Thor is <•.- I.ernp- i^'.-cl. Miss YOCUMI is a Mr Lempke. The two Ltsnpke children seiiuiineci with their "randpa: ents. Mr and Mrs N'ess., at Thor during (lie ab.-enre uf their parents. All have now i .- tu'tied home. JANE RUSSELL in ''MONTANA BELLE" THE BROOKLYN DODGERS in "THE ROOGIE'S BUMP' JOHN WAYNE "FLYING TIGERS" Mr and Mrs Nick Klein visited | byt' 1 :"ian ihur' 1 ; friends in Huir.boldt Friday af'tr- I TI I'm chuif-i Rapid-. Minn : Mr; M>:i've H-n .-elman and her ia'i:;!v nf V.'est B'-nd. Mr :<nd M: - H-iii. . : Ik n jan:i;i ,:lid 'h"ir f.iinilv and Mr .•iid Mr. Ha; iv Dru-c'^i-ilo M;' \Y. s! Bend urn 1 rjr.M.V- ••• i':e P: es- . Okl.i a/ t' ,'. M' ('•>••' '- "f ' '-.'.<• .1 Si -1' : I-', S' '• , ' '' t( r.- o! K;:':;.', and !;• ;• of .\u: ' thi-- .1,-i :..y down the i,| iii.- holisi. 1 and is n> \v Inllnw brid, • place. .•:,:•! An--hu f x and •>>. Oklahoma C.ty. '-ie vi.>i!inu her >i.;in B'-rN and family. ('• '.-.• day. l. ; --t week !":•' iiinuei ii'irne w<-re };,. S:.-.U-r S-iioiiv find a. They ;j|- t . all sis- n !!.•-, of D(;S Moines !,:• re Linda Pant;' man idi'.e. C'.dil. are visitinp '•; \vith the former's sis- /7 THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS' DRIVE WE'RE CELEBRATING OUR WEEK FREE COMIC BOOKS To All Kids Now Through Saturday ! THURSDAY - FRIDAY A Great Pair of "Birthday Shows" Martin and Lewis At Their Hilarious Best ! "SAILOR BEWARE" One of the Great Shows Of All Time! Gary Cooper — Loretta Young in "ALONG CAME JONES" SUNDAY - MONDAY I] ITA AT HER BEST! mm JOSE FERRER I Drama that MI EXPLODES \\inyourface! Jj/j TECHNICOLOR EDMUND GRAINGER ,4 N ^ PRODUCTION JUKI RAY CARTOON FEATURES t SUPHLN McNALLK ALEXIS SMITH JAN STERLING KEITH ANDES ARTHUR HUNNICUTT p Milton Bergum had a v.-i'ek vacation from his dutit.s at the Cayou Hard-.van- store. He and Burton Rnnde went to Minne-i ',; where they spent a few day.- fishing. Joe Cavou, who is s'Tviiv; in the army. \vas operated on for member-. ;jppendir;ti- las'. Wednesday in j af!<': ivniu - AnclmraKe. Alaska He is the son ] ."iiio. H; ; ::. of Mr and Mrs O J. Cayou. \ Chf-'i: <")-' Mi.-s Baihara Markman of; Mi- Bi!' \\ Boone lias been visiting Mar> '•'.•,;•,?<• ' Lawrence in Humboldt and in thi I Sundav ".• Claude Lawience home. jilii'-. en:"\' Mr and Mrs Claude Lawrenc- ; Lake at H, Wfo last Saturday evening v:.-i-j D.iini-r f tors in the \V. P. 'Hastings' iv.:n- i Mik- Krd.-r near Borii- with. Sister Mary ''- ; - bT'ivl; Macrina. R.S.M. ,.f St. J'-s..-ph : s D,--r. St h a -\; inu v,-,"; -p''n'. M: - i iai '"id d " ho;:.'- ' • ':-," y.< :!::;!>./i i: ""ue -'lay alt. . • .••"!',\-ai of uui IT! luiv.-i.eo!! was -erv :v re:i-i irul Mor. lay !itr-:ne<s :.:! e\-f.-r:- te:-. M: -\:,na W"itur. Mi.s Hies. Vet-:.:-- Ad;:iin:--tration in IJ'.'S M".!".••-. :M.- resi^rii.'d from lv_r M:- :.:,• i M:s Julius Backer ;>nd [••.ii'ii-,- •-.*.' <•> Tue.-day evenir.t; vis:!'-;-.- ;,' !IM.. William ErpC'ldmK i: '"'•• >••(••••.:• I.iiV'erne. Mr c.ivi Mis Frank Dumpliy of Hu:i-->"!i-i! v.•• : •'. Menday evenin.c v,-.' -: at '.:,e Ge.:;»" Davi- i . t Mr a:, : M: - J. F. Hamm alien ':• ' a li.i'i.m fairnly i i-union Sun ; . '. • ' »..-• in Pa; I; in Fort D.'di:". Ab-'iit CO relativi'S at- S<^.:>:, ; V.M-..I] . ; Fort Dod;;e is .-!••.-:•-;::-:;' i.'i.s week with her Krari-:;,),,;'.-r:!-:. Mr and Mrs Bill V.':!.- :; S.-'a .- '•"'• daughter oi Mr ;.:-;•: Mi - V:r.iil Wilson M: - J '''i Smi'h v. as a Sun d'''-- r:-',!v.: i:u ri .-ts at '.he iicine of Mr ;..- i M:.- C'vfi- Smith. Mr and Mr- :•:.••. .]••:.n t: and family and Mrs Ma.usif Johnson of Humboldt were Sunday afternoon visitors a! the. Clyde Smith home. Ralph Sergeant of Tur-'on. An/, spent thi' weekend Ivre vvit.h his daughter. Mrs Herbert Roney. Mrs Margaret Bnnvi.-r and son David of Emme'sbiiri; spt'iit Sunday at the Roney home. Mr Ser- ^'•aiit i--. thv father of Mis Rmioy and Mrs Biov. cr. Mrs Ruth Stiles. vvVio has been at Pi mghyr. has rrMurned to 1'ie \ homi 1 of her .-on. Jerry Sliles. and tamilv. Mr and Mrs Bill Smith of Rock Island. III. spent the weekend here with Mrs Smith's par'Ti'.s. Mr and Mrs John Olson. Their four children, who .-penl .-ome- |iime here with their urandpar- cnts. Mr and Mrs John O',s-n. ao- companii d them hume. Among those- Irom away who cam'/ '•> attend the fum-:al services of G"orge Thul last Thursday were Mr and Mrs Mik- Thui i and family of Marquis, Sask.. i Canada. John Wilmes and eh;l- j dern of St. Cloud. Minn., Mr an:i , Mrs Phil Wiimes of Armstrong and Mrs John Phillip-; of Gi!- j bertsville. I IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT II BANCROFT LIONS IOWA STATE LEAGUE Games This Week AT HOAAE AUG. 11 CARROLL AUGUST 17 MASON CITY I 'A:- Mr and Mrs :.: , -n D.,-•.•;. SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY ENDING THURSDAY - John Wayne in "THE SEA CHASE" FRIDAY - SATURDAY THE MOST STARTUNG SCREEN HAS EVER? bA CORNEL ALLIED ARTISTS presents , •.-• .-• •* *.-•.'- ' »• RICHARD ' BRIAN ^ D.rerted by IOS[PH LEWIS Written by PHILIP YORDAN • Produced by SIDNEK PLUS THIS THRILLING, EXCITING CO-HIT TERIOt OUTPOST OF THI NORTHWEST MOUNTED! MSS.5-.--. ! . A WAITER WANGIR «HIKP^3i VITM MARA CORDAY- BARTON M.icLANE • FRIEDA 1NESCORT fctcw * JOSEPH PEVNEV • Scww t, KETTI flvNGS -MMt) AARON ftOSENBEfia IAMIS CRAIG HIT* MOBINO • KEITH U*$EN «»AN ALUED AHTISTS PICTUM Coming Next Week ! I ! Walt Disney's Happiest Motion Picture "THE LADY and THE TRAMP" First All-Cartoon Feature in CINEMASCOPE PIUS This Spine Tingling FEATURETTE VILTAKEUS" It's As Real As Death - You'll Live Longer If You See It! YOU Ride With The Patrol Car - BUT YOU LIVE FOWLERS DAY Ladies Rayon Panties REGULARLY 79c to 98c . . . large assortment of ladies and misses rayon panties in all sizes. Some with Nylon lace panels. REGULARLY SI.00 to SI.98 . . . well-known brands such as Star Dust, She Bra and others you know. Colors and white. Not all sizes. Famous Make Slips si REGULARLY S1.98 to S2.98 . . . ladies slips of French crepenylon and ace- late, cotton plisse and others. Assorted colors, lace Irim or tailored. Not all sizes in the group, but red-hot values if your size is here. S2.98 AND 53.98 VALUES . . . these ladies and misses blouses being taken from regular higher-priced stock, and priced an even dollar for these two bargain days. Assorted sizes and colors. S2.93 TO S3.9S VALUES . . . lots of time for summer handbags yet this s;s":c.n, and you might want to buy er.d l?y ev;ay for r.exi summer at this price! Good assortment of styles to •-•• froir!. ostum A truly extensive and lovely assortment! Choose white and colors, and so many different types. Smart Jewel Boxes A value bargain we have held for Dollar Days! In smart designs that en)-»"-" anv Hre ?e . ; ng table, and they are wond:rs for gifts. New assorted colors fhat ma'.ce choosing a pleasure. LOOK! HERE'S MORE! See The Large Bargain Tables on FOWLERS CHILDREN'S FLOOR Dozens and Dozens of Items Marked For Clearance Many Items at ONE-HALF PRICE And Less CHILDREN'S DRESSES VALUES UP TO $6.95 A beautiful assortment of girls dresses, in sizes 1 to 3 — 3 to 6x — 7 to 14. These are all taken from higher priced lines such as Kate Greenaway, Cinderella, etc. You'll want to come early for the "cream of the crop" in these wonderful dress values! On All Other Regular Priced Items 10' On Our Children's Floor . . . Excluding Our Special DOLLAR DAYS Bargains ! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY J

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