The Public Ledger from Maysville, Kentucky on January 19, 1915 · Page 4
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The Public Ledger from Maysville, Kentucky · Page 4

Maysville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1915
Page 4
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i vv . 'v - fSSBSRf I m !P; PA V(. V ' r?-f. w eS. 'iT ?)i , f IK r" S L iv T ivk. Kfr- J. '.Sv. w -.1 I A fir r' i'- Si 1 . " V . i . f.V ;v- m v . My wrflT'f igfiirrv frrs.n mii-m iim I T IB ONE OF OUR FUNDAMEN- tal principles iu this storo to koop our clothos selections up to full selling Btrongth, filling up tlio gaps as fast as our tables aro emptied. Tlio result is wo ontor tlio Now Year with an unusually complete lino of fresh winter stylos in SUITS AND OVERCOATS But now tho tlmo for drastic action lias come. Every garmont on hand must go and wo aro prepared to inako tho sacrifico necessary for a rapid, do-cisivo clcar-away. In considering theso prico reductions, keep in mind that tho garments involved aro no ragtags and left-overs. No nameless merchandise, orphans with a past and with-.out a future. So como and sco them at i once. Geo. H. Frank & Co. Haysvillc's Foremost Clothiers. HERE AND THERE It you have Irlendj vlilllnf you, or II you ate folnf on a r'sll. pitas drop ui a not .0 that tiled. Mrs. Pricillu riniicll ami lior (laugh ter, Mrs. flyers of New York, aro guests of her sisters, Mrs. William Mcarns niul Miss Ida Wall of Second street. Mr. Lauder Trumbo and his son, John, of Uibolt, Lewis enmity, left yesterday nftuinooii for a visit to his daughter, Mrs, Edwnid Hodge, near Mniton, Fla. . Mr. J. Edward Farker left ycsteidny to attend a moetim: of tho board of 'directors of the State Llvo Stoek Insurance Company at Louisville, Ky. Mrs. S.nali K. Tracer lias returned to Covington after a visit of several weeks with her daughter Mrs. C. B. Ulack of West Second trcct. Rev. Albert Kuril of Tollesboro was a visitor in the city yesterday en route to Covington, where ho was called by tlio illness of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Gray returned to their home in Cincinnati Sunday afternoon after a few days' visit here with relatives. Mrs. Charles Reed has returned homo after a two weeks' visit with her daughter, Mrs. William Boss at llydo Park, Cincinnati. Miss Jessie Roberts of Lexington is tho pleasant guest of Miss Anna Frank of Last Second street. ' Miss Katie Fisher and niece, Miss Jessio Willoeks are spending tlio week in Cincinnati. Miss Margaret J. Murray of Cinein-rif tr a guest of Mrs. Fiank I'. O'Donuoll. Mr. Thomns I:illey ami Muter, MUs -Nannie, wore in Ciuciiiunti Saturday. Mrs. Albert X. lluir of Huntington spent Sunday hero with relatives. A POINTER FROM THE SKIES. (Monday's Cornier Journal.) Astonished earth-beings bdv a vast oblique interrogation point in the evening sky yesterday when Mercury passed over the lower horn of tho moon and thousands stopped on tho streets to marvel. "It means what next?" suggested a pedestrian. "With tho war and the earthquake, this little speck of an earth is caubing tho whole uuivorso to sit up and take notice." In the rolo of Evening Star Mercury has frequent meetings with tho moon. NICHOLAS BARN BURNED. Carlisle, Ky., January IS. Tho large tobacco barn of Leo J'eatley, a farmer of this county, was completely destroyed by fire, together with a large quantity of tobacco. The loss was 1,200, with $700 insurance. ft' ," III tWri MMMtMllrliMM. - -. III affttit ,-'' III ! EWi' III .VjuBftir III J ftSt.1 TT A ? ?! ! T I J I ! I TO OUR CUSTOMERS AND J. FRIENDS Wo wish you a Merry Christ- J mas and a Happy New Year. J May your Joys bo as numerous J as the passing FORDS. -j CENTRAL OARAGE .J 112-110 Market Streot mi iLiiMUM n)i;ri,.imin ' nwgfM SALES 332,990 ROUNDS Yesterday, Only Three Houses Reporting Market Continues Strong. Total sales Monday, 3:12,000 pounds. Market continues active and strong. Only three hnusos reported sulos, as follows: Tanners & Planters. Pounds sold 188,315 High price ir2L.0() Low' prico 2.00 Special crops J. It. Wolfe, Mason (.unity, 1-14.00; .1. W. Cracraft, Mason county, 13.01; G. P. Howard, Drown county, Ohio, $1:1.0:1; Williams and Moore, Fleming county, 13.43; W. IX Gibbon, Mason county, 11.40; Scott and Robertson, Bracken county, 11..I1 Growers. Pounds sold 08,21:5 High prfeo WS.'2r, Low prico -.00 Average 0.02 Market the best of the season. Amazon. Pounds sold 0,l'1 1 1 i2h nrico '-.'5.00 Low price Averago 1.50 0.55 Hlock sales nt Central and Home. DEATHS OF PHYSICIANS IN 1014. During- 1014, 2,205 physicians have died in the United States and Canada. Reckoning on a conservative estimate of 153,000 physicians-, this is equivalent to an death rate of 11 II pel thousand. The average annual nior tality for physicians fioni 1002 to 101 1 inclusive was 15.71 pei thousand. The chief death causes in tho order named vveie: Senility, heart disease, cerebral henioiihage, pneumonia, accident and nepliiilis. Tho age of death varied flout 23 to 00, with an average of (10 yea is, II months ami 0 d.i.vs. The gen-eial aveiage of ago at death since 1001 is 50 years-, ) months and 10 days. The number of years of practice varied from 1 to 75, the averago being 33 years, 0 mouths and 20 days. Sixty one were between the ages of 23 and 30; 100 between 31 and 10; 310 between 41 and 50; 132 between 51 ainl 00; 177 between 01 and 70; 101 be tweou 71 and J0; 103 between SI and 00; while -1 were more than 00 yours of age. The greatest mortality occurred at the ago of 02, when OS deaths were iccorded, at 70 with 01 deaths; at 50 with 51) deaths; at 51 and 55 with 5S deaths each; at 71 with 51 deaths; and at 00 when 51 died. Theie were 7 deaths each at 01 and 02; 3 at 05; 2 at P3 and I death eacli nt 01 and 00. During the year, 275 died who had served in the Civil war, and of these 00 had followed the Lost Cause; S3 were medical ollicers of United States Vol unteers, 2 were medical cadets, 10' served in the hospital corps ami 2 had been armv nurses. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. What can pass beforo tho sun with out making a shadow .' Tho wind. " Why should the number 2SS never he mentioned iu company? Because it is two gross. Why are persons with short memories necessarily covetous? Because tlioy'io always for-getting something. What is the beginning of every end a'nd the end of every place? The letter E. When does a ship tell a falsehood? When she lies nt the wharf. When is a ship like n painter? When she shows her colors. When does a farmer behave with great rudeness to his corn? When he pulls its ears and thrashes it. A LITTLE BOY. Little 1'Mgnr got separated from his mother iu 11 department store. After a long wait he stepped up to tho floorwalker and said, "Please, sir, have you see anything of a woman without n little boy? If you have, I'm the little bov." Today n the birthday anniversary of Gen. Robert K Lee. AMERICAN MADE GONS To Bo Rushed To Poland By Russia Moro Arms To Bo Shipped. Seattle, Wash. Tho Russian volunteer ilept steamer Novgorod, nccordlng to advices, has arrived nt Vladivostok with big guns and projectiles manufactured in Pennsylvania ami shipped from Vancouver, 'B. C. Tho slego guns will bo rushed to Poland. BULLET KILLS ONE, INJURES ANOTHER. At Torchlight, a mining town flvo miles south of Louisa, Hassle Butler was shot and died. The ball passed entirely through Butler and into his brother, who was standing directly behind him. The brother is not seriously injured. Twenty per cent short weight hns been found In loaves of bread in Xcw Vork City. GEM Coming Monday KTH EL BARRYMORE in "THE NIGHTINGALE" Five Parts. PROF. R. J. BULLETT'S ORCHESTRA ALWAYS A FEATURE. ATTEND MATINEE AND AVOIH NIGHT RUSH. ZUDORA! ZUDORA! ZUDORA! PASTIME! 4 Big Reels For 5c LATEST NEWS Six hunched draft liortaw, tin1 first (if a coiiMiniiuMit of :!(,000 to lii slnji ppil tlirou'h llottou for list on Euro-lu'an b.'ittlofiield", left Rostou Sundiiy liy the steamer Iheriau for .Mimeliester, Kii''lain1. I're.siilent WIImiii lias written CKwalil (larrisou Viilaril, inilorsliii,' tho .stniul of the League to Limit Armaments, as espressed in resolutions on which its or'aniation is formed. The steamship St. Louis, arriving at Xevv Vork from Liverpool, brought n passengers GO shipwreeked sailors, members of tho erews of two vtsels recently lost iu tho Anlantic. roreigu-ovvned oil properties aro now said to he iu no danger of confiscation by Mexican ollicials, following tlio receipt by Secretary Uiyau of a note from General Carnuia. A meeting of unemployed at Hull llouuse, Chicago, luoke up in a lint, tin) crowd being charged by mounted policemen, who arrested a score of persons. Henrietta Crossman, the actress, is a hankiupt, owing .iI7,i70 and no assets. Her husband, .Maurice Campbell is also b.'.nkiupt. Liabilities- .tliJiVlOO; assets, $1815. Published reports of alleged irregularities in tho November election in Khode Island have, been brought to the attention of Attorney General Gregory. L. V. Darkness, "."i years old, an early associate of John D. Kockefclier in the oil business, died on a ranch iu California. Four poisons weio burned to death when an early morning fire destroyed their home in the foreign section of Philadelphia. President Wilson plans to hold an open hearing tho latter part of this week ou the Immigration bill passed h.v Congress. A million men liavo been added to the Russian armv. o vvhito hoises aro wanted for Uu-ropean war. KENTUCKY'S VAST COAL FIELDS UNTOUCHED. In a few days Kontueky'.s ono now railroad of the year 1011 will bo in operation. Jt will run from Winchester to Irvine. Most of tho recent railroading nud mining projects hnvo been nosing toward tho mountains. Much of the greater timber is already gone, especially whero it vvn,s near streams to lloat it, but tho vast fields of coal are just beginning to bo tapped. Ovvensboro Messenger. SOUTH KEEPS LEE'S BIRTHDAY. Atlanta, On., January 10. Tn nearly all tho states of the south today was observed ns a legal holiduy In honor of tho birthday anniversary of Genoral Hubert K. Lee. In this city tlio schools, tho banks and public olllccs omuluodj closod for tho day. Exorcises appropriate to tho occasion were held lindcr tho auspices of tho various patriotic nod dies and vsUrant' orennUatiniis, NEW (Drninntiu Mirror.) Mario Dresslor has captured Now York with her niirth-provoklng fnroo,. "A Mlx-Up," and tlio Thirty-ninth Street Theater is always well patronised. Thero is n vast amount of fun in tho pieco and some good players liko Sarah McVieker, Bert Lytell, his wife, F.volyn Vaughan, and Julia Blanc. Over 00 per cent of the New York newspapers have contained most flattering criticisms of Mr. Parker Hord's very successful comedy. As a laugh-provokor it is tho last thing and of course this moans famo and money to the young Maysvillo author. General Stoessol, Russian, who surrendered Port Arthur to Japan, is dead at Petiograd, 1'opo Benedict is grief-stricken over the Italian earthquake. "A MIX-UP" CONVULSINa YORK. WHERE YOU SEE THE BIG STARS . WHAFSJOING Among tho Mines and Miners of Boll County and Vicinity. (Pineville Xevvs.) Many are tlio arguments the miners indulge in regarding the present great eonllict iul'urope. Sir Matthew Whit-foul and llerr liudolph PotsdorlV are both employes of the Pork Itiilgo Coal Company. In his younger days Sir Matthew is said to have been a dash-ii.-g member of the (Queen's Own Light Horse, while llurr Pottsdortl wears a medal as big as a soup plate for heroic charges made under Hisniarck. "It looks to mo as though the Germans are not making much headway just now," loiiiarkod Sir Matthew. "They are making all the headway they want to,'' retorted llerr Kudolph, "and m.v advice is that the English hail better get back across the channel while they've got a chance, unless they want to swim back. Kvoiy day the. Germans keep clipping off a battleship or two ami if it keeps up there won't be many of them left. Theio's the Audacious, tho Formidable, the Invincible and the Iirepre.ssible, and a lot more of thote high-sounding dreadnought names which have been blown to pieces. What do you think of that" "Oh, that's to be expected," replied Sir Matthew. .hist then a Pol.inder, who ued to sing in a cabaret at Warsaw, but who lost his voice cooling soup and blowing foam from beer glasses and is now leaking a living swinging a Hardog and a Xo. 2, stepped up and, gesticulating wildly, butted iu as follows: "Prmsyel sryr rxvvm pr hrnisx myrhui. " "You know what ho says" asked llerr Kudolph of Sir Matthew. "Xo, and what more, I don't want to know," was tho reply. "Neither do I. Come on, let's go to work," and with that tho war argument ceased, only to bo resumed again upon receipt of the next batch of news. OUR COLORED CITIZENS Hums' Chapter Xo. Ml, Older of Eastern Star, elected and installed tho following ollicers for 1915: W. M. Mis. M. J. Taylor. A. M, Mrs. H. L. Anderson, Coud. .Mrs. Anna H. Perkins. Asst. Cond. Mrs. Florence Harris. Secretary Miss Elizabeth Yates. Treasurer Mrs. Julia Whnloy. W. P. Hro. C. X. Hraxton. Sentinel Mrs. Letitia Pritchott. Warder Mrs. Laura Strawder. Allah Mrs. Carrio T. Kobinsou. Kuth Mrs. M. J. Patton. Esther Mrs. Sudlo Combs. Martha Mrs. Amolla Sykcs. Electra Mrs. Sudlo Morton. All members of Congo River Tiber-naclo aro requested to meet tonight at 7:.1(l o'clock, as A, I. Groin, C. S. M., of Mayfiold, Ky., will bo hero. MKS. HEKTIE DUDLEY, D. T. BRIG. GEN, HOYLB RETIRES. Washington, January 10. After nearly 10 years of activo nnd oillcient serv-Ico as an oflicor of tho United States army, Brigadier General Ell D, Hoyle was placed on tho retlrod list today by tho operation of the age limit law. Ro-contly Genoral Hoylo has been la command of tho District of Luzon in tho Philippines. Ho is. best known as one of tho urmy' abloiLfiild artillorymon. 'SPSS 5S3J n nnr .iy r .1 am rr mi MAN KILLED BY HIS SON-IN-TW. Stanford, Ky., January 18. Yates Burton, a farmer of Wnyno county, was shot and killed last night nt his homo by jiis son-in-law, Henry Hudson, In a controversy over, the settlement of a farm partnership, Hudson was lodged in jail hero. He claims solf defense. WASHINGTON THEATER TONIGHT Mare. MeDermott, Miriam Xosbitt, Bessio Learn and Elizabeth Miller iu "THE PINES OF LORY." (Kdison Two-Part Drama ) Van Dyko Brook, Norma Talmadge and Antonio Moreno in "THE PEACEMAKER' (Vitngraph Comedy.) Irene Howloy and Jaek Mulhall iu "FOR HER PEOPLE." (Biograph Drama.) "Maysville SEE "KEYSTONE COMEDY" For Those Who Want to Laugh yj "y " 'iy'i njNW"). vy ' t ' ZUDORA! ZUDORA! ZUDORA! ZUDORA! ZUDORA! MURDOCK McQUARRIE and AGNES VERNON in "NINETY BLACK BOXES" 2-PART BISON DRAMA "CUPID AND IMP COMEDY MAYSVILLE PRODUCE MARKET Following aro this morning's quotations on country produce, telephoned at 0 o'clock by the K. L. Manchester Produce Company: Eggs 'J0c Butter 17c Old hens 10c Springers lie Old roosters 7c Fat ducks 10c Turkeys Lie CINCINNATI MARKETS January Is Llvo Stock. Hogs Keceipts :i,S(Kl, market active: packers and butchers, (!.!H)(ff7.0."i; com moil to choice, f.'ffTfi.-."; pigs and lights, f.-,(f77.1.-; stags, flr.. Cattle Keceipts L'UIO, market slow; steers, .f.'i7..'i0; heifers, 4.."i07.2."i; cows, tlJ.'.MO; calves steady, iL.JO10. Sheep Keceipts 100, market steady; H.'.7."-1.0."; lambs steady, f(iS.05. Grain. Wheat steady. $l.lL'(?i)l.i:i; corn firm, 71K'7L'c; oats steady, ."ri(f?.'i.",C.c; rve steady, Provisions. Hotter easy; eggs firm, prime firsts, :'.::.; firsts. L'.'l.'lli.-c: seconds, 21c; poultry quiet, hens, ll(fn.1i-; springers, 12.(5 lie; turkeys. 13(?iM0c. WEATHERJEPORT Forecast for Kentucky Snow and colder. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING All itrmt under thit htaJ ctnt a teora for Jflfe., FOR HXC1IAXGE 110,000 worth ot Mist mortgage bonds for good stock of jeweliy or merchandise. Thomas J. Hartloy, Licensed Auctioneer. FOR SALE Han. Isoiuo set of "Tho Real America In lllstoiy," by Mark ham. Can bo had at 1IJI Fast Third street for ..'15; original price lining $50. Jl5tf FOR SALE Two good draft mares; extra good. Apply to L. M. Casey FOR SAL I-: New 1015 model Over land automobile, run only 1,200 miles, just like brand new, has electric lights, electric horn, self starter, ono extra tire, two new inner tubes, made puncture proof, just ns good as first day it was run out of the shop. Will sell at a bargain as owner is going to leave town. If you are thinking of buying an automobile this spring, hero is tho best chauco of your life. Apply at this office. for Rent. FOR RENT Largo 10-rooiu residence on Second street in Aberdeer, O. All coiiveuionces. Apply to T. 1). Badgely, Aberdeen. FOR It KNT Furnished room and also furnished Hat for light housekeeping linpiiro of Mrs. Huntor, 21)7 East Third street, brick houso in rear of postofllce. I ost. LOSTMAn o7e. S. pitTwitli iiiitinls, bctweoa homo on Forest avnuo and Scott's PL E. church. Please return lo-jrjLpoUon. . . J193t ray....., MHHHMIIHSIHHHHIIHHHIiMIMIIIHHmHHIHlMg I BUY NOW I SAVE MONEY n g COTTONS, CAMBRICS, LONG CLOTHS, SHEETS, SHEET- INGS, BEDDINGS, ETC., ARE CHEAPER NOW THAN FOR YEARS. g OET OUR PRICES, SEE OUR QUALITY THE BEST. H 5 DRESS GOODS, SILKS, WINTER UNDERWEAR, ETC., AT 5 M GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. NEW GOODS ARE COMING SO ROOM MUST BE MADE. OUR H ,"j SALE OF MUSLINS HAS EXCEELED ALL OTHER SALES. m "THERE IS A REASON." STANDARD FASHIONS ARE HERE. BUY A QUARTERLY jj OR DESIGNER AND GET THE VERY LATEST IN STYLES. g 1 ROBERT L. HOEFLICH, 211 and 213 Market Street S IhihhiihihiiihimimiiiiiiiimiiiuiiiiiS in Moving YOURSELF IN THE MOVIES "The Place, the Time and the Man" Two-Part Drama Featuring G0rda Holmes and Richard Travers THE FISHES" HARKNESS FORTUNE LARGER THAN IIAGOIN'S. San Fiancisco, January IS. An incline, tax of $1 11,000, said to have been, one ot the largest paid to the government, was turned iu by L. V. Harknoss. early associate of Joint I). Kockofellei, who died yesterday. He was in California when tho income ta was instituted, and tho statement he filed showed the value of his holdings to bo between iSt),0l)0,000 and .ilOO,-01)0,0110. Mr. Hnrhiioss' hobby fine horses and cattle, which he bred at his home place, .limit Hall Farm, near Leing ten. K i iintaiimig over .'1,0(10 acres. Music 10c Per Copy The largest line of 10c Music ever shown in this city. All new and up-to date selot turns. Drop in ami hear them play oil over beforo you buy. "A LONG, LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY," for2V, the most popular piece on lie m.nket tmliv. DE NUZIE Illllllllllllllllllillilllliliiiiillilii I NEW YEAR GREETINGS!! M J We wisb you all a happy and pros- 5 perous Now Year and do not think it H would bo out of order to suggest that in making your New Year resolutions you P include your Electrical Installation. Make 5 a resolution to have )our house wired this S year and start it by sending fur us to estimate. Ifxectric shops S G. A. HILL & BRO., Props. S No. 119 East Third Street. PHONO 551 MIMIMHliailHHIIHlI BMIMaHlflE3HRIHHIBINIIHB H " LAY IN A GOOD SUPPLY OF CLOTHES WHILE YOU CAN BUY J 2 THEM AT Jj BARGAIN PRICES! CLOTHES ARE ONE KIND OF MERCHANDISE THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS USE. WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE TO BUY HART, SOHAFFNER & MARX CLOTHES AT 25 U OFF THE REGULAR PRICE, YOU HAD BETTER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPOR. TUNITY. THIS IS THE WAY WE ARE SELLING THESE CLOTHES THESE PRICES ARE FOR CASH ONLY, WE HAVE A FEW MACKINAWS LEFT THAT WILL GO AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. OUR FINE LINE OF STETSON AND OROSSETT SHOES WILL INTEREST. THEY MUST PLEASE YOU IN QUALITY FOR EVERY PAIR IS GUARANTEED. J. WESLEY LEE s tt The Kd Clothes Man" in Pictures -Tomorrow- "FANTOMAS" Thursday, Warren Kerrigan in "TERRINCE O'ROURKB" Series No. 2 Coming January 25th "JANE EYRE" LANDS A GOOD JOB. Washington. Clifton S. Weakley of Ashland, Kv., ha, been appointed a spe- III agent of the Department of Justice and assigned to duty at Chicago, lie is a giadti.ito of the University of v'irgiuia and a son-in-law of Judge Frank Peak of Louisville. ELI BROWN WDLL BE STANLEY MANAGER. Frankfort. It is understood here that Kli llrotvii, Jr., former member of the Hoard of Prison Commissioners, will manage A. . St.inlev 's campaign for the nomination for (iovernoi. MAYSVILLE'S POPULAR BOOK STORE 229 MARKET STREET. H i NHIllllllIHIMHMWl $ W r: XA- WHft?i7 .'.::.. . 1 1 . - i . v - &"& .ik M ' -VT -! .:&, Jll., J-w i " . t a .4.1. . f ft. . I'lknACTMU ("I..I.I':. . ..Mt'i,VTmamA.X1BKV-!-,im. J ''

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