Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on September 11, 1873 · Page 3
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Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 3

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1873
Page 3
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liB",pffit', ffititljito (agk. WICHITA, TIIUKSDAY, SEPT. 11, ltsTS. CITY AND COUNTY NEWS. The A. T. & S. F. liavr aililcil another win-to their iolc. Many Item? of local interest will he found the second page. JaVe Karatofc-Vy returned lroin New Yolk on Momlay with stacks of new good. Messrs. UMiop and Fenton arc building a Monc residence cat of the railroad track. The public school- or Wichita opened for the fall term List Motiilnv. A good :itti n Jjih-o i rrporte.1. , .lames Itroun, a well known Topcka iner-rhant, has been pa Ins Mr. Mrin, of thieity, iputc a v.lit. Immense cloud of grahopperi. gr$ttui parsed over this country l.it S.ibbath, in a southwesterly flight. .ludgo Laud: h.is moled his otlice up oer Hill & KpnterV liy gooil store. ailjolning the latnl otlice building. A gentleman wishes to iniiiro If there, is a rag carpet w eav er in Sedgw ick comity. Ifso, fend word to this oilier. A Mr. j:idridge, a friend or Mr. OMvv til's, will i-hortly become a resilient or lhi alley. Mr. K. Is a man ofwealth. We congratulate Dr. l'lirlcyaud wife upon the birth ol a daughter, Sept. hth. Mother and daughter doing tinny. Charley Hill comes in with a newadeili-e-ment, whiih will appear ne.t week, in width Important things are aunouncetl. Two or three nights i the past wr ok tended to make one think of frosty moi ning. f tiled grass, tinted leaves and siching winds. Heard, Dodge .V Cuiiiiiiinj;-. twelve miles from town, aie preparing to set out, either on contract or insurance. -100,000 hedge plant'. School .li-tritt eh iks of Sedgwick county will rend r-iipcrintenilentV notice tl-ewhcie. This duty must be attended to immediately. . K. Dean repotted him-i If for business on Monday. He has been enjojing a summtr's jaunt down nt the watering places on the Atlantic coast. We are gl.nl to -10 Col. D. V. M.Muart around again. Ho has hid a long and tedious rcnlincTx.uiiI i-ini c the bcfallingof that sevrre accident last fill. We made a slight mistake l.i't week in reference to the levy for this ear. It is one tent and five mills lower, inslead of one edit and two mills, ns wc had it. Niluuel II. Hragg biings to our olliic a few specimen ear ol line eon:, raised upon .cedg-Wirk eoiintj upland. '1 he largest eareontaiiis 1,2M grain-. Who can beat il i The fact that XV. S. t'orlutt is making arrangements to build tt this lull, would indicate tiiat bonicbody woiibl be invited toa nvv home before the winter s-cts in. The McClees Itrotlieis .ire eontt niplating Hie Tcttion ol a commodious blick residence thi-fall. Itcing gentlemen of tasle, refinement and wealth, we expect to ste them build a lino home. , Davidson has moved bis dry goods establishment into a room under Hip Inter-Ocean Hotel, and has gom to New York to put chase the liraviest stock or goods lliat was ever biought to this market. Morris Koliii, agreeable to piomic, has hern ratt purchasing an enlire new slock of goods lor the Wichita trade, lie returned Monday, ami assures us that piople will opui thcirevc-when he opens up. " Thirtj-four thouand lettci- weie mailed at the Wichita posloilicc Inr the lat twenty-iv daH of August, or au avtrage of thirtctn hundreil letters per day, which shows mini-thlng of (he business ol Wit hit.!. School di-liicls numbers loilr-loiir and i-v-iity-sevou, in (iiecley township, votelo-dav for the issuance of about one thousand dollars each in bonds to build school houses, mi we are informed bv V. A. Daily. 'I here will be a soldiers' convention at Tucker A Fisher" otlice. on Hie l.ltli or September, for the puipo'e of choosing a delegate to the state convention. It Is for the inlercst of every soldier of scdgwick count) lo be present. Johnnj Mclvor, one nr Wichila'h popular boys, relurned lioine this wei kfnuu Nashville, Willi one or Tennessee's l.iiir-tlailgli(Plsiiit-llngtlose lo bisheail and calliiurhim husband. We wih their path orhl'e nnv be slrcvvn with happiness. K. XV llines, ol Augii'la, lot a pinkct-book between Wii hila and the lormcr place, 1-iKtTliurxbv, which tsinlained some v. limbic papers. The papers are vvoitli nolbing to any olhcr in r-on, and he would be much obliged for their return to bis address at Augusta. Willi pleasure we ai know ledge a tri udly isit irnni ( M. Suit, the cdiloi of tint Merlingicpubliean papcrthe Aik.msas City Tt-Jtihr. Ill other S. js a fearful elloit i being made- to mix up politicof Cowley oun-ty. lo Hie ml that the icpiiblican partv miy be beaten. Ed. Slreeii's benefit in tied him thil 1 dullai -. The managers and actors til (he Wichita Ihea-tiegive evidence or the po-eIon or waiui beartb in thus extending a helping hand to an unfortunate fellow inoital. who hid ln'1 his limbs by freezing, out upon the dieaiv pliiii last winter. J.J William- biought up fur oiu inspection a set ofPalrons icgalla. The mid ri il i-r a butl'coloivd ui.iteilal and consist of a earf and pouch, each bound in scarlet. I'pou the llap of the pouch or apt on is the pictuie ol a plow, the motto upon it's beam, "Falion, plow deep." While olhcr towns aie bnating their moonlight pic nies, piscatorial parties,! tc. we not ice every few evenings luge evening eiiietiian parties in Wichita. 1.11 Thursday night a party of twenty ladies and gentlemen moved down our pi incipal street, all ueatlv totuuied and making a line di'plav. Senator ChailesMiuHii. of Osage City, was down in this valtev looking aller Ids business interests. He owns and urns a line flouring mill in Osage, and his biauds stand high. He-Ing an lione-t and upiiuht man. we can dicer-fully recouunend our nicrchaiits to his mills. See ik advertisement dsewhere. Withlta has mule a substantial growth this je.ir. and is still gromug. Mer. Ilartcll, Longliottom A Wiight have coiiunenced the rrert lull of a suh!antial brick buine houe, two stories high, open Iront. on Main 'tree!, wot side, near the corner of Fir-I lreet. The properly will prove verv valuable and command good rcnls. Messr. llobb- .V Wet i- the stvle of the linn and the names .irthe gentlemen who hive taken charge of the old stand or Hobb .X Pit-tengcr. Tint the new linn will miiutaln the old standard, retain the confidence or the gro-eei v buversi, and in gcucr.il prove siictt-ssful, there is not the leat doubt, l.uoking in c-terday. evervbiMtv wa buj. s-e their ad-Hllle!llC)lt. AlClllsOV, September 2d, IsT.t. Di:lt MOiidock : AVIllj on pleae note the fact, in our piper, tint the A. T. A S. F road will traiisftrall slock or articles intended lor cNhibltion at our f.itr frttnf clargt, and will .sell exclusion titkels to pis-cngers, for the round iripatslxtj iprcut. ofiegularratc. Your ti ulv , J.o. A. M CRT IN. The F. S. land ollicer are verj comfurtablv located in their new, commodious ollice in Hills Kramer's new building. The register's room is in front, the receiver" room next an J the contest room baek, but all are connected by square openings throuili which the officers can confer and tranacl business. Wc called the other day. It w a raining, and all hands wcro taking it easy, except Avery Ainswortli, the chief clerk of the receiver' otiice.whowas up to bis elbows in biisines. Col. Eedlield and Jenkins are aeeouunodatlug olficers. XV. C. Woodman, who is recognized by ill our bu-iucss men as one of the leading spirits of thcnlacc In comprehensive iew" aud tore- cast, is coiitemjilating the rrection of a Mils- stantlal brick bti'inpss block on the west side of Maiu street. Wc arc glad to hear till-, for unless wo can got two or three good brick buiWicg in each block the burning out of Main street will only be a question of time. fThc west idc or Main street has been noticeably backward In erecting permanent building, and wc are glad to note nch pr.nied guarantees aenintt fire. The Grand Central Hotel '1 kc great enterprise, Wichita's big hotel, as j et not formally named, but w hoe magnificent proportions can be seen for miles in cv crj direction, is rapidly approaching completion. From twenty-five to thirty artisan-, carpen-tor-, plaster-. and painters arc busy within its walls, adding the finishing touihe-tothi-iiion- iniicnt of the enterprise and faith of a corps of our business men. The hotel stand upon the corner of Main , anil Second streets, with a frontage to the wc-t of one hundred feet and a depth of eighty feet. It is three stories high, the first being fourteen feet, the second twelve feet and the third nine feet in the clear. The building i- lighted by arched windows: of lour light glas, the glass 11x1$ inches each. The height of the wall above the upper windows i eight feet, and the i height of the building from the pavement forty-tight feet. The depth of the cornice j thieeand one-half feet will, a projection "r fimrfectsupportedbvdoublcserolleilbrackcts. ! ri,n ,,,., .,,tr.,. ilfnfl.eeeiitreof the build-! ing and Irom Main street, of two doors, the one leading directly to. the main btairway and the other into the lower ollice and billiard room. The ground lloor otlice i-''0.2t and thcbilliard rroniSOx;ufeLt. The main stairway' is ten feet wide and can be reai bed liom cither the outside or fiom the ollice tliitet. The lauding is into the main hall of the -wond story, whiih lull H ten lect wide and runs north and south. The dining room, whiih is at the south end of the hall, is 4010 feet. The ladies parlor adjoin the tlining room on the vvct,are furnished with folding door anil are 1:0x10 felt. The gentli men's sitting room, which i- entered through an archway of fourteen feet pan, Is 'Jlx'Jii, and situated immediately totlie right of the stair landing. Connctled Willi this latter room i a line mercantile 'ample room, 12V24 reel. Kadi turn of the main hall is supported bv an In1 Over the main intranet-, ami "-" tweeiilhe irciitlcnicii'h silling mom and the ladies' parlors, is a small biidat chamber, vvith entrance from the parlor, and adjoining this a baggage loom, with entrance Irom the gentlemen"-, sitting loom. Hack or the dining room Is the main kitchen, 'Msil feet, with a tbina aiiiUnieensware room.tW'o servants' rooms and a stole loom adjoining. 'I he kitchen is supplied with wate and supplv pipe-. In addition to the above described rooms thcic are twelve spacious bed loom upon the -ecoud lloor. Tin re are two tairw.t) leading to the third sloiy, one from the nniii hall and one Horn the ladies' i.ailor. In the third -lory is t.. i. .n ..... l..iti.li-i..l ftni in lin"llKtun 1 Eir:K.r four single and double bedrooms. The inner l.,lif.,,ni. front niton an oneneoUl t. 'llitTflsa J rear stairway through tbceourtwilhabali onv roof. The lirt and third stones are in ing finished in oil and lead, and 1 In- -ctond story in oil and varnish, by the well-known luiutel-, Amicnt .t Cotton. The j.l iteriiy is being done bv Wickery V- Pierce. 'I he brick woik w.is done by ll'u tell .t l.oiilmltoni. This lini-lics the hotel proper. The live sloio rooms upon the lower floor ai e20v80 reel each, fouilecn bet in the clear, and ai ens tine bii'Inesi, room- as arc to be found in the state. '1 he one on the coiner of .Main and Second slrecls will be occupied M a hardware -lore byl'iaker A. Co. The room next noitli or that by .1. O. DaMd-ou as a dry good, store. The thild by the hotel as a billiard bill, and the fouilli bv the well-known and popular grocery linn ol W. A. Thomas & Co. The tilth room lemalns unicnled, we believe. This line oinaiiicut lo Hie uic'lroioli or the ...i... .. .....I lii1l'ii.i iol fiinimniitnt In Itie ;..,.r..rf..., ,.,o..,or; .Itmi., who have!i""""dla.ely after the anival or trains from evinced their fallli in the fiituie of Wicht.i by furnishing the nioiiev to build it, has been erected bj the well known and Miccc-ful con-tr.ictois-,Millis.:.tein,w ho have three thoii-sii.d dollars slock in the building. The entire co-t orthe building will not Till shoit of i-K.OoO, exclusive oftlie furnishing, whiih is e-lim itcd lo col fiom $12.00oto flS.OoOmore. No town ol it- -i?c in the w-t can boa-t -o comfoi table and commodious a hotel tiuctuie. Imposing in its appearance, sulisiniili.il and thorough in its build, ami complete In Us interna! arrange-nidils, it mut win for il-clf a reputation and tliliiu tiv e nunc in the.'-oiilhw e't aud throughout the state of Kansas. Within il taldv wall-, one hundred and lilly gue-ts (au nuke thcinsi Ives at home and be supplied with all the comfoits to be lounil io a cilv hotel, and it is Willi pifdeand pleasuie wcnolcital sogie.il ri It-itst li. Col. II. C. M.Cl.dr..orildle l'laiuc, Minincivj county, accompanied bv F. .1 Mas-ej, made us a call last week, bringing with them sped-' mens or Hie woinlei rul pioduitivene of the soil in our si-tcrcountv. Among the product w oi 111) of note w as tin ee v arictic f f corn raised by the Colontl, each ear avt raging over one pound; alo spedineii heads uf the Kngli-h c.i-lar beau, whh h ale of notmous growth. Theoulv tiouble vvith tin varictv uf ea-tor beams, tliei niut be ovt u-ilricd befoie the pod .will piopcrlv burst. Willi hi c.ilor beans he planted Hie lim i bean w Inch lung to the castors and jieided -jiloinliilly, theieby s-iv ing pole. He estimates tluit there are one hundred acre of c.itor bi an in .-mum r count), and e.xpu-so the hope that a good oil pre mi he Iminedlateh trnted lure. In the absence tif such an enterprise it will devolve upon sonic of our inert haul lo buy and hip this product. Heal-o brought iissimplt of cotton grown bv himself, whitli promise- a Urge yield. 'Ihe sloiksare fnun three lo rotir feet high, mid the lull- Luge and rtady to bui-t. He ojtiiuatos pcral hundred acres ol coltoiiiiiSiuniierth.it will vield lirgel. The coin crop of! Sumner, epcci.illv in the northern par! ol the count) , turn- mil 1 irg lv , Irom fifty to sev cut) -live bushels to the ai ic. Wc w it- particul.nl pliasul lo learn that -iinincr eouuly would make a large di-pliv :il our coming lair. Pi:Rs.o. vi Cap!. Ilwlmr. editor of tin' Th.i)pr7.a.iV.f, sjient lw.id.i)iu our til) this vveik. Joe Cl.uk, one of the slate piuitci, was doing Wirhila for scvei.il da.v.s. A. L. Lindsay, edilorol llieTut"l Jmrnal. I llinois, a 11 leuil of II. C. -s-lilss. and ftn met ly his fellow town-iii m. i pav ing the great Aikali-as alley a visit. Judge Ma.vo, one of Illinoi prominent judicial lights, in ide its a pleaant call on jl .'!il-urdiv. Mr. II. C. Cro.s. ol Fnuioiia, -eticlarv of the board of regents of theslatcNoinnlschooi, spent two day- in town this wuek. This is hi-ee olid viit to Ihe place; the other was made when but seven dugouts and log sh uilie- constituted all there wa-of thi cil. Mr. Wilkin-on. count supiiiiiteinlenl of public instruction of Cowley count, made us a call. i;i"-ht Kev. L. M. Finck was in our ilv ii-t Moiid iv. Mr. Xewcl P.ciinii-. shout two weeks ago. rented ofttccle A. Levy tin oil tJtltt luuld-ingon Maiustreit. Whllt awailiiin, enriv-al of hi stock of goods, pr. parator) toop in. ; a wholesale liiulor store, lie received a dispatch Irom 1. D. Doltou. ireident of the Wxoming coal compiii). announcing the death of their npcrinlendcnt. Mr. Durl. and len.lering the position to Mr. Ilcnien-. at ailar) of I thousand tlollar per annum. Deeming it more profitable than elling wlu-kev, lie proniptl telegraphed hi aeceptanee and It-It on Monti U 'strain for the scene or his liiture labor. In the language or Farmer Doohtlle, li better to be born lurk) than rich." Weieg:i!eil our-elve-, with a xloriuu drive over 10 the ("ow skin on --.uidiv la-t, in order to alluid the grove meeting. The place was admirably -ileeted. a grass knoll, well-haded and supplied with a cool spring thai lni'ilcd anil sparkled at its bae. Two -erviee- were held, morning and afternoon. Although the rain oil the preceding dav had cooled the air and caiisiHl muddy road. j,t the attendance was good. 'Ihe audience was verv orderly, and iliuing the dinner liouraareeabl sociable. . 11. Pver.or Frankfort, Michigan, received ! a cop.v or the Kvuu: la-l -lirin. and licNj now in Wichita. He said the copy sent him, --,.. rei.l In- rroiii two to thrre hundreil is-m sous, ten or whom, including lnm-eir. made .... !...:. 1.1..I. t. .nil iitl mill nntOAli.iT-n f UII tllUII -. U w .ui.)n-iiin. iu . n. svs he made allowance lora hlshlv drawn picture, but after two dav s -pent in the v Alley, viewing country and crops, in 3.e didn't tell half. For a truth hi 1 nthulain I gct away with our own. 1 A man came iu from Montgomery county llliuoieter.lay. who propose-, to buy three humlied acresof land and ctita!lout In tree. MAiinn:n. PentcmbcrSth. 1S73, IivlScv. J. C. Pot. at the llaptbt par-onaRe in 'Wichiti, 3Ir. t.eorpe ChailvvlcV-, of SeJjrivicV- oouutr. anU Mi-s . ,-, ., . ;.. -ii.l. Majxic lioyd, ot Cow ley county. Mrt. On the 7th inst.. by H. M. nice, ju'tteeor, .1.. a..a .. I.I. r.,Tl-. Air 1 ek Is lthrutes -Oil ium iv..v, . .... "'-s., ..... .. ..... . SUSS Frances E. Imhlcr, all orttlioil town- bip, f-edgwick cwMty, KM-.?. AXXOU2f CEMENTS. Mk.Emtok: I'lease announce the namcol V. O. McNeil as a candidate lor shcriffof Sedgwick counly, subject to the decision of the republican com cntion. And much oblige A VOTER IOlt TI11KTY YEJItS. Clkaimyatkr, Kansas, Sept, 1st. I'tiitai. l". t. TMei.n nnnomiee the name (J ' a, ran,iidac for county I nln,.vln.P t,,i.l,.-l In tlie ilerislon of the VVIUIIIIIUIII.1 f -! J s-V -- - --- republican county conv cntion. j-ti Many votius. Editor Earlk: l'lea-e announce the name or S. W. Itichmond as the farmer-' canditlate for reprceutativ e. Pubiect to the deei-iou ol the republican county convention. l!)-lt And oblige, Many Voti-.r.-. JIu ',T01.-ijca,P announce the name of ,y ,, winian as candidate for sheriff, muV jottto tlie jWo,, 0f the republican county CocntIon. Many Citizen-. Ml:. El-lToit: -Plea-e announce the name of .1. C. Mor-e as candidate Tor county trca-urer, subject to the decision or the republican county convention. 3t XY Citizhx. EniToEvtlLi:: Piea-c announce the name of Ceo. G. Mathewa as a candidate for county treasure r in the: ensuing fall campaign, subject lo the choice or the regular republican tounty convention. sI'ECIAl. NOTICE'1. MoNKYTO i.o.vx' I'pon improved rarm, in sums to -nit applicant', not exceeding one-rhiril the value of the properly, for fiom one to live v ears. Apply to W. I". D CXI ON, At Wh lata t-aving bank, Si-tf Wichita, Kansas I ilc.ire to sell, on advantageous term. inv t a, tie "diampioli paint 'hop" on it. situ- atedon Main stiecl, opposite Mocr' wagon -hop. 22-tl .I.W.llKNscil. Ndtick All parties knowing them-elve- indebted lo the late linn or Ovvcn .VMedlin are rspeetlully iciut"icd to call ami settle their accounts and avc eot-. II. Ovvr.xs. Ml I. A. Ml.DI.IN. 'I he capital state and blue ribbon Hour are the livorilc brands 'old inthisvitinity. Tl-sy are sold at the east and w ct grocerv . 21-21 STOCK Hot; Farmers wanting stoek hogs to Iced should send outers o .Io. (I. MeCov .t Co.. live stoek commission dealers, Ivan-as , of Ireight to Wichita andotln rwestein point i They Will purelu'c and ship stock hog at lowest niarkit rate-, and tharge a lmwlenilc eomnils-Ion only per ar. This allords our ' farmers an excellent opporluml) of turning i I heir corn into moncj bclore Clirilma. 21-11 Ihiv j ourgroctrics.it the ea-t and wist -lore. Tlieic joti wil". alvvavslliid a goodarticle,frcsli and cheap. 2I-2t Tvki: Notici: All old accounts due the late firm of Wcl AMann, unsettled September l.'tli, will be given to .!ut!cc Mitchell fur collectiou. I mean bu-itie--. Silt II. C. Man.v. Tin: Fastkst Timi: on Ki:coki From tiikMispsiiti to Nr.w York ani Ho ton Hy special arrangement, on and afier Mindav , August Sil, a lightning cIlrcss train will run betwecnSt, I.oui-, (iuincy, Xevv York-ami lto'ton, v ia. Toledo, Waba-h and Wc-tcrn, Lake Shore and New York and Central road-, leaving St. Louis and fjuincy in the evening, the west, stopping onlv at the piintip-d sta- lalion-and arriving at Toledo ror breakrast; passing along the shore or lake Kne by da-light, and arriving at the Xevv York Grand Central depot at 10:13 next morning. This time !- over eight hours In advance or the Chicago loutc to Toledo, Cleveland, ISutl.ilo, Xcw Yoik and lloston, and lour hours and rorty minutes quicker to Detroit; also from three to ten hour quicker to above points than all oilier competing lines. Tit kets for sale at all pi incipal ofiices in the wet. !. W. Iiimow-. general superintendent, Iifi)ttte; J. .. Laann, western agent, Kan.i Cilv ; XV. L. Malcolm, general agent, i-oledo. ' 21-J2 M i:i Wun.vT -Parlies tlesii ing to pui chase eed wlieal of Us will Iilt-a-c hand intheiror-dcrs to .1. 11. MiCorkle, at his store, N) Main stiet t, Wit hita, wlieic a -auilile in i) be een. Price, $1.33 per bushel. 20-tf DRiXkW.wr.i: A: St-iiRivi.i:. A ii staiii-mt with good location and good biilnes, icstaiirant furnilure, barandbirliv-lures, wiih lease ofhou-e for six month-, at a birgaiu. For fin tlier pirlitiilais inquire at this ollice. !! tf Xonci: All old accounts uiisctlled in Ihiil d.i will be put into an atloine" hands for collccliou. No loore stand oil. "Pony up." p.Mf II. C. .M.VNN. For t-vi.i: or l!r..sr Citi:i" Washington , gaidtti For iiallirillirs enquire at t lit- olfite. l'.Mf lilue ISibbon Hour, fiom new wheal, dioicti thin ever, at Caldwell A- Tit-worth's. 17-tf The large-! -loik ol" queen-waie ami gl i-w.ire in .-oullivvesti rn Kan-.i .il ddvvell A-Tilswoilli'-. !"-H liranulited sugar, povvtlt red police, A col-fee. It police slirgar. extra Caml rellliPdjellovv sug.il at Wheeler's, on Douglas avenue. 17-1! Twclvt pounds di ied apple lor one dollar; twtlve pound dried peaches for one dollar; nine pound X. O. -ugar for one dollar, at Caldwt 11 A. Tilsworth'-. 17-tf Ci:ii: Point Fi oi-rmop.k. We are now putting in a -lock of now Hour at Xo. XI Main sheet, Wii hita, Ka- . and ic-pectfiilty invite the cilfren ol Wichita and the -urrourdiiig countrv, a well a- dealer who purchase their Hour at Wii hila, to giv e us a call, and giv e our flour a trid. We aie now lelailing .x at !.:. x f::..M. line $.1.23. .-horts JI..V), bnin vOcpcrcwt. ISemrinber the plicc is at McCoiklc grocerv stoic, adjoining C.M. (Lir-rison'sbaine-s hop. July 2'ilh, l7:t. IT-lV DRiNKW.nr.R A .-.fiiRivEit. Cotlee, rmir pountl-well .t Tit-worth". far one dollar. at Cald-17-tl Take) our hidi to C. M. et hide buver in Wichita. arnon, the old-27-tr LMltiRVTIOVTl'R.MNr. tllKV!' F.VRMs IN Sotniiwt:-! Miriti' The Atlantie and Pacific railroid tompaii) nu"er 1 .2iOi10 acre of land In Ct ntr.d and .-outhvvost .Mi otiri at from f-1 to $12 per acre, on cven xear' time, with free transportation from "-t. Louis to all purch.i-eis. Climate, -oil, timber, miner. 1 weallh. sthooN. churche- and law-abiding society inv ile emigrint from all points to this land orinnl- and flower-. For particulars ad-1-e-s A. Tuck, laud commissioner, !. Louis, Mo. 2-tr lf0it want to n e livdv Hints go down b) the po-tolliee and -ee the ru-h at .1. Karator- sk'-. tf Kan-is state Normal -thool (Lmpona). (leo. I W. Ho, president. The next term of this i school opens -optcnibcr loth. Lxauiinatioii loradmi ion on thefith; tuition hm;ii-f or text books r,t: music, itinian-hip and drawing without extra charge. A moilcl or prattuv stho.il in which pupils can practice teathing wilt be oppm-il next term. The eouise of tud) in this itisiitution is a mil one; the faculty i-experienced and able; thebuild-'ig romunxlious and ample. In a word, this intiiiitioit rank- among the tir-t of II- king in thewe-t. 13-10t New stock ladies' kid gloves in ptrt color, al .1. ICaratof-kv's, Pjglo blink. 13-lf ("hole, teas and sugar- at Oaldivell .V Tit- 17-tr worth's. IsL. R. MOSER, WAGON, CARRIAGE AND PLOW m 1 3vX L2sT1T1s.Ca? U iiEE, fiEXP.RAl. UI.ACKSMITHIXfi ! CJ-Mgn of the Big WhfI. ouis cf IVxijUs avinue Wlt Who Wants a Home ? James K. Mrad will fell two hundred Urcr rrs- idruee loU-ia a,irinlilf pariol tliccirr, outime. td j.mles t1io will Imilil or imjrrovi m iv-u jj g fjostncting, Bmliicg, Rlisisg - ... . . - .. . , yj, trots, none mine oei mauaer ana saiisiac- tion Sslarantetsl Leare onlera at the tStl I t-MtAkialtti U-ir) c. J, KEMrroN. RI0CE8. ZBIRIDQ-IES "W. J". HOBSOU, contimczok von Baker's National Truss Bridge! The Best and Cheapest Bridge in Use ! Wll.h Al.iO COXTKACT FOIS i Howe Truss Railroad Bridges! Or Ary Other Desired Plan. I have, tin- exclusive rojult) ol lialt-r'-tXatiuinil Trti-s Uride ror Ihe cuiintii-4 of Marluii and ;rrinwl, uml all coiinlics snutU and vtt-st of the saice in thi- itlate of Knii'its. JC3 Hridjc- sllrs surievitl unit t-stiinattfl nude on applfc-fillou. Having hail cvtrn&lvr eix-ritnre iu the bitil-ne4s, I can guaranty satisfaction In all cao. Li-UcM of initiiry will lie promptly auwr red, and anr ilcnirrd Inforniation furnUht-d. AiMrcss W. J HOBSON WICHITA, KANSAS. OFFItK i:agle lllock. in ri ar uf VVn lulu siav-ings IUnk. .17-tf MISCELLANEOUS. o.ic hjlxjL. HAYS & UUOTHF.lt. THK LAilfJESTiJTUGK UF CLOTHING! I3T 3C.3STS-A.S I tlOODS KKI'AILF.D AT WMIOLESAJ.E C-l PKICES! ALIlKltr lltss. rrir. err 10. HESS'& GETTO, r . m 1- mr. eninu nnnnrnirp . blArLt rtilU rMlbl UnUsyLnitO, 93 Main Street, l-lv Wichita, Kansas. M'MEEKIN HOUSE, Corner Kansas Ace.and Hailroad St.. McMEKlCIN Jt SON. Props., NORTH TOPKKA. KANSAS. 3"Free MUi to and from the Cily.v3 a-ir REESE & SAWYER, I Carpenters, Designers and Builders,! ' f .Vo 5J .Vjij Strict, nctr cmr DowfUt Jr. All -work e-.rcutej ia the most durable 1 nod- . ern st) le, aad arraatnl to iri'e atifctlM. Plans ami rv-icratioa fornUbnl JobktaC of 1 all kinds dooe to oister myll-Iy ITTT.TffsScCiJkjryarFrRi Wholesale and Rrtail Dealers ia IDlRir GOODS! Carpet:, OD Ckthi, Utr -, Unv- c-ni- enavfa 11 r iiarr ITIM w JLU TKLCT, COnEK Of VS- -tt NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. EA.GrIi0a3 BLOCK!. CALDWELL & TITSWORTH, I)ralrr in GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE, FLOUR, MEAL. POKK. I1AC0X. LAUD. FISH, UUTTElt. GLASSWARE. STOXEWAUE, TAliLE CUTLERY, SILVERWARE, CHANDELIERS, LAMPS. CHIXAWARE, EGGS, FLOWER POTS, VEGETABLES, SEIXE TWIXE. CIO. IRS A XB TOIL I CCO. Farmers' Produce Bought and Sold ! I Guoit dtliurtl in the city. 17-tf SHELLABARGER k OLIVER! (Successors to Shellabarger & Leidigh) H liolfialv Jhl llfUil Ijlrrlii LUMBER! DOORS AND SASH! C-" Ojlke mid ytt) d, South side Doug las uremic, near Depot. 1G-I1 CIIAKLES V. PIERCE & CO., W'kiili-s lie nml Hi all Ilt-ulir.s in 'ILr lars--! astortiueiil or (lit- Li-i-t gr.nili-4 of CHICAGO LUMBER, kiln dried, To he found in tli' .Vllr. WV alsi Vi ri au iriliucuse slroL of GLAZED SASHI Ami u romiilrte asirlni( nt of Best Finished and Seasoned Doors ! Alss Building Paper, Lime. Hair and Cement. V.VUDS AT WICHITA, KMPORIA. FLOREXCi:. XKWTOX, 3C .A-IN" S -A. S . ClIA-.V.l'lEKtK T.MOKItl-'OV C K. IKAL" 7-ly S. F. Craig's Drive Well Tube, I'jtrntrJJunt II. 1NI7 txrutsfir.MKXT notici: To all vldn it may concern; Notice 1 tit-rrby clvrii tht all Drue 11 Tubes tint lute s wire u-rroi or imuxr ulacnl ami ecurly fasteiinl over I the t rforatnl hole in -aiil tnbi-s, fur the .urpo-e of keeping the fand, etc , out of -ant tube ami . ' from bin itraHrn up Ihroogh the lull to Ihe j iiunqi when in ne, are InfriiiifemenU iqioii patrnt j etter No 65,i4i ami tin my eielu-ue rights ! muter alit patent, ami the public arr lierrby ( wanieil anil cautioned not to purcha.c or u- any llrive w ell Tule eonsirucieii as aiiOTe ie-TUri u-ithjmt mv onnsent. a the nse of iil vrll tnbes i,,,nnrrlne - n.on my patent, ami the ner Is liable ami 1U be pn-s:ute,l for infringement, n I am ilrlermlned 10 Slop uniswiui pir-ryoi my intere-H "WM. CEAIG. IstheOM.Y AITIIOKIZKII irr.o f..r th .ale or my v horn al atrnt Well Tut.-, at H'tCIIITA, frr.m 1 purchases mii't lK-raale In onier SdiiIh 1 tain tilli VVWilta, Kaa-il, Juljrs, If. 3. -AMCKI. F. Clt.VIU. Uunttr, I ls-tf North Tpl, Kansas. FOUR-YEAR RKARIXG G-S,JLFK -IIN-IESJ o.vn io pki: itrNPitF.i). Arlossas C:" Ifa-saiy. XJX FAWCSTT, Arkaasas CltJ 17-tf FURNITURE AND CARPETS. .t- ...f .1 .. -.....,!. ..It .t.. ......... .. ft.. .. r uuiu rr-.tij"! -. " ..u..s. . . - rWo. nieniutiwiM j-iiiiiriBpwnti.". fact ttat wr harr uor4. a FURMTURE STOKE AT XO. 31 MAIN aT., Ctyfcr tb tnn cam a4 ml of J. t MeMitirc A Cft. , wbtrr rc -rill k p coct.satllr on hurl a aKMNlaasorrawatcfrariutarr; al bortal cuti afaJa aWafnotlosa. -r z-T . . .. .... ..... i wlsfcuiff to wry rcrattcrr wiu oo u a call Aa ft cnct to ter asst aril tar I foM, are iaau -" jjjb .a eo-atr as lo chrpsr aiul pta otqisiit j t-im i.T lfcatlXLErc6 ... I.....t tt ..j... ..Itt. ....tkl.v In ti. u..si .n.-.. .s j a . LAND! (Successors lo Steele t Smith) Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Agents! Northeast Gorner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue, (Oilo.-itc the Eagle lllock) TIOiilT-As., SEIDGKW-ICKI COTJISTTir, TTATrSA3. THK OLDEST IJEAU ESTATE AGEXCV IX THE SOUTHWEST! Below will be found n partial lil of lands tint! we have for sale, and which N changed each week. Parties wihiiig-to examine or purchase lands will lind a conveyance ou hand lo any of them, free of cliarKe. All property purchased for parties at a distance is carefully selected and personally examined. In connect ion with the real estate liusinc, wc have ait Abstract of Title office, allowing all transfers li deed or mortgage, lien, judgments, or defects in title to nnv lauds or lots in Sedgwick county, and therefore guaranty the title to any property ptircha-ctl through thi- otlice. gy Collecting rent and paying taxc attended lo promptly. OOIRIRESIFOISriDEIISrCE SOLICITED. (27"A fitithful adherence to duty in the ititete-l ol our patrons invohc- continual ollice work ami preclude- our "camping at the gate" of every new building to solicit. If jou want iii-iiruucc that will not I'd! von iu the "Irvins hour'' favor us with a call. v e represent the lollowiiig conip 'Hie-. Continental, of New York, Capital $2,500,000 American Central, St. Louis, Mo.. ,: SI ,375,000 Home, of Cojumbus, Ohio, . i; 850,000 National, of Hannibal, Mo., - 2;G,000 Kansas, of Leavenworth. 250,000 Iu connection with the followjnglist we have for -ale several tract- of land, ranging from 1 lo CO acre, adjacent to the city, suitable for suburban residences, and choice residence lot? in all parts of the city. Wc ai-o ha e the ex clusive agency oi several 01 me uc-i business lots iu the biisiue-s "center of the citv. Call at our ollice lor niior- tuation a to prii-e and location. a coon r.AiuiAiN. NO. .Wi 100 .lire-, 10 mites c.it i f Wiiliit.i, vvaterctl liylivin,; springs anil rtiiiiiins stream or water; coinlortablc Iioiise, ( aim C acres In cultivation. Price l,(i. NO. ."iiS lliO acres, 12 miles nortlic.istortovv u, the otithca-t iju-irtcr or -citimi "22, towii-liipSi:, nuige "2 f.i-t. 1.1 acres in I cultivation ami lomfortalile lioii-e. Price WO. NO. .Tjil Ij-! aire-, 3 mile linrtlivve-t ol Wieli-it.i, some timber, '20 acres in cultivation, vvatereil liy Aikanas river, leg ' Iiou-e 10v2f, outliiiii-e, -t.ililcs, etc. Price 12(W. ( NO. 370 UW acre-, I miles -oiillivv et or tow n, northwest quarter of scition IS, town- i ship i-i, range 1 ca-t, 1( aires iu uilti- i vation, gooil log liou-e 1V20. l'riic , NO. 371 100 aire-, noillie.nt ipurtcr reitioii 3, township 2., 1 not, uninmnncil. J l'ricc 900 I SPECIAL KOIt A VV.XV I)Aa. j NO. 372 :120 acres, southeast iiiartcrol mi- , tion.1 anil soutIiwct quarter r m-c- lion 4, town-hip '2S, "2 c.it, 7 miles j outhea: or this lit, 40 aires ami hedge row broke ; a ooil well or wa-' ter. Price 10.10. I NO. 873 ltTO acre, nnrtheast iiiaiter -iition j 19, tow nslilp 26, 1 we-t. Price .VJ0. NO. 374 100 acres, southeast ipiarlrr ol ec- , tion 29. township 20, 1 west, some ini- i provements. l'riic 7W. NO. 37G M acre.-, 1 mill's north oi VU1iita,.i good location. Price 4j0. X0.377 HX) aires, 10 miles east or Wiiliit.i, vvatereil hy Four .Mile creek, 1.1 airi' oriiaril-wooil timber, 10 aucs in nilli- j vation,."1nires ciiilo-nll.ygooilbiuril j ami post fence, nml sooil frametlvwl- , ling, situatcil In a good nelghliorhooil j ami w ithin h ilfa mile of Jliillaml I,f'-t- , olhee. l'rice !(. , NO. ."132 SO aires, half mile from We-t Wichita, on the nvcr, lir-t ilass bottom ' lain!. Price 4-12 per an e. NO. KB Soullica-t quart r or Mitioii IK, township 27, range I ea-t, 139 aires; hair mile north or Wlihita; his 30 acres or timber, Waere- iu cultivation, ll-21 H f-tory Iraiiie Iinu-e In soml condition, watered by the Utile Ar-kan-a river. Price $VA0. NO. SCI1 Im) acres, nortliwe-t qiiartir orie- tion 14, township 27, range I wct, ..J tinlis wc-t or Wi.hita: 100 acres in j cultivation, 12ll pine iioii-e In good ; condition, three-quarters or a mile in heiLjc. Priic ?20OH, part i.i1i ami balance ou time. NO. r,Ty 100 acres, .1 miles norm ol town; ( -outhvve-t quart" r of section 27, tiiwn- j -hip SI. range 1 east ; some improve-, ments. Pru c$730. j 110 1J0 aires, 3 mile- liorthwe-l or town, I 30 am- in cultivation. Price $H per I NO. NO. 311 &0 aire', I j mile soul liw e-t or tow ii ; 20 acre In cultivation, good bottom land. Price ?12 in r aire. NO. 314 2.10 aire, the i-outh half of -citioii 10, town-hip 27. range 1 at.JW aire of tunbir, watered by Ihe Arkana river, .10 aire in cultivation, good log houe, stable and oiitliousf, l miles south of Wiilnta. Price ?1,H0. NO. 31.1 100 acre-, southeast quaiter or section 7, township "2, range 1 west, 73 acre under cultivation. 10 ain- in 1 ill wheat, frame dwil!ing2232, good table ami outhotlc. heilgo row-broke, good will ol water and fruit trie? planti d,S miles wot or this city. Priic $1,000. NO. 31IJ IK) acre, the imtliwt quarter oi section 3, towu-hip 27. range 2 wet. ' 10 arre- iu i ultivation and ludge rvs broke. Price for -liort time, ?i". NO.: 17 1C0 .11-100 acre-, northwct quarler or seition2, town-hip 27,rani'e 2 wot. j unimproved. Price 500 SO. 345320 acre-, half school land, whit j will be -old In paiitent or H jeart , with 10 per cent. lnterc-(, 0 miles r-t ortown. Price l,oo0. NO. ."19 100 acres, 1) miles -oiithwe-t or thi city,.l)ttom land. Price 7.10. I NO. " Northeast quarter or e Hon 12, town- , ship".-, range t vve-t, irl acre-. col bottom land. Pncc itfsVi. NO. 352110 acre-, li miles -outh or town, 3) acres in cultivation, good house and suble.watercdli Chi-holm . reck and ( two living springs. Price iV- j .. . i A COOI) P.AP.iiAIN. No. : -101 acre. 0 uiiks outhn e-t of tow n. watercsl by the Cow -kin. Prk r s-1. NO. 31220 acre", 1 mite- iwrtli T tvv. , Price ?550. NO. 31 1 100 arre-i. 7 mile- Brtb-st rf town : J 12 acre in cultivation, and hc.ljfe I rows broke. PrU $X NO. 315 10 acre. Ii milt oast or town, a , sjiicndid r-ideni IiKatfon. Prir j .. rart ca-h ami lwlaB n tiBte. SCO. 31ft 10) acre gsod hind, 5 mfcV nortb-ne-t of Wlebiui : om hproscwrt. ' Prire ?- ' vil.SIT A -oost -!w. or arrmltunl fnn i ..., r .i....., . i ntlre traet vratm-i! l; Ihe l.itltf Ar- 1 kana- awl eoclo-! vrlth wire frc ; , 10ar. is rutti.sUon ; lirfh- aortli ofWkblts. Priee fts pnr aere, prt ' ta-h anl baJaw a time. .srnrft.l on lam). j ifti acre. 6 Biis tMtfcat f tu. 10aTrs undir nfHkatltMi a4t 12x11. Prkr?-.!. j 13S aerp a.Jjoh4ng tiw otyof Wfcilta. ' xNO. NO. ' t0n.l-a-tofb-ft. Vtitr ?7T. i NO. SS Northire-t (tjrteT ol tbe nrtli.t juarter aal northeat rita'-r or the ' northwest jarter of nviton 51. Ib- t-hip is. rang. 1 ea't. omtalMB- e aexe. Pncc 3i. The rnuntic-- of s,Wicl.. .-utMnrr. n.r XrLauat ri Mi-i-sill'i valley viilev ran-iii" fKim -t.i. to twelve, mil..- in ni-lllt- !.' r .irraiir. t W- is.-n.lit . ' -w- Uj- .Vrti... Vencs-cahrVSnat au.l Wutc-srat-r mrr-. .-telr. Illnfl, r-Jirm?. i; itra. "kUMrn hd Cow.fcto rrk. j,',M, l.-.. -J-?.). r,.et;i v n . TIm- ll .f 1m.' iTillcy ami hi1m1 i- rn-b i4j kain. -rml U" i irMt.. V -ri- ivuui... -" - -.- ; ..- ..... f If - (ton Ol all mini l- nu-iii-.-i-.. ,..........,. . :---- , ,. . kitiil- I- nn-nrT3-'Cit. t lltuain cinirTav', nai- f-Mi.M. jr .rttlplllCtlt UUtlcr tlie tir-fmiitloil lAWi- --' " . - . oetiniiDftlic.tAtr aul in another tart au-l wster. Our te arv ontcri.ri-h.?. anil nu.i up uf tb- -p. aul 1 Mnoreani!.onc.V.aretltoanTorilicMermiuuiiiU it novr with a po'traUtion of 3,t) t.halit3nt.,aiil ,toty callwl b- Qnceti nti.tlpd jtiincctncnt for inotlex in vtsltaenl". lo all ttstt.:. ctr?rrnse-, ana more rrjaMT i nram.sw-.onc-. . .;... LAND! STEELE Sc Hi NO. :H1 K.lai-rts, iiyrtln-a-t qiurtcr of -o;-li'iny, twiiliip -27, range 1 vc-t,-.'0 aires itu tilth .ition, 12H fr.imv!ioui'. live miles imrtlmt-st of town Price Nil. vJiJIW anv-, -oiillivvr-l ituiUr of mi- , lion 12, tuniiship 'Hi, r-uii' I c:it, -Irt i .tcrc in (iiltivatiuii, !uuc. t.ilK' ami ndl, ltw (huut! frtiitlnc In hhIiiiii- ' ilition, 111 milv inrtlic.it of Wirllit.i. j Price Jlilm. I NO. 3211-Hi; acre,.": mile north of town. .V) ,. , , , ., ,. i, a. r. s r timber, l.oii-e. -table ami Well, and watered b Ihe Ark.ui-a river. Priic $-Xm; one-hair ra-li and bal- anie in two and lour month lime. I No.?:t listh.itfor Mitloil b. tuvvii:uii2.. rango I wet. .1 aeies in uillivation. htd-e lows lirokcaml pme house ll . . i i . . - -i . . ' 14 ill good (omliliou. ini,. vt o. Wiehitu. Price ?12im. NO. 273 lK5iM00,iio- lil-tbotloiii; nOarres i broke; 2 mile from this eilj ; unrth-eat quarter of seiiinu .1, town 27, t e.i-t. Prii e f iVO. NO. 2ii7 IK) aires litst bolloni land, ID iuie- iind'T tiilliv.itfoii, pine hoiiM. I22'i, gooil will, .Km peaih trees, 2 li7Mi bov ililir-,.rmgiapi-,2im vvalmillrres, .1 mile- Trout lhi til. Prlie I Hi). NO. 2s im acre lir-t Ixittom land, 1.1 aere broke, 3 nubs from lht lit. Southeast qu irler of siition :". town 20, 1 east. Prii e $1 1 per av re. NO. 2'S' l'Warn-s !ir-t bollom. 12 .ure-i broke, hoii-c 12ll, OJ miles from Ibis titv ; snutlivvct qtiarlei of m'i lion 2', town 2, range 1 ea-l. Price 0.1O. 277100 aire eioud botlnin, 10 aires NO. brokr, with gno water, 17 mile? Irom thi , iiy, .1 mile-, from VI Pa-o Price OHO. Soiiliiea-t quarter of -eitnm 21, town 29. lange 2 ea-t. NO. 2s2 iNlaires lir-t bottom, lOain" bioke, hou-e 12ll, four miles f i tin- illv ; MUithwe-t quarter of seellou II, lowu 2S, I wet. PilicgfOH. NO 2'f2 Norlhwet quarter orei lion r. low ii- hii 27. range I wet, all bottom land, 7 mile iront this , it l'rii c .Mm NO 201 100 at res; l2aire-orplmIejl timber. (lucres undirnillivation; pine frame lioiise vvith icllar; mtlk hou-u 12l; lodge rows all aiotimt; giKnl bank f-lable; ."Vm fruit trees, on 'hlhom ueik; good spring ,rnk ritiiiiing Ihiollgh h.ild laud, being the southeast qu ii tiror action II, tovvnliip20, range 1 i.it, ' linb Irom this cil v I'riie Ioo BEAD TXJIIS. IMI'i;oi:i KAUAI im aires, lli-t bollom I Hid, Ui!h.')0ai r. in t ullivatioli ; goo, hou-e Hi-", pine, story and a hair; good stable 12.2i; IW rods of growing hi dgn; a good well; Ihiee ami a half miles from Wield! i, beinjt the nortliwc-t qiiarler iif-citiuii 33, township 20. I cn-t. I'lK-ii SI.'kKI. NO. 211 A line improvid Iirm-107 .ore lu-t boltom land, wllh :v aire lirge wood limbir; 2.1 aire iiniler mlliv.i-tioii; Ii -lory lioiic; good Iranie );,-bleiorml; one mill ol good pot and rail lent e, and pss .mil nils enough lo rune the place; thin- and n half link- 'otilhwe-t Ikuii WUliilu. Pi In ?l.''m. " lliOanes olid bollom; -outliwent quarter -erlloli 3o, towulifp 20, range :ra-l; 7J mile- from Wiiliit.i. Prirr irw. NO. NO. 20 ai le lirt iHiltoui; east 1m If of Milfoil I, township 2S, i .nip 1 nest; 3J inll.-M lroin this cits . Price il J); S10IIO i-ii-h in hilnl, fsim lbe3sl of Iieeeinb, r. 1S73, without inleii-l. UJTIfoii laiinot llnd an Hung in thr-s,V-tinni that Mills von rail at our oilne, iorm-r of.Malu i-trtel aim I'oilgla- -venue i NO. !)-100 aires lir-t bottom. -iMltlKa-t iu.il ter se, Hon ''-', tovvii-liip 27, mnge 1 ea-t; M air, mid, r -uUiv!itlu; pllm frame hou-e I2xlt:, With kltflieli; l miles rroin 11I11U. Pine ?2,'!'iO. NO. 2i)!i Km acres hrt bollom; MHilhesot quarter setlion t. township 27, ratigr 1 west. Priipmi. NO. 39--1 17 51-100 acre, lir-t bollom; MttTvt. of tinibiron Hie Arkansas rtvi-r; S7J niresbiierllllialioii, liouae 11x20, 3 milt- from P.srk l llv. i'rire s.nmj. NO. II -m aero firt l.nlloin; (i .icies of limber on t hlsholm inek ; Hi" north ImH ol the t.otthve! uurter ofseellon 27. ovvilhip27, railK I eosl ; lliw-quiir-ler or a mile trotu yUriJ. Prten I . J H I. We h.iVB a large iiuliilter of ybmrt ol Uin'U in traits or rrom one to lwent :,rr, adoiii-Iiis tin- il of Wii hita, siiiubl- to -iilmrbaii li'siileme" NO. 229 A first rbw hot'l for iwle, .lusls-. on Ihe riinwr ot Vater trert nl llollgUs avenue, ill til" rhy ot iehi. la.; being .K)W, with wins 4aKy, I'm. sl'trl high, onlaiiilu tiny-tir kmjiiis. Thi Iioiim- vra ImiIU tlih jiimim.r. ami is doing ,1 gol I.ii.Iik-m. This proper! can lie leiiiglit for $!&,-ism. on eon- lerni'. I-or filll (KtrliMi-Ur- plea-o addrew ti. !,rorid.'')xlDI. NO. 2 1W acre ; mthw'et quartT t -lion 31, loiishl2s. raiire Sunt: U) aerws under eullivatinii; S ,ierr mer ftlico; Jiedge nvr broke ; pin ! l.'ll; wabied by M ik frY.. Plise 1ji. o. al-lM) arrtj. ; 25 -re- i limber, ami SOHiMlrekivlion. urrai f !- ffii.fsl; wa!rr-l by Artuuiw rttrr; mB from Wl.bii.-i. PrVr tf. mit-lliini 4i. ami noUMn- t -ll tinrchaw-r, sertiml taml. NO. 2911 an ; estt ltr of lmrM quarter of i-4-etlon 2l. rtlige I ! . &) arres In ettllliaUoM; hwWM. muMr and pump; 1 uittmof X'tltrj nlr. jtk-s ?i"": oiir-iMH .u, uatntn-ni ix toonllH tlm. MsrHrnl ' NO. ll-IW MW ; umt half of ea4 half il -octiuii 13. tWii 35, a -wnt, njtit 7 wrre. llmbf r. ! cwmninriwUl-' iJott ; lwtfte IMxlC: knl iwm be ' and l,"'i) ji-l awl nrib wMk ttw Im4. j ale.el in IStulT rrrt, ; i mik pnm J Catdwett, in siHjuftr i oij . htfj. ! Prire IJUijd. j NO. -SH -lrJi aefwi; nrtlrrt rrtrt f . tion i. tiwWii Jt. rtt? X rant : K arres liintercsattlvatioB. I'trr 4". NO. Kt IS-l Mlaf iwnfK-at ftmnrr i . , Hull . brnttUp 28, mtfr S raa(.ea- ! Mitring -)a-n9. Vr-rMn. , l . T m 9r : the fmtM katf of the MHtfc-'. wt rxartr of -writon ,. tmOi(f St, ran, t o- : Mar--MsW enWvs. tM.11 : i mflr-s awrtii of VVleWU. tw hr raUey t IM IJttfc. Atws. Pi 1W. y- out f- J UJ Jfnlf tint. j . NO. 2fl ICO scrrsi ; Knrtln-svt fjr nt -r-tlwi St. trw-top T!, mt J -a4. !-jofeisw lb rij e Warfatta lrte. ftKA fissr mfr. 4fl eH lr r In leatt of MlM-n-a. NO. 30V-K0 ; oMMwjxt tfHmnrr f w -In li. wad aurilnant qwartr t-i -tlwi22.tola.S:. raiajpr -!. S aersss in niiUvalrwt : Z nrft- w.-s "f Wicfatto. Pnnr Nt), S- wnrm. irBeC nrtr 4 t lrtfc laoawtrr i -run JS, ra--hrp K. rsujjr I : il Mttm at of VV'MtH-. a -f-wf rmMf Mr. Prirs- . ,-, ,, sr5 Hi rrv : vamtktu iputtrt f tfer iKwttiae.: uttarvrof imwii a. faat. Im 57. rang1 1 msS, H ifcn af VUiAU. I'rfcjrrtff. Cowlfv ami llmler wwjsrW arm - .cr mu-- iliaz'.iall. brati thr uU . - -,,,. 1 ....... j UC IW -JH- til Utr t .TSe IBiluil rami;. . t .1.... a. .. ...ua-.a m.. - i can flirai Hiu h jmrrha-il triih STEELE &o LEVY, EBAi ESTATE AG-ENTS, YlJtliiA, L A N D ! Nl. Wt "210 aire-; Hie nortIipa.-t qiiartrraixl the north half of tho southeast ipiartcr ofM-ttlon t, towii-Iilp ill, range t ea.t; Iu 2.1 aire- bloke, liou-e anil stable. ami hed-;u row broke . b mile- north or Wichita. Prico IUM. .NO.W-12 lil-H-l aitei; iifirttirj! .ptarlir ol e lion I. tiiwiihiv27, roiuc ; east; 10 mile- east of Wit hita. l'rice .Vm. NO. ait .1211 acn-; mulli half settlon 32, lo;uhip 27, riuxv 2 i-a-t , s(. t(le rrom Wi. hita. Priio Htm. rSTMetle.t Lew arv the cTiliisli.- ..,. of over 3o,o(l a rvs of railroad ln., (iiiii.ri- I'W the lind- l.eloiilii o u,tf a., T. . k. r-'iltoiil, in towii-liip No.2i.raiii-i- Xos. ininl 3 c-,.t ai;,, j., all(, ;;l , r,," .nro t.V t Vr ih best railro.nl land-In the ArkaiiMs va'llev .-otivcnlcnt to Ihe cilv ol U hita, jhe Urnt 'J!"!. ",''IJ.,ri;J"i: ' " "c,t V.r ''"I-eka. ..,v are well iiniiiove.! .,.!..... . . cl'(oI ihlrirtn ,ue oix-uilfil. nhool hoiis.-' '"i,t-a'"1 ""l supported in lu..,rv jIt , them. Nu..17'l-t:ii-.ri-.. beim: Ihe vvholooi ., 3. tovvusblp 20. r;invo I .... . i hou-e and Mable . Km , nw j , JUa- I....-...11.-S in i aimer ami ivalcn-,1 'J ..,.-.. I r...M..is rlltr; ,, ,,, . I mil D-tnlIi, o nml thin, b. iri.. acre, will trade for ,-:,Ml lit per NO.;e-)-Norlhe.ist .purler or,-. ti,m i iw. Milp ;.ti, rang.-1 W.-.I ; jii j,.,., , ,. Iivalioii ; Km fniiM jikI 40 Inm lues planted, house u.Mt. -rivv $1(, ,,,.,. NO. 3-2--.VI mr. j. 1 1 mil,- iioi il, ,,f uhitiv -".0 iu.r-sr sikmI iimlr, M , re ill illlli.illoli; log hou-e ami .table; wa. teie.lb ll.el.liile Arkansas river; a Jils,skor.igriiiiui.,lr.,ri,i. I'ri.o No..sN"-.lWa,reson( owsUunnk ; 3T,aclP, inibe.,2S ,, lullivatlon, , n,."a. lereil. Priev i;.m. NO.:!,M-.Nort!.vve.t quailci r .eU.on 12, lo-,i;shp28, raiiypl ue,, , r,,; iiiilliipruvcj. Price ir-i. M)..M-Ij aire ,,( ti. ,lloi, r s..iri creek; .0 mrea limber. 22 In .ulllva- , ion. .inn nauieii i, t-prlug ereek ; a --.-""'ol1 ",,lk ''"." 1'r"''' ! 1""" "'re. .-Jf lliO .n-ref, the soiithe.isi nnii,.r ..r NO -e.tioii 2, loun-hip 2. range2wet; unuiiprovnl. I'rb-c 7im N0.3.-.7 Ml acre-, the -oiilli hall of uorlbeast quarter of m-i t li.n 17, tr v It-Ii lj -y, .. . ,''!,.K,' ! ,,a"t "mmproveil Ptieo.Vm. NO.3-.S- North,-:i.t quart, i or.e. lion l.loivn- hip2., rnge I west Maui in sd- tlvatloii Prle I2im. O..WI-.North halt of -ontheast qu.rterof ' ,."... -! ... rung,' i VTt-i ; ) aues unimproved. Priie lo per aire. ' NO. .Ss Northeast qinrter o( m, Inm 32, tow lisliip 27, range .'east; Iramehollse l-'y.'"; 10 aire. Iu iiiltivalloi, ; siv milos-outheastorUi.hHi. Prl.t- I2im. NO. .2-r20 aires 0 miles vve-ti.r lrhil(i,b,v. Ing Hie southeast quailerol section 20, ami nurthea.t quarU r of mi Hon 29. town-bin 27. ranve I iir.i lrl. n.n No. :HI iMlaire-, the miaiiu.-M qiiiutrro'f -ectioii 12, lovviishlp 27, ranire I wet: 'Piti'iuu I.UI.I, .ij nut,, iiviUivv(i loivii. Prii e M per aere. Ml. .511 Norlhtift quarter irwsitiHii ll.lovm-"liijj 27. range vve.t. line Imltom l.iinl,.tuiilciiorlliw,.ti limn. I'rt.t ?l's). M 1.390- -l)iun, MiiitiirNrt iiail.r ol ,. nun 1.. iinviiMiip-.'J, riuiffe I vvet; In '" '..., V . ",'' "f "oil-. ij intir. l ol Wfcliita. IVier l.Vm. Nn. :?)7 -Miiiihwest ,pMrtr of -. .11.01 j, lowiishlp -.'7. 1111151- I e.t, I iiillr sollllivvonloftuwu. PitteK'sl N0.3U--1(W HMIHI a,ie, Wikj. IH,rllHst ipwrHrof se, tloiiii, Itiwiwhip;. rangr 1 e.it.-!J iiille-uorlhoftowii: ftnoie tmilier. g." In eulth illim, kikji iran,e Iioiim-, gim, unhle iiihI vvalere.l l,v l.illle Aikausan. Priee lor the net mi ii fur In,l wllh eiop J :m per .mr. Nil. 101 -Iftl.ierea; liorlhri juatier r nee. titMl II, tifWU.hip27. lalliie I en,; Jj UiIltK IHKIIieii-t ot lowu uiiiiiiprHvcl NO. IflO IIIOaeTe. uoilhivfl itiMf li 1 o( ... lion .ii. towiohlp jc, j.injjr 1 vrf HI arre. in riiltivaliou . IJ mlk t!i. K"! of UlelilU.. I'Hre.Vai M lilt ll aeie-j nt mite. MHiih of bimi . -ii at-mi oroKx. laaerritinilK-ratHl wIr. IJ thelw.klii; KOilhk tjtln. Prtt JiVl. Nil. ir lilaerer; oillhta-t ntiditrr f ,w Hon 21. lollt.lm . rjim, ..i- t-i I en- uixl hee row. l,r..ke iinnt niHia;rr rilte TDt) NO 110 l'Vt-i!fr,uMsHtias.l.,vs.hip, runs I rwt, si) rr.. iiiol-r. ,.1 i etllUVatttili; plan pmo HH(. aer-l by the Ark.-iiwus. titer .: muV. MUlttl oftOWH. I'rfc, !3i NO. Ill llef.; wmilUl'mM Martrfof MH- lio.. J7. IiiWIitlilp JJ, muse :m4, 1i aere. broke ; nring tteatH f ,f,r . ; inttrMliliai ot H Mn.i. Vtf r 7t. Nit. llJIIOwtit, I le tutftu M ,v eJ. IJtll AtkaHu Ht rr botKim toitd, an -(((iiititatH,,,. fain. tttr.; s-nmI W.-H or wilier. J'nin m pri m-rt . . I13--llarte; nortlea ,t tuner ri -km ii. Iinitol,lt, ;, ranee 3 we.t, niinirov,.l. I'der'int. NU. HI -fr, KMIlh Mfof 1 pnMilwMI ipiailerof -rt-llcM , Iohim JH. tr 1 rat; P)atte in e4Uval , inP. rtfi of Wlrhlm. I'r . No. IhV .Swlfiweia riMttrr r .hh t. Ujwil.hlp -Z), raNajr I r. , 1J imC. twUi ol W trUla ; H rr Hi r-tMW, aM) fetr Uf the oW-UHa PMe 1J. NO. U7-Holl,iHfjtrlerBfs.IIW)T.lo.u. shrji . rair r ; tMa lamt M teMmir!iIBtlMji.sr, ul -tJlwJt uf lowu. Prlrr . N. H Um ar rn ; mt half M rlMf ot m-ettoH , UwihM JSI, laMge J we ; 10 wn.itrurf. HI nun HrHilriwi. I, ami lif. 4 fr the tMrsiv. Pftm IKi. No. t Noftii Mf of anrUi hM Mmlumli, ttmmfytf -, rmrr i e ..titsinwar anr arrm: n am-iintin-i . .. r. .u itfKHitltmt. U, dM hmtr h-.lkr rwioil cnife ri. ut. re-l ., ttm Bfamrsvafc ; I) wMr. Iri-w 1 Vn aim trmmltitx. 17 IHllr wwttr. -i lUh-Ma. I'rtr tK'K NO. til Hnrre.: msrUtrart itMjii.t . tiottS. lstH-tlf IT. ranr I vri hto fti arte ht euMtaMn. -j 1 .-. Irasw U-m fl trM4-kd , -;.tt M iHTAttvn. z; itnlc rMf lusvtt Pt. linn. .-h. tH lM -i. ,i iw-r ut .'.- IMtlrt tl -rtlm B ai tir-l Ui'A MatUivrxl tsartrT of mtumi 4, !. ttapM. fitter mm, jj ,r. HfUr 'VtBSmntm, err-l t Uii .ll.jei, MM IIIMiiir 'UaVkk! t-n ,.! -I..1) fcrHr; eap. Mmrlu h ol t.t !. I lrtw-r. . k."amlkmmH tfnasr 'I m.i. I , lilajljry tout rntrtr4 In r ,. i , u VI . U7 N'oriln-asst nnT -rii .0 ' . t. kt 27. rme t ' . s out. . - tJ--X-ttlllL I qUKftrt nt ..v-t, J. . , S (Sail, mam awn .. .. -ti.r ita irb tSM . - tsm arn. -.1.1, ;j a-j. i tawsfeMa, i",. ik .,4, tirnm tat-! arst h) Vjbi errs-t. s-t rt ' rlMrilfil. Vc ta3baJW4 nrnarUt af r.tt.s; ' timmip 3. raat? ;fi. nummtnt. ni. H tswar. MMHk -t tm r.." ."W ViZ V- fvr. V, tssiV- -ji .4 Urmtt, 1 abr-4 hf toihufcn r-rr . nam uvmt j m a-rv. sat 4tli.fr. jaflaMa. i ! fpf fMm fc.ricr. rw4 Car ttat Prre J p 5. T3 HlUfls r-rf sWef 4 etU .?--- ' Ml T. " j-rtWk i -4 ' mim t . f ihr Wsl anient frJ Ut M f fV uautl. Umuix t an ife-wajvr - t..t. .jt ... .1 bad u t, . 1 i. tV.IUl! ... - r.T -. -. -.. . - 7" ' ""'P" " "T" r "'-"' all if a.raia-r -j sei tw,rmunr .mw a... j .a nai a. . mil nil asam raat ia ia ii- Ir tJsr, ... mm in MM "I The fijnmz awl Sf -, T f )S Wc Litj' of tr V,t. rr.--CHU Imt m- y......... .... .... -... ,, , r; I - SXUUWiaV tUk.M I, tkA.ZAZ CROCBKIU DIAMOND FRONT.! mioicie uJ nrtu C3-I-IOOE-RY HOUSE -or BLACK & CORBETT, No. 25 Main St., Wichita, Kan. GROCERIES AXD FROVISIOXS! (TatiugJiiitn-rfivwlUrKBt writ II"J stock orj:roerirs frm the sf, vie r snip to wll jou CO FK SUGAR, MOI.AisSr, SYRUP, TKAS, liARI), RACOX, MACICKRKL. RICK, IIOXKY. 1IKAXS, CRACKKK'i, t-AUC", OAXXKP 1'RIMTS. CAXDII1S, XUTtf, TORACCO, CICARS, Ktc. Jrr', thf aJ IM 'i.ttit ! frvtl vj tltt Jatr, Ml kin. It of (xiuiilrv prv-liue takf 11 In i-xcliincic ror pHt. lk--t KiutlesrrHiurHilailly 011 liaml. iiiaoiv&coi.p.K'rr. Ilftvll, A'tMiij. S5-ly TRICKEY BROS. & CO. lMlr hi t'i,h FAMILY GROCERIES! PROVISIUXS. ruuri'tf. I.OIJU nu.l i'i-:i:i. WICHITA, 1vAoNt.SA.S, and ImiuUs Ar -fa So-tl lllitl llalrr III OROCKRIKS, ROOTS ANM)?UOI.S 3?rOTXOn?riS, 33CTC, If. , A'.IAXi.v llitvlwn HrlM4 ltu Inlrri.t i.f mr luriiirr t-orlls?, I. I. Vmh-s-, I lill roulimir to Vp srnenil iwwtiliiwot of lliot.iles. II1.1U. Mx.aa. .ml all nl te-lloo. Ht :rue tally loill'.l lit a miitryssswe, l,lr I will rell at VvOhlla prlr.s is-lf SEEO STORE. H3I-CC3I3LSIO R, IT L o TJ STOGIE! ISVMIIN f-TMKirr. WICHITA, KAS , H)ii. )un will Mntl linelir.trr ilrtitrr h,l, fmni tl lo r rroU per slri Vryrtahtr hfsl lr Hie prr ifr iHtMi lUailr I'ra awl liennsb' II (lIl. t lrl al lll.H.lIi, iM-nl ( It) ,.nni.' nt hu.lift Mh llMlf 11-11I. o alt kli.U iiioh-i: .itiirni op .-hi;i viu;vr PHI IT AMtolJ.S WIIINTAI, TltKl.v, -inn titi:it. itoi!. PI M"S,.VI . Will .In liirolali A IT t.. run t pi ijiii iiti.n, i.ifAi-B vi.ii.. wr.iiniuii . lulls!, lil.VI Mll.llin VMI It'.M'lll.lt- II 111 ll, WIIIAU. tir.ntn irt.v.si .tssrf Ve l'nil rUMt n tkttr SOI3 X3X.k-T,r2IJS. M,e iiMs-tdmiafet. eoHlr.l.ff rr Wf;lil Uf Ihr (Htliltx My A. .1. COOK MISCELLANEOUS. KIGCOURI VALLEY Life Insurance Company ! LIU v ;x WORTI 1 , K A Cah Imm, 1SBL - - - VttWi ii 1114 YAer-KMmto ls72. . - bQ&l Vi fti fmr 7J. f0 im " M hf S'lm i,mm mii f'tw. au4 rta hHMut inrott; rfcanWw Ik- sSnoi aisynfif as4 4tlJ. ttttnf mM i,",-r ith ttt itaMa.w sslM mtmwU ttfm J4ih. ar. Itjbtnl ... aM .Arr ftj. a,.t mils al. sMjVaakr,,u.ti.l. )rf In fmt mil mt tnmtm t Cauilisx to . eKi IrW Mmiiwii wW I,. ttM tmmUrrt1 iw email 1 Mb ....M aat ,. tfrstar Htm irk- - a i fa. eiHrtwM . asi laso. I. f.f ft 1 not rnt. 11 t fmut A. tit i:t Bar CmmmMit J KnlUHl.s u iii:.-sm i. HI i il is M IV J VM CfA'jIlT t ... JaM.ivl 1'' J I 4fK, l t. 5UtWliAX Itrawrrr St M MF &.- lH vHvVHalVS WfllW''4 T . ni;i Altr j i.t, 'merchant tailor ire Si Kiis C'sr- r' MUMrfls, W rn-.k tm . . l. , . -. - . . . r3t , f.xaarrra ri ..iaao a-as-4 m. --r T .. rr.v,. J. Ji. I.U.N (,, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERS! rTMJl wl f jlalt-, xnimutg 4 ?! IajfisVS U3 ytarti! ttri ara-io tmC m f: I'l i s- -llv -ss25'vj m-':-.f.;i;r;;m IVlTSfe-rK feJ.--W-yttf-yvi,-.

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