The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, APm It, JWM BLTTHEYILLK (AMD POSTER NEWS Illinois' GOP Primary Tomorrow Is Year's 1st Political Skirmish CHICAGO (AP) — The first political struggle of 1954. a preliminary skirmish to pick candidates for the crucial November battle over control of Congress, reaches a showdown tomorrow in the Illinois primary. From the standpoint of national interest, the main result will be to tap a Republican for an attempt to tip Democrat Paul H. Douglas out of his Senate seat. Nine candidates are scuffling for the GOP senatorial nomination. Joseph T\ Meek and Edward A. Hayes are regarded as the top contenders. Between the two, observers are inclined to give Meek a shade the better of it. Meek heads the Illinois Federation of Retail Associations. Hayes is a former national commander of the American Legion. The nation's first primary tomorrow will determine, too, whether 10 House members, four of them chairmen of major committees, will get a chance to run again in November. Over the country, politicians are eyeing the primary for straws in the wind. But they may have to strain to detect any real trends, any significant Midwestern sentiment on national issues, or any clear signs of approval or disapproval of what the Eisenhower administration and Congress are doing. Various candidates have been bringing up such questions as farm and employment problems or thundering against sending any Americans to fight in Indochina. But voters seem to be more interested in local issues, and races involving city ana county offices and seats in the state legislature. No Challenger for Douglas Republican rivalries are attracting the major claim to attention, since none of the Democratic contests involves any statewide ballot- ing. Sen. Douglas has no challenger in the primary. Within the Illinois congressional delegation, nine of the 16 Republican House members are bucking primary opposition but only one of the nine Democrats has any competition, All 25 incumbent congressmen look like fairly safe bets to win renomination. That includes, of course, the committee, chairmen, Harold H. Velde of the Un-American Activities Committee, Leo E. Allen of the Rules Committee, Robert B. Chiperfield of Foreign Affairs and Chauncey W. Reed of Judiciary. Plus Sid Simpson of the District of Columbia Committee, who has no opposition. Reed isn't particularly alarmed about a pair of GOP rivals. Chiperfield and Allen have been up against somewhat stiffer competition. Velde has encountered a tough antagonist in one-armed Robert H. Allison, for 20 years a member of the State Legislature. And among some clergymen in his district there is an undercurrent of resentment that his committee has questioned a number of ministers. Democrats probably would seize on defeats of any Republican congressmen, committee chairmen particularly, as a token of grass roots displeasure at the way the GOP has been running Congress. As things stand now. the Republicans have a paper thin majority in the House and none .at all in the Senate. So they are eager to pick off two or three house Democrats from Illinois in November and toss Douglas out of the Senate. After Record Catch, Champion Snake Hunter Ready to Retire OKEENE, Okla. (#—The champion hunter of the 15th annual Rattlesnake Roundup said today he was ready to retire after capturing the biggest rattler in the history of the event. "This might be a good time to quit," said Eussell Strayhorn, a rugged, bronzed outdoorsman who collars the deadly diamond backs in their own dens. "At least my wife thinks so." Strayhorn. 48, who lives at nearby Watonga, said the monster Texas diamondback he snared with his partner yesterday was the longest he had ever seen—75 Va inches of buzzing, deadly reptile. And he estimates he has caught 2,000 of them alive in his 19-year career. It topped the catch of 1,576 hauled squirming from their rocky havens in Salt Creek Canyon west of here in the safari sponsored by the International Assn. of Battle- snake Hunters. Billed as the world's most unusual sporting event, the hunt attracted .an estimated 20,000 sportsmen from 26 states. Strayhorn pocketed $51.50 auction proceeds for his champion, which he caught with H. H. Tomlinson, superintendent of Roman Nose State Park, in the gypsum hills infested by hundreds of thousands of the venomous rattlers. The wranglers had a busy day, bringing in 71 snakes. "We found the big one coiled and ready in a den that's usually empty," Strayhorn related. "His body must have been as big as a man's arm—and as strong. 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Visitors to tne Belle Vue Zoo. in Manchester, England, enjoyed tbe display » feline manners William Holden Takes Wife, Oscar on Overdue Vacation By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD i/P) -- Today William Holden and his wife depart OH a vacation he richly deserves ! Oseur in hand, he stands flt the' top of h'.s canvr. Bill and the missus Brenda Marshall iiro leaving- for Bimiai Is- j land, off tlie coast of Florida. There he will tush and study at the Ler- iH'i 1 Marine Institute. Then they will head to New York to see the shows ami have u ball. "I'm not coming back until I £t-r the cobwebs out, of my mind," says Bill. "I've been working on sheer nerve, ROIJIR from one picture to nnother without a day between. When I get home I'm com- exhausted. "Luckily. Ardta (his wife's read mine) knows what I hav* tw^n RO- iiiK through It's not fair iy> her. nnd I'm gomR to make R up to her." Bill is taking a breather after one of the most impressive strings of starring vehicles within memory. So many top films have b«en offered him that he hus worked almost constantly for 18 months. His string includes: "The Moon Is Blue,' "Forever Female." "Stalng 17. "Escape From Fort Bravo," "Executive Suite." "Sabrina Fair," with Oscar winners Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. "The Bridges at Toko-ri' and t>he fthn he finished lost week, "Country Girl." He expressed disfavor with only one of those. That Is "Forever Female." which he said he did because it was the last of hi* 14-year contract with Paramount. Me now ha* a 15-year deutl time etiM* for a reported $860,000 for Mwee months' work each year. Mow does he #et such yood picture*? Loaned Out Par one tiling, he is owe of t*ie screen's bost, most versatile actors. Unlike a good many oC the other top male stars, he i« still young enough. 36. to piny a variety of herooti. He is also a smart cookie. ."The studio wanted to put me in a couple of pictures I dicta 't lifce." he says. "So I bold the bosses to loan me out to otHner studios. I told they oouia «e<*p whatever prof-it \va« made, on my service*." Th« maneuver made Jwm ab*e lor a wktar iwfMf * Wvan h« wouM hav« had if ht atoyed ai one tfcudio. •• hM 9rooi hifto (iramA. Truman Mo. Harry ffruman the firat of tiwo He'll speak on fear and hyttori* tl American poH&oal Mt. Powered POWER COMPOUND MOST POWERFUL COMBINATION OF CHEMICAL ADDITIVES EVIR PUT INTO ANY GASOLINE TO CORRECT CAR ENGINE TROUBLES! HIGH OCTANE FOR GREATEST KNOCK-FREE POWER FOR IVERY CAR ON THE ROAD! iwfcww ^/^-/IM. ^w Xri^^w^X. correct more engine troubles than any Gasoline! Now, for the first time, a gasoline is truly Double- Powered — combines the power and performance of both modern high-octane refining and advanced additive chemistry... It's New Mobilgas Special — designed to keep high compression engines at peak, performance longer and correct more engine troubles than any other gasoline! 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