The Allentown Democrat from Allentown, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1914 · Page 6
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The Allentown Democrat from Allentown, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1914
Page 6
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J1LLENT0WN DEMOCRAT SATURDAY, JULY II. 1914 SIXTH PAOH ALL THE LATEST SPORTING NEW IMnK&MMeJI i $mmmmmmii CEMENTON A. C. VS. COOPER A. C. The Cementon A. ('. wil try ron-cluslons with Cooper A. t of Bethlehem, on Sunday afternoon on the Cementon diamond, Tho came is called at 3.15 ami a large turnout of funs Is rpxpected as I ho Cooper boys have a reputation for putting tip a great nr-tticle of hall. The iVinont lownerK promise to make Ilium husllo. rVHY AND WHY IS TRAPS HOOTING ARE BASEBALL UMPS L L Remit Developments Would Indicate That Arbiters' Word Is No Longer "Law" !Bn response to a request for a ron-oise description of "clay birVl" shout -.jng, a prominent local sportsman writes: "Jn, ttra.pshoot-iug consisls -if shooting with a shotgun, at targets Tthrmvn from traps. The large.; s, or rrpigeons, are composed of river tilt 'and fair, moulded into a shape similar jto that of a. saucer. These are impell-led by the releasing of a strong spring ;twhen the word 'pull' is (tailed to the jrtra.p hoy. , "The shooters, in squads, usually of - ttfive, take their places sixteen or more b'arda in the rear of the traps and ehoot in rotation. "Your skilled trapshootor is a fellow pcrith steel nerves, quirk an.l, unerring 'iludgment, and unfaltering action. In tthe majority of Oisos these f-osilivc, manly dualities were as latent, in the jitrapshootors as they are iti the av-jerage man, until tho devotee of I he iitrap and gun took up this most fas-Vcinat,iig of recreations, r. "'Few sports are ias scientific as jtrapshooting. The rapid calculation of lead, elevation, ariale, etc., the nice (decision and tnsran: aerion, quicken Jthe eye and hand, unil develop j ualt iei jiwhich make for success in the allifrs of life. Work at the traps drives away Ibra'in fas, for the re i son that, it. re-,!Quifres intense forn'onira nn on a. p'e.'is-Jiuraible pursuit. Thus, the brain work-tier finds real relation in trvpshoot-'ing, without the physical exhaustion V-hich in many games more than offsets the good effects of the mental diversion." P J ROBABLY not now. But you can soon learn to smash a flying clay pigeon in midair at the trap-shooting club. Routs blues, steadies nerves and renews youth. Join the fun. Write for free booklet' "TheSport Alluring"' and' address of nearest club. ' Du Pont Powder Co. Wilmington DeUwtu-o V I Y 13 f. e WARE 0. Complete Line of Guns, Ammunition, Ms and EVERY REQUISITE FOR TRAP SHOOTING -AT M. C. Efe&ecke Karl Co. 606 Hamilton St. NEW YORK, July 10 Are the um pires in Die American and i(itional leagues losing their control over the players on the bull field? Recent ue velopmenta in the bis: yard indicate thai, such may Ire the case. Time was, not so very Ion? ago, when the word of the umpire was re garded as law. But not this" 'sea son. Not on your' photo while you wait. The lid seems to he off on "getting" tlie Arbiter, and the. players u.r going to it while on the -high speed. Jt is not to be inferred that major lea-sue baseball today is marked by the rowdyism that characterized the same fifteen or twenty years ago. But if the rough stuff that is being pulled now is not checked by the powers that be, the spectators may soon ine t rented to a revival of the old "knock-down-and-drag-out" stunts of yore. Whether the activity erf ihe Federal lea.siie has imbued the old league play-ers wit'h a spirk approaching mutinous independence ' is an interesting question. Une thing is ceirtiain, however, land that is before the Feds 'look the field the hi lt league -players, with few exceptions, more attention to playing hall and less time to wrangling than they do today. Continual diwputes between players .and umpires now seem to be the order of the day. A peculiar angle to this "Start something" policy on the lVrt of the Players is iihai the subs and rookies' in the dug-outs aire the worst offend- I ers. The, bird who is just, breaking into the game sits on the fence an'J . Siarts to bawl out the "umpire. The regulars become innocul'ated with the umpire-baiting, germ and .ssoii iTTts" whole works is up in the air. ,Soon "his limps' is surrounded by a mob of houvjins und gestuluting p Bayers and half a dozen of them must 'be chased from the lot before peace is restored The direct result of tnis wholesale canning of players is that one or tooth of the contesting teams is weakened and the - grume thereafter assumes the oi'oer ot a ihrgre hunk of cheese. A'o one connected with baseball terns able to give an adequate ex plantation or the unsi'Jal strife that nas prevailed -on trie diamond tins season. And everyone appears equal ly ai a loss to suggest a, remedy. The system !' lining' a player appeals tu have little or no effect. Mr. Flay er comes right back fur more spouting and more tines. And the umpires are tiut slow in skipping on a fine, e;t her. In "a- game t"t. Louis the other day the reserve players on the Pittsburgh bench roasted Umpire K'ieirn to a turn. is.iein warned them several turns. When they persisttrj m uie ctemonsiration he lined nine o them $111 each and order eu tiieitt from die grounds. Seveial days uefoie the incident it St. J-.ouis five ii" the Cincinnati Keds and one tneinber of the Oubs were chased by the umpire in a game at Chicago. And tu la (id to the exciv-nieut of the Chicago affair a fist light was started between a Clio and a. Keel, but tortunatcly the mixup was siop-:(ied befole seiiuus tlamaye was done. Another example oi me strenuous manner in whieit our national game is being pRyed in 1814 occu-rted recently in v asiiiugiun. It was nothing mure nor less than a forfeited game, liase-re'iil tans had 'Jergu.ln tiial thee ever was such a thing as a loreeitei egante in big Muguo circles, 'but they 'were wisea tilt a bit by the taction ol Uie VVariliiiigUJii ttenaiois ill refusing to p,ay tho Athlcics ana lorteuiug the ga.uie. iSonte) critics are inclined to lay of the. blame for this present-uay ruugii stuff to incoiiipetenl uiiipiring, Iiul ihis is illogical. 'J he umpires in both ihe American ail Aational lHlagues taie capable baseuaJl otneiais. -Uoieovei', their work this season is fully up to tuo standard of previous years. The must of the airoiters are were backed up by the mouls as they were backed up by the mnugls ts they YANK'S THIRD SACKER WHO IS PLAYING FINE CAME SIR JOHNS AND THE CHICKS III THIRTEEN INNING BATTLE Danny MrGpehan's Double Sent Jimmy Murray .With the Winning Run Una! Tally 9 to 8, Home Fritz Maisel NEW YORK FrfH Maisel, third baseman for the Yankees, who has 'been playing good 'ball for . the New York Americans. He has 'become a favorite with the fans, for his sensational 'playing RED SOX BUY THREE. Get Pitcher Ruth and Catchers Egan and Shore from Baltimore POSTONf, Mass., July 1 0 President J. J. Lannin, of the Boston Americana announced last night that he had purchased of the Baltimore Interna tional League club pitcher Ruth and Catchers Shore and 'Kgan, the latter formerly with the Athletics. The pur chase price was not made public. President Lannin being unwilling to say more than the tyi cost in excess of $25,000. It Is known that last week, while the Red Sox, were in Baltimore, the Boston club offered $25,000 for Ruth, Derrick and Egan. 'but that offer was dci'lined. Ruth is consdiered the 'best young pitcher uncovered in the. minor leagues this season, and there had been a great scramble for his services, the uhite Sox having offered 118,000 for him alone. All three are to report to Manager Carrigan in this cit.v next Saturday. BOB FITZSIMMONS TAKING THE REST CURE Bob Fitzsimmors, Who wore the heavyweight boxintg crown, which was the token of the championship of the world, until it was removed by Jim Jeffries with a. prod to his solar plexus, is summering at one of Rpr!r county's famous summer resorts at South Mountain. Fitzsimmon's recent attempts to 'he a "eonieiback," sifter IJ'iving pas-sed the half century milestone, are stid to have had a 'disastrous effect on his constitution and his shy at the resort is to restore his health. should be, then rowdyism in the big yard wouM be out of fashion in jig time. Cn'ess the cihi'b owners and manag ers get (busy enforcing the discipline, another yetar nitty witness the good oid 4une being playfd with Company X of the .National Guard on hand ready to suppress the riots. IBMWCTWW HIiniiUHW M Ml 1ml IM in ii jraaoaaesaaaBsraa Am Having Wonderful Results Daily, Bssroria Men of All Ages to Robust Health STRONG NERVES AND SOUND VITALS MEAN A MORE SUCCESSFUL LIFE iT GIVES A MAN THE SPIRIT TO GO AHEAD, YOU HAVE MORE AMBITION WITH GREATER MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STRENGTH IN A WORD, YGU ARE NOT AFRAID CF WORK 03 0PP0SIII0N. r ft 914" Prof. Ehrlieh'a Improved 4EO SALVARSAN used by tha INTRAVENOUS Methods without being required to po to a hospital The ORIGINAL PACKAGE ts opened and prepared before eu as proof yoij get tha genuine YOUNG PIIDDLE-AGED OLD. MEN An I ni2l Serum is Indicated Remedy that SCUENCE has !Mig sought and at fast fiund reaches the FOl'XDATION' of weakness. ANIMAL SERI'M Is this p-eat dis-overy. Th life-itivtng vital cp:.5 fxtracied from animal can by a microscope, be shown In this SKRl'M, which is used to vitalize the human nerves It b'jills. bc. a.ise it's NAT I RK S OWN KOI. Ii'a equally au!t-a:.l- f ir young. mt..rl!e-a g-4 or oi ler men. No matter how weak, nervous or itt 'omj.etent -m are or how hopeless voiir case may o-ii. can tMsitiv-i.v assure you it will produce the nnt prompt ani g-atityoig results. It's such a wonderf-il NERVE Bt'IItlER mid :v onsTi i.ue. that many .-a.-e? of total paralvsi have been r.rrted permanent relieved. Redcmber your Sl't'f'lvSS depends upon -,tir ah itty to do thm. I want everv man who is not !:,it h- oi S,it to p, to call on me and lea-n a2out thta GREAT lJl.S'.VVBn.l without mo ney and without prK A "914" Prof. Ehrlieh'a Improved JEO SALVARSAN used by the INTRAVENOUS Methods without being required to go to a hospital The ORIGINAL, PACKAGE Is opened . and prepared before ou as proof you et the genuine WILMINGTON, Del., July 10. 10 took thirteen innings to gel a decia ion in today's game between the 'Chicks and Allentown, and then the visitors' got tho verdict on Danny 'McOeehan's double to left that sent Jimmy Mur ray home with what proved to be tho winning run. The score: Allentown, 9; Wilmington, S. Home runs figured prominently in' the scoring in the ninth ining. When. the visitors came to bat in that ses-1 sion they were one run to Ihe bail Scott broke into the slugger's class by poling out a four .sack swat. Then Allentown got three more runs and it1 looked as If it was all off tbr the' Chicks in the regulation distance. But Jimmy Jackson put his team once! more in the running by duplicating' Scott's crack while tw-o other Chicks' were on the paths. Thereafter until the thirteenth, Jarman and Scott bat-t tied it out. The home team put up a ragged ex hibition in the field, eight errors beingt charged against them. Other errors that do not show in the error columnJ helped in the game going to Allen-r town, Foye having three passed balls and Malloy a. wild pitch and a balk. I The Chicks got off to a gooS start in the second when three runs were Scored on IciKenna's single, Meyer's double, and singles by Siiarpe and Smith, and a fielder's choice on Foye's grounder. Allentown got two in thei fourth on a pass to Boyle after Mc-Ueehan had singled. Both moved up on Foye's passed ball and scored on' Therre's single. They tied it up in the fifth on Stutz's double, Castle's single and Mal'oy's wild pitch. In mo sixth they went into, the lead on Morgan's wild peg on Boyle, Malloy's balk! and Mecherly's single. The Chicks' moved into the lead in the eighth on Meyers' walk, a single by Sharpe,- Smith's out tfnd Foye's single. The ninth was a. great frame for both sides. Scott, who had relieved Kttnkel in the eighth, hit for a homo run. Then Castle's pass. Monroe's single, an. error by Foye followed by a passed ball and McXSeehan's sacrifice fly brought in three more. In the AVilmington half Jackson hit for the circuit after Morgan and (Shorten-berger had singled. In the thirteenth, Castle opened up with a single and stole second. He' went to third on Stutz's out but was njpped at the plate on Murray's groender. Murray took second on tne play and came home when MclGeehan, lined safely to left for two bases. The score: ALLENTOWN AB. R. H. O. Stutz, ss 6 1 2 2 Castle, If 6 Monroe, rf 7 Murray ,cf. ... McGeehan, 2b. Boyle, lb Mecherly, 3b. . Tturrre, c Kunkle, p Scott, p. ...... Totals 62 11 39 19 WILMINGTON AB. Jt. H. O. A. E. , ..6 1 2 1 2 If 6 Morgan, 3b. . Shollenberger, Jackson, cf. . McKenna, rf. Meyers, lb. , Sharpe, 2b. . . Smith, ss. ... Foye, c Malloy, p. . . . Jarman, p. . . Totals, 61 8 18 29 21 8 Score by Innings: Allentown, 000211004000 19 Wilmington, 0 3 0 0 000 23000 08 Pitcher winning game Kunkle. Pit- cher losing game Jarman. Earned runs Allentown, 2; Wilmington, ' 7, Left on bases Allentown, 11; Wil mington, 10. Sacrifice hits MoGee- han, Shollenberger, Jackson. Balk Malloy. Wild pitch Malloy. Passed! halls Foye, 3. Stolen bases Cast'e, Monroe, 2; McKenna, 2; McGeehan, Mecherly. Two base hits--Stutz, Mc- eehan, McKenna, Meyers. Home runs iSrott, Jackson. Double plays Smith to Foye; Foye to Sharpe to Smith; Meyers, unassisted; Kunkle fo Mc- jeehan to Boyle; Scott to Boyle; Mec herly t0 Boyle to Mecherly. Hits off Kunkle, S in 7 inings; off Malloy, 11 In 9 innings; off Scott, 10 in 6 innings; off Jarman, 4 in 3 innings. Struck out By Malloy, 5; by Scott, by Jarman, 1. Bases on balls off Malloy, fi; off Scott, 1; off Jarman, 1;' off Kunkle, 4. Time 2.30. Umpire McGowan. E FOR THE Bight etraight !frr Allentown and four straight for Bobby Scott, though the box score telegrahpe',1 here says Kitnkel was the winning pitcher. Must be omethin wrong as the score was tied from the ninth to the thirteenth during which time Scott pitched. Danny McGeehan is the fugging fiend these days with ten hits to the credit in two jlays. Th, tittle second sstjcker's hits have been very tlmelv. too, tit that, he delivering the winning lick in a few of the contests the team won in their eight game streak. Ert'die Monroe is proving a good sub- ritote f,r nip- C.uin.dl in right Held ind is hitting the ball hard, so Can- nell's being out of the game is not so costly to the team just h present. Jimmy Jackson must have torn up the turf some in the center garden of the Wrilmiugt on jnrd while his hirelings were piling up eight errors and more than a dozen battery errors. Still two games ibebind the IPrir- risburg crowd as Coekill atvi his crew seem lo lie unbeatable, for the other teams in tho league. The Senators look Reading into camp yesterday but Izzy H'olTman ought to cop today's game with "Lefty' Clunn las his pitch- gentry. Hobby Scott must have surprised himself when he banged out his home run in the ninth yesterday und de served the victory for breaking into the luggers' ranks. AMERICAN LEAGUE. First Game R. H. E. Cleveland 7 12 0 New York 2 7 1 Gregg and O'Neill; W'arhop, Pieh and Nnam'aker. ' Second Game. R. H. E. Cleveland 0 3 0 New York 1 1 1 Hagermfan and Bassler; Caldwell and Sweeney. Called end of 6th, darkness. Chicago Boston Scott and Schalk; and Cady. Johnson, R. H. E. 18 1 6 7 0 Bedient CLEOPATRA drank pearls dissolved in wine and made men marvel at her luxurious folly. To-day she would drink Beer and be admired for her sound sense. Feigenspan PRIVATE SEAL Milton Newman, DISTRIBUTOR, 395 Hamilton Street, Both Phones Allentown Pa. AUGUST HOHL, Distributor, Catasauqua, Pa LEHIGH and BELL PHONES. FEDERAL LEAGUE. 'Pittsburgh Broloklyn Knetzer and Merry; Land. Juul, r.;h. e. 5 9 0 ... a s Peters and THEATRE HEADACHES R. H. E. Buffalo o 2 1 Baltimore 4 7 3 Soultz artd BJiair; iSugss and Russell. Standing W. L. PC Chicago 42 29 .692 Indianapolis 39 30 .565 BufBalo 3S 32 - .529 Baltimore 36 .34 .514 Brooklyn 33 34 .493 Kansa City 34 41 .453 Pittsburgh , 30 39 .436 St. Loui3 31 43 .419 Where They Play Today Fittsbufe-h at Brooklyn. BufiJaJo at Baltimore. Kansas City at St. Louis. Indianapolis at Chicago. TRI-8TATE LEAGUE. Allentcm-n Wilmington. Kunkle, -Scott an'd Therre; Foye. 13 innings. H. H. E. .... 9 14 2 8 18 7 Malloy and R. H. E. Reading 3 9 1 Haroisburg s 8 3 Baker and Nagle; Fox and Miller. R. H. E. Detroit 8 10 1 Athletics 8 14 4 Cavet, Boehler, Coveleskie and Baker; Bender, Wykof and Schang. St. Louis Washington Taylor, Wfilman and Agner: IFi.rper and Ainsmith. R. H. E 4 11 3 . 8 15 0 Johnson Standing On June 27 and 28. the Chicago Mo torcycle Club will make a 24-hour run to Indianapolis and return. George beyerl and William Hader, of Cincinnati, Ohio, have started on a motorcycle pleasure trip to San Francisco. They expect to remain In the coast city for the I'anama-Pacific Ex position. W. L. PC Athletics 44 31 .587 Detroit 44 35 .557 Chicago 41' 34 .547 W'ashigton 41 35 .539 St. Louis 41 37 .526 Boston 40 38 .513 New York 28 45 .384 Cleveland 26 50 .342 LOOK HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO EE TREATED AT A SMALL COST THE UP-TO-DATE MEN'S SPECIALIST. Prcstratic Disturbances Nervous Debility f'otton Office Hour Daly 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Bladder Diseases Sores. Ulcers and) disease of men. Sn Dis?a?es Contracted D Manly Weakness Lt Vitality Kidney Diseases) Sundays. 10 A. M. t P. M. Only. You Can Be Restored VITALIZE VOL'R SYSTEM, ps; WELL. AND STRONf TO A RIPE OLD AGE I Am Having Hcndcrioi F.33n:ls Dsily, Restoring Men of A;l Agss to Kobut H3a!i). Room 200 Buckley BIdg. and Hamilton Sts. Chicago Sen's Specialist ST fjo Incurable t 'fclf. tFt Hjtvfd In Mv. 1.12. Permanently -lacst erl rCO CASSi. TPEArtP BY MAIL NO LETTER.'. ANSWERED. MEN CURED OrfD wiw ure weaK ana ai- &s"'tt.-;-a asert from any cause Ttfia whatever. COME TO MS and let mo explain to you a system of treat nient I have originated and developed af ;er my whole lite'a experience in treating diseases peculiar to man. Allentown i Oldest Established Men's Disease Specialist. "Tha One Who Stay's Here." BLOCD POISON Eruptions. Swre L" leers. Knlai"g.?d iiUind!i. Copper-co'oreu Spotd. Pniple or Lo&s of Hair. WEAKNESSand Imperfect Functions ff all oris ins. DISCHARGES QM?t. Painful Swellings and ai iJisehargts cured GLADDER DISEASES Freqifnt L"rnaiin. Fains. Uravel or Sedi- TTl-'Tlt. NERVOUS DEBILITY X'ght Tss-e. So'if-Abuse. I-am9. in I'rin or at St-'M. of tCnvry or i'r Wreck nrd. MENTAL ..WRECKC-W 9irr frym Mental. I'h piral nr Sexual 'fns wbTi I otjr you? MEN ABOUT TO MAR?V-The r.ew law In tn?s at requires medical or?ifieate. l-t me examine you rl sets if you sr free from dls- KIDNEY DISE ASES-PaVnh-. Pe- p s-i-3 f Sand. Ora,r- or Bru h- I j-i ?J i-rrer.v PILES Wcderfil NEW THE KT- MENT. No pain "or ioss of timo f- -m ork OVER 12 YEAP IN ALLENTOWN OfT:c Hour: 8.50 to 2; 1.30 to 5: to A. Sinday. 10 to 12 only DR SVAYZE 6rrn Floor. Wrar. flMimonweiltll Bu'd'np. No. M Mriton i Entrance Next to G Ofiice, Ai-n tow". Pa. Where They Play Today St. Louist at Philadelphia, (2). Detroit at Washington. Chicago at New York. Cleveland at Boston. NATIONAL LSACltTB. R. H. E. 'Philadelphia 5 8 2 Pittsburgh 2 S 2 Mat tin-on and Dooin. Harmon and Gibson. R. H. E. Boston g 9 0 Chicago 11 1 3 Hess. Crutcher and Gowdy; Lavender. Peirce en'i Eresnahan. R. H. E. Brooklyn 11 14 1 Pineinnati 6 8 2 Enznian. Brown and MeCartv: lienton, Rowen and Clirk. Trenton , Lariciaster Williams, Wood and Lid gate. R. H. E. 2 9 3 7 11 2 and Smith; Lane Standing W. L. PC Harrisburg 38 20 .643 Allentown 34 22 .607 Residing ..: 29 28 .507 Trenton 22 32 .407 Lancaster 17 40 .298 Where They Play Today The most freejuent cause of headaches occuring during or after the tneatre is eye strain. People who use tne run energy of the delicate eye muscles to obtain perfect vision, are often unconscious of this strain. In the theatre, the continuous effort to keep everything constantly focused exhausts the nerve centers and headache results. The practice of seating the audience in total darkness while they are staring into an intensely lighted stage is another seriQiis factor. The pupils being widely dilated in the dark, admit the excess of sight from the stage often producing irritation of the eyes which lasts sometimes for days. Those subject to headaches should never sit where it is necessary tc raise the eyea to watch the stage. This unnatural position of the eves Is very tiresome even to those who never have trouble at other times. Unfortu nately the theatre going public has not insisted on proper ventilation without drafts. The overheated foul air of itself lessens the slctator's vitality and power of endurance. This followed by drafts frequently produces stuffing up of the nose, or cold in the head and a. disagreeable. headache from internsal pressure, which . ' ia usually worse the, following morning. LOBERT FOR FEDERALS? BALTIMORE, Md July 10 President James Gilmore, of the Federal League, is authority for the statement tint Honus Lobert. of the Philadelphia Nationals, will play third base for the Baltimore Terripans next year. The local officials would make no comment this afternoon on the announcement, but it is reported here that the star infielder of the Quakers is most favorably disposed towards the new league. Washington enthusiasts are plan ning for an exclusive motorcycle race meet to be held some time during July. Allentown at WUmington. Reading at Harrisburg. Trenton at Lancaster.' NEW YORK STATE LEAGUE. Toronto, 8; Montraal, 2. Providence, -0; 'jersey City, Buffalo. 8: Rochester, 3. Newark, 8; Baltimore, 0. ELEVEN BIG BALLOONS TO RACE New Tcrk . . . st. Louis . . . . Pemaree and Wingn. Meyers; R. n 3 Perritt Standing W. L. N-v Tor fc; 41 ? flliKsn 4; 33 St. I or. ftn Phmilrie" ;4 35 Cincinn3'f 3S Brooklyn" 33 35 Pittsburgh 32 3S Boston 29 2 HE. 5 e 9 0 and PC .55 .5f0 .52 .4' 4 .4 47S .457 .40$ ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 10 With eleven mfammoth balloons awaiting to ba inflated wth 8SO.000 cubic feet of gas and with 27,000 pounds of sands ready to be deposited in the cars as ballast the preparations are practically complete for the start tomorrow of the national elimintinion balloon race. The start will be made from the Motor-dome at PriesterSs Park. The race will be the biggest of its kind in point of number of contestants ever held in this country. The winners wil qualify for the international iballoon races to be started from Kansas City next October. The list of entries for the elimina tion race includes the following: John Watts. Kansas City: Roy S. Donald son, sprinsrneia. l-.f.: Jerome jvings- j bury. New York; Warren Rasor. Brookville. O.; R. A. G. Preston. Ak ron. O.; Arlhur Atherholt, Philadel phia, and H. E. Honeywell, E. S. Coles. WHltam S. Assmann. Paul J McCulloufrh and Captain John Berry. all of St. Louis. PERGOLA 9th AND HAMILTON Special features TO-DAY .A Side-splitting Comedy that drives dull care away The Strength of the Weak In 2 Parts-Powerful portrayal of the "Prodigal son." Slippery Slim's Stratagem HSghly humorous Western comedy featuring Victor Potel and Margaret Joslin. Madame Coquette. In 2 Parts Dramatic. story on society flrtation. Her Mothers Weakness. Dramatic lesson against the afflication of kleptomaniacism. The Padrone's Plot. A two-reel Kalem with many thrills. Admission 5c "IB""" Ml 1 Warm Weather Specials ' Prepare yonr?e1f for the picnic season will soon be at hand. Hammerschlaff's Waxed Paper for Sandwiches and luncheons 5c, a pack-age. Paper Napkins 5c, a Dozen. Paper Lunch Sets 25c, set-Sanitary Drinking Cups 10 for 25c. Paper Towels 30c, a roll. "YOUNG" HENRY WINS BET. Where Tney Play Torfty rhi'Hos t PmsbtirY Nir York at Ft. Louts. BrrKk;yn at Clnrnnatl. Cotton at Cbica.o. A big crowd collected on Broad and Pine Ss.. today when "Kid" Henry, the Alrncwn fichier. won a l.-et of J5 lie mrtde with Sam Breslin. portr a the Hszetton House, that he could run a hundred yards in sixteen seconds. The test took place on North Pine St, and Henry co ered the distance in 12H seconds. Harleton Sentinel. Another traner-ontinental motorcyclist Is Christian Hanson, of Los An-Mtes. who is riding his two-wheeler to NVw York. The Nomad and Harrisbtir? mofor- cyci "-luhs. of HarristMirg. Pa, ha' e iun led and formed the Keystone SIo-J.orci cle Clutt Week Starting Monday Eveni: JULY 13 th 5 Matinees, starting Tuesday. Matinee prices 1t)c. and 20c, Evening prices 10, 20 and 30c' Seats on sale at Electric Light office, 6th and Hamilton. Al'cnlown. and at Heiberger's. Broad and Main, B-th!rhem. Offices open during noon hour on Mondays- W. D. Fitzgerald presents for the first timo re the musical comedy succesf TV ii i if 1! tr "FEE DERBY WINNER' MADE FAMOUS BY SALLIE FISCHER AND JOHN BARRY MORE f'reo Band concerts every Surdity afternoon !rd evening, Friday, ITth, Grand Baby Show, flcral parade and Raman Chariot Parada. Juy

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