Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 16, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 8
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, .T\V. 10, R&P METAL WORKS «>0 MO. MAIN STIIKKT (ll.-jir) Kxpcrt WoliliiiR of All Type* ForxliiK. Sh« % et Mr till and Ornunivntul Strcl Work Shi>et and Ilur Mot»l (or Snip Telephone «377 * *+•* * -*•»•++•***+•*•++DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage •17 IIOTC'IIKIKS STKKKT J J. I., MAZILAUSKAS. 1'rop. i SALES — SKKVICK ++++*^++**+•++•+++***+*+^+^+ +++ TKV Cr.ASSIMF.IJ ADS FOR LIMITIDTiME ONLY YA IV DL E Y TWO ,., 'I $1.00 Each *5O for NIGHT CREAM INGUSH COMPUEXION CREAM DRY SKIN CLEANSING CREAM LIQUEFYING CLEANSING CREAM ooucri 'o* AMC.RICA **t CHEATSP IN kNGLA^o ANT> FINISH?D IN TH> TMJ CUC1H/U tNOUtK fOILHULAI, COHHMIII6 MHJkllit A.NK. CuM»>rK LNi»IUII.NT« CARROLL Perfume 156 CHURCH ST. rs 13 SOUTH MAIN ST. Naugatuck Girl Tells Judge Boys Were Too Rough Imliiannpotfs (U P) — Dorothy ijtiivluy Lokl me jiulyc she didn't mind the kiss, but aho waa mad because the boy.s wore too rough. She snid Eugene Price—u strang- or—slopppd ht-r on the street und .•itole ;i kiss from her while his pul held her hair. Price laid ho mistook thn. girl i'or u friund. Ho faced assault unit SISNT15NCK1> A Hnrtford Hum iiu..s licon son- tonci:il to ii threo-to-flvo yours tcrin in Statf> prison. VVilliitin Dr; Sacro WHS found guilty of thul't at Wln- AD-IL'ST IIAT10S Another story noncc'rniiij? the hij-jh cost nf livin.o: c'oni*. 1 ;; fr^im Now Haven. Tlio Slnlo Public Utilities com- :r:;:tijfi fl.'L^ .•I'.UlKjriv.t'tl llin j\'(!\v I-T.-l•'.'n O.-is T.i;;ht foniiiany ID adjust .'is ran a. Our DiamonJa • r» tttifiaj for color, your ^uiraute* o tia Cost Accountants Elect John Wrinn John 'J. Wrinn was elected prcsl- clcrit of the Wnterbury Chapter, National Association of. Cost Account.- :ntn ut a meeting In the Hotel Elton Tuesday. Mr. Wrinn will fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Arnold O. Wolf who was transferred to Racine, Wisconsin, as assistant general . manager of the Hamilton Euach division of Scovlll •iff,, ro. Mr, Wrinn has served to this time as vice president of the •chanter, und his election -'.o the presidency gives the association an able leader. Mr. Wrinn brings a wealth of experience with him as he assumes the office of- president of NACA In Waterbury. He has spent, all of bin working years In connection with Industrial coat accounting. He has ocun associated with the U. S. Rubber Co. for the past III) veurs in vu>;ous accounting capacities. He was recently promoted to the pent uf Control Manager of the Nauga.- tucli Footwear and Woonsoclttt, R. I., plants. • " ',' Mr. Wrinn has been u resident of Naugatuck wince early boyhood. .ic HUH Ui.'Bn a menibiir of NACA for tlu; pant, tun years, lining asso- I clutuil with 'the Hartford Chapter i oui'ori! the organization of Water- I bury Chapter. He nerved the former (.'liup'ter as a very active member and as a director for more than four years. Ho has written several iirticlus which were published In the NACA Bulletin and dealt with cost accounting in rubber footwear manufacturing. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Nauga- i.uck ond n director of the Naugatuck Building and Loan Assn. The guest speaker 'at the January meeting was Paul A, Wilks, Controller of Strathmore Paper C'o. of West. Springrfieci, Mass. He addressed the 200 guests and member! of Wnterbury Chapter, NACA, on "Budgets and Budgetary Control." His address followed dinner. S Vyou your ol WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHUJICH ST. Naugatuck, Conn. r++f-++*+++++^+s Union City Man Heavily Fined Howard Rainville, 30, 32 Greenwood street, Union City, was given a nix-months suspended jail sentence and a fine of $100 when he appeared before Judge Charles Summa in Waterbury City court yesterday on a chaige of indecon! exposure. Rainville was arrested early yesterday morning on complaint of a young woman, according 'to detective James Stack. The accused was placed on probation for one year, ; JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE NEWS! ! CLOSE-OUT OF in BOYS' 45 SPORT COATS S10 Viilii)«, li> 3H>.~>I> 28 PREP SUITS Viihirs tu Sii^.fii 14 Shortie Reversible COATS HO 13 MACKINAWS «5 Villncs In Sill) 9 PEA COATS in X 11 Alpaca Lined JACKETS no Vtillli-N to $10. Ski and Fur MITTENS $1 .S1.H5 VullH-s CORDUROY PANTS $4.95 All Wool PLAID SHIRTS $4.95 Viiluos ti> $7.50 18 Leisure COATS $10 s to $17., r >0 DEPT. Heavy Crew Neck SWEATERS $5 $8.50 Values Corduroy SKI CAPS 50c $l.!iO Values FLANNEL PAJAMAS $1.95 $2.<)fl Valuos SKI PAJAMAS $1.49 $2.45 VllllK!* Cotton Flannel SHIRTS $1.49 S2.50 Values SWEATERS $2-95 $5.00 Values Sleeveless SWEATERS $1.95 $3.00 Values COLORED SHIRTS $1.00 SI.53 Values ROBES $3.95 Sli.Of, Vnliios 191-199 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day TonJjfht . •• Marine Corps League meeting. Waltlicr I^eugue meeting..' All-Amerlcan vcsterann meef.inB. Service club moct.lnfr, ^t. Ml- nhacl's church. . FkleliLy Bible rlnKx meetlnj,'. ,Methodist church. Evergreen Chapter, • Order of Eastern Star, business mooting. Music Department, NaugutucU Woman's Club. .Inn. 17 Lutliean Brotherhood meeting-. Public card party, Women's uux- illury, Mnrlne Corps I..UUKUC. Masanic dinner. , Special meeting, Pond Hill Cnni- munlty club. V-irotherhond meeting, S n 1 e m Lutheran rhiirch Shepherd I-mli?" tustimonlul dinner in honor of'Of P. Jlodenbach. Consreff'HlomU church annual meeting und election. pju.skctball, Nuugatuok agains. New Britain at Waterbury armory. Ja;i JS West Side Community Club, Installation of officers und don<;e. Jail. 19 Beacon Valley Grange dance. Basketball, Morticians Hot Wires at Y. M. C. A. .Tun. 31 Naugatuck Young Republican club dinner meeting. Salem Lutheran church annual meeting. . St. Francis branch of Connecticut Catholic Women, meeting in St. Cecelia's hall. Hearings Slated On Two Actions Two uncontnsted divorce actions involving local residents are scheduled to be heard tomorrow by Judge VVilliam J, Shea in Waterbury Superior court. They are: Nicholas Schwetz, Naugatuck, against Anna (Kraws) Schwetz, Brooklyn, N, Y., and Robert Melville Rantilow against Ruth (Townscnd) Ransiow. Patterson Pleased With Assignment Rcijlstcrlnfc pleasure ^nt lila us- KiRnmcnt to the House Veteran* )"ifT.\irs committed, Congressman James T. Pattemon, the only New EnRlander on tho committee, salrt yesterday among his first alma will he to get to the bottom of the Veterans' housing shortage. He stJtcd, "The assignment plcanes me very much. It will give mo a real opportunity to carry out my promise to veterans by RivinR them deserved representation in oil matters in which they are n party und Interest." The important House committee i-is ns Its chairman, ConRrcss- woman Edith N, Rogers, <R) of Massachusetts. BROAIJCAST For the first time in its M.yoar h'ctory, -the New Haven fivmphnnv will gn on n national hoolrup Saturday. The Symphony will broad- oast over more Ih.-jn 100 stations of Mm NE-C. Also on "TO pro'crnm will be the University oflecclub of New Haven. Snxaphonos wcr« invented in J810 I by Adolph Sax. RELIEVE Probate Notice District of Nnusatuck, ss. Pi-o- buto Court, January 15lh, A. D. 1M7. ESTATE OF George C. Ham, lute of Naugatuck in sold-District, deceased. The Executor. havinR exhibited its account with snid estate to this Court for allowance, and made application for an order of distribution of said estate, it is ORDERED, That tho 18th day of January, A. D. 1947, at 11:00 o'clock, in Che forenoon, standard time, at the Probate Office in Nou- gatuck. be and the same is, assigned for a hearing on the allowance of said account, and application and the Court directs'the Executor to give notice thereof, by publishing this order in some newspaper having: a circulation in said District, a copy of this order, a.11 at least tw o days before said diy of hearing:, and return to this Court. Attest, RAYMOND M. SHEA, Jud», r e. Probate Notice District of Na.ujjn.tudt, ss. Pro- bute Court. January 15th, A. D. 19-17. ESTATE OF Anna Mentz aka Anna Metz, late of Nauffatuck, in said District, deceased.- Upon application of Gustavo W. Mctz praying that letters of administration may be granted on said estate, as per appliration on ilia more fully appears, it is ORDERED—That said application, be heard and determined nt the Probate Otllce in Nau;ratuck. in said District, on tho 20th day cf January A. D. 1947. ftt. 2 o'clock in the afternoon and than notice be given of the pendency of said'ap- plication, und the time and place of hearing thereon, by publishing the same one lime in some newspaper having o. circulation in said District, and by posting a copy thereof on the public sign-post in the town of NuuRJtuck. in said District, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to each of r.hc known heirs residing outside this District tit least two days- before said day assigned. RAYMOND M. SHEA, Judsie. I miseries.., At bedtime rub throat, chest and back with Vicks VapoRub to ease coughing, loosen up the phlegm, help relieve congestion in upper bronchial tubes, invite restful sleep. Relief comes as VapoRub PENETRATES to upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors, STIMULATES chest and back surfaces like a warming poultice. Often by morning most of the mis- cry of the cold is gonel Remember— ONLY VAPORUB Gives You this special double action. It's time-tested, home-proved... the best-known home remedy for relieving miseries of children 1 * cokU. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Go. 100 South Main St. MTAMJMtN IMf A ROGERS-PEET OVERCOAT FOR A NEW ENGLAND WINTER JUST PITS INTO THE DAYS THAT TRY MEN'S SOULS. They are built to master winter's worst and are best known for their comfort, good looks, fabrics, fit and style distinction in the New York manner. They'll weather the worst and ; look none the worse because of the weather be it hail, rain, sleet or snow—$65 to .$95. Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S SERVICK STATION 144 Rubber Avc| Tel. 4BS5 For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATKR STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE GLIDE -0-MATIC ELECTRIC IRON Automatic Control $995 t—H5£ His. Nlclirome Element CCHNEER C *^CREDIT JEWELERS%9 162 South Main St. — 4 2206 25% Reductions On LAMPS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABY BUILDING TEL. 5213 Established 1870 Save for Vacatiorl J. Dreaming About A Trip This Summer? Why not start your planning now by opening a SAVINGS ACCOUNT? Through regular deposits you can be sure of having plenty of money without dippinp; into the expense account whm vacation lime rolls around. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. IGUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gus KllmuNzcwNkl. Prop. MODKL AIRPI-ANKS HALF PRICE THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Building Nuucaturk. Com>. Highland Package Store fl:t Highland Avc. — Tel. S98S Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Paris of Naugutuck WHITE PISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop g South Main St, Tel. SOIVI SALT und FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SAUL Ten room home, 6 room* M floor, 8 room* Mcond floor, I iMith-roomn, hot «lr fuma, electricity, 2 cur farafe. Formerly 2 tenement haw and owner will re-convert to I tenemcntM and Rive In occupancy to first floor. Located cu«t side of town Ml may be Inmpected In •«««•»». F.W.EATOI Room 9 Neary Build Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED ADS OUR HF1IETH YhAR FINDS US IN THE MIDST OF A HUGE I'HOCJKAM OH MODERN. IZATION. F.NJOY THESE SMART NEW ROOMS NEXT TIME YOU VISIT hOSTON. Cuffrr Simp Cbtu R<mm Popnfar-prjcfti retftturiint Exctusiif mrn\ far ' Swrrry RiltiHi Dtuntr untt yupfH-r tlaHciiig Cat nil ROUIH ' tiuhlt Rnom • &murt oyilrr bar Cutklttil luunff HOTEL >*»7 BOSTON GOLDEN JUBILEE ATTENTION — TRUCK OWNERS! On our hilly icy roads, it is necessary that your trucks be equipped with good chains to do their work safely. We have in stock the following sizes of th«« hard-to-get accessories available in limited quantity; Truck Chains , 6.50-20, 32x6 Single Pneumatic 7.00-20, 32 x 6 Dual Pneumatic 7.50-20, 34x7 Dual Pneumatic 8.25-20 Dual Pneumatic Cross Links 7.00-7.50 Single Pneumatic 7.00-7.50 Duel Pneumatic ' We have a supply of Truck Chain Spreaders ««! Truck End Hooks for chain repairs. Also — For Your Passenger Car Mud hooks for 6.75-7.00-7.50 tires and| chain spreaders. The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring

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