Imperial Republican from Imperial, Nebraska on February 28, 1952 · 10
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Imperial Republican from Imperial, Nebraska · 10

Imperial, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
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H”V 5l 4s ? crf ' 1 -' '" i rt 1 ' r ' '' '4 t 'vv 1 - 12' si ' ’- JraMl h i '- : &Vr J r THE IMPERIAL REPUBLICAN IMPERIAL CHASE COUNTY NEBRASKA THURSDAY FEBRUARY 28 1952 Pw 10 t h f T It 1 -1 1 I i ( h fl giiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig I WHY NOT ? I See Us About THE FAMOUS ONE-WAY WE INVrTE COMPARISON! Abo Look M-M Power Mower AND SIDE-DELIVERY RAKE Western Imperial nimiMiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiimHmiiiintiiniiiMniiiiitinnimnniinniinnninninfi Crete Community (Crete Church News on another page of thia paper) Crete Locate Attendance at Crete Sunday School Feb 24th (itormy day) waa aix “I write unto you little children becauae your itna are forgiven you for Hte name’a eke" lit John 2:12 On Thuraday evening about nine o'clock fire of unknown origin completely - destroyed the email frame house on the comer aouth of Mra Mary Davlaon'a homo and owned by Mra Davl-aon The houae had been vacant for the peat two or three yean Mr: and Mra Aubrey Carter and family of Downa Kansas wen weekend gueata at the Ar-ven Wood home Mr and Mra Fred Hannon took their aon Lester to Denver on Monday from when he left by plane for Seattle Waah Mra and Mra Floyd Day and family and Mra Emma Day wen Sunday dinner gueata of the Aar on Campbells Milt Mn Milton Browning Thuraday afternoon with John Yoat Mra O Beard accompanied Mr and Mra Lloyd Covert and Mr and Mra Jim Devlin to Denver on Wedneaday Mra Devlin remained for treatment Mra Beard and Mn Covert returned on Thuraday evening Mr and Mn C C Klmberllng and Jimmy attended the Hereford cattle aale at Ogallala on Tuesday of laat week A number of bulla from herda In Chase County were in the aale Mr and Mrs Ernest Hlnk and sons of Sedgwick Colo visited Ernest's parents the E A Hinks on Wednesday The boys Chuck and Randy remained with their grandparents a few days while their parents are moving to a new location at Gurley Ncbr Mr and Mn Dale GJbb and ' children called at O Beard home Sunday Little Janice Gibb is on the sick list Nothing serious we hope Clay Davison helped Fred Statz with some carpenter work on Saturday Mrs Milton Browning Edythe and Beulah spent Saturday afternoon with Mn Aaron Campbell BABY Time again to order your baby chicks Our first hatch is today Thursday February 28 and there will be hatchet each Monday and Thursday during the remainder of the season Place your orders as early as especially if you prefer some speci We will have S C White Leghorns Hamp Leghorns Austra Whites Black Australorops White Rocks White Wyandottes and New Hampshire Reds Top Quality Chicks We carry a complete line of Whitten's Starting and Growing Mash also Poultry Supplies- 7 - - - - — IMPERIAL Phone 119' Over Our Motor Co Nebraska Mr and Mn C C Klmberllng and Jimmy and little Melody Phillipa wen Pallaade callen Friday Mn Milton Browning entertained the following ladies on Monday afternoon: Mra John Yoat Mn George Harmon Mra Guy Woods Mn Arven Wood Mn C C Klmberllng Mra Chaa Phillipa Mra Opal Heath Mn Either Klmberllng and Mra Bud Pugh Mn Fred Stats and daughter Ruth attended the Brown Thread Brownie 4-H club meeting held at the Geo Moreland home on Friday evening For varloua rea-aona only about half the memben wen present Mra Bill Sllveater and aon attended a birthday party for little Mary Lynn Bauerle at her honon Monday afternoon BIRTHDAY DINNER AND PARTY Mr and Mrs Eldon Roechewskl and children entertained at dinner last Thuraday evening at their home for Mn Roachewakl'a parents Mr and Mn Dick Haar-berg and Mr and Mn William Roechewskl both families of Wauneta The ocasslon waa In honor of Mr Haarbctg’s birthday anniversary Later Mr and Mn Henry Denker and Mr and Mn Fred Fortkamp of Wauneta and Mr and Mn John Haarberg and Mr and Mn Otto Gestrtng were guests Cards were played and refreshments were served The honoree was presented with a number of nice gifts SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY Del Noel was honored at a surprise party Friday evening at his home for his birthday anniversary Cards were played and the guests served a dessert course and also presented Mr Noel with a gift from the group Those present were Messrs and Mesdames Eldridge Wonderly Clarence Nauer Cecil Rhoads Arthur Yost and Floyd Cook and Mrs Arba Yost —Mr and Mrs Howard Wid-ger and children of Mead Colo and Calvin Widger who is teaching school In Wauneta spent laat week-end with Mr- and Mrs F E Widger parents of Howard and Calvin CHICKS Jt ossible breed HATCHERY Imperial Nebr BOATING REGULATIONS IN NEBRASKA In view of the natunl great Increase in interest in boating with people of this area since the Enden Reservoir has provided a splendid place for that pastime it has been suggested that The Imperial Republican IHibllah the following portions of the boating regulations In effect in Nebraska Additional information along this lino may be obtained from your sporting goods dealer The following regulations governing ' licensing - and - Inspection of boats and other watercraft used upon the inland waters of the State of Nebraska are authorized by the State Legislature under Section 81-803 as amended by 1949 Legislature of- the State statutes which authorizes the State Game Forestation and Parks Commission to regulate on rivers streams and lakes covering more than twenty acres In area (1) To regulate the use of watercraft thereon for the purpose of promoting public aaftey (2) To establish regulations for boats used thereon and (3) To fix and collect Inspection fees from owners of commercial boats used thereon The aaid fees shall not exceed one dollar ($100) per boat Definitions (a) Motorboat — a motorboat Is defined aa any boat or watercraft propelled by machinery Any boat or craft propelled by attachment to another craft which la propelled by machinery shall be deemed a motor-boat (b) Inboard motorboat— a motorboat which la propelled by machinery which la permanently mounted within the boat Watercraft Inspection Licenses Eta The officers of the State Game Forestation and Parka Commission are herewith assigned the duties of inspection licensing and enforcement of the regulatlona established under thia authority Commercial Boats Inspection And License Any person having upon In land waters of the state any boat offered used for hire or rental or for hire must have hie craft or crafts and their appurtenances annually inspected end licensed before it Is so used Every owner shall file in the Office of the secretary of the Commission an application for Inspection of boats and licensing thereof on a blank to be furnished by the commission for that purpose The boat Inspector or warden hall have the power and authority to determine whether the boat Is safe for the transportation of passengers and upon what waters It may be used to determine and designate the number of passengers including the crew that may be carried to determine whether the machinery equipment and all appurtenances are such as to make said boat seaworthy where used end equlped as provided herein and such other matters as are pertinent After said boat or boats have been inspected end licensed as provided herein the license shall be posted in a conspicuous place upon the business premises of the owner or upon the individual boat licensed or upon the owner's pcTson Any license issued for the operation of a boat shall be in effect only for the calendar year in which such license is issued The owner of all boats used for hire is held responsible for the proper cquiping and licensing thereof as provided herein Special Equipment Required On Commercial Craft (1) A fire extinguisher of type and size approved by the Commission shall be carried by all motorboats when operated for hire Such fire extinguishers shall be capable of extinguishing burning gasoline end be of the carbon-dioxide carbon tetrachloride or foam type (2) Any boat carrying passengers for hire shall be equipped with air tanka of sufficient capacity to sustain afloat the boat when full of water with all her full complement of passengers and crew on the boat (3) Every boat carrying passengers for hire shell carry one life preserver life belt bouyant cushion or ring bouy of type approved by the Commission for each person on board Black Nambeia Every licensed boat or watercraft operated for hire shall have visible upon both sides of the bow a block number corresponding with the license number plainly marked in figures not leas than four Inches in height Following this block number with a separating dash will be a number designating the number of passengers for which the boat is licensed (Example 33-4) Such numbers shall be in color contrasting with the color of the boat FINAL ISSUANCE OF SUCH PERMIT WILL BE WITHHELD UNTIL SUCH NUMBERS ARE PAINTED ON THE BOAT OR BOATS Fees The annual fee for inspection end licensing of boats operated for hire shall he set at one dollar ($100) per boat so inspected licensed and used for hire Boat Capacity No person offering boat for hire nor any person using a rental boat shall permit ' said boat to be occupied by more passengers and crew than the licensed capacity of the boat permits - ' Boats Unsafe No person shall place or allow to remain in the public waters any boat for hire which has failed to pass inspection OR WHICH IS NOT SAFE FOR OPERATION ON WATER Mufflers Or Sllenrlng Devices All outboard engines must have mufflers or silencing devices General Regulatlona On Equipment And Operation I Inboard Motorboat a Every such boat must be equipped with a sounding device capable of giving a warning signal which can be heard from distance of 1000 feet in calm weather Sirena ere prohibited b Every such boat must be equipped with running lights as follows: (1) A bright trhito light In the forepart of the boat as near the ' bow as possible end capable of throwing beam around the fore horizon from left to right (3) A white light eft or on the rear to show all around the horizon (3) A riding light fore add eft which Is readily visible when boat is not in motion Artificial Lakes All privately owned rowboats used on or kept at the artificial lakes under the Jurisdiction of the Commission shall be seaworthy for the waters where they are kept or used They shall not be loaded to the extent that more then one-third of the height of the freeboard is submerged All such boats shall be removed from property whenever ordered by the Commission II Operation Of All Watercraft a No person shall operate any boat on any waters of the itate under the jurisdiction of the Commission In such manner as to endanger life end property nor in any manner considered to be reckless including operation while drunk or under the influence of liquor b Power driven boats must at ell times grant right-of-way to all non-power boats end nil-boats and occupied boats riding at anchor c Any boat backing from or leaving the shore has the right-of-way over any oncoming boat except in emergencies d Accidents All accidents ahall be reported as promptly as possible to the nearest police officer and to the Commission or its authorized representative e Exceptions Members of the Commission its deputies agents and employee! shall not bo denned violating the provisions of these regulatlona applying to the work of the Commission while on duty and acting within the scope of their employment Watercraft On Lakes Oa State-Owned Reereatten Areas Operation of motorboats on all lakes within state-owned recreation area with the exception of Victory lake at Fremont Nebras -Hie ablest caron Hie American road FJULF Iha car of tea year : Da car SmFs dedgned to out-got out-look out-fM outarakJb end out-lad every other low-pricad ear— her eonal Ikera ora away assy reasons why Ms b9t tsr-heep ear wM do awraddagi for are people of lower cost A few of those reasons ore Med bare but youT see wore whan you see and "Test Drive" N 52 ford far yourwHI Mbish M OeSH et OS SMI telnUi aW M W NO- SEE YOUR FRIENDLY FORD ka and Cottonmill lake et Kearney Nebraska which are specifically open to motor boating Hus pension Or Revocation The boat Inspector or Inspector! may for cause temporarily suspend or revoke the license of any boat that has been issued and the Commission after a due hearing in the matter at its next session shall make final determination in the matter Any licence issued upon an application or a statement which Is untrue aa to any material facts shall be void from date of Issue Any license which is revoked or found void shall forthwith be returned to the Commission Penalties -Penalties for any violation of the - boating regulatlona under Sec 81-803 aa amended by the 1949 Legislature are provided for under Sec 37-118 of the game code and are aa follows: Any person violating any of the provisions of any section of Chapter 37 or any amendments thereof pr any provisions of the rules or regulations established by the Game Forestation end Parka Commission pursuant thereto where a penalty la not otherwise fixed hall he guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars ($10000) be imprisoned pot exceeding thirty days or both PARTY FOR BIRTHDAYS Mrs John Mikkelson and Mra Charles J Klein entertained Saturday aftkmoon at the Methodist Church social room for the birthday anniversaries of Gretchen Klein and Joel Mlkkelaen both of wham are alx years old There were 18 girls and bpys aa guests and gamea were played and a motion picture was shown Lunch Included an Individual birthday cup cake with a candle for each child The honored received a number of nice gifts BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs Arlon Johnston and Mrs Vera Johnston entertained on Wednesday afternoon of laat week for the fifth birthday anniversary of their aon and grandson Bobble The party waa at the Commercial Hotel dining roan and 14 boys end girls were guests The children played gamea end later refreshments Including a birthday cake were served Bobble received a lot of nice gifts from his gueata —Dinner guests Sunday of Mr and Mrs Ward Peterson and family were Mr Hansie Johnson of Champion and Mrs Philip Bopp and children Charon and Tommy Petcraon apent Saturday night with their grandmother Mrs Johnson r u Come In and “Test Privc'rt at your Ford Dealer! ATI0N SALE —OF— Farm Buildings Located on the old Adamson farm from Imperial Nebr 6 miles north on Highway 61 then 1 miles east Sale to-begin at 1:00 P M (MST) on Saturday BUILDINGS CONSIST OF Frame House lVz-story 7 rooms Frame Barn 46x60 with hay mow Frame Garage 14x20 Poultry House 16x32 Brooder House 10x14 Buildings are all in wired for REA TERMS: Cash A reasonable time will be given purchasers to remove buildings from premises Property at purchaser's risk after settlement BRISON lilVETT Owner H M GARBER And Book-A-Year Man WELLESLEY HILLS Mam(UJ9 — Roger W Babeon economist has written 76 hooka during his 76 years Although most of them deal with finance and economy the subjects range from sea series to learned studies of geology Aieetih wicksh nngeofnofork Meet March 8 good repair and all are E R VOORHEES Clerk Mneh Ado About Nothing FLINT Midi (U-BDanlel Dean scrambled over a 10-foot fence when he found a gate locked as he left work at an automobile plant Other workers told Dean all the other gates to the plant were unlocked New! 101-hg MUaage Maker Six Now! lUMip HlgthCompraeelen Strate-Star V-6 New Ford Coacheraft Bodies styled to stay beautiful New Full-Circle Visibility with curved ono-ptecs windshield and car-wide rear window ' Automatic Rids Control takas earners on the OverMi color and uphoistify Year choice af Sgraetdrivaai FsrdenwMc Overdrive and FBgM-Styte umrnm nmi (pie 29 easier) aJjgam WnMT RUR UVM K-bor freew rsl becks Autsmatie Poseurs Control for i and comfort New safety locks n roar doors of Fordors And it’s built y forks — DEALER

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