The Fresno Weekly Republican from Fresno, California on October 14, 1876 · 3
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The Fresno Weekly Republican from Fresno, California · 3

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1876
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1 c 2fwUtpMicaii SATURDAY OCTOBER 14 18T CocMHinttoai on tnplr of local ltorct or Itemeofloeal ae will bo vi-lcumed fhw ujr flour Corrwpondent are ircjKeeVd to write Vleltjr opoo one Me of Ihe paper only to eeadin tUrbimuwtrlatkiwkif poeelble ud to pin their flail uom and addremik mot Aw pebllcatlea bm an a manatee of good faith TXtfiAT INTELLIGENCE Tobacco anil Cignr at Fanning Bra Subscribe for tlic RxrYJHiCAX $3 SO a year Go to Fanning Bros for acltonl books andfonry article For taigains in dry gtmda go to flic-brick attire of Silverman & Einstein California periodical anpplicd at publiahen' price by Fanning Bros' Go to C G- Sayle & Colt fur your toilet articlea Tint fluent atock in the county The beat assortment of atutionery pent ink etc in Fresno county will bo found at Fanning Bros Fanning Brink arc sole agent for the cclelmtcd Mason & Hamlin organa Also furnish musical inatrumenta of all kind yBook and ninth stand comer Mariposa and I streets a C II Di-Long is now In San Francisco purchasing a large stork of gootl for tlie new store of DeLong Bros on II street ' L’ion bis return tlie store will Its opened with a foil assortment of general merchandise Mown McCullough A Andrews now have - their water-works in sueecssfol ojtcmtion An oyster supper will lie given them this evening in token of tlie appreciation in which their enterprise is held hy the community I flulwriition to the HErrntjrAX are daily lieing received and tlie success of the cnteriirisc is already assured Wc would like to adl to our list the names of all who may feel interested in tlie success of our journal Hr Alex Kidd who came down from Ban Francisco to assume tlie leadership of Jjtlic Fresno Brass Band foiled to satisfy Ajtho members and was returned to tlie place from which ho came Another teacher is now in order Our well known watchmaker Hr Phil Bciiumler lias just received from Ban Francisco a fine stock of ladies’ anti gentlemens’ jewelry and watches Every thing is guaranteed to he first-class and will be sold at the lowest possible price Tlie other evening while blissfully reposing in tiio arms of Morpheus “wo thought we heard an angel sing’’ but when it lit on our nose we found it was only a mosquito However we captured the intruder and are using one of his wings as a fon these lint days The Califorx Lumber Coin v 4V i "fid out a new Town oaS ic Fresno river at liei lumber flume and on the line of tin1 Central Pacific Railroad It has been nanusl Hadcnhrrtlic Spanish for lumber -rand on public sale of lots will take pivrw 'j Bear in mind that on next Wednesday evening Hon II J Ostramler undGuo F Buker Esq will address tho citizens of Fresno on the banes of tlie day Hr Ostrander is a candidate for Presidential Elector and being an old resident of H creed County will doubtless toll us what he knows about Wigghuon - ' On Wednowfay we were visited by the i w- first rain of tlie season Hany of our a citixens were awakened by tlie patter on V-1 tin? roof and were somcwiiut surprised to j hear the rain foiling with fUIl force as - though in tho midillo of winter At in-I tervais the sky was illuminated by 1 fisslies of distant lightning Tlie storm 1 sooa ceased having had tlie effect of lsy-1 ingthedustandpurifyiugthontmtxphere ) " An intoxicated individual created quite In sensation on Tuesday l)y fcU-Aling tlie kmcricau ring from tlio Democratic Hub Room The doors being open he walked into tlie room took tho banner under his arm ami staggered down the street with his precious burden lie was arrested snd being tried on Wednesday ‘Vlicu a dispatch came slating that Ohio and Indiana had both gone Democratic This telegram so softened the hearts of tlie prosecution that tlie prisoner was immediately discharged ami went on his way rejoicing Tlie extensive establishment of Kutner & Goldstein lias just received from Ban Francisco a large and elegant assortment of now goods consisting in port of dry ' goods ladies hats gentlemens1 clothing nd fornishing goods Including in the department of ladies dress goods a very fine lot of merinos empress cloths rep goods silk poplins black alpacas etc all of thfery latest styles selected by jAfs-Wiiiier with ospeclkl re Terence to the -Hi-his patrons in this valley Call alia exipiiru ‘theso goods before purchasing elsewhere On Tuesday Hr Frank Howl Judge Ramble and Lewi Bowl aged IS years left Fresno in a wagon for the ranch of Hr Bowl on tho Son Joaquin In tlie evening flu team returned to town with flu remains of flu wagon and flu next train brought tlie passenger It scans that flu horses ran away and capsized flu wsgoa at flu railroad crossing severnl miles north of here where flu two get-1 tlemen and boy were found in a scnwlcii condition We understand that littk Lewis Bowl was quite seriously injured Hu others escaped unharmed ' grams Corrnty The General Laml Agency ofCalifomia have jrablislied the following description of Our county: “Fresno County is one of the largest in the State It emlmrcs ail tlie varieties of riiiuate known from the frigid to tlie semi-tmpical zone Its eastern Itoundaiy is tlie snow-cap ted sums mit of tho Sicm Nevada range of mountains and it extemlsSrest across tlie fertile San Joaquin Valley to the summit of tiie Coast Bange a distance of folly two hundred miles Its northern boundary is tlie Cliowcldlla River from wheneo it extend south a distnnee of sixtymilu to Tulare County King's River the San Joaquin Fresno snd Cliowchilla Rivers with tlieir monntain tributaries afford in unlimited supply of water if diverted from their channels and projicrly utilised to irrigate every acre of land em-hraced within tlie limit of tlie county in tlie great San Joaquin Valley Large irrigating canula and ditcliea have been constructed by flw people carrying tlie water from King's River to the plains bchnr dispensing abundance and prosperity tc all who for a trifling outlay clioase to avail themselves of tlie benefits ami facilities fur irrigation time afforded The Fresno and Chowrliilla Rivers hare almost been successfully diverted from tlieir channels and tliuir waters distrili-uted over tlie various settlements and farm lying Iwtween said river and tlie San Joaquin River The extreme eastern portion of Fresno County is covered hy heavy forests of clioico timber princimlly sugar and other pines affording an inexhaustible supply of lumber etc fir centuries to come Lower down on tlie slope of tlie Sicm Nevada beautiftil Vallcyscxiat occupied by thrifty settlers Here tlie very best of Irish potatoes corn melon barley rye wheat apples and poaches are raised abundantly and of the very best quality Still lower down in wliat may lie tunned tlie foothills every little Talley is occupied hy settlers who raise wheat lioricy corn and all kinds of fruit Large herds of cattle sheep and hogs find here pasture during tlie summer season and during tlie fall an abundant snpply of mast is yielded for tlie hogs from the ouk trees which comprise tlie principal timber Tlie plains especially cast of tlie railroad are dotted all over with settlements and form Here large fields of cotton corn sweet potatoes melons of every description oranges peaches pears almonds limes grapes and otlicr semi-tropical fruits are raised successfully and almndantly District schools are cetuli-lishetl nil over the county and generally kept optra for eight moutlis in each year competent teachers are employed nml every child has the opportunity to cqjoy the benefit of the schools’’ Bcsixehh or Fiikxxo — Through the politeness of John P nooper agent of tjje£“ Li?1 "Vt tills place wo are tier- 10 IMIOOs b was Miss Tabithn‘n annexed autlicntic months of "Vtotlipr'vinurrcial intmuh-few friends "J'0 shipment from presno for the respective months mentioned were a follows: June— colti'e 4 car loads heei 3 ear loads: hogs 1 car load wheat 1243000 pounds wool 40000 lionniR August— cattle 8 cur loads slieep 33 car lmuls hogs 30 cur loads wheat 1240000 pounds wool 20000 pound September — cnttlo 3 car loads slice) 23 ear loads wlieat 030000 pounds wool 300000 pounds First week in October— cattle 3 ear loads sheep 11 ear loads wheat 100000 pound: wool 300000 pounds In addition then) are shipped en average of 4 car load a week of miscellaneous freight Tho receipts of freight at Fresno wilt average 40000 Itis k day the year round The foil shipment of wool have hut just commenced wliftr tho bulk of Hu wheat crop lias already been forwarded to Ban Francisco From the above it will be seen that Fresno is quite an imporbrit station on the great line of railroad which will eventually connect tu with the Eastern Status Hereafter we shall puls-lish the freight shipments weekly Woor G aowTiis Associatiox — Tlie wool interests of tills county luvn liecome so extensive that the idea of an association fur mutual protection and tani-fit very naturally present itself We ship our wool with sll its dirt to San Francisco where it is graded repacked anil shipped Eaat Perhaps no one point in flu valley has so huge a wool producing section of country tributary to it as Fresno Why cannot' Fresno he made a point of shipment directly East? Hr L P Clark one of tho most practical and successful wool growers in this county suggests that an association he funned in Fresno— including amongst its mcmliers as nearly as possible every sheep owner in this part of flu valley and tiiat immediate steps be taken to obtain practical information call attention of dealers to availability of tills point for a purclurung depot anil adopt such measures a may be fouiul to be of practical interest or benefit We give publicity to flicse suggestions and invite discussion of flu nutter through our columns Here is what tirat eminent reformer' Petroleum V Kasliy says about tho capture or Boss Tweed “I notis flint Tweed is cambered Ef flu Dimoerisy ov Koo York ever permit him to coihe off uv a ship alive tluy are ideots Hereifol Ilorins I flu idee uv his bcin bmt talk to toll wliat he nows uv Bings with Tilden ex a reform candidate! Whenever a Dim-ocratic statesman nits through with steal-in lie ought for tho sake uvhis survivor to he imincjitly killed Tho hrlngin back uv -Tweed is a Republican trick It is tukin a mcun advantage uv our Reform candidate Ef Willyum hex flu stalls uv his eheek-lmok about his person Tilden is a lost man” FRUIT IN FRESN3 The “Genld" Orobard and Nursery— Result at Tbroa Tears Lutor--Wbat su Clinrata will Prod woe That Fresno County possesses a soil especially adapted to flu growth of grapes has already been shown in these columns and wo now prnjiose to state fairly and witliout exaggeration flu success which ha attended the culture of other varieties of fruit on our plain I w And in every instance iff failure that it Fur tlie puriMise of avoiding generalities I ha Iieen the foult of flu former ami not we will confine our attention to what is known as the Gould form situated less than three niilea from town It coni-prises an exact section or 640 acres of laml and was iiureiuised three years ago by Mr J A Gould of San Jose Santa Clara County At flint time it was but a part of tlu barren plain ami cost a mere trifle compared to the amount of (33000 for which it was recently sold to Hr J P Cooper of San Francisco It was the intention of Hr Gould to establish lure a nursery for tlu supply of the Southern Sun Joaquin Talley With this cuil in view he imported 13000 young fruittrec and provided fora tiiorough system of irrigation In Hnreli 1874 Hr A A Fuller was placed in cluirgr and to his efforts are due flu great improvement which have been effected since He has propagated and transplanted upwards of 00000 trees nearly all of which are now in a flourishing condition Tlu orchard contains 220 acres flu remainder of the section being devoted to grain growing sheep-corrals etc In the orchard are tlu following varieties of fruit: 10000 almond trees 5000 peach 1000 orange 1-000 lemon 1000 plum 1000 apricot 000 prune 300 cherry 400 fig 4000 grape vines 000 English walnut 000 pecan a few cadi of nectarine elusnut pomegranate and banana trees with a patch of strawberries and Lawton blackberries Surely a sufficiency of kinds to please ull tastes! Tlu orchard trees are two years old lust spring anil with tiio single exception of flw English walnuts are looking extremely thrifty Tlu walnuts are planted on soifiewliat poorer sail than the others but aside from that they seem to require a more humid atmosphere tlinu that possessed by our Valley Wu were greatly surprised at flw rapid growth many of the tree have nude during the period of two years and a half which has elapsed since they were set out One almond tree which attracted our attention by its symmetrical appearance measured 20 foot in height and 18 inches in circumference one foot from the ground A seedling peach tree had grown in flu same time to flu luiglit of 18 feet with a trank SOjf inches in circumference and boro this year a number of penclics one of which was lOJinclies In circumference These were exceptional cases hut flu entire orchard will average not less than 13 foot in iuight The trees are irrigated once in every four weeks as a rule in very warm weather however the water i turned on more frequently than in seasons when flu sir is cool The almond trees have snffered somewhat from tlu depredation of a specie of aphis which feeds upon the foliage liut does not touch flu fruit nor seem ta permanently injure tlu tree Thi( insect is miif to originate in the lurk from eggs deposited by flu parent moth and is effectually iie'iu’ycd by flu fist rain Figs which were Act out one year ago lust spring are now in foil bearing— thoe of tlu Wliite Smyrna variety which we tested being of excellent flavor In tlu orchard are 100 acres of alfalfa which ha already been cutfour timer this ymnndjn twowealc will be ready for tho fifth cutting II thrives luxunvntly wherever it -is foith-fully irrigated Wo saw a nuiulier of lemon trues which iiave grown 5f feet from the bud since last spring and peaches which have readied a lu-ight of 10 feet iu tlu same time This marvelous growtli reminding one of the feats of East Italian conjurors is due solely to the potent magic of an bitensely warm sum iner and a constant supply of water producing ss it were an iuimenso conservatory covered not with glass but with flu blue arch of Heaven Tlu nursery contains almut 50000 small trees which will all be for sale this winter This numlier includes 5000 peach 5000 apricot 5000 plum 54)00 pear 3000 prune and a large assortment of orange lemon lime quince ami otlicr varieties Back of flu liouso are 5000 Australian gum trees averaging 30 feet in luiglit and planted so thickly as to constitute a miniature forest and a perfect wind harrier Interspersed among theso Eucalipti are a few pepper tree tlu bread bluish leaves of flu one contrasting strongly with tlu bright green fcatlicry foliage of tlu other There are on tlu place 800 head of thoroughlnvd Spanish Herino sheep worth in the aggregate not less than (15 000 one buck alone lining valued at (500 Hr Fuller also lias charge of 18 I iced of hones of the finest breed to lio fimnd in the county 800 tons of hay and 3-000 bushels of grain were produced tills year Although no watermelon were planted there sprang up a volunteer crop so alnudont flint no use could be made of them except tor stock We were shown hy Mrs Fuller samples of home-made raisin and preserved fruits equal in appearance and taste to any we have ever seen Lack at space prevents our going fortlur into detail enough has been said to demonstrate tlie fact that Frasno County is capable of producing fruit in great variety and of unsurpassed quality In conclusion we would thank Hr and Hr Fuller for their kind attentions toward us on our visit The very best Tobacco and Cigars at Fanning Bros IRRIGATION' Why California Fermmr fon ta Ball It Profitable— ValnaUa Hints by irrigation in flu valley of flu San Joaquin is a failure On flu eat side I fluysay tlu sandy loams alMorli too mnch Z a Fourth — Tlu farmer may choose to so to water on flu west sble tiiat tlu aiUdic £ lands bake and kill tlu plant But look- ‘ T t ing closely to the origin ofsuch assertion from () to (10 an acre spend as much more in buying water ami preparing it for irrigation ami make for himself a fine farm sure iff fifty bushel jht sere and with the railroad to bring his crop to market Tlu question now resolves itself of the land or irrigation It might mure propcrly Is- said that irrigation in Cnli-forniu lias Iieen -a failure since with a length of some 300 miles of 'main canal anil an available supply of 30 000 cubic feet of water per second tliere aren-arecly 1 0000 acre profitably irrigutisL The causes iff failure are first anil last the ignorance of wople in the mutter of irrigation which has led them into every mistnke committed One of tlu principal cause offoiluru has Iieen tlu idea of tlu formers to save nuwey in the construction of the main canals They have ruu the water into dry creeks and lowde-iresions in tlu country to avoid digging and embanking Tlu consequence has liccn that tluy have lost lu-ight and those oldclumnels lieingnaturally sandy drink up flu greater jrart of the water A rosin point is flu canal of the Fresno colony There tlie company receive at their gate over fifty euliiu fret per second ami in three miles distance not mow than ten feet reach the colony's land Again hr using these old creek flu luiglit is lost and when tlu wntcr comes to tlie land two acres out of every five UK-inaccessible to flu water Tlu mistnke of carrying tlu water lielow flu required heiglit i not so common in the mnin canals os in the distributing ditches where the former cmU-aver to mako a cheap work liut which proves in flu end very dear inasmuch ns he can irrigate very little and very slowly by such ditrli and surely without profit There are otlicr D1AUTOIXTKD VAI1UKIIS Who eull irrigation a failure These have made canals or bought water rights tu irrigate tluir lands when tlu-se huuls are so broken hy undulations tiiat it is utterly iniNMsibte to use tlu water on tlurn with profit The consequence is flint they luive luid to cover the land with distributing ditches so as to lie inqsKsible to use any machinery on it and consequently nnlit for a wlieat crop or irrigating it just ns it is it made a succession of lakes and dry spots here drowning tlu wheat there never watering it tinrli planting of course wits a foilure— the moral of which is not every laml is fil for irrigation The writer of this article has raised wheat both here and in other countries by irrigation in sandy loam ami adolie land nml always with sucre Imt there are certain rules tefuse tlu water in one case and again other rales for tlu other For instance to irrigate sandy loam tin-land should be divided into purullelu-grnnis rather long than square and the water let in at several piece all at mice in large volumes ret ngt so fast tiiat it will wash In this way Hie water lias no tiino to sink before covering the wluilc anrfnro In adolu land flu water should ho let in slowly without however jkt-mitting it to stay " too lung in any place But they will-nek Ho are wo to unnsgc it? it will cost ten much The answer is simple: learn how to chose TUE PBOPEU USD PUR lUllWATIOX Hake a careful contour survey of it lay out tho land in confin-mity with this survey into proper plmg-sof irholiaq -srith tlici Hilt CiKiniTing ditelies to comuialrJ them Bu tali visi nos of fire or more acres of loud which can be flissled must lie set apart for wheat or other small graius smaller subdivisions or -neh as can only be irrigated by furrows may liq planted in bean cotton grapes nr any other plant of tiiat description Iu raising wlieat in loamy lands ull the trouble lies in jaittiug in flu water at the rigid u’mir and there isos much art in letting it thirst a little ss in giving an nbuudun! snpply at another time otherwise indiscriminate irrigation is more likely to make all straw and no wlieat In the ud-ilw lands therc i flu additional care to prevent the baking of the soil -To avoid this difficulty it la better tu wait for a shower to plant anil sow the land nml th--n hiving previously prepared tlu land will1 necessary ditches if rain foils t licit irrignto to bring np tiio plant to a successful crap But should tlu season be so Inti that you must irrigate then put Ihcr i liter in to wet flu ground for about twi feet Do not plow too wet nor too dr but just when flu earth is moist In i iwiug use the drill sowing machine and io harrow Itis likely that before the grim id iurnlen flu plant will come up In fli s case give it a light irrigation so a to revsntthe ground hardening snd strai ling flu shoot With this irrigation he wheat will get a itaithigh wlunth stem get hardy and the hardness of tlie fAound will not cliukc It afterward Its rots will he fod by tlu moisture umlemcaili und it will require no more water cxctjff in very rare cases till it is almut to heart Hun put in a copious irrigation und these adobe lands will yield yifii SIXTY Bl'SIIKIA TO TIIE ACTE Laml treated in this fasldoa will lu found not to take for onco flu wheat is afoothigh it siiailesit in tlu daytime and attracts moisture atul dew at night preventing thus a rapid evaporation To a man intending to form in California tho problem presents itself dins : First — There are cheap land everywhere but very tad he does not want them Second — There are good and clunp hinds liut inacccaaa-ble to a market for the present If he is a mun who is content to make a bare living and wait for a fotura railroad or other possiblity in ten or fifteen years I he may do well Third — There are good like flu land around the bay or in the northern counties sure of a crop a high asil bushels which is rather high indeed j but for the sake of argument let it be so Sia-h lands are worth $50 to (0 an acre into two alternatives Either tlu farmer ys a high price for the land or lie buys cheap laml anil spcmla money on it to make it rolitable BEAK MXD AXD WASTED LA BOB Tlu following estimate is a fuir avenge of the two cases Estimate for 640 form in the northern comities or around the I My within cosy reach of a market: StOanvsatjaO: liuue anil lmprim-iaont (rum Snruu Plowlas SI0 arm at Inches ftUMi Siiil wliesl Dl Ihs per sere at St’e S"s Uil- suit hamwtag rac per sera lleapiue at SI api Thn-shiie' IIUWI tmrhele it ft Llai lletlsiu-ksil lue im Mln-r i-xjn iinmr salarlesete aou liLli-p-i it per cent un M JO) Sjm K1iiiiiIiih tn laml each raw sbost 1 per ri-lil (g Vsi I iius rw-lgtit to taut Francisco at $S'i lMi Total eaiK-udllnn-s 11SJ0 centals at $! I4t gitoiuo Xet prust $asn Bo wo liavv — permanent investment $41-400 and a profit of (3073 Beside tlu land will go on cxluusting year liy year till it will not produce more than the old New England forms ntamt 10 or 15 busluls K-r acre The want of water sixmoutlu in the year will suffer tlie circulation of very few things ta-sidc grains and tlie dry uujnviting asx-rt of such a form can never nuke a ltuppy home to the owner TUE FHOFITS OF CIIEU- IAXD WELL TILLED Following is on estimate of tlu-cost exjx-nse and profit of 040 acres in a southern county wlwre irrigation is available: UmI'I— M0 acru at $10 $Uno Wttiw rlfrht Ijru Malu ditch aad branrhen uiu IrrfjDUlim of ftirna iatvK bridm'K and box sill Uvuural tiupruvuumtf Motive ete 4 PcnMBeat inventmont $1400 Plowln? orm arrM 7 InchM at $1 90 fil jso KihhI ftir Milam' S) 11m Sowing audlurmwln 75c Kcaplnj)r4llcm$l SO au ThmhmdUMl IhmIu-1 lO Fourtwu tliouaiid naclu at lOe i jui IrriipitSou Xol at $1 410 IrrisatiouXofi Ml ale au IrTigatlonAo fi at fi3e tin) Current cxiwuko n Hercu huuUrvd toun of flvijsht to 8au Fran-rlxro ar $3 31 tKO lutcreal eu at 1 prr sent 1 jav 8UU9U Pnurtvca tliausaiut cental 1 $1 SO SI UUD Pratt $Jno Tliis culenlatiim takes into consideration that tlu Until has Ix-cn chosen with judgment so as to have at least 400 acres wliieli may Is- put under good irrigation hy n judicious system Tlu fanner in such n form would have besides his crop green vegetables liny for Ids horses anil row throughout tlu year raise ids own hogs etc and many other things which Hu very presence iff water will I wing up almost of its own accord ' The land besides does not deter'orate but i renewed by each irrigation B'liide trees anil flowers os well a frait trees can easily Ik: pbmtivf-fu the leisure hours of Hiefiirm-vr or even hy tlu wife and small children and in tlu course of five years the place will lie a little garden so as to liecome a source of enjoyment to tlu inhabitants 4f it independent of its lidng profitable anttVA'jmstaining — 8 F Chronicle T Ftssr "VAlce IVe have roecived the first nn'miicr of tlu Fursno RurriiLiCAX editetl hy EE Curtis anil we heartily compliment Idm uon its editorial and tyjmgraphicnl sp junruiicc Long life anil every success and prosperity to our youag brother — Monterey Californian New Pai-ku — Wo tare received a copy of the Fuksxo Hktitiilicax a new paper just started at Fresno by E E Curtis formerly iff flic Monterey Herald Tlu paper is working in the interest of tlu Republican party and Hr Curtis displays some courage in intruding Republican sentiments into tiiat iiot-lied of secession Wu wish tlu Befcbmcax every success — Santa Crux Local Item A New Pai-kh — X Republican paper has lutcly been established in that stronghold of Democracy — Fresno county It presents a good typographical appearance und is edited with more than average ability Tlu paper merits a good degree of siuccs and wo sincerely hope it will achieve it — Calaveras Chronicle COHXETOXAHAFOSA AND I 8T8BIS FUKSXO CALIFORNIA BOARD BY THE DAY OR WEEK nor REALS OR IFXCU AT ALL IIOl'R8 of the (tap or evening Wo atm to keep a fimMann rMaarant awl raped (tally wollcit tha patronage uf the public JAXEH FABER HENRY’S HOTEL S W HENRY Proprteton FBOXTIXa CCOrRT-HOTBX SQl'AKE FRESNO CAL New Homs XfnrFsnitnsi First Clara TahU QOOd Auaux— A BATH ROOM ta attached to the Tlntel ftw the convenience of gueeti FUKE CARKLVGB to and from all train A -tf KLTXER & GOLDSTKLV WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IX GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRESNO CAL Constantly sortment of on lisnil a complete as- DRY GOODS CLOTHING FANCY GOODS FURNITURE CARPETS OIL CLOTH MATTING AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Grooarias A Crookarp il: Glamwai Llqnon HTglsMoa PsIabkVsnddui Oil Glass Eta Eta HARDWARE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION N N O O T O T O N N S S E3T" We have secured the service iff n PRACTICAL I'PJIOLBTEKER and ure now prcurcd to nuke and rejiair all kinds of FL'KMTl'RE and do all kind of UPHOLSTERING FARM PRODUCE taken in exchange for goods or bought at HIGHEST CASH PRICES mun GOLDSTEIN W L A1TEKSON Cabinet Mekor and Joiner FRESNO CALIFORNIA Cnfllnfi madu In order Maalcal Inairnmnitii re-palrvd Hairv filed etc AH work In my line done with ne1aci and dtapateh at naeonaUa niee “““ J T SIIANKLIN DEALER IN IVIountain Lumber CARPENTER AND BUILDER FRESNO CAL NtltlPOKV STBKKT BKTTV FX J kVD R -aa c g:sayle & co - 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Blacksmith CORNER SIARirOSA AND J STREETS FUEbNO CAL Tn' hfrut nf hard wood timber and wasnn maU-rinlrt AM klsidi of Iron fetod and CimI (('Jib -mal atul hard coal) Alo on hand or furnbili d at dwrt notice PLOWS RAKES HARROWS WAGGONS e BUGGIES Jt FARMING UACUINERT TIwwi ahod Id the Very Wt mutner at rvaaon-able rate and aatlaftacthm guaranteed --(f HALLET DAVIS & CD’S PIANOS! 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