The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on January 13, 1875 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1875
Page 1
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VOL An In THE X 1 time, . tolnmn, 1 column, 11 COXtRAC eighth eolu ye»r, flu. column, 1 LOCAL s tlnesg ootli s'ness notk I'.ne. ' LEGAL .- "nonpars)!, square,)on cent?. Tin be messuve of the adva SUBSCRIPTION t"me«: ' ' , $2.00 I-Three month* Tl 1.25 [Single cople* M out payable invariably Inadkaoee. ADVERTISING ATE3. ·.-4-1 square, 1 tlrae, (1. Addition*! In, _ ct« each. One-eighth column. 1 lime, ddlf.ojial Insertions fl.25. On»-foiirth column, ); ndrlltlonal Insertions $9.60. One-half met, 4'i; additional Insertions $4. One v, 910; additional Insertion* $6. HATH*.--One square 1 year. ·*. One- ti, 1 year, t40. One-fourth column. 1 Die-half coluum, 1 year, I1SO. One One year Bipc months Sabscrlp TEAJilK unions, will ud'lers have pnld next nfiml' tho paper v all, aq'l 1* trqst our si 'he ]lan in' ml-inttre c Post mart* ij): a li ye; ri-mvins L r»f?K. pany at V~i. I W. RA f I . iott-.j.l L f E A ^ ft Hardwa I^CKFOR r P. FO I · os wej W. H TASIE3 P»P V8v ep ft^-'' H ·'i£31A iDl,* 1 10' ilCAl. .·*·*. «Aji ili ££¥» f '- i » ; j ; J 9 ( T " , · ' ? ' £ in *;l» h 9 U , v l l\ "V. f, .'i k uusfiO I-1.U ."»' n ni JuiaSt i «.;·! , ihl:l';:.. iistrtarc ·J. : f b :i^ j,0 v ... . ' ; . . . . . . · . ! -. BISMARCK, D. T., 1p:DNESDA|i i rjdent Newspaper published by 'j 8MARCK TRIBUNE CO, _ JorjLD -Illqhors, Cigars; ill for'danelgg. !A FIS0ER-llil4lardl , Ale, A). 13 187^ *ne ,-H-- · · . C O'CONNELL--Liquors nine s i r .. --Editorial, K ctg. per line. Bit- local column, 15 cts. per line. BH- spcclnl notice column j 10 eta., per VEI TISBMSSTS, .per ?quare k (ten Haes ,r i!5'i ems of type used, making »ae liisfrtiun, »1.60; additional Insertion* W spi ce occupied by displayed line* wl us i«lid type of the size us«d| In the bqiy [se:nunt. ; n APlTOL HOTEL--Jl. R. fnr. I \J tori. TriailABOH r\AKQTA tor. ath Room). W . H. H. · Bath I HCTtLS. HOTttl-R. BA11B HgHLI-Kint of 'O SUBSCRIBERS. i t tiding an V fuUowlpg jthclr names , t id that the -A- tdrtn for which they i,;i tdhwrlptlons will expire with tbe ] n id unlesi the subscription Is renewed l,bfe ilijcontinucd. This ruleapplle| to atjttd, not beoauie we aite afraid to ?rl')fr3, but beCMite It Is found to be sitisf' ctcry to the general ittbteriber, renlunt f«r Ui - i ' a nite authorized to act as p« n4i)«ton oT T-JJ per cent, " Insetted under thU head, two Unei o, 45.00; udJltfonal lln^at t»'M). if is OJSL t A NEOUS 3K TltlUUSiE--a live wewtern newi- hel iy tiitf xBi«u;urek Tribune Con»- yiar BLACKS O. i smithing. G^5:_ G » B8 -^ FAMES SOUW HJall, Imported 'Wltxes, I Cigars. uor» and Cigars. I i ilUtili i.* 1 Reported Specially fol the fife- Mar* xineUy, Proprietor. P»oprle- McGowao, Proprle- and Imperial JOMBR --Ein|lre Bbavlug Hall and T^ELEORAPBIO BREVITIES. ThirtjMwo degrees below Mro, at Minneapolis, Monday'morning. GOT. Baker of Indiana, has been nom nated as Minister to Russial i The bill creating the, %enr, ^ of Peu^bina seen^s certain, to,pass. Armstrong has introduced' a bill to open the Blaok Hills to The Beecher SbHHdan evidintly feels the criti- cisirisl *od last Saturday prdfciied to fwrwajrd the pfyotf sustaining bis i state" menttf. Tha Secretary of War telel graphbdSheridai that tho )Pr«iden^ and a 1 of th 4binet sustain id It ^ . Shiridan (elegkphs th^ Se retnW of War i Jong i tatehacnt, following is Condtensed: inNelr Orleans j every oo ttljitifl M. HOSIKR-BMTlng, ghawpoooing, ItHiira. I Making and fjER--Blacksfi l(hlng, *«. PHYSICI AN Blftbk- S. n and Burgeon. D CO., Bankers. Ifltere* »- · (li'id»Its, Exchange Bought and ;i ETl*R?ON, G u n and Lock: t mHhf OCltrLAS CO.--Heavy laad Mtelf Tinware, Ac. . RYAN, Merchant Tailors. 01«th- Gen '»Furolshlmg Goods. · '- · ' ..».--Rertaurajjt. Boewd (rush Oysters, Ac. N--Uook*. Magazines, Ac. LLO C11--Newspaper*, Magaalnea and I ' , , . and Sign I R A I S S , Jewnller. Watcheij,' docks. ud Surgeon. Office Drug Store. trial,; having spent a weefte-iti a jury. » '»·* Tho specie resumption bill .,, ,,,,,, ... the hands of the President for bis signature. · ! ! i Gen. Sibley has tendered his resignation as member of the board of Indian Commissioners. ·-;, The friends of the Northern. Pacific fear the .present investigation will delay if not defeat their project. · , The Congressional committee has returned from New Orleans,' and will report against the the administration. . In an engagement between thejSjpaj); iqh government troopq ajy) th%catitiatg, on Mondav, the latter jro; '- ~' * A krge neeting 'was ¥orfcMon«Ja;r night. W. 0, Bryanfand other repub icans were ontspoken in conacns njttio i of the Louisiana oat- rage. ' j ' · · ' · · . t ' '.-.··.. Twenty-five thouaancj, dollars of the Pacific Mail money huhjum truced to Cpl. Forney of the Pafla#eTjhia Ptw t and $5,000 to Don Piatt of. the Wash- iiigton}0dpitol. ^ " The convicts at ,the ,Nebr»sk State prison reMoUed Moad*gv -o.' erpDwered juacdfl andstrippea^eiila.of every- Emo tol t weref democ eoup M the The clerk crats, tors the de Hohee the organ On h s izat on blooji bed o Legw ature. Regrets were gresS(!dttjatEeH;bggwas hot k i l l i in Septe aber, and t ireats oft assassination |0f th? Republican members in order to secure^ the organization o|f th« Legislature, vere freely nade, and on e minber Jws 'actually kidnapped alnd rtiepiifrom nAinin* ^·kMAn^.^.A ^±. i 1_ _ . 1 . ^ k *· 1. 1_ being jresent at 17 t | --·-*· K«. i*j u i he orianizatilon. static led troops! nlear preserve ipeaea. ~ L st call ed il pon anct ijised' h -its to preserve ordsr ! alter 'etot, | anq were as freely T . T^ n d f l f t r t v l pre sen cratio in th the juacdfl tndctrippe^-tbejdk.of every thing, an4 wew expected tOjj tUy, forth ' \vardeos and A terrible Storm pPev|lled^Wroagh6ut the-tountry FtWiiy. ft wis( '3tf* 'below at' Si Paul, 40«"!,elb^WPt. Jar ·», and 20° below at Mirwaukee. /'He storm cabe up in the nljjht, whea ikdif were stir ing, therefore no loss of life htQQusea of Oongrew.s nenfc much Monday in dJBouqsing Loriai«n« rs,as also did the 0»bine «, Ii seebs ,tha| "all of us)" as Bftlknap t l«graptea Sherid»n, are not agwed. B«irry lias Mlucad.abiHijttthflHouseto kboliah the jflioe of Lleal«»»q|Q«nBi!a^ The the milikafy iounib«rry * Co. farmi pat whew 1* will Mrs. C. Oager A i. Drew Making, Ac. ER -Sewing MftchliMi for Ml* or line Extra§, 4c. *h'tf'tth Popular alaae C««*lrr eWnio worjtlt thfl jiaone ipecUny for th i Of MVeralh A CO. A tothing. u rtock OiMJeHe*, e«ten«. Clotlflltg, wejt i|lf«ted Dry Full line of rappttet, i^ry Goods LARK Clothing Ac wlU of the day, buT the !fce«cerning Ui in not plily all 1 ' of the ncw» -- ' ost vellibla report* I,OTH1X( Orocerle ·Bonts, SBoee:, 4ci · ' ^ N N ' f t CO.--PrarttUiM, , Liquori and Cigars.-' -ME fiROWNI1 O cared, E Batter, T MAKBTS, . AI WISOROarE-Me.1*, fr«A and !;js..tegetablea. Ac. IK--Fresli Meats, Ham. BAOOO, Rgft, Iraih, -Feed, Ifotatos, A«. ·joa »' YEQ P ETER W Frejh Oy: day aai ojghl ·lay. __ i i Pl^?.* * C ' '·--*»" assortment of Drags, Motion*, *-J vyinesaiBLI|,aor3foi k niedWiua pauyotee, O|- L A K S H A L L work. S T. Best Cigar«, JOHN j*^ W [place »s ,----j" whal« M lea^d »M»- F IRST AND Pnopriel Boom, BAKERIES. N-3lty Bakery. LK crs *«. .R.--FreA Dr«AJt. CakeJ, Pies. n every rfyfe, at all bouff Ofthe linked Pork »nd Be$ri« every 8un- A ! CAMPS ELL--p«u O METEH -Biiote and Shoes to order, ·epaln. « ·· ' i i 3 A* (P^E ROOMS, 4-O. saoss. n - · ~\""L--^f«U *ne t»f sale -- o t a f n d s ** 0l BMld « *· order. Alotes. ^._ iLlQfJOR » . . . _ tope ted goods In the roarr't. ^^ wholeaale and ret4ll. j)ample Important, a»Syqa^ck isihe nearest point, to tet Htllj, and will be th^pohit whe're expefll _ will outfit. From I Umarsk to the- Blatk Bills ·e U a direct «nl well r aiarked trait, made by the 'ra elf Outtorlji expedition. ! i* Tmevn la the only weekly newspaper In tbe id States which sent a Special Correspondent _._. wkh Caster's expedition. It is the only Weekly juWlshesFULL .- . . . . The Louisana legi«J*ti»o tJoivo*ed werik ago Monday. Their* m vv\ ^resent in the House 58 democrat! *nd 62 · The OTJ . Pennine fire o K bvjtbe pr)ced«d to ( fto -wards elected bn^ tile the ground tl «t voters qgjgias continued r»dic»l|, however, l»te ^in the afU*. t Kellogg, eitewd. (lie and . ejected tfc«. ton ocrk ti in ifa re- ljnlt*l States which Dlp^CHES, r tbe LATEST HBwf up 4, Ike time of going to $8. together wltli the Nc ws of the Week, condensed · an ATTKACT1 VE L*lg\t t 11 f-HWh'sky, Wine, Cigar*, Ac., «t ·*rttail. Billiard HallT An ' f--PureLlnuors, eholce«t Ci N«xt door to Cfvtal Uutul. speaking .of this jeekly newapiiper i · . ·. · r territory, baptist j Oplaion. LAJ T CHAKCK -I Oonre DrMrt*. N( «t door lo Btataj-c* HoUl. Clab Popular Rewspapeif, pays:, · I" The Bismarck TRUIVWB, pttblls)te4 a* Bismarck, D»kc,^ ; ,, completed He Orst year's exiiitettee aaf rewarlcmbiy wlSH-ealted iihee't, para not iMsfatrormbly wtth. many of the more pre- »3Btlo»» Jou«jr»li of the AtlartUi coast. It is one «f We rn*rT«l3 o' American jonrnalisnj, how sueh.a M*My printed uwl lifcly eondvieied news (beet comM from the midst of i terrttoi-T which a year ago was Inhabited oulj ty ln4Uui8 aqd wild niiiiiajs." All Postmatlen ind JN^ws AgMts are tulhorhed aet M o«r agonta, rtt» nlo^ for their services the , r - Newr (Me»qi»*tel«#r pjuld tlw SecreUVT Qf War «b«( ifOoDi «w would |eclare,,the Sootjwrners banditti, tbey «ouia,be put down bji tt»e.«ij !*j»r that^'iyolMlb^tl^rtjhifl: ^ O f l f nr e, Eldest exQiteme^it'pr^w'H Cleans, afldJSh.«r,id»n W|» teeth a* » Jiar, f»nd i reatejied , , ; assasfinfttion. jHia SAtenents ywe at.onpe denied byj the (ominitue . 7 thfi clergy, b y - i he bo»rd board f t nd«r» j: ffress aftdjin «iaato of Uw moing the mjlitvy; ; aftd Hendicks, Brovo, [ Alton, i Oston, n and others b«f fl se^t , j special oessageg. The (lemocrato U a man nounced the, aption of the jail itary, d tho republicans can only! d mand farther information before expi esc ng an ; f ranU^cfe B i^ ere * he - ***j*e* of the more pre- B «8310n Grant WOOld O| ?.**· J tt3 on * «' W«. and appropriation. , and «ppropri«Uqp » t fpjr t»ry,prob«Wj wiO»dn»ifin % w so Btwo Son»« . of tbp l«b«eilptloa* s«ot direct should be addreewd to BIUIABCK TRf CNt COMPANY, BUmarok D. T. f- - · · · · · · · tfi » - r ^ ~urT-»-j w~r -»- -j ~^^- --f M*Wir denunciation of the Louisiana lafi my. Butler has presented i bill to tecon- struct the State government--a atici, pating the probable reommendation of the Committee. put t h question dembcritic si le, the ^os seized ity jiro Turn, .]usr tioo itly went to lied td irdei ouse, ana fif jy repubiiclur^ leiisla AViltZ|re-4Iecfid in ucus for Spei ker - , - - , - ..... T R0)ublicanJ "Tie (tllerk had toot finish 3d a inounpirig the risult, when Wiltz was nominatel for Spdaker, and th* motion Uas declared o4t of ordet bfe- the ( lerl . Somp one, xowever, amid ch [and Wi he Spbakftt's" chait and andie( lared-hirdJelf elected. ers ing ask!e tie 0 ;ested, iut Wiltz prtid eateroay afternoon whea Mrs in«, of Fifth street, asked the doctor er boy Samuel woluld five, the doctor loo cod very serious rtnd replied: He may, aad if he does he will know mo -e than ever before." S amuelI is aged 13,, and since the snow e he has been engaged in "catching b, CB tho farmers call it when they jump » farmers sleigh. He was on Fourth street yesterday when a At*'O rAant M«»««A Ll»--.*. j ?iL _ t canto « b over farmer's team camekl'ong wifh alhay" . and Samuel tdok a seat on the tier." He rode' a short distance rac "b acd then let go and coi for gin and ronl tz rishid to the erk, i. raajor- attention. A detndcrali was in like m declared elected lerk, and ore Sergoan|t-at-ar n s . The Speaker t t - «d a dbzen or noro Oabtainis of the White League, W 10 were present,! Assistant Sergei ,nta at-arms, whereupon they turned dowh the- lapels of iliheir coats, d splaying t^ie badge; of Assistant i .» - J. Sefgeanlt-at-ari member s, afte in a bod These confusit draw or flietnocrc ing Spe order, j scenes n, anc the flpor ts cal them. Detroirand being informed by tho iker that he could hot preserve rietly restored ordfer, rece personal thanks fffm the a resolution of assistan :e, and the Tepubll crat»'h returne the us In- all almittei five; memb p ;bfe bard, arid they and [pinj; fflcers were ejected. n , bii 4etegr*m' whijoJ The Le siqla 1 1 al countiss i ney's Pleak Oonnty. - M c K a y s from mal ing wtth ! i -- r " M " ·*v»» UXUVUBI seeded ifeminnt, the military soughl ,, pr« s rve peace alnd preltenft blowtshc 1, hi r - believed that result w s acsc|mpl|s)Hed. This ita'telailent seems straight ..'Bfes^-H ! P' IE WSLATXVENQTS ^ T ' i^t - i.!_.. 4 . i T . rr cibismot he ett's^friends in Kellehofi wju given to Boel Both bi aitiors of some of repudiati partment. -^ The- Gb troduced in -·-Frequert i where burjjian dog. h ed g t re»Hir tt says a -Wedgewb* ice oflith* «r^ farm meigfebor down to, wards, «: trwted by which was Wildly on t he theboyhal the,/spot, b e d tbe .water, on H«) drew the home, w bailk restored, atrnmental young mas of the boy, esteem his than ever ( and the republican rotest, Mt tfie hpuse am ill ihe w ls and | knives and in the lobby the military I · ^ i bled der his on was he Hil edS side heat n Q ···** wavBt7«*« J.AV g C t V U wful yell as he realized his situa- bat,tbe farmer| lost his tearing ago, and satjon his seat as stiff as DardJtf giant, wh^le the horses nm- along at at even pace. hill- A m 'thinks by the Fifty-two republican membejrat a petitic n to the Covernor,Btatii|g grievanc e, and ask ng protection where upon th{) Govejrno asked' for I and officers Were r imoved b|y their kid, though care vas , taken to itterfere with no lega ly ele Ued member ,M h«ther denocrat. The demo- t irm Lieutenant General t trough thei? actjbnl this 6ub peaker, usurping ra jmbera rs not reco drag Sam til, when seems straight foir- t; will be generally Sheridan's Tojim ire has organized' ' Black Hills, i ra called ! seems to! have Bismarck. ht ve fans flfe hjas yes, and is iii itti ar- ster biien and his ' I ' passed thie Tank ton Railroad vetoed j t h e b i l ng Fargjd. are on been saved frr ince of theki seat bill NO. 27 a ,, stepped into the of a rope draggibg b«hind, and be- he knew what wife up, toe was drag- a]ong through too slush. He gave Hay I Say you! Oh, mi» v yelled Samuel, 4s the slush ran up antaloons, and his back was raked u knobby street, but the farmer ;hmting of home, sweet home, and id't reply. "You, there! Whoop! Ho I Grashus and blazes!" roar- amuel, as he slid on his back and and felt his coat going over his !.. ' e farmer drove up Fourth to Labrosse, and then went west, and there wasn't a hub or a pond of water that SamneLBlaine didn't find. Sometimes he y|as on his back, and then he would for awhile t'other side up, and he up a yelling which made people run windows. Some boys observed ituation, but they thought it was a f l n ^ l v*.f «.__ A _ It j i * · · · . glid kep toth his new kind of, way to ."catch °a bob," and they yelled, "Bully forSamuel Elaine!' 1 "°iay ! I'm being jdrawed to death- stop 111 but kept yer bosses I" shouted Sam; but tho farmer was thinking of a grave on the ide, and he never turned his hoacL n stopped on the walk and yelled; ay ! you've got a boy there Tamer nodded his head and Finally as he turned into Eighth t and headed for 'Michigan avenue; oked around. Seeing Samuel corn- pi behind, rolling over and over, he jht the boy was trying to catch on, e put the "bud" to his horses and three blocks further, and drew up rocery. len they discovered the boy's sHu- atior they said it would take forty pounds of glue to mend him up, and one advised killing him at once, so as e Mrs. filaine * doctor bill, but counsel prevailed, and tbey car- im home. His mother couldn't ijnixe him at»first; she said they oouldn't pass that rnud and slush-be- - ed form off on her as her beloved el, but when finally convinced that it wai he, she dug the snow out fef his ears i, nd wailed: '·Oi! Samuel, why did you try to catch a bob 1"-- Detroit Free frets. Dooision la A Liquor Gaie. case of the city of Elk Point vs Vaughn which has engaged the atten ;ion of the district court for the first breb days is at last decided. This fas an actin of the city of Elk to enforce the city ordinance re quiring adty licence of |500 to sell li,- U * b r m ! record right county finletl, ' sJtranire actions (itl _ and running a_ e near the place where en boy, son ·ough a hole in _. lake adjoin ing his fath he IMonticello pra rie. iwpoi, a brother ind filrari, happened to go (e h|ke 4 ew moments niter- rtter tion was at onceat- is Th G. 0 |r m * Mure » nd forbidding dram- sellinc;. The defendant Vaughn was ted before city justice Wallace in it last, and fine|i fifty dollars and The case was (brought before the it court on appeal and was very itely argued byiHon.Alex.Hughe^ part Of plaintiff, and by Hon. E. iller and Wm. L. Joy, of the firm And Wright of Sioux City, for lant; After the most thorough and exhaustive search; and presentation of dec sions in other states and evidence -for this this B believed to be the first of n. Proceeding .--J X U -- I- !,,·_ J iveied the boy lying in apparantl " ' du(jtnd carried! prpertreatment ao/ijcobfloionsneas was " 'log th«t was tkitt tvirg the life a constant com ill no doubt he friend to tind in the territory--the court !S 8t e t e °i n ^ hcW tb « P«ty ordinance val 3d, anB the jury afte^ a short deliberation brought in a verdict of guilty, thus reaffirming the decision of Justice Wallace. A motion for irwtof judgment, was overrated by the court. Much credit Is due to Mr. Hughes, Atfy forth*) city, for his able defence °* we people's righta, and vindication of the {cause of temperance, completely answering and refuting single' handed »· combined skill and talent of several of the most able attorneys in the west, who were retained by defendant.--Elk D -*-* Courier. Paint a rem- Indian of Andeion, across fhe of Peter , the Indian A««nt at Sarnio - w ^, : , n ««n at arno WM pre* mt, an d distributed the half yearly Gorern ·"· W TM* M.1M ** the ·w.nVrf/inYmbe". of tte tril w. The Aftnt presented a letter from the n . Ir * ierTe and Turtle Island. The Council answered that they were willing to accede to me request, but would -not do so it present as they now have petition* pending before the Goternment asking foil the enfranchisement of the band, and «ar- renderipgi the lattdi not wanted. Before the Council closed Its wsslon however, a surrender WM made of Turtle htund. which will be sold to tbe beet advantage. · ho CD Irn, iNEWSPAPERl

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