The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1954
Page 2
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BLTTHETltLE (ASK.) TOOTHER MOWDAT, APML M, Mi* Surveys S/Vow Most Persons Don't Recognize Cancer S/gns "A atttah ia tin* eouid save nine ONI << "NT tt cancer victims from dyfc« of the diseaae," L. E. Isaacs of MrtbeviHs, chairman at the jtorttt Mississippi County cancer fHDSl drive, ssM ioday. "Yet pttbJfe surveys reveal the Mtoonding and unfortunate fact that one out oC every three Ameri- ot**t an not even aware that any iype of oanoer is curable. The surveys also show that more than half of aM adult Americans do not know aar of ths early symptoms of the disease which have been so widely publicized by the ACS to -its nationwide educational program," he Be lifted *•* sevsa d*pg«r signals .•* — ' ' 1. Any sore that does not heal I. A lump or thickness in the feretst or elsewhere. S. Unusual bleeding or discharge. 4. Any change in a wart or mole. I. Persistent indigestion or ditt- in swallowing. Persistent hoarseness or 7. Aar ohanfe in normal bowel habits. These symptons do not necessarily mean cancer but they should mean a prompt vie* k> yowr doctor, he points o«t. "The importance of early diagnosis of cancer if a cure is to be effected, cannot be overemphasised,' he said. "Encouraging progress has been made through research in the techniques for treating cancer by the recognized methods of surgery, x- ray and radium. But even the most effective is futile in most instances without prompt diagnosis before the cancer spreads from the site of orgin. "Only by a liberal response from the public can this year's goal of $20.000,000 be achieved, enabling the ACS to continue its three-fold program, of professional and public education, research and service to patients on its present high level," Mr. Isaacs said. The North Mississippi County goal is *2,000. Susan Ball Walks Down Aisle For Wedding Minus Crutches Susan Ball and Dick Long, whose marriage climaxed Hollywood's nicest love story, .today start their honeymoon with a leisurely drive tip tiie California coast. The striking brunette actress, who lost her right leg to cancer 1 in January, made one of the year's most beautiful brides as she and the young actor were wed yesterday at El Montecito Presbyterian Church. The wedding was intensely dramatic, because everyone expected the bride to come down the aisle on crutches. But Susan had vowed she would walk down the aisle unaided, and that she did. Although she had practiced only s« days with her artificial leg, she l«id aside her crutches a few minutes before the ceremony. Plucky Suzan declared: «"I always knew I would get married without crutches, although no one else did." Some 1,000 people crowded' inside and outside the quaint little country church, and there was an audible gasp from the assemblage as Susan entered the church without enriches. She walked firmly down the aisle—with but a slight limp—on the arm of her father, ,H. Dale Ball. Long-, 36. first saw his bride in a movie while he was in the Army ki Japan four years ago. He was very much impressed. Later, -when out of uniform and back at Universal-International Studios to resume his acting career, he saw the dark beauty sitting in the commissary. .He introduced himself. 8he was on crutches at the time. She told him then that she had a cancer of the leg. POLIO «3on«n«ed from, Paf« » potto. Who wIM i*ve the trial vaccine? rcn request participation? Request forma will be sent to parents or guardians of all boys and girls in the first, second and third grade in the selected communities. These forms must be signed and returned to the school. How will we know if the trial vaccine has protected the child- Local physicians volunteering • ren? through their medical societies Inj w ' hen ai i the trials have been co-operation wit hlocal health au- j comp i e ted. scientific teams set up thorities. to evaluate results will make a How nan? "Awes will be $*ve* each I full report. Until this study is com- child'? pleted, no one can know. Three. How long: will thii vaccine be ef- Can a child in a grade that it being; < fective? t«st«d take part if he already ha* This is one of the things the had polio? mass tests will find out. Ye«. There are three types of! Will volunteer workers be needed polio virus that cause the disease.! for the vaccine trials? Immunity to one type does not| Yes, probably in great numbers, protect against the other two. \ as determined by local health of- WH1 a child receive the first dose I ficials. if he is absent on the designated day? What will volunteer§ do? All the non-medical tasks con- No It i£ absolutely essential that [ nected with the program. Specific all of the children who are to par- i tasks will vary, according to local ticipate in the trial receive the first needs, dose on the scheduled day. Why are certain communities b«- What happens if a child misses ing selected for the vaccine trials? or third dones are of the vaccine can be made in time Arrangements will be made to i for the 1954 'field trials and it must ™ .. _ . 1 ,. .J V .,WA**A ^tVkanjniAC- 4*%*» ,«»^1U the missed date. What i« the period between doses? One week between the first two, and several weeks between, the second and the third. Why are three seperate doses necessary? be used where chances lor valid results seem best. How were these communities selected? They were chosen by the National Foundation upon recommendation of State Health Officers. Factors considered were polio incidence during the past five or six years The first two start the production j among children in the six-to-nine of antibodies, polio-fighting sub- group, size of population in stances in the blood, while the third ~ - dose acts as a booster that raises the amount of antibodies to a high level. Ho»* much trial vaccine doe* each THE WINNER-This smiling cutie has been chosen the prettiest girl in Paris, France. She's 16- year-old Georgette Dhers, a student. Japanese Jolts Japan Is 86 per cent mountainous, with 54 active volcanos and 1000 hot springs, and is subject to about four earthquakes daily. Tidal waves follow severe shocks, and typhoons are common, with disastrous fires accompanying them. QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Q OTHERS SAY I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC? BUT MY DRINKING SEEMS TO BE GETTING WORSE. SHOULD I JOIN A. A.? A. Many members of A. A., during their drinking days, were assured by relatives, friends, and doctors that they were not alcoholics. The alcoholic himself usually complicates the problem by his reluctance to face the facts of his drinking realistically. By not being completely honest, the problem drinker makes it difficult for anyone to help him. It cannot be emphasized too often that the crucial decision—am I an alcoholic has to be made by the drinker himself. Only he—not his doctor, family or friends—can make that decision. Once he makes it half the battle for sobriety is won. Q. I CAN STAY SOBER QUITE A WHILE BETWEEN BINGES; HOW CAN I TELL WHETHER I NEED A. A.? A. Most A. A/s will say that it's ho\v you drink and not how often that determines whether or not you need A. A. Many problem drinkers can go weeks or months without drinking and during these periods of sobriety, they may not give alcohol a second thought. Then, for some unaccountable reason, or for no reason at all, they go off on a first class binge. They neglect job, family and other civic and social responsibilities. The spree may last a single night or it may last for weeks. When it is over the drinker is usually weak and remorseful, determined never to let it happen again. But it does happen again! As members of A. A. we have learned that for us sobriety itself is not enough. We have to be happy people. We have to enjoy the way we live. Many of us were able to stay sober for periods ''on our own" before A. A. but we were unhappy people. We were miserable. We couldn't face life without alcohol — so we usually wound up drunk again. A. A. has given us a way of life that has removed the compulsion to drink. We don't want to. We are far happier in A. A. than outside A. A. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS $73 — Blythtyillt, Arkansas Aiiyono Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meeting! ft :30 p. nu Every Friday Night Cfoeed Meeting! 8:30 p. m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room ovtr Hardy Furniture Co. I. M«iR Street — Blytht Tillt, Ark. child receive? Each dose is one cc (about one- quarter of a teaspoonful) of vaccine, making a total of three cc's in all. How is the trial vaccine administered? It is injected in the arm. Will It leave a scar? Are there after-effects? No scar are after-effects were noted in any of the thousands who have received the trial vaccine. How can parents be certain it is safe? Before delivery to local Health Officers each lot of the trial vaccine is tested for safety by three independent laboratories: the manufacturer's, Dr. Salk's and the Laboratories of Biologies Control of the National Institutes of Health in Washingto'n. Has the trial vaccine beer, used on human beings before? Yes -• on thousands in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area by Dr. Jonas E. Salk, who developed it under National Foundation grants to the University of Pittsburgh. How much + wil! it cost to have a child take part in the trials? The trial vaccine will be given without charge. The trials are being financed with March of Dimes funds contributed by the public. Physicians and nurses as well as local health authorises are volunteering their services. Will all participating: children be volunteers? Yes. Only school children in the designated grades whose parents request they be included will take part. each area; local health resources for the conduct of the trials and social, economic geographical factors to achieve a cross-section of the whole country. Will more than one community be under test at the same time? Yes, scores will. Why is the trial vaccine being given in the spring? Because the vaccine should have a chance to produce antibodies before the seasonal rise in polio cases. How will the results of the vaccine trial be arrived at? :• By scientific study of polio cases reported in the group given the test vaccine as compared to those not given it. Who will make the evaluation of the tests? An evaluation of the effectiveness of the trial vaccine will be directed by Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr., chairman of the Department of Epidem- iology of the University of Michi- igan School of Public Health. Dr. Francis, a leading authority on epidemics, has organized a staff of researchers and scientists to to conduct this independent evaluation. What part will Dr. Salk play in the trials of the vaccine be developed? Dr. Salk will continue his own research at the University of Pittsburgh, and his laboratory will conduct safety tests of each batch of vaccine before it is used. Who is making the trial vaccln? Five pharmaceutical companies are making the trial vaccine on a non-profit basis. How much vaccine can be produced for the field trials? The amount is limited by technical difficulties of production and time required for testing for po- plans are being kept flexible. If the results of the vaccine trials are K<>od, will the vaccine be available in 1955? A limited amount probably will be. depending upon available production time after the evaluation Is complete. Will the trial vaccine ,if proved »uc- oe««ful, prevent all polio? No Mild symtoms may still occur, but it is hoped damage to the nervous system and paralysis will be prevented. Does the trial vaccine contain »11 the known polio viruses? Yes all three know types, treated with Formalin so that they are "killed" and unable to cause paralysis but still are able to stimulate the body to manufacture its own polio-fightnig antibodies. I* it proved that there are only the trial vaccine? After examination of hundreds of strains of the virus, all were found to fall into one of the three classifications. Why is a vaccine necessary when we have gamma flobulin? Because gamma gloublin — or GO —gives temporary protection only (about five weeks), while an effective vaccine would provide longer- lasting immunity, Will GG be g iven to those who fet the trail vaccnie? This will be a matter for decision by the Office of Defense Mobilization and the State Health Officer. Will GG be used next summer ? Yes —about three times as much will be available as in 1953. through still not enough to be given to all those who might want it. Why can't there be more GG for 1954? The pharmaceutical houses cannot process more than an estimated 3,000,000 doses because of lack of facilities, equipment and trained manpower for this purpose. Why is a "killed" virus used for the trial vaccine? Because a killed virus is safe and three doses of it seem to produce enough antibodies to protect against paralythic polio. Is a "live" virus vaccine against polio contemplated for the future? Scientists are working to find one that will stimulate polio-protection quickly without danger of causing the disease. One may be found some day. Will the trail vaccine, if successful, be the final answer to polio? No. Scientist will continue to work to improve the vaccine. How does the scope of the polio vaccine trails compare with other such tests? It is the largest test of its kind in medical history- Can we expect less polio in 1954 because of the vaccine trails? Not appreciably. Even if successful, the trail vaccine will have been given to relatively few children out of the total number who are sus- How will parents of eligible child- tency and safety. Accordingly, HEADQUARTERS FOR PLAY EQUIPMENT Swings, Slides, Sand Boxes and Monkey Climbs Hubbard Hard wart ONE-STOP BANKING AT IT'S BEST! DISCOVER THE BEST IN SERVICE Our many Personalized Banking Services are at your disposal all the time. Ask about our convenient "one-stop 7 ' banking today, to discover the best in service! THE FARMERS BANK'™ 51 COMPANY The Oldest Bonk In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED - PANIC TESTEE)" F.D.I.C. * II•,000 Ea«h Deposit Member Federal Reeerre System ceptible to polio. What will the National Foundation do if polio becomes controllable in IMS? It will continue to serve the many people who have had polio and still require care, treatment and rehabilitation; it will continue to sponsor scientific research for an improved vaccine, and to train professional personnel •till urgently needed in specialised fields relating to polio. How many polio patients are there today who depend on the National Foundation for help? At the beginning of 1964, there were «6,000 patient* from former years who still needed help. To these must be added the unknown numbers who will be stricken during this year and in the future. What are the recommended precautions acaimt polio for 1964? Since there will be no sure preventive for polio this year, parents of all children — whether the children have received the trail vaccine or not— should continue to take the same precautions as in other years, don't get overtired or chilled; and inform the doctor promptly if illness occurs during the polio season. something happened. A transcript of the trial asked the Supreme Court to declare the Judgement "bull and void." There are fewer breeds of do» mestic cats than tnere are of dow» according to the Eneye»op«<M» Britannica. It Didn't Count WtNSTON-SALEM, N. C. UR — A defendant appealed a civil case to the Supreme Court asking that the judgement be declared "null and void." But somewhere along the line PIGS WITH APPEAL! Ole Hickory Inn 707 W. Chickasawba WANTED TO BUY Old, Odd, Unusual Cars Any Kind—Any Condition J. L. HUEY 879 Washington-Memphis, Tenn. Phone 37-4449 CROSLEY SUPER-V We've got the "Hit Parade" miracle set! • Takes up lest space • New Super-Vertical Circuit • Front it all screen Light enough to carry • Tube-Life Extender • Choice of 3 finijhdj f— koU MI f/9*t-/f'* yaws for only JJ.45 a wtek! MB on a CROSLEY Vbu can see it "Save More At Moore's 71 Moore's Furn. Inc. Complete T.V. Repair Services—Easy Terms 306-310 I. Main Phone 2660 Performance! Boosts Gasoline Mileage Up to 23%! 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Never before has a motor oil demonstrated such a complete range of protective properties. • New Moboiloil Special cleaned up engines of all ages and kept them clean as no other oil ever has before. • // corrected or relieved spark plug mis* firing and pre-ignition "ping" (most common in late model cars). • // reduced the rate of corrosive and mechanical wear to practically zero e It provided instant starts in sub-zero cold and complete protection at abnormally high temperatures. This single grade is recommended for use in any climate, any season, in place of SAE $W— 10W— 20W or 30 motor oil. The BEST LUBRICANT for ANY Car.. or 00)! By raising efficiency and cutting waste, New Mobiloil Special will also increase gas mileage up to 23% and add years to the life of any car engine. While New Mobiloil Special is priced higher than regular-quality motor oils, car owners will find that the extra power, extra performance and extra economy they get will more than pay back the small extra cost. Change to New Mobzloil Special . . . it's like adding octanes to fuel performance. HOW*.FOR SALE AT ALL MOBILGAS DEALERS! MAONOUA MTROLIUM COMPANY I

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