Thomas County Cat from Colby, Kansas on October 14, 1886 · Page 7
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Thomas County Cat from Colby, Kansas · Page 7

Colby, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1886
Page 7
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V jtltfwb gw ti 4Si F r ? i Vl a la!' r?s , V 4' 1 'SI - THE "THOMAS COUNTY CAT. PORTER & HOVEY, Publishers. By oversight the Republican cindidate for County Commissioners from their respective districts were not put in this count' ticket. They are in this week. They are all very superior men and the oversight will be overlooked by them we think. The Rail Roads are cutting and slashing in "Western Kansas for the Territory. No one railroad can hence forth rest supreme and hold all the trade. Each must fight for what it gets. Survival of the' fittest. Thomas county will have two Railroads. Hon. K. S. Xewell came in from Colly; last iwuruiiy. .jr. jevjn, anu,0thor gentlemen or means are eiectIjjy a nc brick hotel in Colby Uich will cut 811,000. R. S, .kcTifliasiasiic in his praise of Tho'limmXy :mj hcr pro5. itia. -Tankfoit liee. j. "W." Skinner of Kansas City Missouri and C. C. Gtilman of Marslialltowi). Iowa. both prominent railroad contractors "Were in the city recently looking over me county between here and Oakley be fore putting in bids on the grading Work a id lgin in a week sure. It is now certain that the railway build' i Jg or lbo will tar exceed that of the two 1 preceeding years, and indeed that ofniot years in the histoiv of the conn try, The irrcatest nctivitv thus fa has been in Kansas, where 301 miles have been added on twelve different lines. The girls of Colby have formed a Lit- erarv bocietv called the lied Kihbon Club The following are present officers Presi dent, .Miss Clara ice President, Jennie Walker; Secictary, May Donelan; lreasurer, Dannie Campbell, llie club meets every Wednesda' evening. Ad mission to membership 1.1 cts. Wm. P.:rr the gentlemanly- prescription cleik at Jiaitin liros. is a better -druggist than a fanner, a load of Citions came into town -md he told a friend that this would he :.lout the last chance to lav in a supply t water-melons, and went and bought m. and did not discover his mis take until lie went to cut one. Governor Mai tin suggested the names of the townships of Thomas county. lie ahv:''s has been a gr(':t admirer ol Gen Thomas after whom Thomas count was named. Give him a routing uuijoiitv, for he is a irallant soldier and vcrv able statesman and has been and will be an ornament to the State. He has a nation al imputation in fact. Thoie will be pleaching in the Gernvin language at the residence of Max Gicse sec o town 7 range 32 on Sunday Oct. :JM EverylHMly invited. Mr. Smith the candidate for t'oinmi sioner in first district is a man of stiong conviction, character and integrity', an old soldier. Republican, and popular with all, yet despite all . this a certain man wants to get famous .o he runs independent. Mugwump. 3'ou know better than the party, everyman has his fiee choice But we never yet knew, an in dependent Jlui'wump better than the real nominee we never knew it and we dont believe anyone else ever did, when a man ge's j uwiui got d ne ought to o to Heaven or some equally elevated sphere. It is pretty generally u:urstood that the contract on the new line of raihond from here southwest will be let as far as Beaver City n or about Oct. 1st. whit h will be to moriow. AVe hope thai it will be so and the work pushed forward to completion, for we are chuck full of sympathy for our biothren at Bcavei City for being compelcd to wait so lorn; for the Ironllorse: and then we expect to have here the gieatest division station along the line as .soon as the road gets through to Pueblo. It will then be; "Oxford, wentv minutes for supper, change cars for Beaver City. W ilsonville, Eustis (Kans.) and Pueblo. Oxford Standard. A National Corn Show will be held Nov, 8th to lt'th, in the Exposition Building, Chicago, in connection with National Fat stock Miow. One Hundred Premiums will be awarded on exhibits of 30 lbs of corn in the ear. Of these. Fifty-six are Cah Premiums of $10 and J?o. Competition will he between the growers themselves, in each of the seven principal corn growing States. Four premiums of ?1.1 and $25 are to be awarded as Sweepstakes in the competetion between the growers of the different States, most of the Express Companies co-oporate, by offering to carry .parcels for exhibition, all distances, oer their respective lines at a small nominal charge of 25 cents if not exceeding 2o lbs, placing disnnt and near localities on a par. Every one having a peck (or rather 20 lbs) of fine Corn, nhould take part in this National exhibit. Entries close Oct. 26th Full particulars supplied on ayplication to the "Secretary of Corn Show." care of Prairie Farmer. Chicago, 111. Bcom! Boom!! Boomi!! Colbv to have a railroad before snow flios. The Rail Road from Oakley to Colby only t2 mile is no longer a matter of supposition but an actual fact. The material is at Oakley and the graders are already on hand. Col- Jenkins the vice president and U. P. Right of way man says it can be t completed in fifty days, The contract for the conHtruction of the Oakley, Colby & N. W. R. R, was let at Omaha, Neb. on Oct. 15th. Th Rail Road lands Jn Thomas County are 'ready tohcput'oivt'ie.ltafkeijat any time and wilt be soon. Nothing ! now lacking. Colby will enjoy .a colotul boom, bigger than ever heard of before and unprece- .dent in the hintory of a'nv. town of the west. "A Railroad -and Thomas county going Republican, what more to he asked. Both sure to be in a shrt time. We hare the best-County, bentCftjr of its-age and best County Paper is -Western Kansas; A big excursion will soon be started from Lincoln. Nebraska to Thomas and Sherman counties. A splendid pageant of immigrantshavc already started for North-went Kansas and they won't stop till they get to Colby and Thorn eoanty. Colby the Mecca of live and. energetic men men who want to make fortunes and speculate and get quick returns. In Tiew of this the four story brick Hotel will soon be completed and no one will want for accommodations. v Everybody aaya Colby and Thomas county have the brignt-est future of any City and County in the State and what everybody says is true, -especially in this -instance. Write to your friends about it and let them know what a bonanza awaits them on their arrival here. Just think of it a Rail Road built without bonds. The middle and eastern counties all voting bonds but Thomas county needs none. What a magnificent prospect, unsurpassed, unparalleled anywhere. Come to Colby, come to Colby! the county seat of Thomas countv. the commercial center of Northwest Kansas, the Mecca of enterprising and wide-awake men. Come and invest early! Town Talk. Go to Martins for Sheet Music. Go to Feeley & Co. lor your groceries For the best board go to the Windsor Go to Martins for Furniture Polish. Best powder and shot at I. H. Bullets' s. When you go to Oberlin, go by Colin and Oberlin stage line. Go to Martins for Pocket knives. Prices are cut serious' at Donean's. Go to I. H. Bulk fS,s for aardwi,re. Gasoline and, roal oil at the Centrnl. Einpt Ranv. atPah.ce Drugstore. Omland stoves at Bullera's. A yoke of good work oxen for sale or trade. Enquire of Frank Pingree. For money on real estate go to C. C. Siggins & Co., o er Allen Avon's store. Go to Martins for toilet articles "Ah, I here." a new soap, for loc per box, at WoodiniT & Tate's. Go to Martins for Clocks. Corn meal in cloth sacks at the brick store. Go to Martins for Base Blls. Get your reading matter at the Central Drug Store. , A new and complete line of clothing at J. W. Allen & Son's. Finest dressing coses can be found a the Central Drug Store. Go to Martins for Cash Card. . Yousse's stage line goes to Oberlin every day. Patent medicines of every description at Walker & Yousse's. Go toMartins for Pocket Books. Go to the Windsor, the bast hotel in town. Xice fresh California fiuit at Postoffice tore. Go to Martins for Buggy Pah t. To get to Oberlin quickly go by Yousse's .stage line. Colby and Oberlin stage line is the best conveyance to Oberlin. Go to Mat tins for Soda Water. All prescriptions carefully and promptly compounded at the City Drug Store. Cioouet setsat the Central. Go to Martins for Musical Instruments Full line of queensware at Kaub & Smith's. Trv the "Good Luck" and "the Flour of the Plains" :U J. W. Allen & Sons'. Nice MesMim lcmonsatKaub & Smith's. Go to Martins for Eye Glasses. Try the Good Luck Hour at J. W. Allen 6: Son's. Span of mules for sale cheap at J. W. Allen & Sons'. Make your proofs before probate judge Lacy. lie has not failed on a piooi yet. Anything you want in the stationery line at E. P.'llovev'b P. O.stoie. The old reliable Ji cent cigars, "Salen-ger's Stand B e" at Walker & Yousse's. Buy your salt by the barrel alJ.w. Allen & Sons. Go to Martins for French Harps. For diy goods, boots and shoe-- and gioctries, go to il. Donelan's. Closing out (I13- goods at cost at M. DoncP'-'r.. Nov ib the time to bu Fiesh lemons at E. P. Hovey's P. O. stoie. A choice selection of novels and books of all kinds at the Central Drug Store. Go to Martins for Patent medicines. Try a sack of M. Donelan's seventy-five cent flour. Go to Martins for gasoline. For best quality breakfast bacon, hams, smoked bacon, dry salt bacon, or dried beef sliced, go to the brick store. If you want groceries go to J. W. Allen & Son's. They keep the best line in town. Goodsoe loans money on chattels and real estate. Fancy articles of all kinds at the City Drug Store. We arc headquarters for everybody and everything. J. W. Alt.ex & Sox. If j'ou want a sack of flour for one dollar that will make good bread, ask for Eclipse, and if 3011 want a sack of high grade extra fine, ask for Davis No. 1. or Davis Blue D. always on hand at the brick store. Go to Martins for stationary. For fine naint brushes and rlotbnn brushes, go to the Central. Woodruff & Tate, at the brick store, are receiving this week a frsh snnnlv of drv eoods and notions, unit nm fin woolen dress goods, and would be pleas- ea 10 nave inc zanies 01 Colby and vicinity call and see them. JtTST OpKKKn A llinMl stand an A iwn. feiti(nrr WfEt Slrio Moinn at rant tmm door north of Bullera's hardware stow, wnere you can always nna a food not cup of coffee or lunch at any time of day. ai. A. HTBATTpK. WotfxtmfT Ac Tata nratvA ttiia auk m car of the. Perry Hutchinson dour. Tliis is one of the hSt bmnde nf Itnnr In tn country, and will be sold at rtxy low prices.. 8 packages good coffee at Donelan's. Chamnaiime. Wines nd lintinm nf at. ry sort at the Central, for medical purposes. A 8reciftl"mfPtinT nf nharloa rVRnvnTh Post JTO. 902 in thrir fc.11 at Hnlhv Tana on Saturday October 23rd 1886. By or- ucr 01 iomnmiee. B. GtmwEu., Post Adjutant. Please bear in mind tfcnt Woodruff Xr. Tate, at the brick store, are the only ones ia the citv that have n nw oWn stnV of dry coods and notions, boots and wires. Dais anarops, groceries and provisions, queensware and glassware, and are anxious to sell at the lowest living price and ask all to rail nnr? p tfcom and get prices. Call On J. M. "Rmrfv -fnrmorlr nf St Josenh. Mo.. Who PJirri fnll stnrk of gpneral merchandise. Will exhibit on HntllrrinVS n mfimnrial nf .Tpci .Tnmoa which includes a piece of carpet purchased at the Sale of thf rtnrncri Anvnno desiring to sec the curiosity may have the imnt;B "j inning ui my store, opposite Yousse's livery barn. Call upon Goodar for a loan on Chat-tels, or money proVeup. s a. W. Allen & Son's new ad. They are the boss merchants. Smoke the Judic cigar found at the Central Drug store. Best in the world Go to Martins for Brushes. A large invoice of dry goods just received at J. W. Allen & Son's. Did you kuow you could buy a sack of flour at Donelan's for 75c? For money on chattels go up stairs over Allen's store to Goodsoe. Go to Martins for Silver Table Ware. Look at the line of gents' flannel un-derwoar at J. w. Allen & Son's. The best placo to buy groceries is at the Star Grocery Go to Martins for Prescriptions, 8 packages of extra coffee for one dollar, at Donelan's. of course. For clear Popular and California Red wood call on Chicago Lumber Co., Remember M. Donelan has everything j'ou need in the line of dry goods." Go to Martins for Sponges. Have you tried T. P. Feehan's meat market? It's the best in town. Don't pass him by. Money to loan. C. C. Siogixs & Co. Go to Martins for Jewelry. Don't purchase paint until j'ou have .called at the Central Ding Store. We can save you monej. Go to Martins for "Brick." Farm Loans Made at Oberlin rates by F. C. Finnerty over Allen's store. Go to Martins for Coal oil. Ladies, examine our stock of dress goods at the Great Western Dry Goods and Grocerj' House. Joe Lamont, the popular barber next to w. H. Copeland's land office, is steadily working away, busy nearly all the time giving as good a shave or hair-cut as j'ou can get in any city in the state. Martins drup- store. o A shop and lot for sale cheap for cash in a good location m the town of Colby, Kans. For further particulars inquire of H. B. Vance, address Colby, Kans. Notice. All persons indebted to the firm of Bean Bros, must call and settle at once. Office at harness shop. H. D. Bean & Sox. Notice: We are prepared to make farm loans at sight and on the most favorable terms. Time five years with privilege of paying sooner if desired. Wc will conduct your final proof and guarantee it a success, or pay all expenses. Call and see us. Weld Bkos. Go to Martins for fine soaps. New lin&of Tricot and Huguenot flannels and heavy dies goods, received at J. W. Allen Son's. Clocks, watches and jewelry neatly re-paiiod at Sun Beam photogiaph gallery. Buy .1 new suit of clothes at J. w. Allen & Son's. They can fit you out completely. Goodsoe will attend to business before the l.uid office and furnish money to pay out on your claim. DEALERS IN- Lumber, Sash, Doors, COAL AND HARDWARE. Monument, Kans. Chas. Page, NOW ENNIS & NEIL'S CHEAP CASH STORE. MONUMENT SIDING, St John County, Kan. Seven Miles Nearer than Cleveland Down prices go. save money by patronizing us. Groceries, provisions, hardware, boots, shoes, hats, dry goods, blankets, comforts, etc. LUMBER, LIME A nD FEED. Best lump coal from S6.00 to $6.50. Reck Spring Coal R, & Nswkll, President James S. Warden, Vice-Pre. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Paid Up Capital, $50,000. DIRECTORS R S. Newell C. M. Hovey, A. Chitwood. James S. Warden, C. H. Martin, H. & Weld, N. D. Bean. STOCK-HOLDERS. Jamo 8. Warden, RS Newell, WM Edwards, HE Weld, Samuel Yoasoe, cimmm Hover, N 11 ucan. name rawree, ueo a tiyatr, a j enier, M Donelan, WW Walker, Jamfes Stallone, N J Adams, EP Worcester, KobtMcGonijal, JBMcGoniffal, CBCorporan, IHBuUers. WHCopeland, A Chitwood, Samuel Lee, MMcGreevy, TPFeehan, SS Burling, WS Willcoxon, CH Martin. HS7 .Lues a geuenti uuiuuug uusiucod, uujo uu ocub sivuaugt, uvu and foreign, pays interest on time deposits, deals in county and school bonds, Days special attention to the payment of taxes for non-residents. HTA complete set of abstracts of title of Thomas county kept in the bank. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 12 m.; 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. Go to Martins for Blank Books. A good clean shave for 10c at Joe La mont's. and a hair-cut for twenty-five. 6 Barrels of Gasoline received at Palace. Don't mortgage your farm; but m case you have to, call on C. C. Siggins & Co. aud learn something to your advantage. Look at those beautiful picture frames at the Central Drug Store. The best in the market. The best flour in the citv is the R. T. Davis St. Joseph flour. EVery sack warranted. For sale at P. J. Assenmacher & Co's. Go to Martins for fine liquors. Have you seen the superb scrap albums at the Central? Albums of all kinds at the Central Drug Store. Try a sack of St. Joseph flour. For sale lit P. J. Assenmacher & Co's. Remember the old Pioneer on the corner is the place to buy dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, etc. Go to Porter & Hovey to see about your final proofs. It will be an object "for you. Go to Martins for drugs. All those indebted to me will please call in and settle at once. M. Doxelax. Reward. 25 reward for detection and conviction of 'the person who took the scraper from Newell House cellar, 1st week in Sept., 18SG. 1st NaTIONWT. Bakk of Couiy. Croquet sets at the Central Drug Store. Go to Martins for paints. ' Take Notice. All persons knowing themselves indebted to me must call and settle at once. This must he attended to. M. Dokhlan. Youlwill find a large stock of drugs, medicines, paints, oils and every thing pertaining to the drug line at Central Drug Store. The most complete line of boots and shoes in the northwest at J. w. Allen & Son's. Call and be convinced. Remember that the best 5 cent cigar in the city is the "Corona de Oro" for sale E. P. Hovey's P. O. Store. Farm Loans Made at Oberlin rates by F. C. Finnerty, over Allen's store. Farm Loans Made at Oberlin rates bj F. C. Finnerty over Allen's store. For low rates on farm loans call on Willcoxon & Woodward, office adjoining the postoffice. Go to Martins for Cigars. You ci.n get more good nourishment out of a tencent can of corn at Donelan's than anywheie else for the money. Feelej' & Co. have everj'thing in the grocerj- line. Give them a 'call. It will pay you. For sick headache, female troubles, neuralgic pains in the het'd take Dr. J. II. McLean's Little Liver and Kidncj-Pillets. Twenty-live cents a vial. Sold bj' Walker & Yousse and at the Palace Drug Store. SliKLSL' J. L. Greenfield. OPEN! stoves, tinware, queensware, Constantly on Hand. M. DoaiLAW, 2d T. P K. A. Hall, Cashier. CHICAGO LUMBER CO. -DEALERS IN- LUMBER, Sash, - Doors, , - Blinds, All Kind of Coal - Best Grades at Lowest Prices. G. H. HYATT, anager. Yards at Colby and Cleveland. I. H. BULLERS. DEALER IN Best Goods at Lowest Prices. One Door North of Boer-ner Bros. Shoe Store, Colby, Kansas. Give me a call. DRUGS! Walker Bs Teusse Mcep ji full stock of Drugs, Medicines, Toilet articles, Paints and Oils, Patent Medicines, etc. Y ft 5 J. E. Meolemre, Prop. Lox Ikehd, Salesman GOLBY imiWmT HEM, Dealers in all kinds of Hardwi . 1 arming Implements, Barb-wire, Nails and full line of Hardware, Farm and Spring Wagons, Buggies, Windmills, Pumps etc., etc., jmHF WELD Land Loan and Insurance Agents and Abstractors of Titles. wc have a fine selection of lands in Thomas and adjoining counties which we offer at lowest figures ' Homesteads. J :School Land, Farm Loans a Specialty. Call Bros. Colby, Kansas. Central Drug Store. MAKES A SPECIALTY OF Pure Drugs and Medicines Everything in our line of the best obtainable. When you are in need of paints, oils, per fumes, stationery and all kinds of fancy no tions. Don't forget to give our house a calL A. W. Patchin, Manager. DRUGS ! BROS. Timber claims, ; Deeded: Land. and see us or Address Weld Moulton &Grifiis, Props. t rl j.. is ?1i M $t h 1 ! ! ' iU 1 ' h A jBJK bvyiL t AS rMi r -.

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