The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1955 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1955
Page 22
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PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMOHE, IOWA Friday, Aug. 12 ANN'S ACC. BAND Sunday, Aug. 14 LYNN KERNS Friday, Aug. 19 JERRY DOSTAL Sunday, Aug. 21 LEE BARRON Friday, Aug. 26 SPIKE HASKELL No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 6-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, August It, 1955 Truth, Ihey say, is stranger (him fiction. Fiction writers have to rrwke tlieir sforics believable or nuiRcizint; editors will slop buying tlicni and people will stop reading the magazine. Truth isn't always so believable and many stories that gel in the newspaper don't follow the rules of logic, bu'i they are usually the truth, if the editors can possibly help it. II you write for newspapers you nad blamed well better write nothing but the truth, believable not, or the editor will cut off your end' of the table. And irate •eaders will, in turn, take it out in the editor. The following is a liille col ection of stories, patterned on * RODEO with GENE AUTRY WIIJ, wooly, wonderful. Thrills galore wilh bronc bustln', calf roping, bulldogging, Brahma bull riding, etc. 4 after- rtoons — Sept. 2-3-4-5; I nlte — Sept. 3. . - - *" AUTO RACES Big time, tig car classics of . All America?' racing "greats." Afternoons, Aug. 28-29; Mites, Sept. 2-5. THRILL DAY THURS.. SEPT. i .World's greatest congress of daredevils In a nervc-shattcrinf _ afternoon of smashes and crashes, thrills and spills. attcri / * STOCK CAR RACES . ^ State championship modified Hock car sprints, afternoon, Auj. '_ 27. 100 mile marathon, night, Sept. 4. HORSE RACES Aug. 30 and 31 |5r '2 ureal harness and running ^ races daily. The sport of " King*. * M/LES OF FE^TUflES 8,000 head ol livestock; 4-H and FFA expositions; 40 acres Inrin machinery; agricultural show; fruit and flower show; women's exposition, Jiur«c shows; fish and name; ItaU of _sci- rnce; 10 acre midway; ji reworks; contt'iis and special events galore. MUSICAL REVUE "Kifninii, »ui. 27 thru Sept. 1. Hit show of '55. Stars ol ttase and radio, Broadivay chorus, 3 hours of fast-step, ping fun. Twice daily. All your favorites. ORDER RESERVED SEATS NOW Crandtland, l\ and SI.SO; Box Stati, $].< S*nd caih or'rnoiuy ordtr to Tr»ni- ant. ItaU Fair leant, Dc> Moin.j. CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS 'As Much As $9.00 Savings Per TOO Lbs. Gain" MINERAL MEAL Cnni ; ;,viny-- nnw p;,v ,,fl -,•. ih.m < \vr! A'ul YOU fm tM I n si ,•!;.:.; HKSl'I.TS witi, v,,>..- I,,,-. ,„, ^--mt Min- Kil .Meal. Ki-MiH, r,n ruin .-aMi.-_- ; . ;,iv ui<-i,t,:l v. ;t!i nmpcr .silppl'-nirnlm.L;. 'IV.-Is pi ,\v ih;M vu.i , ,,i ,.\v up l n (j blishc).-: of cniJ: |,,.|- ] 00 p, , ,.,,,j, ,,;„„ ,-.,,„,,,.,,,., j ,,, ,, r dina!y coin Icrtiiuy. Fiiat cuts M..IIH;,! r,,n, ,•,„(„ .,, | Kl ] t [,- ( . ()nl is Sl.. r )(). you can say up i,, si) ra.-ii pc, lOi) pounds of ^ains. On ;i 200 pound lio^. ||,,d adds i.p i,, vj;;. SarL'C'iit Minnil Meal •_>,.•(•< Mich |,i-j roin savings RESULTS, because it ha,, the genuine poi I: building in- m-dients. Hk-niis the-v into a UMI-..I ii!onev-s; ( vin« hu« supplement. Sariient M!I,I;.| Mial h;,-, viianun- pioteins and mini-ills plus extra factors. On Minral .Meal. 'ho.N just na!ui-ally make a healthy, pi ofiU.blf lini.-h ' '"' • 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" similar tales found in the newspapers over the years, but without that little out-of-the-ordinary louch that made them newsworthy. There's not a word of truth in any one of them. Five years ago, Mrs Jerimiah McGillicuddy was working in her garden, weeding the carrots. She glanced down at her hand, and found much to her alarm, that the stone from her engagement ring had come loose and dropped out. The diamond, a gift from the'late, Mr McGillicuddy, had great sentimental value. Mrs McGillicuddy searched the garden high and low, called in her neighbors to join in the hunt, but the stone couldn't be found. Tearfully, she resigned herself that it was gone forever. Last week, Mrs McGillicuddy was agai working in her garden. The sun light glinted on a small round bb ject. She picked it up, thinkin it was a piece of cinder. It was Jasper Q. Hobb, President o the Hobb Knob Company, wa interviewed yesterday in his ex ecutive suite of offices. M Hobb, reportedly worth $69,000, 000 was born in a log cabin educated in the school of hare knocks and began working at a very tender age. In speaking of lis phenomenal rise to his present success, Mr Hobb said, "I ilways put in a twenty hour day THESJ& WOMEN! By d'AIessio "Daughter, tell him I'm goytig home. I want Jo see him fell out of thfc hammock!" vhen I first started making knobs. When I came here in 1902 I made a dollar a week and I saved seventy-five cents of it. I kept on working'hard, my paycheck increased and I always salted away part of it. By the time I was forty, I owned the whole company right down to the very last knob." "Then we may say to the Youth of America that honesty, hard work and thrift are the secrets of your success?", we asked. "Yes sir! You can go ahead and say that!", replied the Knob tycoon, patting his corporation. "And then too, I married the boss' daughter, he died when I was forty and she inherited $68,999,900.25!" * * * Lord Chumley Wellington Smythe was one of Britains' most intrepid and fearless explorers and big game hunters. Many years ago on a safari to darkest Africa, Lord Wellington-Symthe's party came upon a magnificent young lion which they had been stalking for days. Lord Wellington-Smythe took careful aim with his trusty blunderbuss, the lion turned as if to charge, but the intrepid hunter couldn't bear to pull the trigger! For anxious though he was to bag the lion, he noticed that on the lion's paw was a horrible wound caused by a thorn from the Whorly-Burley bush. Lord Wellington-Smythe, throw down his gun, spoke reassuringly to the animal, strode toward him and rembved the offending thorn. The beast purred his thanks and the hind quarters of the animal, tail wagging was .seen disappearing into the jungle. Years later, Lord Chumley Wellington-Smythe was again magnificent old lion was sightet by the party and Lord Welling ton-Smythe was again about t pull the trigger. Again he stop ped short. "By Jove!", said th intrepid hunter, "That's the sam beast I took the thorn from bacl in 1896!" The lion purred re assuringly and an expression o recognition crossed his noble brow. The hunter threw down his gun and strode fearlessly towarc the lion. The last -anyone ever saw of Lord Wellington-Smythe was his hind quarters protruding from the lion's mouth as that magnificent beast, tail wagging, disappeared into the jungle. • • '• Herkimer and Hortense were newly-weds. They had a rose and nortga'ge covered cottage, Horense's, .trousseau was wearing licely, her cooking was improv- ng and Herkimer was doing real well down at the vinegar works tfhere he was employed. The only thing that could possibly lave added to their joy was a ittle, "bundle from Heaven". One vening Herkimer hurried home rom his job. He beheld the ovely vision of his bride, seated n the platform . rocker, her olden head silhouetted against he sunset. . She was knitting, nd what she was knitting was istinctly of pink and blue yarn.- Yes, darling", said Hortense, "it s really true. We are going to ave a baby. Aren't you sur- rised?" "Heck, no", said Herkimer. "I keep just as good track of those things as you do!" -,-jus— • ••'•... . Herman and Vermin were identical twins.. Their parents were killed in a tragic automobile accident when the brothers were seven and a , half months old. Herman was adopted;by a family, named Zurpckizowslobia in Flatbush, Michigan and Vermin was picked up by a tribe of gypsies, named Jones. The years passed and although Vermin was curious about his ^ost brother, all that he was ever told was Herman's name, that he lived in Michigan and that he had the left half of a strawberry mark just above his left eyebrow. Vermin had the right half of the strawberry mark just above his own eyebrow. One year, the fortune telling business in which Vermin wa . . . - „----- -,_.-... .^.jvJ *,, I. * ll\, t » T<"1 111141 W C13 hunting in darkest Africa. A engaged was a little slow so he decided to go to Michigan to look up his brother. Vermin searchec >the records in all the courthouses and town halls in all the cities and towns of Michigan but he didn't find a single Zurockiszow- slobia. That is, he didn't till he came to Flatbush, Michigar. After more research, he knocked on the door of a big, brick house The man who opened it looked so much like Vermin, he thought he was looking into a mirror! With tears of joy he told his story. When he finished, the Flatbush resident said, "Zurock- iszowslobia? That's my name, alright but I think it's Sam's kid you're looking for. They moved away from here ten years ago. No relation. That mark I got dn my eyebrow? That's a wart."'... r I received a telephone call from Phyllis Bray yesterday and^ she said, "As long as you aren't gong to print recipes for a \^hile, why don't you publish recipes for dees to keep the kids busy/these ast few weeks before school tarts." She contributed trie folowing: "Take 1 broomstick, 1 Id net curtain and 1 were coat- langer, fashion into a net and et the children use it for" a but- erfly catcher." Phyllis says her oungsters have caught several >utterflys out by the apple tree nd they put them in jars to pb- erve. When they get to the tage where they are interested n mounting triem, the Doctor Is going to show them how to pierce the., bjjtterfly's head with a aieediefcj. painlessly killing Uigm and preserving them intact. MSny mothers have been making homemade clay to, keep the, kids busy, and I'd welcome any* 1 other ideas you happen to have. ._ The kids at ou'r house are driving me wild, too. And don't forget fo send in your recipes to the U.D.M.'s fooa contest. —GRACE. LINGUIST Auto salesman John" 1 'Cornish of Coon Rapids was called into service as a translator \vWen the Russian delegation visited! Iowa recently. While in intelligence service the -Army during the war, he spent a year learning the Russian language. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS wanna see some good Square Dancin'? Tune In KGLO Channel MONDAY NITE-8:00 P.M. Be sure your TV is tuned to Channel 3, KGIO-TV, Monday evening at 8:00 P.M. The Kossuth County Teen-agers Square Dance Club, with Bill Tjaden calling, will present a full and lively program of real rootin' toot in' square dancing. Chet Cook is in charge of arrangements. The program is to be sponsored by ERNIE WILLIAMS, Algona John Deere dealer. Make this a "must" on Monday night. The Program Will Be Presented by the Following: Ronnie Gerber Deanne Eisenbarth Jim Lindhorit Janice Bjustrom Stan Sorensen Shirley Shipler Dick Kuecker Beverly Gerber Harley Troutman Janice Klooster Junior Cook Shirley Sorensen Denny $eefeld Dorothy Cade Harold Bjustrom Janice Be«ch Presented on TV by ERNIE WILLIAMS Your Algona John Deere Dealer John Webers Of Irvingfon Return Home Irvinglon— Mr and Mrs John Weber and Mr and Mrs Robert 'Stephen and' son drove to New York to visit Lt. Dick Weber, stationed ut Lockport Air Force Station there. -They spent a week with him and arrived home Sunday, Aug. 7. Mr and Mrs Chris Gales recently visited their three daughters in the convent at Techny, 111. Their son AI, and grandson Tom Altman, accompanied theni. Mr and Mrs Vernon Robison of Dakota City spent Sunday at the Rome Robison home. Mr and Mrs Don Bormann and family spent the weekend in Minneapolis at the home of Mr and Mrs Donald Frankl, Mrs Marie Frankl returned home with them Sunday after a two week visit there. Mr 1 and Mrs Henry • Sehepp/ mann and Mr. and Mrs Louis Scheppmsnn and family attended the 'Seheopmann reunion Sufi- day at La Fiesta near West Bend. Mr and Mrs Ronald Mafbough from Wilshlre t Ohio visited Sunday at the Carl Seep hofne. Mr and Mrs Paul Gr'dnbach. and family have moved from Algona 16 the home of his,parents, Mr and Mrs Wm. Gronbach. Mrs Tom. Gronbach left for Iowa City hospital on Thursday where she- will have an appendectomy. of Corwith the evening of Aug. 4. She received many useful gifts. She will become the bride of Eugene Arndorfer, son of Mr and ,Mrs Mike Arndorfer, Aug. 13, at Corwith. During the very hot weather Carl Brown Sr. was somewhat overcome by the heat, He is feeling better now. Si Benedict Mr and Mrs Otmar Fisher and Mr and Mrs Dennis Lichtelg re- .turned a few days ago frorn Tucson, Ariz. They were gone about two weeks. Otmar was not feeling well when he arrived home. He had been sick a couple of days in Arizona With something similar to a strep throat. The Fisher's daughter, Paula, stayed with Mrs Fisher's sister during her parent's absence. The Lickteig- children were with their maternal grandparents at Fort Dodge. There was a nice attendance at the shower of Ramona Gray CLEAR LAKE , IOWA THURS., AUG. lllh ROSS MORGAN And His Famous Orch. FRIDAY, AUG. 12ih KENNY HOFER And His Midweslerners SAT., AUG. 13th LYNN KERNS And His Orchestra •SUNDAY, AUG. 14th HENRY CHARLES And His Orchestra WEDNESDAY. AUG. 17lh • Teenage Dance THE MAN WE WANT Is between 26 and" 40, preferably married, and needs an income of at least $6,000. He has some experience, in business or in teaching. He is successful in his present work, but feels it does not offer him the opportunity to make the most of his ability. He is willing to go through an arduous training program to achieve the position he wants, because of its unlimited opportunity. Such a man will make a favorable impression at first interview; and to such a man the position will have such attraction as to make him put forth his best efforts to get it. , _ .,• If you believe you can qualify, write a letter giving pertinent facts, and three references. Interview will be arranged. Write BLC Box 69, Algona, la. 32-33-34 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sale of School Property in Lotts Creek, Union, Irvington, 'and Cresco Townships, Kossuth County, Iowa. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Algona Community School District will dispose of the property described hereinafter on receipt of sealed bids to be received no later than 12:00 o'clock noon on the 8th Day of September, 1955 at the office of the Superintendent of Schools of the Algona Community School District in the High School building at Algona, Iowa. All bids must be accompanied by a check payable to Algona Community School District for ten per cent (10%) of the amount bid. Bid blanks are available at the office of the Superintendent of Schools in the High School building at Afgona, Iowa. The Board of Directors will meet at 8;00 o'clock P.M. in the High School Annex on the 8th day of September, 1955, and open said bids. The right is reserved by the Board of Directors to waive technicalities and to reject or accept any or all bids. The properties to be sold are described as follows: IRVINGTON TOWNSHIP Land, building, out buildings and equipment described as Irvington School No. 9 comprising the North Half (N.V4) of Out Lot 6, Town of Irvington, with bids to be taken for the site separately; building, equipment and out buildings as a unit; or site, building, equipment and out buildings as a unit. CRESCO TOWNSHIP Building, outbuildings and equipment described as Cresco School No. 4 in the Southeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE '/4> of Section 23, Township 95 North, Range 29. LOTTS CREEK TOWNSHIP Building, out buildings and equipment described as Lotts Creek School « No. 6 located in the Southeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) of Section 14, Township 96 North, Range 30. Building, out buildings and equipment described as lotts Creek School No. 7 in the Southwest Corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW '/<0 of Section 25, Township 96 North, Range 30. UNION TOWNSHIP Building, out buildings and equipment described as Union School No. 1 In the Southwest Corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW V*) of Section 1, Township 96 North, Range 29. Building, out buildings and equipment described as Union School No. 4 in the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NW '/4 SW 'A) of Section 24, Township 96 North, Range 29, Building, out building* and equipment described as Union School No. 5 in the Northeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter (NE Vi) of Section 21, Township 96 North, Range 29. t Bill of sale to be given to successful bidder for buildings and personal property and quit claim deed to be given to land. Abstract of title to land not to be furnished. All property is to be removed from the premises on or before December 1,195$, unless the site is likewise purchased or owned by the purchaser of the building and equipment. Settlement to be made by successful bidders on tender of bill of sale or quit claim deed. No property to be removed until tented for. Published by Order of the Beard of Director* of Algona Community School District this 3rd day of August, 1955. Inez Wolfe Secretary-Algong Community School District

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