The Highland Weekly News from Hillsboro, Ohio on May 11, 1882 · Page 2
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The Highland Weekly News from Hillsboro, Ohio · Page 2

Hillsboro, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1882
Page 2
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(The tiditowl JUin?. J. t. BOARDMAN, Editor and Proprietor. IiILLSlSOKO. I i : OHIO, General News Summary. Interesting Home and Foreign News. CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate on the 1st, Mr. K1-Tnunrtn, Intra tbt Judiciary Oimrnittoe, re-portod on the President'! mffiRiwo in refcr-fnof to wntfrn row boys, tbnt no wMltionfil U'friRlHtioii wn iioi'dfl. Ju the rresult-iit now huI ftinple power to mippr" them tiy iiirn? jlhe nnny h a inwm vnnHnttiM. Mr. Allium IntrodiK'ed a bill o Hiithoria Iho Hock Inland A Soin h western Km II mud to bill Id h bridire ovr the MitrORsippt Kiver t iMipont, III. Mr. Pendleton culled lit tent Inn to the out-rBR-es on Amrrcnn citizens in cimii-trits of th KrtHt, by mvon nf defer tR in Ihw ront'rrinr erlminnl Juripdu tlon upon our eotisul wnd inlnWterH: reb-rred. An appntprhitlun of $X,tHi wh reenniniended for the purehMKe of the Benjamin l-'ranklm eolleetion belonffinif to ens, of London. The bill to repeal dmerimfnatinn fliriihist the appoint met it of x-4 oniedi aten in the army came up and after pqino cli--'imion was laid over, as whs hNo the (''nrt of A ppenl bill. After a nhoii exocuti ve feJSiou the Semite nd iourned ..... In the House Mr. lierry fntrodueid h bill tnms-ferriiiir the Indian Biireiiu to the War Department. Mr. t'raiKi moved to suspend the rule-, making the hilt r..t'ndinir tin- rhurt.-r of National bunks the -M'cial order for May H; adopted. "M r. Tnwn-hend, (f II!., od'erei a r'snlu-tion thut as t hinee itnmiirntt ion wan Injurious and dunytToiiM, the President be di-re'te and authorized to open n'rti:tlion' to abrofrttn the treaty, A seeoiui wan refuel bv toil nayr to ti:.' yea", nud the resolution wn lo-t. On motion of Mr. Hnki'M the S'nnt' bill to provide lor th mile tt laiuNof the Miami Indians parsed. The rules were wnsprmled and lulls parsed inr the rreetiou of puhlie lmild-in-rs at Detmit. Mieh., emu t; Jackson, Term., ."kJ,("; Denver, t'ol., t ki.'t'Hl; .re'il-'boro, N. '., Council Uluffs. Iowa, $ Hni.; I.yncbburifh. Va., SIIXMnH); Peoria, 111., $--V OuO. Adjourned. The bill granting condemned cannon to the Morton Monument Asportation ptuswl the Senate on the -'d. A bill for the relief of General Custer's widow was reported favorably. Mr. llayard reported adversely, from the Finance Committee, the bill for the relief ol the it rand Trunk Railway of Canada. A motion to refer to the Judiciary Committee the bill for re mo hue the (liniualiti(!ations of ex-Confeder-aies for army appointment was deieated. Mr. T-aphmn introduced a Mil proposing an amendment to the Constitution pro-b.bitnnr anv denial or abridgment ot suffrBire on account ;of sex; referred. Tbo 1I11 to establish a Cmrrt f Apieals was then taken up for consideration, but notice beitur piven of amendments to the bill it was laid over and the Senate adjourned Inthe Honse bills tor ttie erection crt public building- at Oniney, III., and Hannibal, Mo, were pansed. The Semite amendibentit to The Chrnese bill were then concurred in, and the House went Into Committee of the Whole cm the Tariff Commission hill, but without action the Committee rose and tbe House adjourned. Mk. Vookhkeh ofl'wwd a resolution in the Senate on the 3d creating a committee of investigation to ascertain whether corrupt or improper Influences had been hroujr'it to bear on any member of the Senate In reirnrd to tbe bill pending before the Senate Vinanea Committee to amend the laws r-garding distilled spirits in special bonded ware-bouses; also to Inquire if an attempt had been made to bring any such .m proper or corrupt Intluence to twar on urj member of the Senate to secure the passu ir or defeat of the bill; tbe resolution, after a .engthy d'diate, went over. The bill to create a Court of Appeals then came up as unfinished business, and its consideration occupied the remainder of the dav without action Adjourned In the House Mr. Henderson sre ported the bill to allow the army to be as a (Niwr, comiVo-tux; ordered printed. The following bills wore reported: Authoning the Secretary of War to erect at Washington's hmdiuarters, at Ncwburgh, X. Y o memorial column, and to aid in defra'ing the exiH'nes of the Centennial celebration to bo held in that ciry ir li; referred to the C-ommitte ol the VVhoIr. To carry into effect the provision in the constitution respecting tbe election of tie President and Vice President of the Cu'M-d States; ordend printed and recommitted. The House then went into Committee of tht Whole on the Tariff Commission bill and ros without action and the House adjourned. Mil Riikkman introdneod in tlie Sen-nte on the 4th a bill lor the preservation of the woods 'and forests vf th National dcunain udjaivnt to the sources of navigable rivers: referred. The bill repealing the dis-i)iialitit-atiott for army servic imposed upctu vx-i 'oTifi tlerntes was taken up and committed to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Anthony ollered a resolution directing the Finance Committee to inquire into und report upon tho expediency of providing by law (or the payment of called or over-due bonds of the United States to the true owners thereof in cases in which any such bonds shall have been lost, stolen or destroyed, and under suitable regulations for security of the Cnited States uvrainst any loss in such eases. He evpiatned that his object was to extend the ex 1st in ir law so as to provide for stolen as well as lot bonds. The Senate then resumed the consideration of the Court of A-peals bill and tbe Senate adjourned without action The House went into Committee of the Whole on the Tariff Commission bill, and after a ienirth.v discussion tho committee rose aud.tbe jUuuee udjouruud witbout action. DOMESTIC. The Honse Committee on Tensions agreed on the 1st to jdve the widow of the late Colonel Meachatn a pension of tifiydoliars a month. A mas meeting was klJM Liberty, Clay County, Mo.t on the 1st, near the home of the Junit'8 boyp, and reerutioiiK were passed endorsing tlovernor Crittenden's action and expressing full sympathy wl h him in bis warfare against the bandibj. The meeting was largely at.tendefl and the resolutions emphatically aitd univcreally coinineiuk'-d. Mies. GKOKfiE Soovtlle, sister of itiit.eau, lectured to a very eio;dl audit..ce at an uivtown theater iu New York on the evening1 of t he 1st. Her immediate needs, she Haid, had been relieved, and slie hud forwarded to ChicAfro $lui w ith wliich to redeem her furniture. As Guiteau's hiter, ehe stood alone., hardly d.iring1 to ak for sympathy, but simply wishing to brim; Li caw; as a lunatic before llic American people. ''This ort deluded, craay brotlier of mine lias been prejudged, bounded and uondemned to deatii by presmthd .eople. He lias not had a fair trial, and the time will eonie wiicti tne Aiiun ican people will stop and think, and then they will hce it." Mic gav-e a his ory of her brotier, atti'mptiug' to show Lw insanity, und said when the news of hie act came to Iter she had mil wept, but her heart had broken with one great sob. Sekatok Edmcniw, frjra the Judiciary Committee, reported back to the Senate on the 1st, ihe resolution in relation to the JPreiant',a message about the lawlessness in Arizona, that it is the opinion of tlie committee Uiat additional h-irUlutiou In uot neeessury to empower the President to mippress the lawlessness in the Territories; tli at he eaa under the rxbdiug laws notify the lawless gangs to iispere ai.d utM dmturttaiice, and if they do not otry this proclamation he can then use uch force a uiay he deemed necessary, including the army, to snpprcss the Ulcsness and restore order. This w&6 assented to and Uie cotninitte dUcharged. The Bradford, Va,., oil report published in the Ei-nuuff Star of that place on the jytb ult., shows that wells were completed in the oil reffinu Id tLat vicinity during the month of April, having a production on the last dav of the month of tt,.V) barrels. Of this number '-Mh are in the Allegany field. On the u-t day of A wil 4.'W wells were drllliiifr througliout the entire region and 4iA) rigs were up and building, 'Ihe month's close show L'J6 wells drilling and rigs ep aad building in Allegany region. The Democrat were generally vititor-lous iu the municipal eltctiou iu North Carolina on the 1st. Kight Rkv. N. A. Galla;hek, D. D., of Columbus, Ohio, was consecrated Bishop si (julvestou, Texas, on the let. The following in the llijih call for the reuVruptlon of bouds of the loans ol July 17 ajid August 5, ld, continued at three and oue-half per cent, from July 1, lxnl, u follows: tW-No. 2,4W to No. both Inclusive; litfct-No. 17(?01 to No. lft(til both Inclusive; M S'o. IlJol to N. lJIM, both inclusive; $i,iKk-Ni. fl,fjl to No. 1,97 j, both IncluMive; ",() No. 17,.'s to No. 17,-fc 4. Isith incluMve; No. fW.Ml to No. 4o,l bold inclusive. '1 he six months' interest due July 1, lwi, on tiie above deeril-d lvud mi be prtid cbecUs lurn aided to Iiolders of bonds, but will b paid with the principal to holders at the time of present at Ion. Ci ''s ertrririp factory, St. Ann's Fpiscopal Church and six Intervening dwellings were destroyed by tire at. Middletown, Del., on Ihe second. Loss K),OK). Thk Wiish'mUm Street Haptlst Church, at Dover, N. H., w burned on the Jd. 1 oss, f Vnt; partially Insured. Ji im;k Wylir overruled nil motions to quash the indictments in the straw-bond coses. Thkek masked men entered the house oi Mrs. Jonathan Stump, near (ireenshurg, Westmoreland County, Fa., on the niyht of the 5d sud bound and gigged the Inmates fn order to extort the Information where their monev was secreted. Mary, the youngest daughter, was brutally beaten, but she refused to give them any information. The burglars, however, secured alumt $.KtO and made their escape. t Snow fell at Watertown, X. Y., on tho 31. Captain Term? telegraphed General Wilcox at Tucson, Arizona, on the . that he encountered a large force of Indians on the morning of the 2Mh ult., and killed twelve or fifteen cf them, among them Chief Locos' son, anil captured seventy-five head of stock, but was unahle to drive the Indians from their -sit ion. Otie soldier, named tioldrich, was killed, and two others wounded. Gknkiial MrDoWKix telegraphed the War Department on the 2d that all was quiet at San Carlos agency, no Indians having left that station since the ISlth ult. The reported murders by hostiles in Sulphur Valley, he alo Mates, is untrue. Thk Postmaster General has decided that hills, receipts and subscription orders for newspapers cannot form supplement. Phksidknt Arthi u issued a proclamation on the &1 commanding: the law-opposing; citizens of Arizona todisjierpe ou or before the l.Mh. The old Kible which was some time ago stolen from the Cnited States Senate chamber, was found on the desk of the Secretary of the Senate on the 2d, where it hud hecn quietly placed by the conscience-stricken thief. The Comptroller of tbe Currency will shortly declare a dividend of fifteen per cewc. to the creditors of the Freed man's Bank, pay- , able in June, and a final dividend of seventy- live per cent, during the summer. j Hon. Hon ace Mavnard, ex-Post- 1 master General, died Yery suddenly of heart disease at hl home, Knoxville. Tenn., on the morning of the lid. He got out of lied, telling 1 his wife that he felt unwell, and dropped dead on the floor. The Indiana municipal elections were held on the 3d. A light vote was polled. The Democrats made heavy grains, and have regained control of most of the cities and towns of the State. A dispatch from Santa Fe, N. M.t on the 81, says that the Apaches who were routed by Major Tupper in Los Animas Mountains on the iiSth ult., were met by Mexican troops under Colonel (iarclaon the 1st. A battle ensued iu which seventy-eight host ties were killed and thirty-three taken prisouers. The law against tbe use of musical instruments in the United Presbyterian churches has been repealed. The vote of nil the Presbyteries, as counted at Rochester, N. Y., on the 8d, is as follows: For repeal, Bin; against, tioo. An organization was formed at Springfield, III., on the 2d, under the name of the American Southdown Breeders1 Association for the eollec ion, revision, preservation and publication of the history and pedigree of pure Southdown sheep. The principal ofiices are in that city. The incorporators are J. H. Potts, I). W." Smith, and C. T. Mills. The Committee on Incorporation has been Instructed to open books for subscription to the capital stock, and invite those interested in breeding-Southdown cheep in the t'nited States and Canadas to become active members. A meeting for completing the oi'iruni.sttjon, election of olliccrs and deciding upon the details of management has liecn appointed for May 31. Gl iteac's book, 4,The Truth and the Removal," was phiced on sule at the hotel news siancU at Washington on ihe'JMh, and inquiry being made at several places on theHd disclosed ihe fact that, so far as known, not a single copy hud been sold. The hook is a small paper covered volume, and Is the merest trash. It con-Uts chiefly of the republication of the various essays and lectures written at various times by the assassin. Tin; sec uid part is entirely made up of newspaper dippings, his speeches as made in court and published at the time, and copies of letters received by hirn, mostly from crazy people ap-parentlv. Theie are not ahalf dozen pages of original mat ter written since the aieus.siuation of the President, and these are chiefly devoted to abuse of the newspapers of the country, whooe editors he styles cranks. A case of wholesale poisoning was developed at Pittsburgh ou tbe 3d, involving nine -persons, eight of whom it was -thought could not live. Ou that rooming a negro named Milton Frye, gave a servaut girl employed by a family named Reynolds, some powder to put iuto her biscuit dough. She followed tlie instructions, and all the members of the family, including four boarders, nine persons in all, partook of tlie biscuits at their breakfast, and were soon after taken 111 with symptoms of poisoning. It is supKsed the negro was prompted to the devilish act by a desire for revenge, he having lately been discharged by Reynolds, for whom he bad worked for sometime. The girl was arrested but the negro made his escaje. The Executive Committee of the Citizen Republican Association of Pennsylvania, appointed at a conference of Independent Republicans January 12, have issued a call for a State Convention to meet in Philadelphia on May:44. In their call thev say: "Should the convention of-May 10 fal to nom naLe as its candidates men who, in their character, antecedents and affiliations, are the embodiments of the principles of pure Republicanism, free from the iniqui ics of hossism, and uphold an honest administration of public affairs, free from the evils of 'he spoil! system, such nominations, or any one of such nominations, should be emphatically repudiated by the independent convention of Mav 21, and by the Independent Republicans of Pennsylvania iu November next." A farmer named Amatillan, Irving near Lared Texas, was arrested on the morn-ins- of the 3d because several stolen mules were 'found grazing In his fields. The oflicials not considering a trial necessary under the circumstances, ordered him to he taken out and shot, which was done. Two hours afterwards witnesses came iuto town and proved conclusive ly that the man was innocent of the crime for which he was executed. The men who bad stoleu the stock were not captured. While tbo south-bound train on tbe Las Vegas fc Santa Fe Railroad, N. M., was tandiug on the side track at (Hurl's on the night of the 3d, three desperate characters entered the cars and went through the passen-gers, securing about f.VW. The conductor and brake man were standing on the platform at the station and knew nothing of the robbery. The thieves then secre ed themselves on the train and rode to Lama, where they robbed a hotel and saloon and then made their escape. The Keokuk, Iowa, Constitution Fort Madison special of the 4th says: "The notorious train robber, Polk Wells, who eecaped from the Iowa penitentiary on the 1st, and a mau named Cook, were captured near here this morning. 'I hey were found In Mr. Stintrer's barn and surrendered at the rnu.ele of two double barreled shot Kutta tbe bauds of Stluger and hi son." Some revivaliaU have been holding services tu the Jail at Waobinirton where Guity cau is confined, for several davs, and a deep religious fueling has been excited among the prisoners. tiuitau was allowi-d to take part on the Hd and waa much overcome by the exhortation of the evangdiis who sang end pmvi-d with him. He realizes now that he is doomed to die, and that hia hope of ever leaving the jail nine is vain. He wept after the revival. sU had gone axid refused to see auy oue for a long time. The bill for the erection of a lighthouse at Point Patterson, Laks Michigau, pa4ed the Sen a in on the 4th. J uk CouiajiN&ioner tf the Ceuend Land Office say that f audiilciit cert ihV ut e, of deposits for surveys, indued nt Miuta Ke, N. NT., have recently been put on the nmket In iJaUotu, Minnesota and Montana. He him notified the western land offices not to receive the Santa Ke certificates until further notin'. It is believed theve fraudulent cerl es have been scattered all over the West. Skciu.tauy Oi AKiu.F.rt received tbo follow ing dispatch from Lieutenant Berry, Commander of the Cnited fiir search-steamer polgers, dated Tredni Kolvmsk, Si-heria, March t. 'l)ie Rodger-: wus destroyed bv tire originating In the fore hold November Ht. KfTorts to save the ship were unavailing. The people landed safe whh difficulty through the voung lee, and are now quartered In a native hou-M-. One month's provisions were saved. Native food is abundant. I here Is no danger of starvation. Bearer of dispatch en route." It was rumored in Washington on the 4th that Senator Hill, ot Georgia, had sent his resignation to the Governor of that 8tate, and f hat Senator Brown also contemplated doing th same. Bad health Is given tf the reason for this action ou the part of both Senators. A Rawlins, Wyoming, ppocial of tbe 4th says: "It is stated that the Shoshonesand Bannock Indians at Wind River, 120 miles nor h of Rawlins, broke out upon the departure of the two companies of the Third Cavalry from ushukic which Is the agency post. I here we-eabouf 2,io0 Indfioison that reservation. All are splendid tiglrers, and were excellent scouts uinl-'r jcneral Crook m his campaign of 17(1-77 against, the Sioix mid t beveiine. There are ncveral theory's of the cause of that outbreak; one that the killing of H'te Jack' incensed them. The army officers, however, believe that tnev were n-ady to tight and siiplv took advantage of the atweuce of the troop.- to take the war-pain and leave the reservation." The corner-stone of tin; new posloilire building In Cleveland, O., was laid on the 4th. The usual formalities oi such occasions were dispensed with. In ike copper box which was placed in the stone fere placed copies of the principal newspapct of the city, eight varieties of Cnited Styles coin and a sheet of parchment hearing tlK- autographs of the local custom officers, archil ocis ami contractors of the building. Thk Sc:r(dary of War informed the House on the 4th that there were In Ari.ona 2,'27;i enfh ted men and 140 officers in addition to the officers under General Forsythe. The Comptroller of Currency haw de clared a final dividend of ten per cent, and in terest to the creditors of the First National Bank of Newark, N. J., making in all divi dends to 100 per cent, in interest. TnE Senate confirmed the following nominations on the 4th : Alfred C. Coxe, New York, District Judge for tbe Southern District of New York; John 8. Wise, Virginia, Cnited States Attorney for the Kasteru District of Virginia. FOREIGN Hanlan defeated Trickett at tbe boat race on the Thames on the 1st with the great est of ease. The course was from Pultney to Mortlake, and Haitian won by four lengths. Orders have been issued in Rnssia to prevent the emigration of wealthy Jews. The London Times says high Herman authority states that Germany favors the steppage of free coinage of gold and silver. The black small-pox U destroying hundreds of victims in the Sta'es of Siualo and Campeche, Mexico. Lieutenant Danenhalf.r was received by the Emperor and Empress of Russia at St. Petersburg, on the 3d. He also visited the Grand Duke Alexis, the Minister of Marine and General lgnatiefl. A pisi'ATCH from Bonnoy, west coast of Africa, dated April i3, states that there had been heavy lighting between the natives of New Calabar and the followers of Oko Jumbo. The latter were the aggressors. The slaught-r Is described os fearful. At least ,000 persons were killed. It was feared .laga would take part in the lighting, thus causing a war which wouM become wholesale ciunaire. There was much alarm among the English inhabitants. It was expected that two gunbuats would he ordered to the scene. Paknki.l, Dillon and Kelly were released from Kiltnainham, Ireland, jail on the iid. After their release they drove io the Mar-court Street station and took a train for Avon-dale, the residence of l'arncll. The news of their release was quiei- ly transmitted throughout the country, and soon ii res were blazing all along the Wicklow Hills. There was great excitement in Dublin on the reception of the news, on the 3d, that Forster had resigned. Crowds gathered on the stree s and cheered for Rarneil and groaned for Forster. Bands paraded, playing National airs. There was spontaneous rejoicing everywhere, and many towns were illuminated. A London dispatch says that Kngland will co-operate with other nations in establishing-a cjiain of circumpoiar magnetic and meteorological observations. Fort Rea, north of Canada, is the station selected. LATER. Secretart Chandler received th following tlegTam from Engiueer Melville on the 5th, (kited Lena Delta, March 24 : "Found De Long and party k-ad. Found all papers and books. Will continue the search for Clilpp." A dispatch lrom Columbus, Ohio, aays that tbe constitutionality of the Pond liquor Iut will be argued in the Supreme Court of Ohio on May 23. This arrangement is made In respect to the wishes of both sides, so that the matter can be decided tjefore the payment of the tax becomes compulsory. A decision will probably be rendered ou the 'HOth, that being the regular day for rendering decisions by the Court. Kmineut counsel ou both sides will be present und make arguments. The Pope has issued an encyclical letter urging Bishops to use their efforts to restrain the persecution of the Jews. He also sent letters to the ErtiK'rors of Itusbia, Germany and Austria to the same effect. FoitSTF.K says he resigned because he could not agree to the release of the suspects unless they would ajji ee to cease opposing tho law. A special dispatch from Oshkosh.Wis. , announces the death of F.phralm Sherman Dur-fee on the 5th, aged niuety-seven years. Ho was Worptilpful Master of Rochester, N. Y., lodge of Masons and conferred the degrees on Morgan, who subsequently exposed the Masonic secrets. Owing to the anti-Masonic excitement at the time Durfee was compelled to leave the country. He was also a soldier of the war of 1612. A Guand Rapids, Mich., dispatch of the 5th says that report from various points in the fruit belt of that State declare that the recent heavy frosts have destroyed two-thirds of the peacn crop and other Irutu. IiAKitr ii. Hj:nhy, a wealthy stockman, formerly of Akron, O., committed suicide at Las Vegas, N. M., ou the iid, by shooting hlmwclf. Mr. Windom,' from the Committee on Transportation, reported a bill In tbe Senate, on the fth. for tho survey of phssos between the atllLfiita of tbe Honour! ami Columbia rivers with a view to am-cr-taln the prHetioa-bility or uniting the two rivers by a canal or olht-rwirte. He alo offered a resolution for the ap(oiutinorit of a coimiiitti to investigate tbe allegations in rtKeci to the whisky ring, which was atToptcd without detiulH. Tbe hill rcHtorinir portions of Fort Nlohara military reservation, Kansas. WMhdriiwn for military purposes from the pit b! ic domain , was passed. AOiotirncd until Momtity 'Ihe House went Into Outuulttee of Ult Whole on the Tariff Commission bill. Mr. Kaniiall argued iu favor of the atsdltion of ali internal revenue taxes and the oolieetlon of Government revenue by Import diHies. This would ttord, be said, ali the protection necessary to the lniiuHtneM of the coiintrv. He was followed bv Messrs. kelley, 1 ueker and others, when it waa leid asitle. Mr. McI.hiis Kve norii-ti of a resolution tor a reoommittal bill, wllh Instructions to tbe Ways and Motui Committee to report baoa the bill r-oulliiK internal revenue tuxes except the lux on spirits, ferment! liquors and to-bnoco, room-nig the Is, on whi-ky to h'ty oeuL per K'dlon. and on malt llipior and ti-tauoo ten percent, aonuully. The comuillt4,e ttit ii ruso and the flouts? took a r4-es until I-410 y. lit. At lite evening session I,ir1y-Hve prtsviou bills wcjv puaid. Adjourned. LYNCHED. Frank Fisher Taken From The Gallon Jail and Hanged. GALION. Ohio, April 20.1822. Thlshiibon the most exciting day In the hMory or the city an l county. Frank Fisher, theneirrowho so henilily outnmed th" llttlo Germnn girl, Tliirbiira Utt lr. nited only llilp-teen ycHx, In the woods, where hn had l?on cliiipplng wood Inst Frldsy noon, and who escaped, was captured alsiut five o'clock this morning nt Frederick-town, Knox County, by Officer T. J. Wurts and W. H. W. NI hol, of this city. The arrest was made just n the negro was about to h ave Freilerlcktown on foot. He was first accosted by Olllccr Worts, who asked him whether his name was Frank Fisher. " No, snh, that Is not my mime, sah," he replied, but OHlror Nichols knew blm, and arter a few more ipiplons, among which was asked why he had "left (billon, he replied that he hud ot tired of chopping wood and thought, he would skip. The oittcers, of course, arrested hlln, and at once stinted with hlin in a earring ', noonmpie nled. by two Fredcrlcktown oflicers, for this crt y, arriving here at 11::) this morning. The prisoner was nt once tuken to the Juil Inthe City Hall and oonllncd in one of the heavy Iron cages, and tho Mayor and city otliceil! were laying plana to take him to the county jail al Ilucyrus, or some other Jail In some nelglilsir-big county, fearing Hint the loud threats of lynching would Ik-carried out If Fisher would remain in the City llall.eell. Their fours were well founded, for tho news of Fisher's capture sprnad through the city and the neighboring towns like wild-tire, and at three o'clock this alternoon a largo crowd of determined men b'ldly, dellantly arid unmarked, wilh hammers, crowbars mid eth'T Inipli nicuts. and a hiue and siL-nillciiiit loop-rope, pn'r.entcd tnem selves br' l ore tile cut nince of til" I 'ity Hull prison end demanded that Flunk F.sUer, the negro rnpi-t, be mrrendered Into their hnnds. Tho otlicers of course refused. Then ensued n terrible scene of strile. Tin; him-li ill of oflicers were powerless, and the speeches of Mayor I'nderwood, (i. M. Zi ipler and others, who begged the excited crowd to let the law take Its course and deal with the prisoner whose blood they sought, were un:i tilling aifu unbended. Wllh their Implements of destruction they forced open the doors as though they were paper, broke open the iron cage that contained the guilty, trembling wretch, and grasping blm with a tlo.en hands, as In a vise, they pulled him out into the street with a defiant shout. Previous to this, however, a delegation accompanied by a physician, whom they had-pressed lulo service, drove furiously down to the residence of the victim of the negro's lust to ascertain whether she was In a proper mental and physical condition to see the negro for Identification. The physician states to your correspondent that ho asktsi her whether she knew the negro who had caused her misery. Phc replied yes, that she bad often seen him while ho waa chopping wood near their home, and described his appearance. Being asked whether she could Identify him, she replied she could. The delegation being satisfied reported at the City Hall, and then the scene that has been described was enacted. With hoots, yells and cheers, the crowd, pro-ceded by some men and bovs, bearing the fatal nijie, marchedwjtb thefrightcned negro totho Kettlg residence, at the foot of Piiuth Market Ktreet, Just south of the city limits, and took, tho black beast Into the presence of llarbant Kettlg, the little girl whom he bail so horribly outraged. As booh aa her eyes fell upon the cowardly and cowering wretch before her, she reclaimed: "That is the man who did it," and Boon fainted with the terrible recollections. The crowd threw the rope over the negro'a head and dragged him to a tree in the rear of the lot, but some one suggested tne woods the scene of his terrible crime hard by as the fit place to expiate his crlmo, and to the woods whore he hud been but n few pays ago chopping wood Frank Fisher was drugged und told that his tlmo to die had come. He protested his Innocence to the last, but the blood stains upon his clothing and the girl's evidence, coupled with numerous lies to the olliccrs, was enough to condemn bun in the minds of the infuriated und desperate crowd: nnd hang him they would, tor n trial by law would only send him to the penitentiary and cheat the gallows of as bluek-heTir'.edn demon ascA-cr trod I lie earth. Hut they let him pray for a short time. He said In his pr.iyer, "O Lord, take care of me. 1 know that I am going to die, but I havo many friends." The balance of bis appeal was drowned by the cries of the crowd to string him up. His hands were tied behind bis buck, his feet pinioned, a hnndkerchiel piacod over his face, a steady pu t was given ou the rope, the end made fast to a stump, and at 4:10 Ibo soul of Frutik Fisher, the negro rapist, was sentto answer for his crime before a hither court than that of Crawford County; andat this writing ( p. in.) his body Ftill dangles in mid-air. It is estimated that at least two thousand people, men, women and children, among whom was your correspondent, witnessed the execution by Judge Lynch. A large number of people from llucvrus, ML tiileatl, Crestline und other neighlairlng towns witnessed the ghastly spectacle. We should have stated that while the negro was being taken by the crowd a tire alarm sounded, and the lynchers thought It a ruse to get them to dispers"; but the alarm was genuine, a frame house on South Market street, on the line ot march to the woods, having caught tire. The lynching ot Frank Fisher, In broad daylight, upon Sunday, by unmasked men, was one of the boldest affairs that has ever transpired In this county. Whilo tho affair is to be regretted the crime was such that he has not a particle of sympathy from any one who has heard the particulars of the crime for which he has so dearly paid with bis life. The Coroner of the county has been notllicd and may yet to-night hold an ilviuest and render a verdict There is some talk of having the leading lynchers indicted by the grand Jury, but It would not bo Bute to attempt that at present. The Standard Insurance Company. MANSFIELD, O, April 20,1822. Yesterday the suit of tbe Standard Mutual Idle Insurance Company, of Mansfield, Ohio, to revoke Its charter, wus heard in the Supreme Court, and some .thirty witnesses examined. Tho evidence in this case was even moro damaging than in tho Investigation of the Ml idlebur-g Company of I.oguu County, whb'h was heard the lattt r part of last week. From the testimony given jesterdtty it was shown that the Standard had been doing business less than twenty months and during thut time it bad collected over f'.li.liio and u-ted over four-sevenths of it to pay ullegcd expenses of olnocrs, or In other words for every three dollars that it paid membei-H it charged four. The favorite risk scorned to be those that were taken on tbe old, the halt and tho blind. The div ision is reserved in both cases and will probubly be given soon. The prisoners at th county Jail at Fort Worth, Tex., (according to a local paper), held a kangaroo court, the other day, and convicted the norrro-Davo Jackson. After an exhaustive trial tho fincman brought in a verdict of puilty, and Ihe negro wm immediately strung up to a raller. This was terribly realistic act in":, and thencjro was ashcu with temir. llaiigliti"; from tlio beam, with is tongue protruding and his tyes rolled up, the awful iilcnce of the prisoners at their grim patime, all presented a picture that lacked only the black cap nnd the coftin to make a hideous forecast of a Coming event. The negro waa nearly dead when cut down, and littlo jainj were taken to revive him, - --If current newspaper atotics ate to bo believed there must be some mysterious relation existing between the canine raco and the Presidential ollice. When Mr. Hayes was Prcsiiluut, a lonp, lank, gray dojf hung about the White House and could not be driven away; when lieticral Gat'ticid was elected a Lule yullow dog mado his appearance, and now it is positively asserted by at-IcudanLs at the Kxecutive Mansion that a large brindle dog has niatlo his homo on the grounds, as though he were a regularly comri)j.ssioncd watch-dog. CtrUtiuit Union. A TERRIBLE EXPLOSION rftrllrutars of lite Itercnt Terrible A rel-tlcnt tn the Steamer Marlon A Whole Family, Composed of Four Sisters, Klllctl Almost Instantly- Other I'eoplo Kit her Klllctl or Wounded lteyond Recovery. CnAitt.Ksros, S. C, April . Full particulars ore received here to-Iny of the territ'le cxpl'tslon of the steamer Marion yesferdny, on the Wnteree Klvcr, with an excursion party of Indies and gentlemen on board nt the time. The Marion was employed by tho (toverninciit. In removing obstructions from the river, and for some time past hail laen running up and down the stream, and the olliccrs and crew hail become well acnuaintod and popular with the people living upon the rlvcr- bnnk. During the past week a mimiterof younv ladles anil gentlemen living In the upper end of Itlehlimd Cmoty decided to organise an excursion perty for a trip down tho river, and sent a committee to the C iptafn of the Marion ith the request, that he would grant them the use of the steamer, with which request hu courteously compiled. The party took tho steamer yesterday morning at nine o'clock. there lielng twenty-three ladies and twelvo gentlemen, and they started ofT with glad ttn-tlcipallons of the pleasure of tho dav. Itc. sides the excursion party, tho crew numbered ten persons, making the steamer's load of living freight fortv-tlve. At eleven o'eliek, when the st amer was In midstream, the boiler exploded with n fearful noise. At the time the entire excursion party was on the deck, ami all of them in the immediate vicinity of the engine-room. The scene, when the smoke of the explosion died away, was fearful, and beggared description. For one mom"!it the tU'n-;e cloud of csci'ped si am hung over the delals, and men and women were senseless and bleeding upon the torn deck. Others hail b on thrown In to the h"ld, ami others still were hurled under broken planks. The st-nnier was at Hist almost thrown over on her side, tint she righted herself. Such of the male passen gers and crowns had not bis-n disabled went manfully to work to snve the wounded and helpless women. The steamer was he:nicd for shore, and. before sh( uld sink, w.-s run into shallow wat -r. 1 he force of the explosion blew off the entire upper d-ok. Many of the passengers were thrown bit i the water, but many more fell back on the deck, some lieing seriously hurt and others only slightly bruised. The CitHiiin and crew did brave work In savlnif the lives of the unfortunates, and tint for their prompt action the victims of tho disaster would have boon trebled. The saddest feature of the explosion was tho absolute extermination of a whole fumlly. tho Misses Henry, four sisters, who were among the most lovtsl and popular young ladies in Kichlaud Count)'. They had been standing on the deck directly over the boiler, and the explosion spent It; full force upon them. The youngest. Miss Alice, was killed instantly. Miss Minnie, the oldest, was thrown n great distance iuto the air, and felt inhi the water. She was one of the first picked up, and died In fifteen-minutes. The third. Miss June, was picked up in tho end of the hold, nearly every bone In her body broken.' She lived long enough to murmur " Thank " to the young gentleman who lifted her mangled body. The fourth, tt lovely bfunetto of eighteen, was so scalded as to be almost unrecognizable. Mr. Arnold Stiles, a mlildle-aged gentleman, one of the organizers of the excursion, was kilted, his arms being torn f mm the body. John Jacobs and Hiram Tiller, two colored- boat hands standing in the rear part of the steamer, were killed. It Is supposed, by falling timbers. Colonel James Iluhelles and Mr. Lawrenco Adumson, who were stand :ng n"ar the Misses Henry, were also killed. Threo other young ladies were also lost. One of theni was to have been man-led next Friday. The number of persons killed or fafliy wounded wUI rcaeh twelve. The extent of the Injuries of many others cnnn-it I" definitely fixed yoL '1 h town of Columbus wii ine nearest point tit which succor eouid b gotten, and the presence there oi one of ihe crew created the wiltlest excitement, and a relic! expedition was ut once orgnuir.-d. The Coroner's .Jtirv this even ng rentlered n verdict of accidental ib-alh. and exempted Ihe ollteers ot the boat lrom bliime. Lynch Law. Several recent horrible outra-r.-s in driTersnt parts of the country upon the persons of If tt lo girls have been stimncirily avenue.! by the citizens taking the law Into their owtf hands and at once etlettuilly,n!f of the perpetrators of the terrible crimes. A St. 1'a il iMiun.) telegrjin of the "-ill ult.. g.ves the billowing avcnuiit of the lynching ulluir ut Mmneup dis: The excitement in Minneapolis over the outrage pel-pcti-uted up;ui little Nina .-'pear by a tramp yesterday alt-moon inoreus.'d, without any iippeuranco of (rone -rt-1 ueliou. until about midnight, when squads of ui"u begin, to a-seinblc on th .1 str jet corners and gruduully cotivcrged down Third street and Washington avenue in the direction of the county Jail. There was no sound heard except the trump tif leet, and the attempt, solar as it succeed :d, was conducted with reinarkuhl discretion. Tbe Coininiltec, now nu'iih'Tin? ntsuit sixty persons, proceeded without noise by sundry routes to the county Jail, which they reached shortly before l::m. There was a nois--less consultation, " und, headed by picked men, tbey tuarebr d to the door of the turnkey's r.toin and demanded entrance, which was rcluscd by Sheritf Ktislis Hi person. Tho demand was repeated uud refused. A few brawny shoulders were pluced to the do-ir, und it gave way w Ith a crash. The Sheriff still resisted, but was taken In custody by the mob. disgtiisel with handkerchiefs, and was forc-v! inlo submission In the corridor leading to tho ci'll-rooin. Then commenced u search for the prisoner, from cell to cell, by a dim light, but up to twoo'cita'k withotlt result. The committee made various demands upon the Sheriff to givtgup the prisoner, but he stoutly refused. Alsnt three o'cl a-k access was obtained to tho third tier of cells, where the prisoner was ordered to be confined. Two men suspected of being the one looke 1 for were taken out. A burned luvestigatlo'i r "nil -din the partial Identification of one. g.vlug his imuie as Crumley, who wits found In ceil No. a on the third tier. He shewed thr utmost nerve while ho wa- tiling question. vl bv th' vigilants, making noell'ort to conceal his face, and glilily answering the ijuc-lmiH wnieli were put to hun. It was exactly :l(l when h'; was brought into the (Mrndor. and, esc ,r ed by tho entire e iliipany of vlgd tuts, t-'io pr.stin'T was marched to the h iiise nf Mr. Sp"iir. where were gathered several ladies wh i h id seen him bolero tho commission of the int. No sisiiicr was be presented than all tho ladies 1 clarr d positiv ly that h was the culprit, tin ngontaod mother e.vchtimlnx: " It Is the in. ml Take hlui uwuy"' W'hde thl-t dramatic scetir was going on In one risim, the victim of the outrage lay dying iu an adjoining r mm. The positive identification of the villain by the ladies was the signal for uctioil, and. without noise or any demonstration, the prisoner was ta.en to a lure oak tree on th south'-ust corner of the block dlitg.iually across from tbe high school. The icaise was prepared, one of' the nieiiibers of the coininittee climbing up and placing tho rope over the limn. White, this was in ro'r si of p-Tformanoo th-1 prisoner was asked if he had anvthin losuy. and, witbout the least sign of fear, he replied that his name was Tun Crumley, uud th it be- watt from lioston, and had been lure lour months. When lie was asked how he came to perp'-trub the ci-iuie of which Iu-was guilty, be denlcil it, but nftenvunw ton-lesst d, und said it was d ine while ho Vis drunk. His bunds were thereupon t e.l b -hind hiiu. The rope was th -n put over his n -ck and earelully tid'u-tled under his right ear, noil nt .1:')',, w ib h s imt and ho Us tin, ho was swung intit ce-intv. la" vigilunt' unoig a lolu pull und stiong pull id rli bit light the wretch tl.uiy ling in Ihe a r. The rope ,ti then Seeiirelv tied to ine trunk ot the tree. 'I he reinions wre I'-tt duiigliug -u th- a r, a here cruwils lnss-.. -d th'-in. m Ihe lews spread rupiuiy over the city to the curly cibeis. The London tintunluy ftrirui says "tlie Ameiit-uu is the most entertaining and agi ct ulile of t oinpiiiiiriis." He is a noble, truthful editor, who runs tlie 7ti vii'w; knows what lie is talking about, lie adds that "most American women in Europe try to oiit-srri'tn h eatih oth or," tlie low born. King, ignorant wri-ti. li and wcare writing to go out in the alley with him an I repeat these words. Ih trml i'm- J'nsi. One ISostou house lia lo-t three valuable vesbclf since the 1st of Jauuury. Consolation. P -fir friend, do you ever sin ml in the loorway of memory, when tin! golden sun lights up the road over which you have traveled through the dust and heat of former years, nnd while you look out over tlie field of your great struggles, and victories, and defeats, do you ever wish yourself buck again beyond the hour when first .ambition filled your heart and made your presentseem distasteful, and poor and mean in your eyes? Ho yon ever ligure your gains and losses, and look wilh weariness and unrest upon your achievements? Does it not sometimes oceurtoyou that vouhnve dearly bought your position and wealth. Ah, who can buy the joyous hope and bounding health of sore-toed boyhood? What wealth can procure the free nnd unalloyed satisfaction of those days when you could eat.your lish bait and stay in the waler up to your eyebrows nil dayP Would not President Arthur to-day mad-lyilingaway his scepter of power and resign his lofty position if he could once more he placed back at the threshold of life; with his pantaloons hanging by one home-made suspender? How empty and how vain are the glories that crown the hero of a thousand battles. How worthless are the failed laurels that crown the bilious, pimply brow of greatness. We combat with all humanity for a proud position, anil just as we gi t our name in print we find that our digestion has gone back on us anil the overtaxed gasliic department must be sent to the sliop for repairs. Then come those retrospective longings for the dreamy nights long since, when the Kalvdid sung in tlie August grass ami the watermelon went to its long home. Then come golden memories of the bright days of midsummer, when beneath the bending willow we bathed in tlie sunny depths of the silent pool nnd speared the warty toad with an old pitchfork. It, Is a proud day to :he, ambitious statesman, when in tho flush of victory he stands before the applauding host, of those who have carried him upward to this glorious moment, when he feels his own strength and calmly surveys the gory field, over which he has fought, liut when every man who voted for him ha.s asked and petitioned him for the nine dollar postotl'K-e at his old home and threatens to bolt all nominations and disrupt the party if he cannot have it, there steals over the senses of the great statesman the fruitless wish that he ' may be taken back to tlie old homo where he snared gophers with an old fish-line or pasted blue mud all over his freckled skin and ran along the beach in the warm July air and scared the frisky horses of the young lovers who drove along the pebbly shore. Greatness is to be sought for nnd desired because it stirs the stagnant ambition of man and helps him to kill time, but fresh laurels and bronze medals cannot minister to a pair of torpid kidneys. The praise of men and the smiles of beaut i, id women cannot bring joy to tlie heart of a hollow-eyed statesman who cannot tligcf anything butoat-mcal mush anil distilled Graham juice. The world is full of great men, men who, when they write their names on a hotel register, are sure that they will bo interviewed by newspaper men and their words printed before breakfast; men who wear. Prince Albert coats every day and talk grammatically even when they are mad; but the collection of happy men men who laugh and have fun and never miss u meal- -is comparatively small. Wealth docs not always do the business, either. Money can buy oil" the opinions of tlie public sometimes antl take the edge from popular censure, hut it cannot choke oft' the nightmare or still the vague unrest of a congested liver. It is ever tints through life. He who has a big bank aoeoipjt may also have tlie bilious colic, and he whose name is found on every page of a nation's history mav have an ingrowing toe-nail that makes his life a burden to him. If we could look at this life philosophically mid live on soda crackers and calm, the consuming ambitions which torture tlie great would not come nigh us, und when we died, the human hell-hounds who survived us would not dig up our crumbling bones and spread our. errors out before a gaping, grinning world, while our widow and orphans would suffer a thousand agonies, helpless under the iron heel of the relentless slanderer of the dead. Illessed is the dead whose worthless dust belongs alone to his sorrowing relatives and his God. Tlie puhlie did not feed him during life, and in death it cannot blacken his name. A'te's Boomerang. The Resemblances Between Men and Monkeys. If the skeletons of an orang-outang and a chimpanzee be compared with that of a man, there will be found to be the most wonderful resemblance, together with a very marked diversity. Hone for bone, througliout tlie whole strut-title, will be foundto agree in general form, position and function, the only absolute dillerenees being that the orang has nine wrist bones, whcivas Irian Hlitl the have but eight; antl the chiiiipani e has thirteen pairs ot ribs, whereas the orang, like man, has but twelve. With these, two exceptions, the differences are those of shape, proportion and direction only, though the resulting differences in the external form and motions are very considerable. The greatest of the-e ate that the feet of tlie anthropoid or man-like apes, as we as those of all monkeys, are formed like hands, with large opposable thumbs lilted to grasp tlie branches of trees, but unsuitable for erect walking, while the hands have weak, small thumbs hut very long anil powerful fingers, forming a nook, rattier than a bana, adapted foi climbing up trees ami suspending the whole weight from horizontal branches. The almost complete identity of the skeleton, however, ami the close simp laiity of the muscles anil of all the in ternal organs, have produced that strik ing and ludicrous resemblance to man which everyone recogni.i-s iu these higher apes ami, in a less degree, in the w hole monkey tribe; the face and fea tures, tlie 'motions, ' attitudes ami gestures being often a at range caricature of humanity. Prof. A. 11. Wallace, in 1'uputar octeice Muntily. At the meeting of the Unitarian Club iu lioston the othernight President Kliot, of Harvard University, told a good story of Professors Day and Dvvight, of Yale. The former, he said, is long of speech, and the other is concise and pithy. I lie two were out taking a walk, spiced with conversation, when they were met by a friend, who greeted them with the paraphrase of a Iliblo text: "Day unto Dwiglit, utterelh speech; Dwight unto Day ehowolh knowledge. ' A. X. Post. The lato Deacon Thomas Smith of Han ford, left over f4W,0U0 for his family afUtr giving $-JO,0iH) to the missionary board 1 uud $10,000 to local charities. Detroit Post. SCHOOL AND CHURCH. Cincinnati claims to have taken 1.3KJS converts into her churches this winter. Tltero' is in New Orleans a colored sisterhood of the Catholic Church who urn devoting thenisolvestothe education of young girls of their own race. A young lady recently received into the First liuptist Church at lliirlington, Iowa, dated her first religious eonvie- Hons to the reading of Longfellow'1 "Psalm of Life." Chv-nyo Journal. The Brooklyn Board of Kducation charges its teachers with using slang, dressing loudly, antl showing a las-k of refinement and cleanliness. In short, " they are totally unlit" to tench Brooklyn's children. A sect culled the "New Israel" has risen among the .Jews of Russia. It abandons circumcision, abstinence from certain viands, changes tlie Sabbath from the seventh to the first day and abolishes usury. A'. '. Intlrpc.mli n'. .A railroad conductor was recently chosen deacon of a church. When it became his duty to take up a collodion, ho surprised the congregation by starting out with the characteristic ejaculation: "Tickets, gentlemen!" Tlie contribution that day was large. (Jhicatjo llv.rulil. Sands Street Methodist Church is the oldest of its denominalion in Brooklyn. The rules which were in force in 1S1.) reipiircd that the sexton should have the church openetl and the candles lighted at least a quarter of an hour before the time of evening mooting. He was also to see that the candles were snulfed before the meeting began. The steatly progress of missionary . work in India may be judged of by what is said by the Kev. .James Smith, an English Baptist missionary of long experience in Delhi. He savs that thirty vears ai'o it was considered enooiirao-uio- if anew convert could be reportod every two or three years. Now, at every mission station, they are counted by scores in each year. The suggestive anil inspiring teacher is the man who is born to Ins work and who alone should perform it. A patron of a school was once heard to say: "I wish we could get such a teacher as we hail last year; he taught the children hundreds of things they never thought of before, and my boy has pestered mo with questions ever since; he will scarcely give me any rest; he tells me everything lie has heard there and relates to me all tho stories in his reading book and comments upon everything. Such a teacher has a value beyond expression; he remains an inspir ing influence in Ins pupiLs lives to the end of them. These teachers may be found and they are always appreciated abstractly; it hits not been discovered that they are paid more liberally than are-the dullards of their profession. N. Y. I rxbune. PUNGENT PARAGRAPHS. "My wife," remarked Fitznondlo, isfak lv crazv over the fashions. She's got the delirium trimmins." To-morrow never greets" us; to-day never bids us farewell; yesterday never recalls us. nhiteliall limes. The hardest rocks are made of the softest mud, just as the biggest swells are made from the smallest men. Low ell Citizen. "Ixmimv, you're a pig!" said a- father to his son, who was live years old. "Now, Lemmy, do you know what aing is?" "Yes, sir a pig is a hog's little boy. " Mi rih n Hawrder. ' Sympathetic lady to beggar, who is- standing with hat oil: "O, sir, won't you take a cold?" Beggar: "No, thank you, ma'am; I only takes pennies or live- cent pieces, 't liiladeijilna bun. A chap who sent us a poem beginning "Whim twilight tlews are falling fast upon the rosy lea," has spree mar. rifd Rosa Lee, and now the weekly dues are falling faster upon him. free Vets. Tlie presence of Sjmmjila fhwiatili in most of tlie city water in the" land is regarded as a sutlicieiit excuse-by many for the insertion of four tabu-spoonfuls of Durilu.H frununLi in a small tumbler of aqua pura. Jyorrtstoum Jlnralit. Now that tho fact has "been demonstrated that the earth will coutinue to revolve on its axis for at least ten million years more, we would request our subscribers to hesitate no longer about paving up for one year in advance. W may be sanguine, lint we think this op. portuuity for displaying faith should not be neglected. llackensaek llt-publican. A New York athlete named Donaldson wants to bet that he will jump from the centre of the Brooklyn bridge into the East River, lie is safe enough in that bet. We'll bet that neither he noi any other man can jump from the centre of the Brooklyn bridge anil come down anywhere but in the Ea-st River. AT. Y. Uraphic. It was an indejM-ndent looking follow who was standing on the railroad track, apparently paying no attention to the fact that a train was rapidly approaching. "I say," saitl the station-master, y.vou had better get oft' the track or you will get run over. "I fancy that is my own alfair if I get. run over," was the reply. "Yes, I reckon so, but whe is going to attend to taking up the niest afterwards? It's not me." Anl, reach-ino- out his right foot, he kicked the indifferent mail fifteen feet and nine inches by actual measurement. Texas tiiflinqs. We have studied with great care an essay "On the Application of Electro-Puncture to the Treatment of Pulsatile Exophthalmos of the Orbit," and on tlie whole conclude that it is indispensable for family use. Night after night have we been kept awake by the "pulsatile cx-ojihthalmos" getting on a racket am) knocking its own orbit askew. If we had only had an "electro puncture" or or even a bell punch in the house w should havo been happy. But now science has stepped in and filled this long felt want we are comparatively happy. Acta llavcn UegUter. Mesquite Gum. It has been found (says the Northwestern Lumberman) that the iiiesipiite tree of Texas is identical with, or at least vastly similar to the acyacia tree of the East, from which is obtained the gum arabic of commerce, and an indusiry in the direction of collecting antl utilizing this gum is being developed. It is held to be equal or suM'rior to the imported gum, and quite largo quantities were gathered last year and sold reatlily at lifteen cents ir pound. A mosipiita grove is a novel and interesting sight, the encasingsof the tree branches being likened to transparent crystal armor, reflecting the sun's rays, and glittering and glowijig like unto gome gulden harvest. The gum is capable . of being bandied with great expedition antl facility, the trees always growing p, groves and to medium height. Cattle are also fond of the gum, and uat it from the trees where it is in reach. It is believed that were the mesquite cared for like the maple, and proper operations followed, the Iiroject of gum-raising would be a feai-tie and profitable one.

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