The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1955 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1955
Page 12
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ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Announcements I. School Opens in grades Kg-12 inclusive on Monday, August 29, 9:00 A.M. All classes will be dismissed by 12:00 noon on the opening day, resuming the regular sessions, full day, on Tuesday, August 30. Also, no classes will be held on Labor Day, Monday, September 5. II. All Kindergartens will operate in half-day sessions. Assignments to forenoon or afternoon sections will be made at the opening meeting Monday morning, if possible according to preference of parent. Rural pupils will be assigned according to bus routes and will be 'notified in advance. Town pupils: .those desiring to attend forenoon classes register August 29 between 8:30 and 10:00 A.M.; those desiring afternoon classes will register between 10:00 A.M. and T2:00 on that day. III. Elementary Buildings will house the following grades according to district assignment designated below: A. Third Ward — grades Kg-1-2-3-5 (4th grade assigned to Bryant or Lucia Wallace and parent notified in advance) B. Bryant — grades Kg-6 inclusive C. Lucia Wallace — grades Kg-4 inclusive. D. South Side Primary — 1st grade IV. Districts For Assignment Of Elementary Pupils, Kg-6 inclusive, to respective buildings. A. Third Ward — Children Kg-1-2-3 and 5, who live east of North Wooster and north of Call. Exception—certain pupils in grade 1 and all in gradq 4 assigned to Bryant or Lucia Wallace and parents so notified. B. Bryant—1. All 6th grade children regardless of residence. 2. All 5th grade children except those living in Third Ward area. 3. All children Kg-4 inclusive who live north and west of the line: North Wooster to State, west to Harlan, south to McGregor, west to Hall, south on Hall to city limits. Note exception for 1st grade in High School building in Part D below. C. Lucia Wallace — all children Kg-4 inclusive who live south and east of the line: East Call to Woosfer, south to State, west to Harlan, south to McGregor, west to Hall, south on Hall to City limits. Note exception for 1st grade in High School building in Part 0 below. D. South Side Primary — one room is assigned in the High School building for 1st grade children who live south of State and west of Jones. E. Rural children residing outside the city limits will be assigned according to respective building enrollment loads, details to be given to parents and respective bus drivers prior to the opening of school. V. Enrollment Dates For New Students \ Pupils enrolling in 9th grade or above, not previously enrolled in the Algona schools, will be expected to attend a special meeting at the High School for that purpose on Monday evening, August 22 — 8:00. P.M. Parehis—ond friends of these pupils-are also cordiqlly invited. All pupils enrolling in 7th grade (or 8th if not previously enrolled) are asked to appear at the High School Junior Study Hall on Wednesday, August 24, 9:00 A.M. for this purpose. All new pupils Kg-6 inclusive, not previously enrolled, should report name, address, grade, other data, cst the superintendent's office as soon as possible and not later than Friday, August 19. A. B. C. VI. Beginning Age For Kindergarten: five years of age on or before October 15, 1955; for first grade: six years of age on or before October 15, 1955. VII. Twelve Rural Bus Transportation Routes have been set up to operate starting Monday, August 29. Parents of pupils on these routes are being notified on details prior to that date. Rural kindergarten children will be transported at mid-day according to schedule. Any town pupils living north of Lucas and east of C. & N. W. Railway who are assigned to grades 1-4-6 at Bryant or Lucia Wallace will be given bus transportation at parent's option. Refer other questions to superintendent's office. VIII. Textbooks, Other School Supplies All textbooks are purchased by the school and rented on a non-profit basis according to schedule below. Kindergarten fee includes lunch. Certain fees for workbooks, etc. are collected in addition to the schedule in grades 9-12, according to subjects taken. All other items not included above are available at local stores. Uniform fees payable at opening of the school year are: Grade-Kindergarten: $5.00 per semester (includes lunch) 1-3: $4.00 per year 4-6: $5.00 per year 7-8: $6.00 per year (includes gym towel service) 9-12: $6.00 per year (includes gym towel service) IX. School Lunch at Noon will be served each school day starting Tuesday, August 30 at the dining room in the Annex. All pupils in elementary grades taking lunch will be IT??,: '?, n / ld fr ° m the luneh room in scho °' b «*«- The weekly ticket (5 meals) for elementary (Grades 1-6) will cost $1.25; for junior- semor (Grades 7-12) $1.50. The daily ticket, elementary, will be 30c; for lun.or-senior high, 35c. Therefore, a saving of 25c per week will be made by purchasing weekly ticket. X. Traffic Safety Precautions < n" P .° ren , ts and pupils ' The seho °' flas her signs will Dfollowin 9 hours: 8:15-9:15 a.m., 11.-J5 a.m.-l:lS p.m., k-u P ' m u . D u re "V f Voun 9 er PUR 11 * <"<* especially urged to direct ch.ldren by the safest routes to and from school. Home-room teachers w.ll cooperate. Sudents using bicycles should review the city ordinances d,,S £ e ' u ral , ehjlldren arivi "9 «rs to school should leave them parked aiven t ! ? , ^ u""'"' instruction * '" 'egard »<> s^ety will be given tg students riding buses. XI. Office Hours Superintendent, High School Building - Mon.-Fri. 8:30-12:00; 1:00-4:30; n • - i , Saturday 9:00-12:00 Phone 295 Pnnc.pals - Jr,Sr. High - High School Building - Mon.-Fri. *.W-U-QQ, cl . „ . . , 1:00-4.30 Phone 473 Elementary Principals - respective buildings - Mon.-Fri. 8:30-12:00 Phone - Bryant, 292 - Third Ward, 260 - Lucia Wallace, 12QJ 4 O. B. LAING, Superintendent 4-Alflono (la.) Wppec Thursday, Ao fl u»» 11, 19SS 12SEnfries In Flower Show AfTifonka Titonka—There were 125 registered at the flower show which was held at the' schobl house Friday, Aug. 5. There were 400 entries in the combined classes and Mrs Burton Schwerin was the sweepstakes winner with 5 blue ribbons and ' 1 tri-color award. Honorable mention was given to Mrs Bonno Schtitter, Mrs Henry Plasier, Mrs Don Multhauf and Rodney Hench. There were numerous other winners also, and special recognition given in all Whittemore Woman Wim First Recipe Award classes. A nice program w given in the afternoon which was followed by a tea. Rev. and Mrs Ralph Cordes and family are spending their Ihree week vacation at the home ol Ralph's mother, Mrs John Cordes of Sioux Falls, S. D. and M;s Cordes' parents at Pella. Mr and Mrs Fern Men<?h o; Chicago are visiting for two weeks at the home of John Sachau, George Sachau and Go 1 ?don Swan. Rev. and Mrs Esdert Smidt and Clay County Fair WORLD'S GREATEST COUNTY FAIR SEPT. 12-17 — SPECIAL FEATURE AUT SWENSON'S "THRILLCADE" SUNDAY MIGHT, SEPTEMBER II - 8 P. H. • MONDAY— Thrillcade Kid's Day - Firework* • TUESDAY— Auto Races WEDNESDAY— Harness Racing THURSDAY— Harness Racing » FRIDAY— Late Model Stock Car Racing SATURDAY— Championship Auto Races Fireworks ON STAGE EVERY NIGHT BARNES &^ARRUTHERS 'A^TUMN Clay County Fair Association, ORDER RLANK Spencer, Iowa , w«*^«-«m K»B.mrvr% Enclosed is check for $ 4 for the following Reserved Seat Tickets for the 1955 Clay County Fair. Quantity for Mon. Afternoon for Tues. Afternoon for Wed. Afternoon for Thurs. Afternoon for Friday Afternoon for Sat Afternoon Quantity for Mon. Night for Tues. Night J for Wed. Night for Thurs. Night for Fri. Night for Sat Night Name ........„.„....._.................................„_..,.....„ _„_......_._ Street or ' : H.F.D. No. Town .....:. „.„„ „... state '( )" Grandstand Seats $1.00 Each < ) Box Seats $1.50 Each family of DUmont are visiting at the parental Warner Smidt and Mrs John Cordes homes. On Sunday they and Mrs John Cordes Sr. were at Sioux Falls. S. I), to visit at the Rev. Ralph Cordes home and to bring Corwin home. Fred Adamson is now back on duty working for the Rock Island as depot agent after a month or more of leave of absence. The Good Hope Lutheran Ladies Aid held their annual picnic at Call Park at Algona Sunday with 35 present. Doyle Reaser of Rock Island, 111., son of Mrs Florence Reaser. visited from Friday until Sunday in Titonka. Mrs Dick Bunker and son of 1 Des Moines arrived Friday- at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Bonno Schutter and family for a few days visit. Cheryl Ann, daughter of Mr and Mrs Clarence Van Hove, received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism Sunday morning, Aug. 7, with Rev. B. H. Schwerin officiating in Good Hope Lutheran church. Her sponsors were Mr and Mrs Leonard Anderson of Rake. Mr and Mrs Van Hove entertained her parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Anderson of Elmore, and his parents, Mr and Mrs Ted Van Hove and family and Mr and Mrs Leonard Anderson. Mr and Mrs Van Hove have two other children, Donald and Allen. Mr and Mrs Gene Krominga are staying on the Earl Hobbs farm at Crystal Lake doing chores and caring for the family while Mr and Mrs Hobbs are on a trip to Canada. Mrs Krominga is the former Dorothy Hobbs, daughter of Mr and Mrs Earl Hobbs. Rev. and Mrs B. H. Schwerin and sons left on their vacation Sunday afternoon, Aug. 7. Rev. Kenneth Cordes, son of Mrs John Cordes Sr., ws ordained into the ministry, July 24, at Gardner, N. Y. and has since been installed as a minister of that church and is now serving th'ere: Kenneth graduated from the Titonka high school and spent four years at Central College at Pella and three years in seminary at New Brunswick, N. .J His wife is a daughter of Rev. and Mrs John Schmidt of Chapin, Iowa. The Methodist W.S.C.S. will meet Wednesday, Aug. 14. The lesson will be given by Mrs C. F. Callies and devotions by Mrs Lou Heifner. Hostesses are Mrs H. W. Kitzinger, Mrs Harry Mehlan, Mrs Burton Hanson and Mrs Ray Hanson, Jr. Carol Ann Swan spent from Monday till Friday at the Willard CtuTleston home in Forest City. OLlAR AT KOHLHAAS HDWE. GIANT 20-GALLON Garbage Can Regularly $3.19 COLORED PLASTIC Dish Pans Regularly $1,79 ALL-METAL RUBBER TOP Step Stools Regularly $3.29 irha Kohlhaas Hardware EP AND PAT CULLEN Dinner loaf Recipe Awarded $10 Cash Prize Noting that "her dish was especially good for hot weather and used ordinary ingredients including left-overs", the board of judges in the Algona Merchants Upper Des Moines Recipe Contest gave the nod to a recipe entitled "Jellied Meat Loaf" as the first award winner in last week's contest. The recipe was sent in by Mrs Ethel E. Farrell, of Whitlemore, and-took first place under the first week's classification "Hot Weather Dishes". Mrs Farrell is thereby ten dollars richer, having been sent a check for the award. Many Super-Duper Recipes The board of judges, headed by "Grace", writer of the well- known Woman's World column, report a difficult time choosing the winner, due to the fact that the broad category of "Hot Weather Dishes" for the firsi week brought in an amazing variety of food ideas. Among others, Mrs Georgia Thaves, Mrs Ben Reid, Evelyn Cady, Mrs Harold Kuecker, and the final winner, Mrs Farrell, ai! sent in salad recipes that were "super-duper". Freelove Weisbrod sent in a good recipe for Triple Deck Meat Loaf, Edna Teeter submitted a good casserole and hamburger recipe and Mrs George Bauman a sausage and cabbage casserole. Thus, it may be seen that "the classification "Hot Weather Dishes" at- tracted many different kinds of recipes. Two Runnet • Ups A Burt woman, and another frbm Algona also sent in top recipes, which were nudged out by a bare margin by Mrs Farrell, Mrs H. W. Sankey, Burt, sent in an unusual macarbtti and cabbage salad,' While from Mrs W. H. Raney of Algona came a luscious Chicken Rice Loaf. . Next Week's Contest The Recipe Contest classification for next Week, as given in detail'on the. adjoining Recipe Contest page, js "Jams and Preserves". What with canning season now getting into full swing, it is expected that this will draw some real humdinger recipes, and many that have probably been handed down from generation to generation in Kossuth families. Full details as to how the recipes should be sent, and by what deadline, are also given on tha adjoining page. Merchant Sponsors Especial attention is drawn tn the many interesting messages presented on the Recipe Contest page, by Algona merchants who are co-sponsors of this already dramatic and interesting contest. Recipes sent in are being saved and filed, and are expected to appear from time to time in "GRACE'S" Woman's World column, and also may be compiled at a later date into book form. Every woman within range of this newspaper is urged to send in her favorite recipes ... for a "favorite" is almost always likely to win! 40 YEARS At Irwin, Rev. A. C. Itse has been pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran cnurch for 40 years. IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT FRIDAY and SATURDAY at BLOUSE REGULARLY. $1.95 AND $2.95 Dozens to choose from . . . gay prints . . . smart plains . . . short sleeves. SHEER HOSE REGULARLY $1.35 AND $1.50 Offering many pairs of wanted sheer 51 gauge 15 denier stockings at two- day price! SHORTIE P.]'s REGULARLY $3,95 A|) that's left go on Dollar Pays for a Dollar — and what bargain buys! mr Ani Ml MF Pr Ml Nr REGULARLY ,9§ TO $19,95 big rfcfe *p select frpjn *~ all dif- UyiBj •** misses, janjofSj women tremendous values!

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