Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 16, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 4
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4—NAUG.ATUCK M KW.S (CONN.)! TlhmSPA_Y._JAN. It, _t047 Jfeailp Publlah.d Every Evening (TCxcept Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAHQATUCK. CONN. __ tOTDOLFK M, HENNICK. FrMldent^angj^ugiiiihM to. join a coalition government. White Suid Jncohy maintain these have been ready to come in more than once, but watt" to see whether the Ivnbmiri-tang showsMiny signs ot: keeping its word about laVcl and tax reforms. There is i'ault on Telephone*) tSM _mnd _____ fcoterad M lacond clan matter at th» jioat ottiot In NaugatucK. Coon, SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payabl* In Advance $1.00 I Year ...»ia.OO I month Member: The Amer-can Newinap«r Publl.her* The N, E. Dally Newipaper Pub. Tb« Tonn. Newspaper Publihen AMD TIIUKSDAY, JANUARY 10. 1!>I7 The Board's Dilemma Tliu Hoard of Education today finds itself in a very unpleasant and embarrassing position. It has been accused, nut for the first time, of being something j less than frank in its dealings with the public, and of making known only in part its actions on matters pertaining to what probably is the most important department in the borough government. The difference, this tune, is that the criticism comes from a member of the board. Dr. Edwin K. Cumin has resigned from the board announcing pub- lidy his disapproval of the policy of holding secret meetings, details of which were revealed only in part, at best. Newspapermen have long been aware of the condition, have many times called it to the attention of hoard members and made mention of it critically in.their reports. Too often have they been kept waiting in the outer chambers, beyond the appointed meeting time, the while real .news was being made and throttled by the hoard in secret session. It is re- fresliing Jo find that the practice has finally becolne distasteful to a member of the'board,'although any such reaction is modified by the reali'/ation that the blowoff was long overdue. And there- is also a pang of disappointment at the failure of some other members to take similar action, but short of resignation, ot course. Current developments spring from the controversy over whether the board agreed to pay William. Karaban if^UU or $300 for his services as football coach during the past season, Supported by Dr. Cut-ran, Mr. Karaban contends that the fee agreed upon was $500. The records of the board, and a majority of the members agree that the sum was $300. Newspapermen, and their accounts of the original announcement, steadfastly maintain that the hoard made known, without previous public discussion or enlightenment, that Mr. Karaban would be paid $">00 for his services. Whatever plans Mr. Karaban may have for seeking to obtain the balance be feels is rightly due him, and ho has made it clear that he is more concerned with the principle of the incident than with the amount involved, it is quite evident that, at the moment tlie^ recorded .minutes and the near-unanimity of the hoard will prevail against him. Hut whatever the final outcome-, of the case at hand, it has proved to one member of the board that star chamber sessions are not in the best public interest. Of that fact we have long been certain. Perhaps, in consideration of the embarrassment of hidden eggs coming home to hatch an unpleasant odor in this case, other members of the hoard will insist that future business be conducted opcn- Iv. ^. If the Kuomnitang can get itself'to- gether and begiiHo do a job, China may unite, or t'ederalizeln some way, and get somewhere. If not, hope lessens,, and the new. Constitution recci&Jv signed will soon be forgotten. \_ Do You Remember? One Year Ago It' was announced that S. Sgt, Jeremiah H, Dunn of 2S 'Aetna street had been awarded. the Silver Star for gallantry in action. William Hutt headed the committee for the Naugatuck High School Junior class' Acquaintance tlancc. o—O—o 20 Years Ago George.Hamrah returned to New York after a visit with his parents. o—O—o Judge Frank A. Sears of Aetna street returned from New York where he attended the auto show, o—OT—o . 30 Years Ago Philip Walrath of New York visited hia brother Robert Walrath of Meadow street, o—O—o James Donovan.of Andrew avenue took a position in the office of the G. I. R. Glove Co. Coast:- To - Coast r ~ (Copyright 1847, by The 'Iteiumt Corporation) Wlncnellebrltlei:. -, May?* ,..;*!'»•* Hague ot Jersey; former FBI chief Spencer Drayton .(and' thousands of others) spellbound «s'.F, ; B. Eye U disqualified from'winning the Da- | mon. Runyon Memoriil '(feature race) at Tropical-Park. It was 4 to 1 ,. .Weathercock Inherited the steward's verdict (on a claimed foul of all the jocks), paying $69.30! Runyon • would • loved It Meryl Davis, who delighted GIs with her thriuhlng via tho British networks, They encouraged her to try tho U. S.i she -arrived oh the America Tuesday.. ;Mrs, FDR shaking hands with a passerby admirer neV tho Sherry-Netherla;nd. .Love- | ly IHfirid Bergman funsom-caljbing j thru tnVPurk' .Oracle Fields 'ay- ing 'or 4 p>^m. -tea -at Rumpclmay- er's in the s'tXMorltz ,.J.. E. Ayr- Hart, millionnirKmayor ot Camr.- Ijcllford, Ontario, getting the chilliest glare Cram It subway cashier to whom he offrred $100, bill (to change). For the jitney xid'e. Salllos In Our Alley: A \fttarlct just in from 'Movletown wfts belittling Broadway at.^Ledn. Sc^ ;Eddie's .. "There ' .arc," she said, "more phonies here'than :.oui there" •..."Of course:," yawned Snerry Britton, "you;:mean: ino.w".. .'Two prqtUas we: ; e Introduced- .a|t the Lutin Quartcv'..'.T>ldh't ; r meet' you • n Mliml with'your'husband?.".aak- cd-the first,, .'No, said the other, "with- yours." " .' ; ;• Chinese Disunion Dr. Wellington KCH>, speaking bot'oro tliu liopurt from tliu Work! Forum, indi- cnteil ii liuliet' tliJit H' America would pour assistant'!.' into China tlirou^li the Kuo- inintan-r, Cliian^V -ovenirm'iit, all would ontl well. But Uncle Sam lias heeii generous for a long' time yet C'liina remains poverty-stricken and dis united. Why 1 ;' lien,' CJeorgc Marsludl, trying to jyet the warrin;:,- parties together, said lie "had failed." Details of his statement verified those of the Wliitc-Jacoby book. Thunder Out O.f Cliina, as well as accounts of other observers. The Kuomiiitang is divided against itself, promises to helj) the peasant and does not perform. Perhaps Chiang Kai- shek and his group do not know how. They cannot visualize a China without gniftiifir tax collectors. They cannot understand that Chinese citizens, given a chance, might pull themselves out of their worst, troubles. So they temporize, ask for loans, and nothing improves. Mr. Koo put all the blame on the Chinese Communists who stubbornly refuse Around The Clock Cleaning up the spindle. . . . Announcement of the retirement of Miss Frances Higgins as organist of St. Francis' church was made recently by Father Paul F. Keating, who 1'auded the musician for her work during the past several, years. . . . There's been some knnc- IdcVapping at the High School over recent child-play with perfume and squirt guns. . . . Tsk. tsk, children Bob Lynch has 1 moved his taxi office into new quarters on Oak street. • Belated congratulations to Janice Reiily, who observed her 21st birthday Sunday Jan. 5, and to Jack Stinson, who celebrated his birthday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis Sunday. As a birthday present, Jack was made ai member of the Navy hoop team. This followed a twenty-point performance which he accomplished the preceding Saturday against his old alma mater, Bullis Academy. The National Board of Fire Underwriters has compiled a list of 10 safety rules for hotel guests. The recommendations are based on official engineers' studies of hotel fires. Tbe same rules would apply in any large apartment or office building. The following; rules may save your life ami the lives of others. 'Read them carefully. 1. Upon arriving at your hotel room, investigate all possible means of emergency exit. •2. Head carefully any instructions to guests posted in room. ;]. Be as careful in a hotel as you would be in vour own home. Do not smoke in bed' 4. If you detect smoke or evidence of fire give immediate information to the management. ,j. Close transom door at once. (>. Take time to plan your exit, 7. Feel the door before you open it. If it docs not feel hot, open it slightly. Hold head away, brace door with foot. Put hand across opening to test heat of air. 8. If hallway appears safe, use the already planned exit. i). Tf hallway is not safe, stop up any opening or cracks by which smoke may enter, using wet towels, sheets, blankets, mattresses, etc. 10. Open window slightly and stay near it. Keep calm, avoid hysteria. Do not jump out. Many lives have been saved by closing doors and transoms, blocking all openings for hot air and gases from .hallway, and calmly awaiting rescue. . Fritz Klambt ,one of whose many functions is that of vice-president in charge of public relations for sports at the local Y, knocks out his sprightly copy on a portable typewriter which was built in 1919. The machine has a three-row keyboard. Congratulations are in order for Bertel Olson and Harold Brown. Both ce'e- brated birthdays Jan. 13. MI'dtown Vlpnette: Nornvn.'Cor- don Is the 1 6' 4 basso of the Met.; He is also'Uic top male singer inline revived "Street Scone".. .. .Norman hflieves in direct action....He was I dining in a midtown spot when a clunk at the next table slandered I FDR and boosted Hitler: .Cordon went over, grabbed tho nuisance In his arms, carried him .to the street anrt di'mpod him into the gutter, sayihrj: "You're 'spoiling my dinner, Adolf!". . Memos of a Midnighter:. Local reporters-waiting to sec if Pearl Lusk will bather .to inquire how Mrs. Ruocco is petting along since she shot her with that 'camera-gun. They sity she never once'.inquired about'her victim'while in custody . . .HBS Klrjten Flagstad signed with Geo. Englcs' new concert office? Larry Marvin Is being touted as a "rind" by the. Embassy whore ho auditioned Midtown reporters tell of an E, Olst. St. detective who uscse such highfalutin' calk. He-asked one scribe: "Is that a certitude on, your part?". . . Latest gimmick in tho Broadway photo | emporiums is Men of Distinction cut-outs. You put yer kisser in the hole -and came out looking like the "eezers in the ads.. Truman's admiration for Secy of State Marshal: amounts to hero worship. He is said to have referred to Marshall ns The greatest living American" Alan Ladd dcesn't know.whcn he's well off. juil bought a coast night club. ' Character Study:: He underpays his help but ovcrtips the waiter. . . Ho takes caibs to avoid subway crowds but wrestles thi'iugh choked theater lobbies for a -few puffs on a clggie. He greets every cprny line in a" show with a cornier Comment but thinks a guy Is a celebrity when he has more wives than children. .. He thinks he's an In- kind of a guy who calls Bergman "a foreigner." Orchid Garden: Jimk Smith'*! (Capitol) platter of "Too Many Times". .. .The musical version of •Uncle Tom's Cabin" by the David Brockman crew. .. . Wynonle Harris' bloozce chartts on the Apollo recording. "Young and Wild" Eddy Howard's (Majestic) record, "For Sentimental Reasons". .Ezra Stone't- big ad (in the ann'y. issue of Variety) urging other stars to buy pages to exploit little peopl* with big talent, .so they can. be "discovered." That's big-time. New York Novelette: Justin McCarthy, the young lone-wolf stickup fool (who was collared last week), is well known to Broaclway- scnheimeVs. .. -He sold several of them plenty of "shares" In an electronic and helicopter firm which flopped. .. .Most-of his suckers are no little miffed with Justin because "he didn't at least apologize" with some of the loot he sot away with 1 —sticking up nigh't club patrons in their cars — as they waited for lights to change.'..He almost talked a famed radio star Into starting a manufacturing .company with him.. .One of his stock victims was ready to tell the gendarmes about him six months' ago (which (Continued'on Pttg'e 5) ; . BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE BANGER SIGN 'Of Tired Kidneys If taekachi and It* paini «r» m»ktn»TO» mlMnblt.don'tjuitcompUlnanddonothlnK about th«a. Natnr* mar M warning you that 7our kidnrji ntcd attention. ThckldncnartNature'tchtefwaTOftaklnv excm aeldi and poifonoiu wait* out of th« blood. Ther brlp mott ptopl« pan about 3 pint* a day. If thi IB alln of kldntr tub** and filter* fon'tworkwcU.polionoui.waittraatteriUyi In th* blood. Tbocpoliontmayitartnacvinc baekaebci, rheumatic paint, te* paint, lot* of P«p and «a«nr> nttlnc up nlxbU, iwrUlnr. pnffln«<iniidirth* *TM, htadaeh** and dliil- •eit. Freouentor KantrPiiMan* with amart- hurand bunUn(*om<tlaunbowithcnl**oae- lh'n« WTOHB with TOUT kidntT* or bladder. ••>on't wait! Aak your drugriit for Doan'> PUli. a atimulaBt diurrtie, o§«d toceatifttllr »7 nlllloni for o»*r 10.nan, Doan'« in t&. si ,1 BEAJVS "-•?•« 23' '«! For sandwiches and H o.- s - d'oeuvres — cheeso wilh a dis;, livs flavor ttCTIONi NO, N.W.WTV&, •CAN-f7« you'Jl and. at ASP's Jike *1 modes! pritel usual MUENSTER CHEESE CHANGE TO REALLY FRESH 4f P COFFEE ^^% >LB Come-sce pera —irnP r cheisse ior tho delightful. »«rt« ..7 ni assorted LB 1 ery CHEOOBVJ CHEESE /,? Sf BA ss7j* 1 ' '8 ' •Mcs/5* ''48 * is *jk s *Cs/5« ^m WHITE BREAD MARVEL DATED 20 OZ 4 £NRlCfi£t> SLICED ' 'LOAF | Raisin Bread ,.,^; Home-Style Donut8o^31» Filled Buns Pound Cake Devil's F 5 A v c Modern MEATS YOU'LL BE PROUD TO SERVE! ' HEAVY CORN-FED STEER BEEF-GRADE AA and A STEAKS or ROASTS 69 C PORTERHOUSE, TOP ROUND, SIRLOIN, BOTTOM ROUND COOKED HAMS'TJ^RlTLsSS 6 PORK LOINS WHOLE or EITHER END IB 49° CHUCK ROAST ™o v ™?J L .49 e SUPERMARKETS ^^^^^^^•M^^SSSSSHHH^ LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS! PRE-WAR VALUE.' JUICE tALORE! SMOKED PICNICS 39' FANft DRISKET ZSZSS. »53| HAMBURG LEAN, FRESHLY GROUND IsAS* STRIP BACON WH °NDO™ CE u,57 e s® *%*' -' ^sSTnTi; 'XvWi CHICKENS-BUY THE PARTS YOU WANT! BREASTS "85° BACKS-NECKS u>19' LEGS ">79« LIVERS-85° WINGS -35' GIZZARDS -29 C « :«a8fcj#* GOD FILLETS HALIBUT SWORDFISH .PKGOF16l2 e CQ( PKG OF 100 U\J NECTAR TEA BALLS EVAP. MILK WHITEHOUSE i A (ALL „• jU»?«r/ O CANS NONl BtTTtR! FANCY ' SKINLESS FANC SLIGO FANCY • SLICED Ritz Crackers LB NBC PKG 39° 2Qc SUNNYHULD 25 ' r « £A Paltry or Fimlly B*(. I «U9 Spaghetti Ec N 0 c°o K p EED16 J; R02 15 c AUI.I,._ ' iNOODLlS 16 OCB ChiCKCn DORSE! JAR OO Spaghetti •;NCOREor i LB ANN PAGE BO VnnCimp'tWIlti NO.. | QC iuc* CAN. 19 Ketchup I ' OZ »NN PAGF BO FLORIDA 5r Extra large ISO's-176'sDOZ FULL BOX 3.49 Sunnydcid 2 SUPER SUDS "FLOODS OF SUDS". 34' LARGE PKG "WHEN AVAILABLE" CASHMERE BOUQUIT SOAP 2 OCc CAKES £U CAKES "WHEN AVAILABLE" PALMOLIVE SOAP "WHtN Av/AILABLIr" BAll-i 4 EC CAKi I 0 PALMOLIVE SOAP ||^A^ KC ™ 6f "WHbN AVAIlABlL" Rtlo CAK1 I DOZEN SUNNYBROOK itADI l*Cc 65 THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO , All prlen iubj*ot W« r«iar«« rHht.:;to: limit •r«». f -—-•-

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