Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 16, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 5
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Stage Enlarged ForMusicale L cnt,tlo,:! "The CapUln'a Birthday on the "Good Ship St. Francis." Th# presentation, will feature song and comedy numbers. St. Francis Club Meeting Tonigrht meeting of the St A regular The onst of tlic' muslcnl review to be Riven under the sponsorship of nl'. the societies of St. Francis, church rcncnr.-mcMast-nifrht at Col-! Fr *ncis Club will bo held tonight ,,mbu« Hall under the direction of at 8 o'clock at the St; Francis Paul E. Buckmillcr School building for the purpose ot The sw?c In Columbus Hall is iscusstnj? plans for future activities in-in? enlarged to allow for tho •"-cat Allen, president will .rcpcntntion ot this show whioh is side. prc- BENSON'S JANUARY Clear«* ee SALE STARTS TODAY SPECIALS FOR GIRLS LEGGING SETS SIZES 1 to 4 Fornffirtyto 10.98".,. SIZES 3 to 6 Reg. to 13.98. SIZES 1 to 4 Reg. to 24.98 $g.oo SIZES 1 to 4 Reg. to 14.98 . SIZES 3 to 6 Reg. to 25.98 $6-50 $9.oo $17-00 Additional Sports St. Francis Score . Upset In Opening Second Round Play r*r*rr***»***r***********r*T********trf*****f~+***f**********r***+ On The Air Today By KKNNV CLVMEU St. Francis upset second place Prospect by a 10-9 score In the first <;nme of a triple header at the high school yesterday to opnn the -ccond and finnl round in the Grammar School basketball league. Cm-roll with eight points led the victorious charge of the winners; .Vovacinski was the losers' high corcr with four points. Salem made it six out of six in he aecond game .with a 16-13 win ver Hop Brook, Arsenault was op man' for the .winners, with sev- ;n points, while Pzczcpkoweki held hat same distinction for the losers itl) six. St. Kedwig's rounded up the at- j •moon's activities by winning then | irst league game a* the expense o: ; • cntral by a 19-15 ocorc. Scheithe :cored 12 polnUj for-the Saints. Ma- :uka with six was high man for Central. JUST 17 LEGGING SETS SIZES 2 to 6 Reg 1 , to 14.98 Special $4.00 COATS 6.bS I tO 14 Keg. to 16.98 SNOW SUITS SKIRTS JERKIN SETS $10-00, SIZES7 j° 14 $17.00 •*- v I iteg. to 27.a« x • $10.00 $2.00 $4.95 $1.00 $1.00 89c r soc Slze.s a to I'l it«g. to Iti.tW All Wool. Sizes 3 to 14 J((cg. to -1.5!) 1'nrt Wool. UCK- to 7.39. Sizes 3 to 6 HOOD & GLOVE SETS FELT HATS POCKETBOOKS ItCR. til 1.98 Hoc. to to 2.98 WOOL & LEATHER MITTENS > | SPECIALS FOR BOYS 3 PC. LEGGING SETS SIZES 1 TO 4 Formerly to 10.98 SIZES 1 to 8 «-| O Aft! SIZES 1 to 8 Reg. to 17.98 A ^* I Reg. to 20.98 $6.50 Naugatuck Mermen Lose To Hopkins The Naupatuck .YMCA swimmins team lost a close swimming' meet with Hopkins Prep at the New ven Boys' club last night by the score of 40 to 35, " The summary: 120 yards relay medley won by Hopkins, Yyant, Dixcrj Frieilcr- 3ci'S'. Time, 1:10.6 seconds. 220 yards free style won by Naugatuck. James McNamce, 2nd, Shcpler (H.P.), 3rd, Mlli'oy. (H.P.) Time, 2:28.7. 40 yards free style won by H. P. Houry. 2nd, C. White (N,), 3rd, W, Scranton, (N.) Time, :19.7. Diving won by (H,P.) Sheptcr, lind. E, Scranton (N.), 3rd, A, Paiva (N.) 43.32 points. 100 yards free style won by H, P. Houry, 2nd, C, White (N.) 3rd, W. Scranton (N.) Time, 58,9 seconds. JOO yards breast stroke won by Naugutuck. R. Warner, Duncan, (H.P.) and R. Shanahan 3rd (N.) Time 1:15.1-. 100 yards back stroke won by Naupatuck. James McNamcc. 2nd Wy.ina, (H.P.) 3rd. Cylkc (H.P.) Time, 1:10.7 seconds.; 16 yards freestyle relay won by - S:4fl p. m. . WTIC-WNBC—iJ'roht Page Farr.ell WATR—Naugatuck Kews; . Music WJZ—Tennessee Jed* WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix ~ 6:flO p. m. : WBRY—E. Chiisty,Erk . WATR—News and. Sports' : Other Statloria-r—News' ''••. 6:15 p. hi. . , WBRY-WCBS—In .My Opinion WN EC—Serenade to America \VATR-Muslc of the Day \VJZ--Ethel and Albert '.•H rich Elson -.VWGO—Sports Time 6:30 p. m. -.'BIU'-WCBS—Red Barber '. 'TIC-Goto Glee Club -.VATR—Phil Von Tobel; Stock Reports y.IS—Allen Prescott '.VOR—News; Vandcvcnter VVWCO—Quiz WNBC—Bill Stern 0:45 p. m. "• ,'CRY-WCBS—Bob Trout, News 7TIC-WNBC—Lowell Thomas '/ATRr-Plcasuie and Profit WJZ—^Thc FltzgcraUls WWCO—Novatlrnc \VOR-Stan Lomax 7:00 p. m. WBRY—The Little Show >VCBS—Mystery of the Week '.VTIC-WNBC—Supper Club. IVATR-WJZ—Headline Edltipn WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis.' Jr. 7:15 p. m. WBRY-WWCO-WATR—Mai-cJi of Dimes Auction WCBS—Jack Smith Show WTIC-WNBC—News WJZ—Elmer Davis WOR—Answer Man 7:30 p. m. WBRY—Public Hearing WCBS—Mr. Keen WTIC—Barry Wood Show WNBC—Grand Marquee WATR-WJZ—Prof. Quiz WOR—Arthur Hale, News WWCO—Music of Manhattan 7:45 p, m. WOR—Inside of Sports WTIC—Symphony of Melody 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WCES—Suspense WTIC-WNBC—Aldrich Family WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Abncr WWCO-WOR—Sound Off 8:15 p. m, WATR-WJZ—Monitor News 8:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—F-B-I Program; News WTIC-WNBC—Burns and Allen WATR-WJZ—Town Meeting ,VWCO'-WOR—Count of Monte Cristo 9:00 p. m. . WTIC : WNEC—Harkncsa of Washington WATR-vVja-Joe Hasel WWCO—Lou Masters Orch. \VOR--News; Finance Reports WALTER WINCHELL (Continued' -From Page Four) would; have ended Ills c.'rccr of crime before Ik sr.j.i-ted). but Justin talked .him out" of it .. The Irony of^ it: Had he pone to the hoisegow then the term would' have been short. .Now he may spend his lite in jail. . ''.; Mu;i)utt.-in Murals: The deserted trolley tracks on OOlh St. with the Columbus Circles under their eyes The -Rivei-side Dr. Milkman who does his chores in tiie frigid weather' with no coil. Just undershirt nd, trousers. Ex'.ilbi-Ucnist. .. The lad in tho'NBC newsroom named Bpnnpartu, \vlio says he Is a des- cnh'la'nt of Napoleon ....The gal ticket seller at the Pcnnsy Sdit.'on, j ;v,,'o wmH to school .with. Movie- town's Marie McDoimld, still hei- closest chum. The walls of the ticket, booth are lined with Mine's' ihotos... Dunhiil, .famed for mak-I nff pipes, has exactly five'of them j in his hugr- window space (on Vth near 50th). Everything else from ladies' packetbooks on up ..Sign in a 42nd St,'stationer's: "Ourfoun- •lin pens just write." Rep. Patterson In Radio Talk On Taxation I NAUCATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TIHJR.SIMY, JAN. 1«, 1MT—PAOK I Congressman James T. Patterson, 5th District of Connecticut, will participate on the New England Porum of the Air, Srtiirday, January 18 from 6:45 to 7:00 p. m. The broadcast will originate from Washington,' D. C.," i!id will ho carried by all Now England .stations of the National Bi-oadcistlns' Company. The subject, under discussion will be "Fctlaral Taxation." The other part.fcipn.nls will ho Sen. Alken (Vt.), Rep. Donahue, (-Mass.), and Rep.,. Fojrarty (R. I.) ATTENTION SMALL TRUCK OWNERS We Have These HARD-TO-GET TIRES All Sound Canine — BUY NOW -~ Limited Quantity 000 k 20 1A INy New 7SO k 20 10 Ply Practically New 7JSO * 20 8 I'ly New Ilccuim -30 x 20 8 Ply Uircd 730 k 20 8 Ply Practically New 32 k G New Recap* 700 x 15 New Rccn|> Knnhhy fiOO x 10 New Iteca>) Knohliy & Itapilar UfNNl.>-ear Treat (550 x 10 New Recap GoodycHr Tread _WK DO ALL SlfcB RECAPPING.— 1WJO x 10 Thru 1106 K V, ADVANCE TIRE SERVICE ROAI>. WATKRBURV I'llONK 4-ttlC Davis Beauty Shoppe 74 CHURCH STREET INTRODUONG ITS NEW STAFF OF HAIR STYLISTS H. P. Brodifjan, Johnson, Fitzffcr-1 WBRY-WCBS—Dick Haymcs aid a.nd Frelderberp:. Time, 1:27.4. The Naugatuck team will journey to New Milford this Saturday to swim the Cantenbury Prep. All boys will meet at tiic Y. at one o'clock Sjturday afternoon. MACKINAWS Sheepskin Lined. Some with hood. 6 to 12 lice, to I3.U8 $6.50 SNOW SUITS and MACKINAW SETS Sl/.cs (I ti> IS Kc». to IH.'.tH $10.00 Dr, Aram Glorig Is Appointed To Hospital Staff Dr. Aram Gloria Woodbritlffc, has been appointed to the staff oT the Veterans Administration hospital in Newington as an attending physician in Otolaryngology (eat specialist). Appointment of 18 consultants, 13 attending and 21 resident physicians to the hospital staff was announced today by Dr. Lewis G. Benrdsloy. manager. "The attending physicians assist the full-time staff in the immediate ciro of patients and in the resident training program by demonstrations, frequent conferences nnd i-jiitlnc ward rounds with members of the resident staff," it w;i s explained by Dr. Beardslcy. CORDUROY SKI PANTS .'I to 3 only U) 3.9H $2.00 All Wool. Slzux 3 to H. Kcff, In u.9R $3.50 FINGERTIP COATS Sizes 8 to 11 Keg. to 14.08 JACKET & OVERALLS JACKET & JODPHURS KCR. to 6.75 Hi!IT. to 10.50 EISENHOWER JACKETS I'urt Wool. 3 to N. Kc«. *o WASH SUITS WASH SUITS SizCN~3 to 8 Rr ff . to 2.98 .'( to 8 lice, to I5.9H 1 PC. SNOW SUITS SI/c.i 1 tn \ lice- to 8.118 $7.00 $4.00 $5.00 $2.25 $1.50 $2.00 $4.50 BUINGS SUIT Stamford, Conn. — The International Association of Machinists has brought a 3O-million dollars purtal-to-portal suit against the Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company. The suit has been filed in federal court for the southern district of New York by the JAM attorney, Jerome Y. Sturm. Bill's Danbury Hatter 37 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wm. Mariano, Prop. Men's Huts Cleaned, Blocked Factory Methods NEW HATS FOR SALE Huts Made to Order POLO SHIRTS Sin!.. Mod.. Lg. c. to 1.00 MUSHER HATS BOB. to 1.29 50c 50c MISCELLANEOUS SPECIALS! ESMOND CRIB BLANKETS $1.98 :!6xi5O. 25% Wool. Bep. to 3.!)» TRAINING PANTS f^. ^f"* 19c SANI SHEETS I SANI SHEETS ^"l*""? lOc BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN STREET Waterbury I RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 SWAN'S Ifi Church St. — Tel. 2574 W-E'KK ALTKBI^G Ot'R STORE Wiitch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN ft<« No. Muln Street "Doni" Tellerlco, Prop. WTIC-WNBC—Music Hall WWCO-WOR—News 0:15 p. m. WOR—Real Stories WWCO—Golden Pages of Melody 0:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Crime Photographer WTIC-WNBC—Haley and Ardcn WJZ—Echoes of New York •VWCO—Rainbow Music WOR—Treasure Hour of Song WATR—Gypsy Nights 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Readers Digest WTIC-WNBC—Abbott & Costello WOR—Crime Club WATR-WJZ—Security Workshop WWCO—I Was a Convict 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—That's Finnctfan WTIC-WNBC—Eddie Cantor WATR—Fantasy in Melody • WJZ—Bob Elaon WWCO—Dance Orch. WOR—Symphonette 10:43 p. ni, WATR-WJZ—Earl Godwin 11:00 p. m. ' ALL. Stations^—News 11:15 p. in. WBRY-^-Ken Thompson Serenade WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch More* than 6.0CO.COO germs can be can-led by the house fly. ONLY A GOOD product could produce such good results for housewives for 25 years. Flako is good because it contains the same high quality ingredients you, use, Just add water. And here arc two more quality mixes ENCED IN ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE LATEST IN HAIR STYLES — FRENCH BRAIDS- HIGH WAVY POMPADOURS— UP-DOS and PAGE BOYS- MANICURES — FACIALS — DYES — BLEACHES — ETC. BRECK SCALP TREATMENTS FOR DANDRUFF May We Continue to Serve You As We Have For The Past I Ycurs SHOPPE HOURS MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. 9 TO 6 SATURDAY, 9 TO 1 TELEPHONE 5104 Chvnor-Manuger— MARION (DAVIS) SHIMEB Sbnie words fool you o O «/. P. Ballanttnc & So*, N«wwk. N. J. nSju** FENCE means FENCE means FROZEN BREAD and PIE DOUGH TOR SALE 1'ATTV SIIKLLS TO ORDER CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANI, Prop, rtnpln Stwt Telephone M7* The Junior Colleg-e of Commerce Hiis Room for You In 1947 Plan a Propri'am of Study in Liberal Arts or Business Subjects White — 'Phone —, Comn In 3K9 WHITNEY AVE. S-T003 NEW HAVEN 11, CONN. but BALLANTINE Ale & Beer always means "The Perfect Glass! You fence in your property . .., you fence with foils. You can see that fence is a confusing word. 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