Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 16, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1947
Page 2
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VAOF. 3—NMTCATUCK NEWS <CONN.). THURSDAY. .TAN, id, 1M7 DREW PEARSON ON ' '"' "'• v ' 'The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Sec. Byrnes Employed Unique Strategy In Winning Russia To Friendlier Terms; Byrnes' Patience Gradually Broke Down Molotov; How Byrnes Outsmarted Yugoslavs "Washington—"When tho history ol' post-war peace _is ono of tin- most important chapters will sudden improvement of Amcrican-Kussinn n-lalions in 1ho late fall of 1H4G. And with the rusty-mi t ion! ol' the one man who sat nil !nial drill y with Recommend Use Of Welcome Home Surplus For Auditorium Fund -v. .. •' "•. .' '• • .'»•''';."•. A proposal that the $3,807 surplus fund of the Welcome Home Committee be used -to start a fund to build a Community Auditorium as a memorial to the war dead was made by mem-berg of the Oold Star Post, Catholic War Veterans, it was announced yesterday by Henry Rack!, post comnfander. Rackl said that the matter All during the sessions of the Paris Peace Conference, Mololov v.-an nasty. He was deliberately, oc.r.slsti'nt'ly, almost unbearably nasty. This writer, who watched part of thi: Paris Peace Conference, :,>:i!velotl at the way Jimmic Byrnes s:r.ilofl hack at the goading- of the Soviet Foreign -Minister. r.vrnen, however, .surmised what probably wan true; namely, that .tlolotov was acting under instructions from Moscow—Instructions to make the peace negotiations as dif- I'icult as possible. Denpltu Molotov's pin-pricking, howtsvur, he and Byrneu continued the social amenities, and once every v.vck or so they dined together—a very small dinner attended only by their t.wo Interpreters, Pavlov and Chin Bohlen, and their two chief :idvi::ers, Ben Cohen und Vice Com- ii;i:!Siir Vishinsky. Nasty ILH Mooltov wa-3 during the rarly tlays of the Conference, his nastincss increased toward the • •ml. Anally as Byrnes guve his last dinner to Mololov und it was HiL- hitter's turn to return tho Invitation, the usually punctlllouo .V.ol&tov did not do so. This Byrnes interpreted as ,'L sign that things \v'::•': geiiing even worse. Tho Lust Dinner Finally, Molotov proposed that all n!-;.:iitiutions bu terminated by the next night, and simultaneously in- viiccl 'Byrnes to dinner on the clew- ing night—a clear indication 'that hi: didn't want to expose himself to Byrnes' contagious charm before staging his last burst of temperament at the wind-up of tho Paris The List session closed at 9:30; so Kyines and Mololov did not sit down to dinner until 10 p. rn. And an thf twi tired statesmen relaxed over their brandy, Byrnes said to the members finally went on record as favoring a Community Auditorium fun'd be ,'Btarted', with the surplus. Chairman John Breen of tho Welcome Home committee recently- invited veterans of World War II to make suggestions, for the disposal of the fund residue. I Union City Post has recom- negotiations, it is now possible to reveaL monde d that the fund be divided • among all local posts. Crusader Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, has suggested that the fund ' be turned over to the Veterans Council, respresentativc of all local veterans, The community auditorium Chemical Foremen Hear Talk By Wendes Approximately 80 members "• of the Nnugatuck Chemical and Syn- MI- i-iacKi Bam L«iaL L,. C ...— thetic'. : Rubber Plant Foremen's Club of disposing the'surplus fund had attnn'dci a mee.tinpj Tuesday, Janu- been under discussion by post.nry 14', in the Synthetic Rubber members the past month and thatlplant. Cafeteria, to .hear-J. c. w. ... *,__!. ;.„* „„ .„>„_ -Wendes Comment upon the movies some of the gripping, day-to-day drama by which Jimmic Byrnes, almost sing-lo-humlcd, accomplished 1his iraprove- ini'iil. you dis- PIEKPONT'S KetfLstori'd Jewelers, Jewelers, $ Aimii'lrnii Gem Society I ir,'J BANK STREET i Wutcrbury 2 STILL AVAILABLE!! A limited number of Catholic anil I'rotrstiuit relliflons ciilcn- diirs. I'li-iise telephone If you (liv-.irr one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 'AUK P»,ACE the man who had so bitterly opposed hm: "Why didn't you tell me at the .star: there worn certain, things you couldn't discuss? It's obvious that you have instructions not to discusa certain points, Why didn't you tell me so? Instead, you have called us names, wasted ft lot of time and god everybody mad. If had told us that you couldn't cuss certain things, we wouldn't have bothered you." "Tha't's a good idea," replied Molotov, still unbending. But later, as the Russian mellowed a bit more, Byrnes approached him again. Whnt Moscow Really Wants "What is it that Russia really wants?" he asked. "Behind all this argument and conversation, what are you really drlvivng at?" "Ten Billion dollars reparations from Germany." Molotov shot back. "But you know you can't get it." "It was agreed to at Yalta," argued Molotov. "No, it was agreed at Yalta that Russia's claim would bo a point for discussion," countered Byrnes. President Roosevelt made that very clear. And later, at Pot?dam, we wasted a lot of time debating that and Truman and Stalin finally agreed this was to be only a point for discussion." The Secretary of State then asked Molotov what other backstage motive lurked behind Russia's disagreeable tactics at the Paris Conference. "What else do you want?" he inquired. "The Ruhr," replied Molotov. Again Byrnes said r.o. It was on this very sour and negative note that the Paris Conference closed. Neither side had budged an inch and behind the Soviet policy of studied insults, it was obvious t.hcy ivei'c aiming f.t important economic goals. It was in this same atmosphere that the Big Four conference talks first began in New York, Only significant! development between Pnris and New York was Molotov's quick trip back to Moscow, where it was reported -he got fresh instructions from the Politburo, What these Instructions were nobody definitely knows, though it wn* believed the friendly advico Moiotov received from Byrnes during their dinner in Paris may have been relayed back to Moscow and sunk home. Though more ogreeablc, the Russians yielded on nothing basic, and the climax of the New York talks came when Yugoslav Vice Premier Kardclj quit tho Conference altogether, Yugoslavia would not yield nn Trientn. Kardclj said, and he walked out, Since Trieste was the heart of been adopted by the council as a project to be urged upon the pub- which he exhibited. Wendes vi;oB presented by Program Chairman Dr. Paul M. Elliott. President Clarence Lundstrom presided over the meeting. Door prizes were awarded to Paul Easbh, - : A1 Enamalt, Tom ,'Walsh, liucius !N. Toinllnson, Larry V.olpe, and FroiTMartorana by Vicc-President Dave Painter. Secretary Robert Schreiber re- por.tod the minutes't>^ the preceding meeting'' and Treaau'rer Andrew Watson made his mor.tbly report. Following the presentation :af Mr. Wendes' movies, the group en.._•—1*~.~4«,. and varied [ioyed refreshments forms of recreation, Lecture Friday At Red Cross Rooms promise, jayrnea naiunuu toicmnj ] ^ n illustrated lecture on the work but found that the compromise was j accomplished at the Children's Cen- nll (vs Vlicrntllfl ViH*>l faVOl'. He I'e- I 4 :« TT.,rrt^lAK. \\i i 11 >->/> tl rfftpTl hpd Posters, Boxes Distributed For March Of Dimes Porters ''of four-year old Nancy Drury, poster girl for the 19+7 March of. Dimes Were placed on dis- yeBterdny by borough atorea, theaters and other pieces of business. • , . The posters and contribution boxes'"for the campaign were, distributed 1 'by' six boys under the' direction 'of Pos'thiRBtbr' Frank T. Green,' J drlve chairman n«jr e- The' 1 bo'rough'f, 1 'qiiota''this year !s T'hose • uBsisting Postmaster Green with'.the drivb'''nrc:"'Roy M. Johnson, trust officer at the Naugatuck 'National Bunk, treasurer; Supt. 'of Schools. Harold E. Chlttori- den', school'collections' and J.Ralph Pdsho, theaters. Mi's. 1 Ch'estdt- Gavin will conduct'the'drive In Beacon Falls; Publicity will 'be'hand- led jjy John M. Kenney and Thomas Egan. '. , ., . ,'_•' 'Posters ' and cbntrlbutlo'n boxen were 1 distributed by Philip .Law- rehc'l). "'Allah Gab'rlelson 1 , ' Robert Holloren,' Harold Peterson', 'and Carlson Blomberg. . Brotherhood Meets Tomorrow Ni( the entire Italian treaty, this looked like the end. Next day, however, Yugoslav delegate Kardclj came to see Byrnes and suggested a compromise. Byrnes listened carefully ! ;'Ru«*lii Du'ring the''war" will be the subject -of George Hall when he speaks at the monthly meeting of tho Brotherhood of SaJem Lutheran church tomorrow nifiht at the church. Mr. Hall spent one year In Russia supervising tho Installation of equipment in a rubber plant. At the present time Mr. Hall is associated with, the Bristol company. .' Cpmmltteea fov the year will be appointed .at the buninesg session. Recently-elected' officer? headed by C'brirad Roha will b'e in charge of the mce.tiri. The executive! committee will'-bo host for the evening. ' GIFT' TO TRINITY Tho next_llme the earth sh!;ko.-;, Trinity 'college' Will 'know about it, thankB'-U^a retiree! Greenwich businessman." 'Tho college has been given ' R.''0clsrho (T rapri for geologic ob- sorvatlona.''The equipment was pre- sented'by' Ned G. Beglc of Greenwich 1 , • • I All Americans To Install New Officers Tonight all in Yugoslavia's favor. He plied that it was unacceptable. "Don't you want a ti-oaty?" asked the puzzled Yugoslav. "No/ 1 replied the Secretary of Stale. "We. have given up all thought of a treaty. You Walked out on us yesterday, arid since then we have given Up any Idea of signing a treaty. "We have talked It over with the 'and FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 Italians," Byrnes continued, they are'quite agreeable to waiting until next year. Next .year they say they'll be stronger and will -be able to take care ' of 'the situation by themselves,' ' . . ••We're going to leave our troops in. .Trieste, of course," Byrnes informed the now pop-eyed old bewildered Yugoslav. "You won't have to worry about policing the city. We'll take care of that, "No," concluded the Secretary of Slate. "We've ulmply decided that there are .too niany headaches in setting a peace treaty; so we just won't worry about It any more." The Yugoslav delegate looked very crestfallen. Jlmniie Byrnes' trump diplomatic card was beginning to work. (Ed. note —Another column on Secretary Byrnes' strategy in improving Russian relations will follow shortly.) Capital Chaff Several Democratic Senators met with Senator Murray of Montana last week to draft a moderate labor law curbing jurisdlctlonal strikes and secondary boycotts but otherwise not cracking down on labor. .. The Soviet Politburo has approved a new Argentine - Russian economic treaty... Harold Smith, former Director of the Eudge-t, may replace Jack Htitson as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. . .The Polish Government will formally request the Moscow Conference that the German peace treaty be signed in Poland. It was Hitler's Invasion of Poland that started the war, and they want the end of tho war to be commemorated in Poland. j ter in Hamdcn will be presented Friday afternoon, Jan. 17, by. John Strntton. .social worker in Naugatuck Valley, in the Red Cross- sewing rooms in the Tuttle school at 3:30 o'clock. Under the sponsorship of the Naugatuck committee for the Children's Center, the lecture is open to the general public. A brjef business session will be held prior to the nd- drcsu. BRIBE BILL Hartford — The recent professional football bribe scandal in New York had an echo today in tho Connecticut legiHlaturc. Republican Senator Nicholas J. Pixlladino of Bridgeport has in- trodunn'd a hill' to severely ' penalize anyone trying to bribi; an official to change the outcome of uny athletic contest, DIED LADIES' FLANNEL, NIGHTGOWNS Reg, Size — S2.39 X-Size — $2.69 Wally's . 14 SPRING STlinET i rtrfrrrr-rrr i .---... ...«».< C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Far All OccuMons FLOWERS TEI.JDGRAP'ilKD EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 130 DCbBER AVENUE Telephone 6228 Presenting Jaif OUR NEW CHEF Perfection IN what Chef Cornell striven for In the preparation of every dlnli our menu offers you. lii»t with UK for enjoyment! Buslncwimen's lunches dally at noon; a la curto menu for evening diners und sandwiches available ut any hour. ALL PASTRY IS HOME MADE. Wn enter to parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. - OPEN SUNDAYS _ - FULL LIQUOR PRIVILEGES DIAMOND STREET BAR and RESTAURANT JOSEPH E. SODLOSKY, Prop. 11 DIAMOND ST. (Tel. 4960) UNION CITY Scovill On-Job Program Approved The Scovill Manufacturing Company's on-thc-job training program for veterans has been approved bv the Veterans Administration, THE NEWS learned today. The approval for the training program is retroactive to last August, Several Naugatuck veterans are learning trades under the VA program at Scovill's. Rice, first planted in Virginia in 1647 was a failure. It was not grown there successfully until 1694. F'ALMOt, George ; Henry, Sr., of 4CC North Main street, Naugatuck, in Walerbury. Jan. 15, 19-17. Funeral Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Fitzgerald Funeral Home, 320 North Main street. Burial in Grove cemetery. Friends may call ;H the funcra! homo tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock und Friday evening from 7 to 10 o'clock. liKMINGTON and SCIIICK KIJECTRIC SHAVERS SCHICK SHAVEKSETS G. E. Table Model Radios Portable Electric Record Vlayers G. E. Electric Kitchen und Mantle Clocks HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. for COUGHS DUE TO COLDS members to attend as scver»ri by-laws ;ind commiUcca arc to voted upon and plan, f or ^ fi*irt T^ln^rr A^t-mn- ^*viti. w^ .. The All-American veterans will install recently elected officers at a special- meeting to bo held ID- hi at 7:SO o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. Robert Tjxwlor, post. commander, will be in charge of Lho installation. ! The following offlccri! will bn' seated: Johnson, command-' ei-; Jack Ashmor.<5, vice-command-] or; Francis . Schaflrr, secretary; • ami Edward GarRonia, treasurer. Commander Johnson urges all WELL I'LL BE** DOG-GONE Don't be a dunce, learn lh« truis economy and convenient of our morJei-n ;aundry IP, V . Ice ... 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