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The Allentown Democrat from Allentown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

The Allentown Democrat from Allentown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

JjLBNTOWN DEMOCRAT, TUESDAY, JULY 7. 1914-NINTH PAOD JUDGE GRQMAN Every time Herbert Hamsher, of Mainitigle, answered back to tho court It cost him mi extra dollar toward the Mipport of his five children and ha did this until the weekly sum Wan fixed at $7. Hamsher wua arrested nil CITY'S SCHOOLS KEEPING PACE WITH MARCH OF PROGRESS, ACCORDING TO THE REPORTS DOWN OPINIONS oath of his wife Mary, who alleged non-support and desertion, Hamsher descried his wife two years ago and was apprehended at Y'oungstown, For defrauding a hoarding house keeper out of 15 board, Daniel Cochran served 14 days In Jail and wihen he explained the conditions to the Judge yesteillay he wag let down easy with a sentence of a line of $1 (Continued from Page five) received and accepted. The school (Continued from Page Five) eran Churrh. "The Count" is a hero of many conflicts. He will graphically show you how he cuts and will be opened at the beginning; of rt rnrereart. Paul Ztegler, Anna Katharine Boxmeyer, Bertha Bonn, Brearley, Marguerita Broag. Pear! Kuth Cooper, Mlgnou Ltubbw, Marie Butz, Marguerite CWiuhs, Catherine Edleman, Maggie Gerhard, Clare Hawk, Crouse, Hathryn Doan, Kathcrlne Marha, Hill, Morion Hersli. Marie Eagle, Clara aas, Emma Jllltebeltel, Kurtz, Edith Kricbcl, Blanche Llchli n-Weta Jaoob-, Rertha Kistler, Holen wulner, Katherine Mauro, Ruth Hnyder, Long, Betta lAyton, Dorothy Mao Marian UUaw, Charily Trutnbuuer, Nalr, Bsther 'MarckH, Catherine Miller, Thelma Young, Edward Bohlen, Her-Mlrlani ifarie Osman. Rhoda I "art Brown, Robert Clause, Chailes school term. Clous, Marlon Erh, Marlon Emmert, Leah Ciackenbach, Naomi Hailer, Wll-ma Hensinger, Florence Kuhna Sadia Miller, Miriam Muae, Ethel Rlckert, Anna Reinhard, Irene Bcherer, Hazel Strausaer, Elizabeth Heem, Madolln Sterner, Marjorie Ross. Esther Crouse, Grace Relchard, Mamie Kncrr, Florence Lichtenwalner. Verna Banks. Mary Varju stated an action -Or Applications for; substitute teachers divorce against Stephen Varju. Desei' lion la allegied. were made by the following-: Minnie mid the costs. The charge wan that by Joseph Schreck. It appears that he neglected posting the necessary boarding house rules. Cochran stated that when he owed he prom Everett, Sophia K. Richards, Dor-k Charters were granted The Rotary othy Ciearhart, Maibel Mitchell, Grace Club, the Northwood Cemetery Asso-rlatlon and Knauss Family AhbucIh- Davis, Russell Dixon, Luther tilnking Trumbaue-r, Ruth. Whlpkey. Horn, 'Mrs. Charles Ettinger. Miriam ised In pay the money the lollowing er, Williard Ciruver, Erdmun Helmbach E. iSmlth, Lulu Swartz, Anna B. tion. week. He then went and brought hi Charlea Kaercher, Paul Alaury, Henry Schaffer, Anna Kern, Bessie Mark wife and child to this clly and wihan owitz, Florence Cole, Mary Herbert, he returned he was placed under ar Mohr, George Nicholas, Julin Oberly, Clark Muhaffer, Maxwell Saunders, Robert J. Wheeler appealed to court matter of this holnpr fined $50 it Rinn upon the charge of 'ling the publics highway. The Mary K. IlerscherAr, Maria A. Lcli- Mario Hcrtzog, Myrtle Schaffer, Miriam Macks, Bertha Stephen, Rachel Dome, Mabel Kuhns, Goldle Diehl, Raymond Korn, Earl Krause, Arthur DeLoug, Charles Lind, John Bright, Harry Acker, Harold Miller, William Roth, Quintua Kemmerer, Roy Knechel, Paul Wenrlch, Wilmer Slbbach, Warren Lenhart, Russell Meyers, Willis rest. The Judge In sentencing him re Samuel Slmonton, Floyd W'asser, John marked that he was Imposing th From Eighth Grade to High School Florenc Aokertnan, Vivian Bergen-stock, David THUjong, Myrtle Deller, Roger Dietrich, Stanley Downing, Rose Flna, Jennie Oetz, Alia Heabner, Ray Nagle, Bertha Nagg, Charles Ra-vert, Elsie 'Saylor, lirry Sell, Mae Mesersmllh. Isabel Schlndel, Rose Westerman, Stella Fisher, Elizabeth W'leder, Mar Waller, Elwood Wertman, Emfna tenwalne.1', Mary KAuach. Mr. T. P. Wenrier, secretary, and A P.U Zellenr, R. J. BnU, olicttor; light sentence because he wanted th was made, before Alderman slashes in contest. Hautz, Rose Bando, Lottie Belford, defendant, If the conditions against Power through his attorney, Warren Gertrude Cassell, Dorothy Croll, Ruth the boarding bouse were as Ihe said K. Miller. V. Kikmiss, attendance officer, Drg. P. S. Boyer and Thomna II. Wea-ber, Dougherty, Lorraine Frankentield, Ed to start proceedings against the pro Pleading gui'ty, Elius Flumps, ar medical Inopectorsi Tllwihtrian Keln prietnr. na Clare, Knauss, Alice Knecht, Bessie Rothenberger, Beatrice rested several weeks ago on" the charge of arson was sentenced to pay Andrew Gauss bought somethin guerite Haas, Vlrglnfa. fipeer, Ftan-ces Diahl. Elsie Tlce, Helen Horlidt, Ott, Lucy Weaber, Elizabeth Healer from M. Msrkwood and tendered Mtnith, )iiesinxer; Mary U. Allen, supervisor of grades MarKret Sykes, xupervisor of music; Charlotte S. Schmerker; supervisor of drawing. Edna Benllr, Naomi Dreisbach, Violet Ruth Wood, Mollle Iarasvkl, Esther Wolfe, Norman Enrich, Wallace Stein -er, Katharine Langenhelm, Harriet Bachman, Blether Diefenderfer, Kathryn Krause, Llllinn Erich, Evelyn Os-mun, Sarah Walker, Dorothy Rems, Helen Fnhey, Grace Stein, Lucy Lehr, Pearl Laudenslager, Mamie Stettler, Nina Nagle, Jane Hatton, Mildred Bannatyne, Marie Peters, Anna Con ten dollar bill for the purchase. Mark a fine of $1000 and serve two years and ten months in prison. This was one of the heaviest sentences meted Fatzinger, Viola Funk, Irene CSildner, wood save him change for $20 an Edna Haines, Anna Haas, Melba Jones, Welda, Clarence Ritter, William Heb-erllng Carl Miller, Alfred Hettingr, Earl Galutha. Martin Yost. WlllUm when Andrew boasted 'that he got to out by Judge. Groman yesterday. Etta Keck, Lillian Kline, Mildred were II unanimously re-elected as were all the anltors. Iloraco Swoyer ws promoted from to pay a fine of $1 and to serve 1 Koons, Margare Kehm, Coselte Klei-k When called before the Judge, the defendant admitted the charge and a Bower, Alexander Zockl, Stanton Na; up he was arrested. He was sentenced ner, Lucy Evaline, Mary Miller, Esth rad, Mabel Miller, Dorothy Gerhard, dift. point which scored in his favor waa to pay a fine of $1 and 15 days, tfio substitute to regular Janitor of the i-ranklin building. bie Wen in Fred Weidner, Gustavo anger, i William Y'anger, Theodore Yanger, Catherine Crout, Mary Dav-ies, Rutli Riedy, Miriam Sol, Annie Taliaferro, Dorothy Weaver, Russel Bernhard, Walter Brobst, Harold Cleaver, Herbert Fahler, Amy Ucnse-mer, Earl Giess. Norman Hoffman. Herbert Hlnkel, Edwin Heller, Foster Anna Allebach, Anna Bowman, Vic er Miller, Margaret Lotigenberger, Beulah Scheld, Queen Snyder, Margaret sentence to start from the date when he made himself solely responsi ler, Charles Shankweller, William Shive, Hiram Groyle, Clurk Raymond Kemmerer, Jennie Ban'os, Beatrice iDnlong, Hilda Fry, Helen Frantz, Esther Fegley, Violet Englert, Emma Kohler, Anna Miller, Verna Moll. Jennie Moyer, Lilliam Ohl, Robert Raker, Ethel Jiinker, Shankweller, Myrtle Stephen, Eleanor 'Shultz, Carrie Strlner. (jertrude ich- K. Marks waa elected leader Benner, George Huger. Wlnton Rein- tor Buttery, Dorothy KrieJ, Mabel Gil date nf commitment. ble for his act by telling the court of the High school orchestra. Mayernik, Ben. Burman, David Cooper, Joseph Goldstein, Victor Kobrovsky, Abraham Kane, non-support of his he was sober when It was clone. Phil smith, Joseph Kertz, Richard Ochs, Richard Ramsay, Luther Kroninger, bert, Frances Horn, Katliryn Knauss, Riith Lehr. Azales Moyer, Olivia Ruhn, George Zimmerman, principal of four children, was directed lv the lips, who has had family troubles for Maurice Theodore, Martin Zloch, Ida Donald Schtmpff, Jerry Moyer, Walter Dorthy Stehelly, Edith Strfass, Bea court to pay a weekly sum of $3.50 some time and who was separated Glassmnn, Edith Levine, Katherine cominerciaL.night school, waa re-elected; also Mrs. Lizzie Raub, assistant principal, Harry Weiler of trice Stein, Miriam Wertman, tMar- from his family, went to the home of Santag, Frederick AVit.emeyer, Blair Cunningham, Charles Ziegenfus. Paul garet Yohe, Hiarold WaidBlIcH, Ray Goddess, Anna Perlman, Anna Shatter, Cecelia Slomovitz, Erna Weidner, Anna his wife at two o'clock In the morning about three weeks ago and after he ungraded night school, wjs re Hoffman, Hiram Hartmaiii Joe Har $25,000 FOR 4 PLAYERS, Richards, Paul Clackenbach, William Sohmirman, Harold Acker, Harvey Acker, Paul Becker, Walter Davis, ris, John Graftin, enry Laros, Car elected. Wallltch, Julia VVeinsberger, Goidie Theodore, Norman Spelcher, Franklin Harry Isreall, Charles King, Clair Klinesmith, Malcolm Kocher, Churles Lorkwood, Earl Meyers, Stewart Nicoll, Melvin Reese, Edward Kchultz, Rena fcSnyder, Monore Malloy, Emily Arbogast, Ada Dennis, Chaiiutte Jear Frankenl'ield, Hilda Miller, Emma iFraniz, Leona Cooperniait, 8chleman. Alain Kern, Charles The solocttor was instructed to drtrw NEW YORK, July 6 Preslden Kehm, William McGonagle, Alfred Cyril Eisenhard, Nelson Groman. Hor- saturating the door and steps with kerosene, applied a torch. A watchman at the Hardner stables discovered Ms act before the flames' had gained any Marsteller, Charlea 'Stephen, Alfred up an wgreement the Library as Frank Fan-ell of the Yankees, Aronowitz, Samuel Blum, Bllas Ron atti Fatzinger. Robert Hucke, Walter sociation. reported to have offered Jack Dunn, Snyder, Stuart Smith, B. Hunsteerg- er, Alfred! Schuler, Herbert Hofford, enberg, John Boskguy, Maurice Fried Harvey, Lloyd Kelper, Edwin Kem H. T. Lehr bid W. A. fetein owner of the Baltimore Internationals, Ruth Miller, Elizabeth Gurskey, Dor-' Russell Arnold, Pernas Jacoby, Everitt $1175; t-chaffer and Ackerm-an, merer, Lewis Moyer, Andrew Novak, Lcmane Nagle, Edwin Neitz. Charles something like $25,000 for four playrrs hut Dunn is holding out for a little $772 for the repair to the Stevens cthy Dougherty, Mildred Lester, Emma Kimmel. Helen Frantz, Violet Roundo, Ernest Rachael. Francis Trex building and grounds. larger figure. man, Samuel Goldstein, Edwin McFad-den, Michael Sodish, Joseph Scliraniak, Ralph Perri, Jas. Gallagher, Eng. Gallagher, Custaf Mattes, John Bar-rail, Paul Stahler, Charles Walter, Edward Schantz. Andrew Hoke, Harvey Meltzler, Charles Funk. Paul Roth ler, George Wrieser, Ethel Fatzinger, Elizabeth Schlechtcnj Melon Mover, Ethei Wolf, 'Rti'th Wolf, Nina Sn.v-McClellan, Margaret Moyer, Ruth er, Alice chafer, Lillian Zelgler, Jejn 'Moyer, Helen Dellart, Elva Fahringer, Beairice Ritter, Dorney, Florence Stahler, Pauline Rupp, Anna Os-mtlil, Esther Silvert, Pauline Barbar, Irene Beary. Helen Mealey, Melba -Sullen berger. Helen Wint, Helen Ben-ninger, Lillian Shuler, Mary AVa'ker, Earl Hering, Robert Depue, Gerald Reinsmith, Austin Hatteman, Frederick Sulienberger, Charles WaSner, Carl Trexler. William 'Bonneville, William Rodger. Leroy Brown. Lloyd Geho, John Smith, Edmund Heiney, Daniel Goodman, Russel Knerr. Robert Robert O'Nei'll, Albin Sutli-er. Russel Weiss, John Lehr. Henry The contract was awwded to Schaf- Fiirrell wants "" Ruth, the sen Esther Flickinger, Naomi Guth, Carrie fer- and Ackerman. Rational pitcher of the Baltimore Club, Hollenbach, Naomi Kelper, Elsie Lentz, The allotment of bond, of the July Birdie" CVee, an outfielder whom Stella Kuntz, Florence Stewart. 1 issue were the following: Ijarrell traded to Baltimore in the enberger, Raymond Moose, Henry From 4th to 5th Grade. headway and extinguished the flames. Phillips was arrested several hours later by the police. At that time he remarked that he thought Ihis wife wag In tho house with another man, which resulted in his action. Abraham Patrick pleaded guilty to two charges of larceny brought by James Patrick and Max Miller, cm the clharge of stealing a sum of money he was sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and serve 9 months and on the charge of stealing a watch he was sentenced to Pay a fine of $20 and serve 2 years and 6 months. The latter sentence was suspended. Mary M. Stortz, E. P. Smith, B. F. Leidy, Jennie Smith, Emily Kicher, L. Moloviensky, Jean Templin, Robert Keller, Lester Kocher, James Wood-rlng. Walter Miller, Ralph Koch, William 'Kinney, Wellington Kline, Russel Ritter, Elwood Ritter, Kevin Weider, Alvin Theodore Ritter, Kenneth ISnyder. Jrnuind Reichard, John Wolfretz, Harold Hillegass, Harvey Wendllng, Richard Kistler, Fred spring, and Players Twombley and Harriet Miller. Ruth Rlpp, Clair Frederick, Wilbur Marts, Lorenzo Doorstler, William Strohl, Paul Snyder, Good, Harvey Knauss, inaul el iter, William Hiunsberger. Clifford Trexler, Arnold iSchreider, Evans Harrier, Bessie I4a Roche, Annie iLoekwood, Pearl Marah, Helen Miller, Ethel Miller. Isabel Nagle, Kathryn wens, Florence Pohl, OUva RemeJy, Bliza-beth RoaeSler. Marraret Rofier, Frances Schilling, Alice SmRth, Evelyn Smith, Julia Whitehead, Margaret Wteder, Elzabeth Carney, Catharine Hiskins, Agnes MoFad'-den, Ida Sau-ber, Ida Movsovich, Arma Bloom, Ytt Wiseman, Jennie Llchtenetine. Catharbio Cohen, Mary Gleichmann. Fa roll's offer of (25,000 Vogel, Uly Isabella, Florence Fries, Strt-niss, lena Hoffert, all of Emails; M. Behler, C'. Lioberman, Anna. La Favor, Lehigh Valley Trust on-cl was tor all the players, hut Dunn is Forrest Brinker, Paul Focht, George Lillian 'Failles, Julia Kanosjack, Anna aid to want. $17,000 for Ruth alone Reppert, Irene Smith, Frances Smi'th, National Bank. and $13,000 for the other three play ers a total of Birdie Hoftniati, Carrie Nolfa, Edwin The issue was for $100,000. Ciuth, Paul Clewell, John Abbott, Harold Davis, Carl Flexer, Radford Berky, Clarence Bittner, Alex Sandel, Richard Hartzell, LeRoy Adams, Edgar Brown, Warren Nubs, Edgar Brensinger, Dorney, Robert Henry, Paul Hamble die Sharp, Marguerite Scislove, Eliza premium was paid for the bonds. The ton, 'George Savage, William femith, teth Rabich, Helen Staui'fer, Cat her bids for bonds from the Allentown Subscribe fer the Democrat Richard Shelling, Edgar 'Spencer, ir.e Walter, Bernetta Minner, Gertrude Trust Co. nd Second National Hank oseph Vasoodam, Clarence Williams, Bossard, Lois Roderick, Carolin Emmett Held, David Dickey, Clarence Jones, Paul Charles Bauer, were returned. oilin Emery, Leslie Kohl, Matilda Smith, Ruth Clenell, Myrtle Stoudt mmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmsmmBmmm Kids are to be advertised for a Ferry, William Bummer, James IXmn, Jacob Perlman, Abraliam SchBeffer, Benjamin lMlarkowitz. Ralph Fenkle, 'elchtle, Margaret Krug, Elsie Span- Minnie Sliiffert, Bessie Reinbold John Haney, Edwin Mack, Paul Mc-Clurg, John McNoldy, Oiiand Harper, sterilizer for the open air school. Maude Stoudt, Dorothy Kline, Verna A motion was carried to have plana Frank Sioak, Sotemon Goldstein, Barn 14 I FH Xr'. CCl gler, Margaret Wilcox, Kara Ziegler, Leanna lEmery, Beulah Fink, Paul iBernhard, Frances Rhoads, Willi I rod Paul Metzgar, Arnold Follwciler, William Deilly, Hattie Peters, Winifred drawn up for the improvement and et GranohT. ink, Frank Donshitz, Paul Wil Clement, Ahada Hartman, Helen Zet Kathriui Zlegenfus, Pearl Johnson ventual enlargement of the Wash tlemoyeir. Mildred Gardner. Olive ington School grounds. Myrtto Kline. Alverta. Scherer, Melba JL JL all A A Ji DAYLIGHT DEPARTMENT STORE Herb, Margaret Jacobs, Katherine So The-regular meeting will be held Readlnger, Re Rice. Emily Ramsay prano, Joseph Clement, Harvey Bur Otto, Bryan O'Neill, Joseph Stevenson, Howard Heckmon, Henry Hildebrand, Norman Fahrlnger, Koehler, Dorothy Beck, Mabel iBrelner, Isabel Wrong, 'Lillian Christman, Reria Christ -man, Dorothy Dannecker, Eva De-Lung, Lillian FA ringer, Kathryn Heine, Elsie Henry, Kathryn Huff, Moggie Kuntz. Esther Laub, a Lenta, Mamie Rn ill, Clarence Becker Theodore Behler Morrie Ehert 'Clifford Fatzinger Charles Finkbohner Raymond Hnr-tenstein, f'vin Haney. Emory llem-meily, William Klipa tri'-k, Harry Kir-chman, Harry Miller, Howard Walter Xelty, John Schaerfrr. Srhaeffer. Paul SchifTcrt. Nnnuin Smith, Ea'l Valck. Winfred vviurnr.n. Bessie Fallstii-k. Marie HoiTri'i. i'ciiil Kras'ey. Nerkcr. Catherine TIHie Pizolato. May rt-iun. t'n "ii Rll5soll. Matilda Xi-liih lilina'. Wednesday evening. Amelia Otto. Irene Leh, Agnes Peters, gcr, Geraldine Hoch. Evelyn Riser, Jsalbel Ritter. Esther Knauss, Mary To Senior Marion Diehl, Myrtle Diehl, Miriam Mabel Greene, Helen Walbert, Clifford Haldcman, Maude Snyder, Mabel Desch, Anna Leaser, Marguerite Rotn, Roseanna Walters, Lilliaii Benfleld, Alma King, Burnetta Smith, Lillian Bittner, Pauline Kuhns, Marie Heller, Beulah Keichenbach, Nuomi Reber, Marie Bltz, Eliza Goodling, Isabel Heil, Ella Kelper, Esther Kummery, Edna Springer, Laura Kemmerer, Helen Got-thardt, Christine Borkey, Marguerite Rorkv. Eitat Beary. Helen Conrad Breinig. Cleora Kemmerer, Stanley Gertrude Mertzog, Eleie Fried. Ethel Dillon, Irene, Dorothy Diehl. William Yost. Violet Diehl, liam Heller, Eugene Bonner, Vincent Burkhart, Edward Held, Stephen Bar-tori, Charles iSnyder, Charles Malcolm, George Wendllng, Joseph Lucas, MaV colm Mlsslmer, Frad Gangewere, 7utll Dannebiwer, Florence Kemmerer. Evelyn aohlinger, -Muriel Steltz. Ruth Sheirer, Margaret Roberts, Margaret Ohnor, Dorothy Schadt. Helen Damm-rich, Beatrice Gilmore, Florence Emmet, Katie Smith. Frieda JJammrlch, Dorris Deiblet, Josephine Kucharick, Delia Vetoainska, Florence Fisher, Mooeman. Alta Nickum, Maj-gmertte ieldner, Mareeila Geisenhainer, Mabel Aaron Miller, Ralph Schlechter. A'iola Guldin, iFlorenee IJaub, Anna McFad- SU-auss, Pauline Fluck, 'Marjorie Bar Clearance My Romig. Theodore. Gardner. Raymond ton. Harold Knauss. Ralph eKtser, en. Mary Refferty, iLillian Roth. Mir- Appel. Harold Werkheiser. Edward am Sehneck, Irene Wlty, Harold George Shaffer Paul FVblan, Harold Saaer. John tettHer. Harry Oswald, Berlinger, Earle Dech, Amelia Le'iser Buckley, Malcolm Buckley. Rofcert Et- Elsie Williams. John Hiljard, Verna Bittner, Beatrice Harris, Marie Glandy, Alice Bach, Ellen Bailer, Tielen Btgnell, Ruth Meda Kline, Emily Krick, Verna Kercher, Viola McNair, Lillian Me'rtz, thni-i Btahlar. Ew1i KUtttz, oo- eards, Paul Hubert, Charles Keener, Ackerman, William Hudders, Harvey erick Hauser. Rarph Diehl, Raymond haries Kistler, Carl Kruauss, Luther Ackerman, Fred Bartholomew. Wil Kunkel. Paul Meyers. Martin Opling- Wenner. Rlh Siher, Robert Oavt, Week. Lenra Siudlcnlicrucr. liam Becker, Harold King, William Dorothy Greis, May Deljong, Sophy Sawicki, Harold Bower, Douglas Doll, Frederick Doll, Alfred Deitrioh, Floyd Clarenco Parlor. Haymon Raiben- Luther Grtm, SUnley Dornay, ILester Wieser. Clifford Bartholomew, Jni-d'-i Schaffer. Catherine Wescoe, Ira Rick- old, George Reicrmrd, Clarence Rein- Kelger. Ttowlnnd Jnines. HiC-ert Kin-i Bennar. Leota Miller, Lull la Hensinger, Margaret Ritter, Marian Smith, Elsie Schatz, Adele Yoder, Russell Brady, Arthur Burkhardt, Paul Christman, Edward Dressell, Robert Freeman, Malcolm Frey, Jusus Grldcr, Elwood ert, Frederick Roth, Verna BorU Fallstich, Samuel Gruver, Franklin riliv. N. Di ley. E. Landls, rt, Saul Kn-perstein, Harry Scheldon. Roland Jenkins, Charles Gross, 'Mar Knecht, Karl furry. W't'be-t Rice, Edith smith, Anna Kline, Measa. P. Bohaertar, Andreas, Ffl-mla William Schrader, Paul Shankweiler, guerite Cole, Dorothy Schlenker. AVal Hersh, Wiliiun Ko'b, Claude Mussel-man, Harold Musselman, Arthur Miller. Floyd Moll, Charles Rename), Ro Carney, Louise t'hnpt'lle, Hescip Per Relnhard, Charlea Reed, Edna Hell- -mr a -HT A 1 Marlowe (Sherry, Barl Weins-himier, Mark Wetherhold, Kthel Iamrich ter (Flores, Mamie Wi't, Arthur Zettle Helfrich, James Knlttle, Edward Koch, kins, Helen Welder. Eva. o. man. moyer, Jesse Laudenslager, Lillian man, w. Jscnrope, oiiuw, Albright, A. Caateline, C. Hefelflnger, M. Maude lEmert, Anna Foreman, Alnit i-ean warne. i.amai- Romig, Russel Biever, David Dettra Clarence Loux, Kenneh Nusbaum, Ar-lln Romig, Charles Schweitzer, Daniel Uhler, Florence Bartholomew, Mar Wotring. Irene Trexler. Robert Weidner, F. Fisher, 'is. acmmmei, Horn. Mary Kerol, Walter Mjiller, Walter land Rothermel, Paul Silfies, Raymond Suhaffer, Charles Skavitto, Tony Skia-vitto, Paul Wagner, Frederick Werner, Paul Weidner, Paul Yorgey, John Zie-gler, Claire Bachman, Rebecca Ban- Wbtr- esiyider. Of Wash Fabrics Begins Today. A Host of Beautiful Summer Fabrics, Many of Them Practically Half Price, Coming as It Does Just at the Height of the Season This Offering Means a Money Saving For You on Wanted Goods. er, Helen Wntrinir Julii', Hps, Nau, Stella Rowland, Dorothy Schleif garet Bernd, Myrtle Bitting, Holda Charles Neff, Ruaeell Moyer, Edwin Frederick Doll, fpsu 1 1 tan iioliimc" Allen Holstein. Rubv Schlicher, Rti-- Bdick, William Mulhern, Robert mh-ler. Clement Wetherhold. Robert Ack er, Catherine Schmid, Ida Sherr, Russel Transue, Charles Bennet, Donald Frlteh, William Cramsey, Gilbert dolph Brown, Charles Stoudt. Mar Buckley, Irene Dietrich, Laura Dorn-blaser, Roland Engler, George Graver, Helen Heiney, Evelyn Klass, Frederick Long, Lewis Lucas, Sanley Mann, Helen McQuade, Viola Reiser, Paul Steigerwalt, William Weisel, Lena erman, Roy. Kranch, Ernest Kresge. Charles Moyer, norenCa Baer, Emma Gladstone, John Klinger. James Mc garet Wright, Louis Kclloiv, Helen Erich, Charles Mummy. John Krause. Ke, Harding McKee, Fred Old, Renzo del, Florence Beck, Mabel Bender, Mary Biery, Mary Clauser, Arline De-Long, Harriet Eisenhart. Mabel Gangewere. Gladys Henninger, Frances Knauss, Clistla KreSsley, Lillian Metzger, Catherine MuMgan, Edna Neuacb, Myra 'Patterson, Hannah Reinhard, Helen Rothermel, Mae Seohler, Grate Smith, Dora Haines, Ruth Boltusoh, Rubertilll, Norman Seagreaves, Har Old Sommons, Stanley Schaffer, Ray Good, Dorothy Heil, Miriam Heirmbach, -nina Hilken, Marie Kuhns. Elizabeth Lyte, Catherine Merkle, Beatrice Rit-ter, Lucy Rupp, Esther Smith, Bessie Snartz, E5na Youtz, Roger Hartman, Harold Romig, Macie Biank Lena Clinock, Florence -Forstlcr, Constance Hurting, Harold Brinker, Roy Connelly, Paul Ettlnger, Clarence Foil-weiler. Robert Crollman, Edgar Claude Marcks, Russell Relnert, Russell Scheirer, Earl Snyder, Georg fc'nyder, Le Roy Smith, Paul Smith, Lillian Diehl, Beatrice Haas, Mary McDermolt. Ruth Wieand, Hilda Tel-lis, Grace Yoder. To Junior H-ircey Henry, Grace Bachman, 'Eliz Harry 6tu her, Annie Anthony. hlck. Lloyd Hi'bert. Frankiai Mervin Elliott, Gertrude Rotli. Beatiry Landis, Viola Dorward. Vernn Williams, Roy Amey, Paul Bast, B. Beauchner, Lloyd Deifer, Earl Den- mond Troxel, Bertha Bretz, Elsie Raller, Lillian Christmn, Ad ooss-ler, Sarah Schneck, Margaret Siegfried, Elsie Bteckel, Harriet Sclvwartz, Minnie Stockburgar, Mary Wolf, John Bear, Homr Dicker Alfred Erber, Frank Fritz, Solomon Kpatz, Orville Lichty, Edwwxd Quier, Arthur Sterner. Walter Schneck, Paul W'hite, Paul Schantzenbach, Luke. Laudenslager, Grim, A. Gorgodian, Hilda Htikraan, Florence Muster, Emma Scheirer, Frances Susanetto, Sarah Mar Pauj Gery. Jennie Buslier. Irene Riedy, hard, Earl Kistler, R. Knauss, L. Metzger, K. Miller, Royal Miller, Paul Moyer, Richard Niess, William Transue, Nelson Urffer, S. Zimmerman, Ruth Dorothy Wagner, Franklin Bachman, Wallace Quay, Pearl Knepper, George Snyre, Afargaret Reichenhach, Albert Clarence Barrall, Earl DuLong, Harold garet Reeves, William Biery, Harvey Fry, Florence Bast, Myrtle Ferrel, Francesco 'De Leo, Franklin Werner, Flexer, Forrest Fried, Edwin Glnder, Zettlemoyeni Charles 'Weiss, Armin tLleser, Ethel Krause, Arthur Moyer, Kalph Ginder, Owen Hunsicker, Wil Hilda Steckel. Rhol.i, Elmar Stopp, arurar tcj, Acker, Myrtle Diehl. Cleora Drum-heller, Harriet Greenwald, Emma Greider, Florence Le Fevre, Gladys Mc. Adoo, Laura Mengel, Ruth Miller, Theresa" Meyer, Bertha Wrood, Matilda liam 'Keiser, Clyde Kfurtz, C'arence Paul Bower, Roy Fetzer. The following pupils were neither Levan, Charles Marsh, Charlea Mertz, John Brown, Paul Gaible, H-rnest abeth Balliet, Mildred Barber, Henriet absent nor tardy during the school Percy Moyer, Ftoymand Moyer, Alfred Dorothy Scholl, Bernice Schwenzer, ta Bartholomew, Naomi Bentz, Ior- Newhard, Wilbur Radeline, David term Minnie Shoemaker, Elsie Sllberman, MoCready. Charles Phifer, Norton Reiohenbach, Charles Rothent)erger, Russell Smith, John Snyder, Clyde Rader, Clarence Reinhard, John Rein othy Boycr, Viola Butz, Ruth Frederick, Katie GaulT, JIarie Gehman, Anna f3 insen, Mildred Miiler, Virginia Maude Wagner, Ruth Wolfgang, Earl Thomas, Arllne Reinhard, Emma Bott Florence Menges, Josephine Godzi, Fried, Helen Leubbert, Margaret Sch-legel, Edith Lester, Edward Plum, Helen Hill, Rae Walters, John Knutt, Sydney Uergsman, Charles Baker, Carrie Blllman, Mary Knutt, Sterling Milhouse, Roland Suan, Benjamin Roth, Clarence Reichard, Maurice Thomas, Claire Randolph, George Burger, Elwood Weidner, Charles hard, Homer Rohrbaeh, Warren Walp, Paul Willhahn Ruth Devine, Schaffer, Earl Sehmoyer, Francis lsella Fallstick, Miriam Nagle, Shirley ling, Hilda Stoudt, Florence Sterner, Pehl, Minnie R-app, Pauline fe'-chleicTi- Earl Butz. Cynthia Simpson, Mamie Gollmer, Joice Beary, Blanche Butz. Mock. Dorothy Howell, Laura Quay Helen Menges, Frieda Tengel, Pauline Norman Houseknecht, Hannah Beson Kne'ler, Henry Snyder, Godfried Far- Tengcl, Louise Truches, Stanley Down- der, Margaret Kistler, Bernice Grane, ng, Roger Dietrich, David DeLong, Helen Hailer. Miriam Stuber, Helen ber, Irwin Brown, Robert Amey H. Marstellar, E. Koch, Henry 'Mack, Ellen Fisher, Florence Freeman, Louisa Gehringer, Rovene Grim, Eleanor Herrlgar, Beulah Myers, Frances Xeltz, iFrances Ochs, Margaret Rink, Helen Wa)aver. Blanch Hill, Ruth Peters. Hattle Senderwitz, Dorthy Haas, Elizabeth Ritter, Alice McGulre, Ruth Wenner, Florence Mengel, Beatrice Wolff, Cos-zett Thomas, Katharine Weirbach, Martha Albright, Florence Fatilnger, Isabel Keater, -Herman Waber. Paul Schadt, Francis Shafer, Anna Seip, Dorothy Butz, Adolph Moyer, William Schaffer, Clifford Foulke, Adolph James Taylor, Charles Smith, Harold Edna Haberman, Harold Erich, Irvin er, Puuline Blanche Snyder, William Arner, Mack Bollman. Fred Diener, Arthur Jacoby, William Knesr, Reuhen lewis, Anthony Mal-loy, Michael Prete. Clarence Rom Jacob Ro.enberg. Charles Schantz, Lluyd Smoyer, Ralih Smoyer, Harold Sommers, tdwin W'erriet, Anna Anna Arner, Bertha Bechtel, Anna Butz, Magdilen clous, Marie Klexer, Mary Frederick, A(arian tirid-re. Annora Grim, Uorothy Helntzl-nian, Lu-ie Kootih. Anna I-rfrch, Har- Sclioener, Harold Seavey, Richard Seislove, Milton Steckel, Allen Strauss, Albert Swartz, John Waudel, Russel Weaver, Ezra Wenner, Albert Zettle-moyer, Cecilia Burns, Eva Becker, Mollle Blum, Esther Dubinaky, Ther-efcG Friedman, Theresa Ferry, Rebecca Class, Ethel Grossman, Nell Gallagher, Anna Mlchrlna, Anna iMotsci, Lillian Wertman, Ida Guzinsky. Gert Senderwitz, Leonna Scrims, Charles Mei'y, Walter Mirth, Joe Pushinsky, Paul Smolak. Louis Carl Troxell, Frank Wallltch, Herman Levrt, Paul PRINTED LAWNS in rose bud and cluster effects. Choice a yard at 2C BEST LANCASTER APRON GINGHAMS in best stapJe Special a yard Q2C RIPPLETTE, 28 Inches' A fine wash dry fabric that needs no ironing. 15c value, a yard 2 SILK AND COTTON Very serviceable for street and evening Dresses. 25c value 1 5 VOILES AND CREPES," 40 inches wide in ligh and tinted effects. Also plain and stripes. 25 and l9e values. A vard at. A 7 SCOTCH ZEPHYRS, .32 inches wide in checks, stripes and plaids. 25c values, a yard 1 at kuc RICE CLOTH in large assortment of plain 07g colors. 36 Inches wide 50c values, at 4 BATISTES in stripes and floral effects. 30 OjU Inches wide. 120 value at i2C IMPORTED FRENCH LINEN in beauriful A fine weave. 75? value, Choice a vard IMPORTED IRISH RAMIE LINEN. 36 Inches Zwickl, Frank Moyer, Vincent Erwine. Kneedler, Lewis Strauss, Klfford Laundenslager, William Albright, Mar rank Mayer, Howard Winkle, Milton garet Reichel, Edna Diehl, Arline Roth, Remmel, Edward Held, Clifford Repp, Dorothy Roth, Dorothy Atorlgnt, ti Ditchfield, Ruth Hot'tle, Verna Bachman, Edna Newhard, Miriam Brensinger, Helen Noble, Katharine Peters, Esther Johnson, Eleanor Reed, Naomi 2 years.) Earl Patrick, Frances nier Horner. Lillian Hawk, Clarence Diehl, Ruth Wood, Luella Kemmer- Huber. Douglas Baker, Clifford Heint- Plioklnger, William Nloell, Gaor-ge ng, Beatrice Braden, Marie Vogel, zclman, Leser Alexander, Helen O'Neil, Miller, Daniel Fbllwelhrr, John L. Marguerite Krug, Russell Williams, Rothenberger, Madiline Miller, Murial Kocher, Lucille Laros, Mabel Oldt, Alma 'Meitzler, Martha Haas, Frances Uanshe, Ars Reinert, Walter Warntz, riet Luhnran, Hilda Messinger, Florence Swartz, Edith Wagner, Frances Dorothy Danner, Marguerite Wieder, Zloch. Zeeman, Wellie Barban, Mary Samuel Bergsman Ehcl Hummel. Erwin Hartman, Watson Skinner, Roy Peters, Warren Wentz, Walter Brown, Paul Follweil-er, Dorothy Fletcher, Florence Foulke, Wilson Mohr. Christine Wertman, Harris, Freida Hartung, Florence Weirlich, Linda Wotring. CJl'ace Zim Klacka. Mary 'Karaman, Emma Kern, Johanna Koenig, Margaret Lamb, Hel Lathrop Prank Troxell, C. alay Hering, Annie Irfitti, Bertram! Bechtel, Pauilne Hoffman, Ruth Moy merman, Russell Bachman, Maurice Monbld Cunningham, John Small, CorJ Becker, Alfred Dubbs, Harry Repp, en Michrina, Mollle Lichtenstein, Hel er, Dorothy Ritter, Emerson Ijauh, Bertha George, Anna Huber, Helen, CJrossnan, Philip Llndstrom, Walter Koch, W. en Roth, Hadle Schneider. Lizale iShah William McGinley, William Sell, Verno Kramer, Mary Malloy, Dorothy Talia ferro. Marian Templin, Caroline Wen Kline, Hrry A. Eisenhnrd, Ernest Milter, Benton SMippee, Hilda Hofford, VeronicA McFadden. Dorothy -Fchlich- Marsh, Joseph Gibiser, Milo Schaffer, da, AHee Weinsberger, Ruth Salem, Marv Shramah, Minnie Simon, Helen Snyder, Davi4 Benner Ralph AUbright, er. Clay Abele, Paul Gross. Alfred zel, Esther Yeaker, Russell Andres, Carl Appel, Walter Devine, Roland Heller, William Kemmerer, Louis Kas- Wagner, Nicholas Lucci, Tony Cial Henry C. Ettlnger. Mllas Yeager, fem-uel Roth, Paul W-int, flaul Smith, Paui Hendaniiez, Russell Rowlend, Stanley Whitner, Grace Bowman, Elsie lucct, Joseph agat, Ray Gallagher, Emile Borrelll, Alex. Aronwitz, Abe sin, Roy Kistler, Richard Kramlich, Burdge, Bessie Greasemer. Florence rwide. 45 and 50c. value, Grossman. David Becker, Richard Elmer Truchses. Edward Fiedler, Jos. Lamm, Harry Richards, Walteiv Dltt-mar, Adolph Zwickl, Jos. Zeglowitsch. Arlington Langford, Elmer iNagle Paul Rlegger, Edward Remaley. Agnes Bechtel, Cora Becker, Verna Bergenstoek, Era Breiseh, Florence Buck-moyer. Ciertrude Carr, Christ Dfln-nacker. Alma Downing. Emma Dors- Norman Kuts, Frederick Lentz, Earl Kronlnger, Edna Stoudt. Estella Bgge, ilae Wuier. Helena fltrauser, Ruth Sommers, Mildder Heimbach, Marlon App, Esta Metzger. Dorothy Rees, Hawk, Evelyn Kaufman, Kthryn Keck, Miller. Llovd Mitchell. John Moll, Kohler, John iSodish, Frank Costello, Robert Sandt, Harry Trexler, Rebecca Marsteller, Harry Mohr. Mary Beidler. Evelyn Zanger. Dorris Mosser, Harold Bower, Douglass Ioll, Frederick Doll, Paul Vorgey, Arthur Moll. Fred Mosser. Millard Wertman. Bertha Bohn. Mlgnoti Dubbs. Thelma Young, Dorothy Hall. Dorothy Rothermel. Martha Hill. Thomas Braden. Russell Dixon, Harley Frantz. Charles Lichtenwalner. Henry Mohr. Paul Gilmore. Lloyd Grammes, Olivia Rahn. Victoria Buttery. Miriam Weriman. Florence price. Helen Trexler. Pearl Missimer. Elsie Lichtenwalner. Marguerite Breinig. Alfred Koch. Paul BaaU. Lillian Lowe, Marie Manwiller, Pearl at OUC IMPORTED FRENCH RATINE. 44 inches wide in Edwin Gianett, Louis iMS-izel, Jos. Mll-eto. David Alexander. Hegman Glick- Bertha Hoffman, Jean Wittman. Mfcay Edgar Poe. Sam Rattler, Emanuel Rohrbaeh. Alton Romig, Harold Rusen-berger, Sam Roxberry. Roy Kandt, Marin Sehmoyer, Howard Shiffert, Leonard Strauch, Ralph Swartz, Wit-' man. Harold Adaine. Wlnfleld Barr, plain and novelty erfpets. $1.00 and $1.50 qnalitv 50c George Bennett, Harold Bernd. Walter Miller. Anna Nuver, May Rixmine, Beatrice Roth. Ani Baylor. Retina chmerker, Hilda Shoemaker. Grace Smyth. Elizab Spangler, Edna Sta offer. Esteher Thomas. To Sophmore Bauer John. Iwrot'ny Bachman. Eliz-jbeth Ban er. Edna Bernhard, Helen chit. Hazel Egge. Fanny Elsenbaum-er, Angelina Fina, Harriet Givler. Hat-tie Gernert, Lillian ciross. Theresa Law is, Hattle Bloeh, E. Hagentiucn. Joseph M. Dorne, Elmer Welppert. Mahlon N'ace, Russell R. Miller. Geo. E. Ziegler. Robert J. Bright, Robert Person, Roy Acker, Henrietta Dorne, Helen William. Beulah Bieber, Burkhardt, Fred Deroner, Ellwood Gareer. Marie Hartman. Eila Judt. at FRENCH RATINE. 44 Inches wide in checks. Will not rrneh. Very serviceable for outing dresses $1.25 value at LIXEXE, "2 Inches wide. A combination of cotton and linen. Choice a vard, at liam Wetherhold. Herman Weil, Alan Weinhelmer, Alva Stegmeier, Ruth Walp, Erma Miller. Miriam Hoi-h. Maude Ferrel. Mildred Oberholtzer. Helen Gilbert, Lucy Flores, Marie Harriet Lightcap, Lillian Kuhns. Alice Fatzinger, Harold Gehris. Charles Good, Luther Good, 'Norman Graver, Albert Heiney, Davis Heiney. George Hendricks, Earl Metzger. Leonard Minnich. Arthcr Seibert, Walter noveltv 48c 15c Meissner, Martha Miller, l.illv Mor- Helen Wee ver. Hannah Herman. Mildred Gramme. Ha I el Erdeil. Valens rissey Nagle. Isabel Esen- Willard Best. Herbert Diehl. Hannah Reinhard. Barbara Nunnemacher, Eva Belford. Edwin Ginder. John Bortz, Edwin Brady. Edgar Newhard. Lillian Bittner. Carrie Bower, Ruth Ring, Ida -irdener. Katie Gilbert. Ezrine Hoch. Ethel Kingston. Helen Knecht, McElroy, EItajbeth Rannar, Helen er. Theodore Titlowj. Paul Winters. bach. Kathryn Patrick. Margarqet Remmel. Anna Sherk. Ethel Shively. Hertaog. Fritch, Esther Gernerd. Hazel Dalton, Florence Strause, Elsie Bergenstoek, Ruth Reed, May Holman, Margaret Alice Lear. Lela Miller. Dorothy MAIN FLOOR, Rear. Gaorga FtankenfteM. Harold Thom Clara Scharle, Helena Schaffer. Sadie Wertz. Elsie Hausmatt, Harold Waide-Hch. Ray Hoffman. Joe, Harris. Alfred -Vickum. Anna Palmer, Pearl Rappo Sensinger. Emma I'hl. Stella Zeglo Lily Bartholomew, 'Helen Christman. Alice Dangler. Edna Erk. Mildred Heimbach, Viola Klase. Rose Koons. Rutb Koona, Edith Kratz. Gertrude Miller. Mary Nusebaum, Esther Os- port, Jessie Rbp.r. Ellen Aomig, Schuler, Russell Arnold, Eugene Sutes, as, Paul Retchard. Archllles AKhenn. Lewis Freeman, John P. Laroa Harold Jones. -Frederick Hartman, Boy Tre-x- Derlin. Maude Erie. Jennie rried. Helen Meyers. Jennie Stahler, Mildred Haas, Harvey Roth, Edward Habar- wisch. Margmret Anewalfc rLniCunda Blanche Ro h. Caroline Roth. A dele Edwards. Joyce Frey. Pauline Frey, Fchuler. Mildred Shelling. Marjorie Marion Fee, Dorothy Gibson. Margaret ua'd. Edna Patilea. Miriam Rumfield. man. Richard Kammel, Leo Flickinger, Smith. Miriam Snyder. ler. Arthur Miokley, Paul Beary. Ralph Best. William Gery. George Dseufer, George Reinsmith, Russel iSchmoyer. Grammes, Anna Kleppinger. dna Darrell Lightbourn. Siegfried Mildred Schubert, Grace Wieand. William Bennett, Ernest Bernhard. Luke l-ewis Ahlum. Marcus Flank, Reese Georee Nicoll, Russell Schwartz. Ldi Rahn. Miriam Rathbun, Dorothy Stub Bucklew. Paul -CortwrVght. Wlbur Luther Scheirer, Lloyd Emert. Joseph Hillpot. Earl Kressly. Paul Kennel, er. Frances Silberetine. Violet Sey-fried. Orpha Trumbauer. Virginia Clancey. Walter iPeters. James Schaf George Sesgreaves. Francis Bauer, George Zuber. Pearl Marsh. Evelyn Smith. Mateeta Metzger. Violet Walter. Edna Wertz. Grace Troxell. Iva Sayer. Elsie S-toudt. H. Stoudt. Beulah Scheid. Ruth Reinhard. John Gallagher. Juli Earl Troxell. Doris Gaissert, Mary McHugh. Edwin McFadden. Eugene Gallagher. Catherine Harkins. Anna Gallagher. Alice Troxell. William Bummer. JsmeS Dunn. James F. Gallagher. Jr Emma Bummer. Ethel Mil son Kocher. Eugene Downs. Paul Huber, Irvin Meisterknecht. Homer Poh. Amandus Glose. David McKee, Robert The CourH is an expert May Laudenslager. Edwin Lobach. Creveling. Robert Dieter. Ralph BJ wards. Samuel Feder, Georg Feld er. William Mack, Paul Seftng, Louis Warne. Gage Weston, Ru'h Arnold. n'n. Arthur Gehrineer. GeOrire Graeff, Schantz. Hollingshead, William Singley. Samuel Kenneth Miller, Florence Muxworthy Valmond Ramaly. Paul Reichard. Har old Roberts. Samuel Rapoport. William Schnaitman. Harrison Shoemak Eva Bloch. Ruth Clauss, Ruth Cael-ine, Catherine Biery. Grace Diefender Harold Kiufman. limise Korschner. Yost. Arthur Sechrist. Elsie Oeist, Stella Balliet. Ida Grass. Edna Her oar. Carolina KUvhmen, George Lind Kistler. George Knerr, Geore Elizabeth Minnicn. Violet Nagle. Anna fer. Irene Gehringer, Irene Everett. swordsman K.K-h. Alfred Kramer, Jolen Lanshe, ley. George Raasier, Florence Schif- Snyder. Charlotte Shollenberger. Flor laanei Fnnr, Evelyn KInsey. Evelyn er. Robert Frey. John Harwich. Ray Hixon. Charles lioltsman. Oirdan ence Taylor. Ruth WIeand. William Wilson L)te. Hum Mack, Robert Merklr, S.snley Millhouse. Harold ler. Rovena Reichard. Arline Cswley, fert. Pram th to 7th Qrada. Hlllegas. Alfred Mastera. Samuel Moy Row land Levan. Frank New hard. il- Keeker. Edwin Klein, Paul Knerr, Russell Krauss. Arthur Kahn. Patrl Uroas, Mercedes Lindemann. Anna RatenoId. Lillian Reeeer. Anna Roue, Anna fchaffer. Alms Wtnt, Elemina Kleppinger. Mildred Musselman. Irene 9 Ott, John Pretz. Paul Rabenold, Harry er. Mitchael Rapoport, Mary Kenget, Joyce IJeary, Leon a liergenstock. liam Robinson. Frances Harris, Esther Roth. Rolrt Scheirer, Raymond Sny Bella Cohen, Mary Gerhard, Cleora Romig. Trefalcon Saul. Irvin Schadler, Helen Werneir. Gertrude Shelly. Emma der. Ruswll S'nyder. Georgo Wait. Givler. Hazel Marsh, Helen Menges. Lester (Schantz. Ray Smith, Charlea Meyers. no. Van Blariran. A. Lelhens- Beidler. Marion Camp. Ethel Zanger, Wilylinni lVtr. HH-hard Werley. Lucy Nagle, Kati Pudlelner, Arline perger. P. SWiants. Jacob Relchard. Snyder, Russell Snyder, Car WIeand. Monro Tarnall, Kennith Yoder, Arthcr Harry Zwoyer. Kutto Hall. Kthel liHit- Kathryn Herb. Era itner, vlertrude Neldig. Minnie Krodrl. Helen Cicmmer. Johnson. Madiline Miller. Edna New-hard. Lola Strohl. Irene Ientz, Harvey Meitzler. Frank Ruhe. Charles Walter. Walter Gackenbach. Clarence Rittner. David Dickey. Clarence Jones. Metzger. William Deily. Paul Weider. Reint, Mabel Bemmel, Lilly ttahlneck- 3tert Lewis. Harold Pfeiffer. Ar. ty. Naiimi Brert. Paulino Cnmua, er. Julia HeilaReUa Zettl. Winfred FMna Minner. Marie Masters. Mildred nold Warner. T. IHefenderfer. Gehman, R- John Petera. R. Heint Mwrr, Lloyd Johnson, Clarence Gross. Ray Hekller. Vera Bear. Heien Best. Charlotte iinara Uchs, Laurai llaker. Koy Hreiscb, Earl Ackerman. Snyder. Wllhelmina Locher. Mary iarucuaa, Harriet Yellls. Beatrice Bittner. Lillian DeLong. Iiia. Wayne. Schneck. George Yundt. Clvde Kelchner. Margaret Bittner, John Kleckner. William Bechtel. Edgar Orenbach. Fred Kchmolse. Walter ViIur Bichman. Iavll Keeker. Clara Eckert. Frances Edleman. Mar Willard Wannkemel. Howard Johnson. Marie Butz. Marie Glancey. Ida Haney. Beatrice Harris. Mildred Wieder. Hat Iiennio Efron. ifarrr Helper. William Weinsheimer. Paul Weiand, John zelman. Robert Miller, George Schim-mel. F. SohimmeL Herbert Hensinger. famuel Miller. Howard Zimmerman. M. rfefenderfer. CUIr Mohr. Joseph Bachman. Warren He had t. Paul Ru He will engage Charlea Good. Merrlt Ktatler. William Evans. Thoa Schrader. Elmer Huhn, ScK.atz. Reauora, Roaonbercer. William Hcnaffer, Charlea Decking. Oacar tle Peters. Gladys Randolph, Pearl hJii, R.ik la tvl wthr, KraiMvs Cole. Zwlrkle. John Mealey. Frank Dorner, Harold Wolff. Charles Laurent. Morris tha Frits. Grace Gyer, Mabel Harvey. Violet Heintzelman, Florenc Kistler, Helen Luckenhach. Mildred Ressler. Verna Ruth. Anna Sechrist. Anna -niih. Laura Weill. Blanche Brad Johnson. Melba Readinger. Esther Lillia Erdnwn, Lucie Gerbart. Ver Knauss. Franklin Weisel, Mabel Mertz. Wannkessel. Karl Tracy. Jacob Levy, BnydVr Franklin. Fred Butterweck. Ed- Giltiert. Evelyn Horn. Joyr Iroa. Mildred Miller. Rnlmd Hartman. Car Kalph Ritter. Frederick Nuver. Arthur MiCer. Doeainim-k Isabella, Earl Me-Klnley. Roderk Ftnk. James Nolfa. Earle Grtm. Howard Vchock. Jacob 0M in a contest for your lisp benefit with his old rival rickert. Pk-kert. Garfonl tn Huff. Paul Freed. Raymond Stoudt. son Kuhna Forrest Miller. Florence; bury, Albert Bittner. Paul Bernhard. Graver. MvmiI Hellman. Han: dolph, iKuart Follweiler. John Richards. Jeas Edwards. Henrr A merman. Roy EMmin. RotwI Kliee. Oeorse Raber. Kmeat Banks. Pau? Kershner. Rove Zimmerman. Rrron Grammes Auru Guenther. Arthur Metzler. Alfrad Alder. Paa Rehria Albe-t Brohst. Jos. Bterman. oh a Kistler. Leeta Miller. Miriam Hartman. Sydrter Shaffer. Alvln Muaselman. Earl Fisher. Ieonard Llndsterm. Ralph Dehi. Franklin Ellia Charlea Ueb- Dorothy Rneder. Florence" Baer. War Tallman. Robert Christman. Nicholas Zoekt. Wills rd Morgan. Harry Smith. Anna Verna Konkle. Grace Ge ringer. Lehman Krommea. Rntert es ret Sievffed. FJs'e Pteeket. Msrr rir.aer. Edwin Hunsbarger. Wiltisra Heine-. Hsrvet rinr. I'larH JonaeoM. ftalrh Lsmtrt. Wil lm Landr- Ror OBrfiti tieorjta Ptt. Nermsaj Rao-trt. n)fa attnrt. Edrar Reginald U. Price Snvder. Stanley Ziegler. Walter Gack- Ms-tea Ad'lbart Snder. Gear Stec Wolf. Mildred1 Kna ppsrberaer. Homer Mtimr. Ilntn Rmer. Marrar WjHi- enta-5i. Am-Iw Albright. Fr Fab- Schuoa. I Kraft. Oarlas Larsba. Rael Brown. Dtckert. Edward Quler. Fred Dlrkert, kc Frederick fit'pf. Joha 0a EUlta. Jtovual gnjtfar, Jlob- aauliL ia aOata fttitilttl Calm. CaUaaed oat aca Tea

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