The Fresno Weekly Republican from Fresno, California on September 15, 1893 · 4
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The Fresno Weekly Republican from Fresno, California · 4

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1893
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TIIE FRESNO WEEKLY REPUBLICAN FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15 1893 111 tV-uniy Oa'ifonita By t)i Fiwno Itepultlican rnHLhuigCo Tbe Grmt Newspaper of Central California Ii2 Titian ftmt lrrt Circulation The Most New ?i-w or naw Kirn' (tricily in Advance) Worker year Ty mall f V Weekly Kvi'uirlivKii 1x uioutb by nail 1 Ji Imlly RmMiran one yinr by mall Daily Itopublican ix niailih by mal 3 ufr Tub Vuso IIeitbik-an limits an account ( a weiMinp’-Matrimonial liliw” The aniuKicenimt is certainly premature lint lit us tTiist that the hope will be fulfilled — Sacramento Rec If it isn't matrimonial bliss at the beginning of the honeymoon when does it The San Jose Mercury is prepared to bet that tlie milling womaa will not be able to make jell- ont of electric currents Tlie fruit of die grape vine tele-graih may prove a little elusive for tlie indiwiriotu housen ife bnt just wait and see if she doesn't have it on exliibitionat tire Midwinter Fair The EugiUh newspapers are beginning to sympathise with the poor people of fife country They my nothing about the fact that conditions similar to those prevailing here exist perpetually in their own country and that depression here is chiefly due to the attempt to follow the English system oi finance and tariff Evnrnnne seems to be going wrong this year and die news that Grover’ boy ia a girl again chimes in liarmoni-oosly with the crop failures and other disappointing tilings Tlie only thing left new by which the President may perpetuate tlie political prominence of the family name is to immediately instruct congress to pass a womans’ rights hill One of die most sudden changes of heart of recent date is that of Attorney General Olney whoee instructions that there were no funds available for the enforcement of the Geary act had hardly got dry before they were reversed by a manifesto to tlie effect that die law will be enforced ao long as the funds hold out The fact is that die decision of Judge Boss placed the administration in position where it had to uphold the law or nullify it These should be no partiality or favoritism in the enforcement of tlie law ' None should he exempt from its penalties because of the position they occupy in the community If their standing is above the average their responsibility is the greater A legislator or peace officer who flagrantly violates the law should be just as severely dealt with ai the humblest citizen A good start has been made in the enforcement of law in Fresno county and the good work should go on witliout fear or favor Galex Claes die white bearded pioneer and guardian of Yosemite park recently made liia first visit to the outside world in forty yean He settled at Wawona the cliarming stopping place of the Yosemite stages in 1865 built first one cabin and tlien several more for sight aeers and finally became a hotel keeper Later he was made a Yosemite park commissioner and then guardian He baa just been east to his old home which he had not seen since the early gold exritementand to visit the World's Fair Niagara Falls and the Yellowstone park Tlie old gentleman ia one of the picturesque features of the famous val- T argue that the farmer ia oppressed by the tariff has been the last resort of the cornered free trader because the farmer being far removed from the battlefield of argument ia generally not on hand to deny it At last however the farmer has denied it An intelligent farmer named Julius Peterson has published at Washington an exceedingly dear and sensible pamphlet of about 200 pages entitled “The American Home Builder Ilia K elation to tlie Banff as Seen from tlie Standpoint of an American Far mar” Tlie points are well made the illustrations are such aa specially appeal to farmers and Mr Peterson’s little book meets a want of which many public men have been conscious in their search for eouiething suitable to put into tlie hands of their agricultural constituents We no not think that sufficient reason can be aliown for granting the motion lor a change of venue in the case oi the People vs Hichard Heath We do not believe that there is any truth in the claim that the defendant cannot obtain a fair trial in this county To the contrary we believe tiiat he has ai ready had one fair trial and that he can get another without going outside this county to get it No difficulty was experienced in obtaining a jury for the former trial and because lie has been tried once it does not follow that an unprejudiced jury cannot be found fen the aecoud trial Tlie statement that strong prejudices exist in this community in regard to this case are true but those prejudices are confined to a comparatively limited number of persons and do not affect the mass of tlie people It is safe to lay that at least 60 per cent of the citizens of tlie counts could legally qualify to act as jurors in this case This being true there is no reason why a fair and impartial trial cannot be obtained here Howsvee oilier democratic journals may wobble in their support oi tlie plank in tlie Chicago platform which di-dares that protection to home industry ia unconstitutional the Now York Sun stands squarely by tlie issue and howls for the life blood of tlie robber tariff in the following language : In the midst nf the appalling rtagua-- tioa and trouble in business tlie re is under tlie circumstance one cheering and all sufficient Uiought to every anti-protectioniat to every individual who with liia mind on tlie tariff voted last year again at tlie historic policy of protection The abutting too of protected factory dour and tlie clicking of their locks are signal tiiat some robber has eeaaed to rob As soon aa tire mill is closed tlie owner formerly the plunderer of the many and tlie oppressor of tlie poor lias to ait idle and helpless He can’t wring a cent of bis oki profit from tiia labor and savings of others Hi oat-'asenua and unconstitutional business is slopped Tlie mills will doubtless open ngain’in one way or another under tlie atrrsi of public requirements but their atop age m a trememloua dictate to tlie mo-era is to bring llitr old time robber har-oua to aa end at once Prntect'on is rublienr Down with it! Enact the tariff for revenue the sooner the belter ffi The feet ha been rrtablislied after a hard struggle tliul the Geary law ia tl e law ef the land and considering tire scnriiiu-r1 and ccnditions which existed a few week ago tlie outcome cannot be considered anything less than a notable triumph for tire Caucasian interest of tlie racitie Coast and tlie country at large It is a notable fact tiiat wlierea the advocates of the Chinese were recently talking about the repeal of tlie Geary law and of its general iniquity they an- now confining themselves to tlie advocacy of extending the time for registration If in tlie meantime tlie Pacific Coast makes use of it opportunity to deport the most objectionable class of the Chinese population the extension of time for registration can be generally accepted as a fairly satisfactory ablution of the problem The law ia really intended to bring about a gradual removal of the Chinese by preventing tlie smuggling of laborers into the country and the transportation of those who fail to comply with the law It cannot be denied tiiat tlie immediate removal of all tlie Chinese from tlie country would create great temporary inconvenience but a considerable number of tlie aliens who have so successfully wormed themselves into tlie industrial affair of this roast ran be spared at once and the workingi of the law under an extension of the registration privilege will bring about the desired result without crippling any industry or destroying the chance of success of any resource in coarse of development Tlie outlook for a speedy solution of the Chinese question is becoming decidedly brighter Later reports indicate that the right to deport Chinese under the law has been peremptorily shutoff by tlie administration and the opportunity is thereby lost to the people of tliis state to take advantage of the situation aa above mentioned Mim Jennie Rhodes Mix James B Rayncr and Mr Emma Moseman of Freeport Long Island are three women whose service in saving human live in tlie gale of last week deserve recognition Acting upon tlie aliened theory tiiat storm do not occur in the summer Congress has failed to provide for tlie maintenance of crows at the sea coast life caving stations during tlie summer months So when tlie hurricane drove tlie bark Martha F Tucker with her crew of eleven live ashore near Foint Lookout tlie only member of tlie life-saving crew present for duty waa tlie captain Andrew Rhode' He was joined by Captain Van BU-klen of tlie Long Beach station who had seen tlie wreck and by two other men This force was Iiowever insufficient to haul the heavy beach wagon on which the little canon to whose projectile the life line is attached is mounted In this emergency Miss Rhodes Mrs Rayncr and Mrs Mosemen came to tlie rescue like the heroines they were Side by side with the four men they tugged the beach wagon a mile through tlie and Working with all the coolness and courage of veteran life ravers they helped haul the life buoy with its human freight back from the wreck Their hands blistered and bled cat by tlie 9ugh wet ropes hot undaunted by pain or tempest they toiled on until the buoy had made eleven journeys and raved eleven live Then when their task was performed like true daughters of Eve they rat down and cried Ix the decision of the Shortridge contempt case yesterday the supreme court established the right of the press to print legitimate new whenever and whenever it may obtain it The superior court of Santa Clara county tried the divorce case of Price v Price with doled doors The San Joae Mercury obtained the proceeding! and published them and the court fined the editor Charles M Shortridge for contempt therefore Mr Shortridge appealed the case holding that the court did not posaera tlie legal power to thus abridge the liberty of the press in publishing the new The supreme court took the position tiiat a knowledge of what occurs in the courts ia essential to the public welfare and 'tut the proas has a right' to print ua same The power of a court to try scandalous cams behind closed door does not therefore cany with it the power to punish for contempt tlie enterprising newtgatherer for printing a fair statement of what took place at such trial if tlie information may be obtained The testy judge intoxicated with a brief authority and over aealoui to amplify it is therefore restricted to proper limits and while he may properly dona tlie dome of liia court room during tlie trial of certain cases may not by tlie same act close the columns of a newspaper possessing enterprise snflicient to secure information of what there occurred The report tiiat Christopher Buckley is about to return to r'an Francisco and again take possession of tlie Democratic machine lias thrown tin- faithful into a state of excitement pleasurable and otherwise that is closely bordering upon hysterical Even the monarch of all dailies illy conceals its agitation under a feeble show of facetiousness and exposes the barrowing fear which haunts it by appealing to tlie selfish interests oi the friend of the ex-boss as a reason for turning a cold shoulder to their old master This fear of tlie Democratic party lor the power of this blind criminal returning from exile presents a curious picture and illustrates a phase of modern politics tiiat is not pleasant to contemplate Notwitiistaxdixu all tlie difficulties which Fresno has had to contend with since tlie collapse of tlie boom she is today as prosperous u any city of like population on tlie mast and in no section of the state ia there a healthier development of the resources which insure a certain and lasting foundation upon which to build a city ' Ovie 200000 baskets of Delaware's peach crop were harvested the other night by a strong east wind This was a windfall for the ounsnniers tlie market being glutted Th unsoaaonalila cyclone ia (till 3 wrecking tilings in tlie East Tlie season ar well as the finances appear to have slipped a eoc or two Clevelaxd proposed “tariff reform" for a treasury surplus and now pervists in proscribing the same dote for tlie treasury deficit TnratE is a good field in Freeno for I insurance enmpanirs which do not lie-1 king to tlie Facific (’on a combine I While other counties arc talking slant an exluMl for the Midwinter Fair Fresno already ha the nucleus for an exhibition of product that ran htrdly be excelled — — — ' A Has Beenahixo paper any: “Patronize your home paper ami yon will receive your reward in heaven” Tiiat may he tlie case in Han Rcmadino bnt in Fresno the reward come on earth promptly and with absolute certainty Over insurance is one of the causes of loss by fire and for this tlie insurance companies arc responsible The remedy lies in a law compelling the companies to pay tlie fere of tlicir policies If tliey were compelled to do this they would not insure property for more than its value Caul Rbowne oi California lias had the'lionor of an interview with Mayer Harrison of Chicago the pleasure of which wa somewhat marred by tlie Mayor’s insistence in the matter of Browne's departure Tlie Mayor apparently lacked tlie information tiiat kicking is the strongest argument with Carl The gold hugs who are continually harping on the selfish greed of the silver men who ask tiiat their product be increased in value by the government very conveniently for themselves ignore tlie fact that the value of gold ia several times greater than it would be if it did not receive tlie same consideration which is asked for silver The Reverend J M Gaiscr of Stock-ton who abruptly lifted the lid off and took a theological snap shot into hell for the diversion of hi flock last Sunday write the Examiner that he is happy to announce that there are in preparation ample apartment bountifully supplied with intensely torrid sulphur for the reception of Sunday visitors to the Mid-whiter Fair Will not some defender of common cart horse sense in Stockton adjust a patent damper in the Gaiier gnllct and dint off tlie draught? is going the round of the paper that Bill Dali A stoev ton who wa shot in a scrimmage in tlie Indian Territory last week was at one time a member of tlie legislature from Merced county Dalton waa never a member of tlie legislature nor did he ever hold any official position in this county He was a one-horse politician that is all — Merced Star It seems after all that Bill merely helped the other fellow to go to tin legislature and never personally participated in a legislative hold-up of tlie taxpayer It would appear from this that William's early education was largely acquired by observation It is announced that man meeting is to be held in this city to discuss an important subject vis: The Local Press The Retcblicax is pleased to know that tlie institution of which it is a lunl working member ia to come np for public discussion Itisa far-reaching subject and can hardly fail to prove of mure than ordinary interest The local prera has for eome time past been a prolific topic for street discuiiion on the part of a certain class of people in tills city bul-the subject has not before come up in shape for consideration by the proas It is a dfecunrinn which should not only prove beneficial to tlie com-munity in general but particularly to tlie press and others who participate in it That was a nice little joke Senator Vance got off on the silver miners the other day wheat he dag up and presented in the senate opwanla of 200 araew merit notices of mining companies every one iff which reed “payable in gold com of the United States” showing tiiat the very silver mining companies themselves discredited their own silver Tulare Register Read distrust their own government for discredit their own silver and you will be nearer tlie truth If the government were threatening to demonetise gold is it not likely that tlie gold men would prefer that their contract! he made payable in some other money? Senator Yanoe may have “dug up” very nice little joke hut it did not carry with it an argument that is worth moment’s consideration R H UxAxxa member of the State Board of Equalisation has addressed tlie following statement to tlie Yolo Mail: Editor Mail— Tlie Board laliored long and hard to get a aqnare deal out of tlie large cities of Loa Angeles and San Franciaco Political interests combined to defeat the interior and tlie big cities win while the cow counties arc again imposed upon State levy for tlie year DM3 57 cent and H mills is the horrible result I am lick Beaxek Commenting upon this statement the Mail rays “it hot faintly conveys Mr Beamer'i deep disgust at the conduct of tlie board The action taken by the board waa determined by a hare majority Beamer and Morehouse strenuously opposing ‘ the combination tiiat (lomi anted tiio board Mr Reamer ia reported to have poured it into his colleagues at tint meeting Mr Morohouso upheld Mr Beamer in liia vigorous protest and in disgust declared 'we liavo lived too long — we ought to have died last year’ Roth of these gentlemen declare that San Francisco's assessment is scandalously rotten and that Lot Angeles’ roll is about as had” Axkbica can live anil prosper witliout tlie aid of any foreign power says the Themis It it a fact however that in many respects the great foreign countries ate dependent upon American trade and products There exists no reason why England should dictate our financial or commercial policy America ia great enough and strong enough to take ear of itself American genius has led the advance in all departments of invention We invented the electric telegraph and laid the first cable An American invented the cotton gin American genius broaght tlie steam engine and locomotive to its greatest perfection of mechanism It waa an American who astonished the world with the telephone and phonograph ' All tlie great electric device have readied their highest meehanical effects under American inspiration Tha flint great battle between ironclads was with American hip With America it is a new world of most wonderful power and adaptations" Ws have a government within ourselves great and exhauitiess Thar is no possible excuse for dependence npon any other nation We must lead and not follow TARDY JUSTICE The news come from law Angriiw that Walter J Raymond now languishes in the jcil at Dayton O witli 160 indictments piled up against him In' tlie United States attorney for that district who in each separate indictment lias alleged tiiat said Walter J Raymond lias nsed the United States mail for a fraudulent purpose That the acts of Mr Raymond which led up to his arrest by the antiunitiee liavo bad little else in tliem tlian frauds seems hard to believe when one is acquainted with the feet A part of those focts United States Postal Inspector M II Flint just returned from a tour of investigation ha acquired and now await order from Ohio to leave 1-os Angeles for that place where lie will testify on tlie numerous trials of Raymond It seems that about 1880 Raymond began to deal in California land He first acquired 320 acres of wiUl mountain land near Tcliacliapf in Kern ru :nty Shortly after lie commenced the pur-cluue of two sections of school lands on tlie Colorado desert He also got a section of land at Pilot Knob Tlie country is a bleak wild trackless desert nnre-lieved for mile by anything save the sparse rage brush and tlie gmuewood bundling here and there on tlie white rand with the liot ran ponring down with a focal fierceness on everything beneath No human being exists hercabonti rave at Ogilby wliere there is a small gold mine worked by a white nun and a few Mexican miners These sections were located in October 1889 The price at which the state sells them is $125 per acre and 23 cents on'earh sere has been paid that being tlie first payment of 20 per cent of the purchase price required by the taw before a certificate will ferae Interest also on the balance oi tlie purchase money np to January 1893 lira been paid but tlie July interest lias been defaulted This land therefore counting first payments srul interest stands Mr Raymond today 40 cents per acre It It is assessed by Ban Diego county in which it lies at $1 per acre Raymond has been selling thfeland throughout tha East at f 100 per acre so tiiat he lias been nuking a net profit of $9900 on each acre of land sold He then proceeded to advertise these lands for sale and to swindle a number of Eastern people out of sums all tlie way fronfflOO to $500 each It fe safe to say tint never before has a more audacious and dastardly swindle ever been perpetrated among eastern people to the injury of the reputittion of California in the east The government began to investigate the character of tlie California Land Company and as a result prohibited the delivery of money mail to Raymond He then changed tlie name of tlie swindle to tlie California Land and Water Company The government finally took action in the matter and he waa indicted as above stated His trial will come off in October If tlie department will now pay some attention to one Guy Webber of New Jersey and hfe SbeHiyville fraud in this county the came of honesty would be materially advanced The Stockton Mail very neatly exposes the insincerity of the administration's attitude- on the silver question The Mail rays that the proposition to coin tlie silver bullion now in the treasury vaults involves certain contradictions of policy which cannot be reconciled The whole argument of the goldbuga has been against any more silver money It has been asserted all along tiiat there ia not enough gold to support any mare silver at par and that if the volume of silver be increased all silver money will fall below its face value and gold will go out of circulation and the country be brought to a silver basis All other arguments run into this one Now however that there fe a doubt that an unconditional repeal bill will pam the senate the goldbugs eome forward with a proposition to coin all the silver bullion in the 'treasury after the repeal hill shall have been passed ami approved by tlie President Tlie proposition fe worth considering as showing tlie 'fictitious basis of tlie argument against tlie Sherman act Senator Mitclicll of Oregon stated the otlicrday that the quantity of silver bullion in tlie treasury was between 140000000 and 160000000 ounces Tlie Mail thinks tiiat tlie last mentioned quantity fe nearer correct for tlie reason tiiat in the July statement of tlie condition of tlie treasury Secretary Carlisle estimates tlie commercial value of tlie silver on hand at $119000000 Taking tlie market price of silver at that time it would bring the quantity of bullion up to about 150000000 ounces which it only 12000000 ounces lew tlum slionld have been purchased under the Sherman act In three years Tlie silver bullion in tlie treasury will coin 174000000 standard dollars Doe not this offer to coin the silver bullion in the treasury constitute hrilieby means of which to win over wavering senators to tlie gold hug cause? and fe it not a confession that the attack on tlie Sherman act ia simply an excuse for increasing by law the purchasing and earning power of gold? - Moiiehto i having soDie experience with its city board of trustees which recalls recent history in this city Tlie Muilcsto board fe charged with letting contracts to favorite contractors and with generally conducting the bnsiness of thr city in tlie interests of tlie individual members of the hoard Public feeling fe tunning so high on the subject tiiat it fe thought the objectionable members may be induced to resign Nap county lias appropriated $11 for ill Midwinter Fair exhibit- Fresno is trying to make n exhibit on Ires than half that amount hut will hardly succeed in doing heraelf justice witliout a reason ably liberal supply of funds About one-tenth the amount spent for tiie World’ Fair would hardly be considered extravagant The sensational report in yesterday's San Francbeo evening paper fe enough to make Pterodactyl Daniels suicide from sheer chagrin One would think tlife country strewn with dead Chinamen Tlie sensational autlior iff such abominable lies should be deported with tar and plumage Gsovn Olbvelaxd will go Into hfetory as the first President who ha dared to nullify the taw of the land Tiie slowness with which the various competing railroads are building themselves fe becoming exasperating Keiivtant a tier arc to do so a vast majority of 1 Vmoorat are now admitting tiiat the Prophet fe stuffed With the only ciraua on tlie coast smashed np in a railroad accident tlie chances for fun this season are looking very slim Goon roods can be made in Fresno county at as little cost as anywhere in tlie world There are not many of them made however i Fbesxo has contributed five highbinders to tlm Geary deportation mill but tlicre sceni to 1 nine doubt a to whether tliey were arrested in time to escape executive clemency which fe reaching out its strong arm from the notional capital to rescue the heathen from tiie cluteliei of tlie taw Ax excliangc rays tiiat among tlie reforms tiiat are likely to he undertaken at Washington this winter fe one to provide fur a change in tiie date of the meeting of congress At the present time congressmen elected in November do not take their scats until the following December n tiiat their campaign pledges are largely forgotten before tliey have occasion to act npon them It fe believed tiiat the popular will would he much better carried out if congressmen were required to meet and vote immediately after tlie general elections as do tlie representatives of tiie people in other countries As the present congress fe disposed to ignore most of the pledget niuler which it was elected the member are duly impressed with need of the proposed reform 1 Ir Fresno fe wise she will return to her raisin picking and quit raising coin San Jose Mercury All the facts considered tliere fe not a eommnnity in California which has pasted through tlie on leal of Chinese agitation with greater credit to itself than has Fresno Mine idle men congregated in Fresno tlian in any city of its fee in tlie state and nearly a thousand of them were humanely cared for by public clarity for two weeks prior to the opening of tiie grape picking season All of these men who want work are now employed and the money which tliey earn is ooming back to tiie people who stood by them in their time of need During all this time there have been but two instances in this city or its vicinity in which any violence was done to Chinese In neither inataifcq was there any km of life or was any Chinese seriously injured This record i really very creditable one to Fresno and the community deserves praise in-teed of criticism The “coin raising' ' which the Mercury refer to consists almost wholly of tiie sensational i ports which were sent to San Francisco papers by some irresponsible liar whoae identity remains undiscovered The local newspaper have told the exact facts concerning every occurrence of the kind and these should lave served to correct before this time the false reports which were sent to the evening papers of San Francisco Tiie newipapen which are so quick to give Fresno tiie benefit of every discreditable thing that happens within a radius of four counties should also be fair enough to give credit for the many creditable tilings which ore performed by its enterprising and open handed people An eastern newspaper argue that the McKinley tariff ha proved to be a failure in one important particular — because it aimed to cheek importation of foreign good whereas imports of many manufactured articles have increased since the act went into operation Bnt where fe tlie evidence that the authors iff the taw entertained tlie purpose to check importations? The free trader were unanimous while tiie bill was under consideration in insisting that it would nearly destroy our foreign trade but no responsible protectionist expressed that opinion The false prophe'i in tiff case are the journalist who tried to induce the pec pie to believe that if the bill became a taw we should not be able to buy from Europe Europe consequently would not liuy from us and transatlantic commerce therefore would become an extinct industry It was apparently clear to tlie minds of most of the free trailer that as soon as the McKinley act went into operation Americans hi tiie importing business would put up their shatters and go Into retirement while disgusted Europeans would turn their bocks upon American cotton planter and former preferring nakedness and hunger to traffic witli a nation so unreasonable as to refuse to swap commodities with them But like tiio predictions that woolwould become to dear tiiat the American people would be compelled to wear shoddy and tiiat prices of all kinds would rise under tiie influence of tiie proposed tariff legislation the prophe-' cieaof paralysis of our foreign trade have been falsified by fact The purpose of tlie tariff act was simply to equalize tlie conditions upon which European and American manufacturers should compete in this market It was intended to forbid tlist an Englishman naking goods with cheap tabor should come into tiie country to undersell tlie American who makes goods with dear tabor Tlie nain object of tiie protective system as expressed in any tariff act fe to permit home industry to be conducted and develop'd witliout menace from destructive foreign competition Tlie author of tlie McKinley act sought to repair those portions of tiio old tariff law which foiled to perform this function Tlifeis tiie reason why the act increased only a portion of tlie duties Tlie rates upon about half of tiie whole number of articles or group of articles were not clanged at all because they wore regarded as Sufficiently protective In some cases wlien tiie duties were thought to be in excess of the requirements iff mere protection as with tiie duties upon structural iron tliey were actually induced by tills law which waa declared to have prohibitory intentions Tha fact that imports have steadily increased under Ahe operation! of tlie act supplies cone mi va demons tratkm that this theory of tiie purpose of tlw taw fe correct And it may be added tiiat the continuous decline of the prices of imported commodities upon which the duties were in feet raised proves witli equal pone! naivensa that Europeans and not American hear the burden of the higher duties TOO MUCH JELLY Tlie Madera Mercury says tiiat the ladies of flat plain can render important service to tlie Midwinter Fair commission era by making jelly Yes tbe bulies can make jelly There is no iloulit ofjtlat Tliey inado enough of it for tlie tVorkl’s Fair to sink a ship Jelly came pouring in from every precinct by tiie dozen and by tiie case Tliere waa practically no end to tbe jelly except where one invoice railed and tlie next commenced It began to look aa tliongli all the fruit in California liad been ‘nude into jelly but inch waa not really the ease for tliere was some left for other purposes Now Tux RxmiLK'AX has unbounded faith in the ability of tbe ladies to render distinguished and important service in the matter of preparing an exhibit of tlie country’s products and wlut it desires to protest against is tlie idea of limiting their efforts to tiie nuking iff jelly Jelly fe a good thing of course but it fe one of tlie few good tiling which can be made just aa well in other places aa it can in California It eon be mado any where and of almost anything and so for aa attractiveness of appearanuo fe concerned a jelly palace node in Chicago from pigs’ feet and other refuse of tiie slaughter house would meet with just aa much aproval as the moat lovely jure of jelly which the handsome women of California can produce from our most incomparably delicious fruit Jelly making therefore for tlie purposes of exhibition we consider a clear waste of materiel and human endeavor The magnificent afee form and color of oar matchless fruit fe destroyed to produce it whereat if the ladies were persuaded to give tlie same labor and attention to preserving this fruit in its natural form and color tliey would lave something to show the equal of which can not come from the preserving pans of all Christendom By all means secure tlie services of the ladies of Madera Brother Merenry but don’t make the mistake iff advising them to make jelly Listening to your modest request one would think that jelly fe the only creditable thing tiie ladies of Madera can nuke The tiiouglit fe ungaltant ami abanrd A collection iff those fot rosy Modern babies would attract more admiration than a mountain of jelly A TtxxYABomT was talking about tiie tariff on raisini a few days ago and tliis fe tlw way lw expressed himself : “The trouble with us ia that there fe not enough duty on raisins tlw raisin industry in California fe not enough protected Tlie iliipmente of Spanish raisins are sold as soon as soon as they arrive in New York not because tliey are better in quality bnt simply because tliey are pat up m better style— are better assorted and packed therefore more saleable in eastern cities “We lave to pay $116 a day to men who never before packed grapes while the raisin industry in Spain is in tlw hands of vineyardisti and laborers who have been brought np in tlwt buaineea The wages paid are but 60 cents a day “The Spanish raisins are all hand packed— the work cannot he done by machinery — therefore it ia impossible for us to compete unless we have mine duty on tlw foreign article There should be some duty also on currant which now come in free Times will be very hard in California lor raisin farm-era if tlw industry fe not well protected How can any laborer lay that nee trade fe a good policy?” — Kern County Eclio It fe safe to predict that no sensible American laboring nun will say tiiat free trade fe a good thing during the next quarter of a century notwithstanding the fact tlwt tons of thousands of them voted fra it in tlw last election The votes of tlw laboring daises of this country were east fra free trade last foil on prejudice a prejudice created by the constant assertions iff the Democratic party that the monopolies and trusts are the sole beneficiaries of a protective tariff In tlw face iff the fact that tlw standard iff living and wagea iff tlw American workingmen fe tlw highest in the world tliey were led to on alleged attack on the robben and tyrants otherwise known as the manufacturer and producer Some of the fruit of their victory are already before them and in the light of their present experience the reversal of their verdict would be overwlwlming if tlw proposition were again submitted to them Tlw raisin industry fe but a fair saip-pta iff other protected honw industries witli tlw difference only that some of them have a -larger share of protection than fe afforded by the present duty on raisins Tlw Kern county vineyard ist fe eminently sound in hfe conclnaion that tlw tariff on nfeina should be increased It fe not now sufficient to equalise tlw difference in cost of production The Pacific Insurance Union by its raise in the rates which have prevailed in tlw counties of this valley for several years fe making tlw way clear to mnrh needed legislation on tlie matter of insurance It tliere fe any truth in tlw complaint tiiat tlw companies have sustained serious losses by reason of incendiary fires tlw proper remedy doe not lie in higlier rates but in s taw which will oonqiel tlw companies to pay tiie face of tlicir policies thus preventing over insurance tlw principle cause oi incendiarism wherever it exists As matters now stand tlie insurance companies are participanto in every crime of tills kind which is committed fra tlw purpose of securing tlw indemnity In order to increase premiums property fe over-insured and the com suite Uwmaelves ont of tlicir own greed furnish the motive for kindling destructive fires: then when loss comes tliey foil back upon tlw taw which permits them to prove tiiat tlw property waa worth less titan tlw amount for which it waa insured This fe a condition of things which tlw public cannot afford to submit to anl it must be remedied by a taw which goes to tlw source of the whole trouble and prevents the insurance of property above the line of safety Tiu free silver min who talk of retaliating by becoming free traders might inflict further anguish upon themselves by joining tlw Prohibitionists and shut-tii'g off their supply of booze esssassssss Tin reasonable suggestions made by tlw insurance companies' representative relative to the prevention of fire should be promptly acted upon Qsovxa Cliyxlaxd slionld be taught the Important lesson tiiat no man fe grantor than the taws of this country Ban Dim county’s tax rate fe fixed at $186 higlwr than ever before THE STATE TAX LEVY Unfair Assessments Made in Some Localities THE COUNTRY COUNTIES CIXCHED How San FraneUro After Absorbing tbe IVealth of tbe State Avoids Sharing In Taxation Taxpayers no doubt are surprise 1 to learn tlwt tliere has been an increase of tlw state rate from 4lifi cents- of last year to 576 cent fur tlie current year a difference of 11 cents During the acssion of tlie legislature Governor Mnrkham knifed appropriations right and left where they were not matters of absolute necessity and liis course wa consultant with the declarations of tlw platform npon which he waa elected Aa usual San Franciaco resorted to its old time tactics of an unfair ami inadequate assessment in order to avoid laying ita just portion of tlw taxes It was expected tiiat tlw state board of equalization would raise this one mentto some decent figure hut such waa not tlw case The Sacramento Bee has given some intonating facta tor this increase of the rote The board did tills after it was thoroughly conversant with tlw careless and lipanod manner in which San Francisco property is assessed There was a vast amount of cumnlative evidence before tlw board to show tha negligent and almost criminal methods pui-tnud in San Franciaco by those authorized to levy an assessment and collect tlw taxes This evidence in reference to tlw aasessiuent may be summarized as follows: First— From January 1 1893 until the lint Monday in March 1898 when tlw assessment was made the Hibernia Savings bank and tlw German lxn and Savings bonk loaned $815072 on property assessed at $413716 Second — Out of 120 appraisements made between January 1 1893 and tlw tint Monday in March 18U3 the assessment on tlw properties was ouly 48 percent of tiie appraisements Third — Daring the ten months prior to the first Monday in March tlw real estate sales In Sun Francisco amounted to $4IS444‘X) while tlw assessment on the property sold amounted to only $2140555 The Hibernia bank and tlw German Loan A Savings bank are two very conservative and sale monetary institutions The taw says that saving banka shall not loan money on property above 60 per cent of ita valuation Tlw banka mentioned have conformed to tlw taw It will 'bus be seen that these banks in their loans exceeded the assessments $101855 TIksw who watched closely tiie proceedings of tlw board were confluent that in justice to tlw property owners of tlw state tlw assessment of Son Francisco would be raised by the equalizers fully 20 per cent Tlw action of the board in letting tlw assessment of Ban Francisco remain where it was last year has brought con tumely upon that body The efficient chairman of the board L 0 Morehouse and also R H Beamer fought gallantly to have the assessment raised to a figure commensurate with fairness Their view were first shared with Equalizer J R lleb-bron from the southern district fra Mr Hebbron during an executive session of tlw board moved that the assessment oi Kan Francisco be raised 26 per cent Subsequently he voted to raise the assessment 20 per cent I law Angeles county fe in Hebbron1 district The issfmeut of Los Angeles county fe nearly aa faulty aa San Francisco The city assessment of Loa Angeles fe several million doltara higher tlian the ssaesiment of the city made by the oonnty UMnr In outside property womlerfnl low figure is placed on it a figure far below its veal w selling value The higiiest assessment on any orchard tana in Los Angeles not including the trees fe $160 In Yolo county wheat land adjacent to Woodland fe asaossessed at $150 an aero In Fresno oonnty similar land near the city fe assessed at $250 per acre Between January 1st and the first Monday in Mereh $5000000 iww' capital waa inverted in Loa Angeles city which was not recognised by tlw as or Both Mr Morehouse and Mr Beamer made a personal investigation of values in Los Angeles county- From tlw result of tii is investigation and tlw data which they had prepared concerning tlw wealth of tlw county these gentlemen favored raising tlie assessment of the county 15 percent Mr Hubhron was in favor of raising tlw assessment of the county for duping tlw deliberations of tlw board lw moved that it first be raised 7i per cent and subsequently 9 per cent When Mr Hebbron found so it fe charged by life associates tlwt Tam Angeles county would be raised 15 per cent lw formed a coalition with Equalizer Swan and Controller Oolgan tlw result being tiiat the motion to raise San Francisco 20 per cent va recomidered and tlw last year’s assessment substituted Los Angeles also escaping a just and equitable raise What woe the result of this plot? The raising of tii tax levy 1 1 cents 7 cents higlwr tlian the limit fixed in the Republican platform on which the present state officers including Oolgan were elected But tlw renouncing by Oolgan of tlw platform on which Tie was elected fe of trivial moment great as it fe when compared to the injustice which lias been draw tlw tax purer of this state Tlw counties outside of- Los Angeles and San Francisco assessed for nearly two-tliirds of their valuation— have an additional tax placed upon them in order that San Franciaco and Los Angeles may escape being assessed at a ratio corresponding somewhere near to wliat tiie other comities are assessed Tlw result is Hint every county in tlw state except tlw two mentioned is paying 3 cents more on every $100 tlian it should owing to tlw machinations and chicanery uf throe members of the 'state board of equalization wlio thirsting fra further political prefrmientgloliiienitely refuse to discharge the duties which tliey were elected to perform This fe a crying sliame It is a difficult nutter to arrive at tlw value of personal property in large cities lint the value of real estate can be easily determined That real estate in San Francisco and Los Angeles fe assessed far below its real value and sometime not at all fe btnrond question However this is on a par with the practice ions in vogue of stuffing the census of children of school age with fictitious names for the purpose of securing an undue proportion of the state school funds to the detriment of the rural counties Doesn't Want It Tlw Merced 8tar hopes the efforts to have tiw next trial of the Heath ease held in Merced county will faff The Star say tliey have enough troubles of their own up there Itaddi: “Tlwat-torneyi who conducted portions of Heath’s defense would find tlwmsclvea in jail for contempt of court if they Introduced inch method in tlw superior court of this county” Red Bluff celebrated the arrival of tlw nag boot Beiier Wednesday It la tiw first boat to reach Rad Bluff ilnca 1881 X0UTHERH PACIFIC COEPAHY 7 tui luvi recto milt I u Ijok Axt:uKM fxsrin Fr Santa! iuimi5elxM &iU end iWAsiA-rKxiitjuM-FrtrrAris iindzia yew ' bhu Mn fr mitcur-tt KTtraLnt4 North ! A'Ji Ma— ut i— rwMercedj Suites 5 pofti! ) U I X KR '1 If AIK-tS lri10ti1T CCT fOT Jam: lion aUmUUt FortenrLlio ud : 7IM a Mixed Thai— PiRy for Feiao I Travel1 Jiinuitin amt 1 ulcr I HtXKi Timik— imiir rjMnrbc aaoday 1 an$l WodiMfitlar Cor Itortemlla and raj - V Uoaa a Mixnn TaI3C— for Lathrup 1 and al uayiiiatirtii S ULW a x- Mixku Teaix— PVir PnUMky ami all ft way maltoii Arrivni at Uretuu returning at spa te 1LM im— For Merced ha Ihfr 3 eltco KarraoHmtn Fvrtland Otfea East 'i jjlrx liAiLT— For&isiavr Juaetiott BcCdlej ! Porterville and way utatfonx BA0 e Jid-M sun- KirrTK Ai 1 1 s' ir ExnuM— Vor Laa Aacalea New Orleans and KaL Rich tkcii Tratfle - T H OnonjiA henwa A pent II S Department of Agrlcattore ramxo &! lL—owerrailoa taken a! IpJh PesapermtUTc dew foint ("1 Humidity tfindsW m fieri per Maximum temperature for pant H hour x XinuuuaM temperature for part houm Rainfall pant h$mmlnehes -M TMal rainfall Cor won inohai M Weather Forocaat asi Featcmow Kept II— Official forocaat ' tat twouly-fiwr Bonn endisc mfduijhi tember 15 — KurthernCallforuia—fair weather warmer Friday variable 4lnda bevuialng westerly EVIilNTS io conic Beptemlier 1(1— Examination of aew puplUat eitv McitnoU at a in twptemlNT ms — Blmwtfiur id City Board of Education tTJ'Opm ritptemiier la— Trlahi begin on Judge Uolnur criminal wtaular Kept ember — 7JK p$— Cltr Connell Segnlar meeting October R— Motion for change ofvetme In The People m Richard & lieatli Or toiler Criminal r—ri net tor trial before Judge llarrla I2FAH Aa I leave thee thou fondest and fairest And take np thb journey apart Tbe trndoruai wlah nod the deaiwi Bpringa up io (he lip from (he heart It i “fllxpah— that obi benediction— None older none sweeter to mo Then thle: ‘The Lord our ITeaerver Keep watch bet ween me and thee’ Through moment: of longing and hoping Our heart throbbing quick from the rare That mbit-Hke oar pathway oft darken When grief shall break forth into team When the trials of life nhall beset us Our city of rufuge ihailbe: “ Uc will It— 'tie well! and we'll trust Illm Tu keep watch Iwtween mo and thee I Through days that are glowing with gluducM When love lend Ita lustgr to life When with radiance of wnilet and of Hint-bine Life's pathway With beauty la rife Though abaent no tor from each other Over mountains the vales or the ee May the author of gooditciis and mercy Keep watch between me end thee Aa the Moslem turn always toward lleee Their faces and thoughts when they pray Ho to thee shall 1 turn while wero parted With this with on my heart every day: 1 May the Father In pesos and compandon May the King of the land and the tea May He that kept watch over Intel Keep watch betwoeu and thecT — Race NATURE'S MOREY” By tlie almost nnanimoui consent of all civiiixed nations and one may say by tlw fiat of Nature liertelf gold ia anu will continue to be tiio money of the world — Impassioned orator in tlw Uni-tad Htatos senate But lull truef Has nature miser turned Tlwt rhe deals money with a nlgmcnt hand? Ha At the way of pammonv learned? llMuhe to starve her children lately planned? Six hundred million dollar he allows For toot'riaa eomnacrec aud the needi of state! (Two-third of which our Mweulator houo) Then nature' turned a niggard and lug ratal Kina dollar then In every free man's panel (Of which to millionaire we donate jmx) The lat bs far oxeaeda the primal aura Kiith! nature1 put u in a deuced fix And let’s suppose the mine refuse to yield The gold run out we’re moneyless forlorn For leek of coin the grain rot lu the Arid And starving Ihoniamla wish they ne'er ware born Mill “gold Is nature’! money H If It's rant— The more's the pity pity 'Us ’Us true— Yet on that platform we'll our banner plant Making our dimes the work of dollars d And if we atarve why still 'Us n atari's law Let ne In deep submission bur each bead Holding Dame nature In mysterious awe And crying “Welsh iM while wo law for bread What noTttla! Yet “ financiers" maiHtaln That lacking gold the toa'ryb whorl must till And men ranst starve while rots the yellow grain And hushed must he the 'foretime buy mill And so of money which le a machine We’ve made a Jugnernaul to crush ua l We've made a god of tinsel yellow sheen " Which tools and madmen worship ere toll —A J W In RtoekUm Mall BORN MOKRlfiOX-ln Temperance colony Heptamber 7 IhM to llio wife ot D Morrison a eoci LARHKX— In this city Heptcmbur 6 DOS to the wife of George lnun a sou DOWAHOO— In Ran Jow September S 143 to Mr and Mrs F L Donation a daughter MARRIED - BAGRY-fiiniiOXW— In thi ekygeptemher Irt Pad by Koeunlcr A M Ctorx A w Uagiy oi Fresno and Miss Hattie Gibbons of Auberry Valley IIUK8A KKR-HTl'KGKOK— In tills city fopnm-ber 13 1RU3 by Judge & A llnlmes am Jlim-Ilunsakcr oTMenssl and Mim Laura sturgeon of Hanger KOYK-TRANMRR— In Fresno Reptemhi‘r i I’M by Judge Ilulmc John Fuye aud Mrs Unity Cranmcr OHDORXdlRAVEH— In Fresno Cal Heptemher K lay Justice W U Crichton offiolaGiig It K Osborn of Caralhore and Klieii Graves of Lemoore IIUDHON-PRfKHT— In Fhwlcr feptemlier 7 IRE C O Hudaonand Miss Jennie Priest DIED LI'DHKK— In Knitter colony Peptrnjlcr 11 lwl A Ludher aged 7u years and ewniitha FRRHII— In this city September II lMMJamee Richter FtcmIi amid 2 yean and 1 imuith : mu ef Mr and lira T W null of Glenn a venue QOISCH— In thlseitylKcptenilNw13lHA Routed Mom Goins (colored) need 3tt yean a native of tfouth Carolina DOLMXGKR— Xcar Itollasky HcimnnherT VL Mrs lavlua Dolihigi'r a'rtl n years REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Friday Meptemter Butte of Cellfamla to Kdwat-d 1 Frotherr aid of uw‘f of see 17 1 11 s r 33 e WE Knowles etnx to C A Orr lots 13 lot L blk t Arrant’s edd to HuSma f 10 United Htatca to W I ilium M Connor ifeKof see 17 1 1 1 s r 12 e EMHtevens to Kmma K PteveiM lofsitoiL 22 2) and 24 blk ) lots 1U la if and 24 to SO blk 31 Uolmont add to Fresno 1)0 Mrs Mary V Monroe ct al to Mr Joe A lots IA to lHMoure tract flu Mommy SeptmilKr CM Arnold etux to RMeCaleb kit 1 Imh'Ml 1 14 r 17 e 7fc 1 George W Mtcrllng el ux to Fred I Dwight lotA Hterltng colony gffiuo Fred L Dwight et nx to C O Honker lot 3 Sterling colony ISUOl a FLDwfghtetuxto C O Honker Tits l?nd IA aud 31 blk 3 SpelUm's aid to Selma 31 Johnnie Walton et al lota 27 and 23 blk UD Heights aild to Hanger HUH Milton Uulon to L IIGuiun 1 ta 17anrl ia blk 7 Freeno fl jvXeoll hfrllf to I'hllllp Doff lm9Kii4 1M CQtr1 California Colour ZLM!io Jonathan Kaiey rt nx In limiiel Khufelx wit of J4 of k 2 1 1 r iOt KuSl J “ o W 1 William 1 1 lot 17 mi ia blk ra Coalinn 110 10 w II MeKtnxtr portion oHotLTorrytrMilim P 01 !s "X"t ne!i lamia Elnm-ln to lamia Koaeubn lot M blk 9arianulie Tummy Zib-mlwr 12 Chwtaa J Coma to Mary J Blwlnaaon' ot Pili'’! “Vof an I II a rl fata him of California to U a Cohn nr a of iiw of ao I t If r t o Tkummt Baptomber 14 Tlh-rnr eaamlmtiiiMr to H D Cobmi 4 of M of rtc 1 1 1 r il c mu Cdaund V (jamuic t nz to Julia 1 Jn-i race rt tola a blk U lot I blk it rarkbunV math VIIU Ml to fouiacr fill HO bu-T Kn Maun to 8 B ButlM lot U li and 31 blk h allaiBonl 84 to PTmao 1U I

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