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Okmulgee Daily Democrat from Okmulgee, Oklahoma • Page 5

Okmulgee Daily Democrat from Okmulgee, Oklahoma • Page 5

Okmulgee, Oklahoma
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PAGE FIVE SOCIETY Features for Women Readers KATHRYN HUXFHRElg, nxiruoxts Office 1 IM Home S3SI OKMULGEE DAILY DEMOCRAT, TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 10. 1920. Leaves for University nsw people around will never learn Urea. Shyness I a form of aelf-to be really friendly a long as he I tahnee. Has die laxative in your home a family doctor's approval Mrs. Quy Blakey Entertains To Honor Miss Leota Haas Mias Leota Haas, a former teacher in the Okmulgee school, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Haas, 1801 East Eighth street, has made plans for the obtaining of her master's degree this year at Columbia university and will leave for New. York cit within a few days. As a farewell courtesy, to Miss Haas, Mrs. Guy Blakey entertained a few friends at bridge Monday evening at her home. 208 West Eighth street The rooms of the Blakey home were adorned with varieties of autumn flowers and tallies and other appointments in the games were suggestive of the approaching journey. Following the games a refreshment course was Miss Pearl Middlcbrook was presented with a high core favor in the games and Miss Haas was given a guest favor by the hostess. laugh and force him to stay. Dont malts an occasion of It and laugh and try to convince tho tiny rebel by patting hk raptor and calling him ta nicy man who wouldn't hurt him for anything." Watch that ha doesn't get hysterical, Taka him away and net him down somewhere. Than talk of other thlngn nnd protend to forgot him. If tho stranger really Is Interested In holding tho baby, ho might try getting him Interested In a toy. Tho second time bo plcko him up tho buby may not mind at nil. Pattern will do great deal. A tow such occasions may overcome bis tour altogether. Tim llcsalllng Misery Bometlmea a mother Is 111, or has to go away, if hasn't accustomed her baby to atrangen she's laying up a lot of misery for the Ultle aouL I'd ba very, very careful whom I toft the baby Just any-on wont do. If you're engaging a maid to help you. her first qualifications would have to be, "la she Ml right to leave the baby with one in while? Ia ah kind? Is aha Intelligent? Will aha lose her head In an emcrgrnrr. WIU she know never to frighten him?" That and mors. To go bock to stranger A baby who Isn't taught to like haring and tell rassa of goldsn flowers will be used. Favors 1a the chosen colors wll' ba presented to each guest. Wedding Announced Announcements have oelved la Okmulgee aad Tuba tha marriage of Mha Gertrude Faya Adam daughter af Mr. and Mra Jerry Rand, formerly af this city and Tuba and new Hring Karr Torfc dty. Mlm Adams came tha bride of Mr. Archer Anthony St. John, non of Mr. and Mra Archer gt John of Chicago on Saturday In the Church af tha Hedy Road In Xsw York city. Mra Xaaom Honored an Birthday Mra E. Nesom. Ill North Taft awanua waa tha honors at aurprlra birthday dinner at her homo Sunday, whan mam bora her tonally gathered far a dinner. Tha oeeaaiou waa Mra Mason'd aoventlath birthday. Tha dinner table was cants rad with a va( of out flowers expressing a color note of rose and groan. Tha msmkeea of tha family recent were Mr. and Mra Nesom, Mr. and Mra John A. W. Andaman, Mr. and Mra J. Roberta Mr. and Mra John Xenon, Mr. and Mra Elite Farr, Hr. and Mra J. T. Necom, Mr. and Mra B. B. Marl tea W. J. Roberta Jr, Billy. Freddy, Bobby Ban, Betty Lynn nnd Pa Irkte Lou Mcrltam Jaequallna No-sun, Anna Lae Roberts and Jack Necom, Okmalgw Men Lrava For MUMnry Academy Okmulgee young men who left Sunday for tha Gaorgta Military academy at Atlanta warn Orta Hlrgman, Mr. Beverly Barrirk. Mr, Jack Pttchford, Mr. George Williamson, Mr. Billy Reynolds and Mr. Bob Rapp. Bid ter Fttm rnumril tn Meet Members of tha Batter Film council ara asked to meat Wednesday at I p. m. In tha Y.W.C.A. prescription which Dr. Caldwell wrote thousands of times in bis many years of practice at Monti-eello, Illinois. Ha proved it safe and reliable for women and children; thoroughly effective for tha moat robust men. He allowed it actually corrects constipation. It la made from fresh herb and other pure ingredients. 6inc Dr. Caldwell flnt permitted his prescription to bo put up in bottles and sold through drug a tores, it has increased steadily in popularity until today it is tha largest selling laxative in tha world! Ml WI Eleanor Talloeh, da ugh tar 'of Mr. am Mr W. a Tul-looh, 41 Earn Ninth mraat, will have Wednesday for Narman urhara ah will reenter tha University of Oktehohift Mlaa Tulleeh is majoring In chotogy and wan a student at tha ualvantty la at yea WI WI WI themselves In the long run. Aa tor an that gee it good for a baby ta bo alone a great deal. of tha time at least. Wisdom la Inquired However, tt takas wisdom to avoid letting a baby get aa fond of hla own company and that of hk parents and staters and brother that ho Is miserable whan anyone also la around. 'A very Uttta baby will probably cry If a stranger suddenly taken him In hta arm He'll scream and strain ta get away. Don't TtyfOST of hi valua onr health too much to purposely neglect ounelvM when wa ar warned of constipation by had breath, feverish nesa, biliousness, headache, lack of appetite, or that weak, helpless foaling. Tha continuation of our trouble la more often duo to tha things wa do rather than tha thing leave undon Soma thing! peopla do to help tha bowel really weaken these organ Only doctor knows what thing will elesnsa tha system without harm. That's why the laxative in your homo should have a family doctors approval. A wonderful product now known to millions of people aa Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin la a family doctors prescript inn for sluggish bowrls. Jt never varies frdm the original tor YOUR: 0RW FOR. QUICK, HARMLESS COMFORT Thera drrsaea ara uucnndhlon a I ly gitarsntccd not to IM by Olive Roberts Barton mel Olc)2S bu NBA Servicejna Da.W. B. Caldwell's SYRUP PEPSIN A Doctor Family Laxative (a Kra TIihw 1 leases an itta4ay In onr real window. Mrs. J. T. Faacoaat, If! South Semlnolo avenue, who haa beam III In St. John's hospital In Tuba ablo to alt bp a part of each day and expects to return ta her home hare within a few day Jamaa Taylor Pancoaat II. aon of Mr. and Mrs. Pancoaat waa accompanied to tha Pancoaat home hers by a runs and Mra O. J. Clapaaddle of Grant Park, mother of Mra rancoaat T. (Tom to Meet -The T. E. L. class of the first Baptist church will entertain with a claaa party Thursday at p. m. at tha horns af Mra I. J. Hunter, 714 North Morton avenue. Election of officers will ba held at this time and all members ara urged to bo present Host oases will ha Mm. Hunter, Mra Dan lynch, Mra R. H. Barks-date, Mra C. H. Mosley. Mra R. R. Short and Mra J. D. Espey Woodmen Circle Meets All members of the Woodmen circle are urged ta bo present at tha regular matting Wednesday at p. m. at tha Modern Woodmen hall to meet Mra Hula- V. Me-Knight, district deputy who will outline a plan for a toll membership campaign. Raalimae Aad Pmtomlonal Women To Meet According to now tha members af tha Buatnaaa and Pro-fees Ions I club will meet once each month for dinner at tha Parkinson hotel. The first dinner mooting will bo held today at 1:11 p. m. and tha program will ba In charge of Mlaa Jennie B. Mayfield. This will ho a "pop and homecoming" meeting. Sevoral former members and officers will ba present from out of tha city. -A B. W. C. apodal In tha form of a mythical auto tour-will ba one of the features of the evening and members of tha Henry-ette club will ho present and aaalat In thta tour. Tha tabtaa will bo decorated hi green and tha dub raters Qewarr-uckij I'd start yretly young to gal tho baby accustomed to strangers On good reason In that tha tensor you put it off, tho harder Kb going to be. Tha new Idea of keeping a baby guiat and Mona la all right, but them arc two good reasons against taking too literally. The Ant ta that a lonely baby wilt undoubtedly bt Blower In mental tha ether In that ha will grew a shell of unhappy shyness that ha cant break when older. But those thlngn take rare of Mr. and Mm. Garland Baker, III North Morton annua returned Monday from a mss tha trip to point in Wisconsin, Mlanarata and Chicago, Mlaa Kathryn Boaarth, Mlaa Elisabeth Gamer and Miss Batty Fair toft gunday for BL Charles, Vo where they will attend Linden wood college. Mr. and Mra. M. Anderson and family, 111 South Dataware avenue, have returned from a two weeks atey In Bt. Paul, where they wore called ky tho death of Mra. Anderson's sister. Mra. F. E. Igron Mr. and Mra. R. Prime, III North Griffin avenue, announce tho birth Monday afternoon af non at tha maternity hospital. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Joye til North Bryan avsnuo, announce tha birth Monday afternoon of a- aon at tha maternity hospital. HAPPY Birthday an IW whan mm an IM la iMa aahuaa alH iwates aaeiaH v- awls tt tickets ta tka Orafeaaa IM atav saltteg at ths attis af Tka Mam aad Dsammt kalaraaa liN at. sad ft ax aba aall at Tka Tlaa and Damaarat Hsaiyatta kawaa. lit tarr IMa la tka llaiaa Ikaatar la kara murr aha aaaaha smell. amtscy MitMar Utkala la Ika la. pem Una tar la Btcaa to asUteg al tka tkaattr kaa affla AH aaatpHaiaataar kMMaf tkkata anal fca nlki far mi aat wftkta a a altar aakllaalkia al aaataa ta Tka Bamat TSaakaaa UN ar arrHa ta Tka Pn acral kiitklar adttar la afcaaaa aa rear aana wlU ka aaia la mat -1 aa aaar khtkiar. ftaanM SEPT. IS Paraona whoaa birthday it la have I ha angary of a year of great proa parity, gueeara In profraalona or tha aria la preaaged. Children born on thta day have talanta Banal ly that bad to extraor-Unary Ufa oaperlaneeft They that Id bo alnraya lucky. Mungo Park, early explorer, waa born an Ihla day, 1771. -1- Thoaa whoaa birthday la today: Okmulgea Perry W. Adkln Dorothy Adam ltary Virginia Brooke Margaret Certain. 1 Ralph Hopkln Lloyd Hunt Inrla Morrison. Reatrlea Pollard. -Leona Pagan. Ralph Vaughn. Ian Leggett. Q. W. Vandevsr. George L. Knapp Jr. Joaaph Roaaiter. Jamaa S. Watwood. Mm. B. P. Humphrey Tommy Jena Woodrow Cram Billy Parla. Iaabarry LaGraad. -Marcel LeOrand. Mr W. H. Hudson. Mr Minnie Capa, Pearl Dadd. Rati Dodd. Alfred Differ, Clarence Ornm, Gladys Bowen. La yarn Wortham. ArHo Barrett. William Evan Harvey Hart. Ofcomab Clcta Travt WcteMka Era Shook. Morrta Haaal Sherrall. D. W. Edmond a. Jewell Gant. rtoaaia Cunningham. Eunice Buckley. MEMORIES tfl Ml Wl Flapper of 1919 Peeps Into Her Diaiy DRESS SALE In Basement Store Starts Wednesday Myles Smart sport style, fitted waist, bolero, straight line, aide effect iind variety of new fashion creations. Here- you ace 14 exact reproductions of dromes In this sale. There are three other style besides these. Thm Beauty of Childhood say is kepi (Arnufk life Jr duUrsa an taagkc to always cue fcr their ski sod bait with Cation Tha Soap iafagnoc sad put and shoaUb toad regalasf astro dsy to desms the shift Assist with tha Ointment m-' guise so sooth sad hrsl any Inissdoa hoik GhmmUfcsadm Taken Me. -4s safe As "PuaHT. Maids Mu A wonderful selection In both soft finished prints and tint gingham very becomingly trimmed In broadcloth, orgnn-dy. pique, piping, hiniling. buckle hemstitching and varicolored button Moat women in this vicinity know what values our "llappy Home" dress sales offer. It ia our sincere belief that thta ono will eclipse Ml others. Each frock won ehocon for Itg outstanding beauty. Guaranteed Fast Color SH. Yve found the secret Household pecU wed to annoy me. But no man! Now I um Black Flag Liquid. It kills every fly god mosquito every gnt, roach, bedbug, etc. And it kills them quickly! Sureljrl For Black Flog Liquid ia the deedlieet liquid inaect-killex made. (Money back ifittbeutprorgaa) wM.y.e BLACK FUG 35i. LIQUID OladULM sfan comas toftmedararas. Ff eHy dsadfr island I Hestwood School of the Dance Opens for Fifth Season Monday, Sept. 16th Enrollment Sept. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Queen In BALLET. ACROBATIC; TAP AND STAGE, Priests Ban A sit ADJUST-O-MATIC The mem Weetbighmue electric iron with the Built-in JPdtchman ill Hm a aeir mlrrorellkaanrfnco fabrics with Fries, $8.73. apt. If. 1111. School about to bo In toll away, Diary, and folk ara coming homo from thoir sum-mar trlpa aa that tha children win pet mlaa acheol. Of raurae, the hide hate that, After taro months of adjourn- Plant on account of tha heated waathtr, tha Rotary club mat for tha tint luncheon following tbo va-eatlon at tbo Hotel Parkinson at 11:11 p. n. today. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Rlchardaop left today for a brief stay In Mia. aourl, going from thorn to Chleogo whtro they trill spend a tow day. Prom Chicago they will visit In Contra lia. 111., the former homo af Mra. Richard son. -Mra T. G. Martin will com thta week from Wagoner tor a- vlait with her parent Mr. and Jin, R. S. Davidson. Tha Okmulgee county free fair opens today and will hut' antll opt. II. Great thlnga aha in program and 1 think 1 will ga and clean my white shoes and Iren my draao and go and see what la to be men. I want to gat aoma ka cream, candy several of thorn cuta llula whips that ara ao aka to use In riding, to Diary. If you want to a to tha tola coma along. dirgiag UA with a that (Urn onr SO per cent leas effort. euenue A MFB. CA A JACQUEMNE CREATION ffH'VSU DE a modern! designed, low heel, step-in Pump of black guede, trimmed in black mat kid its dis- 1 I tinction wilf appeal to you 1 this is fust one of oun many styles priced at Stflt011S3 Sign afm Wi BROWNE ELEC CO. K. BB00KSHIER, IM X. dth lit. theme h. tihla. Hemyeita. Ok la. HENRYETTA ARMATURE WORKS Hewsyrtta. Gkla. DAY FEVER Hut Awful Sneezing laded Instantly (Mu am brinaM uala.kMduSiamWft WlwmontHUB FA AGLKT PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA Fifth aad Okasnlgaa Pbown Mli

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