The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on April 8, 2007 · Page 33
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 33

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 8, 2007
Page 33
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Sunday. Aprl 8, 2007 The totaJoumat, Greenwood. S C. 30 Mimgimg m ike fim mi GCS Students join in tradition of handbells Greenwood Christum School is continuing expansion of its fine arts program. Thanks to ft donation, the school purchased two octaves of cast-bronze English handbells from one of the largest handbell manufacturers in the country, the Schulmeric Bells, of Selkrsville, Pa. It is often noted that necessity is the mother of invention, and the creation of handbells seems to bear out this axiom, tt is thought by many that handbells were made for the purpose of practicing change ringing. The practice of change ringing began centuries ago in Great Britain. A team of ringers would climb the bell tower to go through the mathematical changes of ringing the bells. In some cases, this practice, or rehearsal, might take hours, for when one makes a mistake, it is likely the peal would have 2? f3W V so"-""- I A handbell choir has been established in die GCS Middle School, and McCravy plans to expand the program next school year. Contributed photo director Dana to begin again. These bell towers, for the most part, are exposed to the weather, and the ringing room below the bells, where one pulls the ropes, does not usually have climate control. Change ringing is predominantly an English tradition, and the cold and damp weather conditions don't lend themselves to prolonged "outdoor" activity, especially in the winter months. Thus, using hand-held bells for practice, instead of braving the elements under the ropes, seems a mcre practical option. Another factor in the develop ment of a handbell might have been the complaints from the neighbors. Imagine hearing the church bells ring constantly for an hour, two hours, stopping, beginning again and ringing for hours more. The good-neighbor policy must have demanded some remedy. Thus, the handbell was birthed into a musk form of its own. The use of handbells expanded over the years to provide celestial mask in churches. Before reaching churches in America, handbell music had an early start as part of the Bamum & Bailey Circus as a special treat for spectators. Eventually, handbells became popular in American churches and community organizations. There are now more than 10,000 handbell choirs in the United States. Dana McCravy, musk director at GCS, has established a handbell choir in the Middle School. One of the best ways to teach musk theory is through use of handbells. Additionally, students can learn to make beautiful musk in a short span of time. She plans to expand the program in the Middle School for the 2007-08 year and men offer it in the high school for the 2008-09 year. During the next school term, the handbell choir will be available for community, civic and church performances. Piedmont Tech honors its academic achievers Piedmont Tech President Lex D. Walters has announced the President's List for fall semester 2006. The President's List honors full-time students who have earned a term grade point average of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president. Also, Vice President for Student Development Becky Mcintosh has announced the fall semester 2006 Dean's List and Merit List. The Dean's List names students who are attending full time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better. The Merit List honors students who are attending part time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better. fJREHIWOQDCOUWTY PRESIDENTS LIST Denetra 8aykr, John Bell, Judy Blackmore, Margaret Bute, Dotshette Chambers, Crystal Coker, Donna Couch, Robin Crutcher, Jennifer Cunningham, Justin Davis, Robert Erwin, Randi Gilliam, Michael Goforih, Jason Goldstein, Atvin Green, Heather Gross, Tana Herring, Debbie Jacques, Lester Jones, Chyanne Kingsland, Ethan Knight, John Kokenda, Amber Latham, Alexis MacKinnon, Tenteha Peterson, Julia Poston, John Rogers, Burton Runyan, Maria Sekjler, CaMn Sowet, Stephen Store?, Dean-drea Sussewe, Robert Tempieton, Brandon Trantharn, Jennifer Trotter, David Wilkes and Lfndtey Wright, an of Greenwood; Margarita Blair, Brian Bradberry, Frankie Diamond, Christiana Evans, Nmbertey Gettys, Daniel Gilbert, Kara Going, Crystal Griffin, Victoria Griffin, George McCarty, Dennis Patterson, Dawn Robinson, Debra Robinson, Amanda Rodger. Rhonda Roundtree and Letosha Sufflvan, al.of Ninety Six; Patrick Burdens, Dustin Couch, Barbara Madden and Joe Price, al of Ware Shoals; George Crittendon, Brent Hopkins, Cheryl Howington, Ellison Poston and Made Yarbough, al of Hodges; Annie Murder, of Troy; Peter Rowland and Howard Savory both of Bradley. DEAN'S UST - Alix Anderson, Phillip Baer, Kyle Bamel, Vsranique Baylor, Delia Blair, Lynn fJoatwrigftf, Angela Brown, WiBam Brown, Valeria Buchanan, EmBy Burch, Apr! Chandler, Daniele Chavarria, Casey ChR-wood, William Christian, Samantha Cukx Corretta Dansby, Dana Davenport, William Davenport, Samantha Doyle, Jessica Easier, Chrisanthia Hawkins, Paul Home, Vanessa Jennings, Sade Jones, Taylor Jones, Allison King, Lori Krajcf, Tabatha Malone, Donna McDowell, Martha Mohajer, Steven Ngo, Victoria Port, Lisa Ritenour, Brenna Tafta, Bryant Terry, Robert Thompson, Amy Todd, Shimeata Todd, Yvonne Toole, Ralph Westbrook, Brandon Westmoreland and Kelly Williams, al of Greenwood; Jennifer Coker of Bradley; Linda Elmore, Yashekia Lomax, Brittany McWhorter and Jameson Reynolds, al of Ware Shoals; Wanda Moss, of Ninety Six; Bryan Humphrey, Holly McKee, Nicole Sears and Nathan Tebaal of Hodges. MERIT UST Christopher Abbott, Lesley Burton, Barbara Cason, Sites ChUds, JuNe Going, Amanda Gould-smith, Gwendolyn Gunnells, Leslie Hamtett, Andrea Hodge, Donna Jackson, Marilyn Mulkey, Kenneth Potatty, Kaltim Rexrode, Anthony Richards, Terra nee Thompson, Lisa Warren and Rank Waters, all of Ninety Six; Ann Allen, Shannon Allen, Mark Amlck, Dana Ashcraft Lynn Baker, Coreen Btron, Willie Bowers, Gregory Brunson, Beatriss Calhoun, Lauren Carroll, Jessie Carter, Frank! Ctorv i Inger, Mark Conyers, Jacquetyn Cox, Carolyn Craig, Chris Crawford, trvin Crawford, Haley Cufbertson, Taylor Cufbertson, Brooke Dabel, Matthew Davis, Amy Dulartey, Hayden Fennel, Karen Ferqueron, Megan Foxx, Thomas Gillespie, Crystal Ginn, Gladls Gonzalez, Jennifer Gortney, William Gunter, Georgia Hackett, Kimberiy Hackett, Lynn Hal. Whitney Harris, Reid Harrison, Stephen Haynes, Betty Hil, Candace Hid, Kathleen Hinrichs, Anthony Hood, Tarn Hubbard, Sam Hurtey, Zaohary Hurt, Daniel Key, Jasmine Jackson, Anjana Jha, Aaron Johnson, Courtney Jones, Bradley Juren, Joshua Kelly, Laquetta Kimble, Christine Knapp, Gtenda Knight, Katrina Knight, Scott Kwarsick, Wendy Le, Christopher Urxley, Tiffany Lindsay, Melissa Mabrey, Njango Mankuleiyo, Anne McCal, Thorrm MoCombs, Matthew McCravy, EvaggeKa Mkjdalas, Brandon Miller, Charity Mitchell, Angela Moore, Stephen Moore, Roqountra Morton, Peggy Moss, Kohei Nambu, Adam Newton, WiKam Nguyen, Angela Nix, Stacy Ouzts, Charles Payne, Mayra Perez, Eugene Pettft, Amanda Pierce, Nienna Placke, Tiara Pope, Cokeletta Porter, Bridgitte Pressley, Robert Price, James Rapley, Jordan Rente, Justin Woe, Avis Rucker, Haley Saver, Amber Scales, Graham Shaffer, Heather Shirley, Brad Sieck-man, Cynthia Slappy, William SHgh, Anna Smith, Joshua Smith, Joseph Spate, Justin Stackhouse, Emmery Standey, KeRh Stanley, Deborah Starka, Katharine Steifle, Tiffany Ste venson, Christopher Stewart, Kellie Sweezy, Joseph Taylor, Lisa Tharpe, Bailey Thompson, Christina TTbberts, Atvin Timms, Joyce Timpson, Robert Vanhom, Cason Warner, Lachan-dra Watts, Lyda Welbom, Quantella White, Ryan Wflkie, Jacqueline Williams, Elton WiSamson, Kimberty Wilis, MeMn Wimmer, Burton Wood, Krista Woolard and Alan Wright, aH of Greenwood; Kati Boring, Jefferson Knight and Jennifer Walpole, aH of Ware Shoals; Trenton Carson, EtenXa Duckett, Jacqueline Grey, Amanda Hteklin, Taylor Jackson, Belinda Man-ley, Lisa Reynolds, Julia Riley, Lauren Szortyka and Deanna Woodard, all of Hodges; Eshane Cootey, of Troy; Crystal Higgins, of Donalds; Brittany Johnson, Travis Oliver, Jason Payne, Amy West and Robert Wootston, aH of Bradley. ABBEVILLE COUNTY PRESIDENT'S LIST Robert Arnold, Victoria Callaham, Willie Campbell, Timothy Clamp, Cheryl Dobbins, Candace Driver, Anne Hor-ton, James Lowe, Don McCurry. John Merrifield, Gail Norris, Jeanie Over-holt, Kayta Tucker and Larry Waters, aH of Abbeville; Kay Burdette, Larry Capet, David Smith, Tonie Tiedeman and Wayne Whidby, all of Calhoun Fans; April Gambrel and Mary Phillips, both of Honea Path; Justin Hal and Linda HiHey, both of tva; Karen Holland, of Ware Shoals; Octavia Killing sworth, of Hodges; and Tatyna Myshkovskty, of Due West DEAN'S UST Ronald Anderson, Tina Gilchrist and Carta Lewis, an of Calhoun Fails; Jeremy Baugh-man, Joshua Baughman, Hilary Brown, Shannessia Evans, Thomas Farmer, Tiffany Finley, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Helen Ford, Yvette Merrifield, Kortney Napier, Jennifer Peterson, Lily Spfvey and Destiny Wilson, al of Abbeville; Kimberty Brown of Greenwood; Alesia Erett and Lean-dra Johnson, both of Ware Shoals; Christina Evans and Leah Wardlaw, both of Honea Path; Nancy Collins, of Donalds; and Kala Thrasher, of tva MERIT UST Brandy Ackerson, Kandy All, Brenda Anderson, Lisa Ballenger, Krystal Brown, Gerald Coates, Bryan Culbreth, Dee Davis, John Driggers, Elmer Dunkman, Latasha Harris, Michelle Horton, Lisa Christi Lanford, Maltory Latham, Patrick Morton, Shetda Scott, Christopher Simmons, Michelle Weeks, Jennifer Willey, LtddeR Williams and Nita Wood, al of Abbeville; Martha Draffin and Makeisha Smith, both of Due West; Francis Ebell, of fva; Tor-rena Ginn, Donna Poore and Holly Strickland, al of Honea Path; Valerie Jackson, of Ware Shoals; Daphene Lomax, of Calhoun Falls; Barbara Queries, John Smith, Michael Smith and Vickie Stokes, aH of Donalds. MCCORMICK COUNTY PRESIDENT'S LIST - Wright Austin, of Bradley; Eric Butler, Barron Craig and Jacqueline Parks, aH of McCormick. DEAN'S UST Joel Botey, Edna Brown, Teresa Bryant, Marie Ramsey, Crystal Sen and Candice Wideman, al of McCormick. MERIT UST Bema Anderson, of Mount Carmel; Daniel Barnette, of Plum Branch; Catherine Buck-ner, Jared Goff, Kathleen Love, Abigail Saxon and Darcy Swann, aH of McCormick. SALUDA COUNTY PRESIDENT UST - Misty Alew-ine, Bobbie Crouch, Whitney Gardner, Ruth Geddings, Dana Long and Mary Short, aH of Saluda; Kevin Graham of Batesburg; Benjamin Holmes, of Johnston; Ashlee Park, of Gilbert; and Tavy Tumer-Hendr, of Ninety Six. DEAN'S UST Annette ARami-rano, Ashlee Bledsoe, Christopher Davenport, Tarsha Hartley, Lathor-ica Perry, Brittani Riddle and Paul Roesner, aH of Saluda; Christopher Cockrell, of Ward; and Matthew Enlow, of Batesburg. MERIT LIST Andy Coleman, Donna McKie, Daniel Patterson and Kimberiy Porter, aH of Saluda; Kath-ryn O'Sheal, of Leesville; and Daniel Platts, of Ridge Spring. BREWER MIDDLE HONOR ROLL ThitxS nint wmAs A NONOR ROLL Paige Afcharnbeua. Wanenha Aut, Angefc-ca Baytor, Regina Bel, Juia Breuer, Amirah Burton, Katetyn Fleming, Kara Grace Higgmbomam, Bra-dyn Holaus, Marissa Holland, Jor-don Hudges, Courtney Lark, Shayta McDonald, Jesse McLaughtn, Heary Palmore, Couktey Pnckney, Ebony Potock, Ashley Scardaoe, Shamarie Scott, Tevin Sims, Kyle Sitarz and Kenjoria Ware. AB NONOR ROLL Kededra Allen, Candice Arrowood, Daniel Bannister, Cnamcee Blackwel, Julius Bowie, Kayta Brannan, Christopher Brewer, Hannah Brigman, ShaquMe Burgess, Kameron Burton-Reeder, Brittany Bush, Kiareiy Casto, Shawn Cheshire, Kimberty Clark, Adrian Coates, Adriarma Coates, Brittany Crouch, Mikal Crouch, Darius Cunningham, Atvontai Edwards, Jodie Enlow, Steven Fuller, VShay Fuller, Zantavius Putter, Shawantane' Glenn, LaShonda Goodwin, Isis Griffin, Shir-landra Griffin, Adam Harrison, Eryn Hart, Tiara Higgins, Rachel Hogan, Rhiannon Hudgins, Jordan Hud-gens, Patricia Johnson, Amdanda Joyner, Ashley Latttn, Haley LaFran-cis, Walter Lawkx, Savannah Lind-ley, Ry'she'd Lukie, Darius Middteton, Dorchelte Miller, Halle Moore, Daniel Napier, Eduardo Ocampo, Kristen NeiiteW, Laruen Neufeld, Deja Randal, Lindsey RumfeR, Adam Sitarz, Khamoni Smith, Mikayla Smith, Aggie Todd, Ly Tran, Kristin Wade, Kendre-cus Wardlaw, Ariel Watts, Kendric Williams and Megan Young. SCHOOL MENUS April 9-13 is spring break. School menus will return next Sunday. V?-SOW SHARP l be sharp TTdGtUaTiDU. Specializing In Copiers, Facsimile A Office Furniture Sales Service Rentals Training Leases 802 By-Pass 25 NE Greenwood SC 864-229-2306 Fax 864-229-5754 T Car Shopping? Test Drive our Rates. Let us show you how competitive our rates are. Call me... Stop by... Log on it's your choice! Mary Ann Smith 614 Durst Ave. East, Greenwood, SC 2234993 or 2234006 EivmA: wMafyiwnllhfcQncyfTWQiM.cofH r HIM mi in Nationwide On Your Side Maty Ami SieMt Auto Home lift Business NaUonwKfc Mutual IrrurancT Cofrpany and Mfibted Compvm Homp OffkT- Cotumbuv OH412IS-2220S0S B B B B Hours Of Operation Greenwood County Library 106 North Main Street Greenwood, SC 29646 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9 to 9 Friday & Saturday: 9 to 5:30 Sunday: 2 to 5:30 Phone: (864) 941-4650 Ninety Six Brandt Library 100 Cambridge Street South Ninety Six, SC 29666 Saturday: 10 to 12 Monday: 9 to 7:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 9 to 5:30 Phone: (864) 543-4749 Ware Shoals Community Library 54 South Greenwood Avenue Ware Shoals, SC 29692 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 7:30- 5:30 Tuesday: 7:30-7:30 ! Saturday: 200- 5:30 Phone:(864)456-2813 Visit us online at L WIlLCOMllE Self Regional Healthcare welcomes Kevin Canon. M.D., to its medical staff and the community. Or. Carson begins his practice of general surgery with Premier Surgical Services in April. He received a Bachelor of Arts in biology from the University of Virginia and his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia. He completed residency training in general surgery at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, S.C.. where he served as administrative chief resident for one year. Dr. Carson has been in private practice in Georgia and Louisiana since finishing his residency in 2001 . He provides an array of general surgical procedures, with a strong focus on breast and colon cancer management, as well as gallbladder disease and hernia repairs. He has been providing support over the last six months to the Self Regional Emergency Care Center with trauma surgery and emergency general surgery coverage. Kevin VV. Carson, M.D. General StfcGERv Undergraduate Degree: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia Medical School: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia Residency: Richland Memorial Hospital, Columbia, Sonth Carolina Premier Surgical Services 501 Epthg Avenue Greenwood, South Carolina 2V646 (864) 227-8932 Membet Of Self Regional Healthcare Medical Si

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