Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 12, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1973
Page 19
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Correspondent Mrs. Lorraine Stauth •111.8. 10th St. Phone 734-4721 For Missed Copies Before 6 P. M. Phone 734-4)21 Warren County Board Rejects Ambulance Operation With City County Health Need Survey Being Taken By Volunteers IMONIMOUTH — The Wamnem Oouwby health needs survey is now imidier way, acoordiiinig to infos. iMiairc Waiggener of iMionimiotitih, chairman <rt ifihe Wainfen Oatwi/fcy Health Survey Team. The survey is a volunteer effort conducted by interested iresiidentis tormighiout the oounlty, • Vbluwfceeir dnteirvieiweirs in Miotinnouitti are Mentiifiied as imemibers of itfoe Wamren Couinity HeiaJith Survey Teiam wilUh ia whiiibe idenibiiMoalbtart tog. The jmiamlbeirs ol the Extension AssooiiaiMion oawiaissinig the cotwiity are mat weanling tag®. • It is lambMpateid ithait every hwsehold in (he oounby will be 'contacted sometime duirtog the summer, to determine pajbSiiic opiinion on ejdstog heallth needs, iMcs. Waggener said. •. Miane volunteer 'initerviewers are sMH needed. Those wishfag to piamtidpaifce in the 3-m'onnth survey may attend the raxt< talnfag Bessiion tor interviewers alt the Fianm Bureau building June 18, ait 7:30 • Prospective voilunibeers miay aJso oali one oif the following Warren Caumty Healtih Survey Team members tor more in- irtonmaitlon aboult the survey: Mrs. James (Romano, 734-2913; Mrs. Waggoner, 734-3329, or Mrs. Jack Siteger, 734-5408. Among ithe groups amd organizaibions oaapenafog in the hefaillth survey are (the League df Women Voters of Monmouth, the Warren Ooumty Home Extension Association, Jameson Community Center, and toe Civics Club of Monmouth. MONMOUTH ~ Warren coun t,y Board members Monday re* jected a proposed ambulance service to be operated jointly by the county, city and Community Memorial Hospital. The vote on the proposal which called for a $91,098,oper* ating budget with the city and county snaring -an expected $46,005 deficit, was unanimous except for Carter Stanton and Kenneth Davis, who passed. The motion for rejection was •made by David Winkler who said, "This is such a fouled up budget that I move we reject it." Some of the opposition seemed to arise from a feeling among some of the board mem bers that the expected loss estimated in the new budget seemed to be about twice what they believed had been an ac tual loss when the hospital operated the service about two years ago There was also objection from some of the board members who maintained that the budget presentation did not specify exactly what the hospital would contribute. The board authorized a committee of its members to investigate any alternative methods of providing a countywide arnbu lance service. Appointed to the ambulance committee were Carter Stanton, Kenneth Davis, David Moffet and David Winkler. Stanton and Davis have been serving as county board representatives with the city and hospital in preparing the proposal that was rejected yesterday. Arrangements were also made to call a special board meeting to consider whatever proposal the ambulance committee comes up with. Unless the City of Monmouth will extend its deadline, some kind of new ambulance service must be developed this month as the city has served notice it no longer wishes to operate the service after July 1. In addition to some of the members feeling that the budget might be higher than was necessary and that it did not clearly specify all expenditures, some of the board members voiced other objections to the plan. Davis said he was afraid that if the county helped subsidize the operation of the .proposed ambulance service that other ambulance services being operated in the eounty might feel they also deserved aid. "If we can't finance one service, what do we do with three or four," Davis said In cCher action the board added a new precinct to the City of Monmouth, The city will wow have 11 instead of 10 precindts and the population of each will be within a 451-584 range. The new precinct will be called Pinedoat 11 and is made up of parts of the old Precincts 3 amd 9. The old Precinct 11, which includes the areas in Moromowth Township located outside of (the city limits, will now be desigwaited as Precinct 12. Voters will not be affected by the change until ifeime for the n/exit elecifon and (hat date is not yet eg'jafoliished. Bridge aid petitions were approved for Spring Grove, Berwick, Tompkins and Sumner townships. Spring Grove Township is to receive $15,000 for a "idge over a branch of Henderson Creek. Berwick Township was aioted $8,329 for a bridge over ibhe. same creek in that area. A total of $13,000 was approved 'for a bridge over Soulh Henderson Creek in Tompkins Township, and Sumner Township will receive $5,000 for a bridge. Approval was given for a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 pounds to be placed on Foust Road which runs from the rest area oifif U.S. 34 bypass east of Monmouth to Cedar Creek. Board members took under consideration a request for an Family Cheers Mom at Graduation Youth Take First Places In Jamboree ROSEVILLE - Several Roseville youth entered the sports jamboree at Sunny Lane, Monmouth, last' Saturday. Those taking, first place in events were: . Cindy Josephson, 880 intermediate; Diane Miller, midget 50-yard dash; Marcy Crosier, junior 50-yard dash; Cathy Miller, intermediate 50-yard dash; Mark Hall, midget 50- yard dash; Diane Miller, midget 440 baton relay; B;;Sprout, intermediate,440,Lbatpn relay; Marcy Crosier,' long jump, junior; Sherry Ross, intermediate high jump; Brett Singleton, junior high jump; Mike Hall, midget high jump, arid -Holly Kirkpatrick, long jump,, intermediate and intermediate 220-yard dash. Jimmy Carlberg, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Carlberg, is a patient at Jess Parrish Memorial Hospital, Room 527, Titusville, Fla. 32780, where he .was taken during a vacation with relatives in Florida. His parents have joined him there. He is suffering from an apparent case of meningitis. The summer park program is under way with Robert Purlee as activities director. The program is held in the afternoons Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1-5 p.m. It is sponsored by -the Little League and Village of Roseville. The Woman's Softball game tonight will be Roseville and Kirkwood, there, at 7:30. Tickets aire available from Boy Scouts or C of C members for the chicken barbecue, Wednesday. Serving will start at 5:30 p.m. Proceeds will go to the Boy Scout Jamboree fund. The band concert and the style show to follow, marks the official opening of the quasquicentennial celebration of Roseville. The style showi is being sponsored by the Roseville Woman's Club, and will be narrated by Mrs. Robert Crosier. In observance of their 25th wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hutchins were guests of honor recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Bellinger. Present were Miss Kathy Hutching, John Hutchins, Mr. and Mrs. William Hutchins, the Rev. and Mrs. James Brackett and Tina, and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Russell. Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins were guests of their children at a family dinner at the Galesburg Sheraton Inn. The former Avis Lawhorn and Raymond Hutchins were married June 13, 1948, in tl» Jtosevirle First Baptist Church, wiih the Rev. Thomas Walsh officiating. They are the parents of throe Roseville MRS. IRA LAND Correspondent Roseville P. O. Box 145 Phone 426-2642 children, Kabhy, John and William Hutchins.' Mr. and Mrs. Rex Dean returned to their home in Culver., City, Calif., Monday, after visiting relatives' at' Roseville and other communities. They were guests of Mrs. Hazel Engle, his aunt, and were guests of honor at a carry-in dinner Sunday at the Legion Hall. Mr. and Mrs. John Felt attended graduation exercises Friday, at Southern University,- Carbondale, for their son,Ted. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bycroft and family. Ted majored in forestry, and has accepted a position with the federal government, at Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. MONMOUTH Community Memorial Hospital Admissions Monday: Mrs. Clifford Jones, Mrs. Dell Logsdon, Donald Noel, Monmouth; Charles Iranian, Aledo; Mrs. Dell Logsdon, Monmouth; Mrs. Lefcha Rowley, Biggs- vilfe. Dismissals Sunday: Mrs. Fred Lamer, Lester Hayburn, Mrs. Lillian Sage, Monmouth; Master Sterling Patterson, Gerlaw; Mrs. Gals D. Adwell, Berwick. Births Monday: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bennett, Monmouth. MONMOUTH - The only student to graduate Summa Cum Laude alt Monmouth College June 3 brought her own cheering section. •Aimong ithose applauding for Mrs. iRowald (Alice) Lawson, of near Monimouth, were, her husband; her tour children, Tom,'22,, Carolyn, .19, David, 13, and Aaron, 7; her mother, Mrs. Mary EMzaibeiih Biggins, 950 Olive St., GMesburg, and an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs... Howard Higgens . from Oanlticn. '' Mrs. (Dawson was graduated from Gialesiburg High School 25 years ago ..and didn't return to isdhiopl until the fall-of 1369 .when she started attending classes jalt Carl Sandburg Junior College. "I"' was too busy oadng tor my 'family, helping run Higgins Dairy and looking alter 9,000 chickens," she said today. She said that although she managed a •.sitraiighlt "A" average^at Carl Sandburg, she did not .try for an associate degree but, rather, geared her courses for what! she would need to graduate from Monmouth .College. Maintaining that the 9,000 chickens provided her incen- jbive, -Mrs. Lawson "said, "We wemJt 'into egg production about flour years ago and it didn't tiake me long to realize I would rather be concentrating on fawning to be a teacher instead oif candling eggs." She said she explained to her family that she "liked people much beter than chickens" and asked tor their support. "I' simply could not tove done ilt without the marvelous support I received tfzram (them al," she said. The following is a list of those graduated from Monmouth College: Mrs. Alice Lawson, Monmouth; William Janda. Elmhurst; William John Maakestad, Aurora; Joan Sherwood, Galesburg; Cynthia Carman, Galesburg; Robert Clenden- din, Monmouth; Frank Cook, Havana; Donna Czajke, River Grove; Deborah Drain, Phoenix, Ariz.; Gregory Ellis, Aurora; Mary Foxon, Monmouth; Michael Hayes, Huntley, Laurel Hornbaker, Bushnell; Janet Jones, Monmouth; Daniel Karl, Havana; Michael Kasuba, Cicero; Carolyn Kurtz, Des Moines; Janie Kurtz, Des Moines; Thomas McCaffrey, Dixon; Carol Mullen, Chicago; Michael Rich, Chicago Heights; George Rosenlcoetter, Burlington; Carl Shaub, Monmouth; Nandy Thompson, Mercer, Pa. Michael Adkinson, Peoria; Karen Ajamian, Leonia, New Jersey; Donald. Avery, Kirkwood; Breck Balmos, Sparrowbush, N. Y.; Susan Bansberg, Peru; Howard Bartlow, Rushville; John Basler, Rumford, R. . I.; Cynthia Baumann, Allison Park, Pa.; James Beckman, Chevy Chase, Md.; Michael Beezley, Affton, Mo.; Paula Behrens, Harvard; Brenda Belcher, Dolton, Mass.; Deborah Berles, Chicago; James Bird, Great Falls, Va.; Dennis Birkhofer. Monmouth; Patricia Blaine, Galesburg; Ann Boley, Kewance; Edwina Borowski, Hazel Crest; Anderson Brackett, Canton, N. Y.; David Brinker, Lyons; Timothy Brinker, Wheaton; Steven Brodsky, Spring Valley, N. Y.; Clifford Brown', Downers Grove; Henry Bryce, Buffalo, N. Y.; Rosemary Bryce, Buffalo, N. Y.; Charles Bushey, Waukegan; Kelly Camp, Harvard; James- Cassel, Astoria Linda Cohen, Evanston; James Colgan, Mamroneck, N. Y.; Marilyn Cotterman, Naperville: Kenneth Cox, Abingtori, • Mass.; Scott Craw ford, Arlington Heights; Susan Currier, Steger; Elizabeth Dale, Downers Grove; Susan Davidson, Stamford, Conn.; Verna Davies, Mon mouth; Eric Degerberg, Weston, Mass.; Margaret Diekow, Addison; Kirk Dobihal, Hamden, Conn.; Ann Dohe'rty, WUllams Bay. Wis.; William -Dusek, Berwyn; Dane Duval, Wheeling; Gayle Dyrness, Park Ridge; Edward ' Dzenis, Northampton, Mass.; Robert Eiserman, Monmouth; David Elmer, Brookfield; Anne Evatt, Western Springs; Steven Eykamp. William Fenney. FishkUl, N. Y.; Kevin Fitzpatrick, Evanston; Kathy Fleming, Wilmington, Del.; Wayne Fletcher, Havana; Leah' Friedman, Glen Cove, N. Y.: Glen Fritz, Brecksville, Ohio; Charles Goehl, Huntley; Barry Grandchamp, Hickory Hills; Gary Greenleaf, Rock Island; Jacquelyn Grier, Monmouth; WilUet Griffin. New York City; Wendy Griffis, Lake Forest; Mary Grimes, Bloomington; Douglas Hardin, Monmouth; Ross Hart, Monmouth; Nancy Hay ward, Plainfield; Anne Helton, Monmouth; John Herber, Lake Forest; Teresa Hewes, Barrington; Thomas Hilll- goss, Franklin Grove; Donald Hitchcock, Downers Grove; Steve Holland, Bushnell; Amy Hollis, Bedford Village. N. Y.; Lew Hultgren, Moline; Ronald Hunt, Alexis; Katherine Hutchinson, Wilmington, Del.; Charles Jackson, Birmingham, Ala.; Pamela Jamison, Macomb; and Mamie Johnson, Lake Forest. Also Richard Johnson, Charleston, W.Va.; Cynthia Kelthley, Monmouth; Robert Kennedy, Collinsville, Conn.; Bruce Kerback, Pinedale, Wyo.; Andrew Kerr, Evanston; Glen Kinder, Galesburg; Dennis Kistner, Matteson; Jean KZenk, Chicago; Pamela Klopf, Stockton; Helen Konstantlnopolis, New York City; Michael Kramer, Gibson City; Thomas Kratochvil, Cicero; James Kupka, Chicago; Jeffrey Langner, Rushville; Lynn Mahnic, LaSalle; Jean Malsbury, Chicago; Linda Matz, Skokie; Epluribus Mays, Chicago; Precious Mays, Chicago; John Meers, Joliet; Trudy Mercer, Everett, Ma.; Greg Miller, Aurora; Marcia Miller, Wilmette; Michael Mimnaugh, Monmouth; Douglas Moody, Darien, Conn.; James Mory, Des Peres, Mo. John Naylor, Carthage; Ronald Nelson; John Nesladek, : Cicero; Barbara Oliphant, Sparta; John Osborn, Canaan, Conn.; Eric Overcash, Media, Pa.; Timothy Owen, Monmouth; Gregory Parker, West Hartford, Conn.; John Payne, Glendale Heights; Deborah Peaco, Crystal Lake; Scott Pearson, Darien, Conn.; Victoria Peel, Dolton; Marcia Pittle, Bethesda, Md.; Dennis Plummer, Muscatine; ' Dlanne Pola, Sandwich, Mass.; William Porter, Winnetka; Michael Pospischil, South Beloit; Michael Powers, Lombard, and Zenobia Pugh, Chicago. Donald Qually, Oakbrook; Alleen Renet, Old Saybrook, Conn.; Charles Rodenbush, North Easton, Mass.; Thomas Roy, Lanesborough, Mass.; Dorothy Sanford, Galesburg; Thomas Satterly, Ferguson Mo.; Janet Scheeline, HoUldays- burg,. Pa.; Sharon Simpson, Monmouth; Gayla Smith, Minneapolis Minn.; Laura Smith, Monmouth; Wayne Smith, Savanna; John Sorenson, Hinsdale; Daniel Sperry, Aurora; Fredric Spier, Sauk Village; Michele Spleha, Brookfield Carl- Stach,; Evergreen Park; Sally Stalter, Monmouth; Susan Stanley, Highland, Park; Scott Stanton, Canaan, Conn.; Robert Stern, Great Neck, N.Yi; Lucille Steudel, Gary, Ind.; Peter Storms, Waterford, Conn.; Donald Storrs, Solon Mills. Deborah Svendson, Monmouth; Elizabeth Tanner, Lombard; Mark Thornton, John Traill; Bettye Tra vis; Peru; .Nicholas Tucker, Evanston; Marsha Vece, Clinton, Conn Gregory Vlahos, Wooddale; Sue El­ len Vlasis, Oak Lawn; Terry Wade, Monmouth; Jacqurlyn Walter, Upper Montclair, N.J.; Debra Weir, Harvard; James Wheeler, Galesburg; Delores Whitaker, Chicago; Barbara Wieand, Elmhurst; Dale Witlock, Chicago Heights; Esther Yamasaki, Chicago; Roger Yochel- son, Washington, D.C.; Gordon Yocum, Marion Station,' Pa.; WilUam Zimmerman, St. Louis, Mo. allocation from federal revenue sharing funds next year for the old Monmouth-.Aled!o-Muscatine Trail which angles from the west edge of Monmouth northwest to Little York. They also received a request from Warren Achievement Center, Inc. tor $20,000 from county federal revenue sharing funds. The school requested the money to help finance a new building. The request was referred to the finance committee. Warren County Coroner William Hoover reported he has handled 39 cases since he took office in December. Hoover said the number of calls per month have ranged from 2-11. He said there have been eight inquests and 13 autopsies. The board members approved the issuance of a liquor license for the club at Little Swan Lake. Fred Jenks proposed that the board meet more often than on a quarterly basis; that per diem be lowered from $35 to $25 per day if the board met more often; that all expenditures, except for emergencies, in excess of $1,000 require a vote by the board, and that roll call voting be done on a rotating basis James Toal proposed that t special committee be appointed to review the county policy of providing its automobiles. Robert Garth, Francis Minor, Frank Romano, Winkler, Her­ bert Wilkins, G. V. jltofhef, Jenks and Ernest .Rtterrlsofl were appointed to a committee to study the proposed~pblicy changes and to report tjjiji^ findings at the September flatting. Lee Rodgers, chairman of.the board, was elected a ypling delegate for the natioffaT convention of the Nati0fiar »;A>soci- ation of Counties next month at Dallas, Tex. Warren«0ounty Clerk Dan Brown was 1 * elected alternate. ,' Wilkins reported to the b6ard members on the progress; being made by the Western; Illinois Council of Public Officials. Wilkins, who represents Warren County, said the WICPO has had requests from soO^coun- ties in southeast Iowir ; and northeast Missouri to join.-"If these areas are ta&iil Into WIPCO," Wilkins said,,, "we would represent about ^-million people and it might help'-where interstate road developf§#flt and police protection are inv^tyed." The following appoinWients were made. Tom Johnspn,»jious- ing authority; G. V. Hoirrier and Raymond Elliott, ,^WVren County Advisory BoaroTGerald Youngquist, Scott Klukos, and Everett Reynolds, Welfare Services Committee. Donald Ray, WarretjpCounty weed control and zoning enforcement officer, reported he had investigated 15 weed violations and five zoning violations during the past month^;;-^ Shoot-Outs Scheduled at Courthouse 1./ i. ) MONMOUTH — There is going to be a series of "shoolfc- oults" ait the Warren County Ocunihouse Friday and Saturday, according to Robert Shunick, 'executive director elf Che Monanou'h Area Chamber of Oarnmerce. "Of course, the only ammu- nii'ion that is going to be used is marbles'," Shunick said. The retail division of 'the Chamber has planned a marble^shooting contest that will be open to all and the Cham­ ber is even furnishing the marbles. Shunick siaiid thousands of marbles have been distributed to 'local businessmen who are Chamber members. People wanting to enter 'the contest are invited to atop at (he participating places of business and pick up a handful of maaribles to be used in the contests. Contestants will be divided into (four groups: pre-school­ ers through the third grade will shoOt it out Friday from 1-3 p.m.; tounth jgratt'ers through the sixth grade'will participate Friday from 3-5 p.m.; seventh g r ^.'d $ r s through high school will shoot Saturday from 9-11 a.m., ?and the open adult class Will participate in the marble shoot Saturday firom 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. *s/r e The contests will be Seated in the quadrant of lUie-p^ublic square next to the Warren County Oourthouse. Prizes will be awardjgj in each division. • ** i 1973 VEGA 1* 80 H.P. Aluminum Engine. Unitized Body. Double Paneled Doors. Wrap Around Fenders. Pull Coil Su$penson Disc Drum Brakes. Window Washer*. ONLY 2087 FREIGHT and LOCAl TAXES EXTRA 2 DOOR NOTCHBACK COUPE W_BUY AMERICA Buy The little D Car Thai Does f Everything Well # Outside Rear view Mirror*. # Flush & Dry Rocker Panels. # Cigarette Lighter # Automatic Choke. 9 Seat and Shoulder Belts. # Buck-up Lights. # Padded Dash & Visors. • Voi«d Cur <*t 111* Y<MX iii 1871 by Motor frond M*u«*inu. • Car fk Driv&r Mayaitno »ay* "Th» Cur tor All Occasions. THIS PORTION TO BE•RETURNED TO DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OFFICE OF REVENUE-SHARING 1900 PENNSYLVANIA>AWE .'N ;W, WASHINGTON. 0:0*20225 (K) T~~| EXECUTIVE PROPOSAL Check this block if this plan is based on I—I an executive proposal (O DEBT How will the availability of revenue sharing funds affect the borrowing requirements of your jurisdiction? AVOID DEBT INCREASE LESSEN DEBT INCREASE X NO EFFECT TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT (M) TAXES in which of the following manners is It expected that the availability of Revenue Sharing Funds will affect the tax levels of your jurisdiction?€h*ck as many-as apply. • -WILL ENABLE REDUCING tRATEOFA MAJOR TAX WILL PREVENT INCREASE IN RATE OF A MAJOR TAX WILL PREVENT ENACTING ANEW MAJOR TAX • WILL REDUCE AMOUNT OF-RATE INCREAS E OF A MAJO R TAX • • NO EFFECT ON TAX LEVELS TOO SOON TO PREDICT EFFECT OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPENDITURES toU8UC,SAFETY PRIORITY iEXPENDITURE CAT£GORIcS,(A) ^ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 3 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! 4 HEALTH RECREATION S LIBRARIES SOCIAL SERVICES FOR AGED & POOR 8 FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION "9 TOTAL PLA.N.NtO OPERATING/MAINTENANCE EXPEN • piTUHrS PLANNED EXPENDITURES $ $ 3351 PERCENT PUNNED FOB MAINTENANCE Of EXJSIHK SERVICES •fqJSEJNCK (0 % 100% % % % % PERCENT PUUME0KU NEW OK EXMKOEO % % % % % I have advised a local newspaper and the news media of the contents of this report Furthermore I have records documenting the contents of this report and they are open (or public and news media scrutiny. WILLIAM H. WESSELS SIGNATURE OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Superviser NAMES TITLE - PLEASE PRINT Monday, June 11, 1973 DATEPU8USHE3 Galesburg Register-Mail NAME Of NcWSPAPEH THE GOVERNMENT OF PLANS»TO»EXPEND f ITS t REVENUE<SHARiNG ALLOCATION 3 F0RTHE;ENTITLEIIIE*IT ; PERIOO 1 BEGINNING - •• W JAN. l, 1973 & ENDING JUNE 30, 1973" T i In The Following Manner Based Upon An [ Estimated Total of $3,351 ; i ACCOUNT NO. 143 848 815 RIO TOWNSHIP TWP. SUPV. KNOX COUNTY RIO, ILL. Set.'. CAPITAL EXPENDITURES EXPENDITURE CATEGORIES E to Mucn- PURFOSEtANO 1 G£NERAl.*GQVT.- 11 EDUCATION 12 HEALTH 13. TRANSPORTATION! 14. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IS HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 17 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION 18 PUBLIC SAFETY 19 RECREATION CULTURE 20 OTHERS (Sptfify) 21 OTHERS fSptci/W 22 OTHERS (SpteUi) 23 OTHERS (Sptcifyl 24 OTHERS (Sptcify) PLANNED EXPENDITURES F PERCENT PLANNED FOR: EourMor G UNO % % % % % % % % % % % % DOT nfniaetT % % % % % % % % % % % % % t.iK n"» % Mill

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